Review by Heatmiser

"You get what you (barely) pay for."

Yes, this game costs ten dollars. Yes, that is a very low price to pay. But no, this game isn't even remotely worth the pittance you plunked down to the greasy-faced teen behind the counter at the local game store to buy it.

The story involves... very little. You seem to have to find items strewn about a very primitive pseudo-3D dungeon and bring them back alive. Everytime you do so successfully, you get paid a little. Very little. Fitting for a title that cost very little to begin with.


When you get enough money, you can level up. You can allocate several points to your character's stats in the beginning of the game, which is nice. But everytime you gain a level you get... one point. You heard me. One. And what's worse, the enemies seem to receive substantially MORE power with every level YOU gain! So you're almost always fighting uphill against a tide of pain and frustration... And should I even mention how slowly everything moves?? Text, cursors, characters, battles, alllll sloooowwwwwlyyy. I believe I've aged 11 days in the 3 or so days I've been struggling with `Battle Hunter`.

Did you say you like RPGs anyway, and you don't mind all that stuff I said? Well, this one is (listen close) completely based on randomness. Totally. Every turn is decided, essentially, on a roll of the dice and a choice from a pile of cards. Even if you're the most skilled RPGer on God's green earth, you could die in seconds with some unlucky card selections and movement rolls.


For $10, what did you expect? At least you get to change your character's appearance, which was surprisingly a lot of fun, rather reminiscent of Final Fantasy 1. In fact, it was the only bit of fun I got out of this turd besides the occasional laugh at the horrid NPC artwork.


Um, it's actually fairly passable... A few catchy early-80's MIDI sounding works. But overall, nothing I'd write home about. Unless my home liked average music. Then I'd write a lot: ''Dear home, this music was average at best, which unfortunately made it far and away the most interesting part of `Battle Hunter`. Yours, Heatmiser.''

In the end, you pay $10 for a game, you get $10 worth of gaming. If someone said that you could see a movie for fifty cents, you wouldn't go into it expecting `Goodfellas 2`, now would you?

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/23/01, Updated 06/23/01

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