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Reviewed: 12/18/01 | Updated: 12/18/01

Worst game ever...

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I was amazed at the movie, but one thing left me speechless... the Harry Potter video game. It didn't leave me speechless because it was good. This was because of the exact opposite. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone is one of the worst games ever

I'll start with the play control. The play control is very easy to get used to, but it doesn't make the game fun. Playing this game with an analog controller was sheer hell for me. I stuck with the control pad.

The graphics were very rushed and made every character look like something that was constucted from Play-Doh. Every object and character was very cubical, and most objects were nothing but polygons with animated sprites glued onto them. Harry's charging flipendo is nothing but a bunch of rotating squares, and you should see the devil's snare. Terrible. The character's faces are really flat, and the only face that lived up to the character's personality was Ron's, but it still sucked. The character animations get really dumb. Nearly Headless Nick has to pull his wobbly head back into place every five seconds, and Hermione always seems to have her books with her, and she repeatedly taps them as if she was dicussing an academic subject, even if she isn't... in fact, she never does.

And now for the highlight of this mud pile of a game, the sound! The only good thing in this game was the character voices, and I was kind of impressed about how great they all sounded. ( Especially Nearly Headless Nick's.) For added kicks, play the game through in a different language! The music, on the other hand, is so boring that it makes me want to turn off the sound. There are one or two tunes in the game, and they're very irritating.

The replay value of this game isn't very good. When you beat the game, all you can do is play Quidditch and look at your Famous Witches and Wizards cards. If you want to play again, an evil voice cackles at you. It isn't such a friendly game, is it?

All in all, I suggest that if you plan on playing this game, you should rent it. It isn't worth your $39. Definitely not. Thank god I got my copy for free... Never, I repeat, never buy this game if you can't get it for five dollars or less. It just isn't worth it. I hope the next game is better than this one, or else i'm gonna puke!

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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