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Reviewed: 08/08/07


Ok. I first bought this game when I was quite young so I was quite dense about play-station game quality. I found the game amusing and exhilarating.
But those days have gone and although there is something that makes this a very enjoyable game it is of reasonably poor quality in terms of display.
There are many reviewers on this site which seem extremely critical of this game and although we are here to express opinions I believe they are drawing out as many negative points about the game as they can and listing them all into one review. However this game is truly not all bad. I'll admit it has its lows but it is enjoyable in many respects and is very adventurous.

Sound: There wasn't a great deal of sound. Music was ok, Voice overs made me cringe but the sound effects were a valuable contribution to the game and added much suspense.


Graphics: Oh my god. The graphic designers must have been EXTREMELY lazy. Scenery was abysmal and much of the graphics were highly pix-elated. However the unintentionally distorted faces did add a slight amount of humour- Filch is the most hideous thing on the face of the earth, as is Mcgonagall, Voldemort , all of the weasleys and poor unfortunate Hagrid.


Difficulty: Although there were many simple tasks, challenges such as the vaults in Gringotts bank, the wizard chess, the devils snare plant and the giant fire breathing turtles did contribute to the difficulty. Generally for the younger generation in terms of difficulty particularly the simple spells.


Story and structure: The story was quite similar to the book but events were chronologically very different, however it varied a lot in venue and activity. I think the game was constructed fantastically and flowed easily. Tasks do become more difficult as the game progresses.


Fun: I really do have fun playing this game. There seems to be a lot of suspense and I particularly enjoy controlling the mine cart at Gringotts. The game is adventurous throughout.


Irritability: There are some quite irritable parts particularly the sequence where you are trapped in the dungeons for ages and the hugely annoying storybook sequences that you cannot skip but generally it isn't too irritable.


Controls: I hate the fact that there is no jump button and all you do is continue to walk forwards. However the only button you really use is x unless your doing a lesson, skipping unnecessary dialogue or saving your game.


Re-playability: I think it is certainly re-playable. It is one of those games where if you haven't played it for ages and you suddenly find it tucked away in a cupboard you play it just to bring back memories. However if you are not a Potter fan and have an extreme lack of interest towards the books this game is not for you.


This game is a generally good game but if you haven't been following the books it appears quite senseless and pointless. But if you do read the books you are almost certain to enjoy this game and the adventurous basis it has to offer. It was let down quite strongly by the graphics and lousy voice overs and could have been a more impressive accomplishment. This is the reason why I have not given this game the full ten. I think decent graphics are essential to game quality. However I'm giving it an 8 due to the adventurous and varied nature and stable storyline of the game.

Thanks for reading. :)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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