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"10 bucks for this game? What a ripoff....for A1 Games, that is."

Battle Hunter is some sort of RPG/Board game hybrid from A1 Games, where the objective is to get (Target Item Here) before anyone else in the dungeon, either by getting it first or mauling the poor sap who got it before you. Why? Usually, because you were hired to do so. Before I played Battle Hunter, I always wanted to play a game where the player takes control of a REAL mercenary, doing missions solely for cash and taking no regard of anything else, No plots to take over the world, No helping any massive, great cause, like world peace, Just do what is told and get cash. Unfortunately, Games today are far too based on story lines for developers to do something that shallow. Oh, Yes, I am aware that Battle Hunter has a story, and I'll explain why it doesn't bother me later in the review.

On to some of the important things...

Graphics: 6/10

The graphics are one of the weaker points of the game. On the field, objects and characters use sprites, instead of polygons like most games today. This isn't that bad, as most often sprites are very detailed, just not so much as 3D Polygons. Of course, there is the poorly done maps, which consist of a black backdrop with little gray squares that represent where you can move. When not in the dungeons, the hospital and your broker's office have fairly done backgrounds designed to fit the location, and the characters that appear are rather nicely illustrated, although like most things in this game, nothing spectacular. All in all, SNES quality graphics. (The game costs ten bucks, You can't expect the greatest in graphical technology.)

Sound: 8/10

The sound is good for a ten dollar game, The music (Techno, for the most part) fits the environment, although it isn't anything spectacular. I tend to not notice it after I get into playing, so it can't be that bad. The few sound effects there are in this game are pretty good, the gunshots actually sound like gunshots(Or close enough) and the drawing of sharp objects(From wherever the character may be hiding them) sound like a sword being drawn from it's sheath. Overall, the sound is pretty good, or at least good enough for it to not be annoying.

Gameplay: 10/10

This is the part of the game that makes it as awesome as it is. Nearly everything about the gameplay is fun. When you first plop the CD into your PSX, you won't be able to do anything. Anything besides create your Hunter(Mercenary). When you go off to create your merc, You are asked to enter a name for the merc, then set your 11 status points to the attributes given, Strength, Defense, HP and movement. Then you choose a sprite for your character. There is 8 different sprites and eight colors that go with each sprite. When you've chosen a sprite, you have created a hunter. Generally, you take a trip to your broker's office immediately after, and he explains the game for you. You are then thrust into your first mission, one of many (Infinite, Actually) you will be in. So, you begin to beat your missions, and earn cash. Of course, the only thing you can do with cash, besides identify items, is level up. So you pay the nurse at the nearby hospital and level up. Yay!

As for the dungeons themselves, They play like a board game, with the RPG Element coming in when you encounter an enemy, be it another hunter or one of the monsters in the dungeons. You move around with a random roll of dice(or cards, as the case may be.) And the only questionable element of gameplay is revealed. Roll of dice. Random Dice. Random usually turns out bad in video games, Often times because you are constantly screwed over by bad luck. Luckily, The random element of dice is usually rather fair, not being too annoying with low rolls.

Of course, this game also has a multiplayer. Have your friends compete against you to get the Target Item, in a contest of wits, courage, and skill. (Well, more like Luck, Levels and hostility.)

Story: 2/10

Ah, the story. Like I said, I've long awaited the day where story is pushed aside for the simple goal of earning cash. But I don't mind this story, simply because it goes by quickly so I can get back to doing normal missions, which can be done as long as the disk and Memory Card are intact.

But, If I did care about the story, I'd be disappointed. The story is repetitive and linear, consisting of you finding the floppy discs (A LOT of floppy discs) until the bad guys consider themselves foiled. Shallow and boring, I've read more interesting Robert Munsch.(Or however you spell his name)books.

Replay Value: 9/10

Besides the joyful experience of collecting all of the items, You never seem to play the same game twice. It's a new adventure every game, which makes for infinite replay value.

I hereby conclude my review for Battle Hunter, a great game which I am proud to have in my collection. But, I should mention that you should rent this before buying it, if you can. There are several who don't like this game, although I am puzzled why. Once again, Good day to all of you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/16/02, Updated 08/16/02

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