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"I f you had fun with Medieval and Sypro, you'll zoom through this"

Overview - I took the plunge and rented this game figuring I could get a taste of it before returning it. What I found was that by 2.75 hours, more than 53% of the game was complete. I found I had an advantage from the infinite hours playing Medieval and Spyro. This game is so close to the two of them, Medieval especially. There is laughter you hear in the woods, and it's the same as the little-girl vampires in Medieval II. This isn't a bad thing, but the skills in those two games really allows you to zoom though Harry Potter in a big hurry.

Graphics (6)- This game looks rushed, there just isn't any way around that, but even so, it isn't an impediment to the gameplay. It's cute to see that the rendering of the characters look like the actors in the movie. As you go along though, you notice the unfinished look of the graphics less and less.

Sound (8)- Again, the sound/music is reminiscent of Medieval, and pretty much right on the mark. You can understand the voices, which to me (a bit hearing impaired) is a very good thing.

Control (8)- The controls are smooth and accurate, a bit daunting at first until I utilized the 'reverse' in the Options Menu.

Story (6) - You play as Harry alone and the story just flows, but you really don't get immersed in it, you just go through from one task to another without really caring about the plotline, which is along the lines of the first book, of course. Harry just seems a means to an end, and the other characters seem like wooden pawns of this task-based game. They did find a good solution to the gameplay of Quidditch.

You do just get 'dropped' into the gameplay, and I snapped up some chocolate frogs before I knew I needed them for health, but you do get tutored in your other skills and movements, and can go get some extra time perfecting them.

There are whimsical moments, I just wish the game as a whole didn't seem so 'unfinished.'

Final Score (7) - In summary, if you like Medieval and Sypro, you will glad you played this bit of game candy, although it will be quite easy for you....less than five hours easy, which is waaaay too short for an adventure game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/22/01, Updated 11/22/01

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