Review by DarkCrono x2

"You could do WORSE(maybe.. i guess) for $10"

Oky doky! Here is a game that plays out like a board game but is an strategy/RPG. Think of Mario Party and Final Fantasy Tactics getting in the toilet(you may wanna try that) and being flushed. What comes out---BATTLE HUNTER from A1 games. It's $10 bucks, I mean you know it can't be great. But I can say that if you get 3 friends--it can be kinda enjoyable.The main goal is to collect relics from boxes and be the first to get back to the exit with the relic. Sounds lame? Read on brother! Well let me start off here.

Graphics: OUCH. Where is the design huh? I mean the characters look alright and the choose you character and color of your character is pretty cool. But the backgrounds are like-- huh??? All it is a bunch of tiles lined up to lead to boxes, flags and the exit. Occasionally these little monsters will come out and run around. That is an extreme dissapointment. They look like pyramids with spheres on em. In battle that change to vacuum cleaners, globs of gook and the best of all, a pretty nifty dragon.Not exactly what i call graphically inclined. 2 out of 10 for the characters and the dragon.

Sound: UGGGG!! MONOTONOUS LITTLE BUGGERS! All you hear is the same little tune for everything you do!!! AHHH it drives you crazy!!!!! Nuff' said!! 2 out of 10 because at first its cool but it will drive you up the wall.

Control: Okay the highlight--you can move. yippee. I say that sucks. I want depth, gosh darn it, work with me A1! 2 out of 10 for, well, obvious reasons.

Gameplay: Alright. FUN FUN FUN If you have friends. One player is awful and boring. All you do is run around finding random items in random boxes hoping you get the key item. Which is usually right next to the computer players. You have to PAY to level up!!!!! #$!#@$!!!!!! What's up with that! I dunno. You get move, attack, trap, defense and exit cards to help your victory come along. MAN OH MAN. I bet it took A1 a week to get that made. Sheesh. But still somehow with friends it is half way entertaining. 2 out of 10.

Total score: 2 out of 10. Good gravy! Pass the suicide pill to A1 someone please.

Pick it up. Play it with your friends. Have fun. If you can. BWAHAHAHHAHA!!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 03/25/02, Updated 06/14/03

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