Review by Eagles610

Reviewed: 05/23/06

Good for those boring family parties.

During the end of the PSone's lifespan, a lot of bad games came out. When I first got Bowling, I figured it would be on of those cheap, bad, bland games. I was pleasantly surprised.

Gameplay 8/10
The gameplay of Bowling is simple, but that's a positive, really. Here's how it breaks down: you start off by creating your profile. Creating your profile isn't exactly necessary, but it makes sense to do, and it makes the game a lot easier to keep track of. Next, you pick which style you want to play. You can either pick 300, which is normal, 300 point, 10 set bowling, or 900, which has 10 sets, but has 30 pins per set as opposed to 300, which has ten. Next, you choose your ball style/weight, which effects how powerful you can throw the ball. After all that, you're ready to play. The game itself is played very smoothly. You pick where you want to throw the ball, decide how you want to curve it, aim it, power up your shot, and throw. It's easy to master, but once you have it down it will still be rather hard to get more then 1 strike in a row. You keep track of your high scores via your profile, and you even can unlock different styles of bowling balls, depending on how good you do.

Graphics 6/10
The graphics in Bowling are the worst part of the game, honestly. But what do you expect? Each ball type is a different color. The pins are all white with red stripes. When you knock the pins down, they just sorta...lay there. It's pretty uninspired, but it is a older system, so it's okay.

Sound 7/10
If the graphics are a low point, then the sounds redeem them. THe sounds make you feel like you're really in a bowling ally, shooting pins with some friends. The pins make noise when you knock them over. If you pick up a strike or a spare, you get rewarded with a little jingle. The music in between sessions are also very upbeat.

Overall 7/10
This is a fun game. It's a good game to play with people that aren't very good at video games. This is the kind of game you bring out during those family parties just for everyone to join in. If you have a PSOne or PSTwo, I seriously think you should consider getting this game.

Buy, Rent, or Don't?
Give it a shot if you're into bowling sims. Otherwise, rent it for a good time.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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