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    FAQ/Walkthrough by luckylink17

    Updated: 08/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                   ###    ###      ### ###  ## ### ""
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                 ;#####;" ### ##   ### ###     ###  ###  ##
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                         #####                  #######
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               ###   ###   .##.  ###### ##            .#
               ###   ###  ##  ##  ### ###### .#""#.  ###,###
               ###  .### ###  ### ###  ###  ###   ## ###  ###
               ####,##   ###  ### ##;  ###  ###;;;## ###   #
               ;## "'    ###  ### ##;  ###  ###      ###
               ##         ##  ##  ##;  ###  ##;   ## ###
              ;###;        "##"   ##;  ###   "##.##  ###
                ##                 ###  ### .  "#"  ###;
               ;#                        ###         "##.
             A N D   T H E   S O R C E R E R ' S   S T O N E
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (or Philosopher's) Stone
            ~for PlayStation~        WALKTHROUGH/FAQ    
    by Matt "luckylink" Bush        
    < Legal Stuff >
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is intended for personal use only. 
    It can't be used for any profitable purposes nor can it be 
    published in any forms. It can't be altered in any way nor 
    can it be placed on any web site without my permission. No 
    parts of it can be taken without my permission. Any 
    offenders will be severely dealt with. It is protected by 
    U.S. Copyright law.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough Copyright (C)2002 by Matt Bush
    Only these sites have permission to post this
    All Harry Potter names, characters, and related indicia are 
    trademarks of WarnerBros.
    | TABLE OF CONTENTS                 |
    To jump to the section (if you are on a PC), press Control-F
    after highlighting a Section (A, B5, C1, etc.)
    A. Introduction
      A1. Revision History
      A2. About Me (CONTACT INFO)
      A3. My Walkthroughs
      A4. Introduction to the Game
    B. Game Basics
      B1. Controls
      B2. Spells
      B3. Characters
      B4. Items
      B5. Enemies
      B6. Quidditch
    C. Walkthrough
      C1. The Main Castle
      C2. The Grounds
      C3. The Dungeons
      C4. The Upper Castle
      C5. Diagon Alley
      C6. Through the Trapdoor
    D. Hints
      D1. The Witches and Wizards Cards
      D2. Hard to get Jellybeans
      D3. Frequently Asked Questions
      D4. Secrets (no cheats)
      D5. Glitches
    E. Credits
    | A. INTRODUCTION                   |
    < A1. Revision History >
    11/11/01 - Bought the game.
    11/17/01 - Finished writing my walkthrough.
    11/18/01 - Posted my Walkthrough.
    11/22/01 - Update: Now this Walkthrough has a list of the 
    web sites with permission to post this.
    11/25/01 - Update: Now this has some of the Witches and 
    Wizards Cards locations and the answers to the Chess Games.
    11/29/01 - Update: Now this Walkthrough/FAQ is more organized, 
    and has a lot more content.
    11/30/01 - Update: I fixed a few typos and now I have more web 
    sites and some FAQs.
    12/10/01 - Update: I added the Quidditch and Glitches sections 
    and have a new website.
    12/16/01 - Update: I have two more websites and the Hard to 
    get Jellybeans section is added.
    1/2/02 - Update: I have 2 more websites and took some more 
    advice from Beno Jange.
    1/20/02 - Update: I updated a lot of stuff in my Walkthrough,
    and I have more websites.
    2/25/02 - Update: I have a walkthrough for Jak and Daxter! 
    See My Walkthroughs for more info. I also modified a few 
    other things.
    6/7/02 - Update: Final Update to the walkthrough.
    8/30/02 - Rebirth! Another update, serious this time. Not much 
    to the walkthrough, but goodies. I also made a new way to 
    contact me. I include my names on Instant Messengers too. 
    And I finished my Jak and Daxter walkthrough. I updated the 
    hosts of this walkthrough (reduced), and I heard the news of 
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets games. It looks great, 
    much better than the last one. I will write a walkthrough for 
    the Playstation 2 version of it.
    < A2. About Me >
    Hello, I am Matt B. To contact me, visit the following page:
    < A3. My Walkthroughs >
    The only walkthroughs I have are Harry Potter for 
    PlayStation and Jak and Daxter for PS2.
    My Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy walkthrough
    is at http://www.ebold.com/mattb/jnd/
    I made it myself in HTML.
    I also plan to make a walkthrough for Harry Potter and the 
    Chamber of Secrets for PlayStation2. The game looks great and
    I can't wait for it.
    < A4. Introduction to the Game >
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for Playstation
    (based on the novel by J. K. Rowling) is a fun,
    challenging game where you run and jump around obstacles,
    cast spells and hexes, and meet up with over 20
    characters from the book.
    Book-accurate plot and setting, good graphics and sound,
    challenging gameplay
    A little short, sometimes annoying view angles, too
    challenging or confusing at some parts
    Also the framerate's bad, it's choppy
    It's like a cross between: Zelda Games from the N64
    (freedom around the castle, use spells the way you play
    music), Frogger for PSX (the graphics, puzzles, and sound
    effects) and Spyro the Dragon (graphics, the way jelly
    beans are like gems, sound effects).
    It may start off easy, but it will soon be annoyingly
    | B. GAME BASICS                    |
    < B1. Controls >
    D-pad - Move around the world, use menus
    Left Analog - Same
    Right Analog - None
    X - Use a spell (If there's a colored spark), or Flipendo 
       Knockback Jinx (if not)
    Square - Talk to someone, open a door, or a similar action
    Triangle - Look around (once Nick teaches you to), aim
    Circle - Used for spells only
    R2 - Camera Right
    L2 - Camera Left
    R1 - Lock-on Target (sometimes this happens automatically)
    L1 - None
    < B2. Spells >
    Each spell you learn in a class, then you can use it 
    whenever you see a spark above an object.
    Spell - Spark Color - Class - Use - Details
    Flipendo - White - Library - Basic Damaging Spell - You
    use this against most enemies. This can be upgraded. You
    just press X to shoot, hold it down to charge it.
    Sometimes you need to aim it using Triangle or R1.
    Wingardium Leviosa - Yellow - Charms - Levitate Objects -
    You just press X when you see an object. Press the D-pad
    to move the object around, X to make it rise (it'll
    gradually fall) and Triangle to drop it.
    Incendio - Green - Herbology - Defeat Plants - Go up to a
    plant with a green spark above it. You have to press the
    right buttons as they pass by the circle in the time
    limit. The circles speed up, but as long as you know what
    buttons to press, you should be fine. If you are having
    any problems, press the button a little before the circle
    passes by it.
    Mix Potion - N/A - Potions - Creates a healing potion -
    When you see a cauldron, you can mix it using whatever 3
    buttons appear. This creates the full-healing potion.
    Verdimillious - Blue - Defense Against the Dark Arts -
    "Removes Darkness" (actually makes clear platforms solid)
    - This is the easiest spell, although you only have one
    opportunity to use it. Just press x when you see a blue
    spark and platforms will become solid so you can walk on
    Avifors - Red - Transfiguration - Turn statues into birds
    - When you see a bird statue on a table and a red spark
    above it, you can make the bird take flight and the table
    rise when you step on it. When you use Avifors, you have
    to press X when the circle passes by it, at different
    < B3. Characters >
    Harry Potter - You.
    Ron Weasley - Your best friend. He helps you get Hedwig
    from Malfoy and get the Sorcerer's Stone, and gives
    occasional advice.
    Hermione Granger - Your other friend. Smarter than Ron,
    she also helps you get to the stone and does most of the
    research on it.
    Draco Malfoy - A rotten boy, he will show his hate of
    Gryffindor with various pranks.
    Neville Longbottom - A clumsy, forgetful boy, you will
    need to help him with a few tasks.
    Albus Dumbledore - The headmaster of Hogwarts. He shows
    up a lot in "Storybook Mode", but the only time you see
    him in the castle is in the Entrance Hall in the
    Severus Snape - The Potions teacher. You have to get the
    Sloth Brain from him to enter the dungeons, and he takes
    away your Quidditch book (even though it's not a library
    book! How rude! Has anyone gotten theirs back yet?)
    Quirrel - The stuttering professor of Defense Against the
    Dark Arts, he is the mysterious person in the dark cloak
    you see ever so often. In this walkthrough, he is
    sometimes referred to as Quirrel/Voldemort. He is the
    toughest opponent at the end of the game.
    Fred and George Weasley - The Weasley twins will be in a
    certain location in the first four sections. The first
    time you see them, you have to meet them in the common
    room, though.
    Rubeus Hagrid - The Hogwarts Gamekeeper, you get some items from 
    Nick - the Gryffindor Ghost, he helps you on various tasks.
    Peeves - The poltergeist, he causes trouble (though only once)
    Crabbe & Goyle - Malfoy's buddies who don't really seem to help 
    Professor McGonagall - teaches Transfiguration, puts you on the 
    Professor Flitwick - The Charms Teacher
    Professor Sprout - The Herbology Teacher
    Argus Filch - Patrols the Forbidden Corridor
    Mrs. Norris - Filch's cat
    Firenze - This centaur saves you from Voldemort in the forest
    Lee Jordan - Only appears at Quidditch games to be the 
    Mr. Ollivander - Runs a shop in Diagon Alley
    Griphook - A goblin who helps you in Gringotts
    One weird thing about the characters is that Peeves and
    Professor Sprout appear in this game but not in the movie.
    < B4. Items >
    Item              Location          Use
    Jellybeans        Everywhere        Collect for the passwords
    Chocolate Frogs   Everywhere        Heals you a little bit
    Wiggenwild Potion Everywhere        Fully heals you
    Cauldrons         Dungeons, Forest  Creates a Wiggenwild Potion
    Wizard Cards      See section D1    Try to collect them all
    Levers            Everywhere        Unlock doors, raise platforms
    Notes             Everywhere        Tell you information
    Hedwig's Feathers Library           Unlock Library doors
    Puffapods         Grounds, Dungeon  Use to hit trolls
    Silver Keys       Forbidden CorridorUnlock Corridor doors
    Invisible Tokens  Forbidden CorridorMake you invisible
    Coins             Gringotts         Buy Dragon Tonic ingredients
    Hedwig            Library           Can bring you items
    Broomstick        Charms Corridor   Lets you fly
    Fire Seeds        Grounds           Hagrid needs them
    Quidditch Book    Hagrid's Hut      Get from Hagrid for Fire Seeds
    Sloth Brain       Sloth Brain*      Give to Snape to enter Dungeons
    Troll Key         Dungeons          Unlocks Firefly room
    Invisibility CloakAttic             Tokens make you invisible
    Peacock Feathers  Diagon Alley      Used in Dragon Tonic
    Eagle Owl Feather Diagon Alley      Used in Dragon Tonic
    Toad Warts        Diagon Alley      Used in Dragon Tonic
    Ice Potion        Chambers          Lets you walk through flames
    | PRIZES
    Nimbus 2000       Castle Portrait   Fly Faster
    Quidditch Armor   Dungeon Portrait  Protects from
    Knockback Duo     Upper C. Portrait Doubles Flipendo's power
    *This isn't a typo. There is a section in the grounds
    that I call Sloth Brain.
    < B5. Enemies >
    Flip & Inc = Flipendo and Incendio
    Wing.Lev.  = Wingardium Leviosa
    Enemy          Location     Spell Used  Details
    Poison Snails  Library      Flipendo    You have to hit them twice
    Flying Books   Library      Flipendo    You have to aim using 
    Axe Knights    Great Foyer  (None)      Wait for them to swing
    Bouncing Bulbs Grounds      Flipendo
    Gargoyle       GargoyleGate Flipendo    See Gargoyle Gate section
    Fire Seed Pl.  Grounds      Incendio
    Ven.Tentacula  Sloth Brain, Flip & Inc  See Below
    Horklumps      Sloth Brain  Wing.Lev.   See Below
    Small Trolls   Dungeons,    (Puffapods) Throw when it's
    on the drain
    Silver Knights Dungeons,    Flipendo    See Below
    Small Turtles  Dungeons     (None)      Just avoid their
    Big Troll      Bathroom     Flipendo    See section in C4
    Peacock        Diagon Alley (None)      See section in C5
    Eagle Owl      Diagon Alley Wing.Lev.   See section in C5
    Toad           Diagon Alley Flipendo    See section in C5
    Vines          Forest       Incendio
    Poison Plants  Forest       Incendio
    Fire Turtles   Forest       Flipendo    See Below
    Fluffy         Chambers     (Flute)
    Devil's Snare  Chambers     Flip & Inc  See section in C6
    Groggy Troll   Chambers     Wing.Lev.   See section in C6
    Dark Knights   Chambers     Flipendo    See Below
    Big Knight     Chambers     Flipendo    See section in C6
    This spits out little spiky things that you can kill
    quickly with Flipendo. After they are defeated, you can
    use Incendio to kill the mother plant for good. If
    Incendio fails, more spiky things will shoot out again.
    You will get about 4 jellybeans for defeating it.
    Levitate them, then collect the beans quickly. It
    collects the beans too. If you try to get a bean at the
    same it does (or you just get near it) it will damage you.
    Cast two charged Flipendos at these guys to defeat them.
    If they aren't moving, you can't affect them.
    These knights are dark grey. They are the knight in the
    Ice Potion room and one of the knights Quirrel puts to
    life. You kill them once again with two charged Flipendos,
    but you can only affect them when they "stretch" after
    they attack.
    You need to be close to attack these (with a charged
    Flipendo) but not too close, or you'll be damaged. After
    you attack, or if they're simply mad at you, they'll turn
    around and attack you with a flame. Run around to dodge
    it. If the turtle is red, it means it can only take one
    more hit.
    < 6. Quidditch >
    If you need help on Quidditch games, refer to this
    There are two parts to a Quidditch match: Chase mode and
    Catch mode. Catching the Winged Key is the same.
    There are three sections to Chase mode. The Golden Snitch
    releases speed rings of different colors depending on the
    section you are at. At first, you follow the Snitch solo
    (blue rings). Then, the other Seeker races you (red
    rings). Then you hear "Potter takes the lead!" and the
    other seeker falls behind (gold rings). Each section
    requires you to pass through about 15 rings.
    The Snitch moves back and forth across the bottom. Press
    X right before it reaches your hand to catch it.
    These are the only other important things in Quidditch.
    If you go fast enough, they are easy to avoid. Quidditch
    armor protects you from these. The keys that you don't
    want to catch act as Bludgers in the Winged Keys
    Once you join the team, you can play Quidditch out of the
    game. If you enter a game from the Start Screen, it says
    Play Game or Play Quidditch. In the Play Quidditch mode,
    there are 6 games you can play over and over again, and
    get records on. The games get more difficult and the
    weather changes (which I like, since the darker the sky,
    the easier to see the Snitch) when you play more games.
    You get a trophy when you play all the games. My record
    for a game is about 2 minutes 5 seconds. Some people
    e-mailed me with times like 1:30. Good job!
    | C. WALKTHROUGH                    |
    A + sign in a section in the Walkthrough means you can
    only visit this specific area once, so get all the
    beans/cards while you're there if you're collecting them.
    For example:
    means you can only visit the Forbidden Corridor once.
    < C1. The Main Castle >
    The game starts off with what I call "Storybook Mode",
    then you meet Dumbledore in the Entrance Hall. You'll see
    that many of the doors are locked. Only two of them in
    the Entrance Hall aren't: The Portrait Room and the
    Gryffindor Tower. Once in Gryffindor Tower, there are
    again only two ways to go: The Charms corridor and the
    common room. Talk to Fred and George, they want earwax
    flavor beans (yellow), and they'll be in the common room
    if you need them. Get the Wizard Card behind the
    bookshelf (for more info on any of the Wizard Cards, see
    the section, D1), then head into the Charms Corridor to
    continue along.
    Ron will be waiting for you in the corridor, he saw Draco
    Malfoy run into the library with Hedwig, and you have to
    rescue her. Once in the library, you will be locked in
    until you rescue her. The library is gigantic, but the
    path is straightforward. Collect the feathers to unlock
    the doors. You will meet up with (Nearly Headless) Nick
    in a few spots, and Neville too. You will learn to jump,
    climb, jinx, and aim in here. You'll catch a glimpse of
    Voldemort/Quirrel while in here.
    Once you leave the library, you will receive your
    broomstick from Hedwig. Chase Ron down the corridor to
    the room where they give flying lessons. These are
    required. If you're having trouble, look in the options
    menu for "Broomstick Control", it may help. Once you get
    the hang of this and fly through enough hoops, you will
    be awarded house points and can leave. Try to grab the
    yellow bean at the top of the post in the center of the
    field. Here is a chart for the rings you need for each 
    1       5              10
    2       10             20
    3       20             40
    By getting all the rings needed, you get 5 points.
    By getting all the rings possible, you get 10 points.
    If you re-enter this place, you can try to collect
    all of Hagrid's Flitterbys for ten house points.
    Ron and Hermione will be waiting for you outside. Your
    first lesson is about to start, so follow them to the
    Charms Classroom at the end of the corridor. Be sure to
    pick up all the yellow beans - you need to get them all
    (you may end up with a couple extras) to get the password
    from the Weasley Twins. In Charms, you learn Wingardium
    Leviosa: this will levitate any object you see that has a
    yellow spark above it. You are timed to get into the
    classroom, but if you're late, you won't be punished
    because it's your first class. You will have to do two
    button-sequences, but it's easy.
    After Charms, you will receive a note from Hagrid. But
    Draco Malfoy is guarding the doorway! Instead of
    levitating the hourglasses onto the posts, do some more
    exploring to get the rest of the beans. First, go into
    the Great Hall, which is off to the side of the Entrance
    Hall. There are beans along the tables. Next, go into the
    Great Foyer. There are two ways to get there: from
    Gryffindor Tower, or right at the top of the Entrance
    Hall. It's easy to miss, but contains many yellow beans
    and two wizard cards. Watch out for the suits of armor!
    Also, go to the Dungeons, off the Entrance Hall.
    | THE NIMBUS 2000
    If you collected at least 50 yellow beans, go to the
    Gryffindor Common Room (look for the Fat Lady in
    Gryffindor Tower). Talk to Fred and George. They should
    give you the password in exchange for all the beans. If
    you lost any life for any reason, heal it with the
    Chocolate Frogs if you haven't used them yet. Go to the
    Portrait Room, which is next to the Great Hall, and give
    the painting the password: you will find the Nimbus 2000
    Once you have the Nimbus 2000, levitate the hourglasses
    onto the posts by the door to the grounds. Malfoy will
    challenge you to Wizard Crackers. Dodge the ones he
    throws, and pick them up and throw them back. Crabbe and
    Goyle will join, but you only need to hit Malfoy. Once
    you drain all his life (scale at the bottom) he will
    leave. Before you can reach the grounds, all the points
    will add up for each house in the Great Hall.
    < C2. The Grounds >
    As soon as you exit the castle, you must go to Herbology
    class and learn the Incendio spell. You are timed to get
    into the classroom once again; to get past it, jinx all
    the blocks into the center. Incendio is a little harder
    than Wingardium Leviosa - you have more complicated key
    sequences and must do them every time you use the spell.
    This part of the game is the grounds. It has another
    every flavor bean color (blue), another portrait, and a
    few opportunities to get Wizard Cards. Near Herbology,
    there is another place you can improve your flying skills.
    It is optional, so you should remember that it can give
    you house points if you decide to save it for later. You
    will run into Fred and George when you take the exit from
    the patio to the grounds (they tell you that they want
    blue beans now), then find a Ravenclaw named Raymond
    whose cat fell down the well. After that, you will find
    Ron, he shows you what a Puffskein is. Hagrid's Hut is a
    little past there, note the closed gate behind his house.
    After this, the trail splits into two: one going to the
    Gargoyle Gate and one going to the Grounds Portrait. Note
    that some of the walls are discolored. If you go up to
    them and press square, you can enter different hidden
    rooms. In some of them you will find Nick and can get a
    Wizard Card, in others you can collect some blue
    jellybeans. After fully exploring, enter to the Gargoyle
    Quirrel/Voldemort is waiting for you at the Gargoyle Gate.
    He will turn one of the Gargoyles to life, then leave.
    You have to fight the Gargoyle: avoid getting too close,
    and use the Charged Knockback jinx. Once you defeat it,
    levitate it onto the wall to open the gate.
    Once through the Gargoyle Gate, you will see a potion. If
    you got damaged at all from the Gargoyle, drink it, since
    the path gets harder. Go through the small cave, and you
    will emerge at a little Puffskein habitat. Wake up the
    one that's on the same elevation as you and lead it to
    the vent near the entrance. Once it gets trapped in the
    vent, the raised vent next to it will let out enough air
    to let you rise to the next elevation and proceed. There
    will be two more Puffskeins and pairs of vents ahead, so
    repeat the process. Pull the lever to open the door and
    proceed to the lava beyond.
    You must jump from platform to platform before they
    collapse under you, and then jump the rest of the way. If
    you land on the lava, you lose a bit of life, but still
    walk on it. If you get too weak, there is a healing
    potion 3/4 of the way there. Once you reach the Fire Seed
    Plant, you have to use Incendio on it to collect the
    Return across the lava, back through the Puffskein
    Habitat, and past the Gargoyle Gate to Hagrid's Hut. He
    will be waiting for you there, and gives you Quidditch
    Through the Ages in exchange for the seeds. He uses them
    to hatch Norbert! After that, the gate beyond Hagrid's
    House opens and you can explore the rest of the grounds.
    Once you're past the gate, Ron will show you the
    Quidditch Pitch, but then Neville shows up. Draco Malfoy
    has stolen his Remembrall. You go on a broomstick chase
    around the castle. This should be no problem if you have
    the Nimbus 2000. Once you fly close enough to him, press
    Square to pound him. Do this enough times to make him
    give up.
    McGonagall saw how well you flew, and welcomes you to the
    seeker position on the Gryffindor team. This is the
    easiest match. Follow the Snitch's speed rings like you
    did the rings in the flying lessons, then when you get 20
    of them, you can try to catch it. Press X a little early
    to get it in your hand.
    Once you exit the Quidditch Pitch, you will be confronted
    by Snape. He will confiscate your book, and he won't let
    you into the dungeon until you find the Sloth Brain.
    Follow Ron into the Weasley Twins' secret area. You will
    encounter two new and hard plants: the Venemous Tentacula
    and the Horklump. The Venemous Tentacula shoots out spiky
    things that you need to kill using Flipendo, then you
    need to defeat the mother plant using Incendio. The
    Horklump needs to be levitated and jellybeans will pop
    out from under. Grab them quickly, or it will attack you.
    Both plants inflict damage easily (so the nearby potion
    will come in handy) and are helpful when you're trying to
    get all the blue beans. You have to pull the lever to
    open the door that leads to the Sloth Brain.
    After you leave the Sloth Brain area, the house points
    will add up in the Great Hall again, and you will be
    asked to head to potions class in the dungeons. But your
    time in the Grounds isn't over. Once you have all 70 beans,
    you can talk to Fred and George for another password. If
    you don't have them all, look for secret doors in the
    walls - there is an incredibly-easy-to-miss hidden door
    near the entrance to the Quidditch Pitch - and under the
    Horklumps in the Sloth Brain area. Also, you can make the
    first Puffskein you meet eat the plants near it and spit
    out jellybeans. Once you've gotten the password, go to
    the Grounds Portrait (in the same area as Hagrid's House)
    and tell her the password to get another Wizard's Card.
    < C3. The Dungeons >
    As soon as you pass through the first door in the
    dungeons, you'll be trapped in there until you defeat the
    four curses. You need to get to the Potions Lesson.
    You'll run into Fred and George along the way, they want
    green "troll bogie" beans. The portrait that can be
    opened with their next password is right next to them,
    fortunately. For now, just head past. You'll find a fork
    in the path: to the left is Potions, straight is a cave
    that leads to Professor Quirrel's Trap, but you can only
    get there after Defense Class, which is locked and to the
    This technically isn't a class, since you aren't timed to
    get in and you don't learn a spell. You do learn how to
    mix potions, though, so if you run into a cauldron, you
    can brew up the potion that fully heals you. After you
    learn how to mix them, Professor Snape will make you go
    get fireflies.
    As soon as you enter the Firefly Room, Quirrel/Voldemort
    will collapse the floor under you. You'll land in the
    Troll Storage Room. To defeat the trolls (and get your
    first 2 green beans), throw the Puffapods while they're
    standing on top of the drains. The drain will flip, so
    the troll will be on bottom and a bean on top. You also
    get house points for this.
    As soon as you enter the next room, Raymond the Ravenclaw
    will call to you to rescue his kitten, now that you're
    under the well. You can get jellybeans here, and a Wizard
    Card if you succeed, so go for it! Watch out for the rats
    that sometimes pop out of the crates, though. Don't go
    too fast when the kitten's following you or it'll lose
    After exiting the Bottom of the Well, you'll be in a room
    with a lever, some levitated blocks, and some on the
    ground. There are two side doors, and the exit is up high.
    You need to levitate the three blocks and open the door
    above. Use the first lever to open the Cauldron Room and
    levitate the first block. Go into the Cauldron Room. It's
    an incredibly tough room where you have to jump from
    moving cauldron to moving cauldron. You can use Flipendo
    to stop them from moving, but it doesn't help because
    it's only temporary. Pull the lever at the end to open up
    the Troll Bedroom and levitate the second block. You can
    fortunately use the side wall to get back and collect
    some more beans. In the troll bedroom, there is a lever,
    a cage, a bed where the troll is, a desk where you can
    find beans, and other unimportant things. Pull the lever
    to levitate the third block, collect the beans, and
    levitate the cage carefully to get the key. If you let the 
    cage land on the hay, it won't wake the troll up. With that
    done, climb all the blocks and unlock the exit door to
    get out.
    | IT GETS WORSE...
    The next room is easy; there are just another two flip-
    the-drain trolls. After that, collect the fireflies and
    return to Potions class, which you should be very late
    for. In fact, Defense has just started, so rush across
    the corridor and get ready for the second section of the
    You *will* be timed to get into this class, though it's
    not worth it. You will have to jump onto the flying books,
    but it's tough, and you can get a lot of beans if you
    sidetrack. You will learn the Verdimilious spell to make
    half-visible blocks solid.
    Once Defense is over, you are still locked in the dungeon.
    You need to go into Quirrel's Trap to get out, which is
    the mysterious room through the cave hole at the fork in
    the Dungeon. You have to use the newly acquired
    Verdimillious. Before going straight, go through the side
    door and press square by the bookshelves to get
    opportunities for Wizard Cards. Once you get through this
    room, you come to the only way to exit the dungeons, but
    it's tough. Quirrel has cursed the door out of them and
    it's up to you to counter-curse them.
    There are four curses guarding the door out, and you have
    to destroy their sources. Nick will give you advice. You
    have to enter the side room. There is a cauldron, thank
    goodness, so you can heal your wounds from the trolls and
    Cauldron Room and prepare for the wounds ahead. The next
    room (where you will first meet Peeves) leads to a two-
    way fork: one way (through the door) leads to the yellow
    and green sources, and the other (across the floating
    cauldrons) leads to the red and blue sources. The yellow
    one is guarded by flame-shooting-wall-climbing-small-
    turltes and a slippery floor, and the red and blue ones
    are guarded by moving, attacking, annoying suits of armor.
    Destroy the four sources and the door out will unlock.
    When you exit the main Four Curses room, you'll be in the
    first room of the dungeons. The exit to the dungeons will
    be unlocked now. If you have all the green jellybeans, go
    back and give them to Fred and George. You can enter the
    nearby portrait and get the Quidditch Body Armor. After
    that, leave!
    < C4. The Upper Castle >
    Go to the door at the top of Gryffindor Tower to enter
    the Upper Castle. You will end up in a beautiful room
    with many floors, a table with a statue on top, and of
    course, Fred and George. The door will lock behind you,
    and the only way to get out is to complete this part of
    the game. Fred and George want red beans now. The doors
    to the left go to the Forbidden Corridor and the Girls
    Bathroom, but they're locked. For now, go into
    The timed-to-get-in part of this is really easy. In this
    class, you learn the Avifors spell, which turns statues
    into birds that fly away. The spell will come in handy
    for the rest of this part of the game. After this lesson,
    the house points will count up in the Great Hall.
    Once you exit Transfiguration, the exit door will still
    be locked, so go to the upper floor by Avifor-ing the
    statue in the center of the room and riding up the table.
    One of the second-floor doors will be unlocked, so enter
    it. You will receive a package, but Peeves will steal it.
    There are three ways to go in this room: up the table to
    the attic, through the bookshelf, and to the Portrait 
    Room. Go into the attic.
    You must race Peeves to the end of the attic by running
    along the beams. This is a great opportunity to get tons
    of red beans, and if you fall off (at one point you have
    to) there are plenty of chocolate frogs. If you lose the
    first time, you'll probably make it the second time since
    you won't get so sidetracked by the beans. If you get too
    far behind, he will wait for you, so don't get too
    worried. If you're really having trouble, try using the
    D-Pad if you are using analog, so you will go in a
    straight line.
    In the parcel Peeves gives back now is the Invisibility
    Cloak. You can activate this by getting an invisibility
    token. Now, leave through the exit to the race. Drop down
    and pass through the next door. By passing through this
    door, you will leave the freedom of the castle for a long
    time - until you get back from the forest.
    You meet Filch here. He says you can't enter the
    forbidden corridor, but the door is locked behind you, so
    you don't really have a choice. You have to jump on the
    bookshelves to hide from Filch. If he does see you, at
    least he doesn't take off any House Points (since
    Slytherin gets a TON after this) or inflict any damage
    (after this you'll get a lot of damage) but you do have
    to start over (but you don't need to get the keys again).
    You need the keys to get past locked doors. You can find
    your first Invisibility Tokens here, but they last only
    about 20 seconds (at least they regenerate after that.)
    You will get a glimpse of Quirrel/Voldemort here. At the
    end, you will find the Mirror of Erised, and then Ron
    will rush you to save Hermione from a troll.
    There are three sections to the bathroom coridors. 
    Don't fall in the water, or you will die. But you just
    have to start over with this race, instead of going all
    the way back to the last save point. It's ok to miss some
    beans here, you just want to get through. But what crazy
    girl would go this far just to go to the bathroom?
    If you get hit too many times, you will die, but only
    have to start over with this task. This is hard, and it
    will end sooner if you also defend Ron. After this, you
    can finally leave the Upper Castle, but you will be
    forced to anyway.
    < C5. - Diagon Alley >
    This may not be Diagon Alley, but it's definitely not the
    upper castle. You're still collecting red beans. This
    match is like any other.
    Hagrid greets you to say that poor Norbert's sick. You
    need to go into Diagon Alley to get the ingredients for
    the Dragon Tonic. It may seem exciting, but it's pretty
    annoying too.
    This is the main annoyance. It's easy to squeak around
    and get the papers, but getting the coins is tough. Use
    their advice, and be sure to use X to get the right
    angles to get coins and avoid the wooden walls. You need
    to fill the meter on the right three times. If you get
    annoyed by it, once you do it over and over you get the
    pattern. You get wizard cards for collecting all the gems
    in each vault (the hardest Wizard Card tasks in the
    game!!!). If you are collecting all the Wizard Cards,
    don't leave any of the vaults until you get the Wizard
    Cards from them, or you'll never be able to return and
    get them.
    Here's what the different symbols in the upper-left
    corner mean:
     * Coin + Arrow to the side = There are coins to the side
    or an alternating pattern starting with that side.
     * Coin + Arrows going in a circle = There is a spiral of
    coins ahead
     * Red <!> + Arrow = There is a wooden wall in that
    direction. If you smack into a wooden wall, you lose some
    coins and go spinning uncontrollably. If you just
    accidentally bonk your head (or Griphook's) on a wall, it
    won't be as bad.
     * Gem = The coins you are about to collect are Gem-
    Sequence coins. If you get all the coins while you see
    the gem in the corner, you can get the Gems for that
    sequence. If the gem in the corner flashes, you activated
    the gems and can get them; if the gem in the corner
    shrinks, it means you missed some coins in the Gem-
    Sequence. If you got all the coins in the Gem-Sequence
    and activated the gems, you can get them: they appear in
    the same pattern as the coins in the Gem-Sequence. Get
    all the gems and you get a Wizard Card.
    (I learned all this just from repeatedly riding the mine
    carts, since it takes a ton of attempts to get the Cards)
    Now you need to get the goods with the coins. With the
    Knuts, go to Ollivander's and get the peacock feathers.
    You have to run on the peacock to scare it enough, there
    is an invisibility token in one of the crates. With the
    Sickles, go to the Owl Emporium and get the owl feather
    by levitating it owl pellets. With the Galleons, go to
    the last shop. You have to find the toad and get its
    warts: find the crate that's shaking and/or listen for
    the croak.
    Hagrid will take you back to Hogwarts, and the story
    continues. You and your friends persuade him to release
    Norbert as in the book. You have to serve the detention
    in the forest, though.
    This may seem tough, but it's a straight path and you
    don't have to directly fight Quirrel/Voldemort. There are
    plenty of healing items, and you should finish your
    collection of red beans now. The only tough part should
    be the turtles. You have to attack them from close up 
    (and only right when they attack you), and back up to 
    avoid their flames. They have to be defeated to proceed. 
    In the section where you burn down the plants to go up 
    the hill, go right instead to fight a turtle, then get a 
    wizard card. Once you finish the Forest, Hagrid will give 
    you a flute.
    Return to the Upper Castle. You should have all the beans.
    If you don't, they're in the Transfiguration Classroom,
    the Attic, the forest, and the troll-race corridor. Talk 
    to Fred and George, and go up to the second floor. Next to 
    the entrance to the Attic, there should be the door to the 
    portrait room. You get the upgrade which makes the Flipendo 
    Knockback Jinx become more powerful, which is really powerful 
    and helpful once you go through the trapdoor.
    < C6. Through the Trapdoor >
    You aren't collecting beans anymore, but it doesn't
    matter much, since it's near the end of the game now, and
    you have to focus on just getting through it. Go to the
    entrance to the Forbidden Corridor on the first floor of
    the upper castle. You will meet up with Ron and Hermione
    and proceed to Fluffy's room. The points will count up.
    However many points you have, Slytherin will always be in
    the lead. Ignore them. In all of the rooms here, they are
    so hard that if you die, then you only have to restart
    the room you're in (with maybe an exception or two).
    There are some hidden rooms to the right side in the two
    hallways surrounding the Chess room. Good luck!
    Use the flute and you should have no problem. Press the
    buttons as fast as possible, and if it attacks you,
    ignore it because the flute does work. If you're at low
    health, go to the next room and kill yourself with the
    Devil's Snare, since you just restart in there with
    almost-full health if you die.
    This is one of the hard parts. Stay in the place you
    start at, take aim, and use a charged Knockback Jinx on
    whichever of the outside vines is glowing. After they are
    all defeated and the center one appears, run in circles
    around it (right next to it, so it will stay out) (keep
    running so it'll miss when it slams down) and use a
    charged Knockback Jinx right after it slams. After you
    whittle down it's health, use Incendio. If it is
    successful, Ron and Hermione will be freed and the door
    will open.
    This is exactly like Quidditch. The red & gold keys are
    like Bludgers, and the silver & blue key is like the
    Snitch. If you're getting too damaged by them, don't
    worry, because as long as you encounter the speed rings
    you'll go faster and it'll be easier to avoid them.
    | CHESS
    Ron has defeated most of the pieces on the four boards,
    but you need to do the rest. You don't actually play
    chess, but you move around the board one space at a time.
    All the other pieces on the board also move one space
    toward you. Your goal isn't to go across, but it's to get
    rid of the pieces. To do this, move to a space where you
    think two pieces will go on the same space to get closer.
    One attacks, and both the attacker and the attacked die.
    If you get right next to them, you "die", or just lose a
    bit of life and have to restart that board. Here are the
    solutions to the three boards:
    Board 1 - Start on left square: go right, diagonal
    (up+left), down
    Board 2 - Start on left square: go up, diagonal
    (down+right), left
    Board 3 - Start on left square: go diagonal (up+left), 
    diagonal (up+left), left, right, down
    Here's a hint if they don't work:
    If there are two enemies, each taking up one of the E
    spaces (the .'s are empty spaces) and you move to the :
    space, both of the enemies move to the center square to
    get closer to you and kill each other. Keep that in mind
    (it can work at any angle).
    This is a fun one where you have to levitate some objects
    out of a sleepwalking troll's way. If you drop the object
    (and make too much noise) or have the troll run into you
    or an object, you die and have to start over. The trick
    is to go as fast as possible and DON'T make the object
    levitate any higher than it needs to be, to be quick.
    Just find the right knight in the three cups, and fight
    it for the ice potion. This is basically a preview of the
    next room. This is a Dark Knight: for more info see the
    Enemies section.
    You're on your own now, and Quirrel/Voldemort is waiting
    for you. He will bring two knights to life. If you use
    two charged Flipendos with good aim, you can kill them
    quickly. After that, he brings two more to life. More
    info on the first four in the Enemies section. Once you
    defeat the second pair, he will make a huge knight for
    you to fight. You can only affect it: *with a charged
    Flipendo *when it is solid, not the red wireframe. You
    have to stop moving to get it to attack, but move quickly.
    Once its health gets low, it will use double- and triple-
    attacks. Once you defeat it, Quirrel will be revealed as
    the bad guy, and leave to the next room. IMPORTANT: DRINK
    The mirror is in here, and you get the Sorcerer's stone,
    your heart's desire. But Voldemort notices, and he cries,
    "DIE, POTTER!" He runs around, casting his green orb that
    you must avoid. Sometimes you have to undo the ropes he
    puts on you with square. Also, you can't go near him, it
    hurts your scar. That's three ways for him to attack, and
    you only have one: cast a charged Flipendo at the columns
    to make them fall on him and inflict damage. After that,
    he removes the columns and you have to use "the power of
    the mirror" to damage him. Charge the mirror, and when he
    is either in front of or behind it, charge it again to
    have it attack him. At this point, watch out for the big,
    green clouds he throws. Once he is mostly weakened, you
    will reach a new mode. If you've ever played Mario Party
    2, you should have no problem. Repeatedly press Square,
    and when you see the text "Hurt Quirrel", press X quickly
    or you missed your chance. Weaken him enough, and you
    beat him.
    You return to Storybook mode. If you got all the Wizard
    Cards, Ron will come into the Hospital Wing and give you
    card #18, Harry Potter!! After that, you get to beat
    Slytherin in Quidditch (once again, only if you got all
    the Cards) and you win the House Cup.
    | AFTERWARD...
    This is the end of the game. You will see more
    "Storybook" stuff, and the credits roll.
    I wonder if Snape's ever going to give our book back?
    | D. HINTS                          |
    < D1. The Witches and Wizards Cards >
    A + Sign means you have one chance to get it. A - sign
    means you can get it anytime.
    -Card #1 - Merlin: Press Square by the bookshelf nearest 
    to the Fat Lady in Gryffindor Tower.
    Card #2 - Cornelius Agrippa: There is a bookshelf against 
    the wall in the Great Foyer. In this one, get all the 
    Ravenclaw's items to get the card.
    Card #3 - Derwent Shimpling: In cards #3, 4, and 5, you 
    have to meet Nick and get all the beans. Stay away from 
    the Bouncing Bulbs; they make you lose three beans. Card 
    #4 is in the discolored wall in the grounds, near the 
    first Puffskein (the one Ron shows you) you meet. Go up 
    to it and press square.
    Card #4 - Morgan le Fay: Near the Quidditch Pitch and the 
    Sloth Brain are two more discolored walls. One contains 
    just a secret area, the other holds card #4.
    Card #5 - Newt Scamander: Near the Grounds portrait is 
    another discolored wall.
    Card #6 - Bowman Wright: For cards #6, 7, & 8: In the 
    Verdimillious room in the dungeons, there is an easy-to-
    miss hard-to-reach side door on the left when you enter 
    the room. It contains three Wizards cards. For each of 
    them, go through the bookshelf. You must charm the 
    cauldrons onto the burners, fairly easy.
    Card #7 - Cassandra Vablatsky.
    Card #8 - Godric Gryffindor.
    Card #9 - Edgar Stroulger: Rescue Raymond's kitten, see 
    section C-3 (The Dungeons) for more info.
    Card #10 - Salazar Slytherin: In the Great Foyer, next to 
    the door to Gryffindor Tower, is a bookshelf. Go up to it 
    and press square.
    Card #11 - Ignatia Wildsmith: Get all the Gems in the 
    Knuts Vault. There are 65 total.
    Card #12 - Bertie Bott: Get all the Gems in the Sickles 
    Vault. There are 55 total.
    Card #13 - Helga Hufflepuff: Get all the Gems in the 
    Galleons Vault. There are 65 total.
    Card #14 - Rowena Ravenclaw: In the forest, you will 
    reach the hill where you burn the plants down to climb 
    up. Instead, turn right to another Fire Turtle. Defeat 
    it, and proceed to the small clearing after that. Look 
    up and you will see a Wizard Card. Use Flipendo to 
    knock it down.
    Card #15 - Roderick Plumpton: In the room intersecting 
    the Upper Castle, its portrait room, and the Attic, 
    there is a bookshelf you can go through. You will meet 
    Nick, and to solve the puzzle, follow the kitten: it's 
    easy as long as all the blocks don't collapse.
    Card #16 - Hengist of Woodcroft: There are two 
    discolored walls next to the entrance to Gargoyle Gate. 
    They lead to the same area. When you are under the 
    archway thing, look up and shoot the floating card down.
    Card #17 - Albus Dumbledore: The Grounds portrait holds 
    card #17.
    Card #18 - Harry Potter: You can only get this card if 
    you beat Quirrel with all 17 other cards. You will get 
    it from Ron in the Hospital Wing. This card is Harry 
    < D2. Hard to get Jellybeans >
    A + means if you already went through this area, you
    missed your chance. A - means you can get these beans
    | IN THE MAIN CASTLE (yellow beans)
    -in the Great Foyer
    -in the Great Hall
    -in the hallway that leads to the dungeons
    | IN THE GROUNDS (blue)
    -under the Horklumps
    -let the first Puffskein that Ron shows you eat the plants
    -some secret doors in the walls
    | IN THE DUNGEONS (green)
    +in the boxes near Raymond's kitten
    +in the timed rooms for Defense Against the Dark Arts
    +in the Four Curses part of the dungeons
    -in the attic
    +in the bathroom corridors (where the troll chases you)
    +behind some fake trees (behind you when you start in the 
    +in the area in the Forest where you get the Wizard Card
    < D3. Frequently Asked Questions >
    These are the most frequently asked questions:
    Q: I'm stuck at the Devil's Snare, the vines keep growing
    A: Only hit whichever vine is glowing. Stay where you
    originally start, and use Triangle or R1 to aim your 
    Q: I can't do anything after the game ends but view my
    Wizard Cards!
    A: Neither can I, a stupid mistake of the game. If you
    haven't already, try to collect all the Wizard Cards and
    the beans, you can do more stuff at the end of the game.
    Q: What does the Broom Cupboard do?
    A: Nothing. I've never tried to unlock it.
    Q: How do I get past Mrs. Norris (the cat) when she is on
    the beam in the Forbidden Corridor?
    A: Don't try to get the invisibility token on the beam
    (where the cat is), just go on the part of the beam
    that's touching the wall to get past Filch to get the key.
    Or you can just go when she's facing away.
    Q: How do I get past the part of the Forbidden Corridor
    when Mrs. Norris is on the ground with the key and you
    start out above her?
    A: Jump across to the invisibility token (it is possible), 
    then go down and get the key by Mrs. Norris. Climb up, 
    jump to where the token was, the go to Filch and unlock 
    the door.
    Q: The peacock is impossible! I cannot get 3 feathers!
    It is possible. Chase after her and get lots of practice.
    Learn her paths. Stay near her.
    < D4. Secrets >
    I don't know too many, but here are some.
    * Rail Slide: If you get on the stair rails of Gryffindor
    Tower, the Dungeons, etc. (but not the Entrance Hall) you
    will slide down. Try it, it's fun!
    * Leap of faith: This really hurts (it's still fun). When
    you get out of the Attic in the Upper Castle, stay on the
    little balcony you're on. Then, jump all the way down to
    where Fred and George are.
    * Secret rooms: In some of the passages between the rooms
    in the Chambers (path to the Sorcerer's Stone) there are
    plates to the walls on the right that are hidden doors.
    Inside, there are Chocolate Frogs and save points.
    * Go on, Hermione: If you talk to Hermione in the Charms
    classroom, she says, "I can't wait to start levitating
    things!" but does nothing. She can start levitating
    things now, so what's she waiting for?
    * Make lightning: At the title screen, press Triangle to
    make lightning strike.
    < D5. Glitches >
    This game has some glitches, though none are serious.
    Here are some of them that I've encountered:
    * In the Charms classroom: When I tried to go to the
    first to the second timed room, I just hung out in the
    doorway instead of going through the door.
    * Tie with Peeves: Once, I think I tied with Peeves on
    the Attic race or something, because when the race ended,
    he just kept flying around the room without saying
    anything and I had to reset my console.
    * Go back into portraits: when you exit a prize portrait 
    (one that you get the password for), quickly turn around 
    and jump back in. It's sorta glitchy, you don't really 
    go back in.
    | E. CREDITS                        |
    I wrote all of this walkthrough, except for the title art.
    I did get some help from Beno Jange, who game me the text
    art for the title and gave me many organization tips.
    These two people emailed me about more wizard card
    locations: Joshua Sealy and Mourning Star.
    Also, I owe credit to all of the web sites who are
    posting my Walkthrough/FAQ!

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