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"I'm a bit dissapointed."

Capcom's Mega man series has been around for a long time and as long as they know there is a fan base for it Capcom is going to continue to pump out Mega man games. Which is fine with me because I love these games. But when it comes right down to it, there's no denying that Mega man X6 is a bit of a disappointment. The main problem with the game is that it was rushed. Capcom took only took about a year, maybe even less to produce X6, and it shows in many of the different areas of the game.

Getting right down to it the story is really in need of some work. Any one with eyes can see that. Capcom rushed the whole game and they were two lazy to do a proper translation. I would have let is slide if it was only one or two things wrong with the translation but there are many, many things wrong. You'll find that words such as ''is'' and ''are'' aren't quite used right many times and that many of the sentences are quite clunky. For example in the opening sequence Zero tells X that “There is no one else is able to save the day” or something along those lines. The development team for X6 it seems doesn't have any clue whatsoever on how to tell a story. To put it simply the key story point in the game, the one thing that would make the story even make a little sense is a secret. Chances are that you wont find it without someone telling you about. I didn't.

The basic run down of the story is that two weeks after the Eurasia colony incident (see X5) a scientist named Gate is sifting through the ruins when he finds an odd piece of machinery that drives him insane. Gate then sets out to create a utopia for reploids. Meanwhile X is called to stop some maverick violence as he's doing so Zero, who died in the last game, appears and finishes off the maverick that X is fighting. A sort while later a reploid working with Gate named Isoc makes an announcement that Zeros ghost has returned and is causing all kinds of trouble with something known as the nightmare. So it's up to X to discover just what the nightmare is and whether or not Zero is alive. I can see glimmers of something really good coming out of the games story set up but, alas, nothing does.

Game Play wise a number of changes have been made from X5, at the same time a number of the features of X5 remain. You still collect basic things such as heart tanks and sub tanks, the multiple armors from X5 return this time you start out with the Falcon armor from X5 minus the flight ability. Rescue reploids, the parts system and the ranking stem are all connected now. In order to raise your rank you must collect blue orbs called nightmare souls from squid like enemies called nightmares. Parts are now acquired by rescuing reploids, there are 124 reploids in all and only a few of them have parts. Parts can only be equipped once you reach rank ''A''. The nightmare system, which is new to X6, is a system that slightly changes levels based on the last one you visited. Nightmare effects range from fire balls falling from the sky, rain, being surrounded by annoying flies or to having to navigate a pitch black level with only a small patch of light help you. The games difficulty is very unbalanced. Levels are very hard whilst the bosses are all extremely easy. The levels often seemed just poorly designed in general and are chock full of cheap deaths from spikes, holes, and all other means of instant death. This really doesn't bode well for the games fun factor.

The sound portion of the game on the other hand is actually pretty good. The music is for the most part on par with X5, which had a spectacular sound track. Some the sound effects such as the boss warning and the boss explosions have been reworked, but the fact that they do sound different is not distracting in any way. In an act of laziness by Capcom, the voice acting was left entirely in Japanese. I'm sure that there are some people who would enjoy this, but the vast majority, including myself, I'm sure would prefer the voice acting being in their own language.

The graphics are on par with the last two games. There's nothing really new, other than Zero being completely redone so all his moves look different. There are some nice looking effects but nothing will blow you away, if you've played the last two games you've seen all this game has ot offer graphically.

All in all, I enjoyed this game to a certain extent. There are some very annoying aspects to the game. The levels generally aren't well designed and that can really kill the fun. I get a kick out of the few good levels and the soundtrack is quite good. And you could always laugh at the horrible translation but if your not a fan of the X series by now, or have grown tired of the series X6 isn't going to change your mind so just skip it. You'll have no regrets doing so.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/27/03, Updated 05/17/04

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