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"It's not what I was expecting but still..."

It's Harry Potter!. I'm not the biggest HP fan, however, when I knew a game was coming out for the PS, I got very excited. When I finally got it and played, I liked its storyline(it's pretty much the same as the book), but I think it could have been a LOT better.

I mean, look at the graphic. Graphics, in my opinion, are not the most important thing in a game, but I think they could have been a little better. For example, making the pixels almost invisible and besting certain textures so they don't look like thrashed paper.


The game is very addicting for those who like exploring, puzzle resolving and item collecting. You'll be moving from here to there, recollecting beans, cards and other kind of items. During the game you'll be jumping, running and casting spells as you solve puzzles. Overall, the gameplay is very good.

The control is very responsive. Even though you'll use almost every button, they are pretty easy to understand. After a couple of times traveling from here to there, you'll get used to the controls and start to tackle through the game easily.



Sucks. Really, there is no other word to say it. The only sound you may hear are the voice actings or when Harry casts a spell. Music is almost ''un-hearable''(in my case, i don't hear a holy thing), and makes the game pretty boring at time.



Look at them!. They're wonderful!. From the classrooms, to the dungeons, from the outskirts to the quidditch races, the graphics are colorful and make the game very lively. Lamentably, the graphics are only ''colorful'' but not ''great'' not even ''good''. The walls look pretty much like a great, thrashed and brownish paper. Character's faces look like a cone. I mean, the polygonal unions are very visible. So, your eyes won't have a graphical feast.


To buy or rent?

HP fans, buy it A.S.A.P!. Other people people, go to Blockbuster, rent it, play it for around 40 minutes and decide. Even though it has puzzle-resolving, item-collecting and loads of exploration, it can be pretty simple, easy or deepless to some gamers. Other will enjoy it from alpha to omega becaude they love adventure/item collecting/puzzle resolving games or simply they like every game the play(best-known as ''hardcore gamers'').

Overall: 6/10.

Think about. You like the game because you can move through its numerous areas with ease due to its good controller, have a huge map to explore and loads of items to collects, but your eyes will not be enjoying the game due to its faulty graphics and your eyes will hear nothing but character dialogues. So, it's good gameply, but falls on everything else.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/27/01, Updated 11/27/01

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