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Reviewed: 12/07/01 | Updated: 12/07/01

Fun but nowhere nearly hard or long enough

The good side of this game is:

- it follows the book very closely

- although the figures are blocky they do look rather like the characters in the movie, and I liked the background. Also the characters had English accents!

- the game is reasonably challenging

- it's fun to ''visit'' the places you have read about in the book, like Diagon Alley

The things I did not like are:

- it did not last anywhere nearly long enough. It is possible to complete the game within 6 hours on the first run through, and maybe 3 hours if you go for a second try!

- the flying controls really s*cked until I realised that you can go into options and reverse the way you control your flight! But if you are not aware that you can do this then flying lessons and Quidditch are pretty challenging.

- I hate how Harry jumps by approaching things, I am used to making the character jump by pushing the X button

- Quidditch was not at all what I expected. I thought they could have made it a lot more challenging, Harry might just as well have been in training still. He doesn't actually DO anything apart from flying around in circles! Oh, and catch the snitch, but that is not a difficult exercise!

- once you have completed the game you cannot do anything else with it, not even go back and play Quidditch

- there were an awful lot of cut scenes that should probably have been part of the game rather than mere commentary. JK Rowling wrote a pretty long book, I cant imagine why EA didnt put more of the story into the gameplay. It might have been fun to have Harry actually DO something in the classes for example, instead of just having him copy some cute tunes.

- It seems to me that EA were not sure what age group they were making the game for. A lot of it would not give a five year old too much difficulty (my 7 year old bro completed the game in just over 6 hours! And he's never even read the book.) On the other hand, the book is aimed at kids a bit older than that, and the game followed the book, so I assume EA were targeting the 8-12 age group.

To sum up:

The game IS fun. We liked playing it. But don't waste your money buying it - RENT it! You should be able to complete it even if it is an overnight loan.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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