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"This isn't worth the ten dollars...."

I went to the store to pick up a copy of Gunfighter: Jesse James. The only way to buy it was a Two for One deal with this game as the other game. I regret that purchase, because as much fun as Gunfighter is, the little time I tried to play this was complete hell.

Story 0
The story is non-existent. The only way to find the story is to read the booklet other wise they never mention it.

Gamplay 2
The Gamplay is just terrible. First you get missions from a ''scientist'' who wants you to go find things in ''dungeons''. Then you go to a map that looks more like a cut-up chess board than a dungeon and you roll dice to move. Once your in the map you go find the item and bring it back. Whats the challenge? You have to roll a dice to move and there are 3 other guys trying to get the item. You might think this makes it more fun, but no, it they fight you over and over again. Also after you roll and end your turn each person has to roll the dice and take their turn. Even the monsters take their turn. It is incredibly slow. I thought this was supposed to be a RPG, but instead it looks a game that was made in a few hours. The only thing with any detail are the characters which are sprites. The dungeons are, like I said, literally just squares you move around on. No walls, no scenery, and no fun.

Sound 5
The music is alright in the game, but the sound are very bleak and dull sounding. They sound like they were ripped from a SNES game. Besides the few sounds you hear consist of about three attacks and picking an item up.

Graphics 2
The characters look very nice in their sprites, but the maps are dull and repetitive. They all look the same and play the same and feel the same....Boring.

Replay Value 0
Now if someone who liked Final Fantasy Tactics and Battle Orc you still won't find any replay value. After you play for 10 minutes the gameplay never changes. There is no strategy involved. It has no replay value whatsoever.

-Makes a nice coaster
-Doesn't cost any real money

-Slow, Dull and Boring Gameplay
-Lack of Storyline
-No effort to make game look good at all

Conclusion 1.8 (Heck I'm a nice guy I'll round it to a 2)
Stay away from this game at all costs!
Even at the bargian bin price this game isn't worth it. It feels more like a unfinished game then a game that was ready to ship.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/13/02, Updated 12/13/02

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