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"The game that Lives"

This game is one heck of a roller-coaster ride, a whole lot of mish matches, mixings and all sorts of uncanny ideas, there's a lot of pros, yet a many of cons in it!

Definately pathetic, okay they maybe are standard Psone graphics, but they graphics literally were shameful creations of EA Games. Almost every character had an impression that is was created using clay, and mud,they really could have improved it! Albus Dumbledore was the most ugly character, he looked hideous!

Well, it's an A-Okay gameplay, there are original plottings and quite brainy set-ups but-alas, in almost the the entire game- you never would really require to stress your brains to figure out the way to go, it's great timepass to play this game, hence the gameplay does stand out!

Mind-blowing sound, the real saving grace to the game, the tinest matters have been put in such as sqeaky shoes, ghosts with echo-like voices and of of course the boombastic British Accents, followed skillfully by everyone.

Not much trouble, unless you play as a rookie, some puzzles do require-head bugging pains, as of course they need decent practice-even game masters have encountered the dire need for full-fledged practice, pretty okay!

No way! This game lasts only as a one-timer, which means the first time you're playing-fun'll flushing through your body, the second, the fun lives, but a half-life and before you can even think of playing it the third time, the fun will already have departed to heaven, it would be best to rather rent this game, it is definately not worth 39.99$.

Oh Lord! They were worst than the graphics, imagine, the cross button automatically usues the correct spell or jinx, all by it's self, and the Quidditch controls were something you'd definately cry on,no real physics and balance implemented, god-they were bad!

All the thrill, excitement and originality of Quidditch ruined in seconds, they've made this sport look so bad, that even volleyball would seem a popular sport in front of it! Besides posing a challenge for us to actually spot and capture the Golden Snitch, they've made us to actually chase the Snitch, doing nothing but flying through speed rings, and then a stupid puzzle to catch it, man! There have been no physics of balance and flying, and control a rodeo horse would definately be easier than attempting to gain control over this contraption. The brooms-The Shooting Star and the Nimbus 2000, have no real differance excpet their looks, man Quidditch was awful.

Excellent! Small and unnoticable things have been added to give a real perspective at Hogwarts, the best of the many orginalities is that Ron's robes are several inches short and he has frequent checks to tie his laces! Good huh!?
But of course they did make mistakes, hey made a room that was unopenable, and Hermione is stuck to her books in the entire game, even when u go for the Sorcerer's Stone! Sheesh, and even that Filch is literally blind!

Many bad cons, and many awesome pros, this game is worth a oneplay, thats it-thats it's border line to be a massive game, definately worth a try!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/13/02, Updated 02/13/02

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