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    Hardcore/Boss FAQ by Vash Stampede

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hardcore and Bosses FAQ : Version 1.0
    Made by: Romel Francisco
    Also known as : Vash Stampede  
    E-mail Address: detective_conan_ph@yahoo.com  
    Date: 07/04/2k2
    1. Revisions/Updates
    2. Copyright Notice
    3. Introduction
    4. All About The Topic
       4.1 how to activate hardcore
       4.2 the advantages of a hardcore file over a normal file
                - How to do Maxwell summon extension
                - Effects of Blue Earth
       4.3 the characteristics of hardcore enemies and bosses
    5. Disc 1 Bosses
    6. Disc 2 Bosses
    7. Disc 3 Bosses
    8. Optional Bosses
    9. Nereid's Labyrinth Bosses 
       - Bosses
       - Ishtear Effect
    10. Inferia City Battle Arena
    11. Character's Special Skills and Techniques
        11.1 Reid 
             11.1.1 Something About the DDC and the QS
             11.1.2 Reid's Combos
        11.2 Farah 
             11.2.1 Farah's Hidden Skills
                     - Maximum Burst
                     - Flame Dance
             11.2.2 Farah's Skill Combinations and Combos
        11.3 Max
             11.4.1 Max's Skills and Techniques
             11.4.2 The True Function of the Canceller 
        11.4 Team Skills 
        11.5 Arche?! 
        11.6 Combo Master Title(How to Get 100 hits)    
    12. Credits
    1. Revisions/Updates      
    Version 0.60 - 7/4/2k2
         - I started my FAQ. You might wonder why it took a long time 
    before I finished the first version(please don't ask me). I had to ask 
    a bunch of questions in the boards for more details. I finished the 
    Boss FAQ up to Shizel(the first one). I've also included the 
    Character's Skills and Techniques already. Let's say I've finished 
    about 60% of the guide already. The only sections that I left blank are 
    Disc 3 Bosses, Optional Bosses, Nereid Labyrinth's Bosses, Inferia City 
    Battle Arena. I have a hectic schedule and I guess it would take time 
    before I post the new version. Thanks to everyone who answered my 
    questions in the boards especially Red Star(see Credits section).
    Version 0.80 - 8/27/02
         - I added new sections, 'Combo Master Title' and 'Arche?!' but I 
    didn't write anything about the latter yet. I edited some battle 
    strategies, especially Volt's strategy and considered using Chat in 
    battle. I'm done with the Optional Bosses except Sekundes. I added up 
    Demon Twist on the list of First Chain Skills, sorry if I forgot. I 
    edited Reid's combos with the Neo Tempest Swarm as I've discovered that 
    this skill gives 18 hits. I was planning to finish this FAQ now but my 
    memory card got screwed up. I lost all my precious RPG files including 
    my TOD2 files. This is the reason why I didn't write anything yet on 
    Inferia City Battle Arena. I also can't detail anything about Shizel's 
    Castle Bosses. It will take time before I can catch up with my recent 
    file so this is all I can update for now. 
    Version 1.0 - 2/21/03
         - Sorry for the very late update. As I've said earlier, my memory 
    card glitched up and it's been long since I've started once again. Also 
    a few personal problems got ahead. Luckily, I was able to finish this 
    up. I've edited Valkyrie's strategy as I've discovered her attacks and 
    a more effective technique against her(see Section 8). I've completed 
    Section 10 already with a great strategy against Cress + Arche, one of 
    my favorite boss battles(See Section 10). Strategy against Sekundes is 
    also complete so for those anticipating, here you go! I've finished 
    Nereid's Labyrinth and Shizel's Castle Bosses already. Actually, this 
    should be my final version, but I'll still welcome contributions and 
    add them up here if necessary. For those who emailed me, sorry for the 
    late replies, I can't open my email as often as I've used to. Also, I 
    have my new email address(see above) you can rather contact me with 
    that one.
    2. Copyright Notice
         This FAQ is copyrighted to me. Do not use this for profit or post 
    this on your website and claim as your own. If you wanna post this FAQ 
    on your website then ask my permission first. If you have questions, 
    contributions, corrections, or suggestions then email me on the email 
    address I've mentioned above. I'll give credit for all your 
    contributions. Thank you.
    3. Introduction
        Hello everyone! This is my first FAQ and I hope that this is gonna 
    help everyone to know hardcore mode better and to give tips and 
    strategies on beating the bosses in hardcore. Well, it is not necessary 
    to beat ALL the bosses in this dreaded difficulty but I tell you, it is 
    best to beat every enemy and boss in the hardcore mode to make the game 
    really challenging, intense, and exciting. Also, if you do not prefer 
    this difficulty, you can apply this strategy even in normal or hard 
    mode. I'm expecting that this FAQ to have flaws because this is my 
    first. So if you'll ever see errors in my guide(even in grammar) then 
    don't hesitate to inform me and I'll thank you for that. Also, e-mail 
    me if I'm missing someone who also contributed here but is not 
    mentioned in the credits section. I have a lousy memory, you know. 
    4. All About The Topic
       4.1 How to activate the hardcore difficulty
         Hardcore is one the best features of TOD2 and there are 2 ways of 
    activating this. The first one is to beat the game. Then, the game will 
    ask you to save the game. After saving it, insert disc 1. This is 
    similar to Chrono Cross' New Game+ but the status of your characters is 
    not carried over to the hardcore game from your last game. However, the 
    all the items that you got from your last game are still recorded in 
    you Collector's Book. The same goes with the Monster Collection. 
         The other method is to use the hardcore file of your friend. 
    Here's how: First, borrow a hardcore file from your friend(you don't 
    have to save it in your memory card), load it then soft reset(you know, 
    the L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start method). On the title screen, then on the 
    Customize menu, you will notice that the hardcore is already 
    highlighted. Next, start a new game or load a game of your own and 
    done. This method also requires beating the game but that's on your 
    friend's part. And FYI, the items and monster record of your friend 
    won't be carried over to your file. The only things that are carried 
    over are the customize settings of your friend.
        4.2 The advantages of a hardcore file over a normal file
          I can only recommend the method I've mentioned above to old RPG 
    gamers who are confident enough(like me) or those who only want to beat 
    one hardcore battle to be able to perform Maxwell extension. Anyway, 
    that's one of the advantages of hardcore. Aside from mere summoning of 
    Maxwell, you can execute his extensions by pressing and holding down 
    button/s on your joystick. For you to be able to do this(I think I've 
    said it already) you have to beat at least one hardcore battle. Another 
    thing you need maximum TP(999) to execute all extensions. Here's how: 
    (Thanks to x_hunter_zero_ph@yahoo.com for this info)
    1. As you summon Maxwell, hold <- + SQUARE until Dual the Sol is       
    unleashed. Consumes 100 TP.
       2. Hold O to execute Eternity Swarm. Consumes 100 TP.
       3. Hold X to execute Prismic Stars. Consumes 100 TP.
       4. Hold TRIANGLE to execute Shining Gate. Consumes 100 TP.
       5. Hold SQUARE to execute Explosion Nova. Consumes 100 TP.
       6. Hold TRIANGLE + O to execute Maxwell Minimus. Consumes 100 TP.
       7. Hold SQUARE + X + O to execute Dimensional Material. Consumes 100               
    8. Hold TRIANGLE + SQUARE + X + O to execute Blue Earth. Consumes 250 
    TP. You can only do this if you have the Derris Emblem that is obtained 
    when you defeat Sekundes. Now there's a problem here. The total TP 
    consumed of all the extensions including summoning Maxwell is 1050 and 
    you can only have 999 TP as maximum. In this case, you need the Mental 
    Ring to regenerate TP as you pummel your enemies with the extensions.
    Effects of Blue Earth (Thanks to Red Star for this info)
       1. It gives full HP and TP on all allies
       2. It also gives additional 100000 experience for every monster that 
          will survive up to it.
    3. The BGM is gonna change to Meredy's theme.
         Another advantage of the Hardcore Mode is that you can fight Arche 
    with Cress in the World Championship at Inferia City, which results to 
    Arche Ribbon drop(this is only for those who want to complete their 
    item collection). I've included a strategy on defeating them two, just 
    look for Section 10 of this FAQ "Inferia City Tournament". 
         Another feature of Hardcore is a bonus dungeon called Nereid's 
    Labyrinth. I'm not sure if you can have access to it using the "other 
    method" that I've mentioned above. I'll confirm this later on. Anyway, 
    you can find Nereid's Labyrinth Bosses on section 13 of this guide. 
         Since monsters have more HP in Hardcore, they die longer. Because 
    of this, you can perform multiple hit combos, depending on the enemies 
    HP, so to get tons of bonus experience and to get the Combo Master 
    Title if you'll ever get the chance of doing a 100-hit combo. Look for 
    section 11.6 for its procedure. 
         Lastly, the Berserker title. This might not be very important, but 
    if you're interested in completing titles in the game especially Reid, 
    you need to fight 200 times in Hard or Hardcore mode to gain Berserker 
    5. Disc 1 Bosses
         The characteristics of Hardcore enemies and bosses are quite 
    different than in normal. First, HP is increased by 50% of normal HP. 
    Second, they're pretty fast and their attack power is raised, too. 
    Bosses can use magic 3 times in a row and can even link up their 
    attacks and magics. It is best if you would be cautious in every battle 
    and build up a few levels before every boss fight. I've included LEVEL 
    BUILD-UP SPOTS on which you could get fair experience to brush your way 
    through the bosses. Besides, this is one of the frequent questions at 
    the boards, leveling up, so it's a pleasure for me to provide it.
    LOCATION : Rasheans
    BOSS : ???? (Hyades)                 HP : 1500
    STRONG AGAINST : Lightning (25%)
    ATTACK : 165            Atk ELEMENT : Fire
    DEFENSE : 20
    EXPERIENCE : 300
    GALD : 800
    PARTY : Reid, Farah
    ATTACKS : Lightning, Spark Wave, Thunder Blade, Earth Shaker, 
                 Summon Demon 
       100% Orange Gel
       100% Life Bottle
         This guy is quite tough in Hardcore. I suggest that you build a 
    few levels first in the forest to learn some new skills. But if you do 
    not want to waste any time, it is possible to beat this guy at level 8. 
    But you need at least a dozen of apple gels(it is a good thing the 
    Slimes and Night Raids drop these), Sonic Blade(at least), and a lot of 
         At the start of the fight, set the strategy of your 
    characters(e.g. "Prevent Magic Attack"; Punch, Kick, and Attack of 
    Farah set to 5). You see, this guy casts his magics at an insane speed. 
    His first magic is Thunder Blade so keep your distance. His next attack 
    is Spark Wave so run all the way to him. Now here is where it requires 
    luck to survive. His next magic is Thunder Blade and he's gonna link it 
    with Earth Shaker which causes 500+ damage. There are 2 ways that I 
    know to avoid this. First, when he casts his second Thunder Blade(and 
    you're in a sweep distance) run all the way to left to miss the Earth 
    Shaker, but if you're playing one-player game, Farah may not be able to 
    make it. Hold DOWN + L1(The word "gather" should appear on the bottom 
    left of the screen where Formation is displayed) so Farah will follow 
    you wherever you go. The second way is to let him cast his second 
    Thunder Blade on you and then attack him to halt his Earth Shaker. 
    You'll be hit by his Thunder Blade(which only damages for 150+) but 
    you'll miss the Earth Shaker completely. Fortunately, in subsequent 
    turns he will only use Summon Demon, which you can avoid. Just run away 
    from it and use Sonic Blade from afar. If Farah falls down, just let 
    yourself be killed too. Use Apple Gels when your HP gets low. If you 
    think you can't make it then don't bother to use an Apple Gel. Besides, 
    you don't get a Game Over when you lose to this battle. You will just 
    repeatedly fight this guy until you win.
    LEVEL BUILD-UP SPOT : Mt. Mintche
         You can see enemies here and they never diminish. You'll defeat 
    one and here comes another. This is the best place to raise your levels 
    for now and to learn new skills to prepare the fight against Undine(not 
    the next boss). If you run out of supplies(especially Orange Gels) you 
    can always go back to Mintche to afford them. Be at least level 20 
    before you leave this place.
    LOCATION : Nostov Cave
    BOSS : Eggbear                      HP : 4800
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire (50%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Earth, Ice (25%)
    ATTACK : 195
    DEFENSE :120
    GALD : 90
    PARTY : Reid, Keele
    ITEMS : 40% Bear Meat
            90% Apple Gel
         Do I have to give a strategy here? Just pound him with Keele's 
    Fireball and Reid's strongest attacks and you'll defeat this monster 
    LOCATION : Morle Treetop
    BOSS : Insect Plant                 HP : 13200
    Enemy : Evil Needles (3)            HP : 615 (each)
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire (50%)  
    STRONG AGAINST : Water (50%); Earth (20%)
    ATTACK : 105     Atk ELEMENT : Earth
    DEFENSE : 10
    EXPERIENCE : 115
    GALD : 500
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Keele
    ITEMS : 25% Kirima
            10% Lemon
            80% Kirima (steal)
         Another easy boss. Eliminate the insects first to avoid poison. 
    Then, corner the Insect Plant and use Farah's Sonic Fist and Reid's 
    Neosonic Swarm(use the shortcut button) in the sense that the monster 
    won't be able to counter. Besides, this could be your chance to do the 
    highest combo possible and get lots of experience. I made it to 46 hits 
    and my friend, Renz, made 56 hits. You can do better. You won't have 
    any trouble with this battle if you will do this strategy. Use panacea 
    bottle whenever you're poisoned. 
    LOCATION : Undine Stream
    BOSS : Undine                       HP : 10200
    WEAK AGAINST : Lightning (20%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Water (100%); Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice (20%)
    ATTACK : 150     Atk ELEMENT : Water
    DEFENSE : 268
    EXPERIENCE : 1360
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Keele, Meredy
    ATTACKS : Subterranean Divide, Spear of Baptism, Aqua Edge, 
                 Spread, Maelstrom    
    ITEMS : 100% Talisman
            100% Mental Bracelet
         Equip Poison Charms to somewhat decrease water damage. You should 
    have at least 2(you'd be able to get one in the world map, check 
    Lmagnuz Inferia Map for its location). Set the formation of your 
    characters, Farah and Meredy on one side(either left or right) and Reid 
    and Keele on the other side. This should avoid all your characters to 
    be hit with Spear of Baptism. You won't be able to stop her from using 
    it, she's somehow invincible while charging it. Because of this, she 
    likes using it repeatedly. If you can predict that she's gonna use it, 
    jump to avoid it(Push UP + L1 to jump with your entire party). Watch 
    out for her Spread, Undine's strongest attack. She might extend it to 
    Maelstrom, which causes critical damage. Also, her Subterranean Divide 
    can cause moderate sums of damage. On the offensive, use Reid's 
    Lightning Blade or Demon Lightning Hammer(or Super Lightning Blade if 
    you have it already) and Meredy's Lightning. You may also want to do 
    this combo: Super/Lightning Blade + Demon Lightning Hammer. You may 
    want to use Farah as your healer(she has Healer, of course) or maybe 
    let Keele do all the healing with Apple Gels(you need Farah's attacks 
    more, I believe). Undine is a tough opponent, but if you are in a 
    decent level, you should do just fine.
    LOCATION : Forest of Temptation
    BOSS : Jungler                       HP : 8100
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire (50%)
    ATTACK : 240
    DEFENSE : 240
    EXPERIENCE : 200
    GALD : 100
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Meredy, Keele
    ATTACK : Thrust Feather
    ITEMS : 20% Orange Gel
            20% Life Bottle
          This guy is pretty fast but this doesn't pose too much trouble so 
    hit him as hard as you can with all your strongest attacks and he'd be 
    down for sure. Just watch out for his Thrust Feather. It deals moderate 
    sums of damage.
    LEVEL BUILD-UP SPOT : Forests near Barole
         Man Eaters are lurking around these forests. They resemble the 
    boss you fought in Morle Treetop. Now use Reid's Neo Swarm, Farah's 
    Sonic Fist and Ras's Dragon Swarm(or Neo Swarm) to gain more hits and 
    experience as many as you could. Doing this repeatedly let me get a max 
    combo of 72 and 2500 experience. This should prepare you in your battle 
    against Sylph. And also, be sure to have Spiral Attack and Megasonic 
    Thrust before going to Sylph Cavern. 
    LOCATION : Sylph Cavern
    BOSS : Sylph                        HP : 9900
    Enemy : Arms                        HP : 6750 (each)
    WEAK AGAINST : Earth (100%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Wind (90%); Water, Fire (20%); Ice,
                     Lightning (10%)
    ATTACK : 255
    DEFENSE : 200
    EXPERIENCE : 1929
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Meredy, Ras
    ATTACKS : Sylphid Arrow, Wind Arrow, Wind Blade, Air Thrust, 
    ITEMS : 100% Protect Ring
            100% Life Bottle
         Be sure to learn Demon Twist or Spiral Attack and Megasonic Thrust 
    before this battle. You need aerial attacks like these(excluding 
    Megasonic Thrust) but Tempest Strike seems not a good idea since this 
    skill is wind elemental. Sylph really likes warping every now and then 
    so I suggest you use the Semi mode to keep track of him and to avoid 
    wasting your energy. Equip Reid's Storm Shield to guard against Sylph's 
    attacks. The battle starts with an attack on both sides so be wary with 
    your formation. Put Meredy on the middle to avoid being attacked by 
    Arms. Let Farah, Reid, and Meredy focus their attacks on Sylph(set 
    their strategy to "Prevent Magic Attack") and Ras focus his attention 
    to Sylph's flunkies(set his strategy to "Prevent Enemy Attack") since 
    his attacks are for ground enemies only. Meredy's Grave can hit Sylph 
    whenever he lowers to the ground so use it to cause decent damage. 
    Don't give Sylph the chance to use Cyclone. It can wipe your whole 
    party if you won't be able to avoid it. His Air Thrust can also cause 
    major damage if the hits are concentrated on a single character. Use 
    Reid's Spiral Attack and Megasonic Thrust combination to finish this 
    battle as quick as possible. Summon Undine whenever her vitality is 
    full to recover HP. 
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Forests near Farlos Sanctuary 
         Another form of Insect Plant, the Power Plant, roams in these 
    forests. You may do the same as you did to the Insect Plant and the Man 
    Eaters(I think you're tired of that already). Beware though, Red 
    Dragons, Hellkites, and Phoenixes are lurking here at night. They're 
    pretty fast and they're really tough, they can mess up your party 
    pretty bad so avoid them. Just camp whenever the sunlight fades. There 
    are other places, however, which houses enemies that give decent 
    experience(you now have the Aerialboard, right?), like the beaches of 
    islands near Chambard, but the enemies could be damn hard. So if you 
    feel ready and confident enough, proceed to Efreet Gorge.
    LOCATION : Efreet Gorge
    BOSS : Efreet                      HP : 36000
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (50%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%); Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning (10%)
    ATTACK : 300            Atk ELEMENT : Fire
    DEFENSE : 360
    EXPERIENCE : 2723
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Keele, Meredy
    ATTACKS : Burning Beast, Flame Wave, Explode, Eruption, Fear 
                 Flare, Explosion Nova
    ITEMS : 100% Black Onyx
            100% Life Bottle
         Of all the primary craymels of Inferia, this one is the nastiest 
    and the most immature(as Sylph said) so expect him to be really tough 
    and his attacks to be quite damaging. He always likes to chain up Flame 
    Wave(this is somehow similar to Undine's Subterranean Divide, only that 
    it is fire-based) and Eruption or Explode and sometimes he will 
    immediately cast Explosion Nova after. If he's feeling good, he won't 
    use Explode 3 times in a row. Those flames below him are really 
    annoying and will halt your every move and that will give him the 
    chance to retaliate on your party.
         All Efreet's arsenal of attacks is fire-based, so practically you 
    must equip your party members with armors with defense against fire. 
    Buy Kitchen Mittens in Chambard for Farah and Meredy. Get the Flare 
    Cape in the World Map(check lmagnuz 'Inferia Map FAQ' for its 
    location). If you have 20 lenses then exchange it in Chambard with 
    Inferi Cape. Equip Square Shield on Reid for his defense and Hydra 
    Dagger(water elemental) for his offense. In terms of magic, Aqua Edge 
    and Spread are the best preferences but Air Thrust is not bad. In 
    battle, Efreet will try to corner your party members with Burning Beast 
    so he can focus his attacks on all your party members. You cannot run 
    on the other side unless you'll be flung anyhow by his Explode. If that 
    happens, you might survive somehow when Efreet uses Explode 3 times(he 
    uses that rarely though). Summon Undine or Sylph whenever possible, but 
    I suggest you fill up their vitalities before the battle to be sure. In 
    my case, I was able to summon Undine 2 times in battle.
         Actually, there is a way to beat Efreet in low levels without too 
    much effort, and you have to do this with Reid alone(wait, don't react 
    yet, here's the trick). First, master Omelette or Cream Stew on Reid. 
    Then, equip Square Shield, a Flare Cape and the Inferi Cape(or 2 Flare 
    Capes) on him to have absolute defense against fire. Now all of 
    Efreet's attacks will only cause 1 damage on Reid. You don't have to 
    worry about the other party members, Reid will revive them at the end 
    of the battle with Omelette/Cream Stew(status abnormalities include KO) 
    if ever they would be KOed. Use Reid's Demon Twist and keep pounding 
    him and you'll eventually beat him. 
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Beaches of Islands near Chambard
         You don't have to raise your levels for the next boss, but your 
    next destination is Mt. Farlos and then Celestia and it's hard to find 
    a decent spot there to raise your levels. The beaches near Chambard 
    shall be the most decent spot that I know to build your characters' 
    levels so I suggest you to be at least level 40 before you go to your 
    next destination. The enemies here could be darn hard so be cautious. 
    However, your efforts are not worthless, usually a battle here costs up 
    to 1600 experience. At night, Super Stars are around and if you'd be 
    able to defeat them it'll give off up to 3000 experience. If you're 
    lucky enough, the Super Star will drop Reverse Doll, a very valuable 
    equipment, upon its demise. Use Rune Bottle on it to form Sephira, 
    which doubles your gald that you get every battle.
         If you want to defeat the Red Dragon, the Hellkites, and the 
    Phoenixes at the forests near Farlos Sanctuary at night, then do the 
    same strategy as you did with Efreet. The problem here is that the Red 
    Dragon's attacks are not all fire elemental so he can still damage you 
    roughly. Use Demon Twist or Demon Spiral Hammer to counter their 
    attacks. You can also change to Semi-auto mode to automatically guard 
    their attacks. Good luck! I've done this once but I was not very lucky. 
    These enemies drop some valuable items upon their downfall like 
    Lavenders and Sages. A battle with them could give more than 3000 
    experience. If you're through, proceed to Mt. Farlos.
    LOCATION : Mt. Farlos
    BOSS : Rasseaus                      HP : 6612
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Fire, Earth (70%)
    ATTACK : 213
    DEFENSE : 700
    EXPERIENCE : 1000
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Keele, Meredy
    ATTACKS : Super Lightning Blade, Neo Swarm, Dragon Swarm, Dragon 
    ITEMS : 100% Heal Bracelet
            100% Leather Cape    
          This battle is fairly average. The difficulty that you'll 
    encounter in this battle will be according to your levels. If you have 
    had raised your levels as I've told you to do so, this wouldn't take 
    long. This guy has a nice defense but his attacks are lame. If your 
    levels are below 30, his attacks could damage 100+. At level 40 or 
    above, he could barely damage for 20+. At level 50, who knows? Overall, 
    he's a lousy opponent so finish him quickly with your strongest attacks 
    and spells. Use Reid's Double Spiral Attack or Demon Spiral Hammer for 
    a quick kill.                   
    6. Disc 2 Bosses
    LOCATION : Mine of Gnome
    BOSS : Gnome                        HP : 24240
    WEAK AGAINST : Wind (10%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Earth (100%); Water, Ice, Fire, Lightning (70%)
    ATTACK : 225            Atk ELEMENT : Earth
    DEFENSE : 350
    EXPERIENCE : 3000
    GALD : 2
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Keele, Meredy
    ATTACKS : Summon Friends, Stalagmite, Snort Flare, King Tackle, 
                 Ultra Grave, Grave, Earth Shaker
    ITEMS : 100% Moon Crystal
            100% Rune Bottle
         Now talk about a really hyperactive opponent! Gnome is really fast 
    on his moves and he's sure has lots of tricks under his sleeves. Those 
    audiences throwing nuts can be a disadvantage but it can be ignored. 
    His Snort Flare can produce a 14 hit combo and leave your character 
    stunned. Be careful with his Summon Friends, he can use it 3 times in a 
    row(he did it to me) to bring your characters to critical status. If 
    you're unfortunate enough, he will use Earth Shaker for a major 
    damage(about 2500+ damage). He doesn't use it very often though. 
         It will help if you will equip Flare Capes and other protection 
    against Earth. You may also equip Reid with Assault Dagger(wind 
    elemental) to take advantage of his Wind weakness. Use Wind Blade and 
    Air Thrust on Gnome constantly and use Heal for characters with low HP. 
    If Gnome uses Summon Friends(it always comes from the right direction), 
    jump(directional button UP + L1) or use airborne attacks of 
    Reid(Tempest Strike, Omega Tempest Strike) or Farah(Eagle Rage). Use 
    Reid's Spiral Attack and Demon Spiral Hammer combination for a good 
    damage. You'll eventually win. 
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Mine of Gnome
         This is the best spot in Celestia to raise your levels that I 
    know. The ordinary enemies here don't give the experience that you 
    need. Only one enemy can give that, the Fake. There are areas here on 
    which you pull the lever and a chest comes out. The first chest always 
    contains an item but from the second and so on, they're Fakes. This 
    particular enemy is tough and fighting it is very risky so I guess I 
    have to give you a strategy for this special enemy.
    ENEMY : Fake                       HP : 15000
    STRONG AGAINST : All elements (100%)
    ATTACK : 630
    DEFENSE : 0
    EXPERIENCE : 2100
    GALD : 1050
    ATTACKS : Distortion
    ITEMS : 100% life Bottle
             50% Pine Gel(steal)
         Well, you can't do anything against its ridiculous defense. But as 
    you can see, Fake always starts the battle poisoned, and only that will 
    kill him. All you can do here is to keep Fake busy and stop him from 
    using Distortion which kills a single character. Keep on attacking him 
    while the poison is draining his HP gradually. Revive the characters 
    hit by Distortion with a Life Bottle. Be wary because Fake has a decent 
    attack rating. Just keep your characters alive and he'll eventually 
    LOCATION : Chat's Hut, Basement 1
    BOSS : Guardian                      HP : 45000
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (100%); Ice (30%); Fire (25%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Lightning (100%)
    ATTACK : 300             Atk ELEMENT : Lightning
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : 3000
    GALD : 210
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Meredy, Keele
    ITEMS : 100% Rune Bottle
            100% Pine Gel
        He's pretty fast but his lame attacks shouldn't pose much of a 
    threat. Finish him in any way you want and this won't take long. His 
    attacks may cause stun so use panacea bottle to counter it. 
    LOCATION : Mt. Celsius
    BOSS : Celsius                      HP : 49999
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire (20%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Ice (90%); Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning (30%)
    ATTACK : 396            Atk ELEMENT : Ice 
    DEFENSE : 300
    EXPERIENCE : 4000
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Meredy, Keele
    ATTACKS : Swallow Dance, Mirage, Chi, Icicle Raid, Frost Shear, 
                 Maximum Burst, Icicle Fall, Freeze Lancer, Blizzard, 
    ITEMS : 100% Resist Ring
            100% Freeze Charm
         She's a bit tough. Her Freeze Lancer can hit all characters in one 
    direction so be wary with your formation. She frequently uses close 
    enemy attacks and these are mostly Farah's skills like Swallow Dance 
    and Chi, so it's best to keep away from her and use long range attacks. 
    Also, she uses Icicle Raid and combines it with Maximum Burst to cause 
    a massive damage on your characters in the process. And if you keep 
    yourself near her, she might use Icicle Fall which could either freeze 
    or stun you. Her Blizzard attack cannot be avoided and causes freeze 
    much of the time. 
         Being an ice-based creature, you can produce a decent damage using 
    fire-based skills. Ready your Eruption for casting and Efreet for 
    summoning(Flame Wall sucks!). It would be best if you have Reid's 
    Rising Phoenix already, much better if you can do a Burning Phoenix 
    with it. In terms of defense, the only equipments that provide 
    protection against ice are Freeze Charms and Aqua Cape. Purchase Freeze 
    Charms in Peruti. You may also want to bring Syrup Bottles by your side 
    to shield your characters against stun and freeze. In battle, use the 
    same formation as I pointed out in defeating Undine to prevent Freeze 
    Lancer on hitting all your party members. Make full use of Eruption and 
    summon Efreet whenever possible. Fire away using Reid's Rising Phoenix 
    and Burning Phoenix. I suppose you don't have Rising Phoenix yet, Sonic 
    Chaos will be a good alternative(with Flamberge as your weapon). If you 
    fight her long enough, she may be able to use Absolute which can either 
    kill or bring a character to critical status. Finish this battle 
    quickly, or you'll get yourselves into trouble. 
         Before the next battle, I want to advice you not to include Chat 
    in your party yet(don't talk to her in the Van Eltia). If you do, Chat 
    will take Meredy's place as the latter leaves the party temporarily. 
    Meredy is much more efficient to use than Chat(well, as of now). But 
    the next boss is not that very tough so using Chat is not a bad idea. 
    If you only want to finish the battle quickly, I recommend Meredy.
    LOCATION : Imen
    BOSS : Hyades                        HP : 67500
    WEAK AGAINST : Light (50%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Ice (20%); Lightning 
    ATTACK : 750
    DEFENSE : 800
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Keele, Meredy(or Chat)
    ATTACKS : Cursed Roller, Death Finger, Ground Shake, Freeze    
                 Lancer, Eruption
    ITEMS : 100% Mental Bracelet
            100% Egg
         This second Hyades is not as hard as the first one. The first 
    Hyades uses a series of magics while the second rarely uses one. At 
    first he will keep on using Cursed Roller. When his HP goes down by 
    half, he will start using Death Finger, which is an extension of Cursed 
    Roller. He will also use magics. Just keep on pounding him as hard as 
    you can and he'll eventually go down. Just heal occasionally when 
    LOCATION : Ruins of Volt
    BOSS : Volt                          HP : 81481
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (100%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Lightning (100%); Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Light, 
                         Dark (70%)
    ATTACK : 327            Atk ELEMENT : Lightning
    DEFENSE : 508
    EXPERIENCE : 3600
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Reid, Farah, Meredy, Max(recommended)
    ATTACKS : Family Reunion, Spark Wave, Lightning, Thunder Blade, 
    ITEMS : 100% Holy Symbol
            100% Rune Bottle
         Now you have to face a really formidable opponent. If you aren't 
    careful, you wouldn't even last within 5 seconds. He usually starts the 
    battle with an Indignation, which likely kills all your characters 
    within its range. His Thunder Blade causes more than 2000 damage. You 
    can't use any skill or combo that causes more than 10 hits(be careful 
    with your team combo smash) or he'll counter with Family Reunion which 
    is really annoying. Furthermore, he has this kind of electric field all 
    over his round body(and it is surely harmful) so don't get too near on 
    him. All his attacks causes stun so stun charm is an extremely 
    necessary item. You won't have a chance without it. 
         Equipments that give lightning defense are few(except if you want 
    to buy a bunch of Stun Charms). You only have Thunder Cape(look for its 
    location in the world map), Celesti Cape, and Stun Charm. Equip your 
    best defense for your characters and Trident for Reid's weapon(water 
    elemental). You may choose between Chat and Max for the last character 
    but I suggest you put the latter as his long range attacks are more 
    reliable. However, he starts the battle with a grave disadvantage - he 
    only has 1 HP! Heal him immediately when the battle starts. If you want 
    to use Chat, just rely on her Toss Hammer. 
         As I've told you earlier, Volt usually greets your characters with 
    Indignation. There is a way to avoid this: As you run away from it, 
    hold Down + L1 (on the lower left of your screen, the word "gather" 
    should appear) so the other characters will follow you. If you're 
    unfortunate(and this usually happens), Volt will cast his Indignation 
    while your casters are preparing their magics. Use Reid's Demon Spiral 
    Hammer(or Omega Demon Chaos if you have it) and use Farah's Eagle Rage. 
    Those slashes thrown by Farah in her Eagle Rage is somehow water 
    elemental, that's why it creates a good damage on Volt. For Meredy, 
    make full use of Spread and summon Undine whenever possible and use 
    Nurse to heal. Well, Max can't do any other than his Burning Force(if 
    he could only have Aqua Spiral at this point of time, this battle would 
    be much, much easier) so just let him shoot it from afar. Set his 
    attack strategy to 1 and 'Use TP' to 5 to keep him away from Volt. 
    Since Volt is floating, the Burning Force will only miss. In this case, 
    let Reid perform a jump attack on Volt to throw him to the ground. Or 
    you can play as Max and control the blast of his skill by pressing x. 
    With patience, you'll eventually win.
    LOCATION : Balir Castle
    BOSS : Spiral                        HP : 67500
    Enemy : Escargot (3)                 HP : 7710 each
    ATTACK : 345
    DEFENSE : 400
    EXPERIENCE : 1000
    GALD : 3000
    PARTY :  Reid, Farah, Meredy, Keele 
    ATTACKS : Vertical Spin, Stalagmite
    ITEMS : 100% Faerie Ring
            100% Orange Gel      
         This is very easy. Spiral's attacks have low accuracy rates so 
    it's easy to dodge them. Finish the Escargots first with Burning 
    Phoenix then concentrate all your attacks to him. Be careful though, 
    his Vertical Spin tends to cause critical damage.
    LOCATION : Balir Castle
    BOSS : Shizel                        HP : 180000
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning (10%)
    ATTACK : 450          ELEMENT : Dark
    DEFENSE : 0
    RECOMMENDED PARTY : Reid, Farah, Keele, Meredy
    ATTACKS : Summon Demon, Spark Wave, Prism Sword, Fireball, 
                 Indignation, Delay, Eternal Finality
          Now you have to face Shizel's fury for the first time. This the 
    same status of Shizel when you beat her before the end of the game, so 
    expect this battle to be ridiculously tough. Aside from her high HP 
    rating, her hard-hitting attacks are enough to take you all. You can't 
    stop her from casting her magics since she produces a harmful barrier 
    which makes her invincible while casting. That's why her Eternal 
    Finality(which reduces all allies HP to only 1) is totally inevitable. 
    The worse thing is she usually commences the battle with it. You can't 
    block that very powerful attack for now so you are no match for her. 
         However, there is a chance of defeating her since she will use 
    Eternal Finality only once. If you're quick enough(to use items 
    perhaps) and you would be able to survive, you might have a chance. 
    However, you won't get anything for your efforts. When her HP drops to 
    a certain level, the screen will turn black and the outcome would be 
    just the same. I won't give any strategy here so if you want some 
    challenge and you think you're confident enough, defeat Shizel in any 
    way you can. Otherwise, just let her kill you. 
         Obtainment of the Van Eltia and the Aifish will trigger out some 
    places which are inaccessible before. This includes the following level 
    build up spots:
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Shadow Cave
         Avoid the touch-based Mega Deaths(accompanied by Dark Disasters 
    and Dragontooths) as they're annoyingly tough and they don't give 
    enough experience. On the area near Shadow(you may beat Shadow first), 
    enemies with good experience lurk(I'm not talking about those annoying 
    ripper freaks). If you find this place boring, proceed to another 
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Sunken Ship
         Aside from the presence of the Siren boss and some goodies, 
    enemies here gives good experience(ranging from 700-2000+). In 
    addition, Super Stars are around so take your time and stock up a few 
    Reverse Dolls(at least 15, hehe! ^_^) to prepare yourself against Cress 
    and the third Seyfert Trial(at the later part of the game). However, 
    these enemies could be rare and you're not sure if you can get a 
    Reverse Doll everytime you fight them. If you want more Reverse Dolls, 
    proceed to...
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Aifread's Tomb
         To trigger this place, go to the Conversion Dock at the Relay 
    Point and examine the Aifread Statue. When you enter the place, go to 
    the middle path. Just keep going until Reid falls on a trap. Pass those 
    spikes and on the next screen, you will see a poisonous river mud and 
    sinking platforms with ripper freaks on them. Actually, they're just 
    Super Stars and Seaspins. This is an opportunity to obtain Reverse 
    Dolls as many as you want. If you run out of it, you can return here 
    anytime you want.
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Seyfert Shrine(Farlos Sanctuary)
         This is the best place to increase your levels. Frequently, 
    enemies can give experience as much as 3000+. Be sure to learn Farah's 
    Fatal Fury(and Maximum Burst of course) and Reid's Omega Seal(and Quasi 
    Seal) before you leave this place. You can return here anytime you want 
    to have more experience or if you're confident enough to beat Maxwell.
    LEVEL BUILD UP SPOT : Inferia City Battle Arena
         Proceed to this area whenever you're ready. You can fight here as 
    many times as you want to increase your levels. The enemies at the 
    National Championship can give as much as 5000 experience(that's the 
    3rd round). However, I suggest you choose to fight in the World 
    Championship more frequently as enemies here give off Rune Bottles, 
    Savories(they're rare), Sages, and Red Sages. Take this opportunity to 
    max out Reid's HP and TP(prioritize TP if you're gonna beat Cress) to 
    prepare against Cress and other tough bosses like Valkyrie. Please see 
    section 10, 'Inferia City Battle Arena' for the strategy against the 
    enemies in the arena.
    LOCATION : Inferia Port
    BOSS : Inferian Guard                HP : 7500
    ATTACK : 420
    DEFENSE : 400
    EXPERIENCE : 200
    GALD : 300
    PARTY : It's yours to decide
    ITEMS : 100% Steel Sword
         I understand why the BGM is the same as you're fighting a normal 
    enemy. This is way too easy. Don't waste your TP on this guy. A few 
    attacks will beat him unconscious. 
    7. Disc 3 Bosses
    LOCATION : Balir Castle 
    BOSS : Hyades                        HP : 192000
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Dark (30%); Wind, 
                        Ice (60%); Time, Elemental (20%)
    ATTACK : 570           Atk ELEMENT : Dark
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : 30000
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : It's yours to decide
    ATTACKS : Charge Laser, Ground Shake, Earth Shaker, Thunder 
                 Blade, Bloody Howl
         You might wonder where Hyades got his new image. Anyway, as this 
    is Hyades' final form, give your best shot in beating this one as this 
    one could be tough. Don't let him cast any magic as he casts his magics 
    consecutively. You won't even be able to stand on your feet and he'll 
    cast another magic. He also likes chaining them up with Ground Shake. 
    Be sure you activated Stun Guard Craymel Arte or equip Stun Charms, 
    Poison Charms, and Krona Symbol to guard against stun(which is caused 
    by Charge Laser and Thunder Blade) and weak(which is caused by Ground 
         If you want to get the Combo Master title(by doing a 100 or more 
    hits in a battle) and lots of experience, then this is your best chance 
    to do so - do it on Hyades. Refer to Section 11.6 for the procedure. On 
    the other hand, if you only want to beat this guy as easy and as quick 
    as possible, include Max on your party and let him use Aqua Spiral 
    and/or Rage Laser. If you have Chat's Eternal Hammer, use it against it 
    so as to prevent him from using magic. You may also use Reid's Aurora 
    Wall and Aurora Slash whenever possible. Watch out for his Bloody Howl 
    as it causes a rough damage on your allies. Use Barrier and Resist to 
    your own advantage. Be sure to pop with the occasional healing spells 
    and items on your characters to keep them alive. 
    LOCATION : Regulus Tomb
    BOSS : Rem                          HP : 150000
    WEAK AGAINST : Dark (20%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Light (100%); Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, 
                        Lightning (20%)
    ATTACK : 750           Atk ELEMENT : Light
    DEFENSE : 700
    EXPERIENCE : 40960
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : I advice anyone except Max
    ATTACKS : Shining Flare, Prism Sword, Ray, Holy Lance
    ITEMS : 100% Reflect Ring
            100% Rune Bottle
         Being a freely flying creature, you might have a hard time hitting 
    her on air. Also, that gray ball of hers is awfully annoying! You need 
    to avoid it in order to hit Rem. You might not notice it or know it at 
    all, but Rem is actually increasing her HP in the duration of the 
    battle so you better defeat her as quick as you can. But with the 
    presence of that gray ball, this will be a tough job. 
         Equip Spirit Robe on Keele and Protect Ring, Force Ring, and 
    Persha Boots(if you have it) on the other members. For weapons, you can 
    use some that takes advantage of Dark weakness like Dragon Vein(for 
    Reid) and Ghost Shell(for Farah). Otherwise, equip your strongest 
    weapon available(hey, Eternal Sword is a good choice; forget equipping 
    Omni Weapon on Farah). In terms of magic, using Dark Force and 
    summoning Shadow will do a great part on this battle. Because Max can 
    only obtain his Dark Laser after this event, he's not very useful in 
    this battle so use either Chat or Farah(Chat is more preferable). As 
    the battle commences, Rem will always hide behind her annoying gray 
    ball. It moves up and down slowly so try your best to get pass over it 
    and attack Rem with Burning Phoenix. You may also use this combo: Omega 
    Tempest Strike + Rising Phoenix + Burning Phoenix to cause big damage 
    on Rem. If you're using Chat, use any skills especially her hammer 
    skills except Eternal Hammer to keep Rem on the ground. She will stick 
    to her long-range attacks at the first part of the battle, with 
    occasional magics like Shining Flare. If her attacking prowess is 
    giving you trouble, use barrier on your members. If her HP drops below 
    half, she will change her fighting stance and keep herself on the 
    topmost part of the screen. She will hit you with an attack or two, 
    then unleash her strongest attack, Holy Lance, which would likely kill 
    a single character. It damages more than 5000, and if one of your 
    characters has a good HP, she might hit him/her with Holy Lance up to 3 
    times in a row until he's dead!(she doesn't use that frequently though) 
    She will repeatedly use this technique so you need to do something 
    about it. Use Reid's combo that I've outlined above or use Chat's 
    hammer skills to pull her down to the dust then use Burning Phoenix. 
    Use your strongest magics aside from Dark elemental spells, especially 
    Cyclone and Meteor Swarm(if you have Maxwell already). Speaking of 
    Maxwell, his summon extensions works best on Rem. Fill up Maxwell's 
    vitality to max before this battle then summon him in battle to knock 
    off about 50% of Rem's max HP. Be sure to heal occasionally and revive 
    allies hit by Holy Lance.
    LEVEL BUILD-UP SPOT : Shizel's Castle
         As you get Sekundes here, he will enter your craymel cage whole-
    heartedly. Build his levels from hereon to get Shooting Star, probably 
    the best craymel arte in the game. This should come in handy on your 
    succeeding battles especially against Sekundes(if you're planning to 
    get Derris Emblem). This should take time as Sekundes level should be 
    26 before you can fringe him with Maxwell to be able to use it. You can 
    also get back to previous level build-up places that I've listed above 
    like Seyfert Shrine(for better experience) and Inferia Battle 
    Tournament(for more Sages and Red Sages). After dealing with Sekundes 
    and obtaining the Derris Emblem, you're now able to get the best 
    experience in just a battle. Proceed to the next battle area...
    LEVEL BUILD-UP SPOT : Nereid's Labyrinth
         Normal enemies give up to 4000+ experience in a battle. A few give 
    only 300+. It's hard to fight here since you can't save the game 
    inside, you can't use any items(except when you're in battle), and you 
    can only use one character in every floor. The Elementler here gives 
    20000 experience so you can fight him as many times as you can. Once 
    you get your hands to Derris Emblem, you're able to use Blue Earth 
    which gives additional 100000 experience to every opponent that will be 
    able to survive against all Maxwell Extensions. There are only two 
    enemies that I know that can withstand Maxwell and can be fought even a 
    thousand times: Elementler and Nereid Regulus. The latter can give kick 
    your butt really hard so forget him for now. Just concentrate on the 
    Elementler particularly the one on the first floor(Wind Elementler). 
    Afterwards, just exit the dungeon then re-enter to repeat the process. 
    Oh, and don't forget to save your game first before entering the 
    dungeon. Likewise, you can do the same to Elementlers inside Shizel's 
    Castle(just read on, I'll discuss this just a little later). For 
    strategy and more info about bosses in Nereid's Labyrinth, see section 
    LOCATION : Shizel's Castle
    BOSS : Elementler                     HP : 120000
    Enemy : Grave Keeper x 3              HP : 13500 each
    ATTACK : 765   
    DEFENSE : 240
    EXPERIENCE : 23456
    GALD : 12345
    PARTY : It's yours to decide
    ITEMS : 100% Pine Gel
            100% Elixir
            100% Miracle Gel (steal)
         There are six of them inside the castle, each inside a pillar. 
    These guys only differ in terms of elemental defense and attack. I'm 
    gonna enumerate them from left to right as well as their elemental 
    defense and attacks:
    1st Pillar
    BOSS : Wind Elementler
    STRONG AGAINST : Wind (100%)
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Shining Flare, Cyclone, Dark Force
    2nd Pillar 
    BOSS : Fire Elementler
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%)
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Shining Flare, Explode, Dark Force
    3rd Pillar
    BOSS : Water Elementler
    STRONG AGAINST : Water (100%)
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Spread, Maelstrom, Dark Force
    4th Pillar
    BOSS : Earth Elementler
    STRONG AGAINST : Earth (100%)
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Dark Force, Earth Shaker, Shining Flare
    5th Pillar 
    BOSS : Ice Elementler
    STRONG AGAINST : Ice (100%)
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Absolute
    6th Pillar
    BOSS : Lightning Elementler
    STRONG AGAINST : Lightning (100%)
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Indignation, Dark Force
         These guys have the same behavior. Each will cast all magics that 
    he has like mad as long as his flunkies are alive. So practically, you 
    have to eliminate the flunkies first or attack the Elementler to stop 
    him. After eliminating the Elementler's flunkies, he'll revert to 
    physical attacks with occasional magics. He has two kinds of attacks 
    both are deadly. These attacks can be predicted though:
    1) If he's walking slowly, he will execute this combo attack: Chop + 
    Kick + Force Laser. To avoid this simply guard. This is not as deadly 
    as his other move.
    2) If he's running, he will chop the poor character 12 times with a 
    pause in every 4. To avoid this, run pass toward him and just let him 
    land his attack on nothing. Then just run back when he turns back. 
    Should his attack land on you, pray that the poor character is still 
    alive after the fourth chop then run(as he pauses, that is).
         There are several battle strategies that can be used in defeating 
    1) The usual way - Just beat him out of Reid and Farah's attacks and 
    Keele and Meredy's magics. Use Reid's Burning Phoenix, Farah's Maximum 
    Burst, and every magic that you want. Just check the element of your 
    enemy first and cast accordingly. In short words, simply beat the hell 
    out of the thing.
    2) Use Chat's Eternal Hammer. Supply her with Pine Gels when needed.
    3) See section 11.6. Getting the Combo Master can be part of the 
    4) Max's Canceler Gun Assault - Any combination will do. Check the 
    element of your enemy first and cast accordingly.
    5) To play it safe, position your attackers at the front and your 
    casters at the back. Let the casters do all the offense and the 
    frontliners do the defense. If you put Reid at the front, of course he 
    will be Elementler's first target. Just avoid his attacks the way I've 
    outlined above to avoid Elementler's attacks landing on your casters' 
    heads. (Don't forget to heal when necessary)
    LOCATION : Heart of Shizel's Castle
    BOSS : Shizel                            HP : 180000
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning (10%)
    ATTACK : 450              ELEMENT : Dark
    DEFENSE : 0
    EXPERIENCE : 50000
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : It's yours to decide
    ATTACKS : Summon Demon, Spark Wave, Prism Sword, Fireball, 
                 Indignation, Delay, Eternal Finality
    ITEMS : 100% Elixir
            100% All-divide
         At last, you can get even now with her form the last time you met 
    her. Don't worry, she didn't get any harder, she's the same Shizel you 
    fought way back in Balir Castle. Just prepare yourself for the final 
    form of the boss. Be sure your characters are all set before this 
    battle, as the next battle will follow immediately. 
         Of course, like your first battle with her, she will use Eternal 
    Finality, sometimes in the first seconds of the battle to drain the 
    HP's of your characters to 1. Although there are times in which she 
    won't have the chance to use that at all, you still need to be ready in 
    any case. You can now counter this very powerful spell by holding 
    SQUARE + X + O for Reid to counter with Aurora Wave. It doesn't only 
    nullify Shizel's Eternal Finality but also heals HP and revives fallen 
    comrades if there's any(pretty convenient, isn't it?). Be sure you have 
    Freeze Guard is turned on as one of Shizel's attacks causes that 
    annoying ailment. Since, you can't stop her spells, just let her cast 
    them. Bust her out your fiercest moves(definitely not everything, save 
    a few kick-ass attacks for the next battle especially Destiny and 
    Craymel summons). Just heal when necessary. You'll find this battle 
    easier than you'll expect.
    LOCATION : Heart of Shizel's Castle
    BOSS : Nereid Shizel                  HP : 450000
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Light, Dark 
    (40%); Elemental (30%); Time (50%)
    ATTACK : 510              ELEMENT : Elemental
    DEFENSE : 300
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : The same characters you used from the last battle
    ATTACKS : Soul Shot, Grave, Ice Needles, Fireball, Wind Blade, Aqua 
                 Edge, Lightning, Fear Flare, Nihilistic Night, Thunder 
                 Blade, Dark Force, Bloody Howl, Absolute, Holy Lance, 
                 Shooting Star, Summon Pluto, Eternity Swarm, Shining Gate, 
                 Eternal Finality, Finality Deadend 
         Nereid and Shizel now combine for a nasty package. They are gonna 
    give all what they got in this battle. Do not underestimate the game's 
    final boss. Something harder than Sekundes is what you're fighting 
    here. She's somewhat like level 85-90 Nereid Regulus. The only 
    difference is that Shizel doesn't have anything like Regulus' 
    Megacosmic Strike and she doesn't unleash Maxwell extension magics like 
    crazy as Sekundes did. Shizel actually has the ability to attack 
    multiple characters simultaneously even on both sides with multiple 
    attacks and/or magics at a time. While she's attacking on one side, she 
    will attack with either Dark Force or Absolute on the other side. 
    Obviously, your formation on Sekundes won't work here. The only 
    solution here is to scatter your characters on the battlefield since 
    both Dark Force and Absolute can hit only one character and nearby 
    allies at a time. You can use one of the following formations:
    1) Keele___________Reid__Shizel__Farah_____________Meredy
    2) Keele___________Meredy________Reid___Shizel____Farah
    Note: This is only for those whose party choice for the final battle is 
    Reid, Farah, Keele, and Meredy. If you want to use Chat, put her in 
    your party in place of either Reid or Farah(that should Farah since 
    Reid is a definite must-have here). If you want to use Max, include him 
    in your party in place of either Meredy or Keele. 
         Notice the distance between Meredy and Keele in formation 2. This 
    will avoid Absolute and Dark force from hitting both of them. As you 
    can observe, the party members in this battle should be at two 
    attackers and two mages. However, you can also use Reid, Farah, and 
    Chat as your attackers and leave a mage for healing purposes.
         Shizel is somewhat unpredictable and unstoppable. She can still 
    cast an arte while you're attacking her. In fact, she casts Craymel 
    Artes almost simultaneously. Furthermore, most of her attacks causes 
    annoying maladies like Stun and Freeze. Shizel has lots of HP so this 
    battle will surely take time. 
         Since any character can be helpful in this final fight, I'll 
    enumerate what each character can do:
    Reid : He's your primary offense here. His Burning Phoenix provides a 
    good start. You can also use his combos here. Try this one: Attack x 2 
    + Demon Twist + Omega Demon Chaos. If your Aurora skills become 
    available, by all means use it. Even if Aurora Wall wouldn't hit 
    Shizel, you might have the chance of avoiding some of Shizel's powerful 
    attacks if you'll unleash it before she cast them. 
    Farah : Just like Reid, attack with all her might. Maximum Burst and 
    Fatal Fury work wonders in this battle. Perform combos to offer even 
    higher damage on Shizel. You can also use her Life to revive fallen 
    comrades and Detoxify to heal Poison and Weak. Turn off Healer and 
    leave all the healing to the mages or simply use items. As much as 
    possible, keep her as an attacker and not as a healer.
    Meredy/Keele : Maxwell extension magics won't work here so using Arche 
    will be a good alternative(although summoning Maxwell as himself works 
    well). Anticipate that Destiny will be used so wait until Destiny is 
    highlighted on your battle menu(it's possible that the whole Shizel 
    battle takes more than 30 minutes. Make sure that Freeze Guard and Stun 
    Guard are activated before this battle to keep your allies from these 
    annoying maladies. If your characters have high HP's and TP's, Poison 
    and Weak can be ignored. Otherwise, equip Poison Charms and Krona 
    Symbol or arrange your Craymels a bit to activated without inactivating 
    your most useful magics. You may want to use your shards and crystals 
    to fill your Craymels' vitality(this is the final battle anyway). Fill 
    their gauges until each reads 9. Then unleash each Craymel magic one by 
    one until a Craymel has maximum vitality. Then summon your Craymels in 
    battle. Have your casters blast their most powerful spells and choose 
    Craymel Artes that can hit Shizel easily and almost everywhere. Limit 
    on using slow magics like Indignation and Cyclone. Shooting Star, 
    Distortion, and Holy Lance are fiercest spells in this process. Use 
    Restore and/or Nurse to keep your characters at good pace(the latter is 
    another slow magic so limit on using it). Revive fallen members with 
    Max : What else can I say? Use Max's Canceler Gun Assault. Just make 
    sure you have a second player or you're controlling Max yourself to 
    make full use of Canceler. Otherwise, use Max's Elemental Master and/or 
    Aqua Spiral.
    Chat : Just bust out all her skills on Shizel. Her Eternal Hammer can 
    be helpful seeing how it prevents Shizel on casting her magics. Equip 
    Pico Revenge for additional damage.
         Nereid Shizel usually commences the battle with Eternity Swarm. 
    You'll be badly damaged at the first moments of this battle so be wary. 
    After that, attack Shizel with all your might. Give everything that 
    you've got in this battle. That Soul Shot proves to be very annoying so 
    keep your casters away from Shizel to avoid it. As I've said earlier 
    the casters need to be away from each other to avoid both of them being 
    hit by either Absolute or Dark Force. Keep Shizel busy with the 
    attackers. This will give enough time for the casters to charge their 
    magics. However, Shizel can counter with magic while you're hitting her 
    so watch out for it. Remember to heal whenever your allies HP get 
    beneath 3000. At half of her HP, she'll unleash her most devastating 
    attacks like Summon Pluto(which has a wide range of target), Shooting 
    Star, and Shining Gate(the latter two can target all allies). These 
    will surely hurt but this also imply that you're getting nearer to the 
    end so be patient! She can now use Eternal Finality anytime in battle 
    so be prepared. Don't worry if you're controlling other characters 
    rather than Reid. Just hold SQUARE + O + X and Reid will still unleash 
    his Aurora Wave. Before the fight ends, Nereid Shizel will unleash a 
    finishing blow, Finality Deadend that wipes out your entire party. In 
    order to avoid this fate, hold once again SQUARE + X + O to counter 
    with Infinity Reviver. If it works, the battle is over. Success is 
    yours! Congratulations! :)
    SIDE NOTE : I don't have any idea about Nereid Shizel using Finality 
    Deadend everytime before she dies. There was a time in my file when 
    Shizel didn't have the chance to use that deadly skill. I don't know 
    how I did it though. If anyone knows how to stop it then inform me.
    8. Optional Bosses
         I believe that in every RPG, optional bosses are definitely the 
    toughest enemies in the game. That fact is very true in TD2. There are 
    several optional bosses in the game and one of them is the dreaded 
    Sekundes, probably the toughest of them all. Fighting them needs the 
    best preparation, so if you think you're not ready, increase your 
    levels on the level build-up spots I've outlined above. Also be sure 
    you have the best equipments for defense. Tackling these bosses let's 
    you have access to some side events, get some unique items, and also 
    obtain the most powerful craymels in the game especially Maxwell.
    LOCATION : Shadow Cave
    BOSS : Shadow                       HP : 150486
    Enemy : Empty Doll (2)              HP : 90000 each
    WEAK AGAINST : Light (50%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning (10%); 
                        Dark (90%)
    ATTACK : 690             Atk ELEMENT : Dark
    DEFENSE : 400
    PARTY : It's yours to decide
    ATTACKS : Dash Counter, Shadow Thrust, Summon Demon, Dark Force 
    ITEMS : 100% Force Ring
            100% Rune Bottle
         This guy has a pretty high attack rating and this could be a major 
    threat to your party. His Dash Counter can cause a serious damage and 
    might throw to the other end of the screen while his Shadow Thrust 
    leaves an ally or allies unconscious for a moment.
         Equipments that give protection against Dark are rare. You only 
    have Drain Charm and Bloody Robe. In terms of weapon, you only have 
    Reid's Excalibur(light elemental). In choice of characters, using Max 
    will be a good idea if he already has his Aqua Spiral. Use Chat only if 
    she has Eternal Hammer already. Your ideal party would be Reid, Farah, 
    Max, and the last can be Keele or Meredy, depending on who has Undine. 
    In battle, concentrate all your attacks on Shadow and ignore his 
    flunkies. The each Empty Doll has a ridiculously high HP rating for a 
    puppet. Also, they gradually increase their HP in the duration of the 
    battle and they can add 5% of their maximum HP(that should be 4500) 
    whenever they want so quit the idea of eliminating them first. I 
    observed that Shadow is a bit slow in casting his spells so attack him 
    whenever he attempts. Well, this might end up on Shadow relying on his 
    attacks most of the time. Summon your craymels whenever possible and 
    heal your HP's with Nurse whenever they drop low.
    LOCATION : Sunken Ship
    BOSS : Siren                         HP : 78000
    Enemy : Spirit (5)                   HP : 10500 each
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire, Lightning (25%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Water (90%); Earth, Ice, Wind (10%)
    ATTACK : 420
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : 8998
    GALD : 3000
    PARTY : It's yours to decide
    ATTACKS : Trance Symphony, Holiday Symphony, Deep Phantom, 
                 Eating, Yuck, Freeze Lancer, Blizzard, Spread
    ITEMS : 100% Trident
            100% Sephira
            100% Watercloud (steal)
         It might seem that her attacks are water elemental but it's not. 
    She could be tougher than ever(with the presence of those annoying 
    Spirits), but as long as you have Reid's Rising Phoenix(and Burning 
    Phoenix, of course), this shouldn't pose much problem at all. She uses 
    water and ice magics so Aqua Cape and Watercloud will be useful. You 
    may steal Watercloud from Siren first and equip it as soon as you get 
    it. Freeze Charms can also be useful. About weapons, equip Flare Arms 
    on Farah and any of the following for Reid: Voltic Sword, Flame Sword, 
    and Flamberge(practically, the choice of weapons for him doesn't matter 
    provided that he can use his Burning Phoenix). 
         It seems that you're outnumbered by the Spirits. Eliminate them 
    first as they're very annoying and their HP's gradually increase in the 
    whole course of the battle. Use Reid's Burning Phoenix to hit them all, 
    including Siren. If you can't hit her then let another character attack 
    her(either Chat of Farah depending on your choice of characters) to 
    stop her from using her magics. Siren has the ability to use Freeze 
    Lancer three times in a row and your characters won't have a chance of 
    avoiding it so be wary. After eradicating the Spirits, continue your 
    Burning Phoenix attack on Siren. Limit your use of close-enemy attacks, 
    otherwise she will use Eating and Yuck on a single ally leaving him/her 
    with Poison or Weak status. Counter this with Panacea Bottle. Use 
    Chat's Eternal Hammer on Siren(if Chat don't have this skill I can't 
    advice using her in this battle). If you're using Max, Burning Force 
    and Rage Laser are good against Siren. In terms of magic, Explode, 
    Eruption, and Thunder Blade(the latter is useless if you can't hit 
    Siren). Siren has a low HP so this battle won't take long. You'll 
    defeat her eventually. Just keep yourselves alive with Nurse and other 
    healing spells and items.  
    LOCATION : Seyfert Shrine
    BOSS : Maxwell                      HP : 51000
    STRONG AGAINST : Elemental (20%)
    ATTACK : 600            Atk ELEMENT : Elemental
    DEFENSE : 2100
    EXPERIENCE : 34002
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Anyone except Max
    ATTACKS : Tractor Beam, Cyclone, Stalagmite, Indignation, Meteor 
                 Swarm, Dual the Sol, Eternity Swarm, Prismic Stars, 
                 Shining Gate, Explosion Nova, Maxwell Minimus
    ITEMS : 100% Faerie Ring
            100% Omni Weapon
            100% Elixir (steal)
          Maxwell is too tough to handle so you better leave him if you 
    think you're not ready. Besides, if you can't penetrate through his 
    ridiculously high defensive rating and you will only rely on your 
    magics then you will have a very hard time winning this battle. The 
    only way to penetrate is to overpower it so ensure your party with your 
    best equipments before battle. Equip Hero Cane on Reid(obtain this in 
    Jini) together with Warrior Symbol. He should be your best attacker in 
    the battle with his Rising Phoenix and Burning Phoenix. This should 
    inflict as much as 1500 damage on Maxwell. Also, be sure that you're at 
    least level 65. For Chat, equip Extreme and her best weapon. You might 
    disagree with me, seeing how it decreases her defense for 200, but if 
    you want to cause damage any better than 1-20 then this is the only 
    way(equipping another Warrior Symbol on her doesn't work). Just equip 
    Black Onyx and use Barrier on her in battle. Otherwise, if you can't 
    sacrifice her defense, use Farah in place of her, well, for the sake of 
    healing and reviving your characters. For the casters, using Acid Rain 
    might work to decrease his defense somewhat. If you're low in terms of 
    level, try this magic on him and see what happens. Max's skills could 
    be good against Maxwell, but since the latter likes warping in his 
    every attack that he makes and the former can only shoot in one 
    direction(except for his Dark Laser but it has a small target range), I 
    cannot recommend using him. Distribute Resist Ring, Protect Ring, Force 
    Ring, and Persha Boots(if you have it) to you characters to cut off 
    damage somewhat against his hard-hitting spells. 
         When the battle starts, keep track of Maxwell to avoid wasting 
    your energy(you may change to Semi-auto Mode but it is not necessary). 
    Look out for his Tractor Beam going back and forth on the floor as it 
    throws up any character/s sky high rendering them unconscious for a few 
    seconds. That is bad because Maxwell might cast Meteor Swarm or any 
    other strong spells afterwards to mess up your party badly. Equip 
    Wakeup Charms for this. Keep pounding on him to keep him from casting 
    any spell. You may steal Elixir from him, but it wouldn't help if Chat 
    cannot cause any damage better than 1(that's why you need to equip 
    Extreme). Use items or Farah's support skills for healing. Nurse is 
    such a waste of time, your characters could be dying when you caster 
    uses it. Use your strongest magics on him (Cyclone, Absolute, Ground 
    Dasher, etc.).
          Watch out when his HP falls below half, he will start using his 
    summon extensions and his favorite is Maxwell Minimus. Don't let him 
    cast any of them at all costs! You're probably dead if he uses one. 
    Equip Resume Ring or Reverse Doll just in case. This is a very unsure 
    battle so be sure you have auto-cook on all your characters with 
    recipes that removes abnormalities after battle(master them first). If 
    you really can't win against him, don't force yourself. Just come back 
    here anytime you want whenever you feel you're ready.
    LOCATION : Glimmer Spire
    BOSS : Valkyrie                    HP : 48000
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Light, Time 
                        (30%); Fire, Dark (60%); Elemental (90%)
    ATTACK : 375
    DEFENSE : 1000
    EXPERIENCE : 32768
    GALD : 0
    PARTY : Reid alone
    ATTACKS : Guard Impact, Sonic Blade, Valkria Strike, Valkyrie 
                 Protector, Fireball, Grave, Lightning, Ray
         Ah, the chooser of the slain, the Battle-Maiden Valkyrie, as 
    mighty as ever! Aside from being a one-on-one battle, Valkyrie is 
    awfully tough so you'd better be prepared! She is much harder than 
    Cress because you are allowed to use items in this battle, but still 
    you're not safe. Maximizing your HP may help, but I still found 
    difficulty on defeating her in doing so. Her Guard Impact could be very 
    annoying. She will use it to guard against your attacks and counter 
    with her deadly combos do up to a devastating 30-hit combo! At the 
    first part of the battle the combos that she should use are: (1) 
    Valkria Strike + Grave; (2) Slash + Lightning; (3) Thrust with rising 
    fire + Fireball. If she would be able to corner you then she could 
    unleash these combos in succession. Her attacks are quite deadly so 
    bring up with you Reverse Dolls just in case. Likewise, if you have a 
    good luck, you may just equip Resume Ring, but it is not very reliable. 
    You need to have the highest HP possible, it is best if you will 
    maximize it with Red Sages and Sages or you may equip Black Onyx. 
    Another thing is your defense, so equip your best. Equip Force Ring or 
    Persha Boots or both to cut damage by 50%(Force Ring - 20% + Persha 
    Boots - 30% = 50%). Reviverser is a good accessory, but if you don't 
    have a good timing in pushing SQUARE everytime she attacks, it is 
    useless. For the choice of weapons: Eternal Sword, Gungnir, or Last 
         In battle, don't let Valkyrie corner you as this is her way to be 
    able to damage you roughly. If she does, jump and use Tempest Strike to 
    escape when she stops attacking. As a counter, there are three ways 
    that I know to hit her successfully:
    1. Because of her Guard Impact, you can just stick to Sonic Chaos. Be 
       sure of her distance when you use it - not very near and not very 
       far. Use it only if she is walking towards you. If she is dashing, 
       use technique #3.
    2. This is what I call the Reversal Technique. You can make a 
       reversal(like SFEX+), hit her before she does. Use a skill that can 
       be executed quickly like Spiral Attack and then link it up with 
       Megasonic Thrust. But because of her Guard Impact, this can be a 
       hard one. This technique is only for those who can predict 
       Valkyrie's moves. Mind you, this is much more effective on Cress.
    3. You can wait in one corner and when she uses Valkria Strike from 
       afar, escape using Tempest Strike(don't use Omega Tempest Strike), 
       then attack her from behind. She does this rarely though, so don't 
       rely on this technique very much.
    4. (NEW!!) The GUARD-AND-COUNTER technique, this is probably the best 
       technique that I discovered to defeat Valkyrie(well, aside from the 
       Sonic Chaos). Just guard as she approaches you and when she attacks, 
       immediately counter with a quick skill like Spiral Attack. You can 
       actually do this even after the first hit of Valkria Strike, 
       although I only did it successfully for a few times. But sometimes 
       she will stick to her sword attack and Lightning(she will only use 
       Lightning if that attack hits), that's the best time to use this 
       technique. You may want to use shortcut buttons to easily counter on 
       her Valkria Strike.
         Anyway, at half of her HP, she will start her Valkyrie Protector + 
    Ray combination and use it consecutively, one after another which can 
    deal a killer 50-hit combo on Reid. This time, keep yourself in the 
    corner, she might use Valkyrie Protector from afar. Escape using 
    Tempest Strike and wait till she casts Ray then just run away from it. 
    Don't use Omega Tempest Strike, Reid has a tendency to pause longer. 
    But when she uses it along with Valkria Strike, try to move away from 
    it. You can't attack her while she uses that technique. You see the 
    name of the skill? Valkyrie Protector! Likewise, you can finish her off 
    once her HP falls below 20000 with Quasi Seal. But if you don't have 
    Quasi Seal yet, this might be pretty harder near the end. At 1/4 of her 
    HP, she becomes nastier with her attacks. She will use a somehow 
    Castlevania's Heaven Sword look-alike technique. I've asked about this 
    in the boards before but nobody has ever seen it. I really saw she used 
    the technique. Now she can attack you from a distance. If she corners 
    you she will use another combo: dash attack + "Heaven Sword" attack. 
    Just stick to my techniques that I've outlined above and you'll win. 
    LOCATION : Shizel's Castle
    BOSS : Sekundes                     HP : 300000
    WEAK AGAINST : Lightning (1%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Earth, Ice (10%); Wind, Light, Time, 
                        Elemental (20%); Shadow (30%); Fire (40%)
    ATTACK : 930
    DEFENSE : 900
    EXPERIENCE : 60000
    GALD : 0
    RECOMMENDED : Reid, Max, Keele, Meredy
    ATTACKS : Twin Assault, Tetra Assault, Million Assault, Sekundes 
                 Corridor, Sekundes Laser, Wind Blade, Holy Lance, 
                 Dual the Sol, Eternity Swarm, Prismic Stars, Shining Gate, 
                 Explosion Nova
         Now here's where it gets really nasty. This guy can easily 
    obliterate an underpowered party for a few seconds so don't 
    underestimate him. He's insanely fast and his attacks can be immensely 
    painful. Actually, you don't have to fight him if you don't want to. He 
    enters your Craymel Cage without hesitation. As he said, "There's no 
    immediate need to fight, but if you wish to waste more of my time, I 
    could just crush you where you stand." Trust his word my friend.
         But if you're in Hardcore mode and you really want to obtain 
    Derris Emblem that bad(to be able to use Maxwell's Blue Earth), then be 
    prepared. Don't trust your characters' HPs that you got from your high 
    levels too much. Be sure to collect a bunch of Sages and Red Sages at 
    the world championship at Inferia City Tournament. Hopefully, you can 
    increase your party members' HPs to at least 5000 each(this is not a 
    problem for Max). If you can take time to max up all your characters' 
    HPs then much better. It will be a great help if you have a complete 
    set of healing items with you. Just equip your strongest weapons and 
    armor, I won't recommend anything for your elemental attack and 
    defense. For the choice of party members, I believe that Farah and Chat 
    won't do much good in this battle(well at least Farah can heal and 
    revive her comrades), so it's gonna be Reid, Max, Keele, and Meredy. 
    Max is a must-have in this battle. He is much of a powerhouse with his 
    gun skills(especially Elemental Master) and his Canceler. If possible, 
    have a friend control Max as second player or just control Max yourself 
    to make full use of Canceler. Let him equip Jet Boots to escape from 
    Sekundes easily. For the other members, distribute the following 
    accessories: Force Ring, Persha Boots, and Resume Ring. Also have two 
    Mystic Symbols for the casters. You may want to use Rune Bottle on 
    Faerie Ring. For Reid, equip him the other Faerie Ring to conserve TP. 
    For the choice of magic, choose spells that can hit Sekundes almost 
    everywhere as he is extremely fast. Try Meteor Swarm, Shooting Star, 
    Bloody Howl, and Holy Lance(alright, Explode CAN hit him but it's 
    pretty weak against him). Absolute can also be used although it's a 
    little bit slower than the ones I've said. Cyclone can be too slow and 
    will only miss Sekundes although it is really strong. Also, as I've 
    observed, Cyclone can do much more damage on enemies stuck on the 
    ground like Hyades and Sekundes than those who are not. I can only 
    advice to limit its use if you wanna try it. Although Indignation is 
    another sluggish one, it's a definite must-have in this battle as you 
    won't be able to beat Sekundes without it. I'll what it can do later. 
    For healing magics, I advice anything except Nurse. This is a totally 
    unsure battle so set your auto-cook on recipes that cure abnormal 
    status on all your characters(or on a character that is not on your 
    battle party) in case you finish the fight with some of your allies 
    fallen in battle. Now let's get on with the strategy.
         As I've said earlier, you need a second player to control Max(it's 
    easier than just controlling Max alone). Keep him away from Sekundes(at 
    all times) and bust out all his powerful moves. Try using Aqua Spiral, 
    Rage Laser, and Elemental Master for his Canceler Gun Assault. Max can 
    actually dish out amazing amounts of damage on Sekundes with these that 
    I couldn't calculate or even estimate the damage. For Reid, use only 
    Burning Phoenix to hit him successfully. Unlike any other strong boss, 
    Sekundes doesn't feel any pain. He will simply take the pain and 
    retaliate with his killer attacks. Also you cannot stun him with 
    Maximum Burst, as Farah does to her enemies before unleashing it(so 
    obviously Farah is worthless in this battle). Only magics can stop him. 
    Sekundes can only attack on one side and nearby allies(with Sekundes 
    Corridor) so be wary with your formation. His combos can be very deadly 
    seeing how he links every skill with another. Keep track of your 
    characters' HP and use healing items if necessary or just let one 
    caster use Restore(depending on which caster has Undine). If someone 
    falls, use Resurrection. Don't let two to three allies fall, it's very 
    hard to recover after that. Just keep on your attacks and magics and 
    don't forget to also keep track of his HP. At half of his total HP, he 
    will use his deadliest attacks. His combo goes something like this: 
    Tetra/Million Assault + Sekundes Corridor x 2 + Wind Blade + Sekundes 
    Laser x 3 + Holy Lance. The latter should kill an ally, and the others 
    might also die out of this killer combo if they'll all be caught so you 
    really need to split you members and be sure that Max is out of his 
    range. Just continue on attacking and after wasting a few more TP, 
    check out his HP once again. Whenever his HP falls on 1/4, this is 
    where Indignation should enter the scene. It might be a slow spell but 
    if you cast it when Sekundes HP is lower than 1/4 of total, he should 
    freeze, the caster should say a different dialogue, and the casting 
    time should be longer(I don't want to spoil it anymore, just see for 
    yourself). It should do 30000 damage on Sekundes and give you an 
    automatic win. I don't have any idea why but a damage of 30000 
    shouldn't do a fatal damage on Sekundes who still has a HP of 75000. 
    Maybe the answer can be found on a similar event on the first Tales of 
    Destiny(someone told me this, I forgot him already). But because I 
    haven't played it yet, I won't be able to explain it to you. So sorry.
         On the other hand, if you didn't cast Indignation, Sekundes will 
    retaliate and bust out with Maxwell extensions like mad. If he's 
    feeling nice he won't cast it one after another. It is almost 
    impossible to survive in this part even at higher levels, that's why 
    you really need that Indignation to defeat him. Try setting that to 
    your shortcut button then just press it at the right time. If you fail, 
    just try again. If you really can't win, then don't force yourself. 
    There's always next time. Just earn some more levels at the level 
    build-up spots that I've pointed out earlier and settle the score with 
    this fiend at some other time. Of course, he's easier at higher levels. 
    You can do it!
    9. Nereid's Labyrinth Bosses
         A secret dungeon? Almost every RPGs never fails to have such 
    secret dungeons and bosses. But this is an odd one. First it only 
    appears in Hardcore mode. Second, the dungeon is not a one-way path. It 
    is like a giant maze that is really hard to solve. You might even find 
    yourself lost inside it. Once you enter the labyrinth, you cannot 
    leave, unless you defeat a boss or more inside. The dungeon path is not 
    consistent(enter the dungeon and you'll know what I mean). It is really 
    confusing. What I usually do here is go straightforward ahead wherever 
    it takes me until I reach the portal to the boss of the floor. Another 
    odd thing here is that you can only use one character in each floor 
    except for the final floor. Let's say you've used Reid on the first 
    floor, you cannot use him anymore on the next four(only on the last 
    where you'll fight the big boss of the dungeon, Nereid Regulus) so 
    equipment swap is a must here. There are six floors inside the dungeon, 
    choose characters to play on the first five and the sixth, you'll be 
    able to use everyone of them. You can only use items in battle. You 
    cannot save your game and once you get a game over, you cannot retry, 
    so it's really a pain. I suggest that you change to normal mode in 
    normal enemy encounters. It's pretty hard to fight without your 
    comrades especially if you're using one of the casters or Max(this is 
    not a problem for Reid and Farah). Each floor has a different kind of 
    boss so it's up to you which character you'll use on each floor. You 
    may want to follow my character recommendations:
    First Floor -> Any of the casters who has Maxwell
    Second Floor -> Max
    Third Floor -> Chat
    Fourth Floor -> Farah
    Fifth Floor -> Reid
         Still, I'll provide full details about each boss and how to use 
    each of your characters to your advantage to defeat them all.
         I also want to point out here the big boss of the dungeon which is 
    Nereid Regulus. If you find the dungeon odd, this one is even odder. 
    Unlike Sekundes, this boss gets harder and tougher as you earn more 
    leels. His level can be determined by getting the average of the 
    current levels of your characters(Thanks to Niu). This is another major 
    kick-ass in the game you better be prepared. Nevertheless, the dungeon 
    holds several unique items and accessories especially those obtained 
    after beating a boss. 
    First Floor
    BOSS : Wind Elementler              HP : 120000
    Enemy : Harpy                       HP : 975
    STRONG AGAINST : Wind (100%)
    ATTACK : 765
    DEFENSE : 240
    EXPERIENCE : 23456
    GALD : 12345
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Shining Flare, Cyclone, Dark Force
         You already know the behavior of this creep. However, the Wind 
    Elementler's magics are easier to dodge than the others. If he uses 
    Cyclone, simply run away from it. For Shining Flare, simply don't move 
    and keep yourself in the center of its target perimeter. The Dark Force 
    proves to be a little bit hard to dodge. Nevertheless, his magics don't 
    cause too much damage. On the other hand, his attacks are very deadly 
    so watch out for it(for more information for this boss, see section 7, 
    Disc 3 Bosses). Here are the strategies for the following characters:
    Reid : This is pretty cheesy for Reid. Give that Harpy a slash to 
    finish her off. Wait for the Elementler to come. If he is slowly 
    walking, simply guard when he attacks then counter. If he is dashing, 
    run pass toward him to avoid his deadly attack then attack from behind. 
    Use this combo for maximum damage: Attack x 2 + Swarm + Neo Tempest 
    Swarm. You can also use Burning Phoenix or Omega Demon Chaos. When you 
    have decreased his HP below 20000, use Quasi Seal to finish his 
    Farah : The strategy is much similar to Reid's. You know how to dodge 
    his attacks, right? Use your hardest hitting combos on this creep for a 
    quick kill. Remember to look out for his attacks. His attacks are 
    predictable so hopefully, you'll be able to avoid them. For a safe win, 
    use Deadly Force. Hold the skill button(with Deadly Force set on it) 
    then wait for him to get near, then release the skill when he's at the 
    right distance. You can even use Flame Dance. Maximum Burst is a good 
    alternative seeing how it throws the enemy away to a distance. You can 
    use this combo with Maximum Burst: Attack x 2 + Sonic Fist + Super 
    Swallow Dance + Death Blossom + Chi + Maximum Burst. 
    Meredy : If she have Maxwell, fill his vitality first then summon all 
    his extensions in the battle. Don't forget to set your target on him 
    first and make sure that Mental Ring and Derris Emblem is equipped(if 
    you have defeated Sekundes already). After that onslaught, change you 
    equipments to Mystic Symbol and Technical Ring and pound this creep 
    further with Shooting Star. If Maxwell is not available, alternatives 
    are Holy Lance, Absolute, and Distortion(this one is rather time-
    consuming). You can also use Destiny if possible, but you can rather 
    reserve that one to Nereid Regulus. Now what's the use of the Technical 
    Ring? You can control Quickie while Meredy is charging up her Craymel 
    Arte. Let the little guy attack Elementler and make sure that this 
    creep never gets his hands on Meredy. Avoid his attacks the same way. 
    Don't worry about his magics as these can be ignored. You'll eventually 
    Keele : Just defeat him the same way as Meredy's. Just equip Jet Boots 
    along with the Mystic Symbol after summoning Maxwell to improve this 
    slowpoke's speed. When you avoid Elementler's attacks, try to predict 
    his next move so this guy won't smash you while you're charging up your 
    spells. Make use of the D-pad appearing at Keele's HP and TP display to 
    improve casting speed. If Maxwell is not available, strike the Harpy 
    first and use other magics.
    Max : This is battle won't take long for Max. Well, that would be 
    according to your strategy. He is sluggish just like Keele so equip Jet 
    Boots along with the Canceler. Smash the Harpy before anything else, 
    then try to avoid his attacks when he gets near. Then use your Canceler 
    Gun Assault, any combination of gun skills that you want(for more info 
    about this see section 11.4.2). This battle should end in no time.
    Chat : Of course, finish that annoying Harpy first as Elementler is 
    capable of casting magics like mad while his flunky is still alive. Now 
    just wait in the corner and let him come. When he's near enough, just 
    run pass toward him then use Eternal Hammer. If Chat would be able to 
    corner him, he should eat everything that she throws at him. If Chat 
    has full TP, she should be able to finish this battle before her TP 
    dissipates. This should end in no time at all. Pretty cheesy, isn't it? 
    Second Floor
    BOSS : Fire Elementler
    Enemy : Fire Cloud                  HP : 7200
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%)
    (same stats as the first floor boss...)
    ATTACKS : Force Laser, Shining Flare, Explode
         Actually, I can't think of an easy and better way to dodge that 
    Explode. However fast your character can be, he still won't be able to 
    avoid it. Well, there is a way, but it is rather risky. Attack the 
    caster before Explode lands to distract his concentration on targeting 
    you. For Reid, you can rather use Omega Tempest Strike but it's still 
    not an easy way to avoid it. Nevertheless, Elementler's magics can be 
    ignored(as I've said earlier). If you have good HP, don't pay much 
    attention too it. 
    Reid : Kill the Fire Cloud first then just defeat this guy the same way 
    as the first one. The only difference is that you cannot use Burning 
    Phoenix in this battle. That is not a problem at all, just use your 
    other attacks. 
    Farah : You cannot use Flame Dance here, just Deadly Force(i.e., if you 
    want to use the latter skill). Use your other combos and attacks or 
    just pound him with Maximum Burst for a safe win. Ignore his magics.
    Meredy : Use Maxwell extensions even if Dual the Sol and Explosion Nova 
    won't do any damage. Then just finish this battle the same way as the 
    first one. 
    Keele : (same strategy as the first floor boss...)
    Max : You might have a little difficulty in smashing the Fire Cloud as 
    Elementler casts Explode at the same time. After slaying his flunky, 
    you know what to do, don't you?
    Chat : (same strategy as the first floor boss...)
    Third Floor
    BOSS : Earth Elementler
    Enemy : Stronghorn x 2               HP : 11400 each
    (same stats as the first two bosses...)
    STRONG AGAINST : Force Laser, Shining Flare, Dark Force, Earth Shaker
         Max and Chat will have a difficulty in eliminating the annoying 
    Stronghorns. Just be patient as you won't die easily out of 
    Elementler's magics. 
    Reid : (same strategy as the first two bosses...)
    Farah : (same strategy as the first two bosses...)
    Meredy : (same strategy as the first two bosses...)
    Keele : (same strategy as the first two bosses...)
    Max : Just be patient in killing the Stronghorns first then on to your 
    Chat : I have the same advice as of Max. Finish this battle the same 
    way as the first two bosses.
    Fourth Floor
    BOSS : Living Armor                 HP : 300000
    Enemy : Big Foot                    HP : 14998
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Fire, Lightning, Dark, Elemental, Time (50%);
                        Wind, Earth, Ice, Light (10%)
    ATTACK : 2370
    DEFENSE : 0
    GALD : 0
    ATTACKS : Arms Divide, Evil Flame
         Now here's where you'll feel the pain of fighting alone. His 
    immense attack rating is ridiculous and will knock off character after 
    a few seconds. You can't win with too low HP, you need at least 5000(or 
    even higher, you really need it and I mean it). A high defense rating 
    is a must, that's the only thing that can resist his deadly attacks and 
    lower somewhat the damage. Casters have a very slim chance of winning 
    so reserve your attackers for this battle particularly Reid and Farah. 
    But of course, there are technical ways to win here using the casters. 
    But if you can use them on the earlier rounds, why use them here, 
    Reid : You can defeat this menace in any way you like. Just look out 
    for his attacks. Eliminate the Big Foot first with Burning Phoenix. Its 
    Freeze Lancer could be annoying. Afterwards, face the Living Armor. 
    When he hits, use healing items immediately. You may want to equip 
    Force Ring and Persha Boots to lessen the damage. Use Burning Phoenix 
    for a safe and sure kill. When his HP reaches 20000 or below, eliminate 
    him with Quasi Seal to finish him off. 
    Farah : Eliminate the Big Foot first with Maximum Burst. Just like on 
    Reid, equip Force Ring and Persha Boots to lessen damage. You may also 
    want to use Maximum Burst on the Living Armor for a safe win. Also, 
    your deadliest combos are very excellent against him. Use combo #9, 10, 
    or 11(see section 11.2.2 for Farah's combos). He might kick you with 
    his Arms Divide when you stay under him, but hopefully, you'll be able 
    to survive and use healing items occasionally. The only attack that you 
    need to look out for is his Evil Flame, it causes really big damage. 
    Just keep on attacking and healing(if necessary) and you'll eventually 
    Note : For the strategy of the following characters, email me if these 
    strategies won't work. I haven't tried using them, you see.
    Meredy : As I've said earlier, this battle is tough for the casters, 
    but hopefully, you'll be able to pull off with Meredy. I haven't 
    defeated this guy using Meredy but I hope this strategy will work 
    (please email me if this won't work or if Maxwell extensions cannot be 
    used against him). Make sure Maxwell is available for summoning. After 
    that onslaught, equip Mystic Symbol and Technical Ring. Run away from 
    him to avoid his attack. Attack the Living Armor first so Quickie will 
    be able to catch up. Cast Shooting Star and attack the big guy using 
    Quickie. Don't let him touch Meredy at all costs. Use only Shooting 
    Star in terms of magic as this is one of the fastest Craymel Arte. 
    After casting, run to the other side and repeat the process until he's 
    dead. This process might cost you a lot of HP so heal with Lemon Gels 
    whenever he hits you. Seeing how this battle cost a lot of healing 
    items which should be reserved for the final boss, I advice on using 
    Meredy, Keele, or even Max in this fight.
    Keele : This is even harder than Meredy. Just do the same procedure at 
    first(summon Maxwell). Afterwards, equip Jet Boots and run to the other 
    side(Living Armor might reach you with Arms Divide but be patient). If 
    he chases you, run again to other side until he stops and attacks
    (without hitting anything). Whenever you reach the corner of the battle 
    field(and the big guy is at a distance), equip Mystic Symbol and Persha 
    Boots(just in case he hits you). Charge your spell(preferably Shooting 
    Star) and pray that he won't reach you before you cast the spell. Just 
    repeat the process and pray that you'll be able to stay alive in this 
    Max : Max's strategy is just like Keele's. Just be patient on 
    eliminating Big Foot first and pray that you'll stay alive for the next 
    round. Use Keele's strategy in fighting the Living Armor and use this 
    combination for your Canceler Gun Assault: Burning Force + Rage/Dark 
    Laser + Elemental Master. Don't use Aqua Spiral, it's too slow to fire. 
    As I've said earlier, using Meredy, Keele, or Max is not ideal in this 
    battle so as long as possible, don't use them here. 
    Chat : At least Chat can give Living Armor a better fight than the 
    casters. Finish that annoying Big Foot once and for all and then off 
    with the big guy. Of course, you'll use no other than Eternal Hammer. 
    Try casting this from afar, Living Armor will chase you eventually. If 
    you'll be able to corner him and your TP is still plenty, you should be 
    able to lower his HP to almost half. When you run out of TP, run away 
    from him first and use Pine Gel then repeat the process. Just heal with 
    healing items whenever necessary.
    Fifth Floor
    BOSS : Hyades                       HP : 67500
    Enemy : Lakamar x 2                 HP : 24000 each
    WEAK AGAINST : Light (50%)
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Ice (20%); Lightning (30%)       
    ATTACK : 750
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : 4000
    GALD : 30
    ATTACKS : Cursed Roller, Death Finger, Ground Shake, Freeze    
                 Lancer, Eruption
    ITEMS : 100% Mental Bracelet
            100% Egg
         Actually, he's the same old Hyades you fought way back in Imen. 
    Now how did he get here? No one knows. Anyway, he's sure weak by now, 
    although he's pretty fast. You can defeat him in anyway you like 
    actually. You can even defeat him out of physical attacks only. Get rid 
    of the Lakamars first as they are capable of casting consecutive Freeze 
    Lancers. Hyades can't damage you any better than 100 so this should be 
    a pushover. Should Maxwell extensions work on him, he should be dead in 
    no time at all. For Chat, maybe any of her hammer skills can do the 
    job. I won't advice anything for the strategy of each character in this 
    battle, but if you want to end this fight as quick as possible, fight 
    with Farah or Reid. Note: If Maxwell extensions won't work please 
    inform me as soon as possible.
    6th Floor
    BOSS : Nereid Regulus                  HP : 240000
    STRONG AGAINST : All elements (20%)
    ATTACK : 750
    DEFENSE : 900
    EXPERIENCE : 63000
    GALD : 0
    ATTACKS : Soul Shot, Palm Flash, Mirage Chain, Divine Chaos, Phoenix 
                 Knuckles, Megacosmic Strike, Absolute, Explode, Summon 
                 Pluto, Delay, Shooting Star, Distortion, Bloody Howl, 
                 Eternity Swarm
    ITEMS : 70% Hourglass
            70% Reverse Doll
            20% Rune Bottle (steal)
         Finally, you'll fight the real boss of the dungeon. This one is 
    probably the nastiest of all the bosses in the game especially at 
    higher levels. Normally, fighting him is a pain as he can seriously 
    decimate your party. If you find Nereid Shizel difficult, you'll find 
    him as hard or even harder. Remember, he's still Nereid. If you want to 
    play it a little safer, beat him at lower levels. Or you can collect 
    Reverse Dolls first or use All-divide in battle to halve the damage. 
    The real challenge starts at level 100 when he becomes elusive to 
    defeat. I tell you, this battle can be really frustrating.
         As a preparation, use the same setup used in defeating Shizel. 
    Like Shizel, Regulus is also capable of inflicting status ailments on 
    your characters. Attending to these ailments is too time-consuming and 
    makes a character idle for a while. This can mess up everything so 
    keeping your characters from these maladies is of the utmost 
    importance. Freeze Guard and Stun Guard are you first priorities. 
    Poison cannot be ignored this time, as you need to keep your HP as high 
    as possible. Equip Poison Charms and Krona Symbol or arrange your 
    Craymels to activate Poison Guard but be sure that your most useful 
    Craymel Artes will not be deactivated. Maxwell works well on Regulus so 
    fill up his vitality first. If you want, use your shards and crystals 
    to fill up all Craymels' vitalities until each gauge reads 9. If you're 
    out of shards and crystals, just fight a few normal enemy encounters 
    and cook after each fight. If the cooking process fails, a shard may be 
    produced. Use your Rune Bottles to convert them into crystals(you may 
    want to waste 1500000 to fill your inventory with Rune Bottles and Holy 
    Bottles). In terms of equipment, just equip your best weapons and 
    defense. Make sure you have two Mystic Symbols. If you followed my 
    character recommendations in the first five floors, you should still 
    have plenty items for this battle. Otherwise, fight a few battles to 
    collect Lemon Gels and Miracle Gels. For this battle, my 
    recommendations are Reid, Farah, Meredy, and Keele. Max can be used in 
    place of any of Keele but be sure Maxwell and your healing magics are 
    in Meredy's possession. Chat's technique against Shizel won't work the 
    same way so she's useless for now. BTW, set Auto-cook on all you party 
    members, as this is a very unsure battle. Select recipes which cures 
    abnormalities to revive fallen members after battle if there's any so 
    that they'll benefit on the experience gained. You may want to ask a 
    friend to play as second player to make this easier. Now let's get on 
    to the strategy.
         Make sure that your Maxwell summoner has full TP and has Mental 
    Ring and Derris Emblem equipped. Summon Maxwell as well as his 
    extensions on the first moments of the battle. Then summon Destiny. 
    This should take away more or less 90000 worth of damage on Regulus. 
    From this time on, this will be your strategy: Use Farah as your lead 
    and use Fatal Fury to keep Regulus busy. This will give just enough 
    time for the casters to charge their spells. Sometimes, Regulus might 
    guard and counter with Palm Flash(which cause Poison). In that case, 
    assist her with Reid and slice with Omega Demon Chaos. If Regulus keeps 
    on guarding too often, use a long-range skill first(Eagle Rage) to 
    throw off his guard then connect it with Fatal Fury. Don't let him 
    free, he will bust out Mirage Chain + Explode combination. Use your 
    magics one by one then summon your Craymels whenever their vitalities 
    are full(I told you to fill up their vitalities right?). Regulus might 
    counter with magic(like Absolute and Summon Pluto) everytime you throw 
    a spell on him so be wary. After summoning your Craymels, just continue 
    on casting Shooting Star, Holy Lance, and Distortion. The latter proves 
    to be very lengthy to cast, but you can use this time to heal your 
    characters with items. Keep on pressing O and X alternately until the 
    cross(X) on the item icon disappears. Just retain on the strategy I've 
    said and you'll do just fine on the first part of the battle. However, 
    this will all be messed up when Regulus starts to use Megacosmic Strike 
    at half of his HP. This killer move slays an ally for 10000 damage. You 
    cannot stop him from doing this technique, unless Distortion or Aurora 
    Wall will be cast just on time. You can predict it when Regulus raises 
    his two hands. Revive your ally hit by this move immediately with 
    Resurrection or Life Bottles. Don't use you Reverse Dolls yet. As much 
    as possible, limit on using Reverse Dolls as these will be needed much 
    more when he unleashes his deadliest attacks(Megacosmic Strike is a 
    deadly attack but what I mean are those deadly attacks that can hit all 
    allies). Keep your characters alive and their HP's as high as possible. 
    When Regulus' HP runs low, he will bust out everything that he has. He 
    will start using Shooting Star, something you don't like. What I really 
    hate about this is that he can use this Craymel Arte three times in a 
    row. If you think your characters can't make it when he casts 
    consecutive Shooting Stars, immediately equip Reverse Dolls on your 
    characters. He will also use Distortion which damages for 7500. If the 
    character hit by Distortion has an HP left lower than 7500, use an item 
    before the Distortion inflicts damage. Be prepared, he will also use 
    Eternity Swarm once. Summon Rem or Undine whenever possible to recover 
    full HP. When Aurora skills become available, by all means use them. 
    They become very effective when Reid unleashes it before Regulus busts 
    out a powerful attack. Keep on the strategy I've outlined above and 
    stay alive from his attacks and remember to heal when necessary. Use 
    All-divide if you want to lower the damage on your characters(however, 
    the damage that you inflict on Regulus is also halved). When his HP 
    drops below 20000, finish him off with Quasi Seal. If you fail, don't 
    be depressed. You won't get a Game Over if you lose. Simply try again 
    if you want. Luck and patience are the keys in winning this battle. 
         After this battle, you'll get Hyper Gauntlet, an accessory with 
    mysterious powers. When combined with some particular equipments, it 
    causes what is called as Ishtear Effect on Reid(thanks to Red Star). 
    These are the equipments:
    Ishtear Effect: 
    Weapon : Excalibur
    Armor : Golden Armor
    Shield : Blue Shield
    Helmet : Golden Helm
    Accessory 1 : Hyper Gauntlet
    Accessory 2 : Jet Boots
    Effects on Reid:
    1) Reid's body shines!
    2) Invulnerable against status ailments
    3) Recovers 5% HP and 1% TP periodically
    4) Reid can do a back step(press DOWN on the D-PAD then SQUARE)
    5) Improves attack and defense
    SIDE NOTE: I don't know about Ishtear Effect improving Reid's attack 
    since you only use Excalibur which is definitely much weaker than 
    Eternal Sword. I didn't see any noticeable change on Reid's defense as 
    10. Inferia City Battle Arena
         Doing this side event nets you goodies: lots of gald and tools, 
    the Gladiator title, and the best sword in the game, the Eternal Sword. 
    Don't be too confident, doing this side event is a very hard task and 
    needs lot of preparations. You can do this even on the first time that 
    you step on Inferia City but as I said, this won't be too easy. I 
    couldn't win even the first round on City Championship at level 35. So, 
    maybe you'll have the guts on your return to Inferia.
         Now for the preparations. In terms of equipment, these are what 
    you need: (1)your strongest sword. It may be either be Ninja Sword, 
    Hero Cane on the earlier stages of the game, Last Fencer for the latter 
    stages. Also you need the Vorpal Sword, Ice Coffin, Merenol/Voltic 
    Sword for some enemies in the arena; (2)your toughest armor. If you 
    have Golden Armor or Mumbane, the better. You need the former in your 
    fight against Cress + Arche; (3)Square Shield. Equip no other shield 
    than it; (4)a bunch of very helpful accessories. Here's what you need: 
    Faerie Ring, Mental Ring, Flare Capes, Inferi Cape, Thunder Capes, 
    Reverse Dolls(a definite must have), Force Ring, Persha Boots; (5)of 
    course, the most necessary, stats as high as possible, especially HP 
    and TP. Better use your stock of Sages and Savories if you have any. 
    You don't need all of these equipments on the first rounds, you just 
    need one skill: Burning Phoenix. If you don't have it then back up for 
    now. The equipments that I enumerated are much needed on your battle 
    against Cress + Arche. 
    City Championship
    Round 1
    ENEMY : Squire x 2                  HP : 15000 each
    ATTACK : 630
    DEFENSE : 400
    EXPERIENCE : 510
    GALD : 1155
    ENEMY : Ranger                      HP : 12750
    STRONG AGAINST : Light (50%)
    ATTACK : 600
    DEFENSE : 480
    EXPERIENCE : 510
    GALD : 1555
    ENEMY : Sage                        HP : 9000
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire, Light, Shadow (50%)
    ATTACK : 270
    DEFENSE : 300
    EXPERIENCE : 484
    GALD : 1820
         This is too easy as long as you have Burning Phoenix. Just clear 
    the way with Burning Phoenix and this battle should end up in no time. 
    Equip Faerie Ring and Mental Ring to if you have low TP to conserve it. 
    If not don't worry about it.
    Round 2
    ENEMY : Toriton x 2                 HP : 12750 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Water (100%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Lightning (90%)
    ATTACK : 600            ELEMENT : Water
    DEFENSE : 480
    EXPERIENCE : 322
    GALD : 1020
    ENEMY : Kraaken x 2                 HP : 16800 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Water (90%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Lightning (90%)
    ATTACK : 660            ELEMENT : Water
    DEFENSE : 420
    EXPERIENCE : 566
    GALD : 1111
         Just like the first round, eliminate them with Burning Phoenix. 
    Just be careful from their attcks. You may want to equip Voltic Sword 
    for a quick kill.
    Round 3
    ENEMY : Beast Ogre x 2             HP : 18000 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire, Earth (50%)
    ATTACK : 1200
    DEFENSE : 600
    EXPERIENCE : 625
    GALD : 1600
    ENEMY : Fire Cloud                 HP : 7200
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%), Lightning (50%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (50%), Ice (80%)
    ATTACK : 525            ELEMENT : Fire
    DEFENSE : 300
    EXPERIENCE : 657
    GALD : 1200
         This battle is a bit harder than the first two rounds. The battle 
    starts with an attack on both sides. Also the Beast Ogres are a bit 
    strong against fire so you cannot use Burning Phoenix right away(you'll 
    only waste your TP). But the Fire Cloud can be ignored. You may want to 
    use Spiral Attack + Megasonic Thrust combination first. Then after 
    decreasing their HPs for a few thousand, finish them with Burning 
    Phoenix. Just be careful with their attacks as they tend to cause 
    considerable amounts of damage. After eliminating the Ogres, finish the 
    Fire Cloud with your physical attacks(equip Vorpal Sword or Ice Coffin 
    for a quick kill). A few slashes should be enough.
    National Championship
    Round 1
    ENEMY : Mega Death                   HP : 14400
    STRONG AGAINST : Dark (100%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire (50%); Light (90%)
    ATTACK : 630            ELEMENT : Dark
    DEFENSE : 460
    EXPERIENCE : 458
    GALD : 1450
    ENEMY : Revenant x 2                HP : 17250 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Ice (10%); Dark (100%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire (50%); Light (90%)
    ATTACK : 600            ELEMENT : Dark
    DEFENSE : 500
    EXPERIENCE : 510
    GALD : 1650
    ENEMY : Metallicore                 HP : 6900
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire, Dark (100%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Water, Light (50%)
    ATTACK : 510            ELEMENT : Fire
    DEFENSE : 400
    EXPERIENCE : 537
    GALD : 1911
         Let me give you this technique for a quick and easy win. As the 
    battle starts, back up a little bit. Sometimes Mega Death will warp 
    behind you. When he does, unleash your Rising Phoenix to hit him then 
    all the way to the Revenants then use Burning Phoenix. Mega Death 
    should be dead by then. Do it once more to kill the Revenants. Then 
    just kill Metallicore with Omega Demon Chaos.
    Round 2
    ENEMY : Mythril Golem x 2             HP : 16650 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Light, Dark (80%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Lightning (50%)
    ATTACK : 1125            ELEMENT : Earth
    DEFENSE : 350
    EXPERIENCE : 858
    GALD : 6000
    ENEMY : Skykeeper                     HP : 12000
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Lightning (50%); Wind (90%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Fire, Dark (50%)
    ATTACK : 570             ELEMENT : Ice
    DEFENSE : 480
    EXPERIENCE : 537
    GALD : 2500
         This one's tough. Each Mythril Golem has an incredible defense and 
    attack rating. Also, the Skykeeper could be very annoying with its Air 
    Thrust, so kill her off first with Burning Phoenix. This should also 
    decrease the golem's HP's for a few hundreds. Then use this combo 
    against them: Attack x 2 + Super Lightning Blade + Megasonic Thrust(you 
    may want to change your weapon to Voltic Sword). Try equipping Flare 
    Capes to guard against their earth-based attacks. And, oh, did I forget 
    to tell you that you can use your Aurora skills whenever possible?
    Round 3
    ENEMY : Evil Ripper x 2             HP : 15000 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Dark (90%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Light (50%)
    ATTACK : 750
    DEFENSE : 720
    EXPERIENCE : 1444
    GALD : 2800
    ENEMY : Tentacles x 2               HP : 17400 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Water, Dark (90%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Light (50%)
    ATTACK : 697
    DEFENSE : 560
    EXPERIENCE : 1250
    GALD : 1360
         This is not as hard as the previous battle but you better be wary 
    too as your enemies are invisible. You can only see the rippers 
    whenever they attack. Their shadows are visible though. Nevertheless, 
    they can't escape Burning Phoenix. Try to line them all in one side and 
    squash them with Burning Phoenix. Just look out for their attacks.
    World Championship
    Round 1
    ENEMY : Wizard x 2                  HP : 14700
    ATTACK : 150
    DEFENSE : 600
    EXPERIENCE : 620
    GALD : 1000
    ENEMY : Duelist                     HP : 18000
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire, Lightning (50%)
    ATTACK : 1200
    DEFENSE : 600
    EXPERIENCE : 566
    GALD : 2500
         Now here's where the going gets tough. The Wizards have the 
    ability to eliminate you with consecutive Thunder Blades be quick to 
    kill them first. Two Burning Phoenixes should be enough. Likewise, the 
    Duelist has a good attack rating and a strong guard. You can rather 
    eliminate him with Quasi Seal for a quick kill. If you don't have that 
    skill yet, just pound him with Omega Demon Chaos.
    Round 2
    ENEMY : Hellkite                     HP : 16800
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (80%); Ice (100%)
    ATTACK : 825            ELEMENT : Fire
    DEFENSE : 650
    EXPERIENCE : 722
    GALD : 3333
    ENEMY : Phoenix x 2                  HP : 17700 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (30%); Ice (100%)
    ATTACK : 720            ELEMENT : Fire 
    DEFENSE : 500
    EXPERIENCE : 566
    GALD : 1111
         This is not as hard as it seems. Just equip Square Shield, Flare 
    Cape, and Inferi Cape to protect yourself against fire(just like on 
    Efreet). They may be too fast for you but they can't inflict you any 
    damage more than 1. Just look out for Explode. The rising fire still 
    causes considerable damage(not the explosion). If you keep yourself 
    away from it, there's nothing to worry about it. Only the Hellkite can 
    cast it though. You may change to semi-auto mode to guard automatically 
    and to avoid being stunned. Equip Vorpal Sword or Ice Coffin for your 
    weapon(any of the two will do) and finish them all with Omega Demon 
    Round 3
    ENEMY : Hellkite x 2                HP : 16800 each
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (80%); Ice (100%)
    ATTACK : 825            ELEMENT : Fire
    DEFENSE : 650
    EXPERIENCE : 722
    GALD : 3333
    ENEMY : Red Dragon                  HP : 36000
    STRONG AGAINST : Fire (100%); Earth, Lightning, Light (90%)
    WEAK AGAINST : Water (40%)
    ATTACK : 1050
    DEFENSE : 900
    EXPERIENCE : 1642
    GALD : 4317
         If you can't win against Red Dragon the first time you meet him at 
    the forests near Farlos Sanctuary, then maybe this time you can get 
    even with him. Keep your settings as the previous battle then attack 
    the Hellkites. Avoid facing the dragon until you dispatched the former. 
    As you may have already known, Red Dragon's claws can tear you apart 
    although his fire breath attacks can be ignored if you have fire-
    elemental equipments. He doesn't use his claws too often so don't worry 
    too much. After eliminating the Hellkites, then off with the dragon. 
    Here's the technique for him: When he uses Dragon Bliss, guard then 
    counter with you combos(try this: Attack x 2 + Demon Twist + Omega 
    Demon Chaos). If he pauses, he will use Dragon Bliss once again so 
    guard then counter. He might counter with physical attack but if you 
    have a good defense it will only inflict 500+ damage. If he turns back 
    and flies to the corner, catch up with him and off with your combos. 
    When he reaches the corner he will use a long-ranged fire breath attack 
    but it shouldn't hit you when you're near. Pound him once again with 
    your combos. He has a lot of HP so be patient. 
         After this battle, Reid will be given the prizes but a man will 
    appear and challenge you to a battle. It's Cress! If you think you're 
    ready then accept his challenge and answer yes. But if you think you 
    cannot withstand this feat, then back off and answer no(It seems that 
    he will only be fighting alone but actually in hardcore he has his 
    sidekick with him, Arche). There's still time for him. A fourth sign-up 
    desk should appear who will ask you if you want to accept Cress's 
    challenge or not. I suggest you max up your HP and TP first for this 
    battle by fighting in the World Championship a few times as Hellkites 
    drop Sages and Red Sages. Likewise, Wizards drop Savories but more 
    seldom. Also collect 15(for beginners) or maybe just 5(for experienced 
    RPG gamers) Reverse Dolls because you cannot use items in your battle 
    with Cress + Arche. Go to Aifread's Tomb and fight Super Stars or you 
    can just collect jini and purchase Reverse Dolls at Jini with it.
    BOSS : Cress                        HP : 14998
    STRONG AGAINST : All elements (90%)
    ATTACK : 726
    DEFENSE : 1000
    EXPERIENCE : 10000
    GALD : 0
    ATTACKS : Demon Hammer, Sonic Blade, Neo Swarm, Spiral 
                 Destruction, Rising Phoenix, Burning Phoenix, Albain 
                 Finality, Final Justice, Eternal Blade
    ITEMS :  100% Cress Bandana
    SUB-BOSS : Arche                    HP : 9000
    STRONG AGAINST : All elements (80%)
    ATTACK : 450
    DEFENSE : 1000
    EXPERIENCE : 10000
    GALD : 0
    ATTACKS : Fireball, Eruption, Thunder Blade, Spark Wave, 
                 Indignation, Freeze Lancer, Ray
    ITEMS : 100% Arche Ribbon
         Reid will be hard-pressed to face this dreaded duo all alone 
    without using items. Because of this, you really need those Reverse 
    Dolls. If you're a beginner or you just can't wait to get your hands on 
    Eternal Sword and don't want to do any preparations anymore, you need 
    15. But for experienced RPG gamers who are skilled in battle 
    strategies(like me), you need only 5 or even less(actually, I beat them 
    without using even 1). But you need a lot of preparations.
         Here's the strategy for beginners: Equip your best equipments, 
    Faerie Ring or Mental Ring, and a Reverse Doll. Arche has the ability 
    that Cress doesn't: to use magic so be sure to concentrate your attacks 
    on her first. Avoid confronting Cress at all costs. If you really can't 
    avoid him, use skills that can hit them both like Omega Demon 
    Chaos(strategy by x_hunter_zero_ph@yahoo.com) or you can escape from 
    him using Tempest Strike(Omega Tempest Strike consumes more TP). If a 
    Reverse Doll breaks, equip another. After dealing with Arche, pummel 
    Cress with Spiral Attack + Megasonic Thrust combination. His deadliest 
    attacks should be used when his HP runs low so be careful on your moves 
    to save Reverse Dolls especially when he uses Albain Finality + Final 
    Justice which drains Reid's HP to 1. 
         Well, if you want to save your Reverse Dolls for tougher Bosses 
    like Sekundes and Nereid Regulus, there's a strategy just for you. As 
    I've said earlier, there are many preparations for this one. First, you 
    need max HP and TP. Second, you need to be at least level 65 to build 
    up your defense. Third, you need your strongest weapon. These are your 
    preferences: Ninja Sword, Hero Cane, and Vorpal Sword at the earlier 
    parts of the game, Gungnir and Last Fencer at the latter stages. Here 
    are the equipments that you need: Mumbane or Golden Armor for your 
    armor(but the latter is better), Square Shield(no alternatives), and 
    Golden Helm(or any other strong head armor). For the accessories, 
    hopefully you have these: Inferi Cape and Flare Cape(or two Flare 
    Capes),Faerie Ring, Mental Ring, Force Ring or Persha Boots(if you have 
    it), and a few Reverse Dolls. He's beatable at level 65 but it would be 
    better for higher levels to have a much better battle with him. If you 
    want, cook Tuna Paella before this battle to improve your attack and 
    defense. Equip Faerie Ring and Mental Ring first to conserve TP on your 
    first attacks. Now let's get on with the strategy.
         As you already know, Arche only has the ability to cast magic and 
    this could be annoying and deadly. Focus on attacking her first and 
    don't let her bust out her spells. How to do it? First, fly away with 
    Tempest Strike on to her then quickly tap your skill button to unleash 
    you Rising Phoenix and Burning Phoenix. This is why you need the Faerie 
    Ring and Mental Ring. Repeatedly use Burning Phoenix on Arche until 
    she's lying down at your mercy. Don't worry about Cress attacks, you're 
    invincible while using Rising Phoenix and Burning Phoenix. After the 
    Arche-slaying process, change your skill settings to Spiral Attack and 
    Megasonic Thrust. Then it's time for the real battle.
         Unlike the Normal Mode Cress, the Hardcore one is nuts in firing 
    up with Rising Phoenix and extending to Burning Phoenix to cause a 
    major damage on Reid. If you think it's gonna hit you, immediately 
    change your equipment to Inferi Cape and Flare Cape(or just two Flare 
    Capes) to receive only 1 damage on that onslaught. After that, re-equip 
    your former equipment(you may want to equip Persha Boots or Force Ring 
    for improved defense but retain your Mental Ring to recover TP. Use 
    technique #2 on Valkyrie or what is also called the Reversal Technique 
    on Cress. Wait at one corner, when he comes near run and pummel him 
    with the trusted combo Attack x 2 + Spiral Attack + Megasonic Thrust. 
    You might wonder why I always trust this combo. If you'll be able to 
    hit Cress with this, you can throw him away from you and retreat to 
    prepare for the next attack. However, sometimes Cress is on guard when 
    he gets near and when attack him he might counter with Attack x 2 + 
    Demon Hammer that causes considerable amount of damage. You can also 
    use the Sonic Chaos technique if you can't trust the Reversal 
    Technique. If Cress corners you up with Sonic Blades, jump then use 
    Tempest Strike. If you're gonna fall right on him, quickly link it with 
    Megasonic Thrust to avoid Cress attack. If your HP falls below 2000, 
    equip Reverse Doll. When it breaks, re-equip your former equipment. 
    When his HP falls below half, he will start using Dimensional Strike. 
    It doesn't inflict too much damage like his other attacks(it only 
    inflicts 900 damage) but he can hit you from a sweep distance so be 
    wary. When his HP runs below 2000, using Dragon Demon Chaos might seem 
    a good idea, but ironically, it shall be a grave mistake. He will 
    retaliate with Eternal Blade(a powerful skill that is very much similar 
    to Dragon Demon Chaos) just before you can use it and you're dead for 
    sure. Likewise, he will start using his deadliest attacks, Albain 
    Finality combined with Final Justice to drain your HP to 1. He will 
    only execute this dreaded attack if he would be able to guard against 
    your attacks and counter. If you have a good accuracy, he won't have a 
    chance. In fact, I beat him without Cress using that skill even once. 
    In any case, equip a Reverse Doll if he uses it. You may also use your 
    Aurora skills(especially Aurora Slash as Aurora Wall is pathetically 
    weak against him) whenever possible to nullify his attacks. However, 
    these skills eat up your TP so limit its use. Just keep on attacking 
    and you'll eventually win. Congratulations! Receive the Eternal Sword 
    and the Gladiator title!
    11. Character's Special Skills and Techniques
         Actually, I don't want to include this part, but I thought that if 
    we're talking about bosses strategy then a FAQ of techniques in battle 
    should be included especially combos and skill combinations. But I 
    won't include how to do Reid's hidden skills(Burning Phoenix, Dragon 
    Demon Chaos, and Quasi Seal) since the other FAQs have covered this 
    already, particularly Reid's Skills List. I also didn't include the 
    Craymel Artes and Chat's skills. Just look for them in Gamefaqs. 
        11.1 Reid
             11.1.1 Something About the Dragon Demon Chaos and the              
                         Quasi Seal         
         These 2 skills are both finishing skills but have you ever 
    wondered which of the 2 is more damaging? You might think that DDC is 
    much stronger because you can see many numbers when Reid is executing 
    it but actually, QS gives off more damage. DDC offers 17 hits. The 
    first hit gives 300 damage, the next 4 gives 2000 each, and the next 11 
    gives 500 each. The last hit depends on your attack power and the 
    enemy's defense. The highest damage that I've seen from that last hit 
    is 7650 so all in all, the highest damage DDC can offer is 21450. 
    Meanwhile, the QS produces only 13 hits. The first 12 hits gives 2000 
    damage each and the last hit gives 30000 so 54000 all in all. 
              11.1.2 Reid's Skill Combination and Combos
         As far as I know, you can only link up to 2 of Reid's skills. With 
    this, I can classify Reid's skills into two. I'll just call it First 
    Chain and Second chain skills. First chain skills include the special 
    skills which are Sonic Blade, Twin Sonic Blade, Lightning Blade, Demon 
    Hammer, Demon Twist, Swarm, Super Lightning Blade, Spiral Attack, 
    Tempest Strike, Neo Swarm, Double Spiral Attack, and Omega Tempest 
    Strike. The rest are Second Chain Skills which are all Sacred Skills. 
    These are the most effective combinations that I know. If you have 
    learned some combos that cannot be found on this list or you have a 
    different format then let me know. Aside from this list, there are 
    still many combos that I know but I won't give them all yet until 
    further confirmation. To execute these combos more easily, put the 
    second skill on the shortcut button. Then, as you execute the first 
    skill hold the shortcut button with the second skill. Take note that 
    you can't use Neo Swarm and Double Spiral Attack to perform a combo.
    1.	Attack x 3 + Sonic Blade + Megasonic Thrust = 6 hits                
    2.	Attack x 3 + Sonic Blade + Demon Lightning Hammer = 8 hits
    3.	Attack x 3 + Sonic Blade + Neosonic Swarm = 10 hits
    4.	Attack x 3 + Sonic Blade + Omega Demon Chaos = 12 hits
    5.	Attack x 3 + Sonic Blade + Demon Spiral Hammer = 14 hits
    6.	Attack x 3 + Sonic Blade + Neo Tempest Swarm = 17 hits
    7.	Attack x 3 + Lightning Blade + Megasonic Thrust = 7 hits
    8.	Attack x 3 + Lightning Blade + Demon Lightning Hammer = 9 hits
    9.	Attack x 3 + Demon Hammer + Demon Lightning Hammer = 9 hits
    10.	Attack x 3 + Demon Hammer + Neosonic Swarm = 11 hits
    11.	Attack x 3 + Demon Hammer + Demon Spiral Hammer = 15 hits
    12.	Attack x 2 + Swarm + Demon Lightning Hammer = 10 hits
    13.	Attack x 2 + Swarm + Neo Tempest Swarm = 24 hits
    14.	Attack x 3 + Super Lightning Blade + Demon Lightning Hammer = 10     
    15.	Attack x 3 + Super Lightning Blade + Neosonic Swarm = 12 hits
    16.	Attack x 3 + Super Lightning Blade + Neo Tempest Swarm = 24 hits
    17.	Attack x 3 + Super Lightning Blade + Omega Demon Chaos = 14 hits
    18.	Attack x 3 + Demon Twist + Demon Lighting Hammer = 13 hits
    19.	Attack x 3 + Demon Twist + Omega Demon Chaos = 17 hits
    20.	Attack x 2 + Spiral Attack + Megasonic Thrust = 9 hits
    21.	Attack x 2 + Spiral Attack + Omega Demon Chaos = 15 hits
    22.	Attack x 2 + Spiral Attack + Demon Spiral Hammer = 17 hits
    23.	Attack x 2 + Spiral Attack + Neo Tempest Swarm = 26 hits     
          (good for heavy enemies)
    NOTE : For Reid's 3-hit combos, see Reid's Skills FAQ on Gamefaqs.
         11.2 Farah
              11.2.1 Farah's Hidden Skills
    Maximum Burst
         To be able to use Farah's Maximum Burst, you need to use her Chi 
    at least 300 times and her Fatal Fury at least 30 times. I'm very sure 
    about this because my friend used Chi more than 600 times but he's not 
    able to do it until he got Fatal Fury. The first hits of Chi must hit 
    the opponent(that move which looks like Palm Strike) in order to 
    execute Maximum Burst successfully. 
    Flame Dance
          You need the Deadly Force to be able to do this powerful skill. 
    To get Deadly Force, use Farah as the lead of the party for 300 
    times(thanks to x_hunter_zero@yahoo.com for this info). Now to do a 
    Flame Dance, use Deadly Force against an enemy(it must hit the enemy in 
    any way). After this the background should turn black and the battle 
    BGM should stop. While the background is still black, run to the enemy 
    then do two punches. After that, immediately perform a rising 
    skill(either Rising Dragon Strike, Swallow Dance or Super Swallow 
    Dance) followed by a diving skill(either Eagle Dive, Eagle Rage or 
    Death Blossom). If the diving skill would hit the enemy, Farah should 
    execute Flame Dance successfully.  
               11.2.2 Farah's Combos
         Farah is the only player who can do the most number of combos 
    since she can link up to 4 of her skills. From her list of her skills 
    we can get many different combinations so it's hard to know where to 
    start. This is just a short list and I'll just include the others 
    1.	Attack x 2 + Sonic Fist + Super Sonic Fist = 18 hits
    2.	Attack x 2 + Super Swallow Dance + Death Blossom + Triple Blossom = 
    13 hits
    3.	Attack x 2 + Super Swallow Dance + Eagle Rage + Sonic Fist = 15 hits
    4.	Attack x 2 + Palm Strike + Swallow Dance + Eagle Dive + Twin 
    Palm Strike = 8 hits
    5.	Attack x 2 + Palm Strike + Swallow Dance + Death Blossom + Twin Palm 
    Strike = 11 hits
    6.	Attack x 2 + Triple Blossom + Swallow Dance + Eagle Rage + 
    Twin Palm Strike = 12 hits
    7. Attack x 2 + Triple Blossom + Swallow Dance + Death Blossom + Twin 
       Palm Strike = 13 hits
    8.	Attack x 2 + Sonic Fist + Swallow Dance + Death Blossom + Twin Palm 
    Strike = 14 hits
    9.	Attack x 2 + Sonic Fist + Super Swallow Dance + Death Blossom + Chi 
    + Maximum Burst = 21 hits
    10.	Attack x 2 + Sonic Fist + Super Swallow Dance + Eagle Rage + 
    Super Sonic Fist = 26 hits (good for big enemies only)
    11.	Attack x 2 + Sonic Fist + Super Swallow Dance + Death Blossom 
       + Fatal Fury = 36 hits
         11.3 Max
              11.3.1 Max's Skills and Techniques
    1. Burning Force - Max already has it when you get him.
       -> You can control the blast of the Burning Force by pressing 
       x. This is good for floating enemies like Volt. The hit should 
       be successful if the timing is perfect.
    2. Air Blade - You can get it anytime after Balir Castle and Max is 
    already an official member of your party. You can find the pink miacis 
    right on the port at Peruti. 
       -> You can control the direction of the Air Blade and make it go  
       upward by pressing x repeatedly. You should hear Max's voice when 
       you press x. If you control the Air Blade upward as it hits the 
       enemy, it will inflict more hits and damage(6 hits rather than the 
       usual 2 hits). This is good for flying enemies.
    3. Aqua Spiral - You can get it after acquiring Aifish. The pink miacis 
    is right on the Gnome Statue at Tinnsia.
       -> Before Max unleashes his Aqua Spiral, you can hold x to    
       convert it to Aqua Cure and recover 90% of Max's HP
    4. Rage Laser - After Reid acquired the Divine Aurora, look for the 
    pink miacis at Cape Fortress on the same spot where you first stepped 
    on Celestia. 
       -> You can control the range of the Rage Laser by pressing and 
       holding x or SQUARE. X extends the range while SQUARE reduces 
    5. Dark Laser - After Regulus Knoll, take Max to Luishka and go to the 
    next screen and the scene will automatically turn to Max.
       -> Pressing x repeatedly will make Max move forward while 
       executing Dark Laser.
    6. Elemental Master - Complete the Lesitia SD to get the Canceller. 
    After acquiring Aibird go to Jini at night and you should find the pink 
    miacis near the inn.
       -> While Max is executing Elemental Master, press x repeatedly 
       to move the shot up.
    (Thanks to Red Star for telling me the techniques of Rage Laser, Dark 
    Laser and Elemental Master)
               11.3.2 The True Function of the Canceller
         (Thanks to Red Star for this info)
         Others might find Canceller just an item that lets you get Max's 
    final and strongest skill, the Elemental Master. However, the 
    definition of the item is this: A deadly weapon which emits three 
    different levels of energy. Now you might wonder how deadly this weapon 
    can be and what those three levels of energy are. Now this what the 
    definition talks about:
    Level 1: Burning Force, Air Blade, Aqua Spiral
    Level 2: Rage Laser, Dark Laser
    Level 3: Elemental Master
         Now the technique is to link a Lv.1 skill to a Lv.2 and then to 
    Elemental Master consecutively to produce a powerful combo as long as 
    the Canceller is equipped. As Max fires the first lv skill, execute the 
    second and then the third. This works best on bosses. Now, can you 
    imagine how deadly this weapon can be?
         11.4 Team Skills
         The first time you get to Regulus Dojo and you talk to the guys in 
    the third room(those guys who teaches battle basics, the guy on the 
    right will tell something about this team skills), he will only tell 
    you their names and their definitions but he won't tell you how to do 
    it. I was wondering before so I tried to figure it out in any way, 
    until I ACCIDENTALLY used Earth Divide. With the help of my friends, 
    Michael and Renz, I was able to figure out how to do the other team 
         It can be hard to execute a team skill, as you need a good timing. 
    To execute one, you need to use the right spell along with the right 
    skill simultaneously. The best way to do it is to put the caster's 
    spell on the shortcut button. Hold the shortcut button with the magic 
    and the word "READY" should appear on the caster's figure on the bottom 
    left of the screen for a few moments. Now as you release the shortcut 
    button, execute the skill of the character you're controlling(either 
    Reid or Farah). If your timing is perfect(you should hear this weird 
    whistling sound) you should be able to do it. Here's the combinations 
    needed to do the team skills:
    1.	Flaming Sword -> Keele's Fireball + Reid's Demon Hammer
    2.	Serpent Knuckle -> Heal + Farah's Rising Dragon Strike
    3.	Lightning Strike -> Thunder Blade + Farah's Twin Palm Strike
    4.	Earth Divide -> Cyclone + Reid's Spiral Attack
         11.5 Arche?!
         Now what's the sense of talking about Arche? Isn't she Cress's 
    flunky? Some of you might have seen this: Arche fighting alongside with 
    you in battle! Hey, wait a second! Is she an ally? Alright, she is an 
    ally, but is she your ally or Cress's? Now let me tell you this. She 
    CAN be depending on the situation. If you fight Cress at the Inferia 
    City Tournament, she IS with Cress, but on other circumstances, she can 
    be fighting on the side of the good. Nope, she won't ask you to join 
    your party, but rather, she will appear in battle when certain 
    conditions are carried out. Here are the conditions:
    1.	Maxwell must be at max level(level 30).
    2.	You must have Shooting Star already. To get this Craymel Arte, let 
    Sekundes earn experience up to level 26.
    3.	Maxwell's vitality should be full.
         After pulling off the following conditions, cast Shooting Star in 
    battle. The caster will transform into Arche and will remain at this 
    state at exactly 10 seconds. The background will change into somehow 
    galaxy-like. Arche should be facing at the right and you'd be able to 
    control her using the D-pad(in any way you wish, well, she's flying 
    anyway). Now for her attacks, press O to shoot fire to any enemies at 
    her front and press X to shoot ice(this one looks like Freeze Lancer) 
    behind for enemies at her back. The caster is invincible while doing 
    this and this doesn't consume TP(well, except for the TP consumed when 
    casting Shooting Star). This is a good alternative for weak enemies 
    which won't last long if you use Maxwell extensions. You can use this 
    on either Meredy or Keele. You don't need to defeat Arche at the 
    Inferia City Tournament or even have a Hardcore file to trigger this. 
    So for those who don't have their files in Hardcore mode and can't use 
    Maxwell extensions, you can go trigger-happy with O and X using Arche 
    saying "Eat dust!" (It's a good thing Arche has a broom).
         11.6 Combo Master Title(How to Get 100 Hits)
         These methods could be very frustrating if you fail. There are two 
    ways to accomplish this feat. 
    I. Through physical attacks 
         This is a little hard to do, but actually this is much easier to 
    do than using the craymel artes. If the opponent has a good defense, he 
    may just guard against your attacks and break your combo chain. In this 
    case, you need to equip weapons with good accuracy to avoid such. 
    Saving your game first is very necessary. Just soft-reset your game and 
    load your file and do the procedure again whenever you fail.  
    1.	Include Reid(of course), Farah, Chat, and a caster(whoever has 
    Cyclone) on your party. Set the caster's "Attack" strategy to 5(I 
    recommend Meredy because of her long range attacks), and his/her 
    "Battle TP" and "Recover TP" to 1(if you want to heal HP and TP, use 
    items). Be sure Chat has Eternal Hammer and equip her best weapon. 
    For Reid and Farah, equip weapons with a good accuracy. My best 
    preference is Crystal Dagger for Reid and Omni Weapon for Farah. 
    Save first before the battle.
    2.	Set his Omega Demon Chaos and her Fatal Fury in the shortcut button 
    because you'll be using Chat as your lead. 
    3.	Use Cyclone at the start of the battle(at the skills menu), then 
    hold your shortcut buttons for Reid and Farah to attack and corner 
    Hyades(it'll be much better if you have a second player to control 
    either Reid or Farah). 
    4.	As the Cyclone goes off, let Chat run toward Hyades and use Eternal 
    Hammer and hold the forward button to corner Hyades totally and 
    pound him with consecutive attacks(don't let go of the shortcut 
    button!). Just keep on attacking until you get the desired number of 
    hits(be sure it's 100 or more). Since Meredy is only attacking, let 
    her use Pine Gel to any ally who is running out of TP. Ensure that 
    she attacks from afar so that Hyades might focus his Ground Shake on 
    her(he can use it even while you're pounding him). I got 103 hits 
    and 5003 experience from him. You can repeat this battle as many 
    times as you wish(just like I did) whenever you fail to get the 
    elusive 100-hit combo. Just soft-reset (hmmm...you saved your game 
    right?) and do it once again.
         You can also do this method on the Elementlers in Shizel's Castle. 
    Here's how:
    1.	Include Reid, Farah, Chat in your party. Choose anyone for the 
    fourth character(they're all casters). Set all battle strategy of 
    the fourth character to 1(you may let him/her attack) and make 
    him/her item user(don't let him/her cast any magic). Do the same 
    setting of the other characters(Chat, Reid, and Farah) as that of 
    the Hyades method above. Use your strongest weapons first at the 
    time being. Save first before the fight.
    2.	Eliminate the Grave Keepers first but make sure that you don't hit 
    the Elementler. After eliminating them, immediately change 
    equipments(the weapons that I've outlined above). Use an All-divide 
    item to cut all damages produced to half. 
    3.	Run toward the opponent(as Chat) and use Eternal Hammer. Hold the 
    forward directional button and the shortcut buttons with Reid's 
    Omega Demon Chaos and Farah's Fatal Fury to corner Elementler and 
    pound hits(if you have a second player, let him use Farah). Let the 
    fourth character use Pine Gels to any ally who is running out of TP 
    especially Chat. Reset if you fail to get the 100-hit combo.
    II. Through craymel artes(Thanks to Red Star)
         This is more frustrating than the first method. You can only do 
    this on the Elementler in Shizel's Castle. Never do this on the Fire 
    Elementler and Wind Elementler. Red Star only provided the combo in the 
    boards but I'll provide the preparation and method:
    1.	You need the following craymel artes:
    a. Holy Lance
    b. Shooting Star
    c. Maxwell
    d. Destiny(be sure that it is highlighted)
    2.	Put Maxwell on Keele's craymel cage. Make sure that his TP is at 
    maximum(999). Also make sure that he can perform Maxwell extensions. 
    You should have 2 Mystic Symbols(you can also use Rune Bottle on 
    Faerie Ring) for both Meredy and Keele. 
    3.	Fill up Maxwell's vitality to max. Then use Distortion only once(the 
    word MAX on the character's display on the bottom of the screen 
    should disappear).
    4.	Set the casters' strategy to "Prevent Magic Attack" and all their 
    battle strategy to 1. Set the strategy of the other characters to 
    "Attack Enemy Group" or "Attack Close Enemy" to target the Grave 
    Keepers. Fight as Keele. Save first before the fight.
    5.	At the start of the battle, let Meredy use Holy Lance(on the skill 
    menu) and Keele use Shooting Star simultaneously (Meredy should be 
    able to cast first before Keele). After Keele has unleashed Shooting 
    Star(the word MAX should reappear), immediately press the menu 
    button(TRIANGLE). Command Meredy to use Destiny, then change Keele's 
    settings. Put Maxwell on the skill button and change equipments(put 
    Mental Ring and Derris Emblem if you wish to do Blue Earth). Let 
    another character use an Orange Gel on Keele to put his TP to full. 
    After Meredy used Destiny, immediately push the skill button to 
    summon Maxwell. If you successfully do this, you can actually do a 
    more than 120-hit combo. If you fail, you have to wait for another 
    30 minutes to reuse Destiny. :)
         The combo will come out like this:
         Holy Lance -> Shooting Star -> Destiny -> Maxwell Extensions
         This is only for those aiming for the Combo Master title(on which 
    100 hits is enough). If you are aspiring for the best, which is 999 
    hits then you must refer to Rena Chan's Craymel Artes FAQ for its 
    12. Credits
    -> First of all I wanna thank Namco for making such a wonderful game.
    -> Thanks to Gamefaqs(www.gamefaqs.com) and 
    Neoseeker(www.neoseeker,com) for appreciating my work.
    -> Thanks to my best friend, x_hunter_zero_ph@yahoo.com, the one who 
    encouraged me in doing this FAQ, for everything(He has his own username 
    now in the boards, maxdemon). I owe you one, bok!
    -> Thanks to Red Star, hyper sonic lv 2, Nforcr, Niu, Zenthor, and 
    LordVader for answering my questions in the boards (Did I miss 
    anyone?). For those who are not mentioned, let me know. For the 
    meantime, consider yourselves thanked for every info you've provided.
    -> Thanks to my friends Michael, Renz, and Efren, solid RPG gamers, for 
    all your help. I couldn't have done this without you, pals.
    -> Thanks to Pael Luspo Dajao for his contribution for Arche.
    Future Plans:
    -> I'll save my allowance to buy a PS2 of my own. :)

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