Review by Materia Boy

"Oh, look, Voldemort got to it before we did."

Ugh.... after reading all four Harry Potter books, after seeing the movie, and after playing this game, I've come to one conclusion: The books and movie are great. The game stinks. I really feel sorry for Harry and crew...

''Contact your Inner Eye...''

Graphics?! Don't. Even. Remind. Me. Everything's VERY pixellated, and the characters look downright awful... the Weasley twins are now ugly little gits (wah!) Ron Weasley is now an ugly little git (wah!) Hermione looks like a Barbie doll (AAAAH!) who is always holding her books, poor Professor Flitwick... and Hagrid... poor, POOOOOOOR Hagrid... good thing they didn't put Oliver in here, or I probably would've cried at seeing what they did to him.

''Drip, drop, silence, stop...''

Ey! (Echo.) Ey music! Where the %#$*&* are ya?! Yep, what little music there is in the game is hard to hear... it's okay, but they need to turn up the volume more. And the voices... well, some are okay (Hermione's, Crabbe's, Goyle's and the narrator, whom sounds a lot like the sorting hat...) but Neville, Draco, McGonagoll, the Weasleys (ESPECIALLY the Weasleys) and everyone else... poor them. And the humor is gone from the game, gone, gone GONE!

''Did you use the Imperius curse again? Oh dear...''

What is this, Tomb Raider? Controls are awful, and don't get me started on Quidditch. Besides, I wanted to strangle Madam Hooch when she kept telling me to do this over, do that over... SHUT UP, MADAM HOOCH! They could've had a jump button. Did they? No. Y'see, that's why there are eight buttons, minus Start, Select and d-pad, on the controller. Duh.

''Time and time I've said... that I'll never play this game again...''

No replayability. None. Unless you WANT deteriorating sanity. But none of us want that. Sanity's your best friend. That, and the voices in our heads, but the voices in my head don't like you. Y'see, there's nothing else practically to do here. Collect the beans (oh, whee) Quidditch, with its awful controls, bug the paintings, bug damn near everyone else, and play in the most annoying, linear fashion ever to grace a game.

''We're having a sale! Bad games, only a nickel!''
0/10 (or 1/10, but why am I rating this? Cuz it costs $5 to rent, and look what I did)

Buy or Rent? Hmm... why would you do that? Just stay far, far away from it, and hope it can get blown up by Avada Kedavra.

Now, to run down the ratings, for once in my sad, pitiful life.

Graphics 1/10
Sound/Music 3/10
Control 1/10
Replayability 1/10
Buy or Rent 1/10

Total is... 1/10!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 01/20/02, Updated 01/20/02

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