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"This is an excellent game. Mainly for the multiplayer."

Battle Hunter is a very unique game being as all the things you do are based on a random roll of dice. The storyline is not as great as many other RPGs, but it's there. Mainly all you do is go on missions to obtain a certain item for a certain client. But as I said, the main reason to get this game is for it's excellent multi-player.

Story 5
The story is that the world has been crippled be a war. Not very innovative, I know, but still. Your boss will introduce you to different clients to which you will go into a dungeon and retrieve the requested item. Then, after taking a greedy percentage, your boss will give you your cut of the dough.

Characters 7
There are a slew of characters in this game. The old, balding, and ambiguous boss. The attractive, blue-haired nurse, and the assortment of orderly to downright strange clients you work for. As for selectable characters, you choose what graphic you want, and then choose the color scheme for the graphic. You get quite a few to choose from.

Music 8
The music of this game is unique at it's best. While it doesn't compare to the orchestral sounds of the final fantasy series, this game isn't final fantasy. So don't expect the same music. However, the music is quite catchy and changes from the situation your in. Such as attacks and when the dungeon boss comes down...

Sounds 6
While this game doesn't have that great of sounds, they are all well done and are able to be told from each other. Such as the sound of a machine gun going of or a leg trap hindering your progress.

GamePlay 10
The game play is where this game really shines. While almost everything you do depends on a pair of dice, you get a hand of 5 cards that will help you with what your trying to do. There are an assortment of cards to help you along your way. Such as attack cards that boost your attack, and trap cards that you can set down for an opponent. The main reason to get this game is for it's multi-player. You can get 4 players in one round or have 2 and some bots. Rounds can go on for a few minutes to almost an hour. Depending on the skill of the player and the roll of the dice. The multi-player of this game will have you coming back for months to come.

Overall 10
While this game does not have the best music or sounds, or even story, The multi-player alone makes it worth a buy. If you don't have any friends to play this game with, then I wouldn't recommend you buying it. But for only 10 dollars, you can't beat the multi-player experience in this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/05

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