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"Well it was only $10.00.... I've wasted my money!!!"

This is supposed to be an RPG right? The RPGs that I've played had some key elements, one would be a story, another would be characters, oh yeah the last would be a reason to actually play the game.

Story 1
In the near future mankind is devastated by a great war that has crippled the world. Now this would be good if you heard why the war took place and maybe if you had any real characters why they are still alive. The whole game centers around you trying to get a specific artifact from a dungeon and bring it back for a small amount of money and have most of it taken away by your insulting, greedy, and incredibly ugly boss.

Characters 1
As was stated earlier there are no characters except a few still figured images you talk to when you are not in a dungeon. You have the balding, thief like boss and a nurse that always looks drunk with her sagged eyes and airheaded speeches. You also get to customize your characters as in the first Final Fantasy with about the same level of choices. You can pick a male, or a female that looks like a male. The choices vary from muscular to slim and tall to short.... Wow

Music 6
I have to admit that I enjoyed the electric guitar sounds of this game and the battle music wasn't bad at all, sadly though while the music stands out it still doesn't save this cheap, poorly made, revolting failure.

Sounds 2
Ha! sounds right, these sound like first generation snes effects. Its actually funny, I mean everything is distinguishable, but from today's standards it sounds like 12 year old garbage run over by a freight train.

Gameplay 4
There are two ways to judge this so I will break it into two parts.

Actual Gameplay Mechanics 1
Its all to random. The attack and movement are based on cards and dice rolls, so you could be the most skilled of a tactician and you can be drug down by bad dice rolls.

Playability 8
Its so easy to play this game though, for pick up and play ability its actually quite enjoyable. If you've got four friends and a miltitap Battle Hunter can be great tournament game, but still you must wade through the problems to get there.

Overall 3
While it has excellent multiplayer capabilities, Battle Hunter remains extremely weak with its gameplay and lack of key RPG elements. You need no skill to play this game, only an unhuman patience level. If you are looking for a poor man's Final Fantasy Tactics, or Advance Wars, you won't find it here unfortunately. Battle Hunter is very cheap and not very rare.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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