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"Draco Malfoy would laugh..."

Okay, we can't get enough of our little wizard here. After we got the books, which had an enormous success, all kinds of money-raising products were predicted to follow that success... And one of them is this game for the PS One. It transcripts (game-wisely) the story seen in the book/movie, about a boy who discovers he is a wizard, and starts studying at the school his mother and father studied, before they were killed by Lord Voldemort, a feud that Harry survived, with a lightning-shaped scar left for proof. The game starts at this point, the moment when Harry starts his 'freshman' year. There he meets friends he never had, Rony Weasley and Hermione Granger, that follow him in all of his adventures... Now, enough of the storytelling, let's review this 'piece' here:

Graphics - 7/10

The textures of this one had me surprised for its quality, good enough for a PS1 game, but everything else is just plain average... The 'voice-captioning' is good for its generation too... MGS didn't have one!

Sound - 5/10

Odd. The music is good, creating nice surroundings, but the voices are taken out from a BAD brit movie. They would sound better in an Austin Powers movie. The ghosts and pictures voices are just...urgh... They sound like they are speaking from inside a bottle...

Control and Gameplay - 3/10

Well, the lock-on system is a letdown at some action-filled parts of the game, like the bosses... I also wanted to jump. I wanted to press the R1 Button, or the X, or the Circle, to friggin' JUMP! Alright, it's a game for kids, but they like to hop around when they want to. This makes the game too linear, at all times. The three points are for the nice analog controlling of Harry.

Replay Value - 1/10

You will want to play this one and leave it to rot in your drawer. The only credit is for the Every-Flavour Beans, all easily collectable, and the pictures of the magicians. The quidditch game kind of sucks, it resumes on seekers, and getting the gold snitch, and 'dodging' the bludgers is not a real challenge. Play Winning Eleven if you want a cool sports game...

Story - 7/10

It is a commercial version of J.K.Rowling's original story. Some things are new. Some things are missing. Just about that.

Overall - 4/10

Buy this only if you are a Harry fan. If not, don't even rent this one. Save your money and buy the book. Or even watch the movie... but don't buy this game. Please.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/11/01, Updated 12/11/01

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