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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ibmG

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    Playstation Tales of Destiny II FAQ/Walkthrough
    October 28th, 2001
    Version 0.4
    Done by [ibmG] (faq_ibm@hotmail.com)
    This is my third FAQ and I'm really starting to have fun writing these.
    This document is meant to be a tip/walkthrough for the Playstation version of 
    Tales of Destiny II. This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Ibrahim Ghouth and is
    not to be or sold for profit or reproduced unless in its whole form and with 
    the author's permission.
    Tales of Destiny II is a trademark of Namco Ltd. Copyright 2000 by 
    Namco Ltd. All related names fall under the same applicable laws. 
    All rights reserved.
    I wrote with the main priority to give out information that is easy to read 
    rather than an FAQ that gives you 100% of its secrets. As such I am trying new
    format styles to see how it works. Accessibilty, Printability as well as 
    Readability are my main concerns at the moment. This proves to be a challenge
    with a pure ASCII file with no colors or Font types etc but I am trying my
    best. As such, the file size may be bigger due to the fact that I use a lot of
    formatting with blank spaces in my FAQ. Although I will try to be as
    comprehensive as possible, Secrets and 100% info are secondary.
    Any comments or tips on enhancing this document will be appreciated. Please
    direct your e-mail to "faq_ibm@hotmail.com"
    1)Updates     [(I)]
    2)Game Info   [(II)]
    3)Basics      [(III)]
      Battle               [(III)I]
      Battle Controls      [(III)II]
      Combos               [(III)III]
    4)Cast/Skills [(IV)]
      Reid Hershel         [(IV)I]
      Farah Oersted        [(IV)II]
      Meredy               [(IV)III]
      Keele Zeibel         [(IV)IV]
      Ras                  [(IV)V]
    5)Walkthrough [(V)]
      Disc 1 :
      "A Mysterious Girl"  [(V)I]
      "College Woes"       [(V)II]
      "Up the hill"        [(V)III]
      "Rising Waves"       [(V)IV]
      "Fishing!!"          [(V)V]
      "Lost in the Woods"  [(V)VI]
      "Seasickness"        [(V)VII]
      "The Wind Howls"     [(V)VIII]
      "The Burning Heat"   [(V)IX]
      "Ascension to Heaven"[(V)X]
      Disc 2
      "Digging for Gold"   [(V)XI]
      "The Basement"       [(V)XII]
      "Ice Ice Baby"       [(V)XIII]
    6)Item Lists  [(VI)]
      Tools                [(VI)I]
      Equip                [(VI)II]
      Valuables            [(VI)III]
    7)Shops       [(VII)]
      Rasheans             [(VII)I]
      Regulus Dojo         [(VII)II]
      Mintche              [(VII)III]
      Morle                [(VII)IV]
      Forest of Temptation [(VII)V]
      Inferia City         [(VII)VI]
      Port of Barole       [(VII)VII]
      Barole               [(VII)VIII]
      Ship Passage         [(VII)IX]
      Chambard             [(VII)X]
      Mt. Farlos Sanctuary [(VII)XI]
    8)Extras      [(VIII)]
      Lens                 [(VIII)I]
      Wonder Chef          [(VIII)II]
      The Mathematician    [(VIII)III]
      Hidden Areas         [(VIII)IV]
    9)Credits     [(IX)]
                                 <<<Updates>>>                                [(I)]
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs.
    Version 0.2   ---   The skeleton is done. Some parts of the FAQ is filled in
                        here and there. Walkthrough done till Forest of Temptation.
                        Map included in separate file. In need of major update.
                        (This weekend!!!! I promise!!!!)
    Version 0.25  ---   Contrary to my self set deadlines, I was unable to finish
                        Disc 1 by the weekend so here I am with till Chambard. The
                        Shop Lists are updated and the Contents is built up.
    Version 0.3   ---   Updated the walkthrough through Disc 1. Updated the Item
                        Lists. Removed the Weapon, Armor, Food Lists as I felt
                        they were redundant and took too much space. I am a week 
                        late and hope to have a mid-week update...if i can.
    Version 0.4   ---   Walkthrough to Peruti only. Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow.
                                <<<Game Info>>>                              [(II)]
    Tales of Destiny II was actually released as Tales of Eternia in Japan during
    November 2000. It is the 3rd game in the Tales series; the first being Tales of
    Phantasia for the SNES and the 2nd Tales of Destiny for the PS. Personally I'm
    not too huge a Tales fan so I can't really remember much of the storylines of
    both games although I've played them. As much as I would like to take reference
    to these games in this FAQ, I can't since my knowledge of the series is minimal
    at best. 
    What I do know is that the story does not follow the Tales' series so far. It
    used to be about swordians and stuff but now its following the "Final Fantasy"
    path and going for something totally different.
                                  <<<Basics>>>                              [(III)]
    -=Battle=-                                                             [(III)I]
    The battle system is reminiscent to that of the previous Tales incarnations
    being 2D action orientated battles with you controlling the main character
    while the rest being computer controlled or by a 2nd-4th player. The ability
    of using the 2nd-4th controller makes this game semi-multiplayer and it can be
    fun once in a while.
    -=Battle Controls=-                                                   [(III)II]
    -=Combos=-                                                           [(III)III]
    Combos are very much like the combos in fighting games being the number of hits
    dished out to the enemy before he/she/it has time to recover. This being a game
    with multiple characters fighting at the same time, allows combos to be carried
    forward from character to character as long as the enemy does not recover.
    -Reid hits the enemy with a 2 hit combo
    -Farah uses Triple Kick right after Reid finishes his attack but before the
     enemy recovers.
    -This would create a 2 + 3 = 5 hit combo on that particular enemy.
    So theoretically with 4 characters attacking a single character, you could pull
    off a 99 hit combo although this is quite impossible in the game as some moves
    knock down an enemy and as such ending the combo (reminds you of a fighting 
    game eh?). 
    The maximum combo for the battle is recorded and rewards you by giving you 
    extra experience based on it. This function as I recall was only available in
    Tales of Destiny once you got a certain item. However in ToDII, this function
    is available from the start.
    The extra Exp given are as below
     1 hit  -------->   0 Exp
     2 hits -------->   5 Exp
     3 hits -------->   8 Exp
     4 hits -------->  13 Exp
     5 hits -------->  18 Exp
     6 hits -------->  25 Exp
     7 hits -------->  32 Exp
     8 hits -------->  41 Exp
     9 hits -------->  50 Exp
    10 hits -------->  61 Exp
    11 hits -------->  72 Exp
    12 hits -------->  85 Exp
    13 hits -------->  98 Exp
    14 hits --------> 113 Exp
    15 hits --------> 128 Exp
    16 hits --------> 145 Exp
    17 hits --------> 162 Exp
    18 hits --------> 181 Exp
    19 hits --------> 200 Exp
    20 hits --------> 221 Exp
    100hits --------> 5101Exp
    Basically the formula is given as
                    |  If hits is even :                              |
                    |                   (hits + 1) x (hits + 1) + 1   | 
                    |       Bonus Exp = ----------------------------  |
                    |                               2                 |
                    |  If hits is odd :                               |
                    |                   (hits + 1) x (hits + 1)       |
                    |       Bonus Exp = -----------------------       |
                    |                              2                  | 
    NOTE : This formula only works for values of 3 hits and above.
                                     <<<Cast/Skills>>>                       [(IV)]
    Name           : Reid Hershel                                           [(IV)I]
    Types of Attack: Thrust/Slash
    Notes          : The main protagonist of ToDII. The character you control.
     Sonic Blade - Projectile
      Lightning Blade - Thrusts once followed by a lightning strike from above.
    Name           : Farah Oersted                                         [(IV)II]
    Types of Attack: Punch/Kick
    Notes          : Reid's childhood friend
      Palm Strike - A strong attack that pushes the enemy back.
      Triple Blossom - A 3 hit consecutive attack.
    Name           : Meredy                                               [(IV)III]
    Types of Attack: C.Vitality
    Notes          : Mysterious girl
      Grave - 3 hit attack from the ground
      Ice Needles - 3 ice needles appear in the air. Misses often.
      Lightning - Lightning strikes from above for 2 hits.
    Name           : Keele Zeibel                                          [(IV)IV]
    Types of Attack: C.Vitality
    Notes          : Childhood friend of Reid and Farah
    -Aqua Edge-
    -Wind Blade-
    -Fire Ball-
    Name           : Ras                                                    [(IV)V]
    Types of Attack: ---
    Notes          : Mysterious merchant
    -Neo Swarm-
    -Super Lightning Blade-
    -Dragon Swarm-
    -Dragon Flash-
                                   <<<Walkthrough>>>                          [(V)]
    For the sake of dividing the walkthrough into parts, I have made up names for
    each chapter which I divided the story into myself. The chapter names and how
    they are divided are in no way official and is just to make this FAQ easier to
    read. I will try to keep this FAQ spoiler free as far as possible. If you think
    I have a big spoiler which I shouldn't reveal in the FAQ, please email me at
    faq_ibm@hotmail.com and give me feedback.
    The format of the walkthrough will be as follows.
    --<Name of Chapter>--
      <Area Name> - Items received in <Area Name>
      <Area Name 2> - Items received in <Area Name 2>
      <What to do, Who to talk to, When to do, Why do you do, How to do>
    Alright on to the walkthrough proper!!!
    --A Mysterious Girl--                                                  [(V)I]
      Forest - Apple Gelx2, Spectacles, Wooden Shield
      Far Away Village, Rasheans - Apple Gelx5, Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Kirima,
                                   500 Gald, Lensx2, Recipex2, Collector's Book
    From your starting area, head down 2 screens and left 1 screen to reach the
    crossroads. During this time you would have fought at least 2 enemies so take
    your time to familiarise yourself with the battle system.
    At the crossroads, head up to collect an *Apple Gel* and the proceed to the
    green crystal which you discover to be a Load Point that restores your HP and
    acts as a checkpoint. Grab the *Wooden Shield* and *Spectacles* next to it. Next
    head to the left. Continue through the woods till you reach a statue. In the 
    vicinity of the statue is an *Apple Gel*. Now backtrack all the way to the 
    Load Point and head to the right. A story begins to unfold... 
    <Far Away Village, Rasheans>
    Attacks: A lightning spell that hits 6 times. Rather shocking.
    Items: *Orange Gel*, *Life Bottle*
    Farah joins you from now on during this fight.
    Your first boss isn't that difficult. Since you have the number
    advantage, just trap him in a corner and prevent him from casting his spell.
    He'll go down in a few seconds.
    You are now joined by Meredy...
    You start at Farah's house. Basically there isn't really anything to do here
    except to head for the exit. However there are some useful stuff for the taking
    if you hang around in town a bit. First check the green plantation beside the
    farmer to the south of Farah's house. You will receive *Kirima*. Next head into
    the house opposite the farmer. At an instant the piggy bank will strike you as
    weird. Check it to meet the WONDER CHEF (Who is this guy??) who will teach you
    the *Recipe:Sandwich*.
    Next head to the left of Farah's house. Near to the right of the screen there
    are 2 barrels. Each of them contain an *Apple Gel*. The lone barrel to the
    right of the Orlock stable hold another *Apple Gel*. Again the barrel next to
    Reid's house hold yet another *Apple Gel*. In Reid's house, head for the
    basement and inspect the jar of green stuff for an *Apple Gel*. More
    importantly, check the chest in the basement for a *Lens* (See Extras for more
    info about Lens).
    The path beside Reid's house leads to the forest you were in before and is
    not accesible at this point of time. At the bottom of the screen is the Elder's
    house. Move in and check the yellow vase to the left of the room to receive
    *500 Gald*. Next use the ladder to reach the 2nd storey and inspect the
    bookshelf to the left of the Elder's bed. This will net you the *Collector's
    Book* which records all the items you have had before.
    Exit the house and head down the screen. This is the last screen before the
    exit so enter the shop [(VII)I] and spend away. Remember to investigate the
    armor displayed next to the counter. You may find a *Recipe:Omelette* there.
    Also the guy opposite the shop offers you a trade of your current weapon to a
    Short Sword, Hand Axe or a Short Spear. You can trade an unlmited number of 
    times so you can experiment on which weapon you are more comfortable with.
    Lastly head to the house with the sealed door. Check the door for a *Lens*.
    Onwards to the world map!!!
    --College Woes--                                                        [(V)II]
      Regulus Dojo - Apple Gelx2, Orange Gel, Leather Helmet, Lid Shield, Recipe,
                     Lensx2, Manual
      Town of Academia, Mintche - Melange Gel, Recipe, Lens
    Well its the same old same old world map you see in most RPGs. Walk to your
    destination while fighting random enemies. However a slight difference, the day
    changes to night and the enemies get tougher (Castlevania?). But if you want to
    save yourself the trouble, just press Square and camp to return the time to 
    Cross the bridge, the first structure you see is the Regulus Knoll which is
    locked. Next is the Regulus Dojo which you should skip for a while first. For
    now head to the Rasheans River Pier. There you will have some story advancement
    and a new destination. Regulus Dojo Pier. 
    However before you enter the dojo, you may want to head SSE of the dojo
    towards the end of the cliff. You will enter a hidden area on the map with a
    lone man. He will teach you the 'Range Attack' command. Now enter the dojo.
    <Regulus Dojo>
    The building to the right is the 3 Shops [(VII)II] so stock up. The building 
    to the right is the Inn. Enter it and head for the second floor. There you
    will see a yellow kettle which is actually.....guess what??? WONDER CHEF who
    teaches you the *Recipe:Beef Stew*. Also in the same room check the vase
    between the 2 beds to find a *Lid Shield* (how did that get there?).
    Now head for the actual dojo.
    Name:8 monks
    Attacks: Martial Arts.
    Well not exactly a BOSS but more of a special fight. You will be surrounded by
    8 of them. Basically just concentrate on one side before moving on to the next
    Try using Lightning Blade to hit all 4 on a side at once. Not too difficult.
    Once you defeat them, you are free to roam the Dojo. Before you enter the
    hallway, there are 2 hidden chests behind the red barrels? in front of the
    entrance to the dojo. You will receive the *Leather Helmet* and *Apple Gel* 
    from them. Also in the same room, search the jar beside the statue to get
    another *Apple Gel*.
    In the hallway with many rooms, follow the man into his room. After the events
    that take place, head into the other rooms to learn more about fighting
    techniques. In the 2nd room from the right, search the table of cups near the
    entrance to find a *Lens*. Also talk to the guy on the right and choose the
    Manual option to get the *Manual* item which allows you to fight manually. In
    the rightmost room, an event will take place. After which, search the jar 
    near the door to find an *Orange Gel*. Also search the present nearby to find
    yet another *Lens*.
    Head to the Rasheans River Pier again.
    <Rasheans River Pier>
    All you have to do here is go to the pier and talk to Paollo. Then you will
    start a mini game. 
    +++MINI GAME+++
    Use the directional buttons left and right to navigate the raft. Press and hold
    X to accelerate. If you accelerate to full, you lose the ability to navigate.
    If you crash, you will just lose control and spin around...much like racing.
    To my knowledge there is no real reward except a title if you do not crash 
    much...so just have fun!!
    Next head to the nearest building in sight...The Town of Academia, Mintche
    <The Town of Academia, Mintche>
    Not much to do here. First pass the inn and head into the next building facing
    the path to enter the shop [(VII)III]. The Building beside the shop is the
    cafeteria where you can get a *Recipe:Hamburger* by inspecting the Pink
    Next head to the left of the entrance screen. There is a library there. From
    the library, head up where you can play an optional mini game.
    +++MINI GAME+++
    Pick up crystals to change your aura. The enemy's aura will always be the
    opposite of yours. Press X to unleash the Elemental Bomb which will either
    push of pull the ball depending on the ball's aura. Opposite auras attract
    while the same repel. The objective is to hit the opponent with the ball 3
    times for 3 rounds.Win and get the title "MASTER ROLLER".
    Next check the tree on the path next to entrance to this playground to get
    a *Lens*.
    From the library, head left to enter the Mintche University. Your main
    destination is the middle door but take time to head up to the 2nd highest
    storey. Enter the middle room and take a test which tests you on various Namco
    games as well as the Tales of Destiny game. 30 questions in all which will get
    you a *Melange Gel* and the title of "NAMCO TEACHER". Afterwhich, head to the
    middle room on the first floor and observe the new events.
    --Up the hill--                                                        [(V)III]
    Mt. Mintche - Orange Gel, Saber, Apple Gel, Pole Axe, 600 Gald
    Mt. Mintche Observatory - Holy Bottle, Lens
    (OPTIONAL)Mintche University - Lens
    <Mt. Mintche>
    From Town of Academia, Mintche, head SouthWest on the world map till you reach
    Mt. Mintche. It can be seen on the mini map as a red dot. Enter. The screen
    should be full of zombies moving around. Unlike other areas, this area's
    battles are not randomly generated. Once you touch an enemy, the battle begins.
    The enemies that appear from the holes in the cliff are infinite. However only
    3 enemies will circle around near the door at one time. Once you kill one of
    them, another will appear to take it's place. The only way to stop them from 
    reappearing is to block the hole in the wall with a boulder.So as much as you
    can, avoid the enemy and try to move the rock into the image of a shimmering
    rock. This will trigger the rock to fall down the cliff and block the hole.
    In the first screen, there are 2 treasure chests to the right after the first
    wave of enemies. They contain a *Orange Gel* and *Saber* respectively. The next
    screen is a camp screen. Take this time to rest and restore your HP. It does
    not restore your TP or dead characters though. You can rest there an unlimited
    number of times.
    In the third screen, there is an *Apple Gel* under a tree right next to where
    you are to come in from. On the ledge above that, there is a bag of *600 Gald*
    and a chest of *Pole Axe*. You have to take the long way and clear through 2 
    waves of enemies first. After the 3rd screen its a straightforward route 
    across bridges with the usual random battles all the way to the Mt. Mintche
    <Mt. Mintche Observatory>
    After the story event, re-enter the Observatory. Check out the 4 EMPTY chests
    at the upper level for a funny dialogue. The check the lone chest on the lower
    level for a *Holy Bottle*. The big chest beside the chest with the holy bottle
    hides a *Lens*. You are now joined by Keele.
    <Mintche University>
    You may want to head back to Mintche University and enter the once unaccessible
    Water Craymel Room and search the control panel(not the whiteboard) for a
    *Lens*. Note that you may do this later in the game so its not too mandatory.
    --Rising Waves--                                                        [(V)IV]
    Nostos Cave - Orange Gelx2, Panacea Bottle, Protector, Chain Arms, Circlet,
                  Life Bottle, Rapier, Battle Axe, Lens
    East from Mintche is the entrance to the Nostos Cave. This cave is actually an
    underground network to the adjacent island. Head there to continue this amazing
    <Nostos Cave>
    At the entrance you will find a "portable" shop of sorts  [(VII)IV]. Stock up
    on Apple Gels and move into the entrance of the cave. The minute you enter you
    will be faced with a crossroad. Head up for now and collect the *Orange Gel*
    lying at the edge of the crevice.
    Now back to the crossroads, head right. Follow the path and grab the *Panacea
    Bottle* along the way. After a detour, you will reach a screen with 2 treasure
    chests. Grab one of them *Protector* then head further down from the chest to
    go 'under' the cliff and get the second chest containing *Chain Arms*. By now
    you should have noticed soem treasure chests that are inaccessible. Ignore them
    for now...and no! you can't jump over the crevices. These chests can be 
    accessed when the water level rises. 
    The water level rises when the tide changes from low to high. I was unable to
    determine the exact procedure of getting the tide to change but I do know that
    it does not involve just standing and waiting (I waited once for 20 odd mins 
    but nothing happened). My best guess would be the number of steps you have
    taken but again this is not confirmed. Whatever the case may be, all you have
    to do is wander around the cave till a message appears indicating the change in
    the tide. The pattern in which it will change is as below :
              |-->Low Tide-->Middle Tide--->High Tide--->Middle Tide-->|
              |                                                        |
    For now I encourage you to continue through the cave till you reach a camp
    site but remember to save and heal Reid and Keele. There you will be fighting
    a BOSS...
    Name   :Egg Bear                       Levels
    HP     :                               Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Weak   :                                13     x      x      12
    Strong :
    Attacks: Claw Jab, Double Claw strike, Claw Upper
    Your first real BOSS on your adventure. You only have Reid and Keel in your
    party but this is more than sufficient. While Keele is blasting his spells 
    away at the back, you should be in the frontline taking and dishing damage.
    Retreat only to heal. Since the Egg Bear is rather large, a good skill to use
    would be Demon Hammer which easily comboes with Wind Blade. Victory awaits..
    Now you will automatically camp and once you are done, it should be high tide
    When it is in Middle Tide, the room with the 3 treasures will be accessible.
    There you can grab a *Circlet*, *Life Bottle* and a *Rapier*. At High Tide,
    the lone chest on a cliff is available for the grabbing netting you a *Battle
    Axe*. However during High Tide, the route from the entrance to the exit of
    the cave is blocked and can only be crossed when the tide changes to Middle or
    Once you have grabbed all the treasures, move past the camp site till you see
    the walls stained with blood. Head to the right of the screen grab the
    *Orange Gel* and continue till you reach ground zero. In the room above that,
    search the pile of wood to get yet another of those *Lens*es. Backtrack to 
    the room with the blood and head out to the exit.
    --Fishing!!--                                                            [(V)V]
    Treetop Village, Morle - Holy Bottle, Recipex2, Orz Earrings, Lens,
                     Inferia Map, Monster Book
    Backwood - Knight Saber, Chirp Whistle, Iron helmet
    Undine Stream - Poison Charmx2, Feather Robe, Silk Cloak, Lens, Mace,
                    Iron Wrist, Melange Gelx2, Hydra Dagger, Apple Shield
    After exiting the cave, you should be able to have the Treetop Village, Morle
    in your sights. However resist the temptation of entering it and instead make a
    detour and head towards the Northern beach. You would have to squeeze between
    some mountains to reach the beach. Once you arrive at the beach, head West 
    along the beach till you reach the end of the beachline. There you should see
    a part of the mountains forming a 'V' shape at its base. The area should be
    forested. Head there and you will meet that old guy again who will give you the
    "Focus Attack" command. Now you can head for the village.
    <Treetop Village, Morle>
    Once you enter, it would seem to be a very direct one way to its summit. On the
    way you will encounter a ladder. Head up and move to the top building where
    an optional event will occur. In that room is the Treetop  [(VII)V] shop that
    sells food items. A barrel with a sign in that room contains a *Holy Bottle*
    and the pumpkin beside it is actually the Cook who gives you the 
    *Recipe:Garden Salad*. Also the house one level below this is the Traveller's
    Shop  [(VII)V] selling armor/weapons/etc. 
    Now head back down the ladder and
    continue upwards. Soon you will see the path split into 2. One heading down the
    other heading left. Head left first and avoid the <Backwood> for now. You
    should arrive at Mazet's house. Once the event is over, you should have
    received the *Orz Earrings*. Head back into Mazet's house and search the
    fireplace for a *Lens*. Then head upstairs and inspect the chest who turns out
    to be the Cook who teaches you *Recipe:Fruit Juice*. Now enter the <Backwood>.
    A very straight-forward mini dungeon. There is only 1 way to go so you will not
    get lost. In the 2nd screen, there is a *Knight Saber*. The 3rd screen is a
    camp site. The 4th holds a *Chirp Whistle* and the fifth is resident to an
    *Iron Helmet*. Use the vine to enter the lower level of screen 5 to get to the
    final screen where you enounter a...
    Name   : Insect Plant                  Levels
    HP     : 8800                          Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Weak   : Fire                           15    15      15     14
    Strong : Water
    Attacks: Release Hornets, Shoot Rocks, Dash
    Although you are without Meredy, you will not actually find the battle too
    difficult. The Boss may seem intimidating but Keele has a Fire Spell that would
    help dramatically. The only attack that you should look out for is the Dashing
    attack of the plant. This attack throws you into the air and hits for a lot.
    You cannot defend against neither can you jump so the only thing would be to 
    run in the opposite direction. Just keep whacking the Boss and there he goes.
    Now head back to Mazet's house. There Mazet will give you the *Inferia Map* and
    a new destination. Later, head out then back into his house and talk to Mazet
    again. He will then give you the *Monster Book*.
    FYI the Forest of Temptation is out of bounds for now...so...
    Head NorthEast from Morle to...
    <Undine Stream>
    A beautiful place. Follow the path heading upwards and grab the *Poison Charm*
    from beneath the Tree. Equip this on either yourself or Farah as you 2 are the
    main frontline attackers and thus more prone to being poisoned. From here you 
    should be able to see a shallow water path, one heading right the other heading
    down. Take the path to the right and grab a *Feather Cloak*. Backtrack and head
    head down nabbing a *Silk Cloak*. Before you cross the shallow waters to the 
    very left, head up at the edge of the stream (above the 2 rays of lights) to
    enter the vegetation. Search at the end for a *Lens*. Now move all the way to
    the exit of this screen (which is in the top right hand corner).
    From the log, use the path hidden by the trees to rach a *Mace*. Continue and
    use the gravel path to reach the *Iron Wrists*. Continue to the next screen
    where you can use the rocks to help you get another *Poison Charm*. As you
    continue, you will notice that your path is blocked by a small waterfall
    leaving you with the lone choice of entering the cave behind a waterfall. After
    the event there, grab the *Melange Gel* in the chest and head out of the cave.
    Viola!! the small waterfall is gone and you can continue your journey.
    Cross the stream and head to the right where if you look hard enough, you can
    see a chest with a *Hydra Dagger* hidden very nicely under the trees at the end
    of a path. Skip the chest in the middle of the screen for now and head up to
    the top of the screen where you will see a chest containing a *Melange Gel*.
    Now from this 'level' of the cliff, you can climb down from the left of the
    screen to reach the once unreachable chest in the middle and receive the *Apple
    Shield*. Exit from the top left hand corner and get ready for...
    ////BOSS Prep////
    First move Meredy and Keele all the way to the back. Then make their Battle TP
    at maximum. Disable all skills but 'Lightning' for Meredy and 'Fireball' for
    Keele. Enable 'Healer' for Farah.
    Name   : Undine                        Levels
    HP     : 6800                          Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Weak   : Lightning                      17    17     17      17      
    Strong : Water
    Attacks: Aqua Edge, Spear of Baptism, Subterranean Divide, Dashing Thrust
    Drops  : Mental Bracelet, Talisman
    A tough BOSS. This is where i felt the difficulty ramp. No longer does the 
    rushing and relentless attacking work on killing an enemy any longer. 
    Let Meredy and Keele stay at the back blasting spells one after another. All
    of Undine skills pass through you allies meaning it hits one after another. 
    This is something you would not like to happen as it disturbs the rhythm of
    spell-casting. Thus your MAIN mission in the frontline is to stop this from 
    happening. All of Undine's attacks save Aqua Edge which she does not cast often
    can be defended against using the 'Defend' command. Defending against it will
    cancel her attack thus protecting the allies behind you. 
    Do not think you can win by just standing in front of Undine and holding the
    'Defend' button. If you defend for too long, it will not work. You only can
    start defending just as she is beginning to attack.
    When Undine charges up, it means she is casting either one of her 3 water
    spells. You should immediately move a few steps away from her and with you back
    facing your allies, Defend! This will injure you a little but saving your
    When Undine jumps backwards it signals that she is going to thrust. Immediately
    defend! Attack after Undine has attacked as she usually has a recovering lag.
    Using this setup, only Farah and Reid would get hurt. However Farah would
    sustain Reid and herself with her 'Healer' skill. Watch your health and be
    prepared to use an 'Apple Gel' if need be. Make sure Farah's TP is kept high as
    'Healer' drains her TP monstrously. Persevere and you will succeed.
    After which explore the Craymel command then head out of the <Stream> the same
    way you came.
    --Lost in the woods--                                                   [(V)VI]
    Forest of Temptation Part 1 - Iron Arms, Melange Gel, 400 Gald, Iron Wrist,
                                  Misty Robe, Life Bottlex2, Holy Bottle, Syrup
                                  Bottle, Pine Gel, Flare Bottle, Silk Cloak, Lens
    Forest of Temptation Part 2 - Panacea Bottle, Reverse Doll, Lemon Gel,
                                  Charm Bottle, Water Crystal, Pine Gel, Orange
                                  Gelx2, Apple Gel, Specs, 700 Gald, Wind Crystal,
                                  Miracle Gel, Rune Bottle, Bastard Sword
    Enemies : Spectre(16), Grim Reaper(18), Skeleton(31), Ghoul(67), Jungler(247)
    Head back to Morle to rest up if you need it then head east into the...
    <Forest of Temptation>
    This place is a nightmare!!! Its humungous and worse yet its so repetitive. The
    whole area although is 52 screens big, it is only made up of at most 6-7
    different screens. This made me think i was walking in circles when actually I
    was not. Basically I have 2 ways to walk you through this area. One is by
    directions and the other by a map. With a map the forest looks relatively...
    easy. Anyway I chose the map. Find it at 
    "http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/3724.html" if it gets uploaded.
    All of the information you need to cross the area should be found in the map.
    But in case you can't get it for some reason I will give a BRIEF walkthrough
    here. In the first part, you have to find 4 statues lying around in the forest.
    The alignment should be...(The letter and number refers to MY map)
    A1 - Deity of Destruction (Face Right)
    B1 - Deity of Confusion (Face Right)
    F3 - Deity of Order (Face Left)
    F4 - Deity of Creation (Face Left)
    This would cause Quickie to lead you to a new passageway.
    The second part warrants you to find 5 zombie like creatures which actually are
    called Junglers.
    !!!MINI BOSS!!!
    Name   : Junglers                      Levels
    HP     : 5400                          Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Weak   : Fire                           20    20      20     20
    Attacks: Thrust Feather, Jabs, Swings
    Irritating? Yes. This guy loves to jump from one end of the screen to the other
    forcing you to change from "Forward" to "Reverse" constantly to save your back
    characters. Overall he is fast. One way to easily defeat him is to trap him in
    a corner and command the 'Stream' spell you got from Undine. Get used to
    fighting him. Remember to heal if necessary.
    After you defeat all 5 zombies, a path will open in the room where a man lies
    dead with 5 statues surrounding him. This leads straight for the exit. Phew!!
    --Seasickness--                                                        [(V)VII]
    Overworld - Water Crystal, Water Shard
    Inferia City - Bellabane, Recipex2, Lensx2, Pine Gel, Boarding Pass
    Inferia Castle - Dark Bottle, Lemon Gel, Pine Gel, Lens
    Port of Inferia - Recipe, Fire Crystal, Lens
    Port of Barole - Kite Sheild, Water Shard, Recipe, Lens, Ahmet Helmet
    City of Trade, Barole - Holy Bottle, Recipe, Elixer, Shamsel, Water Crystal
                            Lens, Recipe
    Before you enter the Inferia City which is North of the exit of the Forest of
    Temptation, head far North past the City and past the Port of Inferia. At the
    edge of the continent, you will enter a secret area with 2 bags; one containing
    a *Water Crystal* the other a *Water Shard*. Now head for the Inferia City.
    <Inferia City>
    4 shops for your perusal here. One is in the entrance screen. This is the Item
    Shop, Golden Dreams [(VII)VI]. Head right to find the inn. In the Inn, head to
    the 2nd floor and examine the pot between the 2 doors to get a *Bellabane*. In
    the same area, inspect the stand beside the guy standing near the window.
    Recipe time!!! You will learn the *Recipe:Cream Stew*. If you feel like it,
    sleep in this hotel for some comical events. In the screen with the Inn, the
    weapon shop can be found beside the 2 bickering people. Also there is a
    mysterious locked area.
    Head up to find yourself outside the entrance of the "Seyfert Sanctuary".
    Remember this area for later on. Further up you will find the Imperial
    Playhouse. Contrary to my expectations, it turned out to be a theatre where you
    can find a *Lens* in the plant near the stairs and a *Recipe:Soft Cake" from
    the plant near the door. Also you can view the current play, The Tale of Ultus
    Veigh. The whole play is rather pricey being split up into 8 Acts.
    Act 1 -      10 Gald
    Act 2 -      50 Gald
    Act 3 -     200 Gald
    Act 4 -    1000 Gald
    Act 5 -    5000 Gald
    Act 6 -   20000 Gald
    Act 7 -      ?? Gald
    Act 8 -      ?? Gald
    Heading left from the Playhouse, you will reach the entrance of the Castle.
    Incidentally, in this screen you can find another shop. It is the person
    standing next to the Astronomy(selling Ingredients). Head down to find the
    Arena which I do not recommend you trying at the moment and the last shop 
    (selling weapons). In the Shop of Valor, search the plant near the door for
    a *Pine Gel*. The Royal Observatory of Astronomy is out of bounds for now so
    head for the castle. After which, head for the Observatory. After the event
    that happens at the top of the building, head out and then head to the Seyfert
    Sanctuary found at the east of town near the Imperial Playhouse. You will end
    up in the Castle.
    <Inferia Castle>
    When you are able to control your party, head right and down the stairs. Head
    down the stair again and search the pots near the stairs you came from to 
    receive the *Dark Bottle*. Head back up and exit to the main garden. Here move
    towards the West Wing and enter it. Head down the stairs to go into the
    soldier's rest area. Search the open chest here for a *Lemon Gel*. Back in the
    first floor, head into the Kitchen and search the basket of fruits for a 
    *Pine Gel*. Now head up the stairs and enter the door for the event to
    continue. The next day, search the Chest of Drawers next to the bed Reid was
    sleeping in to find a *Lens*. Now go to the Audience Chamber.
    <Inferia City>
    You will receive the *Boarding Pass* at the entrance of the castle. Now head
    for the once unaccessible Observatory and continue to the highest level and
    enter the Observatory Room. At the bottom of the screen is a stack of papers on
    a wooden shelf. Search that for a *Lens*. Finished with the City, leave and
    enter the Port of Inferia which is located slightly North of the City.
    <Port of Inferia>
    Not much to do here. Enter the Shop, Angler and inspect the out-of-place blue
    anchor to learn the *Recipe:Fish Stew*. Also search the barrels in there to 
    find a *Fire Crystal*. The ship to the left heads to Mintche and the ship to
    the right to your destination...Barole. Outside the entrance of the ship to
    Barole should be a few barrels. Search it and receive another *Lens*.
    Board the ship to Barole. This is where Keele leaves your party. Don't worry
    he will return his equipment before he goes (why can't other RPGs do this?)
    In the Ship, you can rotate your view with the directional pad.
    <Port of Barole>
    From the stair leading to the ship, head directly down to find a chest
    containing a *Kite Shield*. However this being a trading country, you can only
    get it if you give up 4000 Gald. In the shop selling Seafood, a *Water Shard*
    can be found at the sink where all the seafood are being displayed. Down the
    stairs, search the box at the bottom of the screen and learn another 
    *Recipe:Calamari*. Near to the Wonder Chef, search the boxes hidden by the
    white shelter to net a *Lens*. To the right you can get another chest
    containing an *Ahmet Helmet* for 1440 Gald. Head out and West to reach the
    City of Trade, Barole.
    <City of Trade, Barole>
    The first shop right to the north of you is Maple where in it you can find a 
    *Holy Bottle* from the covered barrels near the entrance. The building with 
    the tables and chairs outside of it is the Scaroni Grill. Head to the second
    floor of the Grill and talk to the drinking man on the roof to learn a 
    *Recipe:Steak*. Outside the Grill, head left to another screen. Enter the 
    weapon shop and look for a some sort secret backdoor beside the display of
    swords. Talk to the girl and receive a *Elixer*. While you are there, grab the
    chest containing a *Shamsel*. Also the merchant outside the weapon shop plays
    a game with you. GRRRRRRRR. No matter what I try, i cannot win this stupid game
    so I'm just gonna skip it till i conquer it...THERE! 
    UPDATE: I found a way to defeat that merchant at his game....but I put it in
    the extras section [(IX)III] cos its rather lengthy. The rewards for defeating
    him is a *Lemon Gel*, the title "Mathematician" and *Miracle Gel*s for every
    time you beat him.
    Heading up from the merchant (GRRR) exits the City so head down where an event
    After the event, head to the flowers beside the advert of the Shop of Desire.
    Here you will find a *Water Crystal*. Then in the Shop of Desire itself, you
    can get a *Lens* at the golden pots next to the entrance. Head down and right.
    Here you can enter the Inn after you meet with Ras and he joins you. In the 
    inn, the flower pot beside the window holds a *Dark Bottle* while in the room,
    the wardrobe has a *Recipe:Pot Pie* in it.
    UPDATE 2 : Thanks to Russ Ridgeway <jedikestrel@hotmail.com> who notified me
    of this event. Well remember the thief that Farah helped? Yeah you can find
    him again in town. The locations are :
    1)Under the shelter near the Staircase.
    2)Hidden behind the item shop building
    3)Hiding in front of a cabinet in the inn
    4)Directly the area below the pot of food in the area with the Grill.
    After finding and catching him, you can find him in front of the inn where he
    will reward you with a *Rune Bottle*.
    Leave the City and head southwest.......
    --The Wind Howls--                                                    [(V)VIII]
    Items : 
    Sylph Cavern - Storm Shield, Melange Gelx2, 1800 Gald, Assault Dagger, Lens,
                   Orange Gel, Lemon Gel, Needle Glove, Arc Wind, Life Bottle,
                   Mental Ring
    Ship Passage - White Cloak, Fire Crystal, Melange Gel, Savory, Ahmet Helmet,
                   Crescent Axe, Lens, Tuna Gel, 6 Random Ingredients
    <Sylph Cavern>
    The start is a straight path till you reach the post with the 2 guards. Here
    the path splits in 2 but you cannot and will not be able to take the left fork.
    It will just push you back. So head past the guard post and into the cavern.
    You will notice the chest below you. This is inaccessible at this point of time
    so leave it be for now. Soon you will notice a hole in the ground. Wait for the
    hole to blow out air before you step on it. You only have a split second to do
    this else you have to wait for the air to appear again a few seconds later.
    This will bring you to the upper levels above the cavern. Avoid going through
    the 2 whirlwinds and grab the chest containing the *Storm Shield*. Now you have
    to squeeze through the 2 whirlwinds. You may get hurt while trying but no
    biggie. Going back down in the cavern is the exact opposite. Jump while no wind
    is blowing. This is easy.
    Here Ras will create a rope to cross the windy areas. If you miss or move away
    from the rope, you will get pushed by the wind all the way to the entrance of
    the cavern (i.e. the guard post). Past the 'gorge', you will need to go above
    the cavern again. Here is a bag containing a *Melange Gel*. The other hole in
    this area leads you to a new underground area which may seem small but can be
    exit from the unseen path to the left. Here you will reach the Camp area.
    In the screen after the camp area, you will pass by an exit where you can see
    light shining from it. This leads back to the entrance of the cavern (i.e. the
    guard post) so avoid it unless you need to go back to heal or something. 
    Instead head for the hole to blow you above the cavern. Once up head to the 
    bottom right hand corner to get another *Melange Gel*. Now drop down the other
    hole at the top of the screen to another part of the cavern. Walk all the way
    to the other end and head back to above the cavern again. Here you will see
    3 paths leading to the other side. The middle path has a chest but it is a 
    TRAP!!! avoid it for now and use the upper or lower paths to make a detour.
    Grab the *Assault Dagger* and *1800 Gald* on the other side. You wil see the
    hole but walk past it and head to the end of the path. Search near the cliffs
    to find a hidden *Lens*. Drop down and grab the bag of *Orange Gel*. Instead of
    going down the stairs, continue along the path and keep the *Lemon Gel* you
    find. Go up above the cavern again then use the other hole to go down.
    You will find yourself in a familiar area. This is the first screen of the
    cavern except you are on the lower level so you can grab that chest you could
    see before containing a *Needle Glove*. From the chest, head a little down and
    to the right to go under the above platform. Skip past the other cave entrance
    you see and blow yourself up to above the cavern. Here you will find the *Arc
    Wind*. Now back down the same hole and enter deeper into the cavern. Near the
    entrance you will find a bag. In it will be a *Life Bottle*. Continue along the
    path and after the Load Point, you will fight...
    Name   : Sylph                         Levels
    HP     : 6600                          Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Weak   : Earth                          24    24     24      24     
    Strong : Wind
    Attacks: Sylphid Arrow, Sagittarius Arrow, Wind Blade, Air Thrust, Wind Arrow
    Drops  : Protect Ring, Life Bottle
    !!!MINI BOSS!!!
    Name   : Arms
    HP     :
    Strong :
    Attacks: A flurry of punches.
    You will be fighting against Sylph and 2 Arms. The first thing you should do is
    to kill the 2 Arms. They are downright irritating providing backup for Sylph
    and are easier to hit than Sylph you is hovering a head above you. Beware of
    their punches though. They knock you off your feet.
    Once Sylph is left alone, he is basically not a threat. Take turns jumping and
    hitting him while getting Meredy cast 'Spread' and 'Undine' if possible. The 
    only thing you should look out for is keeping the HP of all your members above
    500. This is due to the fact that if Sylph casts 'Air Thrust' (The spell you
    are going to learn from him), it could wipe out a weak character. 'Air Thrust'
    is unblockable but the damage may be reduced by jumping when the blades are
    flying towards you. This may save you but not your team as it is hard to get
    all of them to jump at the right time.
    Once Sylph is in your party, be sure to use the C.Cage command putting Undine
    in one craymel cage and Sylph in another. Fringe them to learn 'Air Thrust' and 
    'Heal'. NOTE: 'Heal' disappears if both Greater Craymels are in one cage.
    Now retrace your steps back to the area above the cavern where the path splits
    in 3 and i told you the middle path was a trap. FALL IN THE TRAP to get 
    yourself the last treasure in the cavern, the *Mental Bracelet*. You also get
    a free ride out of the cavern. While exiting the place you will lose Ras but
    will gain Keele and a Craymel Arte...the Aerial Board.
    With your new found Aerial Board, you can cross anything even oceans but you 
    cannot pass through forests and mountains. Well you should have seen a few
    places which are unmarked on the map but contains treasures...and there are
    many more than that which you can now access.
    Some of the places which you may go can be found in the Extras [(IX)IV]. You
    also could drop by Farlos Sanctuary in the centre of the world map. But I will
    cover that later. You are basically free to explore but whatever you do AVOID
    THE AREAS IN THE NORTH. Going there is basically signing your death warrant.
    The critters there are tough!
    While you are on the Overworld take time to ride a ship to any destination. 
    Take the first-class passage where you can get a *White Cloak* in the chest,
    *Fire Crystal*, *Melange Gel* and a *Savory* in 3 different shelves in the
    room you are staying in a first class passage. On the deck, find an
    *Ahmet Helmet* and a *Crescent Axe*. In the second class area, in the corner
    room, you will find a Sea Merchant [(VII)IX] who will sell you rare stuff 
    and in that same room, a *Lens* in the pots at the top of the room. Lastly
    in the Cafeteria back in the first class areas, you can get a *Tuna Gel*
    and 6 random(i think) Ingredients from the dish above the chest you just
    looted. NOTE: You may find Katrine in the Cafeteria and if you do, your
    passage is cut short and you reach your destination. You have to take the
    boat again to grab the remaining stuff.
    If you take 2nd class, you will be unable to meet the merchant or enter the
    Your final destination should be the City of Scorched Sand, Chambard. It is
    found in the island in the East. You can find the exact location with your
    Inferia Map.
    --The Burning Heat--                                                    [(V)IX]
    Items : 
    Chambard - 1000 Gald, Recipex2, Lensx2, Elven Boots, Rune Bottle
    Efreet's Gorge - Venom, Sage, Flare Cape, Lemon Gel, Lavender, Life Bottle,
                     Cross Helm, Square Shield, Bracelet, Blue Ribbon, Rune Bottle,
                     Fire Shard, Lens
    <City of Scorched Sand, Chambard>
    Basically there is nothing to do here to continue the storyline but basically
    you are here to grab some goodies. First in the room of the inn, near the 
    entrance, check the vase of flowers to find *1000 Gald*. In the same room, the
    bed at the top of the screen holds the Wonder Chef with the 
    *Recipe:Carbonara*. From the entrance of the inn, head left and enter the
    beach area. Here you can play a mini game...
    +++MINI GAME+++ Chamballoons
    The objective is simple. Destroy all the balloons in a set time in 1 stage.
    Altogether there are 5-6(don't remember) stages. This will get you the title,
    "King of Balloons". The best weapon you have to beat this game is the skill
    'Demon Hammer' as it hits high and low quickly in succession. 
    Also the fountain above the man who plays the game, search the grey signboard
    to find a *Lens*. On the beach, hidden on the right side is a chest with a pair
    of *Elven Boots*. Now head to the left and up to reach the Chambard Bistro
    which is an arena for chefs. The entry fee is 10,000 Gald. I will cover the
    battle in a later update.
    Also in the arena, you can find 2 shops [(VII)X] selling the largest variety
    of ingredients in the room behind the counter near the entrance. Also to the
    left of the entrance screen of the arena is a champagne bottle which hides a
    *Recipe:Seafood Pasta*. Head up the stairs and at the table in the centre,
    search in-between the chairs to find another *Lens*. Outside the Bistro, head
    to the right to reach the upper level of the first screen you were at when you
    first entered the City. 
    The weird lady standing there is an important one. She is called Irene and will
    reward you with items based on the number of lens you have found thus far...to
    find the list of rewards, head to the Extras [(IX)I]. The shop next to her
    called Running Water, holds a *Rune Bottle* in the white sacks on the right
    side of the shop.
    <Efreet's Gorge>
    This place is special in the sense that it can hurt you. For every second you
    spend in the area, you get damaged (much like the poison status). Well this
    does not happen from the start though. At the start, Undine will take damage
    for your party. She has a set HP which will decrease in time. Once it is
    depleted, you start taking damage on your own. As far as i know, there is no
    way to restore Undine's HP other than exiting the dungeon so be quick!!!
    From when you enter the cave, use the path heading up to reach a *Venom*. Then
    make a detour to the right side of the screen to move on to the next. In the
    next screen, you can see a chest holding a *Sage*. Moving up, you will reach
    a screen where you will see fire raging on the ground. Avoid touching them as
    it will hurt you/Undine quite a bit. At the top of this screen is a *Flare
    Cape* and to the left is a *Lemon Gel*. In order to reach the exit of this
    screen, you have no choice but to rush through a wall of fire so do it. You
    will reach camp.
    The screen after the camp holds 3 doors which you cannot open yet so skip it
    and move on. In the next screen, you will see those fires again. This time you
    may need to cross these walls of flame to reach some chests. The room holds a
    *Lavender*, *Life Bottle*, *Cross Helmet* and a *Square Shield*. In the last
    room before the BOSS, you will see eruption of flames from the ground. Undine
    informs you that she cannot protect you from these flames so get your timing
    right. The 2 chests in the area hold a *Bracelet* and a *Blue Ribbon*. 
    Name   : Efreet                        Levels
    HP     : 24,000                        Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Weak   : Water                          27    27     27      27     
    Strong : Fire
    Attacks: Burning Beast, Fear Flame, Flame Wave, Punches
    Drops  : Black Onyx, Life Bottle
    Efreet kind of reminds me of the BOSSes of Capcom's VS series. He does not get
    knock backed and is huge. Furthermore, you have to jump to injure him as he is
    considered as floating. You cannot dash through him and will get hurt in the
    process. As such, if he traps you in the corner, expect the whole party to get
    injured badly. 'Burning Beast' is damaging and cool to see but is easily
    blocked by defending. 'Flame Wave' is much like Reid's 'Twin Sonic Blade' and
    can be jumped over. 'Fear Flame' is unblockable so....oh well. On the overall,
    Efreet is easy.
    All you have to do throughout the whole fight is getting Meredy/Keele to cast
    'Spread' and 'Air Thrust' and summon 'Undine' and 'Sylph' when you can.
    Meanwhile, Reid should be doing 'Demon Hammer' while Farah should heal. Just
    keep this up and he will fall with relative ease.
    After the fight, you receive the Sorcerer's Ring which allows you to shoot a
    ball of light by pressing R1. After fringing for new spells, head back to the
    room with 3 unopenable doors. Now use the Sorcerer's ring on them to open them.
    In each room, use the Sorcerer's Ring on the emblem on the wall to summon 
    an enemy, Death who isn't to tough. Once defeated, you receive a chest.
    The chest in the top room holds a *Rune Bottle*, the middle holds a
    *Fire Shard* and the bottomost room holds a *Lens*. After grabbing all these,
    head out.
    --Ascension to Heaven--                                                  [(V)X]
    Items : 
    (OPTIONAL)Rasheans Forest - Lens
    Mt. Farlos Sanctuary - Lens
    Mt. Farlos - Crystal Robe, Dual Helm, Omega Shield, Flare Bottle, Apple Gel,
                 Emerald Ring, Warrior Symbol, Orange Gel, Lemon Gel, Trident,
                 2600 Gald, Life Bottle, Lens
    <Rasheans Forest>
    Since you will not be back for some time. This is the best time to go around
    the world looking for secret places and find all the treasures you can as well
    as some training if you feel you need some. One place to note will be Rasheans
    Forest. At the start of the game, this area was inaccessible but now it is.
    There is only one thing of interest in it which is the *Lens* found at the
    wreckage of Meredy's Ship. Actually its on a part outside of the crater. Search
    from the top.
    Mt. Farlos is located south of the crescent island. On the island of Mt. Farlos
    head into the lone forest to find the 'soldier with no name' who will teach you
    the "Back Attack" command.
    <Mt. Farlos Sanctuary>
    In the Sanctuary is a nun selling some goods  [(VII)XI]. Head into the room on
    the left. Here search the dresser to find a *Lens*. While on your way out, the
    priest will teach Farah the 'Life' Skill resurrecting a dead character. Head
    into the mountains.
    <Mt. Farlos>
    In the first screen itself, shrouded by some trees is a chest with a 
    *Crystal Robe*. Further up, you will see a chest beside a cliff holding a 
    *Dual Helm*. There are 2 paths to the next screen take the lower one first.
    Grab the *Omega Shield* then take the upper path. In the screen with the chest,
    grab the chest the next chance you have cos as you head further up, the whole
    area will be no longer inaccesible and you would lose grabbing a *Flare Bottle*
    Now that the landslide has occured, you are able to access the bridge in first
    screen. In the screen after the bridge, take the path heading down to reach
    a bag with a *Apple Gel* in it. The rest of the way is VERY straightforward
    and you cannot possible get lost. 2 screens after you meet Farah lies a chest
    of an *Emerald Ring*. In the screen with the falling rocks, head left instead
    of climbing upwards to reach a *Warrior Symbol*. Then continue upwards. In a 
    screen which looks like the one where the landslide occurs lies a chest with a
    *Orange Gel* and as you go a few more screens a bag with a *Lemon Gel*. In the
    third falling rock screen, head left to find a *Trident* and in the fourth,
    head right to find *2600 Gald*.
    An interesting portion of the mountain is the screen with ropes leading to the
    exit. Quickie will be helping you here. Give him/it/she these commands to open
    your way out :
      Right!, Go!, Now!, Now!, There!, Now!, Go!, Now!, There!, Go!, There!, There!
    In the screen after that lies a bag containing a *Life Bottle*. In the next
    screen Farah will rejoin you and there lies the last Load Point for Disc 1.
    Before you go and touch it though, head to the rocks above it and search it to
    find a *Lens*. Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the door to open it. Enter and there
    is no return so make sure all preparations are done. Once you are prepared,
    enter the.....
    <Stone Sanctum>
    Only one thing to do here. Fight the last boss of Disc 1.
    Name   : Rassius                       Levels
    HP     : 4,408                         Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
                                            29    29     29      29     
    Attacks: Neo Swarm, Super Lightning Blade, Dragon Swarm, Dragon Flash
    Drops  : Heal Bracelet, Leather Cape
    Don't be fooled by his low HP, it amounts to the same as fighting other BOSSes
    as you do not damage him much. Rassius is dangerous!! All his attacks are party
    hitters meaning they probably will end up hitting the whole party. Although on
    the whole each hit does not damage much, it does multiple hits and hits fast.
    Never!!! Never!!! Never get stuck in a corner or he will decimate all of you.
    Your best bet of beating him is not to use any sword skills as he blocks them
    easily. Instead use projectiles like 'Twin Sonic Blade' and many spells. Leave
    the healing to Farah but she may not be enough as Rassius interrupts spells
    often so use items generously. 'Efreet' is your best bet to damage Rassius
    badly so try to get him out there.
    Persevere and you will win.
    After this battle, you will move on to Celestia...........
    <------------------------------END OF DISC 1---------------------------------->
    --Digging for Gold--                                                    [(V)XI]
    Items : 
    Cape Fortress - Lens, Melange Gel
    Imen - Melange Gel, Orange Gel, Striped Ribbon, Recipex2, Lens, Train Cage
    Ruined Village, Luiksha - Recipex2
    Mine of Gnome - Gold Bracelet, Savory, Hourglass, Ruby Wand, All-divide,
                    Red Shield, Elixer, Miracle Gel, Bellabane, Rune Bottle,
                    Lemon Gel, Pine Gel, Colain's Pot, WHIS, Gnome Pick, Bear Claw,
                    Ogre Lance, Mythril Circlet, Rabbit's Foot 
    Gnome's Village - Lens
    <Cape Fortress>
    The place you start out in disc 2 is called the Cape Fortress. Its a small area
    made up of a single screen with no enemies. Although small, it still holds
    treasure. On the ledge to the right of the door is a hidden *Lens*. Also
    through the door is a room to rest and a chest of *Melange Gel*. Now exit and
    head east to...
    This scene reminds me of Saga Frontier. Maybe the environment. Anyways, you
    will start at Meredy's house. You won't be able to enter her house till you
    visit 2 places: The Weapon shop and the Alchemy Workshop. In the Weapon shop,
    you can get some cool weapons  [(VII)XII]. Also a few items can be found
    around town; first check the pots beside the man selling Ingredients slightly
    north of Meredy's house. You should find a *Melange Gel*. The pots opposite the
    Alchemy Worshop holds an *Orange Gel*. Once you think you have seen enough of
    Imen, head back to Meredy's home.
    After you awake, head to the room above the stairs. Search the shelf in that
    room to find a *Striped Ribbon*. On your way out of Meredy's home, Search the
    vacuum like thingy near the entrance/exit. Meet the Wonder Chef!! (What in the
    world is he doing in Celestia?) He will teach you *Recipe:Sweet Rice*. Now
    head for the Library. The library can be found through the path the boy who
    called you 'Baldy' was blocking. It is somewhere near the Weapon shop. You will
    leave Meredy alone in the house and go exploring town. After you feel bored of
    Imen, head back to her house to rejoin the whole party. Before you leave Imen
    however, make sure you grab the *Recipe:Fruit Cocktail* in the library in a
    form of a book on the ground. Head east to the...
    <Imen Station>
    All you do here is get redirected back to Imen.......
    Head to the Weapon Shop and inspect the cannon like *Train Cage* to buy it for
    2,000 Gald. Back to the station...
    <Imen Station>
    Once you enter the train, you will play a
    +++MINI GAME+++  Craymel Express
    Well i tried this game dozens of times but could never get any reward or change
    in events despite anything i tried. Anyway the easiest way to stop at each
    station would be to brake 2 bars once Reid says "decrease speed!!" and brake
    all the way once he says "brake!". If anyone finds anything....pls mail me.
    <Luiksha Station>
    There are only shops  [(VII}XIII] here.
    <Ruined Village, Luiksha>
    You can find Galenos in the room right of the entrance of the big lab in 
    Luiksha. After Reid finished getting experimented on, head back through the
    basement to the rooms where you can rest and find a *Recipe:Bitter Tofu* by
    inspecting the rubbish bin near the beds. On your way out of the village, in
    the screen after the bridge, check the brown box among the ruins for yet
    another *Recipe:Hot Borsch* from the chef. Once again head back to the train
    <Luiksha Station>
    +++MINI GAME+++  Abandoned Mine
    Basically you hit 'X' to throw a bomb to destroy the enemies before the reach
    you and force you to battle. The easiest way to destroy them is to throw the
    bomb after the first enemy carraige appears fully on the screen. The bomb
    should explode right in the enemy's face. Once again i found no prize.
    <Mine of Gnome>
    Yet another dungeon done in map form....ASCII this time....
    1st floor
           _ _ _   _ _ _
          |     |_|     |
          |  2   _   3  |
          |_   _| |_   _|
           _| |_   _| |_             
          |     | |     |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
          |  1  | |  4   _ _ _ _ _ _ _  |         Notes : 
          |_ _ _| |_   _|             | |            _   
                   _| |_   _ _ _ _ _ _| |_          - '_'  and '| |' are links to
                  |     |_|      _G_      |           another screen
                  |  11  _   6  |_ _|  5  |
                  |_   _| |_   _ _ _ _   _|         - each number represents a
           _ _ _ _ _| |_   _| |_ _ _ _| |_            screen
          |             | |               |
          |     10      | |       7       |         - screen 9 is divided in 2
          |_   _ _ _   _| |_   _ _ _ _ _ _|           separate parts.
           _| |_   _| |_ _ _| |
          |     |_|   /       |                     - the link between screen 4 and
          |     G_   /   _ _ _|                       5 is direct (i.e. when you
          |  9  | | /   |                             exit from the right of screen
          |     |_|/ 8  |                             4, you immediately appear on
          |      _      |                             the left of screen 5)
          |_ _ _| |_ _L_|      
    You start in room 1. Follow the directions as given below.
    Room 1 : Grab the *Gold Bracelet*.
    Room 2 : In the room, you can rest and grab 1 of the 3 items (Dynamite, Shovel,
             Key). Grab the Dynamite.
    Room 3 : Grab the *Savory* on the far right. Blow up the rock with the Dynamite
    Room 4 : Pull the lever to get a chest containing an *Hourglass*. Pull again to
             fight 'Fake'. Be careful...it is tough...nigh impossible at this pt of
             time. A *Ruby Wand* is on the far left of the room. Head right to
             Room 5. 
    Room 5 : There are 2 paths leading to the left screen. Take the bottom path.
             The top needs the Shovel but do not bother going back to get it yet.
    Room 6 : Pull the lever for the chest. In it is the *All-divide*. Head down.
    Room 7 : Head to the bottom right of the screen for another lever which does
             nothing but has a chest beside the machine which is a *Red Shield*.
    Room 8 : Blow up the boulder. Ignore the lift for a while and blow the next
             boulder. Grab the chest full of a *Lemon Gel*.
    Room 9 : There is a chest with a *Pine Gel* in it here. Beside the chest you
             will notice a hole. Remember it!!! Now head up.
    Room 10: On the left side is an *Elixer*. Head up through the door with the
             yellow light.
    Room 11: On the left side are a *Miracle Gel* and a *Bellabane*. On the right
             side is a *Rune Bottle*. Now head back to the store in Room 2 and
             grab the shovel.
    Room 9 : After getting the shovel head back to Room 9 and inspect the hole.
             It should reveal the *Colain's Pot*.
    Room 2 : Head back to the store a last time and grab the key.
    Room 8 : Head to Room 8 and board the lift to use the key.
    Once in B1, you will camp and play a 
    +++MINI GAME+++  WHIS
    This minigame is really fun and reminds me alot of UNO(TM). Well listen to the
    rules well and have fun. Again....no reward found. Also once you finish 5
    rounds (aka 1 game) you will get the *WHIS* permanently. Use it to play again.
    Try it with different characters!!!
    Level B1
          _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _
         |             |_|     |_|     |
         |      _ _ 12  _   15  _   16 |
         |_   _|   |   | |_   _| |_   _|
          _| |_    |   |  _| |_    |||
         |_ 13_|   |   | |     |     -> Gnome's Village
               _ _ |   | |     |
              |        | |     |
              |_   _ _ | |     |  
               _| |_ _ _ |     |
              |                |
              |     14   G     |
              |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
    Room 12: This is the camp room. Near the campsite, there is an entrance going
             south to a semi-hidden screen (Room 13)
    Room 13: This room holds a *Gnome Pick*.
    Room 12: Near the bottom of the room, holds a *Bear Claw*.
    Room 14: This room has an *Ogre Lance* and a *Mythril Circlet*. You also will
             notice more gravel. Although it isn't necessary to dig any gravel, if
             you dig all 3 (1 in B1, 2 in 1st floor; marked 'G' on map) you will
             see a snipet of Reid and Farah.
    Room 15: In the upper right hand corner is a level where when pulled, gives you
             Dynamite. Grab it.
    Room 16: Blow the boulder. Grab the *Rabbit's Foot*. Head down to Gnome's
    <Gnome's Village>
    A very small area with a few shops [(VII)XIV] and a hidden *Lens* at the
    bottom left of the screen on the walls of the cliff. It is close to the lone
    Gnome that says 'Pooooo...?'. Issit me or are the lenses getting harder to
    find. In the next room is the Greater Craymel Gnome.
    Name   : Gnome                         Levels
    HP     : 16,160                        Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Strong : Earth                          33    33     33      33     
    Weak   : Wind
    Attacks: Summon Friends, Ultra Grave, Grave, Flare Snout, Gnome
    Drops  : Moon Crystal, Rune Bottle
    One thing about Gnome is that all its attacks are ground based. Well this would
    mean that jumping would save you skin. When it casts 'Summon Friends', all you
    have to do is jump clear over the horde thus avoiding damage. I can't say the
    same for your companions though. Try to make them jump with 'L1 + Up'. Another
    dangerous attack is its 'Flare Snout' which can combo you and your party for up
    to 15 hits. The only way to involuntarily stop its dash is to hit it.
    Gnome's defense is relatively high and most of your physical attacks will not
    damage it much. The best damage you could dish to him would be a close up 
    'Air Thrust'. If luck may have it, you could knock out 2000 HP with one
    casting. Also try to use Sylph whenever possible.
    On your way out, Gnome will show you a shortcut out. Head West to the...
    --The Basement--                                                       [(V)XII]
    Items : 
    Hut - Recipe
    Basement - Pine Gelx3, Panacea Bottle, Soul Eater, Mythril Helm, Ghost Shell,
               Bloody Robe, Melange Gel, Lemon Gel, Lensx2, Blue Talisman, 
               Watercloud, Emerald Ring, 4000 Gald
    Try to enter the hut. No one will draw the curtains (as if you could not do it
    yourself). As you are walking out back the the Overworld, the curtain
    mysteriously draws itself. Enter the hut and through the door on the lower
    floor. After the events, you will find yourself in the basement but re-enter
    the hut and inspect the clock on the wall to find a *Recipe:Honey Ramen*. The
    mask beside the clock can be used to refill some basic items. Its charges are:
     200 Gald - 1 Apple Gel
     500 Gald - 2 Apple Gel, 1 Orange Gel
    1000 Gald - 2 Orange Gel, 1 Life Bottle
    Lastly you can move the painting on the wall to go back to the surface...
    although that won't help much.
    8 levels of pure fun!!! Once again map time! All 8 levels follow the same map
    with some slight deviation (eg locked doors, missing rooms, etc). Each level
    has its own 'theme' of puzzles and are very fun to go through...albeit long.
                     _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _
                    |     |_|             |_|     |
                    |  6   _       5       _   4  |               NOTE:
                    |_   _| |_ _ _ _ _ _ _| |_   _|
             _ _ _   _| |_   _ _ _   _ _ _    | |                 - The map in the
            |     |_|     |_|     | |  S  |   | |                   game is tilted
            |  10  _   7   _   8  | |     |   | |                   45 degress
            |_   _| |_   _| |_   _| |     |   | |                   counter-
     _ _ _   _| |_ _ _| |_ _ _| |_  |  W  |  _| |_ _ _ _   _ _ _    clockwise.
    |     |_|                     |_|  1  |_|           |_|     | - W = Waterway
    |  11  _           9           _   S   _      2      _   3  | - S = Staircase
    |_ _ _| |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _| |_ _ _| |_ _ _ _ _ _| |_ _ _|
    <Basement Level 8>
    Start by heading the Room 11 to get a clue to operate the 'Roulette'. Whithout
    reading the clue, you would not be able to operate it at all. Note that all the
    doors in Room 9 are locked except the door to Room 11. In Room 3 there is a
    *Pine Gel* and a Duck on the table. From Room 2, head to Room 4 and all the way
    to Room 7. In Room 7 touch all the switches in the room once to change the
    arrow to the door clockwise. If you may not have guessed by now, the room with
    the arrow is your only exit. Room 8 has a *Panacea Bottle* while Room 10 has
    a Spring. Once you have the Duck and the Spring, head to the waterway and use
    the item. This will open the way to Basement Level 7.
    <Basement Level 7>
    Head to Room 8 from Room 9. Get the *Ghost Shell*. Go to Room 7 from here. You
    will have noticed that you knocked down a statue that was formerly blocking the
    door. Got the clue? Head to Room 10. In Room 10 head to Room 9 and knock the
    statue down to reveal the Duck. In Room 11 there is a *Mythril Helm*. From
    Room 7 detour all the way through Room 5 to Room 2. In the process you would
    have knocked down another statue to reveal the Spring. Lastle in Room 3 is a
    *Soul Eater*.
    <Basement Level 6>
    B6 deviates a little from the standard map. Room 3,7,11 is non-existant.
    Anyways head to Room 8 and activate the machine in there. Meredy will say she
    feels wind. In Room 10, the door to Room 7 is a fake thus invoking an enemy
    encounter. You may notice that a wall in Room 10 is slightly tearing apart. 
    Also you will make a comment upon inspecting it. Use your Sorcerer's Ring (R1)
    to burn the wallpaper revealing a hidden room to get the Duck and *Bloody Robe*
    Head back to Room 1 where you will notice the same phenomenon where the door to
    Room 2 previously was. Burn it and enter. The door leading to Room 3 is a fake.
    In Room 4, once again burn the wallpaper to find a hidden room to get the
    Spring. Next Level Please.
    <Basement Level 5>
    This level has all the areas accesible at any time. The only difference is that
    in some rooms, there are '?' on the ground. Step on one and a question will be
    asked followed by 3 choices. There is a timeout of roughly 5 secs here. In
    order to answer correctly, you have to confirm your answer by pressing 'X'
    just leaving your cursor on the answer is not enough.
    Room 3    ( Q:I have Oceans and Rivers but no Water, Towns but no people. What)
              (   am I?      A.  A Map     B. A Country    C. A Desert            )
    Lemon Gel ( A: A. A Map                                                       )
    Room 7     ( Q:The more of me there are, the less you see.                    )
               (             A.  Fog       B. Rain         C. Sunshine            )
    Melange Gel( A: A. Fog                                                        )
    Room 8    ( Q:I can be cracked, made, told or be played.                      )
              (              A.  A Bed     B. A Game       C. A Joke              )
    Spring    ( A: C. A Joke                                                      )
    Room 10   ( Q:The more I clean, the dirtier I get.                            )
              (              A.  A Window  B. A Mop        C. A Cat               )
    Pine Gel  ( A: B. A Mop                                                       )
    Room 11   ( Q:I have a neck but no head, 2 arms but no hands. What am I?      )
              (   am I?      A.  A Bottle  B. A Coat Rack  C. A Sweater           )
    Duck      ( A: C. A Sweater                                                   )
    <Basement Level 4>
    A very short level. In Room 3, you can enter the dresser to find the Spring. 
    In Room 11 you can enter the chute like thing to get the Duck. Also in Room 11
    check the mug in the bottom of the room to find a *Lens*.
    <Basement Level 3>
    In Room 7 is a *Pine Gel* and a *Blue Talisman*. In Room 8 is the Spring. To
    enter Room 11, push/pull the statue in Room 9 with the 'X' button and move the
    statue to the middle of the moving platform in front of Room 11. Now you can
    enter. In it is the Duck. In Room 10. There is a switch. Successfully
    activating it with the statue allows you access to Room 3 which has a
    *Watercloud* in it.
    <Basement Level 2>
    Very clear in view is the Duck in Room 3 and the Spring in Room 11. However
    activating the switch alone is not enough in this level as the staircase will
    collapse as you climb it. In order to deactivate this trap, you will have to
    follow the alignment of the pictures in Rooms 7,8,10. Rutee in Room 11 should
    have her head on the right side. Stahn in Room 3 should have his head on the
    left side and Philia in Room 5 should have her head at the bottom. This will
    trigger a sound signalling that the trap in Room 1 is deactivated.
    <Basement Level 1>
    Last one! In Room 3, move the barrels out of the way to reach the duck in the
    upper right hand corner. NOTE that there is one last barrel right in front of
    the duck. Also in this room, search the box of stones? above the fruit to find
    another *Lens*. In Room 10 there is a hard to see bag with *4000 Gald* and in
    Room 11, place all the books lying on the ground in their respective shelves to
    access the hidden room and get the Spring. In Level 1 however, once you push
    the switch in the waterway, the BOSS will appear.
    Name   : Guardian                      Levels
    HP     : 30,000                        Reid  Farah  Meredy  Keele
    Strong : Volt                           34    34     34      34     
    Weak   : Water, Fire, Ice
    Attacks: Some swings, some dashing, some sword projectile and some fireball
    Drops  : Rune Bottle, Pine Gel
    This guy is fast for his size. He loves dashing all over the screen ending with
    an uppercut. Since you is really much to fast to dodge, the only way is to take
    the brunt of the attack while allowing Meredy/Keele to attack him/it with
    Spread/Undine and/or Eruption/Ifrit. These 4 attacks damage it tremendously.
    It will soon fall. No sweat!
    --Ice Ice Baby--                                                      [(V)XIII]
    Items : 
    Van Elita - All-Divide, Lens
    Port Town, Peruti - Recipex2, Apple Gel with a twist
    Once the events in the main room of the hut is over, head to the Reception Room
    and agree to be Deck hands. This will open the way to the Van Elitia your main
    Overworld transport in Celestia.
    <Van Elita>
    Back in the docks, search near the 'control tower' to find *All-Divide*.
    Only one thing of interest in the ship, the *Lens* hidden nead the engine in
    the top part of the engine room. Depart and you will automatically reach...
    <Port City, Peruti>
    Head into the first building you see. This is the Fish Shop [(VII)XV]. Search
    the boiler/heater here for a *Recipe:Spicy Shrimp*. Continue along the town
    till you Meredy says "It's warm here" in front of a door. This is the Inn.
    In the 2nd room of the Inn is a Snowman which is the Chef who has the
    *Recipe:Sushi*. Also search the boiler/heater here for a *Apple Gel* with a
    In the Inn talk to the prominent man near the Craymel Boiler or was it Heater.
    Anyways he will lead you the way. Now once you reach the crossroads, head SW
    here you will meet the man you saw in the Inn. Enter the shop and prepare to
    have some fun! First to dress yourself, talk to the shopkeeper. Then time to
    dress the rest. Talk to them to make them enter the changing areas. There are
    4 areas you can pick clothes from in this room. One is where Farah and Meredy
    are. Another is where Keele is and another is right beside Keele. The last is
    at the South part of the room. The clothes you are supposed to give are Poncho
    for Farah, Cape for Meredy and Heavy Cloak for Keele. Well you can mix and
    match for some hilarious results like the Kitty Costume for Meredy!
    Now head North to...
    <Mt. Celsius>
                                   <<<Item List>>>                           [(VI)]
    An area where my objective is not to list ALL the items in the game but items
    you may want to have a synopsis of. Basically I list out the Tools, Equips and
    Valuables. I may add more if i think they are useful.
    --Tools--                                                               [(VI)I]
        Apple Gel   - A gelatin based medicine. Restores HP by 30% of Max.
        Orange Gel  - A gelatin based medicine. Restores TP by 30% of Max.
        Melange Gel - A gel that restores HP and TP to 30% of Max HP and TP.
        Lemon Gel   - A gelatin based medicine. Restores HP by 60% of Max.
        Pine Gel    - A gelatin based medicine. Restores TP by 60% of Max.
        Miracle Gel - A gel that restores HP and TP to 60% of Max HP and TP.
        Tuna Gel    - A gelatin based medicine. Periodically regenerates some HP.
        Elixer      - A mysterious potion. Completely restores HP and TP.
        Bellabane   - A special herb. Increases Evade by +1.
        Lavender    - A special herb. Increases Strength by +1.
        Sage        - A special herb. Increases Max HP by 5%.
        Savory      - A special herb. Increases Max TP by 5%.
        Charm Bottle   - A potion that increases charm. Use it in a shop for a 30%
        Dark Bottle    - A bottle with darkness sealed in it. Temporarily 
                         increases enemy encounters.
        Holy Bottle    - A bottle with light sealed in it. Temporarily reduces
                         enemy encounters.
        Flare Bottle   - Temporarily increases attack by 30% and reduces Defense
                         by 20%.
        Life Bottle    - Water of life. Revives a dead ally.
        Panacea Bottle - A cure-all medicine. Cures abnormal physical conditions.
        Syrup Bottle   - Protects against Freeze, Poison, and Stun, but reduces
                         Attack by 20%.
        Fire Shard    - Use on a Craymel. Increases Vitality of a red Craymel 
                        by +1.
        Volt Shard    - Use on a Craymel. Increases Vitality of a purple Craymel
                        by +1.
        Water Shard   - Use on a Craymel. Increases Vitality of a blue Craymel
                        by +1.
        Fire Crystal  - Use on a Craymel. Increases Vitality of a red Craymel
                        by +2.
        Volt Crystal  - Use on a Craymel. Increases Vitality of a purple Craymel
                        by +2.
        Water Crystal - Use on a Craymel. Increases Vitality of a blue Craymel
                        by +2.
        Goat Horn     - Its powdered form can be used as an ingredient for
        Spectacles    - A magical lens that scans the enemy's HP and attributes.
    --Equip--                                                              [(VI)II]
        Combo Command   - Executes special techniques by inputting commands.
        Heal Bracelet   - Defeat an enemy to recover 8% of the HP.
        Mental Bracelet - Defeat an enemy to recover 3% of the TP.
        Poison Charm    - Protects against HP reducing Poison and TP reducing Weak.
        Talisman        - A protective charm. Increases Defense by 5%.
        Elven Boots - Super light boots. Increases movement speed during battle.
          Attack       :  0
          Intelligence :  0
          Defense      :  1
          Accuracy     :  0
          Evade        :  0
          Luck         :  0
          Attribute    : none
          Description  : A generic cape made of cloth. Standard equipment for
        Flare Cape
          Attack       :  0
          Intelligence :  0
          Defense      :  0
          Accuracy     :  0
          Evade        :  0
          Luck         :  0
          Attribute    : Fire, Earth
          Description  : A cape that reduces Fire Elemental damage by 30%.
        Inferi Cape
          Attack       :  0
          Intelligence :  0
          Defense      :  0
          Accuracy     :  0
          Evade        :  0
          Luck         :  0
          Attribute    : Water, Wind, Fire
          Description  : Protects against Craymels of Inferia, but weak against
                         Earth, Ice, and Lightning.
        Leather Cape
          Attack       :  0
          Intelligence :  0
          Defense      :  3
          Accuracy     :  0
          Evade        :  0
          Luck         :  0
          Attribute    : none
          Description  : A cape made of leather. Standard equipment for
        Thief's Cape
          Attack       :  0
          Intelligence :  0
          Defense      :  5
          Accuracy     :  0
          Evade        :  5
          Luck         :  0
          Attribute    : none
          Description  : The cape of choice for pirates.
        Reverse Doll - A voodoo doll that automatically resurrects the dead.
        Black Onyx - A jewel that increases Max HP by 30%.
        Magic Mist - A crystal with smoke sealed within. Increases getaway speed
                     by 50%.
        Emerald Ring - A ring with special power. Reduces TP consumption by 1/3.
        Mental Ring  - A ring that eases the mind. Periodically regenerates TP
                       by 1% of max.
        Protect Ring - A ring with an engraving of a war god. Reduces physical
                       damage by 10%.
        Warrior Symbol - A warrior's crest. Increases Strength by 10%.
    --Valuables--                                                         [(VI)III]
      Boarding Pass    - Got in Inferia City (automatic)
                         Needed to use ship to Barole.
      Collector's Book - Found in Elder's House in Rasheans.
                         Records everything you have had before in your inventory.
                         (Much like this list)
      Inferia Map      - A nifty little item that shows you the world of Infernia
                         as well as the towns AND the shops in the towns. It
                         tells all the shop is selling and for what price. Damn!!
                         if only I discovered this before I did my list.
      Manual           - Found in Regulus Dojo. Talk to the man in the 2nd room
                         from the right and choose the Manual option.
                         Allows you full control of your character in battle. MY
                         default option.
      Monster Book     - Records statistics of monsters you have fought. Their HP,
                         Exp, Gald, Attack, Defense, Items they drop and items
                         to be stolen. Note that you have to use Spectacles on each
                         enemy to know their Attack and Defense. Also you must have
                         received/stolen from them in order to know their items.
      Orz Earring      - Got from Mazet (automatic)
                         Needed to communicate with Celestians.
      Sorcerer's Ring  - Got from Rem (automatic)
                         Press R1 to release a ball of light to open certain 
                                     <<<Shops>>>                            [(VII)]
    This is where I will compile a list of shops in the game and what they sell.    
    --Far Away Village, Rasheans--                                         [(VII)I]
      -Traveller's Shop-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel        100 
      Panacea Bottle   160
      Life Bottle      400
      Bread             60
      Cheese            60
      Lettuce           60
      Long Sword       300
      Whistle          300
      Soft Leather     300
      Cloak            200
      Leather Helmet   240
      Lid Shield       100
    --Regulus Dojo--                                                      [(VII)II]
      -Victory Shop-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Francesca        400
      Short Spear      300
      Short Sword      200
      Power Arms       400
      -Grand Trophy-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel        100
      Panacea Bottle   160
      Life Bottle      400
      Spectacles        50
      Bear Meat        150
      Carrot            50
      Cabbage           60
      -Iron Fortress-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Hard Leatheer    400
      Robe             300
      Leather Helmet   240
      Wristband        240
      Wooden Shield    200
    --Town of Academia, Mintche--                                        [(VII)III]
      -Student Store-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel        100
      Orange Gel       200
      Panacea Bottle   160
      Life Bottle      400
      Spectacles        50
      Long Sword       300
      Francesca        400
      Long Spear       500
      Rod              400
      Ribbon           200
      Cape              30
      -Take Out-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Bread            60
      Rice            100
      Cheese           60
      Bear Meat       150
      Lettuce          60
      Tomato           80
      Onion            50
    --Nostos Cave--                                                       [(VII)IV]
      -Egg Merchant-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel       100
      Orange Gel      200
      Panacea Bottle  160
      Life Bottle     400
      Holy Bottle     200
      Dark Bottle     200
      Spectacles       50
    --Treetop Village, Morle--                                             [(VII)V]
      -Traveller's Shop-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel       100
      Orange Gel      200
      Melange Gel     1000 
      Panacea Bottle  160
      Life Bottle     400
      Holy Bottle     200
      Dark Bottle     200
      Spectacles       50
      Items           Gald per unit
      Bread            60
      Bear Meat       150
      Cheese           60
      Lettuce          60
      Cabbage          60
      Carrot           50
      Cucumber         50
      Lemon            60
      Strawberry       80
      Kirima           80
    --Inferia City--                                                      [(VII)VI]
      -Golden Dreams-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel       100
      Orange Gel      200
      Melange Gel     1000 
      Panacea Bottle  160
      Life Bottle     400
      Flare Bottle    600
      Holy Bottle     200
      Dark Bottle     200
      Spectacles       50
      -Winner's Shop-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Chain Mail      1900
      White Cloak     1480
      Circlet          760
      Iron Wrist      1320
      Round Shield    1600
      Leather Cape     100
      -Street Vendor-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Bread            60
      Rice            100 
      Cheese           60
      Egg              50
      Bear Meat       150
      Lettuce          60
      Tomato           80
      Onion            50
      Cucumber         50
      Kirima           80
      Lemon            60
      -Shop of Valor-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Short Lance     1920
      Crescent Axe    2200
      Heavy Grave     2000
      Poison Thorn    1440
      Bird Whistle    1640
    --Port of Barole--                                                   [(VII)VII]
      Items           Gald per unit
      Tuna            200
      Shrimp           80
      Squid            80
    --Town of Trade, Barole--                                           [(VII)VIII]
      Items           Gald per unit
      Bread            60
      Pasta            60
      Bear Meat       150
      Milk             50
      Cheese           60
      Cabbage          60
      Potato           50
      Carrot           50
      Lemon            60
      Kirima           80
      -Heavy Arms-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Partisan        2960
      Steel Sword     2400
      Knight Saber    1600
      Needle Glove    2400
      Mace            1200
      Bird Whistle    1640
      Chain Mail      1900
      Misty Robe      1440
      Ahmet Helmet    1440
      Bracelet        3360
      Buckler          460
      Round Shield    1600
      -Shop Desire-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Magic Mist       6000
      Poison Charm     6000
      Stun Charm      24000
      -Shop of Need-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel        100
      Orange Gel       200
      Melange Gel     1000 
      Panacea Bottle   160
      Life Bottle      400
      Flare Bottle     600
      Syrup Bottle    1200
      Holy Bottle      200
      Dark Bottle      200
      Spectacles        50
    --Ship Passage--                                                      [(VII)IX]
      -Sea Merchant-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Lemon Gel       2500
      Pine Gel        3500
      Miracle Gel     6000
      Syrup Bottle    1200
      Water Crystal   6000
      Poison Charm    6000
      Thief's Cape    2400
    --City of Scorched Sand, Chambard--                                    [(VII)X]
      -Running Water-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel        100
      Orange Gel       200
      Melange Gel     1000 
      Panacea Bottle   160
      Life Bottle      400
      Flare Bottle     600
      Syrup Bottle    1200
      Holy Bottle      200
      Dark Bottle      200
      Spectacles        50
      -Hot Shot-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Dao Blade       4400
      Crescent Axe    2200
      Halberd         3800
      Pretty Whistle  3160
      Gem Rod         3200
      -Heat Up-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Ring Mail       3500
      Cross Helm      3600
      Gold Circlet    3560
      Kite Shield     4000
      Items           Gald per unit
      White Cloak     1480
      Silk Cloak      1840
      Feather Robe    1560
      Blue Ribbon     2800
      Leather Cape     100
      Kitchen Mitten  3560
      -Bard Foods-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Lettuce          60
      Cabbage          60
      Potato           50
      Cucumber         50
      Carrot           50
      Onion            50
      Tomato           80
      Beef             60
      Radish           60
      Lemon            60
      Strawberry       80
      Banana           50
      Kiwi             80
      Kirima           80
      -Cham Foods-
      Items           Gald per unit
      Bread            60
      Pasta            60
      Rice            100
      Bear Meat       150
      Squid            80
      Shrimp           80
      Cheese           60
      Egg              50
      Milk             50
      Tuna            200
      Tofu             60
      Koria            60
    --Mt. Farlos Sanctuary--                                              [(VII)XI]
      Items           Gald per unit
      Apple Gel        100
      Orange Gel       200
      Melange Gel     1000 
      Panacea Bottle   160
      Life Bottle      400
      Holy Bottle      200
      Dark Bottle      200
      Spectacles        50
                                    <<<Extras>>>                             [(IX)]
    --Lens--                                                                [(IX)I]
    There are lens hidden invisibly around the world of Inferia and Celestia. 
    These lens do not appear in your inventory and can only be checked from Irene
    or when you find another.
    Finding these does lead to some reward...
    Irene in Chambard will offer these items.
    10 Lens - Combo Counter
    20 Lens - Inferia Cape
    30 Lens - 
    40 Lens -
    50 Lens -
    60 Lens -
    The locations are : 
    Disc 1 :
     1)Chest in Reid's basement. Far Away Village, Rasheans.
     2)Sealed door at entrance of Far Away Village, Rasheans.
     3)Pink present in Regulus Dojo. 1st room from the right.
     4)On table of cups in Regulus Dojo. 2nd room from the right.
     5)At the base of the tree on the path towards Craymel Ball game. Mintche.
     6)Chest on the lower level of Mt. Mintche Observatory
     7)Return to Mintche University, at the control panel of Water Craymel Room.
     8)In Nostos Cave. In the room after the dead bodies. In a stack of wood.
     9)In the fireplace of Mazet's house. Treetop Village, Morle
    10)On the end of a secret path above 2 rays of light in the first screen of
       Undine's Stream.
    11)In the roots of the trees behind the Great Statue in the Forest of 
    12)In the plant near the stairs in the Imperial Playhouse, Inferia City
    13)In the chest of drawers in the guest room in the Inferia Castle, Inferia
    14)On a stack of papers in the Observatory Room of the Royal Observatory of
       Astronomy, Inferia City.
    15)Barrels near ship to Barole, Port of Inferia.
    16)Hidden boxes near bottom of screen, Port of Barole.
    17)Golden Pots in the Shop of Desire, Barole.
    18)At the end of the path where the trap on the middle path lies, Sylph Cavern
    19)In the pots in the corner room of the second class area, Ship Passage
    20)The sign of the fountain, Chambard.
    21)In between the chairs on the second floor of the Bistro, Chambard.
    22)In the room right after the camp. See Walkthrough [(V)IX], Efreet's Gorge
    23)In the dresser in the room of the Farlos Sanctuary.
    24)In the ruins of Meredy's ship, Rasheans Forest.
    25)In the rocks above the last Load Point before the Stone Sanctum, Mt. Farlos.
    ??)(Hidden Area)Area SouthEast of Sylph Cavern (need Aerial Board)
    ??)(Hidden Area)The big island next to the line of islands leading to the North
       of the world, NorthWest of Chambard (need Aerial Board)
    Disc 2:
    28)On the ledge to the right of the door. Cape Fortress.
    29)On the glass table in Meredy's house. Imen.
    30)On the bottom left wall of Gnome's Village.
    31)In the mug in Basement Level 4 Room 11. See map above [(V)XII]. Basement.
    32)In a box of stones in Basement Level 1 Room 3. See map above[(V)XII].
    33)In Van Elitia's Engine room near the top side of Engine. Van Elitia. 
    --Wonder Chef--                                                        [(IX)II]
    Disc 1:
     1)Piggy Bank in house opposite farmer in Far Away Village, Rasheans.
       Teaches : Sandwich
     2)Armor beside counter in the Traveller's Shop. Far Away Village, Rasheans.
       Teaches : Omelette
     3)Yellow kettle in rooms of Inn. Regulus Dojo.
       Teaches : Beef Stew
     4)Pink Flower in cafeteria. Town of Academia, Mintche
       Teaches : Hamburger
     5)In the house with the shop 'Treetop'. It's the big pumpkin. Treetop Village,
       Teaches : Garden Salad
     6)In Mazet's house on the second floor. Check the chest. Treetop Village,
       Teaches : Fruit Juice
     7)A stand near the window of the second floor of the Inn, Inferia City.
       Teaches : Cream Stew
     8)Plant near the entrance of the Imperial Playhouse, Inferia City.
       Teaches : Soft Cake
     9)Blue Anchor in the Angler, Port of Inferia
       Teaches : Fish Stew
    10)Box in the far south of screen, Port of Barole
       Teaches : Calamari
    11)Man on the roof of Scaroni Grill, Barole
       Teaches : Steak
    12)Wardrobe in the room of the Inn. Barole.
       Teaches : Pot Pie
    13)On the bed on the top of the room in the room of the Inn, Chambard
       Teaches : Carbonara
    14)Champagne bottle in the Bistro, Chambard
       Teaches : Seafood Pasta
    Disc 2 :
    15)Vacuum like thingy in Meredy's Room. Imen.
       Teaches : Sweet Rice
    16)Book on the ground in Library. Imen.
       Teaches : Fruit Cocktail
    17)Dustbin like thing in Galenos' Room. Ruined City, Luiksha.
       Teaches : Bitter Tofu
    18)Box in ruins on screen after bridge after talking to Galenos. Luiksha.
       Teaches : Hot Borsch
    19)Clock in Chat's hut. Hut.
       Teaches : Honey Ramen
    20)Boiler/Heater in the Fish/Ingredient Shop. Port City, Peruti.
       Teaches : Spicy Shrimp
    21)Snowman in 2nd room in Inn. Port City, Peruti.
       Teaches : Sushi
    --The Mathematician--                                                 [(IX)III]
    This section is about the merchant found in Barole who plays an arithmetic game
    with you. At first I was overwhelmed but later I found the 'formula' for
    defeating him. Firstly the levels you see when you fight him refer to the total
    number of stones on all 3 piles. The higher the level the higher the number.
    The max level is 100. Each time you lose the level decreases by 1 and each time
    you win, it increases by 5.
    Now for the strategy. 
    1)Remember that the magic number is 4.
    2)In order to have a sure win situation, you have to pick up a stone such that
      all 3 piles are with a number that is a multiple of 4.
      Eg.     Pile #1  4   (4 x 1)       or         Pile #1  32   (4 x 8)
              Pile #2  8   (4 x 2)                  Pile #2  64   (4 x 16)
              Pile #3  12  (4 x 3)                  Pile #3  40   (4 x 10)
      However the reverse is also true. If the merchant picks a stone and the 
      result is that all 3 piles are multiples of 4, you are garunteed to lose.
    3)How to stop him? From the start, calculate how many stones are each pile in
      excess of before it reaches its highest multiple of 4.
      Eg.    Pile #1  5     ---  excess of 1 to reach 4
             Pile #2 16     ---  excess of 0 to reach 16
             Pile #3 15     ---  excess of 3 to reach 12
    4)Your objective is to make it such that when you pick up any stone(s), all 
      that is left will be a pair of piles that have the same number of excess
      stones. (ie the other pile has to be of 0 excess)
      (As in 3) )
      Eg.    Pile #1  5         ---  excess of 1 to reach 4
             Pile #2 16         ---  excess of 0 to reach 16
             Pile #3 13(pick 2) ---  excess of 1 to reach 12
      Now you have a pair of piles that have excess of 1 stone.
      NOTE: If you have a sequence of piles that have piles with 1,2 and 3 excess
            stones (i.e. no way to make a pair) then let the merchant start.
    5a)Once you have got this pattern, you are garunteed to win. All you have to do
       is to match the merchant pickings such that the total pickings from that pile
       is equals to 4. 
       Eg. Merchant picks 2 from Pile #2
           You pick 2 from Pile #2 to make it 4 drawn from Pile #2.
       Eg. Merchant picks 1 from Pile #2
           You pick 3 from Pile #2 to make it 4 drawn from Pile #2.
    5b)An exception would be when the merchant draws the excess number from one of
       the excess piles.
       (As in 4) )
       Eg. Merchant picks 3 from Pile #1
           You pick 1 from Pile #1 to make it 4 drawn from Pile #1.
       but if
       Eg. Merchant picks 1(which is the amount of excess) from Pile #1
           You pick 1 from Pile #3 to make it multiple of 4 on all 3 piles.
       Then you continue as in 5a) all the way to victory. Don't mess up...
       especially at the end and you can win every game. NO LUCK INVOLVED!!!!
    I have had requests for a full example so here goes. 
    Pile #1 : 12
    Pile #2 : 21
    Pile #3 : 18
    with step 3, calculate the excess stones.
          Pile #1 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12 (4 x 3)
          Pile #2 21     ---  excess of 1 to reach 20 (4 x 5)
          Pile #3 18     ---  excess of 2 to reach 16 (4 x 5)
    So onto step 4, in order to get 2 piles with the same excess number, i take
    1 from pile #3. So now it is 
          Pile #1 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12 (4 x 3)
          Pile #2 21     ---  excess of 1 to reach 20 (4 x 5)
          Pile #3 17     ---  excess of 1 to reach 16 (4 x 5)
    Merchant picks 3 from Pile #3.
          Pile #1 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12 (4 x 3)
          Pile #2 21     ---  excess of 1 to reach 20 (4 x 5)
          Pile #3 14     ---  excess of 2 to reach 12(4 x 3)
    ACK!!! the excess numbers have changes. So i pick 1 from Pile #3 to make it 
    equal again
          Pile #1 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12 (4 x 3)
          Pile #2 21     ---  excess of 1 to reach 20 (4 x 5)
          Pile #3 13     ---  excess of 1 to reach 12(4 x 3)
    Merchant picks 1 from Pile #3.
          Pile #1 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12 (4 x 3)
          Pile #2 21     ---  excess of 1 to reach 20 (4 x 5)
          Pile #3 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12(4 x 3)
    ACK!!! the excess numbers have changes. So i pick 1 from Pile #2 to make it 
    equal again
          Pile #1 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12 (4 x 3)
          Pile #2 20     ---  excess of 0 to reach 20 (4 x 5)
          Pile #3 12     ---  excess of 0 to reach 12(4 x 3)
    And so on and so forth till you win!! ta da........hope that helps..........
    --Hidden Areas--                                                       [(IX)IV]
                                    <<<Credits>>>                             [(X)]
    Well here are the people i need to thank in order for this faq to be made.
    They are in no definitive order.
    1)Namco for making this fabulous game
    2)Gamefaqs for putting it up (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    4)Thanks to Russ Ridgeway <jedikestrel@hotmail.com> who notified me of the
    thief event in Barole
    Well this is the end for now. If you have any tips or comments or anything 
    that even remotely help the building of this faq, mail me at 
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs.
    Thanks for your time!!

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