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    Reid Skills List by IceWolf

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                       TALES OF DESTINY II REID SKILL LIST 
    Tales of Destiny II-Reid Skills List 
    By J.Gour (IceWolf) 
    Created on 9/29/2001 @ 5:08 PM 
    Tales of Destiny II is copyright Namco and any other names mentioned in 
    this FAQ that are not of Namco will be placed with their respective 
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2001 J.Gour 
    I wrote this FAQ because there weren't any in depth skill FAQ's and 
    cause I think its high time that folks get to see the English names for 
    this guys skill's on an FAQ and be able to know what they are doing. 
    Steal this FAQ and I'll be forced to go to your place of living, smash 
    your computer, and Steal all your Kit-Kat Bars. 
    This FAQ is for your private and personal use only. DO NOT try and 
    sell, print, copy, or redistribute this FAQ for your own personal 
    profit. Doing the aforementioned will result in much pain and suffering 
    on your part and perhaps the loss of many vital cellular functions. 
    Note on E-Mail 
    If you want to send me E-Mail then please feel free to do so. Just send 
    you questions, praise, comments, or suggestions to 
    Destinystrike@hotmail.com. Please make sure to label the subject so that 
    the name of this FAQ is mentioned. DO NOT send email that is irrelevant 
    to the FAQ I.E: you suck, get off the net, and so on. 
    Revision History 
    V 1.0 wrote the FAQ 
    I. Reid as a Character 
    II. Combo's for Ried 
    III. Learning his Moves 
    IV. Conclusion and Credits 
    I. Ried as a Character 
    Name: Reid Hershel 
    Age: 18 
    Height: 5'10" 
    Weight: 137 lbs. 
    Most Notable Characteristic: Gluttony 
    Weapon: Sword, L-Sword, Knife, Axe, 
    Lance, Spear, Pole-Arm 
    Ried is a great character; he has personality, a bottomless pit of a 
    stomach and great skills as a swordsman. In this FAQ we will be focusing 
    on the last part, his Sword Skills, how to learn them, abuse them, and 
    so on. 
    II.  Combo's for Ried 
    Ried is more difficult to make independent combos with then Farah. 
    This is because his special moves don't link into each other and can 
    sometimes get on your nerves because of it. He CAN combo, just not 
    as ludicrously. Here is how it is done 
    Normal String ---- Special Skill ----- Sacred Skill 
    III. Learning his Moves 
    (The descriptions are taken as though you are in manual mode 
    and not semi auto) 
    *X, X, Down+X 
    *X, Down+X, Down+X 
    *Down+X, X, Down+X 
    *Up+X, X, Down+X 
    *X, X, Up+X 
    *Down+X, X, X 
    If you see the skill listed but it is in blue lettering then you need 
    to raise your slash or thrust level as listed in the FAQ. Too bad 
    there isn't a numeric measure of the level, only a bar. But if you 
    feel like keeping track, the bar starts off at level 1 for both Slash 
    and Thrust, keep track and you won't get too lost. 
    Sonic Blade TP 4 
    Slash LV 2, Thrust LV 1 
    Thunder Blade TP 4 
    Slash LV 1, Thrust LV 2 
    Swarm TP 7 
    Slash LV 2, Thrust LV 5 
    Demon Hammer TP 6 
    Slash LV 5, Thrust LV 2 
    Spiral Attack TP 10 
    Slash LV 9, Thrust LV 16 
    Light Elemental 
    Tempest Strike TP 9 
    Slash LV 16, Thrust LV 8 
    Wind Elemental 
    Twin Sonic Blade TP 8 
    Slash LV 10, Thrust LV 3 
    Sonic Blade 50 times 
    Super Lightning Blade TP 8 
    Slash LV 4, Thrust LV 10 
    Thunder Blade 50 times 
    Wind, and Volt Elemental 
    Neo Swarm TP 12 
    Slash LV 4, Thrust LV 13 
    Swarm 150 times 
    Demon Twist TP 10 
    Slash LV 13, Thrust LV 4 
    Demon Hammer 150 times 
    Double Spiral Attack TP 14 
    Slash LV 5, Thrust LV 22 
    Spiral Attack 250 times 
    Omega Tempest Strike TP 14 
    Slash LV 23, Thrust LV 4 
    Tempest Strike 250 times 
    Wind Elemental 
    NOTE: The amount of times you use a skill may be 
    less then listed. Just keep checking the skills menu 
    when practicing to learn the next move. When 
    you see the name of the move you are looking 
    for in Blue letters, you can stop practicing. 
    Sacred Skills are usually a combination of two 
    of Reid's special skills, except his later ones. 
    Demon Lightning Hammer TP 10 
    Slash LV 7, Thrust LV 5 
    Demon Hammer 50, Thunder Blade 50 
    Sonic Swarm TP 10 
    Slash LV 5, Thrust LV 7 
    Sonic Blade 25 times, Swarm 25 times 
    Mega Sonic Thrust TP 15 
    Slash LV 1, Thrust LV 14 
    Thunder Blade 70 times, Swarm 70 times 
    Sonic Chaos TP 15 
    Slash LV 13, Thrust LV 1 
    Sonic Blade 60 times, Twin Sonic Blade 50 times 
    Demon Spiral Hammer TP 20 
    Slash LV 19, Thrust LV 14 
    Spiral Attack 80 Times, Demon Hammer 120 times 
    Light Elemental 
    Neo Tempest Swarm TP 24 
    Slash LV 14, Thrust LV 19 
    Neo Swarm 120 times, Tempest Strike 80 times 
    Rising Phoenix TP 40 
    Slash LV 22, Thrust LV 24 
    Super Lightning Blade 200 times, Mega Sonic Thrust 
    150 times. 
    Fire Elemental 
    Phoenix 150 Times 
    Press Phoenix repeatedly and so you press after you pass 
    the enemy. The MUST be thrown into the air for it to 
    work. ALSO a spell must NOT be in effect in order for 
    you to be able to do the extension. So if somebody is 
    casting a spell of any kind, friend or foe, you won't be 
    able to do the extension. 
    Omega Seal TP 40 
    Slash LV 30, Thrust LV 30 
    Omega Seal 90 Times 
    Press the omega Seal Button just before the blades 
    connect from the first omega seal. Note: There 
    must be only one enemy left and he must not be 
    able to endure the attack 
    Omega Demon Chaos TP 40 
    Slash LV 24, Thrust LV 20 
    Demon Hammer 250 times, Demon Twist 200 Times 
    Omega Demon Chaos 90 times 
    Press Omega Demon Chaos just as Reid comes down with 
    the eighth blade of the move. Note: There must be only 
    one enemy left, and the enemy must not be able to 
    endure the extension for it to work. 
    I would like to thank Yeblos for translating the Japanese 
    moves. I would like to thank Kung Lee for writing the FAQ 
    that I based these off of. I really didn't do much, this is just 
    an FAQ to make peoples life a wee bit easier. I would also like 
    to thank RPGFreaks for clarifying how to do the extension 
    for Omega Demon Chaos and Omega Seal. Thanks to all of you 
    I was able to compile your information into this FAQ for all 
    of us to enjoy. 

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