Review by senor maniac

Reviewed: 07/01/04

Not the best Bowling game but a fun game to play in spare time.

This is one of the only bowling games that I have seen on the playstation. With three different types of game play, you find it easy to play for a long time. The three different game modes are standard, quest , and special.
In the standard mode play you find yourself playing a regular game of ten pin bowling. You have twelve frames and not much else to do. But if you get a score of two-hundred or higher you will get a big ball. Also if you bowl a score of two-hundred fifty you will get a physic ball. That is about all that is in the standard mode.
In the quest mode yo will have to make a combination of pins. For instance you get so many balls and have to knock all the pins down in that many throws. And the throws carry over from one frame to another. So you have to make some good throws because there are some throws that require a lot of shots. You can not get anything in the quest mode except for the satisfaction of beating it. Also a tip for beating it is to use the bid ball.
In the special mode you get to have a lot if fun. You get a lane with forty five pins on it and you have to knock them all down in three shots. The one thing about it is that you only have seven frames than ten. You also get no items in this mode either. But it sure is a lot of fun to play because it gives you a futuristic type feel.
But some of the things in the game are great. Like the graphics. I have never seen a game of this time have such good graphics.
Graphics=10/10 The graphics in the game just blew me away. I have seen some good graphics but these were amazing for the time period. I just love this games graphics.
Value=7/10 For about 5$ it is a good pick up. It is good if you are looking for something fun and inexpensive. But If you are really not into having limited options I would not suggest this.
Sound=3/10 There are about music type things that are in the game. Not very fun to listen to. So I just turn the volume down so that I do not have to listen to the awful music. That is a turn down of the game.
game play.
Game play=8/10 I liked how you could sit down with the game with a bunch of friends and just play for hours and have a blast. You just have to find a reason to get bored of this games simplicity. I think that its simplicity is what makes the game so enjoyable. I just love to play this game.
If you ever want a solid bowling game I would recommend picking up this game. You can't go wrong either way. If you like it, it was money well spent. But if you don't like it what is 5$ gonna hurt. But I suggest picking up this game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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