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Reviewed: 11/30/02 | Updated: 11/30/02

A small priced game , big fun and replay value

Well I was reading reviews on this site about the game battle hunter, and I received mixed reviews. I mean its a ten dollar game how good could it be. I saw 9's and 10's, but at the same time 1's and 2's. I decided to believe the positive reviews and bought it. I personally enjoyed this game very much please read why.

graphics (6/10)
I thought the character sprites and the monsters(in battle) looked pretty well. But the graphics really fall apart on the board. The monsters are pyramids with little dots on top and the dungeon/board itself looks drab and boring. It is a bunch of randomly placed tiles floating on eternal void of black.Good thing the graphics don't really effect the fun factor.

Sound (8/10)
I personally liked the music (contrary to some of the other reviewers).Songs like 80's memory sound nice, and all the other songs are good too.In fact the songs are kind of addicting, the songs that you hum when you walk. The only problem with the music is that there are only like 6 songs. Even if you include the title music, game play music,battle music and the starting menu music. The sound FX are really good! Gunshots sound very real like Medal of Honor games. Also the blobs plopping their goop on you sounds nifty too.The sound helps the game play go along.

Control (5/10)
Well the controls are navigable but not perfect. When moving across the board picking the tile you want to move to can be a pain but you will get used to it. The card system can be confusing. I read the manual pretty thoroughly, but I still couldn't fully understand the card system. In the end you'll eventually get the card system though. Determining how many spaces you move by the use of dice is original but they can become frustrating. You flip the dice and you get a 2 or 3 while the AI gets a 5 or 6.The controls are kind of flawed and is the worst part of the game.

overall/Fun Factor (9/10)
Okay, so far you are probably thinking that this is just an average game, well the game itself is very fun. The missions can get addicting,searching for treasure,ambushing other players, setting traps are the thing that make this game so fun. Also you get to create your own character, that's a very fun feature. The best part is(drum roll please)The multi player. Duking it out with your friends, backstabbing them.....this is THE ultimate multi player game for the play station. Don't let the decent graphics and clunky controls get in your way. Once you learn the controls (in 10 minutes) the game is awesome and will make come back for more. The random dungeon layouts up the replay value as well as ever changing AI characters.

Buy or Rent
Well, I'd rent this game first to see if you like it and agree with the other reviewers. But if you don't care about graphics or controls with a learning curve and just want a simple, fun game: THEN BUY IT

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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