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    Germany Missions FAQ by J Woodrow

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    PANZER FRONT - PlayStation FAQ (GERMANY Missions - 3 of 3)
    by J Woodrow  <jonjon132002@yahoo.co.uk> 
    Version 1.0  - 10/10/2002
            MXXX      MXXX  MXXX   MXXXXX   MXXX  MXXX    MXXX
                             ||   HHHHHHHH   || 
                             ||   HHHHHHHH   || 
                             ||   HHHHHHHH   || 
                             ||   HHHHHHHH   || 
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                       G E R M A N Y  M I S S I O N S
                 Stop the enemy's advance! Move out, tanks!
      Released: April 2001 (UK)
    Developers: Enterbrain
     Publisher: JVC
    [This game was first released in Dec 1999 for Dreamcast in Japan]
    C O N T E N T S
       UP TO SPEED
    G E R M A N Y   M I S S I O N S
        1:  Training-1
        2:  Training-2 
        3:  1943/ 7/ 5  Hill 220.5
        4:  1943/ 7/12  Swch. Oktjabrskij
        5:  1944/ 7/10  Hill 112
        6:  1944/ 8/ 8  N158 Highway
        7:  1945/ 3/23  Sachsendorf
        8:  1945/ 4/30  Berlin
    T A C T I C S  -  E X T R A  M I S S I O N S
        9:  1943/ 1/20  Sinyavino
       10:  1943/12/19  Vitebsk
       11:  1944/ 6/13  Villers-Bocage
       12:  1944/ 7/27  Barkmann Corner
       13:  Training-M1 vs T-80
    A P P E N D I X
    I N T R O D U C T I O N
    This is the last of three guides to playing through the tank battle 
    simulator PANZER FRONT on PlayStation. The introductory part led the 
    beginner through the basic handling of the tank whilst playing as the 
    Allies in USA Missions, and the second part was a guide to using the 
    Soviet tanks and playing the RUSSIA Missions once some confidence had 
    been gained. Now you should be ready and able to fight your way through 
    the last set of battles in the list shown in the 'TACTICS' menu. 
    [I should repeat here that these guides are intended to help gamers 
    attempting to play through all these missions for about the first time. 
    There is nothing much to be learned in them for an 'Ace' although of 
    course I hope they make interesting reading as a comparison to your own 
    battle techniques.] 
    If you have come straight to this part of the guide without having 
    attempted any of those earlier missions then some of these suggestions 
    may be a little difficult to follow, since there are no detailed 
    explanations of the controls or menus. If you need more complete 
    instructions on their use, try to obtain and play through the other parts 
    first. (You should always find them at www.gamefaqs.com). If not, you 
    have all the controls explained in your manual anyway, and since there is 
    no 'storyline' to follow there is no reason why you shouldn't start with 
    the GERMANY Missions and there is nothing you will miss by doing so.
    Ideally though, you will have read those previous guides and battled 
    through in the manner suggested or in your own way, and so you should by 
    now be well experienced. At last we can get to perhaps the most varied 
    and challenging series of battles in the game, this time playing as the 
    Axis forces in GERMANY Missions.
    U P  T O  S P E E D
    As far as controls go, this is the least you need to know:
      |                  T A N K  C O N T R O L S                       |
      |                                                                 |
      |                                                                 |
      |               L2 + R2 = move FORWARD    { lift off either side  |
      |               L1 + L2 = move BACKWARDS  { to turn in motion     |
      |                                                                 |
      |    L1 + R2 or L2 + R1 = TURN stationary                         |
      |                                                                 |
      |   LEFT ANALOG / D-pad = rotate turret                           |
      |                                                                 |
      |                 START = enter Map mode                          |
      |                CIRCLE = return to Battle mode                   |
      |                                                                 |
      |                CIRCLE = enter Sight mode                        |
      |    TRIANGLE or SQUARE = set Range                               |
      |                CIRCLE = Fire!                                   |
      |                     X = return to Battle mode                   |
      |                                                                 |
      |                SELECT = change ammo type                        |
      |                                                                 |
    The game choice is between 'TANK SELECT' and 'TACTICS'. 
    We have been playing through in 'TANK SELECT' mode because that option 
    provides sturdier tanks for a generally less difficult although still 
    quite challenging initial run through. Even if you needed to lean heavily 
    on the hints in the first parts of this guide, by playing through all 
    those missions you will certainly have gained all the abilities you need 
    to carry on now in TANK SELECT mode and play the German missions by your 
    own instincts. The two fictitious German tanks are more similar than the 
    choice between tanks for the other armies. The E-79 comes equipped with 
    an awesome 88mm cannon which should deal with just about anything that 
    gets in your way, and it also has a reasonable turn of speed despite its 
    heavy armour. The 'Aureole' comes with a revolutionary engine design that 
    looks like rocket burners with blue flames shooting out, and so is 
    ridiculously fast but (together with its bizarre striated armour) totally 
    inauthentic. This may leave the enthusiast unsatisfied.
    Therefore in this final part of the guide the missions will be outlined 
    as if playing in 'TACTICS' mode, with tanks modelled on those used in 
    WWII. The strategies and suggestions here will certainly still work for 
    you in 'TANK SELECT' mode, and most will even prove much easier. If you 
    want to stay in that mode then perhaps by now you will feel confident 
    enough to set yourself the full challenge of attempting these missions as 
    an 'Ace'. For 'TACTICS' you can stay as a 'Veteran' for now.
    To select the mission you want, press X in the 'TACTICS' menu and then 
    DOWN to choose from the list and scroll this time to the GERMANY missions 
    that are initially offscreen. As before and even though you may be an 
    Ace, it still makes sense to start with 'Training' to get to know the 
    generally very impressive fighting machines which are the German tanks.
    You have probably enjoyed the accompanying theme music for the USA and 
    RUSSIA missions. Now the appropriate soundtrack is a stirring rendition 
    of "Panzer Lied", as if through a scratchy gramophone in a Berlin bunker; 
    perhaps reminiscent of a heartfelt marching song belted out lustily by 
    fresh-faced replacement Panzer crews to a cynical and weary Commander who 
    looks not unlike Robert Shaw with a blonde hairdo. Or perhaps not. As 
    before, if it gets too much you can turn it down via 'Audio' after 
    pressing R1 in the 'OPTION' menu. 
    I tend not to bother too much with the scores. As you can well appreciate 
    by now, this really isn't that kind of game, and the challenge of simply 
    getting through the missions should be enough at first. With each 
    subsequent run through you can aim to improve your technique for the most 
    satisfying experience, and because there are any number of ways to 
    complete each mission you might already know better or easier routes than 
    those suggested here. Finding them by trying a different approach is half 
    the fun after all and I think that is what makes PANZER FRONT such a 
    rewarding game. Try these to begin with and see what you think.
    GERMANY Mission 1:  T R A I N I N G - 1
           T r a i n i n g  1  J u n  1 9 4 4,  N o r m a n d y
        Destroy the two enemy tanks ahead of you and then pull back.
         Defend your tanks which are in danger of being surrounded!
           Take care! One of the enemy tanks is a long-barrel M4!
                       Destroy all five enemy tanks!
    You play as Citron and receive an urgent call from Kirsche in his Panzer 
    IV to come quickly to help in the south where the enemy has broken 
    through. However, almost at once in the distance up ahead a Sherman 
    appears. For a few moments his flank is invitingly exposed... 
    Before he turns, waste no time in checking your gunsight by pressing 
    CIRCLE, and if this is your first time in a German tank then although it 
    looks a little different to the Allied and Russian ones, it works in the 
    same way. Press TRIANGLE and instead of a crosshair you see a digital 
    countdown appear below the central triangle. Pressing SQUARE reduces this 
    number again, and the range can thus be set very simply between 0-3000. 
    (The range will vary depending on the vehicle.) The centre of the target 
    should be aligned with the very tip of that central triangle, and this 
    proves to give you pinpoint accuracy.
    That first tank is about 1250m away, so try it and fly it. Ka-BOOM! 
    If you missed or the shot bounced off, have another go but don't waste 
    too much time if a succession of shells ricochet off the very solid 
    frontal armour. Try aiming up to hit the turret or down a little so that 
    it blows up underneath. Perhaps exit Sight mode with a press of X to be 
    sure you have the correct range, and try again. That done, move forward 
    to the junction and another M4 appears only just around the corner to the 
    right. He has you lined up already but your gun is far more powerful than 
    his, so a quick shot at nearly point-blank range will brew him up nicely. 
    Now you can take heed of the Mission Briefing and pull back to go and 
    assist Kirsche. Turn around and make speed down the track and if you 
    didn't notice it already, your arrival in the village of Le Dezert should 
    make this battle arena quite familiar. 
    A Sherman has appeared from the south-west to attack your comrade from 
    behind, so cut diagonally along the track there to intercept it. You'll 
    need to be quick to save Kirsche from a rear shot knockout and then you 
    will have support as the last two Allied tanks appear in front of you 
    nearly simultaneously. Be careful, as the one coming down from the left 
    is an M4A1(76) which means it has the big gun that the Mission Briefing 
    warned of. If you can line him up properly and promptly it is still an 
    easy knockout though, and you should be quick enough to catch the last 
    one as he is turning along the road ahead to confront you. 
    Good work!
    Run through this simple mission a couple of times just to get used to 
    aligning the gunsight and you will probably agree that although it looks 
    a little unconventional, the precise and rapid setting makes it the 
    easiest to use once you become used to placing the point of the triangle 
    just in the right place. This is going to be fun!
    GERMANY Mission 2:  T R A I N I N G - 2
    As in the second training mission for the Allies, this one also gives you 
    the chance to learn to direct your Blue comrades. I assume that you are 
    already familiar with this procedure through playing the first two parts 
    of this guide, and of course the methods are explained in your manual but 
    there is a quick recap here should you need it anyway.
        T r a i n i n g  2  J u l  1 9 4 4,  N o r m a n d y
        The enemy has started probing missions to the south.
        The only defense of the bridge is two SP guns and your tank!
        Destroy all four enemy vehicles that appear 
        on the north side of the bridge!
    Press START to look in your Map screen and you see that you are playing 
    as Wulf. If you scroll to the north-west you will find your comrade Luchs 
    in a vehicle coloured Blue (meaning that is a unit that can be controlled 
    by you), and a press of SQUARE shows that he has a rather fragile Marder 
    self-propelled gun with which to cover the small bridge at la Soulles. 
    Take a look to the east and the Green (non-controllable) vehicle you find 
    there is Kohlenklav, also in a flimsy Marder and he is covering another 
    bridge at 'Riv'. That leaves you in the middle to look after all the 
    other crossings!
    Make speed straight ahead to le Pont Brocard. A Stuart appears at the top 
    of the hill so waste no time in using him as an example to the others. 
    Notice (only if you are playing 'TACTICS') that you have a new type of 
    shell ready loaded. We know that AP stands for Armour Piercing, but what 
    on earth can HEAT mean..? High Explosive Anti-Tank? Of course the name 
    lets you know that this is a particularly destructive shell that uses 
    enormous heat from the impact to burn instantly through the hull of all 
    but the very strongest tanks (at short range anyway) so when you are 
    playing as an 'Ace' you need to select these only when necessary. For 
    this mission there are not enough targets to enjoy it! Watch as your prey 
    becomes wreathed in flames in a spectacular explosion, but check your Map 
    screen for grey hulks as very often this is not a certain kill first 
    shot. (If you are on the default 'Veteran' setting then you get an Action 
    Replay of course, so there is no missing a knockout shot!) By the time 
    another flimsy Stuart shows itself to your deadly gun Kohlenklav will 
    have arrived in support, so leave him to cover that bridge now and he 
    should fend off the Sherman which appears amongst the smoking wreckage up 
    Make your way over the bridge and head off to the left and push through 
    those hedges just north of the village to surprise another Sherman hiding 
    in the fields there. Luchs has been sat waiting patiently for this fellow 
    to show, so bring him over now to support your probing advance. (I know 
    that is what the enemy are supposed to be doing to US but we haven't got 
    all day.) Now that you have smoked out the would-be ambusher, you can 
    think about the safest route along which your comrade can advance to join 
    Open the Map screen and press TRIANGLE to move the cursor over Luchs and 
    press X to see the 'MOVE FORWARD' option and then press UP a couple of 
    times to set the advance at a brisk '3' with another press of X, and now 
    move the 'crosshair' cursor just to the other side of the bridge ahead 
    and press X again. The red line shows the path he will follow, so move 
    right a short way and press X again to mark an extension of this intended 
    path along the track there to bring him close to your position. When you 
    have a nice little route marked in red, press SQUARE to confirm it and 
    the line turns grey and the camera tracks all the way back to Luchs, who 
    will then advance to that path as soon as you return to the Battle 
    Do so now and bring your gun to bear on that Sherman to let him have it 
    if you haven't already. Watch as the Blue triangle on your screen starts 
    to move in the distance to show that Luchs is indeed under way, and wait 
    for him to arrive somewhere nearby and then set him a course on the road 
    up the hill where those first tanks appeared. You can crash off through 
    the hedges to the top of the hill and by the time you arrive at the farm 
    building up there that lone Sherman will have all three of you to cope 
    This training mission is very simple (even if you hadn't played all 
    through the other missions) but it is a little more challenging if you 
    sit out the battle and try to fend off the attack by directing Luchs to 
    tackle them on his own. This will be a good indication of how quickly and 
    capably you can analyse an engagement, since you won't be able to control 
    that Green tank but his accurate firing will prove crucial when your Blue 
    unit faces two at once, which means that you need to keep them covering 
    each other. Remember that the Marder is only lightly armoured, so stay in 
    cover and get Luchs to pick them off one at a time with frequent updating 
    of orders.
    If you haven't tried it yet, insert a second controller into Port 2 of 
    your PlayStation and press SELECT on that controller. Now you have the 
    camera following Luchs and it is always fascinating to see how your Blues 
    cope with the route you have set them - perhaps knocking down trees and 
    struggling up slopes you hadn't even noticed. You can now use your own 
    controller to swing the camera view around and also press TRIANGLE for 
    the Binocular view. This experience will make you think very carefully 
    about laying down accurate paths for your controllable comrades and not 
    senselessly exposing them to danger. Seeing the battle from their point 
    of view really draws you into thinking of them as trusty allies and not 
    just disposable boxes on your Map screen! Unfortunately you have no 
    direct control over the Blue tanks other than those instructions set in 
    the Map screen. When you have more than one you can switch between their 
    views by pressing SELECT on the second controller again. They will engage 
    any target they come across, so it is up to you to direct them 
    effectively. This second controller facility may prove indispensable when 
    playing as an Ace with damage 'on' since you can then sometimes direct 
    them to complete a mission even when your own tank is disabled.
    [Incidentally, if you have a friend who is interested in PANZER FRONT, 
    try playing together by plugging their controller in Port 2 when your own 
    tank is in action. Hours of fun and arguments guaranteed.]
    GERMANY Mission 3:  H i l l  2 2 0 . 5
        5  J u l y  1 9 4 3,  H i l l  2 2 0 . 5
        Commence "Operation Citadel!"
        Start your attack from the hill that was secured
        the previous night.
        Support the Grenadiers until they successfully
        capture Hill 220!
    This battle is fought on the Eastern Front and you play as Tiger 04 
    (although you won't actually command a Tiger unless you are playing 
    'TACTICS') and your tank is at the spearhead of the formation. You have 
    control of Tiger 12 and Tank 3 and 4 which are StuG's, as are the Green 
    Tanks 5 and 6 which complete the left wing. The right is comprised of two 
    more Greens: Tank 7 which is another StuG and Tiger 13 (which thankfully 
    IS a Tiger). You'll need him.
    The infantry are spread out ahead of you and are confronted by Red Army 
    units on the other side of what appear to be tank traps. Your boys 
    haven't spotted any enemy tanks yet, but you see in the Map screen that 
    there are clearly lines of bunker defences on the forward slopes of Hill 
    220.5. Let's go and see what they have waiting for us.
    Set the 'FORMATION' command before you exit the Map screen to move ahead 
    with all your Blues in tow, and watch as the rocket barrage explodes 
    around the slopes in the distance. It is too much to hope that the 
    defenders are wiped out. (In fact the barrage seems mostly ineffectual.) 
    Pretty soon you overtake the infantry and now you should steer a course 
    over the land bridge across the tank trap but remember that your comrades 
    are following your current position and not your course, so break them 
    out of the formation in good time or they will most likely all tumble 
    into it. Spread them two to the left side and one to the right and maybe 
    point them over each corresponding land bridge where the fire is not as 
    hot as the centre crossing. Plough forward and suddenly there is a hail 
    of explosions as half a dozen Fire Points spring up ahead. 
    Check your menu options and you see that you have the extremely useful 
    'FIRE SUPPORT' available to you. This was not available in the USA 
    Missions, but if you have played through the RUSSIA Missions then you 
    should be very familiar with this. If not, then open the Map screen and 
    scroll right to 'FIRE SUPPORT'. Press X and a grid appears which can be 
    moved with the D-pad to cover the zone in which you want the barrage to 
    land, and this is set with another press of X. Exit the Map screen and 
    shortly afterwards the bombs will carpet that very area. Since this 
    barrage consists of High Explosive it will usually destroy everything 
    except tanks. When the first barrage has been delivered you can return to 
    the Map screen to arrange another one - in any place you choose - by 
    repeating the procedure. If you have played through the Russian missions 
    then you recognise the Fire Points in the Map screen as those black 
    squares connected by wavy lines of trenches. When they are knocked out 
    they will show with a red X.
    Of course the first rocket barrage was almost entirely useless so there 
    remains no shortage of targets. I suggest trying to clear just one side 
    first and the greater concentration is on your left, so bring in the 
    barrages and head over there straight afterwards to take out any that get 
    missed. If you can also hit the entire front row then it gives you space 
    to move your tanks around the lower slopes and at least the infantry can 
    move up safely. Help them out by using the MG to spray those enemy ground 
    troops holding them back in front of you as you advance, because the more 
    infantry there are to take the position the sooner this job will be done. 
    Take a moment to direct your Blues now if they are crossing the tank trap 
    behind you and maybe send one off to the right with the Tiger and bring 
    the others with you if they have not been hit. This is a spearhead attack 
    so there are no replacements!
    Resist the urge to charge those bunkers. There must be a couple of Anti-
    tank Guns bedded in there somewhere, as they can certainly knock you out 
    if you show your flank. Stay low and move around the slope to expose just 
    one or two at a time, and watch for the red numbers to appear which means 
    that you are in range and visible to them. Take care now! Of course they 
    are a little hard to see at first - probably just a raised bump of 
    camouflage netting - but set the range according to the number, load up 
    the HE and aim slightly in front of each and watch for the yellow flames 
    to show you have scored a hit. It might take a couple of shots. 
    Just when you think you are making headway against all those Fire Points, 
    you might care to take a glance in your Map screen. Four T-34's have 
    appeared and are closing fast on your left. Verdamt! Look again - ANOTHER 
    four are closing from the right!! Ver-DAMT!
    Keep calm. The immediate threat is coming from the left, so move a man at 
    speed to the road over there to halt their advance. There is a steep bank 
    running along that road and if you catch them as they are passing it then 
    they will be stuck there. It is a bit risky, but if your man is set in 
    the right place (just before those darker brown patches next to the road 
    directly up ahead of them seems to work), then it will be a stand-off and 
    he will keep the lot of them bottled up and you can go over to 
    concentrate on the right flank instead. If you prefer to clear them away 
    first, go over to where they are and try to aim over the ridge if you can 
    see a turret and knock out the one at the rear of the column to block the 
    others if they try to back up. As you knock out any T-34 a replacement 
    tank will appear from the north, but thankfully these are mostly just 
    clunky KV-1's. Tougher but slower. Clear that ditch and then direct a 
    Blue ahead to meet the replacements while you stay low to avoid the 
    remaining Fire Points and skirt the hill to catch them side-on. Keep the 
    fire coming just as fast as those tanks arrive.
    Meanwhile there is a similar assault going on to the east. Send your 
    spare man over there now to bolster the defence if you already have your 
    own confrontation under control. You should remember that you can press 
    TRIANGLE when in the Map screen to jump to the nearest Blue unit and the 
    next and so on until you arrive back at your own tank, so it is simple to 
    keep track of all surviving Blue units on the battlefield. (To see the 
    position of all active units on both sides, press X at the 'MAP' option.) 
    If you keep your men back a little then you can draw the enemy on, but if 
    you press your Blues forward there is a possibility that the Russian 
    tanks will move around the back of the hill instead. This can be more 
    problematic since to get within view of them you'll become exposed to the 
    last few Fire Points as well. Proceed carefully.
    This battle should be fought methodically because there are several 
    distinct areas of threat and you need to keep everybody working together. 
    As you clear the flanks, move your Blues slowly up the hill from each 
    side in support of the headstrong Greens and close in to knock out any 
    remaining Fire Points on the forward slopes with HE to allow the infantry 
    to take the position. It doesn't seem to be necessary to destroy every 
    enemy tank or even all the reverse bunker defences, but as you move up 
    over the hill in close support of the ground troops the job is done. Did 
    someone say "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"?
                       M I S S I O N  C O M P L E T E
        Grenadiers regiment: "We have taken point 220! 
                             Mission accomplished!" 
    It feels pretty good to be atop Hill 220.5 looking out on all the smoking 
    wreckage in every direction. With each time you complete this mission 
    fewer of them will be yours!
    GERMANY Mission 4: 1943/ 7/12  Swch. Oktjabrskij
        1 2  J u l y  1 9 4 3,  S w c h.  O k t j a b r s k i j
        A purple flare is up! Enemy tanks sighted!
        Tanks of the Russian 5th Guards are attempting to break 
        through the elite German LAH Division's position!
        Don't let a single enemy vehicle through!
    This is a straightforward but exhausting mission, and a little different 
    from the others so far in that your tactics here are defensive. A barrage 
    is coming your way and right behind it wave after wave of Russian tanks! 
    Waste no time in checking the lie of the land in the Map screen. If you 
    hadn't guessed it from the title, then the map should be confirmation - 
    you have been here before, but on the other side of the battlefield! 
    Things didn't look too rosy then and they don't look so good from this 
    side either...
    You see that you are playing as Tiger 24 and you have control of Tiger 21 
    to your right and two StuG's (Alpha and Bravo) to your left. Hey - what 
    happened to the other two Tigers? Giving moral support only are three 
    SPW's. At least they will provide decoys.
    It is pretty obvious what to do in this round: Shoot, shoot, shoot! Again 
    and again. Use the few seconds you have before the first wave arrives to 
    set your sights at about 1200m. This will allow you to line up the first 
    rank as they spill down the incline to the road. Don't fall into the trap 
    of 'tracking' a particular target as he speeds by - the turret on the 
    Tiger takes forever to turn and you will be lucky if the shot hits anyway 
    because you'll have to aim ahead. Wait until they stop and turn towards 
    you and there's your chance. In any case there are too many targets 
    Reset your sights so that when the first wave crests that incline from 
    the road at about 600m you can just fan along the front line directly 
    ahead and knock out three or four without leaving the gun Sight mode. 
    Don't get flustered or panicked by all the targets springing up in the 
    distance - stick to the near targets as they are of course the biggest 
    threat. Sometimes they will come right up to about 250m and then turn in 
    front of you which is nice of them, but if they sit there head-on it may 
    be difficult to penetrate even with a direct hit. Try aiming up or down a 
    little if too many shots just bounce off. It usually seems to help if you 
    exit the Sight mode, check the range and try again. Maybe angle yourself 
    a bit to one side. Those T-34's seem a little agitated and will usually 
    keep moving anyway. Individually they are no problem, but they just keep 
    coming and coming!!
    If the heat gets too much, flick to the Map screen. It's only a game 
    after all and you don't want high blood pressure! Seriously, what you can 
    do is to start to pull your men back towards the land bridge (with the 
    'BACKWARDS' command of course), and move yourself nearly straight back in 
    reverse but keep firing as you go. Eventually you will all be lined up 
    tight and facing forwards fanned out and firing, firing, always firing. 
    In fact it may be a good idea to get this withdrawal underway before they 
    arrive, since moving shakes your aim but you are still under fire 
    yourself. This manoeuvre limits the direction of their attack but the 
    main benefit to you is that it leaves them little chance for a side shot. 
    Your sturdy Tiger seems to take any number of hits from in front, but a 
    fatal shot will almost always come from the side and there are so many 
    tanks firing at you that there is a good chance that you will get picked 
    off eventually even so.
    Use RETRY to start again and just keep firing! 
    (See if you can get that guy Volga. He thinks he's so smart...)
    Don't worry so much about the tanks trying to outflank you. Maybe set the 
    tank to your right to 'FIRE POINT' to destroy a particular target if it 
    is proving a threat, and then leave him facing slightly right but on 
    'DEFENCE'. The right side ones are usually just KV-1's but keep checking 
    the Map screen so they don't come too close. The others seem to take 
    their cue from you, so spread your fire across the front. If you made it 
    backwards to the land bridge with at least two of your comrades then with 
    the arrival of the StuG's Charlie and Delta there is more than enough 
    firepower to take out everything they can throw at the left, and you will 
    be able to choose between the many targets crossing in front. Perhaps the 
    hardest thing is choosing a target and sticking with it instead of 
    switching to something more tempting and missing both - "A bird in the 
    hand is worth two in the bush". Or something.
    The artillery barrage when it comes won't do you any harm but the smoke 
    often obscures the target and the explosions shake your aim. Just keep 
    knocking them out and you will sense when you are getting on top because 
    the incoming fire dies down as their ranks get thinned out and then you 
    can choose from just a couple of distant targets and then just one and 
    then they are gone. Mein Gott!
       LAH Division: "All enemy tanks destroyed! We've stopped their
    For once your fellow tanks have given a good account of themselves, and 
    on a typical mission you should score not far above half of the 34 tank 
    If this kind of defensive stand-off goes against the grain for you, then 
    there is no need to shun this Mission. You can turn it on its head by 
    gathering your men in formation and rushing across the road and up the 
    slope to meet the charge. Leave one of the StuG's as a guard on the 
    crossing by selecting him and using 'DEFENCE'. You can pick off the 
    vanguard at close range as they pass in front of your gun and the second 
    wave will then stop for an almighty pitched battle. See if you can move 
    your men around behind them and they will turn in all directions in 
    confusion. Keep moving and fire as you go in the Sight mode view and 
    there are so many targets that you can't fail to hit something with every 
    shot. It is mad but very exciting and you can take the battle all the way 
    to the village of Swch. Oktjabrskij itself where if you didn't already 
    have enough targets, dozens of Fire Points spring up! Very often someone 
    will hit you unexpectedly and that's it but that shouldn't stop you 
    Halfway between these alternatives is to move off to the right, again 
    with your Blues following dutifully behind you. Track along with the 
    leading enemy tanks by turning your turret to get a hopeful shot in and 
    just when they turn on to the road that is the place to make your stand, 
    picking off those near tanks easily. Line up your men midway between the 
    tank trap and the road from the village all facing exactly north. (Don't 
    go too far or the enemy tanks will rush through to the land bridge before 
    you are ready for them and the mission will fail in record time.) Now you 
    are all facing the direction of attack, and you can angle yourself to the 
    right to hold off the sneaky KV-1's from the village and anyone else 
    trying to outflank you. Your combined firepower will keep all-comers at 
    bay and although they will still try doggedly to make it to the land 
    bridge, the arriving StuG's on the other side will deal with any strays 
    and even to get there they will have to present you and your Blues with 
    an easy side shot. Using this method you will be most likely to finish 
    without any casualties if you really can't bear the responsibility of 
    losing your Blue charges. (Remember to be quick though, or you are also 
    most likely to see MISSION FAILED without hitting anything at all!)
    GERMANY Mission 5:  H i l l  1 1 2
    As with most of the other missions in PANZER FRONT this is based on an 
    actual WWII confrontation, and one particularly noted for the length and 
    ferocity of the engagement in the critical weeks after D-Day.
        10  J u l y  1 9 4 4,  H i l l  1 1 2
        Enemy tanks are moving across the slope to the east!
        Stop the enemy vehicles attempting to capture Hill 112!
        Support the Grenadiers defending the hill and destroy 
        all enemy vehicles!
    Another year, another nameless Hill. Now even you are just a number - 
    "Tank 536". Is this what this cursed war has come to? You have command of 
    three other Panzers fanned out to the left, and some distance back and to 
    the right are three more Greens. (If you are playing 'TANK SELECT' then 
    you have only one other Blue, although you should notice that your gun 
    has been upgraded to compensate.) The enemy have not been sighted yet, 
    but there are troops ready for the defence a short distance ahead on 
    'COTE 112'. Set any 'FORMATION' command and move forward.
    The French countryside here looks sparser than Normandy as you remember 
    it from the USA missions, so it is no surprise that as you make your 
    advance the first enemy is spotted some distance away, and closing fast. 
    It's a Cromwell, which is immediately joined by another two. And ANOTHER 
    two. And yet another... no, wait - this one isn't a Cromwell, it's a 
    Firefly. A FIREFLY!!! You may remember the capabilities of this tank if 
    you experimented with it after running through the USA Missions. You are 
    about to see that big barrel from the wrong end - they can and will get 
    you with one shot even from 1500m. Your tank is not very strong, so stay 
    low and no heroics.
    The news doesn't get any better as you make speed to intercept them. Yet 
    another Cromwell appears on the lower slopes of Hill 112 with another 
    Firefly in support. As if that wasn't bad enough there is a similar pair 
    bearing down from the north. One thing at a time. Advance to the 
    crossroads at the north-east of Hill 112 and there is a shallow bank to 
    shield you as you lay into the column of Cromwells moving across in front 
    of you to engage the Greens. Don't expose yourself to the lot of them at 
    once or that will be it - stay down on the road and not up on the slope 
    and don't rush too far forward either. They don't take much punishment 
    but be quick to arrive and you'll get them one after the other as they 
    appear in the fields behind that bank ahead. When your Blue units catch 
    up with you they will assist. After that first attack has been stalled, 
    send one Blue tank back along the road and up onto Hill 112 from the 
    south and he should shortly engage those fellows making a nuisance of 
    themselves up there. 
    Clear up the last of the targets ahead and by now the Greens should be 
    joining you, so assess the progress of the northern attack before you 
    decide on the next move. Don't forget the primary mission objective, 
    which is to support the Grenadiers on that hill. There are only a handful 
    of them in each unit and they will be troubled by enemy infantry as well 
    as the tanks, so always send someone up there quickly as a precaution. If 
    they get wiped out or chased off then the mission will fail:
        HJ Division: "Hill defense units have been destroyed!" 
    [An alternative strategy is to rush straight up there with all your Blues 
    and fight the entire engagement from among the hedges on the heights.]
    There are more Cromwells appearing from the north (coincidentally exactly 
    as fast as you knock the others out) so break another of the Blues out of 
    formation and set him to 'DEFENCE' tucked down beside the crossroads and 
    together with any Green units he will hold back that offensive. They 
    shall not pass. The other one can come with you.
    Turn your attention to Hill 112, where that Blue should be arriving about 
    now and may already have drawn the attention of those two enemy tanks up 
    there. Skirt around the other way and get the drop on them. The Cromwell 
    is very fast but also very weak. The Firefly you have got the measure of 
    by now. Continue over Hill 112 to the western slope and you will come 
    face-to-face with a new arrival in the ugly shape of a Churchill. Backed 
    up by another Churchill! These are immensely strong and so you will need 
    to get in close and preferably from the side - don't bother slinging 
    shells at anything over 1km. If that Blue is still in action up there 
    with you then he is sorely needed now. Use the undulating slope to your 
    advantage by keeping low but closing in around them. Try to move in among 
    the hedges then and work any of your Blues at a right angle to make the 
    almost unbelievably solid Churchills turn, so that soon enough one of you 
    has a side shot. It's the only way. 
    Sometimes even though you send your Blues to confront a particular target 
    they may become distracted by something else passing by and shoot at the 
    wrong thing. If this is the case simply use 'FIRE POINT' in the Map 
    screen options for that tank and press X to select the intended target - 
    NOT 'CIRCLE' as stated in the manual. (I took their word for it and 
    didn't notice for ages that my guys were just sat there like lemons 
    shooting at the wrong thing!)
    If the northern attack has been beaten back then you can look to the west 
    where yet more Churchills have appeared. Remember that you have to get in 
    close and side-on, so send any surviving Blue units wide and bring them 
    in from opposite directions. You can approach over the crest of Hill 112 
    and move in while the Churchills are spinning around to track your Blues. 
    That should give you something to aim at. Of course by now these 
    suggestions might mean nothing to you because all the enemy tanks seem 
    highly mobile, so the direction of each attack cannot be anticipated; it 
    depends which tanks get knocked out and when. Just shoot at everything 
    but use a little caution - any of those tanks can get you unexpectedly. 
    This battlefield is a very lonely place if all your Blues get knocked 
    out, so have a plan and stick to it. Try to clear one set of Red tanks at 
    a time so that you can control the direction of attack. For example that 
    very first wave of attackers will try to circle around the hill and make 
    short work of your Greens over there even before the Churchills appear on 
    the opposite side. With the zippy Cromwells closing in and the odd 
    cruising Firefly, you can very easily lose control of this battle if you 
    are not methodical. Make frequent visits to the Map screen and pay 
    attention to the flickers of triangles which will appear on your screen 
    as reported sightings will be erratic due to the uneven terrain. Tanks 
    pop in and out of view all over the place and the only way to be sure of 
    their location is to leave a grey wreck there.
    [For some unknown reason that last Churchill in particular is extremely 
    hard to knock out. It seems to be made out of Kryptonite because I've had 
    it surrounded at point-blank range from three directions all piling in 
    the hits so that it kept turning side to side but it still took forever. 
    Once all alone with gritted teeth I ducked among the hedges on top of 
    Hill 112 and counted over 30 direct hits at all angles before penetration 
    and the blessed relief of MISSION COMPLETE. I may be missing something.]
    GERMANY Mission 6:  N 1 5 8  H I G H W A Y
        8  A u g u s t  1 9 4 4,  N 1 5 8  H i g h w a y
        The front is collapsing!
        The heavy tank battalion must protect the flanks of
        Cintheaux and prevent the enemy from breaking through
        to Falaise!
    More anonymous tank numbers but this time you shouldn't care because once 
    again you have a Tiger - the famous 'Tiger 007' no less. In fact you have 
    a whole set of Tigers to play with and up ahead are just puny Shermans. 
    Lots of them though...
    The Green infantry are close by in Cintheaux with Tiger 313 and other 
    elements are further ahead in the hamlet of Gaumesnil and at the 
    crossroads on highway N158 directly ahead, with still others off in the 
    fields to the right. In close support behind you is Tiger 211 and to the 
    right is Tiger 314. Push the flank Tigers up to where the infantry are on 
    each forward position and leave Tiger 211 tucked in safely between two 
    buildings in Cintheaux. The reason why will become apparent. Move forward 
    and see what develops.
    Leave the first reported enemy (way off on the left) to Tiger 313. As you 
    head up highway N158 another column of Shermans appear on the road ahead 
    and you can open up with your incredible 56-calibre 88 at about 2000m 
    just as soon as those red triangles appear. You should take out the lead 
    tank and then pick off the other three as they try desperately to move 
    off to the buildings either side. Rest assured that you are out of range 
    even if they try to reply. That creates a nice little roadblock anyway. 
    Do this quickly and turn to the right just in time to see two Shermans 
    making tracks toward your comrade on the right. Two side shots at about 
    1700m should cancel that threat. As usual, monitor the entire battlefield 
    frequently with a look at the 'MAP' option in the Map screen. Soon you 
    will see the odd Red dot on your map in an unexpected place, but a scan 
    of the area reveals nothing..? Could the program be on the frizz? Wait a 
    minute... Engine noise. Aircraft engine noise. Getting louder! 
        "Jagdbomber overhead!"
    Suddenly all hell breaks loose. Tracer rains down and your tank is rocked 
    by mighty explosions and you have no chance to aim at anything as Scher-
    WOOOMMMMM!!! A Typhoon swoops overhead and gives you a taste of what it's 
    got. Get yourself to cover quickly! Any nearby building will do, as at 
    least you can get close to a wall and give him one less direction from 
    which to swoop down. A useful spot is that isolated house with a hedge, 
    just to the right on the road ahead. On the next strafing run you might 
    find that it no longer has a hedge! Tiger 007 is shaken but not stirred.
    You can't damage that airplane at all, so you'll just have to weather the 
    storm and wait for him to run out of ammo and retire. If you are caught 
    in the open then KEEP MOVING! You can see the direction of attack by the 
    tracer fire, so try to move across it and not along it or that bomb will 
    get you for sure. (A small consolation is that you can enjoy a truly 
    spectacular aerial Action Replay of the event.) Don't forget your 
    comrades are also going to be hot targets, so try to get them to cover or 
    at least update their orders so that they are always on the move as well. 
    (I'm certainly not suggesting that you 'cheat' and park everybody off in 
    the corners.) Of course while all this is going on the enemy tanks will 
    not be letting up, so keep an eye on the overall picture. 
    Next threat to you is not one but two Churchills, already appearing on 
    the crossroads ahead. As you found in the last mission these are VERY 
    tough to crack, even with the Tiger's bigger gun. You may get a chance 
    for a side shot as they move into position but they are likely to turn to 
    you very quickly then and you have almost no chance of penetrating from 
    the front. As before you will need a Blue tank as a distraction, so that 
    is why we had to make sure someone stayed safe.
    Take a look at how your comrades are faring. If you laid your left flank 
    man up properly shielded in Gaumesnil (at the west side of the first 
    building seems best) then not only will he have a clear view down the 
    road to continue to knock out everything coming down it, but he will be 
    covered from attack in at least one direction. It is hard to predict this 
    exactly but he seems to survive most missions in this position. The right 
    flank man has a tougher task as there is little cover. Perhaps set him a 
    speedy course zig-zagging around the fields over there and that plane 
    will have to be an excellent shot or a lucky one to zero him. You ideally 
    need this tank to pick off the two or three Shermans coming from the 
    north, and in fact if you stay to the southern side of that building 
    where you sought refuge, then even as you are shielded from the 
    Churchills you can turn to assist either of your flank men as targets 
    hove into view.
    Check the Map screen and when that Typhoon seems to have gone, and after 
    all other outlying targets have been destroyed, bring in your flank men 
    to the crossroads. You know the drill for distracting the Churchills and 
    one good shot each full into the side as close as you can manage should 
    do for them at last. Once again it is unrealistic to expect to take one 
    on in a head-on duel, much less two of them if you are alone, so perhaps 
    if that Typhoon destroyed everybody else then it may be best to Retry or 
    face some tense moments chasing around hedges and buildings to try for a 
    rear shot.
    Even when you nail those two at the crossroads it isn't over. Another 
    Churchill appears off to the north-west accompanied by a Sherman, and 
    then another Sherman comes from the south-east to sneak into Cintheaux. 
    He is no problem for your big gun, so turn back to clear that one away 
    before stalking that last Churchill and his buddy. If you have a Blue man 
    left then work him in from the flank as usual and you yourself will 
    probably be able to knock the Sherman out before your man arrives over 
    the railway track to engage in battle. One of you will then have the 
    honour of a side-shot knockout on the Churchill. 
    That should be it. Phew!
    There is always the opportunity to roam the battlefield at your leisure 
    once the MISSION COMPLETE message comes up (annoyingly it stays up) and 
    this is a great way to familiarise yourself with the layout of each arena 
    as well as generally trundle about to admire your handiwork. Sometimes 
    there may still be enemies active, and in this case there will probably 
    be a lot of infantry, so get some practice in with the Machine Gun. Just 
    set the circle of the crosshair icon over your target and watch as the 
    tracer takes a moment to home in on the spot, and then as they dive to 
    the ground simply pour it on at close range and watch the khaki turn to 
    grey. Nasty really. You can deal with them as a group by launching a 
    carefully placed HE shell. Don't worry so much about the range - just set 
    it to '0' no matter how far away you are and aim at their feet. Unless it 
    falls drastically short that should be spot on
    GERMANY Mission 7:  S A C H S E N D O R F
        2 3  M a r c h  1 9 4 5,  S a c h s e n d o r f
        Use all your strength to break through the powerful
        Russian forces holding the bridgehead on the 
        Odel front.
        Destroy anything that might hinder the paratroops advance
        and support them until the end of the fighting!
    Back on the Eastern Front in the dark days towards the end of the war and 
    there is an eerie half-light over the battlefield. 
    Now you are Tiger 121 (an awesome Tiger II this time) and you have 
    command of Tiger 133 which is another mighty 'King Tiger', and also 
    controlled by you is Fox, who is backing you up with his Hetzer self-
    propelled tank destroyer. To the right are the Green Panthers of Red 1 
    and 2. Quite an impressive force! The infantry are moving ahead and 
    already sighted is a Russian T-34, this particular model fitted with a 
    deadly 85mm gun.
    Give your Blues a formation command and make your way across the muddy 
    landscape to close directly with that distant target. The Panthers will 
    open up and so should you as soon as you have the range at 2000m. Your 
    gun is bigger than his gun, and with his attention elsewhere you can lob 
    an APCR right on his turret. I hope that was easy for you because as you 
    move forward another appears and you'll have to do it again. And again. 
    And again... The T-34's are surprisingly fast, so it is difficult to 
    target them at distance. Get the range and aim ahead as they move. 
    Break the Hetzer out of formation now and send him up the road with the 
    Paras to the north. Take a look around in your map screen occasionally 
    because there will be a couple of artillery barrages laid on round about, 
    so plot a safe course for your Blues. This battlefield is a nightmare to 
    traverse as it is covered in mud and this and the boggy thickets 
    everywhere will slow you to a crawl. Steer clear of the marshy ditches 
    and try to move everybody along the roads where possible. Most of the 
    arena is exposed and you will face fire from all directions and it seems 
    that every enemy has a long-range gun! Fox's 75mm gun is very useful at 
    long range but his armour is as good as non-existent, so don't expose him 
    to fire needlessly - aim for that farm building ahead and park him up 
    against the west wall so that he can pick off those targets that move 
    down from the north-east but is shielded from the eastern attacks. After 
    you have knocked out those first few lone tanks from that direction, two 
    massed ranks of T-34's appear simultaneously, not only from the north-
    east but also further south. Yikes.
    That other Tiger should have been following you faithfully and now you 
    can give him directions to move to shielded ground and cover you from 
    that southern attack, while you look for a good spot over the crest of 
    the rise to stand and pick off the closer attackers from the north. It 
    helps not to expose yourself to both fronts at once but to concentrate on 
    one at a time, and with your Greens lending a hand some quick shooting 
    will beat off these first attacks. Yet another wave arrives now from the 
    north-east, but at the same time a new and very troublesome opponent 
    appears on the battlefield.
    Watch for the warnings about a counter-attack on Sachsendorf and then 
    look in your Map screen to see two pairs of tanks to the south and soon 
    another pair to the north closing in on the town. Each of these is a JS-
    2, named after Josef Stalin and not without good reason. Big and deadly. 
    They have sloped and very thick armour so you ideally need to get close 
    to penetrate, but they also have huge 122mm guns which are designed to 
    prevent you doing that. Just when you thought it was all so easy!
    Try a few shots at about 1500m with AP and you should be able to knock 
    out something if the others are distracting them. Try to be quick, and 
    again focus on one pair at a time or you will leave strays closing in 
    every direction. Needless to say, every time you knock one out a 
    replacement appears so stay focused and keep shooting. Get to some 
    shelter such as the isolated farmhouse by the crossroads in the centre of 
    the arena because then you can limit the direction of incoming fire. 
    After trying this mission a couple of times you may find a good vantage 
    point with cover from the slight inclines and tree-lines, but really that 
    open ground is too risky - you'll most likely find you come under fire 
    from opposite directions and you already know that is not a good thing.
    Don't forget to monitor the situation in the Map screen after every few 
    kills, and pour fire on the most pressing areas. Move your Blue units 
    close but each facing a different set of attackers to spread their fire. 
    In this manner you should be able to command the centre of the 
    battlefield and use your long-range abilities to wreak destruction on 
    everything that passes by. When enough tanks are hit the attack will 
    break down and the mission is completed - on a typical run this will mean 
    over 40 tank kills and you will most likely have to get three-quarters of 
    On the other hand if everybody else gets knocked out before the final 
    onslaught then you will suffer Incoming from almost literally every 
    direction. Then it will be a case of getting to any available building to 
    screen yourself from at least one direction and looking to the north 
    first as these will be T-34's and they take only one hit usually. Then 
    come round to face east and clear that side and lastly home in on the 
    trickier JS-2's which by now will be advancing to the south-west, 
    probably behind the woods. There should be another Green unit to cover 
    the village and stop their advance, and it doesn't seem necessary to 
    destroy every last tank, as long as the infantry are not annihilated.
    It seems that the attacks will never stop coming, but keep moving around 
    and hammering away and probably just when you are about to run out of 
    ammo the enemy will have been cleared. 
    Now there comes bitter news:
        "The enemy has been held, but we can't continue our mission... 
        Retreat to Sachsendorf!"
    GERMANY Mission 8:  B E R L I N
    This is the climax of the war against the Red Army - or more particularly 
    the aftermath. The Reichstag has fallen and you are in imminent danger of 
    being surrounded by a vengeful foe. Of course this is just a game and 
    nothing can come close to giving any sense of the horror of that 
    desperate situation, but the experience here is pretty intense. 
        3 0  A p r i l  1 9 4 5,  B e r l i n
        The Reich has collapsed. It's every man for himself!
        Open a lifeline together with at least one other 
        friendly vehicle to Friedrich Road north of the Spree 
    You play as Sentinel and there appears to be but one survivor on your 
    side, and that is Bolt close by. (You have a couple more if you are 
    playing 'TANK SELECT'. If you choose the E-79 then for some reason this 
    model will be blood red.) In 'TACTICS' mode you have that mighty Tiger II 
    once more at your command.
    Firstly take a good look around in your Map screen. The city is of course 
    in ruins, but you saw in the Mission Briefing that you must make your way 
    across the Tiergarten to the Brandenburg Gate and then perhaps along 
    Unter den Linden, across Wilhelm Strasse and up to the river from there, 
    to where 'DESTINATION' is marked a little to the right on the other side. 
    That isn't far, but there are already two Russian JS-2's waiting near 
    there with no doubt more to come. A route must be found. 
    The arena is divided by the River Spree and there are only three 
    crossings intact. The one to the west is the direction of the enemy's 
    main attack, so that is why you must flee to the east of the city. 
    Scattered throughout the ruins are your own Fire Points, and these will 
    be useful in relaying the position of the enemy tanks and hopefully 
    drawing some of the fire. The defenders have no heavy weapons though, so 
    you can't expect them to take out many (or any) tanks. In fact they 
    usually don't survive for very long as it is. You and Bolt must fend for 
    The Tiger II is massively armoured and formidably armed, but the downside 
    is that this makes it slow and the otherwise impervious armour is no use 
    against a point-blank broadside or a rear shot. There is very little 
    possibility of success if you just charge down the streets without a 
    plan. There are literally dozens of enemy tanks in every direction and 
    you'll have to move from street to street clearing the immediate threat 
    as you go and only then moving ahead quickly in short distances. Be 
    methodical and take heart that the mission gets a little easier the 
    further from the Reichstag you get. Keep trying but be cautious.
    For example don't be tempted to take off across the road straight away, 
    because there are already three JS-2's appearing from the right and you 
    will very quickly find that they mean business. Move Bolt forward a 
    little and then reverse and move around him. Edge forward and turn the 
    turret ready to open fire with APCR as that first one shows himself, and 
    then angle quickly to face down that street and pick off the other two as 
    they arrive. The turret turns VERY slowly! If they are head-on but at a 
    short distance, it is a nearly certain kill if you set the range exactly 
    and aim just below the centreline where the armour slopes back underneath 
    and that will brew him up. Anywhere above and it often just makes tiny 
    splinters of steel. You should be able to withstand any number of frontal 
    shots, but that big 122mm gun on the Russian JS-2 will shake your 
    gunsights like an earthquake - exit quickly and return and it should 
    settle a little faster than waiting for your aim to steady and meanwhile 
    receiving the next one! 
    Soon more JS-2's will appear from the bridge down there but you can break 
    off now because even if they come around the corner Bolt should take care 
    of them. Try not to take too long over this first action or you will be 
    blown up by some unseen opponents already drawing a bead from the other 
    side of the river behind you. Instead, be quick and leave Bolt to 
    continue to cover this direction. Turn back and swing around and move 
    forward, ready for these two to arrive across the river basin behind your 
    start position. If you go to the Sight view and set the range to about 
    700 you will be able to see them as if through (darkly tinted) 
    binoculars. Open up the very moment they appear from behind the building 
    where the lamp-post is, one after the other. One shot each should do it 
    before they even have time to turn on you: shoot-track-shoot. That'll 
    teach the little sneaks! It is vital that these two are removed because 
    they have the entire sweep of the open ground ahead and you can't go two 
    yards without them giving you a rude surprise from behind.
    [You could turn around to settle back and wait for these two from the 
    start but then those three from the right may prove troublesome - they 
    will speed up around the bend and probably Bolt will get the first one or 
    two but just occasionally they will get him or you first. Even then the 
    last one retreats and pulls in tight so as to stop you advancing when the 
    big wave arrives ahead, which means you're in crossfire... Do it 
    whichever way works for you but this is my best suggestion after a LOT of 
    trial and error! Mostly error.]
    Other JS-2's will appear from the west, so hopefully Bolt has continued 
    to engage them as they come. It helps to build a wall of mangled steel 
    directly in front. Now that your rear is safe, turn around again quickly 
    as already there are a legion of tanks spilling down the road ahead from 
    the Tiergarten. Catch the first three as they are side-on engaging the 
    Fire Points around the Brandenburg Gate. There are half a dozen or more 
    JS-2's following on but as the wrecks accumulate they won't get a clear 
    shot at you as you now make a dash for the diagonal track along the 
    Tiergarten. Keep moving and firing if you can and don't try to knock out 
    all those targets appearing, just get across the road for now and watch 
    for any more tanks arriving from the right against Bolt.
    Remember that the objective of the mission is to get to the escape point 
    WITH another survivor. That means that you must look out for Bolt because 
    if he gets knocked out then it is over for you as well. There is far too 
    much going on at the beginning to worry about moving him as well so take 
    a tip and leave him parked at the Reichstag for now. You can set him to 
    'DEFENCE' but he will shoot at any likely target that comes to bother him 
    anyway. Notice in the Map screen about now that there appears to be a 
    grid placed directly over your starting position...
    Unlike almost every other barrage in the game, this one CAN blow you up 
    with a direct hit and at the least it will shake your aim. (If Bolt gets 
    blown up you'll have to Retry of course. I find if you move him just a 
    little at the start he should be OK.) Move forward heading down that 
    diagonal track which leads to the Brandenburg Gate. There is a ridge to 
    shield you from fire as another wave of JS-2's appears up ahead. Move 
    over to the right to limit their view of you and Bolt should have a good 
    enough view of them to open up on one after the other as they move 
    through the trees. Build on the chaos by knocking off the lead tanks 
    (don't leave him to fight on his own or they'll gang up on him). 
    Eventually this onslaught dies down and now watch for even more 
    approaching from the south side of the Tiergarten and make short work of 
    any that show themselves. Check the route is clear and hold your fire as 
    you bring Bolt forward quickly now to join you behind the relative safety 
    of that ridge. (If you try to bring him any sooner then as you fire on 
    the enemy he will ignore your command to advance and stop to engage 
    pointless targets until someone picks him off.) Point yourself back 
    towards the Reichstag before he gets under way and see off any tanks 
    still waiting to his right or he'll have a go himself and one of the 
    others will clonk him while he's doing it. When he makes it to where you 
    are, breathe a sigh of relief and then turn around again and edge 
    There will probably be a horde of JS-2's pouring down Charlottenburgen 
    Chaussee and they will congregate facing the Brandenburg Gate where your 
    comrades in the buildings will hold them back heroically. This makes a 
    straight dash down Unter den Linden a bit too risky, and even so you'll 
    need to thin them out a little so you can make it across the open space 
    right in front of them. Edge forward behind the cover of that ridge and 
    try to get the front men in the pack that is facing off with your Fire 
    Points and again a useful barricade will be formed. Keep checking on the 
    other pack further away at the foot of the Tiergarten. You will probably 
    need to switch between the packs to pick off the most urgent threat in 
    each. This is the most perilous phase of the mission. 
    Having dealt with the lead tanks, dash across now and make speed for the 
    Supply Point which is up on the grass there and if you are playing as an 
    'Ace' you can stock up. You'll probably need it. From this position you 
    can shield yourself from crossfire by aiming back between the buildings 
    and clear those remaining JS-2's. That is also a good place to wait as 
    you summon Bolt now that the way is relatively clear. Set him a course at 
    top speed around the 'sticky' piles of rubble the same way you came and 
    cover him when he breaks across in front of the Brandenburg Gate, just in 
    case there are any new arrivals. A glance in your Map screen shows that a 
    good many Red infantry units are now apparent around the Reichstag and 
    may even now be hoisting the Red Flag high. There is no going back that 
    If Bolt makes it around the corner then that is the trickiest part over, 
    so having stocked up, head east and then move down the south end of 
    Wilhelm Strasse, avoiding any fire still coming from the west at the foot 
    of the Tiergarten. There is a slightly unfair trick played by the 
    programmers in that there is a stream of T-34's coming up that road one 
    after the other and your natural instinct is to see them off. However 
    they will just keep coming and coming. And coming. And coming. And so on 
    until the screen starts to slow down jerkily as the PlayStation struggles 
    to keep tabs on the position of all these targets. The point is that your 
    situation is supposedly nearly hopeless and so you are not expected to 
    take on the entire Red Army. Discretion is the better part of Valour so 
    be discreet quickly!
    Now that Bolt has joined you, point him at full speed next left (going 
    east again now) where there is a large empty Square. (Hopefully - if you 
    took too long to get here this is the 'entry point' for wave after wave 
    of T-34's so you'll have to go back and fight your way along Unter den 
    Linden or perform a Keystone Kops weaving pursuit all the way home with 
    the whole pack weaving after you.) If you have the mission under control 
    to this point, then cover him now from that fire still coming from the 
    Tiergarten and direct him a little way around the corner out of shot. 
    Move backwards to hold off any T-34's with big ideas and join him now. 
    There is only one way to go once around the corner, and that is straight 
    up to the bridge where those initial JS-2's are still waiting...
    You can either leave Bolt in the Square out of harm's way and go and deal 
    with them yourself first, or send him around the corner quickly and trust 
    him to get stuck in. This mission would be a whole lot easier without the 
    big lug but orders are orders. Either way be quick because the other 
    Russian tanks are now closing in. Back yourself up around the corner if 
    you are still holding off any enemy tanks and turn quickly then to deal 
    with those 'sentries'. You should be only just out of range so edge 
    forward and let them have it. The second might be obscured by the first 
    when that one gets knocked out, so move forward and watch for him to pull 
    out into view and into your gunsight.
    Now move cautiously up to the crossing of Unter den Linden. All those JS-
    2's have been waiting on the other side of the Gate and this is their 
    last chance to get you. Edge around the corner and pick off any that seem 
    available and then just set Bolt to 4 and make a dash for it, fingers 
    crossed. There is a pile of rubble to give a little shelter (which is why 
    you take a bigger risk trying to come straight down that road to here - 
    nine and a half times out of ten you'll get blasted hereabouts). If you 
    made it this way then you are home free. The escape point is just a 
    little way over the bridge on the right; it appears to be a basketball 
    court marked with a white rectangle. High five.
        Tank Commander: "This is it. You've done well. 
                         You're relieved of your orders."
    I think we're both relieved.
    If you are REALLY stuck and fed up and you just want to get this mission 
    ticked off your list for now, try this: 
    Begin as normal by clearing the immediate threat around the Reichstag. 
    From the start, reverse and turn to set yourself up in good time to get 
    the two that appear behind. That done, turn around again and Bolt will 
    already be on to the three JS-2's at 1100m. Help out and then move 
    forward to get one or hopefully two of those waiting nearby to the right. 
    The other will then back off fast and park himself tight in and wait, so 
    edge forward and finish him with a shot to the turret at about 300m. Now 
    the barrage begins. Quickly set Bolt a course at full speed to the right 
    along the path beside the Reichstag, right once more up to the river and 
    then left and over that bridge and up the hell away from there. Even as 
    he begins this journey you must rush forward to knock out ALL THREE of 
    the other JS-2's waiting down the diagonal path just ahead at about 600m. 
    Ideally you want to hit them all before Bolt joins you, or the daft fool 
    will stop and try to help out and you need him to just keep moving fast. 
    If you can get Bolt safely across that bridge (avoiding the occasional 
    shot coming from the Tiergarten) then once you cross over yourself you 
    are as good as home, since you won't meet a single enemy until you score 
    two rear knockouts at about 1200m on that last turn. I suppose this way 
    counts but it somehow feels like cheating.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    +                                                                       +
    +         'T A C T I C S'  -  E X T R A  M I S S I O N S                +
    +                                                                       +
    +  -------------------------------------------------------------------  +
    +                                                                       +
    +  The last five missions in PANZER FRONT are only available when       +
    +  playing in 'TACTICS' mode, so if you have been using 'TANK SELECT'   +
    +  mode to build your skills then now it is time to try out the more    +
    +  demanding 'real' tanks. Perhaps run through some of the earlier      +
    +  GERMANY Missions again in this mode to get used to the difference.   +
    +                                                                       +
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    GERMANY Mission 9:  S I N Y A V I N O
        2 0  J a n u a r y  1 9 4 3,  S i n y a v i n o
        Escape from the banks of Lake Ladoga and retreat 
        to a new stronghold in Sinyavino
        The 502nd Heavy Tank Battalion is in place.
        Don't let the enemy reach high ground!
    If you scout around this battle arena in the Map Screen you will notice 
    Poselok No. 5 is directly ahead along the railway line. That place you 
    should remember well, and although the layout of the battlefield would 
    appear to mean that this is the direct continuation of that Russian 
    mission, from the dates it seems that there have been two days of 
    fighting to reach the current position. Or possibly only a day and a 
    half, since this is also a night battle.
    You are in command of Tank 102 and close behind is Tank 08, with Tank 115 
    straddling the rail road to the west (all Panzer III's) and over to the 
    east is Tiger 101. Each of these are controlled by you. Advancing from 
    the far north-west are a squadron of T-34's. There are elements of your 
    Grenadiers in evidence across the expanse in front of Sinyavino, working 
    their way back to the defences there. It will be your job to cover their 
    retreat and fend off the Russian attack.
    It appears that Sinyavino is a mining town of some description. Numerous 
    rail tracks are laid across the arena and there are what appear to be 
    strip mines and a slag heap over to the north-east. If you press R1 then 
    the map becomes 'tilted' and if you scroll around again you will notice 
    that there is quite a lot of variation in the height of the terrain (you 
    can tell undulations by the way the top edge of the lighter Grey area 
    deforms). This tilted view is also very good for zooming out in 
    increments by tapping L1 and seeing all active units at once as Red or 
    Green dots on the darker blue background in the distance. 
    If you glance up to the right from your starting position you should make 
    out a large ruined church with a commanding view over the snowy country 
    down below. The strange landscape is made even more unreal by the eerie 
    blue moonlight cast across the battlefield and because this is a night 
    battle it is sometimes very difficult to pick out the enemy ahead in the 
    gloom. After every few tense seconds of near darkness a flare will be 
    sent up, lighting everything around in a brilliant glow and then you must 
    pick out your target quickly and loose off a couple of shots before the 
    light fades again. 
    [If you can find a spare moment to look around with your binoculars, 
    watch for the flare (sometimes there are two) like a brilliant moon 
    drifting gently to ground, showering sparks as it fades and dies. Really 
    wonderful programming and not at all necessary for the enjoyment of the 
    game, but yet another example of how meticulous PANZER FRONT is.]
    The major problem in this level is that your feeble Panzer III has only a 
    short-barrelled gun which you will find very difficult to calibrate above 
    1200m. All shells seem infuriatingly weak at any distance, but at least 
    you have smoke so make good use of it to get close to your target. Since 
    tank 08 has only the same armament, this battle will call for lots of 
    close fighting on your part and ambush on his. To this end, send Tank 08 
    forward and a little to the left and place him at the head of that valley 
    down in front of the Fire Points so that he will get the drop on the T-
    34's from the Leningrad forces when they arrive. Advance the Tiger at 
    speed along the rail track to a point about where the line branches just 
    short of your Green infantry in evidence up ahead. This will make the 
    most of his longer barrel, and similarly send Tank 115 forward to the 
    same distance but covering the western advance from the middle valley 
    just east of that little island of trees. It has to be said that this 
    level will depend on best use of the long-range abilities of these two, 
    particularly the Tiger.
    As for yourself, hurry forward and turn west along the rail tracks to 
    make speed to the north-west, to where the forest reaches in from the 
    left of your Map screen. Look out as the first flares show up those fast 
    approaching Russian tanks over there. If you show yourself then they will 
    zero you and they can get you from nearly 2km away when they are still 
    way beyond your range, so keep moving fast until they disappear behind 
    the woods. Move around the island of trees then and you have a ridge to 
    shield you as they pass right in front of you on the other side and you 
    can approach to only about 600m. As they move forward to engage the 
    others you should have a good few side shots available, so be quick and 
    pick off a couple but watch that you don't expose yourself to too many at 
    once. When confronted by two or more enemies with no easy way out, try 
    quickly loading a smoke round and lobbing it to obscure one while you 
    concentrate on the other. By the time the smoke clears you should be 
    ready to take the other one on, or make good your escape. They will make 
    short work of you here if you give them the chance, so lob that smoke in 
    first and get your best shots in soon after.
    As that first attack is stalled, watch out for the replacements moving 
    along the same path as well as the next wave coming down a little farther 
    north. Any survivors from the first wave will congregate in the centre 
    valley and Tank 08 should hold them there. Leave him in the valley by the 
    rail track to cover that route to your defences and push Tank 115 (or his 
    replacement 124) further up the western valley between the stands of 
    trees to create a cross-fire trap and finish them off. These two will 
    turn their attention to the couple closing from the north now. It is a 
    bit risky, but you can speed around the back to engage, although don't 
    become distracted as there are already other long-range threats 
    When the second wave from the north has been depleted a T-34 is sighted 
    in the east at the same time as other tanks appear up in Poselok. Send 
    the Tiger wide to the right to cover that flat area around the strip 
    mines with his big 88. Move cautiously eastwards, shielded by the high 
    ground with the trees, watching for any further tanks from the west so 
    that you don't give them an easy side shot, and get set for the next 
    infiltrations from the north. There are only a couple of KV-1's, and 
    using the trees and ridges as protection you should be able to move 
    around and pick them off as they approach. Use the undulations to screen 
    yourself a little and let the enemy tanks come on to your gun. It is 
    really a balance between getting close and staying out of range! 
    You will notice that the gun elevates about 100m with every 'click' so 
    you can set the range above the 1200 on your scale but the shot is 
    noticeably weaker and you'll be lucky to score a hit because the 
    trajectory is so lazy. If there is only one target threatening then it is 
    worth having a go - you can fire in the dark when you see their muzzle 
    flashes if you think you have the range. Try not to go too far into the 
    open as you already know they have better long-range abilities than you 
    and there is precious little cover to the east. When all the near targets 
    have been cleared, pull back to the railway tracks just in front of the 
    Fire Points and you can move quickly along them in support of whichever 
    Blue needs it most. If you are playing as an Ace then you will in any 
    case need to stay close to your Supply Point up in Sinyavino itself.
    The most dangerous attack now comes from two separate massed attacks of 
    T-34's, one from the north and another set of four from the Volkhov 
    Forces which attempt to storm your position from the near right flank. 
    Hopefully your 'Big Brother' the Tiger is still holding the open ground 
    to the front, and somebody is left to guard the west, because you will 
    have to speed along the railway tracks towards those dormitory buildings 
    over there as that group approaches. With luck and good timing you will 
    catch them in the gaps between the buildings or just crossing the tracks 
    right in front of your gun at short range. With that lot in flames and 
    the fading attack in the west, you should have a little respite.
    Just as soon as you have some peace, set about the Red infantry with some 
    HE or the MG if you can make them out in the dark. Concentrate on those 
    nearest to your defences and any group troubling your own infantry. Don't  
    get them mixed up! Use the Map screen to check that the infantry in your 
    sights are Red ones, because it is not easy to tell by looking when they 
    are all moving around out there in the dark. While your attention has 
    been diverted elsewhere they may also have knocked out some of your Fire 
    Points and the covering fire from those is very useful to you, so don't 
    let the enemy infantry get too close to them. Wait and watch for the last 
    enemy tank to come into view, and stay close to that precious Tiger 
    because he will have a better chance than you to destroy it, and that 
    should be enough to end this uniquely atmospheric mission. 
    GERMANY Mission 10:  V I T E B S K
        1 9  D e c e m b e r  1 9 4 3,  V i t e b s k
        Enemy tanks are approaching our position!
        The Tank Destroyer Battalion has been mobilized!
        Prevent the enemy from breaking through our lines!
    Something a little different now. You are Falke and nearby is your Blue 
    comrade Adler. Some distance ahead are the infantry accompanied by Green 
    half-tracks with girlie names. Further along and headed your way are four 
    T-34's. Not much of a threat under normal circumstances but for this job 
    you have only a Hornisse (Hornet) self-propelled gun each. This has quite 
    a sting though, in the shape of an 88mm cannon. You won't need to be told 
    that these vehicles are not very robust, and so you should try always to 
    use that powerful gun at distance.
    Make speed towards the red triangles and park up on the flat grey patch 
    on the crest by the settlement directly ahead and you will see those 
    tanks only just out of normal range. Load up the APCR and open the Sight 
    screen. Set the range to 2000 and line up the first one and by the time 
    you are done he will be right where you want him, so just Let It Rip! 
    Awesome!! Adjust right for the next in line and the next and the next...  
    At this distance you should get the point of the triangle just on the 
    turret and slightly ahead if they are on the move, and your shell will 
    drop bang on and you can stay in Sight mode and just fan along the whole 
    lot of them as they come on to your gun one after the other. Well that 
    was easy.
    Soon enough reports come of further tank movements towards there but 
    these are just KV-1's. More pressing is the appearance of four more T-
    34's from the eastern edge of the arena. Bring Adler up and along the 
    road there and let him continue to cover the approach at a point about 
    halfway between the bend and the crossroads, where there is some 
    protection offered by a bank which will shield him from that eastern 
    attack so he can concentrate on the frontal infiltrations. Make your way 
    across the little road and lay up on the crest where those bombed-out 
    buildings are for a commanding view possibly only a bit obscured by 
    trees. Get set for a repeat performance of your deadly marksmanship and 
    then some - those four T-34's are soon joined by three more!
    With the expert Adler covering your left flank, find the range once more 
    at about 2km and pick them off as they advance. A barrage will strike up 
    which has no effect except to obscure your view, but continue firing and 
    you might hit something. Keep the hits coming, and when Adler has halted 
    those two from the north-east then he should join in your deadly sniping 
    from his position wide to the left, so that some of the closer targets 
    turn invitingly his way. Check the range when you can, as they are pretty 
    quick and they will spread out a little so they may be at different 
    distances. As you might have found in earlier missions, sometimes you get 
    a series of ricochets off one target for no good reason and others blow 
    up first shot. It can't be all bad luck or bad angles but anyway if 
    PANZER FRONT was too easy you wouldn't play it, right?
    Now that the southern advance has been halted the action switches to the 
    north. Keep an eye out for tank movements which are reported by your 
    infantry and flick to the Map screen to check on these. Once again the 
    ground is uneven with many screening woods and buildings, so keeping tabs 
    on the advance can be difficult. The first threat is from a number of T-
    34's and KV-1's coming down from the north. Almost at the same time 
    Grille (another half-track) will report seeing a T-34 a little further 
    west. There is a lot of ground to cover so use the roads whenever you can 
    (one thing missing from this game is minefields!) Send Adler at speed now 
    over the crossroads and point him up the road by the ruined buildings so 
    that he will get the drop on those KV-1's and a weedy T-60. 
    (If you are playing as an Ace then make a very quick diversion to the 
    nearby Supply Point because it is a long way back here.)
    Follow close behind Adler but be ready for another attack from the north-
    east, where more T-34's show up. See off the two coming from the right 
    and when Adler has cleared the left, turn him around and point him back 
    towards the crossroads but turn up that short branch facing west and 
    along to the end, where he should be just in time to intercept the lead 
    tanks trying to force their way into your defences. Don't send him too 
    far, as there are a couple waiting by the woods there in case you try to 
    come around; just to the end of the short track is fine. You should stay 
    on the main road and speed along to take the branch of the crossroads to 
    come across probably four T-34's moving quickly on your defences. You 
    should catch them one behind the other side-on about 1200m away making 
    their way over the road, so put a stop to that lot. Just in time, because 
    if even one of them breaks through then the mission fails.
    Push Adler forward to engage those two left back in the woods now and try 
    a shot from the road to help out. When that field is clear, send him 
    forward and to the north-west around the foot of the hill in order to 
    intercept the last T-34 coming down from there. You will be occupied with 
    a KV-1 approaching the crossroads from behind, and just to round things 
    off there is another coming through that ruined town back there to the 
    north. It's enough to make your head spin! Of course if you have somehow 
    lost Adler then all this running around will be too much for you I should 
    think - save your sanity and go into the Map screen options for RETRY. 
    (Or simply bring his replacement 'Buzzard' up from the start point if 
    there is time.)
    If you lose Adler/Buzzard but you are determined to tough it out alone, 
    then after culling the eastern attacks, I suggest laying yourself up on 
    the road just north of your start position. The main body of tanks will 
    try to come straight at you from the north but will have to negotiate a 
    steep slope up from the valley they are in, and should present themselves 
    as easy targets to you one by one as they crest the rise only about 700m 
    away. In just the right spot you are safely screened from the two lone 
    attackers coming from the north-east, so you can finally turn to them 
    after you have beaten back the main thrust.
    If this goes well, you might like to try leaving Adler at the start and 
    attempt to fend off all-comers on your own once you have played through 
    this mission a couple of times and know where the attacks are coming 
    from. It should prove the ultimate test of your marksmanship - 'Ace' mode 
    with the range indicator 'off' of course! 
        Grenadier regiment: "We held off the enemy!"
    Yes WE did, didn't we...
    GERMANY Mission 11:  V I L L E R S - B O C A G E
    If you know anything about tanks and tank warfare in WWII then this 
    should be a familiar placename to you; whole books have been written 
    about this legendary engagement. Of course it would be impossible and 
    anyway pointless to try to recreate any battle exactly in PANZER FRONT, 
    but all credit to the developers for giving you the chance to emulate the 
    German tank ace Michael Wittmann.
        1 3  J u n e  1 9 4 4,  V i l l e r s - B o c a g e
        The defense of Caen is in danger! A single enemy 
        tank Brigade is attempting to sneak behind our lines!
        Move out your tanks and stop the enemy's advance!
    It seems from the map that you are on your own for this one. That's no 
    problem because you have a Tiger and by now you certainly know how to use 
    it. Grrr. Move forwards and burst through the hedge to catch the Allied 
    column parked up on the left by surprise. First knock out the Cromwell 
    which tries to skirt around and then move down onto the road and get the 
    one at the rear of the column and a third which appears coming up the 
    road just behind him. Then turn your turret on the half-tracks one by one 
    just to keep things tidy. You can use up some HE on these as they are 
    very lightly armoured.
    That column seems to have halted while the spearhead have pushed up the 
    road a little way to 'COTE 213', so turn around and move ahead cautiously 
    to investigate. About now Tiger 131 will show up on the battlefield to 
    the north and he will report enemy tanks now firing on him. These are a 
    Cromwell and a Firefly just out of sight over the brow of the road ahead. 
    Get there fast and with their attention turned to him you will come 
    across them broadside at about 900m. Open up quickly as another Cromwell 
    pops up from the hedge there. Get the Firefly at the back first if you 
    can because his gun is deadly. Clearing that lot will allow Tiger 131 to 
    advance to your position and now you can follow him towards the town of 
    Villers-Bocage. (If you are too late and they catch him first, then your 
    task here will be only just a little more difficult.)
    Soon your infantry will report tank movements in the town, so get ready 
    for some tense street fighting. Watch those triangles pop in and out of 
    view as the tanks thread their way about the streets. There appear to be 
    at least three Cromwells in the town. Make your way there (ideally in 
    company with Tiger 131) and use HE or the machine-Gun to make short work 
    of the 'Tommies' scurrying about the hedgerows as you go. The object of 
    this mission is to allow the Grenadiers to move into the heart of 
    Villers-Bocage and these enemy infantry can thin them out, so mop them up 
    as you see them. No need to waste too much time though, because you have 
    bigger fish to fry. 
    There are a number of routes from here and no doubt you will have a lot 
    of fun experimenting with different approaches. Remember that the vital 
    factor is that the Grenadiers must advance for the mission to end. If 
    they are wiped out then it fails. It seems to me that if you approach 
    down the left side you are more likely to draw the enemy tanks over there 
    and they will start laying into your troops while you attempt to 
    negotiate the trees and low walls around there without a clear line of 
    fire. The two platoons in the centre don't seem to count; but if just 
    that third group of five men get annihilated then it is all over.
    For now you should know that most of the enemy tanks are stationed to the 
    right and if you have Tiger 131 to cover the centre, move to the right 
    now and cut across the fields as you advance. You will surprise a 
    Cromwell or possibly two waiting and covering the dirt road that leads to 
    the top of the hill there. Deal with them quickly and then as you 
    approach the hill at the top of the town another will open up from the 
    foot of that hill. Unless you are playing as an Ace, notice on your 
    'Action Replay' that there are quite a few other tanks down there as 
    In fact there are probably two Fireflys and two Cromwells, with another 
    two or three around the corner. Take it easy. Replacement tanks for any 
    you destroy will appear over the bridge to the west and later from the 
    south so be aware of the possible threat to your flank as you move into 
    town. The tanks down there are all set for anything breezing along the 
    High Street. If you fancy a rumble, head on into town and take your 
    chances; it is very thrilling to come around a corner and find two zippy 
    Cromwells bang in front of you and reversing much faster than you can 
    traverse the turret! Even as you engage, another arrives from a street 
    behind and then probably a Firefly pops an asp in your cap from literally 
    miles away. Yes, that is certainly exciting...
    You are smarter than that. Stay wide among the hedges on the north side 
    of town with some low walls for cover and look out for any Cromwell 
    parked in between the buildings as you pass. Keep checking your Map 
    screen to stay aware of likely threats whenever an enemy is reported, and 
    don't let too many Cromwells build up on the south side or they'll 
    slaughter the infantry and your own efforts will be wasted. If that seems 
    likely to happen then cut across there sharpish.
    If everything looks under control, continue to make your way wide through 
    the hedges going down the hill and look out for any cruising Cromwells 
    there. Soon enough you will expose more of those defenders at the foot of 
    the town, so move slowly to take on just one at a time. One round of APCR 
    should do for each of them at these ranges, and if you sneak up from 
    behind a hedge then they may not even know what hit them. As the 
    replacement tanks come up from the bridge they will spread north to greet 
    you, so be ready for them to appear around the last hedge as you reach 
    the bottom of the hill. You may now also be visible to the remaining 
    tanks at the edge of Villers-Bocage, so deal with the targets in front 
    and then cut across between the trees to enter the town and finish the 
    job down there.
    Meanwhile Tiger 131 may have engaged other enemy tanks at the top of the 
    High Street. If you haven't done enough to end the mission by now, head 
    up there and help out. It just seems to be necessary that the way forward 
    is clear for the infantry and you don't need to wipe out that lot at the 
    foot of the hill, but that is half the fun after all.
        Panzer Lehr division: "You did well! Our rear has been saved!"
    That's the polite way of putting it. 
    This mission can be a little difficult to predict exactly. Sometimes it 
    can end very quickly with no trouble and other times you have a mess of 
    action. You can't hurry the Grenadiers; just clear the way for them as 
    best you can. I don't know what it is about that garden at the top of the 
    High Street that Tiger 131 finds so interesting, but those other infantry 
    platoons seem content just to sit up there with him. You need the third 
    squad to head boldly into town, and if just one solitary soldier makes it 
    halfway down the High Street that is enough for MISSION COMPLETE.
    If you are having difficulty simply completing this mission, another 
    strategy is to shepherd that left flank squad every inch of the way. 
    Demolish the tanks in the convoy but leave the carriers intact so that 
    there will be fewer wandering Tommies, and then stay just ahead of your 
    troops as you knock out the Cromwells in the fields to the left now that 
    you know where they will materialise. Move slowly into the buildings at 
    the top of the hill and edge between the gaps to expose those zippy 
    Cromwells in and about the streets one by one. You don't need to trouble 
    the concentration of tanks waiting at the bottom of the hill or all those 
    out on the right, because just as soon as those plucky Grenadiers toddle 
    into the town centre the mission is complete. It's a little boring this 
    way though. A mighty Tiger craves ACTION!
    If you want to try for the 'perfect' round of Maximum Destruction/No Hits 
    try this:
    Load APCR. Calibrate to 600. 
    Tilt left, burst through the hedge and stop on the verge. Knock out 
    moving Cromwell before anyone else is condition 'Red'. Move sight just 
    slightly for Parked Cromwell. Raise sight to 1000 and fire blind over 
    crest for No.3.
    Leave half-tracks for now. Calibrate to 900m and advance up slope until 
    three ambushers alerted. Hit deadly Firefly first if possible then others 
    all at same range. Turn 180. You have a commanding view. 
    Load HE. Pick off half-tracks one above the other. Keep same range and 
    finish 3-4 enemy infantry platoons now fleeing in fields either side. 
    Await Tiger 131.
    Move through right side fields and lob HE at remaining infantry as you 
    go. Burst out on Cromwell at point-blank range and finish the second that 
    arrives. Nail third in High Street.
    Move into northern edge of town and knock out Firefly at foot of hill and 
    Cromwell behind him. Move downhill a little and await any other target. 
    Head across to High Street if none appear and remove Cromwell sitting 
    down there.
    Troops have advanced. MISSION COMPLETE.
    Polish fingernails casually on lapel of jacket.
    Now try it in the Marder! (It is certainly possible but you'll need to 
    stay out of sight and sneak up on everybody or one shot will do for you.)
    GERMANY Mission 12:  B A R K M A N N  C O R N E R
    Another 'lone' mission based on a widely documented historical feat of 
    arms. It's up to you to show that you are worthy of the honour of 
    representing panzer ace Ernst Barkmann.
        2 7  J u l y  1 9 4 4,  B a r k m a n n  C o r n e r
        "The streets are full of yankees!"
        Barkmann heard the Grenadiers words:
        "Head for the crossroads!"
        This is the epic struggle of Panther 424:
        Destroy all enemy vehicles on the road.
        Stop their advance!
    Once again you are alone on the battlefield. This is the usual Normandy 
    patchwork of fields bounded by low hedges, with a river and its 
    tributaries to your right and curling behind. You start at la Jusseliere 
    and ahead of you cutting across the map is the N172 leading to the town 
    of le Neufbourg. Rather worryingly if you are playing as an Ace, there 
    does not seem to be a Supply Point anywhere in your Map screen, but this 
    should be no problem as your Panther is heavily armed and surprisingly 
    fast despite that. It will need both these virtues. 
    Head forward and take a moment to load best ammo. As you hit the highway 
    there is a sudden and unwelcome surprise - a column of Allied tanks is 
    right upon you! These are only flimsy Sherman M4's so open up at point-
    blank range on the lead tank to halt the advance and then wait for 
    agonising seconds to pass before the next shell arrives... BANG! and the 
    next... BOOM! Phew! You don't want any more shocks like that, so keep 
    your wits about you.
    There are no infantry out in the countryside to give warnings, so be very 
    sure of what lies ahead before you proceed. In fact if you take a glance 
    up that road then another M4 is soon in evidence and who knows how many 
    more behind? Although you can charge up there and take your chances, it 
    may be best on this occasion to get off the road quickly. Try heading 
    into the field to your right. Dammit - another one! And yet another 
    arriving... The Panther is a fabulous fighting machine, so resign 
    yourself to the probability of a lot of close action and continue by 
    setting about these two quickly. 
    After seeing off all the feeble Shermans you will be feeling quite 
    invincible but that is far from the case. Out of nowhere tracer starts 
    flying around your ears and then there is a familiar and unwelcome roar 
    of engines...
    Gott in Himmel! Another Typhoon of course, and this time there is only 
    one target - YOU!! My advice is to get moving and keep moving. The trees 
    and hedges are no protection at all, and rather unfairly the buildings 
    often seem totally transparent to that chappie, so parking up and 
    watching him zoom overhead is likely to become brewing up and watching an 
    aerial shot of it happening. KEEP MOVING! Bizarrely enough just running 
    backwards and forwards seems to do the trick, and in any case this 
    ignominy is preferable to fleeing headlong into another troop of 
    Shermans. The direction of attack is mostly from east to west, so you 
    could try getting close to the west side of one of your burning victims 
    for a little shelter if he is bearing down on you in the open, but it is 
    better to stay in motion and keep your fingers crossed. 
    You will suffer about six or seven bombing runs - there may be more than 
    one plane or else he can circle unfeasibly quickly. When it seems to 
    quieten down, take the track past le Fut and follow the stream to la 
    Cosnetiere. (There is a possibility of a last strafing run if you hang 
    about.) Skirt along the track there to la Montagne and now take that 
    track north towards le Neufbourg and BINGO! Four Shermans side-on staking 
    out that road. Are you quick enough? You'd better be, because the 
    replacements come straight down the track towards you on the other side 
    of the highway and even when you've dealt with them there are just one or 
    two (or ten) more parked along the N172 to either side of this carnage.
    Deal with that lot in your own time and round up the stray in the field 
    and...that's it. Entirely.
      |                                                                |
      |   Battle results             M I S S I O N  C O M P L E T E    | 
          Name                 Vehicle            Tanks(Total)
          Panther 424          Panther  A            18 (18)           
       |  Hit Ratio           19/19(100%)                             |
       |  Hits taken          2                   TOTAL SCORE         |
       |  Total time          8:24                 1 9 1 5 0          |
    I'm no expert, so I think this is the only mission I completed with a 
    100% hit ratio; perhaps because they were all point-blank! Surely that 
    lot should be worth an oak-leaf cluster to go on the old Iron Cross?
    GERMANY Mission 13:  T R A I N I N G  -  M 1  v s  T - 8 0
                  T r a i n i n g   M 1  v s.  T - 8 0
                      This is a hypothetical combat.
                   Both tanks are at maximum firepower.
                A long-range shooting contest is expected.
             Commence firing as soon as you locate the enemy!
    After all that intensely realistic and authentic action, this 'bonus' 
    mission is not so much Training as a chance to have some fun charging 
    around in a big tank blasting anything that moves in an Arcade style 
    point-and-shoot joyride! Have fun.
    'T A C T I C S'  V E H I C L E S
    Here is a list of all the tanks used in the default run of each mission 
    when playing 'TACTICS' as the Germans. Some of these are undoubtedly the 
    most formidable of all the weapons in PANZER FRONT, so have some fun 
    setting yourself up with the strongest tanks for the easiest ride in some 
    missions or giving yourself a tough (or impossible?) challenge by using 
    the weakest vehicle in others. Remember you can change your Blue and 
    Green tanks and of course the Enemy tanks too.
    [Not every tank is available for use in every Mission - see list below.]
                 |    Player       Blue units     Green units    Enemy Tanks
     Training-1  |   PzIV H s         -           PzIV H s       M4A1(76)
                 |                                               M4
     Training-2  |   PzIII N s     Marder II      Marder II      M5A1
                 |                                               M4
      Hill 220.5 |   Tiger 1 E     Tiger 1 E      StuGIII G      T-34 (1942)
                 |                 StuGIII G                     KB-1 (1942)
        Swch.    |   Tiger 1 E     Tiger 1 E      StuGIII G      T-34 (1942)
     Oktjabrskij |                 StuGIII G                     KB-1 (1942)
      Hill 112   |   PzIV H s      PzIV H s       PzIV H s       Churchill VI
                 |                                               Firefly Vc
                 |                                               Cromwell IV
    N158 Highway |   Tiger 1 L     Tiger 1 L          -          M4
                 |                                               Firefly Vc
                 |                                               Churchill VI
    Sachsendorf  |   Tiger II      Tiger II       Panther G      T-34-85
                 |                 Hetzer                        NC-2
      Berlin     |   Tiger II      Tiger II           -          NC-2M
                 |                                               T-34-85
                 |                                               NCY-152
     Sinyavino   |   PzIII n       PzIII n            -          T-34 (1942)
                 |                 PzIIIJ/L60                    KB-1 (1942)
                 |                 Tiger 1 E
      Vitebsk    |   Hornisse      Hornisse           -          T-34 (1942)
                 |                                               KB-1 (1942)
                 |                                               T-60
      Villers    |   Tiger 1 L        -           Tiger 1 L      Firefly Vc
      -Bocage    |                                               Cromwell IV
      Barkmann   |   Panther A        -               -          M4A1(76)
       Corner    |                                               M4
     Training -  |   M1A2            M1A2             -          T-80YA
     M1 vs T-80  |
    Having battled through each of the GERMANY Missions, you should have a 
    fair idea of which tanks are best suited to a particular type of action. 
    Sometimes it can be better to have a fast or strong tank than merely a 
    destructive one. Consider each model carefully, as sometimes a simple 
    letter or number added to the name can make an otherwise innocuous 
    vehicle into a killing machine. The E-79 armed with the 88mm is a useful 
    weapon but fitted with the even bigger 128 it becomes spectacular! 
    Check the characteristics of each model by using the Map screen and 
    pressing SQUARE. You can rotate the tank (notice the tracks moving - nice 
    touch) and zoom in and out and see all around it with the D-pad and the 
    front shoulder buttons. The green 'power bars' will give you a ready 
    comparison for things like speed and armour. Whilst it is always good to 
    pack a heavy punch, some missions need a fast tank (such as Vitebsk) and 
    others a sturdy one (Swch. Oktjabrskij). Some ideally need both virtues 
    (Berlin!). Similar models may carry a different armoury or have better 
    protection, so it is not simply a question of bigger guns.
    Use this list to decide which tanks you feel most comfortable with and 
    see what else is available for each mission, and then set your enemies to 
    be as strong as you can handle.  
    MISSION No.          1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13
    PzIIIJ/L42           *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    PzIIIJ/L60           *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    PzIII N s            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *       *   *   *   *
    PzIII N                                              *
    PzIV  H tur s                            *       *           *       *
    PzIV  G                                              *   *
    PzIV  H s            *   *   *   *   *       *           *       * 
    Panther  A           *   *           *   *   *   *       *   *   *   *
    Panther  G           *   *           *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    Tiger I  E                   *   *                   *   *           *
    Tiger I  L           *   *           *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    Tiger II             *   *           *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    Hetzer               *   *           *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    PzJagdIV/L48         *   *           *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    PzIV/70(V)           *   *               *   *   *                   *
    JagdTiger            *   *           *   *   *   *               *   *
    StuGIII E            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    StuGIII G            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Marder III           *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Hornisse                     *   *                       *           *
    Nashorn              *   *           *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    Cromwell IV                          *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Firefly Vc                           *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Churchill VI                         *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    T-34 (1941)          *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    T-34 (1942)          *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    T-34-85                              *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    KB-1 (1940)          *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    KB-1 (1942)          *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    NC-2                                 *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    NC-2M	                               *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    NC-3                                             *
    CY-85                                *   *   *   *       *   *   *   *
    NCY-152                              *   *   *   *       *   *   *   *
    M5A1                 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *               *   *
    M4                   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    M4A1(76)             *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    M4A3E2                               *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    M10                  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *           *   *   *
    Aureole/75           *   *   *   *                   *
    Aureole/88                                       *
    Aureole s            *   *   
    Aureole s/1                          *   *   *               *   *   *
    E-79/88              *   *   *   *   *   *           *       *   *
    E-79/128                                     *   *                   *
    CY-122c              *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *       *   *   *
    NC-152               *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *       *   *   *
    NC-152M              *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *       *   *   *
    T69E3                *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    ShortBull            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    M1A2 ABRAMS                                                          *
    T-80YA                                                               *
    As you see, the widest range of tanks is available when playing the last 
    Training mission. This arena seems to be somewhere like the Eastern Front 
    in summertime, although it is more like the Western Desert since it 
    features a vast open terrain with just a few scrubby patches and some 
    thin trees. A track in the centre leads through a deep culvert which 
    opens into a wide sandy gully - packed with waiting enemies and precious 
    little cover! This is the perfect environment to try out the shooting 
    abilities and relative speediness of all the vehicles and you will soon 
    see which match each other. Try going up against the modern tanks using 
    any of the WWII armour to see how far the technology has advanced; it's a 
    pity that you can't timewarp an M1 Abrams back to the Eastern Front or 
    you could really do some damage.
       /              \
    __/     PzIII      \_____________________________________________________
    There are several variants of this tank available and none of them are 
    any good. You know the limitations of the short-barrelled version from 
    the Sinyavino mission; check out that mission again, and using the Map 
    screen and SQUARE you can compare the best of these PzIII's ('Tank 115' 
    with the 60mm gun) and the worst (your own!) and you won't find much 
    difference at all in terms of speed or armour.
                       /             \
    __________________/     PzIV      \______________________________________
    Although looking very stylish (less so the models with the skirts and 
    collar - which in fact are no protection at all), this is not a top 
    choice except possibly with the fairly decent 48-calibre gun on the 'H' 
                                        /             \
    ___________________________________/    Panther    \_____________________
    Now we're talking. Incorporating the best features of the T-34 and even 
    improving on them, this tank was one of the finest fighting machines of 
    WWII. For most of the missions it is the best all-round tank in PANZER 
    FRONT because it is well-armed and quite fast over even the most 
    difficult terrain. The sloped armour is proof against most attacks and it 
    is fast enough to elude others. The two models are nearly identical - 
    visually about the only difference is that the front 'letterbox' viewing 
    plate is removed on the Ausf 'G'. Panther - choice of champions.
                                                         /              \
    ____________________________________________________/    Tiger I     \___
    This is the classic heavy tank of World War II. Feared and respected by 
    the enemy, this will get you ahead in almost every mission. The main 
    drawback is the slow turret traverse, and it is also fairly slow in a 
    straight line so is highly vulnerable to rear attack or from the air. It 
    will cope very well with any number of Shermans or T-34's head on. You 
    will have a choice of either the 'E' or 'L' model but these seem to be 
    identical except for the paint job.
       /             \
    __/  Tiger II     \______________________________________________________
    This tank has the same disadvantages as the Tiger I in terms of speed and 
    the slow turret traverse, but it has an even more powerful 71-calibre 
    88mm gun to compensate. Few of the other tanks would survive the Berlin 
    Mission, so what other recommendation do you need?
                       /              \
    __________________/    Hetzer      \_____________________________________
    Well armed but lightly armoured despite its impregnable appearance. 
    Annoyingly limited 'gun range movement'. Its reasonable weapon and low 
    profile as well as above average speed will give you a fighting chance if 
    you like to make things difficult for yourself.
                                        /             \
    ___________________________________/ PzJagdIV/L48  \_____________________
    Similar in most respects to the Hetzer but a little slower and even 
    uglier. It has the same gun but is much quicker to load.
                                                         /              \
    ____________________________________________________/   PzIV/70(V)   \___
    Very low profile and consequently has extremely limited gun movement 
    (vertical as well as lateral) making this too frustrating to use despite 
    its powerful armament and general sturdiness.
       /             \
    __/   JagdTiger   \______________________________________________________
    This is the massive tank that gave you so much grief at Ludendorf Bridge. 
    It has a devastating 128mm gun and is very heavily armoured and so will 
    breeze through many missions but will still light up like a candle when a 
    Typhoon appears. The loading is painfully slow and there is no turret 
    movement to speak of, so it is vulnerable to massed attacks. Your target 
    will ideally need to be stationary and very distant!
                       /              \
    __________________/   StuG E / G   \_____________________________________
    A fairly sturdy tank - dull but reliable. The two variants look very 
    different even if they are both closely related to the PzIII. The gun on 
    the 'G' model is a big improvement on the 'E' but still not up to much.
                                        /             \
    ___________________________________/  Marder III   \_____________________
    A "tank hunter" armoured gun carrier. As mentioned before, this looks 
    like a comedy golf-cart and is about as useful. The gun is fairly capable 
    if you survive long enough to use it.
                                                       /                \
    __________________________________________________/ Nashorn/Hornisse \___
    These are virtually identical self-propelled Anti-tank Guns. The gun on 
    each is a powerful 88mm Pak 43 which is very useful at long range, but 
    the armour is practically non-existent and one shot from anybody at 
    almost any distance will end your mission very quickly. Luckily it is 
    fairly nippy, so it can be quite exhilarating to speed around behind your 
    target(s). You normally take command of this vehicle only in the Vitebsk 
    mission, in which configuration it is known as a 'Hornisse' (Hornet). Use 
    either of these in another mission if you like to live dangerously!
       /             \
    __/     E-79      \______________________________________________________
    As mentioned, the standard (fictitious) E-79 comes fitted with a deadly 
    88, and this tank is sturdy yet still reasonably fast and manoeuverable. 
    A good choice which becomes even better in the Sachsendorf and Berlin 
    missions where it has the bigger 128mm gun. Gun movement can be 
    restricted and loading is painfully slow, but you can't have everything.
                       /              \
    __________________/    Aureole     \_____________________________________
    There are four slight variants of this other fictitious German tank. The 
    standard model has a barely adequate 75mm gun but it does at least have 
    HEAT shells amongst its armoury. Even if they are weak, they are 
    spectacular! A far better choice when available is the incredible 100-
    calibre 88mm, fired through an enormous barrel. Even a Churchill will be 
    blown to bits with one shot! All models retain the outrageous speed, and 
    with that big 88 fitted you can charge about banging away at everything 
    and as likely as not you won't get a scratch if you just keep moving. 
    Totally inauthentic but lots of fun.
    With all these tanks available for you to try, there is such a wide range 
    of possibilities that you can play every mission a dozen times and still 
    find something new.
    C O N C L U S I O N  
    You have ended the Missions, but PANZER FRONT is not 'finished'. I doubt 
    that an enthusiast (as you must surely be by now) can ever consider this 
    game finished; there are any number of strategies and refinements to 
    consider and you will have a different experience every time if you make 
    it so. For the greatest satisfaction, try always to play in the spirit of 
    the game and make it a point of pride to complete each mission in the 
    most economical way. The scoreboard will show how many shots are wasted 
    or even just how much time has been taken, so there is always room for 
    improvement I'm sure. 
    Having battled through in the easier 'Veteran' mode, try again as an 
    'Ace'. Perhaps the most difficult thing then will be deciding when to use 
    each of your precious stock of ammo before risking a trip to the Supply 
    Point. You can make it even harder on yourself by switching 'Range 
    Indicator' off in the Options menu. Trying to target your many enemies 
    without the benefit of having the range given to you makes it very 
    satisfying to achieve once you have mastered finding them with just a 
    test shot or two. It is nerve-wracking on occasion, as the first 
    indication of an enemy target may be when he is right on top of you!
    Of course the experience will never become truly authentic - after all, a 
    real battlefield commander will have to gather snippets of information 
    and try to put them together to form an overall picture before making a 
    decision, whereas you have the whole thing laid out whenever you want it 
    right there in the Map screen. While for the first few times you will use 
    this frequently (and rightly so) perhaps the ultimate challenge is to use 
    it only to direct your Blues or set up a barrage etc., and otherwise try 
    just to head for where the action looks hottest until you actually spot 
    your target as in a real battle. This way PANZER FRONT will never grow 
    stale and that surely is the best compliment that can be paid to any 
                             A P P E N D I X
    M I S S I O N S  L I S T
     1:      USA      Training-1
     2:               Training-2
     3:             1944/ 7/ 9  St. Jean-de-Daye
     4:             1944/ 7/10  Le Dezert
     5:             1944/ 8/15  Argentan
     6:             1944/12/18  Poteau
     7:             1944/12/21  Saint-Vith
     8:             1945/ 3/ 7  Ludendorf Bridge
     1:     RUSSIA    Training
     2:             1941/12/ 9  Strike Army
     3:             1942/ 8/27  Gaytolovo
     4:             1943/ 1/18  Poselok No.5
     5:             1943/ 7/12  Swch. Oktjabrskij
     6:             1943/ 7 22  Junction
     7:             1944/ 1/19  Krasnoe Sero
     1:     GERMANY   Training-1
     2:               Training-2 
     3:             1943/ 7/ 5  Hill 220.5
     4:             1943/ 7/12  Swch. Oktjabrskij
     5:             1944/ 7/10  Hill 112
     6:             1944/ 8/ 8  N158 Highway
     7:             1945/ 3/23  Sachsendorf
     8:             1945/ 4/30  Berlin
     9:             1943/ 1/20  Sinyavino
    10:             1943/12/19  Vitebsk
    11:             1944/ 6/13  Villers-Bocage
    12:             1944/ 7/27  Barkmann Corner
    13:                Training-M1 vs T-80
    T A N K S  L I S T  F O R  U S A / R U S S I A  M I S S I O N S
    Just for reference, here is a list of all tanks available for you to 
    choose between when you customise each of the USA and RUSSIA Missions:
    USA MISSION No.      1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8
    PzIIIJ/L42           *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    PzIIIJ/L60           *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    PzIII N s            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    PzIII H tur s                            *              *
    PzIV  H s            *    *    *    *         *    *
    Panther  A           *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Panther  G           *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Tiger I  L           *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Tiger II             *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Hetzer               *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    PzJagdIV/L48         *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    PzIV/70(V)                *              *    *    *    *
    JagdTiger            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    StuGIII E            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    StuGIII G            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Marder II            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Nashorn              *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Cromwell IV          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Firefly Vc           *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Churchill VI         *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    T-34 (1941)          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    T-34 (1942)          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    T-34-85              *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    KB-1 (1940)          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    KB-1 (1942)          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    NC-2                 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    NC-2M	               *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    CY-85                *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    NCY-152              *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    M5A1                 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    M4                   *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    M4A1(76)             *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    M4A3E2                    *                   *    *    *
    M10                  *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Aureole/88                                              *
    Aureole s            *    *    *    *
    Aureole s/1                              *    *
    E-79/88              *         *    *    *         *
    E-79/128                  *                   *    *    *
    CY-122c              *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    NC-152               *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    NC-152M              *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    T69E3                *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    ShortBull            *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    RUSSIA MISSION No.      1    2    3    4    5    6    7
    PzIIIJ/L42              *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    PzIIIJ/L60              *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    PzIII N                                *
    PzIII N s                                   *    *    *
    PzIV  H s                                   *    *    *
    Panther  A                                            *
    Tiger I  E                        *    *    *    *    *
    StuGIII E               *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    StuGIII G                                   *    *    *
    Marder II                         *    *    *    *    *
    Hornisse                                    *    *    *
    Cromwell IV                                           *
    Firefly Vc                                            *
    Churchill VI                                          *
    T-34 (1941)             *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    T-34 (1942)                       *    *    *    *    *
    KB-1 (1940)             *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    KB-1 (1942)                       *    *    *    *    *
    CY-85                                                 *
    NCY-152                                               *
    M5A1                              *    *    *    *    *
    M4                                     *    *    *    *
    M4A1(76)                               *    *    *    *
    M10                                    *    *    *    *
    Aureole/75              *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Aureole s               *                
    Aureole s/1                                      *
    E-79/88                 *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    CY-122c                 *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    NC-152                  *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    NC-152M                 *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    T69E3                   *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    ShortBull               *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Released: April 2001 (UK)
    Developers: Enterbrain
     Publisher: JVC
    (c) J Woodrow 2002

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