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    Mini-Games FAQ by bWoNg

    Version: 0.78 | Updated: 11/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 [][][][][]       []       []       [][][][] [][][][]
                     []          [][]      []       []       []
                     []         []  []     []       []       []
                     []        []    []    []       [][][][] [][][][]
                     []       [][]  [][]   []       []             []
                     []      []   []   []  []       []             []
                     []     []          [] [][][][] [][][][} [][][][]
                                     {][][][] [][][][]
                                     []    [] []
                                     []    [] []
                                     []    [] [][][][]
                                     []    [] []
                                     []    [] []
                                     [][][][] []
     [][][]   [][][][] [][][][] [][][][][] [][][][] []      [] []    []   [][][][]
     []   []  []       []           []        {]    [][]    []  []  []      [][]
     []    [] []       []           []        []    [] []   []   [][]       [][]
     []    [] [][][][] [][][][]     []        []    []  []  []    []        [][]
     []    [] []             []     []        []    []   [] []    []        [][]
     []   []  []             []     []        []    []    [][]    []        [][]
     [][][]   [][][][] [][][][]     []     [][][][] []      []    []      [][][][]
    #                                       TALES OF DESTINY II                               #
    #                                            MINI GAMES                                   #
    Tales of Destiny II and all Tales series are copyrights of Namco LTD.
    Version 0.78
    (c)2003 bWoNg
    Mytruedestiny2@yahoo.com (that is zero five)
     5. MINI GAMES
        5.1  RAFTING
        5.2  CRAYMELL BALL
        5.3  ARITHMETIC
        5.4  CHAMBALLOON
          -  REID's SKILLS (English and Japanese version)
        5.5  COOKING CONTEST
        5.6  CRAYMEL EXPRESS
        5.7  SPIRIT TRAIN	
        5.8  WHIS
        5.10 EATING CONTEST
        5.11 OCEAN WARS
        5.12 DANCE
     7. Q & A
     9. CREDITS
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    Version 0.1     Jan 09, 2002
            Oct. 10, 2001 (11.1kb-notepad)
            Only consists of two mini games; Chamballoon Games and Cooking
            Contest, file name 'Mini Games at Chambard'
    Version 0.2
            Oct. 13, 2001 (24.2kb-notepad)
            Added Tales of Destiny II heading, Contents, 'Side Story' section
            changed into 'Miscellaneous info and tips', change the file name to
            'Mini Games', added mini game Craymel Ball, Craymel Express, Spirit
            Train, Whis, added how4 on the second round of Chamballoon Game,
            added some miscellaneous info, corrections / edited here and there
    Version 0.3
            Oct 20, 2001 (60.5kb-MSWord)
            Added some info/tips, added mini game Rafting, added suggestions
            and general notes for every mini game, added Q & A Section, added
            E-mail Policy and Closing Statement, corrections here and there.
    Version 0.4
            Oct 28, 2001 (67kb-MSWord)
            Added Arithmetic, Around the Celestia, Eating contest, Ocean wars,
            and Dance mini games, determine how to calculate score on Whis mini
            game, some corrections on the Chamballoon game, corrections here and
    Version 0.5
            Nov 13, 2001 (96.5kb-Wordpad)
            Minor correction on the page width. Thanks to c_jay_c for his advice.
            Other corrections and more info.
    Version 0.6 (97kb-MS Word)
            Nov 20, 2001
            Cooking Contest completed. Q&A updated. New info.
    Version 0.65 (97kb-MS Word)
            Dec 13, 2001
            Title *Master Coxswain* for Reid (Rafting).
    Version 0.7 (53kb-Note Pad)
            Dec 31, 2001
            JANUARY 01, 2002
            Cooking skill titles. More info on the miscellaneous.
    Version 0.71
            You can play the second rafting mini game right after you defeated Sylph.
    Version 0.75
            More on Chamballoons mini game
    Version 0.76     March 28 2002
            A little bit brush on Chamballoons Game and WHIS.
       	  _ March 28, 2002_ I have just put a new e-mail address.
            If you ever send me email, please be so kind to resend it to this new address
    Version 0.77     January 07, 2003
            Spelling checker. Give a direction on what is the ingredients for the
            cooking contest (yeah, I remember someone was confused about the answer-SORRY).
            AND A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: mytruedestiny2@yahoo.com
            Geez, I don't know why, My previous email addresses were inaccessible  >_<
            (I have tried so many times to retrieved it without success)
            I need help from you my friends. Please let me know if you happened to have a
            pocket station and willingly to play Tales of Eternia. I want to add the mini games
            on TOE into my faq since a long time ago,but I think because of my bad inaccessible
            email address that I had lost many invaluable information from gamers who had wrote
            to me. I hope this time it will be allright.
    Version 0.78     October 30, 2005
            A new email address: mytruedestiny05@yahoo.com.
            I appologize to you all for not being able to reply to your email since
            the previous email address is not a valid anymore, duh >_<.
    # Mini games: Arithmetic. Need more time to try different levels.
    # I need help on pocket station mini games. Please send me your e-mail on this topic.
    # Things over here and there (grammarr correctin too. I need hep) :)
    This is my first FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com monitored by c_jay_c
    Tales Of Destiny 2 is offering lots of fun and challenges.
    Its old-fashioned heroic RPG story and sophisticated battle system will always captivate
    the heart of true RPG gamers around the world.
    TOE/TOD2 has many levels of entertaining.
    This time, It contains four nice pocket station mini games (TOE version).
    Four players are PLAYABLE simultaneously on screen!!!!
    Think about combos, skill combinations, and great magic spells!
    The battle system allows you to execute skills/combos by using street fighter command style
    or by pressing shortcut keys.
    Explore and collect all the secret items as well as the seven treasures of Celestia.
    Find and try all the secret skills and spells.
    The Mania/Hardcore mode will be unlocked to certain requirements/after you beat the game
    Overall, I really recommend you to play this Funtastic game.
    I have played the Japanese version before. (thanks to Kung_lee, kung_lee@hotmail.com)
    Please do not use this FAQ for SELLING or MONEY benefit purposes.
    Instead, do good things with it; you can tell or pass it to your friends who might need a
    little help this FAQ could provide. After all, that's what Tales series are all about, do
    good things, make friends and beating up bad guys ...err, I mean, ...I know you know what I
    mean, right? :)
    That is what makes us proud as a real Tales series fans. YOU BET!
    If you want to put this FAQ for a FREE good purpose on your site, please do so.
    Just send your email to me.
    I will give my permission as long as you preserve the ORIGINALITY of this FAQ.
    Paolo will be using his Water Craymel skill to calm down the river.
    5.1 RAFTING
    How to play:
    - Move left and right using directional buttons.
    - Accelerate by holding X button.
    - During the acceleration, you cannot move left/right.
    - Do not overuse of the acceleration button, it will obviously bring you
    - The safest way is also means do not use the acceleration button at all.
    - Please read the rafting route details below.
    Part 1
    Rafting route:
    - Departure from the starting point lays a long range. Accelerate a bit
    - After the 1st easy right turning, be on a little bit left and step on the
      gas. Remember to cool down when approaching the waterfall.
    - Accelerate a bit on the left.
    - Prepare to turn left at the FIRST INTERSECTION.
    - Accelerate a bit on the left side.
    - Accelerate a bit on the right side.
      watch out for a rock in front on the left side.
    - Left turning.
    - There will be a GROUP OF ROCKS to slow you down; the 1st will fall off to
      the left side, the 2nd is quiet on the left, the 3rd is a self-targeting
      from the middle point to the right side, the 4th will fall off to the right
      - Be on the right/middle side. Pass the 1st rock by accelerating a bit forward,
        You will be on the middle position now. When you are next to the
        2nd rock, move Southwest to avoid the 3rd rock, accelerate forward
        leaving the rock no 3 and 4 behind.
    - Accelerate a bit on the left side. Another rock will fall off on the right
      It is easier to turn left.
      It is also a good choice If you choose to turn right.
    - Accelerate a bit on the left side.
    - Turn left at the THIRD INTERSECTION 'cause there is a rock and a log on the
      right side.
    - At the FOURTH INTERSECTION, you can choose to take left or right.
      If you choose left, there is a rock and a log ahead. (A bit faster)
      If you choose right, it is safer.
    - Accelerate a bit on the right side
      Right turning
    - Accelerate a bit on the left side.
      There is one rock on the right. Waterfall ahead.
    - Accelerate a bit on the right side. Right turning ahead.
    - Accelerate a bit on the right side.
      On the left are a rock and a log. It is a narrow space, so be careful.
      Waterfall ahead. Right turning. Easy left turning.
    - Now it is your last chance to speed up. Take your best position,
      (A bit closer to the left side-the screen will adjust) step on the gas.
    No awarded Title: ???
    It seems there is no awarded title, this time.
    I manage to finish it two times without having any crash or bounce, not even
    However, nothing comes up. It is just a side event, this time.
    Part 2
    Once you defeated Sylph, you can get access to play this mini game again. Go to Raheans
    River Pier-they have fixed it, and this time with a record of time and awarded items.
    Rafting route: First intersection - go left, second intersection - go right, third
    intersection - go right, fourth intersection - go left.
    Target Time:   01.30.00
    My Best Time:  01.05.34
    Awarded Title: *Master Coxswain* (Kajitorimeijin)
                   (Get below 1.06.00! even if your time is 01.05.59)
    Awarded Items: One Apple Gel for every four Red Gels you pick up.
                   I can get 21 Red Gels. Try to get 24.
    General Notes:
    - This (first) mini game is not as easy as you may see.
    - On the second part, the stream is stronger. (No Paolo to calm it down)
    - And the rafting route will be slightly different for the second part because
      now you need to pick up Red Gels along the way.
    It is time to get back in shape dude. Come on and try your best (run?) shot.
    Single Player Mode
    How to play:
    - Get a blue/red crystal to attract or repel ball. Use it to smash your
    - The color of crystal you take will automatically change to the opposite
      color when the opponent gets the same color as yours.
    - You lose when the ball hits you 3 times.
    - If it is a draw game, then you will have a Final Game. Previous score will
      be on the screen. This time you will have 2(two) balls rolling around.
      However, if the score is 3-3, you will be the loser.
    - You need to win three times in a row to become a real winner.
    - You only have 60 seconds; so do not waste your moves.
      You need to aim fast, run fast.
    - Try to match the ball's color and repel it to smash your opponent.
    - Sometimes the best defend is ...to run fast or to stay at the corner.
    - When you have the winning score (2-0 or 2-1), just tail your opponent.
      When you both get knock down by the ball, it is to your advantage.
    Part 1
    Awarded Title: *Master Roller* (Korogashimeijin)
                   (Play it the first time you arrive at Mintche/low level)
    Awarded Item: No item
    Part 2
    Awarded Title: *Pro Roller* (play it when your level is high enough; lv.70?)
    Awarded item:  Crib Sheet (kakomon)
    Two Players Mode
    Rules are still the same only the second player will become your opponent.
    It consists only 1(one) round.
    General Notes:
    - Remember that the fences can bounce you back when you touch them.
    - When you reach higher level, there will be two balls rolling around on
      a normal game and three balls on a draw game.
    When you arrive at Barol, you will meet a merchant who challenge you the Arithmetic game.
    (North of Fountain)
    How to play:
    - There are three piles of stones.
    - Take turns taking the stones.
    - The one to take the last stone wins.
    - You can take one to three stones each turn.
    - You can quit anytime by pressing the circle button
    - You can choose to take first or second turn. Choose wisely. Count before you choose.
    General notes:
    - It always starts from level 10. If you fail or if you quit, the level will
    - Reenter the town to start again from level 10.
    Awarded title: *Mathematician*
    Awarded Item : Melange Gel (level 2)
    How about some exercise at the beach?
    How to play:
    - Attack and destroy all of the floating objects. Finish in under the Target
      Time to win.
    - You should unlock new fighting skills and apply it to this mini game.
    TT    Target Time
    AT    Average Time
    BT    Best Time
    JTS   Japanese (version) Technical Smash
    ETS   English (version) Technical Smash
    -     Immediate Action/non-stop action
    *     Easier to perform
    or    means you can choose your last action
    left  Turn Left
    right Turn Right
    TS    Tempest Strike          (Rekkuzan)
    SA    Spiral Attack           (Senkureppa)
    RP    Rising Phoenix          (Houotenku)
    DH    Demon Hammer            (Kogahazan)
    DSA   Double Spiral Attack    (Senkushoureppa)
    DSH   Demon Spiral Hammer     (Senkuusoupazan)
    DLH   Demon Lightning Hammer  (Raijinsouhazan)
    SLB   Super Lightning Blade   (Furaijinken)
    English Version                                Japanese Version
    Sonic Blade (1)                                Majinken (1)
    Lightning Blade (2)                            Raijinken (2)
    Swarm (3)                                      Chirisazame (3)
    Demon Hammer (4)                               Kogahazan (4)
    Super Lightning Blade (5)                      Furaijinken (5)
    Demon Lightning Hammer (6)                     Raijinsouhazan (6)
    Neosonic Swarm (7)                             Majinsenreppa (7)
    Twin Sonic Blade (8)                           Majinken.Souga (8)
    Tempest Strike (9)                             Rekkuuzan (9)
    Spiral Attack (10)                             Senkuureppa (10)
    Megasonic Thrust (11)                          Kuhazesshougeki (11)
    Demon Twist (12)                               Kogarenzan (12)
    Sonic Chaos (13)                               Majinrengazan (13)
    Neo Swarm (14)                                 Akisazame (14)
    Demon Spiral Hammer (15)                       Senkuushouhazan (15)
    Neo Tempest Swarm (16)                         Shouurekkuugeki (16)
    Omega Tempest Strike (17)                      Shinkuurezzan (17)
    Omega Demon Chaos (18)                         Moukorengekiha (18)
    Rising Phoenix (19)                            Hououtenku (19)
    Double Spiral Attack (20)                      Senkuushoureppa (20)
    Omega Seal           (21)                      Fuujinbakufuu (21)
    Aurora Wall (Seifert)(22)                      Kyokkouheki (S)(22)
    Aurora Sword (S)     (23)                      Kyokkouken (S)(23)
    Aurora Wave (S)      (24)                      Kyokkouha (S) (24)
    CD 1
    # First Meeting (after defeating Sylph)
    Consist of 5 rounds
    Weapon used : Dao Blade
    Round 1
    TT: 04.83     AT: 03.70     BT: 03.56     JTS: 2%2%3%     ETS: 9%
    How1 :  Run - slash - run - slash - run - (close)DLH
    TT: 04.83     AT: 03.00     BT: 02.83     JTS:7%          ETS: 9%
    How2 :  (or move forward)Run forward a bit - TS - TS
    Round 2
    TT: 03.66     AT: 02.00     BT: 01.86     JTS: 8%         ETS: 9%
    How1 :  Run - jump right and slash - DLH
    TT: 03.66     AT: 02.10     BT: 02.00     JTS: 7%         ETS: 9%
    How2 : Run forward - jump forward (when you are close to the balls in the
           air) n slash - TS
    Round 3
    TT: 06.00     AT: 03.46     BT: 03.33     JTS: 5%         ETS: 9%
    How1 :  Jump up and slash - DLH - jump up and slash
    TT: 06.00     AT: 01.90     BT: 01.80     JTS: 6%         ETS: 8%
    How2 :  TS - left - (or) TS
    Round 4
    TT: 07.00     AT: 06.00     BT: 05.83     JTS: 5%3%       ETS: 9%
    How1 :  Run left - slash - run right - jump right and slash (3 balloons) -
            run right - DLH
    TT: 07.00     AT: 06.00     BT: 05.43     JTS: 4%7%       ETS: 9%
    How2 :  Run or walk forward a bit - TS  - left n run - TS - (or) TS
    Round 5
    TT: 06.00     AT: 04.60     BT: 04.56     JTS: 8%5%       ETS: 9%
    How1 :  Run right - (close)DH - move right a bit - DLH (must hit the upper balloon first)
    TT: 06.00     AT: 03.40     BT: 03.23     JTS: 8%5%       ETS: %
    How2 :  Run right - (close)DH - move right a bit - slash (hit the bottom one) - DH
    TT: 06.00     AT: 03.90     BT: 03.53     JTS: 9%3%       ETS: 11%
    How3 :  TS - TS - (or move right a bit - DH) left - SA
    Awarded Title : *King of Balloons* (Kinguondobaruun)
    The next time you beat it, you will always get a Melange Gel.
    (heal 30% of Max HP and TP)   Shop price: 1000G   Selling Price: 500G
    CD 2
    # Second Meeting (right after you get back from Celestia)
    Consists of 5 rounds
    Weapon used : Dragon Vein (size does matter)
    Round 1
    TT: 03.00     AT: 01.70     BT: 01.53     JTS: 14%     ETS: 16%
    How1 : *Move left close to the ball - right - RP 	
    TT: 03.00     AT: 03:00     BT: 02:90     JTS: 6%7%    ETS: 8%9%
    How2 :  Move left just a bit - DSA(3 hits) - Jump to the right and slash the
            balls - (or) ODC
    Round 2
    TT: 04.00     AT: 03.30     BT: 03.26     JTS: 15%     ETS: 17%
    How1 : *RP - RP
    TT: 04.00     AT: 03.70     BT: 03.60     JTS: 15%     ETS: 17%
    How2 :  TS - DLH - SLB
    TT: 04.00     AT: 03.90     BT: 03.86     JTS: 15%     ETS: 17%
    How3 :  TS - SA - RP
    TT: 04.00     AT: 03.70     BT: 03.56     JTS: 13%0%   ETS: 15%0%
    How4 :  TS - RP - left - (or) TS
    Round 3
    TT: 06.00     AT: 04.40     BT: 04.13     JTS: 15%     ETS: 17%
    How1 : *Move forward a bit - TS - TS - RP
    TT: 06.00     AT: 04.80     BT: 04.76     JTS: 15%     ETS: 17%
    How2 :  Move forward close to the first ball - TS - RP - RP
    TT: 06.00     AT: 05.40     BT: 05.26     JTS: 15%     ETS: 17%
    How3 :  Move forward a bit - TS - DSH - TS
    Round 4
    TT: 06.00     AT: 03.60     BT: 03.36     JTS: 15%     ETS: 17%
    How1 :  (or Slash) DSA - TS - TS
    Round 5
    TT: 07.00     AT: 05.00     BT: 04.90     JTS: 2%13%   ETS: 2%15%
    How1 : *Run to left n slash - run to right n slash(2 hits) - TS - TS or DSA
    TT: 07.00     AT: 06.30     BT: 06.13     JTS: 2%3%9%  ETS: 2&5%11%
    How2 :  Run to left n slash - run to right n jump forward - TS(on the air)-
            left - RP
    TT: 07.00     AT: 06.90     BT: 06.90     JTS: 2%5%13% ETS: 2%7%15%
    How3 :  Run to left n slash - run to right - stop n left - DSA (hit 3 balls on the right,
            do not touch the furthest right ball) - RP
    Awarded Item : Step Ring (always).    Shop Price:?     Selling Price: 6000G
    Use Rune Bottle to change Step Ring into Combo Command!
    Talk to the girl nearby and she will give you Uchiwa (Usawa-Japanese version)
    General Notes:
    - Completing all 5 rounds takes about 2 minutes!
    - Within an hour, there will be > 100 chances of boosting up your Cooking
      and Fighting Skills.
    - After completing each round, you can try to master your cooking skills.
      Please try to use the AUTO COOKING option. It only works for Reid :)~
    - You may choose different recipes for him to be automatically cooked one
      after another.
    - You can create many different styles. The lists shown above are just a few
    - Try to use (hold down) Shortcut Key (L2, R2 and circle), as it is very
      useful to shortcut the time consumed.
    - While running you can not use the L2 and R2 shortcut buttons, but you can still use
      the X shortcut button.
    - Every time you go up one screen, the game will restart from round 1(one).
    -*There is a difference between the English and Japanese version of Technical
      Smash points. However, it is not a crucial subject.
    Speaking of Cooking Skill, are you ready to face the Taste Master?
    How to play:
    - Come to Chambard Bistro and buy a ticket at the counter.
    - When you are ready, talk to the Announcer/Organizer on the second floor.
    - Select a correct ingredient every time you are asked to.
    - Pay attention to what the guest is saying because they give useful clues.
    Note: The answers to this quiz can be found at the miscellaneous section.
    CD 1
    Round one
    Farah Oersted
    Guest : Gina (she works at the Mintche University)
    She likes to eat Omelet
    Reason: Her mom always made her tasty omelet when she was a kid
    Specific ingredients : (1) Onion, (2) rice, (3) - - - o -, (4) egg
    "Y.. y.. Yummy"
    Awarded Title : *3 Stars Chef*
    Awarded Item: No item
    Round 2
    Farah Oersted
    Guest : Franco (he is the Master of martial arts at the Regulus Dojo)
    He likes to eat Pot Pie
    Reason: Long time ago when he fought monster deep in the Undine Stream and was badly
    a merchant passed by and gave him a nutrition, full of energy Pot Pie to save his life.
    Specific Ingredients : (1) - - - - - a, (2) pasta, (3) - - -, (4) cheese
    "This is it. Who taught you to make this pot pie"?
    Awarded Title : *Kitchen Star*
    Awarded Item: No item
    Round 3
    ? The head chef is missing ?
    CD 2
    Right after you come back to Inferia through the Relay Station
    Round 3
    Farah Oersted
    Guest : His name is ?Arch Bishop?. He is a priest
    He likes to eat Old-Fashioned Seafood Pasta
    Reason: When he was a kid he used to eat Seafood Pasta almost everyday.
    Specific Ingredients :
    If you choose (1)Shrimp, (2)Tomato, (3)Pasta, (4)Squid, he will taste it,
    but it is not to his satisfaction. The winner is the Taste Master this time.
    The original ingredients : (1)Shrimp, (2)S--- T-----, (3)Pasta, (4)Squid
    (You need to get it from Mount Celcius-at the top)
    y..y..Yummmmm!! Viva la seafood pasta.
    Awarded Title: *Warrior Chef *
    Awarded Item: None
    General Notes:
    - I purposely give you the clue of each round so you can make a guess on the
      correct answer. That is why I put some dash signs together with an alphabet
      just to make it more interesting.
    Since you are aiming for Luishka Station, you have to start the line from Imen Station.
    Buy the Craymel Cage (2000G) from the weapon shop at Imen to refill the train's fuel.
    How to play:
    - You need to visit 4 stations and deliver a letter to each station
    - The train will accelerate automatically.
    - You need to push "up" button in order to execute the brake system.
    Suggestions :
    - When near each station, Meredy will say. "Mmm, I see it". Now it is time to
      push the brake button subsequently (5 times, one by one, 1-2-3-4-5 times).
      The last one should be pushed as far as the second sign board or
      after Reid shouted =Brake !=.
    - The other way is to push UP button fast right after Reid shouted =Brake=.
      It will stop just in time.
    That's it, so easy.
    - And that is not all. Your actual duty is to deliver letters as to complete
      the story involved. Keep coming back to Imen Station to deliver new letter
      to each person. You will understand each person has his or her own story.
      Finally, after delivering 3 times (without a miss), you will get a title.
    Awarded Title: *Choo-choo Girl*
    Awarded Item: No item
    General Notes:
    - It contains no melee experiences, just delivering letters.
    - It needs good timing, but not difficult.
    - If you miss a station, they will complain about how bad Reid was on the control.
    You are continuing journey to Peruti, but you need to get pass the Gnome Mine. On the way,
    monster are chasing on you (Hard Horns and Flying Soul).
    For the very first time let them catch you. You cannot blow them anyway. This will take you
    to battles and increasing your chance of getting items as well as filling up monster
    Go back to Luishka Station and talk to the conductor.
    However, you are not going to fight with them anymore.
    Instead, it is the actual mini game; you will have to release bombs to blow them out of the
    How to play:
    - Press the X button to release the bomb.
    - You have 4 bombs in stocks. Automatically replenish.
    - You have 6 seconds before it blows.
    - You can hold X button to delay your throwing.
    Suggestions :
    - No hurry in releasing bombs. Wait and check for the distance. It is good
      timing that really matters. When the trolley comes near or close to your
      train, release 3 bombs one by one (1,2,3). Save 1 bomb for emergency
      purpose. Remember, you can hold X button to delay throwing.
    - When your opponent's track is not on the straight line, you will have to
      wait patiently.
    - Practices make perfect.
    My high score is 27.500 points.
    Awarded Title: *Trolley Bomber*  (Torokko Bombaa) if you can reach up to
                   20.000 points.
    Awarded Item: No item
    General Notes:
    - Monster's trolley is divided into 3 parts. Each of it has a bonus points
      when you destroyed it.
      - Condition 1: Blow it starting from the 3rd part, 2nd, then the 1st part.
        1st part worth 500 points, 2nd part 2000 points, 3rd part 3000 points.
      - Condition 2: Blow it starting from the 2nd part, 3rd, then the 1st part.
        1st part worth 500 points, 2nd part 1000 points, 3rd part 1000 points.
      - Condition 3: Blow the 1st part of it.
        You can only get 500 bonus points.
    - If the trolley get pass your train you will get a minus 500 points per
      every part you miss to blow.
    When you reach to the second part of the Gnome Mine, Reid gets bored then Meredy will
    introduce Whis -a famous card game in Imen/Celestia- to the group.
    5.8 WHIS
    How to play:
    - Left and right to select card, X to put down a card, O to pass (and you
      have to draw a new card), press /\ to Quit.
    - You need to match the opponent card's elements.
    - First party to use up all the cards will become the winner.
    - You lose if you have more than 15 cards in your hand.
    - The player with the highest total score after 5 rounds, is declared the
    - Cards are divided into 5(five) categories. They are 1)Normal card, 2)Double
      card 3)Attack card 4)Change card. 5)Elements Control card(Dark and Light)
    - Read the cards explanation carefully. You may want to jot down some
      important notes.
    - Try to use the element control cards (dark n light) as your last key weapon
      and win the game as you will earn lots of/double bonus points.
    - Use attack cards to force opponents to draw more cards, and use double
      cards to throw more cards more than once.
    - Do not forget you have a chance to draw a new card and to think again which
      card you should throw. If you push the draw button one more time, you will
      pass your turn. Use it wisely.
    General Notes:
    - MATCHING is the key word.
    - On your first turn if you do not have a matching card, you will
      automatically draw a new card and lose your turn.
    - You can use draw anytime you want.
    - Every time you won, you will get a current score. It will be automatically
      calculated to your previous score. For example:
      (1) Your previous score is 12; your current score is +20, your new score
          will be 32 points.
      (2) your previous score is 12; your current score is -20, your new score
          will be -8 points.
    - Your bonus points depend on the card's quality points:
      1.  Normal card worth 2 points,
      2.  Double card worth 5 points,
      3.  Attack card worth 5 points,
      4a) Single Border Change card worth 5 points (Prism Change Card and Wind Change Card),
      4b) Double Border Change card worth 2 points,
      5)  Elements Control card will double your winning or losing points.
    - It seems that the game become more difficult when you are collecting more and more points.
    Normal card:
    Use this card on normal basis (Fire, Water, Wind) in order to match your opponent's card.
    Double card: (Double Fire Card)
    - If you have 2(two)or more double fire cards, you can use both cards in a row,
      plus accompanied by 1(one) normal fire or change ice or fire attack card or even
      a fire attack card.
      That means you can throw 3(three) cards in one turn (or more, depends on
      how many double cards you have). Nice :)
      And if you use Fire attack card as your last card, you are forcing the
      opponents to draw more cards to your advantage!
    - When you use a fire double card without a matching card, you need to draw a
      new card. If then you get another fire double card and you use it, you must
      draw another new card. Now, if you still did not get a matching card, you
      will be automatically passing your turn.
    - If your last card happened to be a double card and your next opponent last
      card is a match to your double card, that will announce your opponent as a
      winner because you still OWE one matching element card to accompany the
      double card you have just thrown.
    Attack card: (Fire Attack, Water Attack, Wind Attack)
    - If you throw an attack card and all of your opponents does not have a
      matching card, then the (next)opponent No.1 have to draw 2(two) new cards,
      opponent No. 2 and 3 have to draw each of them 1(one) new card.
    - If you throw an attack card and opponent No.1 also use an attack card, and
      opponent No. 2 does not have one, then he or she will have to draw 4(four)
      new cards, and if (the rest of opponents) opponent No.3 does not have it
      either, he or she needs to draw only 1(one) new card.
    - If all of your opponents use an attack cards and you do not have a matching
      card, then you have to draw 2X3(players) = 6 new cards!
      (Attack card works like a multiplier. If you use it and opponent No.1 and 2
      each of them throws an attack card and opponent No.3 does not
      have a matching card, then No.3 has to draw 2X3(players) = 6 new cards.)
    - If you use an attack card and all of your opponents each of them throws
      another matching attack card and you do not have a stock of matching attack
      card anymore, then you have to draw 2X4(players) = 8 new cards!! Phiuu
      Imagine if each of you (4 players) own 2 attack cards. It can bring a
      result of chain combos. Means 2X4(players)x2 = 16 cards!!! You think it
      is not going to happen? Wrong! It just happened to me for 14 cards!!
      (And I made Farah had to pick up 14 new cards!!)
    - This one is interesting. If everybody throws attack cards, and at last (on
      the second turn) there is one player run out of attack card, he or she has
      to pay for it, even if the player has already thrown all of his cards.
      (even if the quantity of card on hand is zero).
    - The safest way to use an attack card is when you have a spare matching card or
      another attack card, just in case.
    Change card: (Wind Change Card, Prism Change Card, Ice, Volt, Earth)
    - Be careful when you use the Wind-Change Card. You must observe and
      predict your opponent's cards.
      Example 1: Farah (opponent No.3) has only two cards left on her hand. She
      throws her Wind normal card to you. Do you want to use your Wind change
      card? (It is the only wind matching element card you have) or to draw a new
      card? You may not want to use it because the game flow will reverse
      (anti clock wise)and Farah will get (again) her turn to throw her last
      card. Who knows what her last card to be? If she has another wind matching
      card, You will be sorry.
      Example 2: Keele (opponent No.1) use a normal wind card, you only have 2
      cards left (a Wind change card and a Wind normal card).
      I recommend you to use the Wind change card since it will force
      the game flow starts from Keele again. If he throws a wind card, you are
      the winner.
    - Pay attention to the card's border. There are 2 types of borders. One is
      single border and the other is double border. The lower border represents
      the element you can change. The upper border shows the element-to-be.
    - You cannot put a single border change card on top of another single border
      change card. However, you are allowed to put a double card on top of another
      double card as long as the borders match (top border match to lower border).
    Element Control card: (Light, Dark)
    - Use this card as your last key weapon card. (Dark and Light)
    - It offers lot of helps, but it will not work when the opponent is asking
      for you to throw an attack card.
    - When you have 2(two) Elemental Cards, your winning/losing points will be tripled?
    Draw or Pass:
    - When you do not have a matching element card and you push circle button,
      you will draw a new card.
    - When you still have a matching card and you push circle button, you will
      pass your turn.
    - USE DRAW when none of your opponents has a matching card. Use it
      repeatedly when they still do not have it until you get the card you
      For example: When you want to use a DOUBLE FIRE card and you do not
      have the other NORMAL FIRE card or CHANGE ICE card or FIRE ATTACK card to
      accompany. Use draw repeatedly until you get the one you need. When you do
      that, the amount of opponent's cards will also increase every time you draw
      a card. Take that to your advantage.
    Won by quantity:
    - If the opponent has more than 15 cards, he or she is a loser. However it
      has an effect on your bonus points as every card on your hands will only
      worth lower than it should be. This could bring a big disadvantage,
      but at least you are the winner. (After that 15 minutes  and all I get is only
      6X2points = 12 points. *sigh*)
    - If you have more than 15 cards, then all of your opponents will get
      the same amount of winning points.
    Awarded Title: (Whis Master?) I have not received any award for collecting 1277 points.
    Awarded Item: ?
    You can play against three strangers at the casino in Jini.
    It will cost you 5 jini.
    It applies same rules and score calculations method.
    Awarded title: *Hustler* (if you win by the highest score)
    For the next winning, you will always get 25 jini.
    Awarded item: 25 jini.
    Captain versus captain
    After you went back to the destroyed Imen, get back to Peruti (you can talk to Guston at
    the hotel), talk to Captain March at the small dock opposite the crabs cart.
    How to play:
    - The race begins at Peruti and ends at Peruti.
    - First one back to Peruti is the winner.
    - You need to go through the checkpoint in the correct order. If you miss
      them you cannot win.
    - The controls for your ship are the same as usual.
    - Press square button to quit.
    - You need to memorize the specific route. It is best to try again for a few times. You
      rely/concentrate on the map.
    - Do not get crash with the captain's ship since it will only waste your time.
    Sailing Route:
    - (No need to hurry when you start the race, but you can try). Try to shortcut your route by
      sailing nearby the edge.
    - In the middle of the race, while passing through the Gnome (fourth) checkpoint,
      step on your gas. You may pass Celcius checkpoint in front of him. Gas.
      You will lead the race. Go (South) to Volt, and find a shortcut way to Rem and Shadow
      (go by the edge of the ocean-West side). Go pass the two tiny island near the edge
      to cross Maxwell checkpoint. Pass through Sekundos and go along the edge until
      you reach the finish checkpoint.
    There are 10 Checkpoints you need to pass through and one finish point:
    1. Undine                            5. Celcius                  9. Maxwell
    2. Sylph                             6. Volt                    10. Sekundos
    3. Efreet                            7. Rem                     11. Finish
    4. Gnome                             8. Shadow
    General notes:
    - He will praise you and your ship if you win. And he will ask you to find a new captain
      the Van Eltia if you loose.
    - It is useless to win the race from the beginning since he will catch you up on the third
      checkpoint. His ship is much better on a long-straight track. Your crucial moments begin
      from checkpoint No. 4
    Finish Time / New Record: 02.29.15
    Awarded title: *First Officer* (Chat's title) for a record under 02.30.00?
    Awarded Item: No item
    Where else can you eat free sushi in Celestia; Carousel Sushi
    How to play:
    - Eat more expensive sushi more than Kong the Man does.
    - Pace of eating will deteriorate as the upper-right gauge fills.
    - Drink to reset the gauge.
    - Points vary according to the colors of the plate.
    - More expensive plates fill the gauge faster.
    - X button to eat, O button to drink.
    - The easiest way is to pick only the plates with color (red and yellow)
      Pick the red and yellow plate and then drink; pick the red and yellow plate
      and then drink, repeat.. (you can also pick other plates in between)
      That is it. I beat him 10 times in a row, and you can do better.
    General notes:
    - Entry fee is 2000Gald
    - White plate worth 100 points, Red plate worth 500 points, Yellow plate
      worth 800 points.
    - Kong's total points will usually be around 4300 points.
    - The next time you won, he will give you back your entry fee. Eating for
    Awarded title: *King of Hunger*
    Awarded Item: (Free eating and money back guarantee)
    Get ready, go!
    5.11 OCEAN WARS
    How to play:
    - Fire the Craymel Cannon and defeat the enemy fleet.
    - Defeat all enemies or survive until countdown reaches 0 to clear the game.
    - The game is over if your shield is destroyed.
    - Left and right button to rotate
    - X button to charge. Push it again to fire.
    - Press O button while charging to accelerate.
    - A triangle button to switch view
    - Square button to execute Support Fire.
    - You need to destroy more than one enemy at one time to double your points.
    - Try not to use Support Fire as it will halve your bonus points.
    General notes:
    - Pay 800.000Gald at the Inferia Port to get this Ocean Wars mini game
      in one of your room in the Van Eltia. Chat will then get a title *Interior Decorator*
    High Score: 14.440
    Max Chain: 4
    Rank: S
    Awarded title: *Kaiser* (When you reach 10.000 points?)
    Awarded item: I got nothing this time.
    Jini's nightlife. It is full of excitements that I forgot about the time.
    5.12 DANCE
    How to play:
    - Keep your character under the spotlight.
    - Points are deducted every time your character steps out of the spotlight.
    - Directional buttons to move
    - Talk to the right counter to watch a demonstration by the Dance Master for
      only 1 Jini.
    - Try to copy his pattern/movement.
    - It is important to pay attention on the spotlight movements. And it helps when you
      remember it's colors (Yellow and Red) because you are going to follow wherever they
      1. Yellow, 2. Red, 3. Yellow, 4. Red, 5. Yellow, 6. Yellow, 7. Red, 8. Yellow,
      9. Yellow, 10. Red, 11. Red, 12 Yellow (to center stage)
    Register as a Solo challenger:
    Meredy will perform her dance skills.
    Register as a couple:
    Meredy plays versus second player.
    General notes:
    - You have to get a score above 05.00. If your score is bad, you are failing.
    - Points will be deducted when you are outside the spotlight circle.
    - The spotlight is getting faster and faster.
    Hi-Score: 08.14
    Awarded title: *Dance Queen* (get 08.00 points)
    Awarded Item: Step Ring (now you have 2 of it) and 100Jini
    1.Rune bottle at the city of Barole
    After earning the title *King of Balloons*, I beat Efreed and went to Farlos Mt. (speak to
    everybody in the church) before I decided to go back to Barole.
    Remember a boy caught by the 'mean' shop owner?
    Meet him again in Barole
    1.At the stall near the fountain.
    2.At the stall Opposite the Jewel Shop. (to the East)
    3.Inside the hotel, he is in front of the drawer on the lower right screen
    4.Pursue to the city entrance. He is at a stall in front of the cooking chef
      You bet you are going to need those sport shoes.
    5.Now it is time to get some rest at the best hotel in town.
      All your hard works will be paid off.
    2.Item Donies Potpourry (Doenisu no Boburi-Japanese version) in Barole
    Again, we will meet the boy. His name is Tim. This time no sport shoes involved.
    Meet him after you come back from Celestia. He is now working at the item store. Anyway, go
    and talk to him twice, he will then give you the item.
    If you talk to him again for the third times he will say =Two times two is four. Two times
    three is six....=
    3.Collecting Charm Bottle outside Barole
    Go to the bridge outside Barole city and use dark bottle to have access to lots of battles.
    The Sorceress will drop the charm bottle eventually. This item is to reduce market price by
    30%. Not bad.
    If on the screen there is more than one merchant, all the prices automatically dropped by
    It cannot reduce the price for upgrading your ship in Tinsia or in Inferia Port, though.
    Use Rune Bottle to change it into Miracle Charm to get a 50% discount in all shops!
    4.Rabbit's Foot
    Get some Rabbit's Foots from Rapid Rabbit outside of Imen, outside Peruti, and outside of
    Luishka. You are going to need a lot of luck collecting rare items.
    5.Smash Cape
    Change your Thief's Cape into Elven Cape with the help of rune bottle and then change it
    again into Smash Cape (Receive extra bonus for Technical Smash).
    6.Luck status
    Luck status change automatically when characters are resting/camping.
    The same thing happened on the Japanese version (Tales of Eternia).
    My suggestion is if you want to play a new game, pay a close attention to this issue.
    Save before you go to an inn. Always check for your luck status after resting/camping.
    Just buy all the items you need to regain strength/HP/TP and don't forget to master your
    COOKING SKILLS. It will help to restore your strength/HP/TP/Normal Status, etc.
    during or after a battle.
    You can always try to gain more luck if you are resting repeatedly until you get
    the luck status you desire. (For example at the Gnome Village)
    One more thing, at certain points, you cannot avoid resting.
    For example,
    (1)The first time you met Galenos at the (destroyed) Luishka Station. During
       the examination, Farah n Meredy will go to get some rest. When the
       examination is over, all characters Luck Level had been changed.
    (2)When you reach the second part of the Gnome Mine, after you have found the
       elevator, you cannot avoid resting.
    My highest Luck Status is with Farah;
    Normal Luck Status   : 114
    Equip Arche's Ribbon : 50
    Rabbits Foot         : 30
    Rabbits Foot         : 30
    Total                : 224
    7.Farah and Reid's side event at the Gnome Mine
    You need to shove the third debris at the end of Gnome Mine. Then Farah will come to Reid.
    You have to shove all 3(three) debris in the Gnome Mine. (starting from the East side to
    West side, and the last one is located on the South area after you went down using the
    8.Purple Satay
    You can buy the Purple Satay at the Gnome Mine (before you can reach the Catman's Village)
    so you will never be out of stock. When you need to buy other food ingredients, just go to
    Van Eltia (you need to upgrade your ship at Tinsia for only 300.000Galds) or go to nearby
    Luishka station. To complete all the ingredients you need to go to Chambard.
    9.Chat's Hut
    CD 2
    *Second Visit (after defeating Shadow)
    - Item Water cloud
      Go back to Chat Hut Basement Level 3. Put the statue on the left wing on
      the switch then go to the west side through the conveyor to get the
      Water cloud (Water resistant boots. Reduce water elemental damage by 50%).
      Put the statue on the switch to get out.
    - Item Mythril Helm
      Go back to Basement Level 7 to the furthest left room. Open the chest.
    - Item Panacea Bottle
      At Basement Level 8, go to the room with bulbs. Each of them has two colors
      (red and blue). Turn the top left red (press X button once), turn the top
      right blue(press X button twice), turn the down right blue, turn the down
      left blue. It will open the door on the right. Inside there is a bag
      consist of Panacea Bottle.
    *Third visit
     Come to visit again (I did this after I get the Aurora Wave skill) and this
     time you will get a GPS clue (120.128)to get Pico Revenge (Chat's skill).
    ---Thanks to kung_lee, kung_lee@hotmail.com for his complete FAQ)---
    *Fourth visit
     Go back to Chat's Hut. Inside they will find Aifread's memo. It will lead
     you to (204.98) get the Eternal Hammer in the Alfread's Cavern (Chat's
     skill). Once inside Chat has to answer the Alfread's Pinnacle Quiz Game!
     ---Thanks to kung_lee, kung_lee@hotmail.com for his complete FAQ)---
    The answer is as follow:
    10.Hourglass at the Aifread's Cavern
    At the new dock after successfully passed the test, search for it on the top right area,
    where there is a stair going up.
    11.Mastering Cooking Skills
    Every character will get a title for mastering the entire recipes;
    1. Reid: *Gourmet Master*
    2. Farah: *Kitchen Specialist*
    3. Keele: *Grand Chef*
    4. Meredy: *Charismatic Cook*
    5. Chat: *Kitchen King*
    6. Max: *Head Chef*
    12.Item Crib Sheet (Kakomon-Japanese version)
    I got 2 Crib Sheet.
    After get one from the Craymel Ball mini game (see the mini game section), go to Mintche
    Port and talk to the student near the boat. Pay him 10.000Gald to get the second one.
    13.Title *Interior Decorator*
    Chat will get the title when you upgrade one of your room in Van Eltia for Ocean Wars game.
    Pay 800.000Gald at the Inferia Port.
    14.Title *Dr. Mintche*
    Keele will get this title when he come back to Mintche and talk to Carlyle (a dean at the
    Mintche university - first floor, second door). Keele will then receive a gift from a
    female student. (receive Rice, Cheese, Eggs, Milk, Pasta, Bear Meat, Onion, Shrimp)
    15.Exam Titles
    Beginner Class:     *Namco Teacher*
                        Awarded item: Melange Gel
    Intermediate Class: *Namco Professor*
                        Awarded item: Miracle Gel
    Advance Class:      *Namco Otaku*
                        Awarded item: Combo Command
    16.Shooting Star Arche!
    Defeat Cress and Archer in Hard Mode (tournament), and then cast the Shooting Star spell
    when it's level is at MAX. Keele will transform into Archer. Hold down X to attack with
    fire (front attack) and hold circle to attack with ice (back attack). Hold both X and
    circle button to execute close range attack with Elemental Skill.
    17.Side event at the Undine Stream
    Go to the Undine Stream, to the place where you fought Undine. YOu will find an unconscious
    merchant on the ground. Reid decided to bring him to the nearest town. At the entrance,
    another merchant comes and give the sick person something (Pot Pie?) to rejuvenate him. The
    other merchant then suggest the sick person to go to Morle Inn (Tree Top Village).
    Try to find them there, but you will find nothing. Where are they?
    18.Item (Ingredient) Snow Tomato
    Go back to where you fought Celcius and you will find a Snow Tomato. (Add 99TP)
    Use it to complete the Cooking Contest mini game and then pick up another snow tomato
    at the top of Mt. Celcius. You can only get one Snow Tomato at a time, though.
    You can always get a Snow Tomato (after one hour of playing?) after eating the snow tomato
    in your pocket. Even if you have a Snow Tomato when you are at the top of Mt. Celcius, go
    down one screen, eat the tomato, go up again to the top, and the fresh Snow Tomato is now
    19.Item Bush Baby
    Go back to (destroyed) Luishka. Check the animal ornament in the living room.
    20.Item Flare Arm
    Go back to the Shadow Cave. Go down 5 screens (Choose the right path to get the Flare Arm).
    21. Lens
    There is a lens at 160,131 in Inferia World.
    22.Maxwell Summon extension
    Please read the =craymel= faq by rena chan on gamefaqs.com. It is awesome. You should try
    it NOW. (you can use it when you fight Elementaler (64 hits!) in Nereid Dungeon-Hardcore)
    23. Fully restored at Barole
    Further in the game, approach the cook near the entrance. Try some of his soup,
    and you are fully restored (HP and TP). (No changing in luck status).
    24. Get inside the Van Eltia
    I get this message from Jonathan Jaquez (jonathan_hasc@hotmail.com) on January 01, 2002
    This is interesting. I bet you guys want to know.
    "I am playing other game an when i arrived again to inferia after u get the aurora sword and
    the ship of the army............when i arrived again to inferia port the ship is inside of
    the port. but if u want u can take the ship without figth with inferia guard. just use one
    holy botle and search with the X button near to the port but without enter to the port an
    tadada u enter to the ship with the camera inside like in gran turismo playing with the
    camera when u touch the R1 button. and the game dont turn frezz".
    I will try this soon and post the result for your convenience.
    25. Answers to the Cooking Contest
    Round 1: LEMON
    Round 2: KIRIMA and EGG
    CD 2:
    Round 3: SNOW TOMATO
    7. Q & A
    Q: At the Regulus Dojo there is a well and it says -Not Enough Karma-. Is there any use of
       it ?
    Q: There are 2 titles from the Craymel Ball mini game; *Master Roller* and *Pro Roller*.
       Can you really get them both or just one title?
    A: Yes, according to tamasqually (message board on 12/25/01), you can collect both titles.
       Thanks a lot.
    Q: Do you have any auction guides book?
    Q: Excuse me. Does anybody ever play the Pocket Station Mini Games of TOE?
    Q: Nereid Dungeon at 8 hours of playing TOE?
       This is I am not very sure how, but when I have been playing TOE for about 8 hours,
       saved it, the star sign appears on the saved data. I really do not know why.
       I was playing a new game (it is not a new game plus). So far I have beaten
       Undine and Sylph. Just got the Master Coxswain and King of Balloons title.
       And I have access to the Mania Mode.
       Anybody got any idea of what happened?
    * You can always send me new-original info/tips/ideas/comments/critics.
    > Do not send email contains malicious words, junk mail, chain mail, etc.
    1. c_jay_c for his awesome contribution to all of the gamers around the
       globe. Great Job.
       And for allowing me to post this FAQ. You are number 1 (ichiban)
    2. Namco for creating the unforgettable Tales series.
    3. kung lee at kung_lee@hotmail.com for his Tales of Eternia's complete
       FAQ on gamefaqs.com
       He has made me come this far. *sigh..* I am now a TOE/DII mania.
    4. Jonathan Jaquez (jonathan_hasc@hotmail.com) for giving me the info of how to get
       inside the Van Eltia without fight with the Inferia guard.
    5. You (need to fill in)
    People who wrote a gameFAQ had sacrificed their priceless time (and their weekends).
    Their strong motivations, commitments, and emotions are the spirit within the FAQ.
    Above all things, please pay a good respect to any FAQ you read. DO NOT STEAL their hard
    working sweat and blood.
    I understand that no word will completely be enough to accomplish or express the feelings
    about satisfaction in creating and completing a FAQ (disregard the kb size and lack of
    designs -gee, I have heard that somewhere-). :)
    Every time I come to visit gamefaqs.com, I can see magnificent efforts/supports from
    who wants to make this beautiful place, a Heaven on Earth for GAMERS.
    Peace on Earth, Joy in Heaven.
    *Leave it to me!
    *All right.
    *You bet!
    *Let's do it.
    *Aye aye, sir.
    *Farewells are not the end. We will be together for eternity.
    *They have the strength. Let us simply observe as they create the future.
    This FAQ is Copyright (c)2001 bUDi wONg

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