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"I wish people would quit rushing games like this"

I knew the first time I saw this game's screenshots that this was going to be a terrible game. You could probably call this an ok game but when you get down to it either this game is just bad or it was rushed. It was probably rushed just like all the other games based after movies.

Story: 7/10
If you've never read the book then you won't know much of what is going on besides that you just came to witch school and some mysterious guy pesters you. The story for almost a little more than half the game is nothing but going between classes, playing Quidditch, and doing small task. The story isn't much. This is another thing that was apparently rushed.

Control: 7/10
My only complaint is the jumping system. You run off the ledge and he jumps automatically, from there you can control the distance he jumps. It's basically a sloppy clone of Zelda's jumping system. Sometimes it's hard to determine how long or short you need to jump and when you know how, sometimes it's hard to jump that far. Otherwise, controlling Harry is smooth and responsive. This is one up side to this game. Quidditch is another matter. You press up to go up and down to go down. Now you fans of air combat games will be messed up terribly. They should have made it down to go up and up to go down. It just seems simpler that way to me.

Graphics: 5/10
Easily the most rushed part of the game. The graphics are blocky and outdated. Your stupendo magic is just a 2D star above your wand that gets bigger and brighter. Everything is blocky. Animation is ok but can be pretty stupid to watch. There is almost a cutscene for everything you do! You use the levitation spell and you have to watch him say the spell's name and do the motions in a cutscene every time! You also have to watch him open and exit a door in a cutscene every time. It get's annoying quick. The only thing I could say good about this is...hmm...nothing!

Sound: 6/10
Let's get the bad over with because there is a lot of it. Voice acting is terrible in this game. For every thing they say they have to talk. While this could be good it's a lot of rambling on and very annoying. Not to mention the paintings. When they talk, whether they are female or not, they sound like a terribly loud, annoying man. There is hardly any music in this game. You don't here any enchanting music like you would think in Harry Potter. The SFXs are ok...nothing very special but they don't help or hurt the game. Other than that the sound ranges from annoying to no opinion at all.

Gameplay: 5/10
I hate the gameplay section because it is so long but here it goes. *Yawn* This has some of the most boring gameplay ever. It's basically for kids but the game can't really make up its mind rather it wants to be hard, aggravating, or amazingly easy. When the game gets hard it's just because the game is buggy. The game is repeditive. It's a series of collecting things, solving easy puzzles, and a few short action moments. Think about this. Your first boss is a fire cracker throwing bully(Draco). All you have to do is throw them back at him. It's not hard at all. That ''battle'' left me with a quirky feeling about the rest of the game. Then you play Quidditch. In the book it seems cool but in this game all it is is that you fly through and bunch of hoops then when you fly through a certain amount you get the chance to try and catch it by pressing X when the animated ball at the bottom of the screen goes into the animated hand. You'd think it would be interesting. I hate to say but this comes in second under the rushed list. The gameplay can be fun at time but only in short burst. It's so easy that you don't feel like you have accomplished anything.

Replay: 8/10
It's so easy you might want to play again. Otherwise, you might just want to throw this one out.

Scoring Curve: 4/10
This score is just to curve the final score because the actual scores may not come out to how I actually feel about this game. This score is more of a personal thing rather than technical. This game has little fun and is short. I'd say only rent if you are even a fan of the game. It's not worth any money besides a rental fee. A rent will do the job anyways.

Definitely rent. You could beat it during that time. Fans, just because your a fan please don't go wasting your money just on that reason.

Overall: 6/10
Play the game for the little fun that it gives you. This game definitely does not capture the Harry Potter magic. There are better games in this world and only the fans should try this game. This game should be an example to not rush games to all gaming companies.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/23/01, Updated 11/23/01

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