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"If you like a terrible job of remaking the book, rushed graphics, and 5 hours of playtime, you'll love this game!"

When they first made the game, most Potter fans were probably psyched. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite come up to par for me. It's supposed to be based on the book, right? Well, they did a worse job of remaking it than in the movie.

First of all, the game is hardly anything like the book. There are tons of tasks that NEVER happened. Sometimes you have no clue what to do unless there is a spot to use a spell you just learned. Some things are so hard that the target audience (8-12) may have a difficult time with this game. Some ideas are really lame (invisibility tokens, speed rings, etc). The quidditch games are lame. All lee Jordan comments about is you, you have to fly through ''speed rings'', he spots the snitch (which is WAY too big and sparkles a lot) after ten seconds with lame lines (''A glint of gold! Is that the snitch''), and the stands shown would NEVER hold 280 kids, plus a host of staff. the game only lasts about 5 hours in total. You only go to each class once, so you don't get the feeling you are in a school. In fact, if the Forbidden Forest weren't at night and saving the stone day, it would all look like a a year passed in one day.
Score: 3/10

The controls are ok, except for a few problems that annoyed me. The ''normal'' setting for flying should be the reverse, because I'm sure almost everyone would be used to down-up, up-down, not up-up, down-down. You should have to like cast different spells with different key combinations, but everything with a little spark on top can only have one spell cast, and X does whatever spell it may be. And there is no jump button, despite how much jumping you have to do. It jumps automatically for you, taking away challenge and also adding annoyance (it jumps when you don't want it to). Is a jump button really that hard to program? Wouldn't the auto-jump be harder to program? And if they thought that some kids would have trouble doing it, they should have realized that almost every game that involves jumping has a jump button.
Score: 5/10

The people in the game look generally pretty bad. Hagrid is supposed to be twice the size of a normal man. In the game, he is no taller than any other human adult. Hermione has blond hair! Also, the people in the cutscenes have almost realistic looking heads while the rest of them is cartoonish. The cutscenes are either bad graphic ones or books with static pictures and words that are read to you with turning pages (can you say ''rushed''?).
Score: 4/10

The sound is okay. Not much to hear about (pun intended). The voices are okay, except for Quirrel, who should have a tone of fright in his fake st-stuttering v-v-voice [ :) ].The script is fairly lame. The sound effects are excellent, but I never noticed any music. You rarely (if not never) hear Harry talk except when saying ''Flipendo'' or ''Wingardium Leviosa'' or ''Incendio'' or ''Verdimillius'' or ''Avifors'' or his lame snitch-spotting lines or in the book cutscenes (and even that is the boring narrator).
Score: 6/10

Replay Value
Is there any? Well, ok, there are a few things you might want to redo the game for: 1) You messed up. 2) You didn't get every single one of the famous people cards or the most house points (and can't play Slytherin in the final. Which, I might add, is foolish.) 3) You didn't open all the portraits. 4) You think you only just barely pulled a few things off, and you think you could do better on them. 5) You somehow find the game fun (likelihood: 10-15% chance). Or maybe you just want a quick 5-hour game to pass time. In any case, it isn't much worth replaying.

Borrow or Buy?
All in all, the game is, because of how short it is and because it has little replay value, only really worth renting. If your mom already shelled out the full price because of the name, too bad. Otherwise, borrow or rent it.

Final Score: 5/10
(Rounded up from 4.5)

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/16/03, Updated 07/16/03

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