Review by BremmaFallens

"What were they thinking?"

Now, this was a pretty good game. I play alot of adventure game like this, but this one was a tad disappointing for a fan of Harry Potter, like myself.

Control 7/10

The controls were decent. It would have been more interesting if you could jump with a button. And some of the spell casting thing were tricky, such as Incendio and Avifors. And flying. The REVERSE controls should be the normal controls because the default for flying is up on the stick/buttons is up on the broom stick, not the the normal up on the stick, down on the broom. And also the mine carts. THAT was hard. Trying to remember which arrows meant what is very confusing and the control on that was either dead or too touchy.

Gameplay/ Storyline 4/10

Now, the story followed the book pretty well, but the game play was awful! Some things are too simple while other thing risk the threat of you chucking your PSX out the window or it's controller through the TV. I know because I've seen my dad and my sister get pissed while flying, or doing the mine carts. In fact, because I have patience with games, I have had to beat those areas for them! In fact, I've beaten most of the final dungeons part for my dad. Up to where I am right now, STILL trying to beat Voldemort. Also, needing to collect the all the Famous Witches and Wizards Cards to do the final Quidditch match in the game is foolish.

Graphics and Viewpoints 4/10

Now, the PSX is known for its excellent graphics, such as the ones seen in FFVII or Chrono Trigger. My question is, where the heck did they go? I, in fact, was playing this on a PS2, and the graphics were poor! The backgrounds appeared to float and shift, the characters had little to no expression on their face and the viewpoint would never stay in a good spot!

Sound 8/10

The sound on this game was actually pretty good. The voices on the characters were decent, thought I prefer to just read the text than hear it spoken to me because it takes me 3 times longer to hear what is said then to read it. The background noises were OK. The music annoyed me here and there, but only because it was too artificial to the scene at times, or too distracting.

Overall 5/10

The game was ok. FAR too short. Had more time been put into some of the parts, it would have been better, such as balancing the difficulty of gameplay, fixing and setting graphics, and adjusting controls. If you want to take time and really delve into the game, buy it, but otherwise, pay a few bucks and just rent it for a day or 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/26/02, Updated 01/26/02

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