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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GheddonLN

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/01/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              T A L E S
                                        O F
                                            D E S T I N Y
                                  F A Q/ W A L K T H R O U G H
                                         By GheddonLN
                                         Version 1.00
                                  Started: around December 2002 o_O
                                 Finished: September 1, 2003(Jeez!)
                                      Dedicated to: my grandma
                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1)Version History
    9)Spell and Abilities
    11)Hidden Areas
                                     VERSION HISTORY
    O Version 1.00
      -The whole damn thing is complete. Walkthrough, bestiary, listings... yeah-
      -Some minor addings MAY(MAY) come. We'll see.
    O Namco: For producing this awesome game.
    O Prima Strategy Guide: It helped me with the listings, especially bestiary and
    equipment. This guide could not have been complete without such guide. Thanks!
    O My mom: For helping me to get this game.
    O To me: For getting through the game and writing this FAQ.
    I had been looking for this game for a long time; it took many days, months,
    even a year, until I finally found it resting on a lone shelf, being ignored by
    the rest of the customers, who were a bit too busy buying Xenosaga(which I also
    bought, mind you). Bewildered at how they all ignored such a great game, I
    simply picked up, paid for it, and went back home and played the hell out of it.
    I was sad at how much it disappointed me in some parts(ToD I was a lot more
    entertaining), but after a bit, it caught up, and made me fully enjoy it. And,
    while I played through this great game, I wrote this. And here is the final
    After a short introduction, you'll be in control of the game's main character,
    Reid. Head out of this area and go down the path into the next screen. Follow
    the linear way into the next area. Here, head into the intersection, where you
    will find a Wooden Shield as well as a Spectacles. A bit to the left is a save
    point, too. Now, you can go right or go left. Head left first, past the save
    point. In the next zone, you'll see a path that goes up, through the woods.
    Ignore it, for now at least, and move on, into another intersection. You can't
    go through the southmost road, so take the one that goes north.
    Follow the path all the way up. Take the Apple Gel that's next to the tree by
    the river. After getting this item, go back to the previous screen. Take the
    path through the woods(on the right) and make your way back to the save point.
    Save up/heal and go right this time around. At the end of the road, you'll
    bump into a strange animal. Approach it and it'll walk away. Follow it into
    the next screen, where yet another cutscene will take place. Patiently watch
    it. After it is finished, you'll be in the middle of a fight!
    BOSS: ??????
    This battle will be easy. This guy utilizes two attacks: Thunder Blade and
    Spark Wave. Spark Wave can hit both of your characters for multiple hits, each
    one doing around 20 PTS of DMG. You should immediately run up to him with Reid
    and jam on the X button. Corner him and keep on jammin'. Don't stop. Each hit
    is worth 100-110 PTS of DMG, making this battle a short one. Do not bother
    with Sonic Blade, if you have it, as it is far too weak.
    After the long-ass cutscenes, you'll be back on control. Head outside Farah's
    house and explore the village. The barn south of Farah's place has, inside it,
    a little pink item that, when examined, releases the "Wonder Chief", who will
    teach you how to make a sandwich(lettuce, bread and cheese). Explore the area
    and purchase a few items before leaving, as well as some items for our
    characters(such as a Long Sword for Reid). Should you decide to visit Reid's
    house, you can get a Lens off his basement(on the chest-like thing there).
    Afterward, exit the town through the bridgie that's by the store.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Mintche, our destination, is far to the south. Go south until you come across
    a bridge on the left. Go across it. As you do, you will have to bear a
    cutscene in which Farah(Fawcett ;)) introduces herself to the alien kid, as
    well as Reid. Oh, and the alien kid is called Meredy, by the way. After the
    cutscene, you'll be on the other side of the bridge. On your map, you will see
    three dots. One of them is red; ignore it. The other two further to the south
    represent the Regulus Dojo and Rasheans River Pier. The rightmost is the pier,
    while the leftmost is the Dojo. By the dojo, there is a path that goes toward
    the Pier's dot. Follow it until you find a huge thing blocking the path. Head
    Head all the way down for the first two screens until you bump into a group of
    workers. Watch the short cutscene and you'll be instructed to go to the dojo.
    Follow the worker's advice and go back to the world map. On your way, a
    cutscene will take place. Now, shall we please go to the Regulus Dojo? Yes?
    That's good. Jump into the world map and make your way there.
    Next to the entrance there are two houses. One of them(the leftmost one) is
    the Regulus Inn, while the rightmost is a mix of shops(weapons, armor, etc).
    The inn is totally worthless, as you can go out and camp for a bit to
    replenish your health. If you have some money to spend, be sure you properly
    outfit your characters with the best your wealth can buy. Afterward, approach
    the big staircase across the entrance. A short dialogue takes place. Go up
    afterward and, in the next screen, run in into the building itself.
    Inside, a bunch of monks jump down in front of the party, forcing you(Reid) to
    fight them. There are four monks on each side of the battle screen. Simply run
    up to one side and blast the X button. Each successful swing will hit at least
    four monks(the normally pile up together, you see), dealing out around 100-200
    PTS of DMG. It's not necessary to use a skill or anything like that; simple
    button mashing will win you the battle. After it, Franco, the dojo's master,
    who thinks Reid wants to join! The situation is explained as Farah(Fawcett)
    talks with her ex-master.
    Follow Franco into his room. After the dialogue, you will have to go to the
    Craymel Artes room to meet up with Paollo. The room next to Franco's hold a
    monk who'll gladly fight with. It's an easy fight, and you won't die if you
    lose, plus you earn a nice 70 EXP after it. In other words, be sure you spend
    some time there, trying to earn at least one level up. The room next to this
    one holds two Monks that'll teach you "advanced" fighting techniques. And, the
    last room, next to the "advanced" techniques one, is the Craymel Artes room.
    After Paollo gives you a brief and completely useless explanation of the
    cages, you will have to go back to the Rasheans River Pier. Get out of the
    dojo and make your way back to the pier.
    Approach Paollo, who's on the wooden pier, and talk with him. Tell him you're
    ready. He will call for the water arte and calm down the river. After the
    dialogue, you will board your raft. It's time for a mini game! Basically, we
    have to do "River Rafting". Use the left and right buttons on the d-pad to
    steer the raft, and the X button to accelerate. What we have to do is to steer
    the raft downstream. As you accelerate, the acceleration gauge is filled. Fill
    it up completely and you'll lose control of your raft. This will also happen
    if you hit an obstacle or riverside. Maneuver your way to the river's end.
    --WORLD MAP--
    The road marked on the grass will take you directly to the town of Academia,
    After the usual cutscene, you'll be able to explore around this expansive
    town. Our destination is the Academy. Next to the entrance you will find the
    inn. If you're low on TP, rest here, as camping won't recover it. Otherwise,
    ignore it. Across the inn is the Student Store, that sells all kind of things.
    If you have a nice amount of Gald, be sure to actualize your equipment. I'd
    recommend buying the Francesca for Reid, and two Ribbons for the girls.
    Go left from the shop. The house right next to it is the Cafeteria, where food
    items can be bought. If you go further to the left, you will hit the next
    screen. In here, you will see three staircases, signaling three paths. Go up
    the middle staircase to find the library. Go through the big doorway next to
    the receptionist's desk to find a room full of books and whatnot. Examine them
    to find information regarding Craymels and other things.
    The leftmost staircase will guide you to the Mintche University, which is our
    destination. Before going there, take the eastern(rightmost) staircase. Follow
    it into the next screen and approach the couple talking by the big pink house,
    to see a nice cutscene. Go into the park nearby and talk with the twins there,
    so you can play Craymel Ball with them. It's a nice game, you know. You have
    to hit your opponent with the ball.
    You lose if you're hit three times. You and your opponent can be one of two
    colors. You can't be your opponent's color, and vice versa. Opposite colors
    attract, while the same colors repel. The colors are determined by the
    crystals you pick up through the field. The ball changes colors, too, so watch
    out! Depending on which crystal you've picked, you'll be able to release one
    kind of elemental bomb. This bomb's colors and the ball's have the properties
    I talked about. Release a blue bomb while the ball is red and you'll attract
    it. Release a red bomb while the ball is blue and you'll repel it.
    Use the colors and elemental bombs to your advantage to win the battle.
    Attract a ball while standing next to your opponent and, if the ball is coming
    toward you, either dodge it or release an elemental bomb of the same color to
    repel it. Keep in mind that while you repel/attract, you can still move! This
    is very important, as if you attract and ball and stay still, you're bound to
    be hit!(even if you move, you probably will be hit) Now, if you don't want to
    risk yourself, you could run around the field, whishing for the ball to hit
    your opponent. This will take a lot of time, though(normally).
    The ball's color is determined by the aura underneath it. Pick whomever you
    want. My basic strategy revolves around repelling. I say that attracting is
    utterly useless, as it is nearly impossible to dodge the ball when attracting.
    Play patiently and wait for your chance to repel. Accommodate yourself and
    look for your opponent. Repel the ball. With any luck, you'll hit your
    opponent. This part is more about aiming correctly and luck, so I really can't
    give you any pointers.
    Now, could you please go to the university? Thanks. Approach the counter for a
    cutscene. After regaining control of your party, examine the door next the to
    the staircase. Not the one with a plant pot by it, the other one. When you do,
    a short dialogue takes place. Inside the laboratory, nobody is willing to talk
    with you, except the read-headed person by the window. A cutscene will ensue
    once you talk with him. Meredy runs in into the room and activates her
    powers... making the whole place go haywire!
    After the explosion, a man named Carlyle rides in. Watch the rest of the
    cutscene. During it, you're told that Keele is at Mt. Mintche observatory,
    southwest from the city. Ride your way back to the world map.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Start going southwest from the town until you hit a forest, that's next to a
    mountain. Walk along the mountain's edge; you should see the observatory at
    the top of a hill. Continue along until you see a grassy ramp going up to the
    observatory. Approach such ramp and head inside Mt Mintche.
    --MT. MINTCHE--
    There is a save point nearby. Notice all of those green people walking around?
    Approach them and you'll have to fight them! Go through the path to the left.
    Take both chests on the nook between the trees for a saber and an orange gel.
    Go up the rocky ramp to find a rock. Push it toward the place where an
    holographic rock is shining. When you do so, it'll fall down and block the
    hole the green people are coming from. Afterward, continue up the rocky ramp
    and run to the left, into the next screen.
    Go forward and you'll be asked to camp. Choose no, for now, so you're able to
    explore the rest of the area. Proceed to the next screen. Here, snag the apple
    gel by the tree and continue forward along the road. It'll take you to a
    higher area. You can continue going up, but instead of doing so, go to the
    right to find a chest containing a Pole Axe, as well as a package that holds
    600 Gald. You can also find a stone, which you can push to the left, to the
    hologram, in order to block the hole below.
    Continue further up. To the right, you'll find another stone. Do what you have
    to do with it. Then, head to the left, into the next screen. In there, run
    across the bridge. Exit through the end of the screen, and you'll be back on
    the world map. Don't sweat it, you don't just backtracked all the way back.
    Simply stand in front of the observatory and press X to go inside it.
    Watch the usual cutscene. After it, you'll be back on the world map. You can
    go back inside, to the observatory, to get a Holy bottle that's inside one of
    the chests. Our destination is a cave on a peninsula on the bottom of the
    continent. Before heading there, you might want to go back to Mintche, heal up
    at the inn, and then use a Holy bottle to make your way to the cave. It's a
    bit of a long way(your character is damn slow, eh?).
    After the little scene with the egg merchant, you're free to enter the
    cave(you might want to purchase a few items from the merchant). Inside, you
    crash into a bifurcation. In the middle of it there is a save point. Go across
    the path that goes north; it'll take you to a peak where you'll find an orange
    gel. Go back to the save point and take the other path this time around. In
    the next screen, go up and try to go across the thin open between the stones.
    As you do, a cutscene kicks in.
    Head to the right and pick the Panacea Bottle off the bag. Go down the rocky
    ramp and snag the Protector off the chest. Go up along the low path to find a
    doorway. In the next screen, go up a bit to find another cavernous path
    leading into another screen. There is a little nook on the left of the
    entrance to such path; you'll find a treasure chest there, holding Chain Arms.
    Next to it, there is another chest, with a Buckler within it.
    Head toward the cavernous exit I mentioned. In the next screen, you're
    attacked by the Egg Bear that was talked about.
    This thing is so easy, it's not even funny. Run up to him and start mashing
    the X button to interrupt its attacks. Just keep on mashing X, and the Egg
    Bear won't even get a chance to move! Keele should cast an occasional spell,
    but in all honesty, this battle is so easy, Reid is able to beat it on his
    Save after the battle and run across the only available exit. In the next
    screen, head to the right and snatch the Battle Axe off the chest. Examine the
    almost-invisible opening on the middle of the rocky wall and you'll be told
    that's now high tide. If you're not, wait, and do it again. When you're told,
    head back to the eggbear room, and from there, to the previous screen. Hop
    across the log into dry land, and open both chests to get the items within
    them: a Circlet and a Life Bottle. Hop across the log again and go back to the
    egg bear's room.
    Go back to the room where you fixed the tide and look for a blue ramp, across
    the opening. Go up it and follow the path. You will see blood on the walls;
    hug along the nearest wall to be taken into a screen with some dead egg bears,
    as well as a dead merchant. Run through the door that goes north. In the next
    screen, go past the calm waters that greet you, and get the orange gel from
    the bag.
    Head into the next room and examine the wood to get a Lens. Backtrack to where
    you first saw the blood(the area where you fixed the tide), and go through the
    rocky, luminous and awe-inducing doorway on the top wall.
    --WORLD MAP--
    There is only one dot on your map(on this continent, anyway), and it's on the
    east. Make your way there, going across the grassy fields. Eventually, you'll
    reach Morle!
    Simply run up two screens until you find a ladder. Climb it up to find the
    traveler's shop. Here, you will find the Melange Gel for the first time, which
    is sold at 1,000 apiece -- a bit too much at this moment. Hold off your horses
    on that and stock up on the other, less expensive items. If you continue up
    the ladders outside, you will find the "best inn in the village", as well as
    the Treetop food store. If you've completed your business here, climb back to
    the lowest level and proceed northward.
    Move on until you find a sign between a branching path that signals the
    entrance to the Morle Blackwoods. Take good note of this place and move on
    into the next screen. Go up the grassy ramp to find a rather big area with a
    huge mansion on it. Approach the residence's entrance to trigger a cutscene.
    After it, run in into the house and watch the next part of the cutscene.
    Meredy will run off during it... head back to the place where the Morle
    Blackwoods' entrance is. Talk with the guy around and you'll be told that,
    effectively, Meredy decided to visit the blackwoods. Head inside them...
    There is a save point right at the entrance. Walk toward the next screen,
    where you'll see two available paths. Meredy will be seen on the southern
    road. At the end of the other one, which is amazingly short, you'll find a
    Knight Saber. After you've gotten it, follow Meredy through the path she took.
    In the next screen, you will find a camping point. Camp if necessary and
    proceed onward, to see Meredy running up a steep log, further into this area's
    top. At the end of the other available path you will find a chest holding a
    Chirp Whistle.
    Follow Meredy into the next screen. This time around, you will see her on a
    lower "floor", going west. Walk along the log you're on, to find a rope going
    down, as well as a chest besides it. The chest contains an always-useful Iron
    Helm. After picking the piece of equipment, go down the rope and run across
    the path into the next screen. In here, you will find Meredy staring at a nest
    of sorts, with a bird on it. Run up to the bird to engage it, before it eats
    our Celestian partner.
    It is accompanied by 3 Evil Needles, which are very annoying. Have Keele
    summon a Fireball. Aim it to the Needles to dispose of them as fast as
    possible. Have Reid and Farah run up to the big guy and mash him up. The
    insect plant is very resistant, meaning that it can attack even while being
    attacked, which means you won't be able to block him just by mashing the X
    button. Oh no. Reid's Demon Hammer is an outstanding weapon for this battle,
    dishing out up to 230 PTS worth of DMG. As long as you have Reid's TP full
    before the battle, you'll be able to kill the plant just with that. Before you
    start the onslaught of such attack, dispose of the Needles, as you may end up
    hitting them, thus wasting your attack. While Reid practically handles the
    battle by himself, have Farah heal if necessary, and use her attacks if
    After the battle, use the save point that materializes to heal yourself, and
    to save. Then, make your way back to the beginning of the area. As you go, you
    will have to bear a cutscene, exactly when you reach the camp point. The
    discuss Meredy's objective at Inferia, and discover a shocking truth about the
    future of the two worlds divided by the Orbus Barrier. In order to prevent
    such event, we must first talk with Prof. Mazet, so head back to his house at
    You might want to heal at the inn and to stock up on items, especially Panacea
    Bottles(you probably wasted a few on the Blackwoods). Then, head to Prof's
    house. You're told that to the northwest there is a place called "Undine
    Stream", where you might find one of the so-talked Greater Craymels. Start off
    by heading into the World Map.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Start off by going northwest, as told. The little dot on the right of your
    map, by a river, should be used as a point of reference. Start heading there
    and your map will uncover another dot, further to the north, which signals the
    Stream, so run toward that area by going along the river. Along the way, you
    might have to engage a group conformed by Egg Bears and War Bears. I suggest
    you to flee from such battle, as it's a bit tough and rewards nothing worth of
    The Undine Stream is like a little river atop a rocky circle, surrounded by
    trees, positioned at the end of the riverside.
    Go down the rocky ramp and use the save point there to save. Then, go north.
    At the end of the path, you will find a Poison Charm in front of a hole in the
    rock-made wall. The hole is there as a nice-looking thingy, so ignore it.
    Instead, go across the little path on the right of it. It's on the river, but
    it's clearer that the rest of it, looking greener and more cross-able.
    Effectively, you can cross it. Now, go down to find a Silk Cloak by some
    trees. There is a road here that goes east, as well, marked by some pretty
    light beams that filtrate through the trees.
    Should you follow such path, you'll find another "bridge" that'll let you
    cross the river. Before crossing it, head back to the first bridge and go up.
    On the grass "island" there, a treasure chest with a Feather Robe rests. Get
    it and go back to the second bridge. Cross it and run northward, heading into
    the next screen. Proceed across the only available path to reach a peak,
    standing above the roaring river underneath it. Even though it doesn't seem
    like so, you can hop on the little island to the left of it by cross the thin
    gap that separates them. Once you do so, cross across the rest of the islands
    to find a log resting on the river. Use it to cross onto the land on the
    bottom of your screen.
    Head to the right to find a chest holding a Mace. Then, head to the left of
    the log, walking on the path hidden by the forest leaves(one would think there
    is no path there!). Follow it until you see a waterfall. In front of this
    waterfall there is a rocky path put in the river that you can use to reach a
    chest on the right, containing an Iron Wrist. On the left side of the
    waterfall there is a thin, grassy path, that goes along the trees, which you
    should use to proceed onward.
    In the next screen, you will see a treasure chest positioned on a grassy path,
    that's in the middle of a roaring waterfall. Simply run up to this chest from
    the left(the water is not too high) and snag the Poison Charm off it. Continue
    heading north, along the left road, until you reach a big and 3-D looking
    waterfall. Behind it, there is a hole on the wall. Go through this one to
    reach an elegant-looking cave. As you enter, you are greeted by a feminine
    voice, which should give you a clue about what's about to come.
    Pick the Melange Gel off the chest. Go outside, come back in, and you'll be
    able to camp! Go back outside and head to the right of the waterfall. Run down
    the path and, at its end, head right into the next screen. In here, cross the
    little river to the other road and resume your way northward. At the very top
    of the waterfall, get the Melange Gel on the nook to the right, and then head
    through the path on the left. In the next room, you'll bump into another save
    point. Save and heal, and run up to the Craymel. When you approach her, a bit
    of dialogue will take place, as usual. And then...
    NOTE: Before engaging, have the Lighting spell set to L2 and the Healer spell
    set to R2. That way, you can access them easily during the battle. Set Farah's
    strategy to Healer and customize Reid so when you press Circle, he immediately
    performs Demon Hammer.
    This battle is horribly tough. First of all, Undine is very defensive. When
    she casts her Spear of Baptism, she's protected for a bit, while dishing out
    hundreds(110+) of damage. When you're near her, she starts to swing her
    trident forward, as if she were to impale you, pushing you backwards and
    giving her time to elaborate another attack. Her Subterranean Divide, which is
    also very powerful, works the same way, pushing you backwardly, trying to
    leave you defenseless. She's constantly doing this attack, and if she manages
    to get all of your party together and near her, expect a powerful impaling
    move that will hit all.
    The trick here is to have everything at the tip of your fingers. That's why I
    recommended you to set Lighting to L2, and Demon Hammer to circle. When the
    battle starts, have Reid run up to the deity(make sure he's got full TP) and
    blast on the L2 and circle buttons, releasing an onslaught of Lighting spells
    and Demon Hammer attacks, all delivering damage and stopping Undine on her
    tracks. Mash on the buttons and her attack rate will be reduced so much, you
    will have to worry about healing much farther into the battle. Meanwhile, have
    Farah deliver a few of her punches, while saving up TP. Eventually, Reid's Tp
    meter will be empty. At this point, Meredy is bound to have enough TP to keep
    the onslaught, but Undine has now a lot more liberty.
    This is when you will start taking real damage, as she will be releasing her
    attacks with much more freedom. I hope you have plenty of Life Bottles; your
    characters WILL die, and it's VERY IMPORTANT that you revive them, otherwise
    you won't stand a chance against the fierce water deity. Revive everybody, and
    have Farah serve as your healer. Run up to Undine with Reid and, if you're TP-
    dry, use normal attacks, while BLASTING the button you set Lighting to. You
    should have to Melange Gels, which you should use on Meredy and Reid when you
    feel like so, in order to start the barrage of Demon Hammer and Lighting
    again. Keep the pressure up and maintain everybody alive. Eventually, you will
    win the battle.
    After the battle, you're told how to summon a Craymel. The save point nearby
    will also heal you now. Save/heal after the tough battle. After this battle,
    you will need to exit this area. Backtrack all the way(there might be a
    cutscene as you go)
    --WORLD MAP--
    Back here, you need to go southeast to find the Forest of Temptation, our next
    destination. Before heading there, I highly suggest that you head back to
    Morle and stock up on items such as Life Bottles, Gels and whatnot. Heal at
    the inn, too, and go toward the forest. It is across a bridge.
    There is a save point right at the entrance. Use it and run through the path
    in between the huge tree here. Run forward two screens. In the third one, head
    to the right by using the path just below what looks like a flower. Get the
    Silk Cloak off the chest and go through the path on the northern side of the
    area. In the next screen, you will find a bunch of statues. What the hell is
    this? Start off by going back two screens, to the linear road. Head up into
    the next screen. In here, snag the Misty Robe off the chest to the right and
    continue toward the following screen.
    Take the path on the right and run off along the road until you find a chest
    holding an Iron Wrist, as well as a path that branches south. Take such path.
    In this area, get the 400 Gald that's on the bag near the orange flower, and
    continue heading southward by using the path nearby. Continue south until you
    reach a screen where there is a chest amongst the leaves on the left(Melange
    Gel) as well as two paths on the bottom: one that goes west, one that goes
    east. Should you take the path that goes east, you'll find a river. Head west,
    instead. Continue on until you reach that so-familiar area where you can go
    south or north.
    Go south and take the path on the right. Get the Iron Arms on the chest here
    and go back to the previous screen. Go north for several screens until you
    reach an area with two floating ghosts. Evade them and take the almost-
    invisible path here that goes eastward. Continue on until you find a Life
    Bottle on a chest. Take the upmost path here to find a healing spring.
    Approach it to replenish your health. Go back, and take the rightmost path
    this time around. Get the Holy Bottle from the chest you will see. Now, go
    back several screens until you reach the area with the specters.
    Take the path on the western side of your screen. You will see a chest
    protected by some kind of plant... go up. You will find the "Deity of
    Destruction". Examine the statue there and make it face to the right. Go back
    to the screen with the Ghosts and go up to find the Deity of Confusion, which
    should face right, too. Backtrack, yet again, to the room with the Ghosts and
    head to the right. Run across several screens, always heading right, until you
    reach a dead end in where your only option is to go back or to proceed south.
    Do the latter. Then, use the little path on this screen to go right. You will
    find the third Deity. Take the Syrup Bottle that's next to it, and make the
    deity face left. Go back to the previous screen, and go south. In the next
    screen, pick the Pine Gel, and go right again to find the fourth deity. Make
    it face left. Snag the Flare Bottle off the chest, too.
    Now, it's time to do some heavy backtracking... to the room with the ghosts.
    Go down, now. From this screen, go down enough screens until Quickie runs off,
    along with Meredy. Follow them; head right several screens until you reach a
    room where your only choice is to go down. Do so. Continue down and you will
    find Meredy and Quickie. After finding them, you will automatically move on to
    the next zone and cross a river. Save up and proceed onward(to the right).
    Then, go down, and then right. Go up and then right. Finish by heading
    upwardly and you'll find an area with a goblin(Jungler) protecting a chest.
    This thing does plenty of damage with that claw of it. Assault it with
    controlled Demmon Hamer bursts(attack, retreat) and normal attacks to keep it
    at bay. If possible, summon Undine for extra damage.
    Get the Miracle Gel off the chest. Now, go down, then left. Afterward, take
    the upmost path, and then the leftmost. Go upwardly once again and finish the
    Jungler you will find to get the Bastard Sword(note: on your way here, get the
    Rune Bottle and Orange Gel you will find). Now, it's time to finish this
    dungeon once and for all. Go down and then right. Go down twice, and then
    right twice. Go up them and you will find the gathering of statues yet again.
    You'll be told that you need to defeat the five beasts... the Junglers. Crap.
    Go down, right and then up to find the third Jungler. Get the Wind Crystal it
    was protecting.
    Go down, left, down, left, down and then right(be sure you open that Blue
    Chest you will find, as it contains a Pine Gel) to find the fourth Jungler's
    hiding spot. Kill it and get the Apple Gel from the bag. Now, head left, up
    and then left twice. Go down and finish by heading right, where you will find
    the fifth and final Jungler(note: as you go, pick the several items you will
    find, including a Lemon Gel). Murder it with all passion, as it signals that
    you can finally leave this cursed land. So, get the Charm Bottle from the
    chest, and head left. Then, go up and go right three times. Afterward, go up
    twice. The remaining statues will vanish, uncovering the path that leads out
    this cursed land.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Before doing anything else, CAMP AND SAVE!!!!! You don't want to do that all
    over again, do you!?. You should notice two white dots on your map. Proceed
    toward the one closest to you, which is a huge, walled-out city, known as
    Watch the introductory cutscene. Then, you're left to explore. The first
    building you're bound to enter is Golden Dreams, right across the entrance
    archway. The sell a variety of goods there, such as gels and many other stuff.
    Do not spend money on the expensive crap(Melange Gels). Buy the basic stuff
    and move on. Now, head to the left of the store and try to go into the next
    screen. You're stopped by this guy who's a tailor. Nothing too important.
    I'd recommend purchasing new equipment before anything. You probably have tons
    of money already, so this shouldn't be an issue. Once you've outfitted your
    party with the latest equipment available, head to the northern side of the
    city, to find a plaza, referred to as the Royal Plaza. Look for an archway
    here that goes north, too, and run across it to find the Inferian Castle. Talk
    with the guards in front of the bridge. The guards won't let you in. Crap.
    You could heal at the local inn, but, you'd have to come all the way back here
    and enter the Observatory, which is the tall building next to the castle's
    entrance archway. However, should you visit the inn, you will see a very funny
    scene. But anyway, back at the observatory... Head to the very top of it. As
    you go, you will have to bear a cutscene, once you reach an off-limits area.
    You're not able to go on, so go back down. When you do, the rest of the
    cutscene is shown to you. Leave the observatory.
    Head to the easternmost side of the town and look for the Seyfert Sanctuary.
    It's next to the Royal Playhouse... it looks like a church, with big, pointy
    towers and all of that. Now, when you're inside, approach the people praying.
    Keele exposes his theory about the recently formed dark matter and is suddenly
    told about such thing's true purpose! It's a blessing, not a curse, as it
    signals the second coming of Seyfert. After babbling such blasphemy, the
    bishops have no choice but to seize the party and show them what true faith
    can do.
    Fortunately, we escape. Outside, you're trapped. Even though you've been given
    the death sentence, you surrender... WHY!? Because is a one shot chance to
    enter the castle and see the king, of course! However, it won't seem to work,
    as you're thrown into a well and water is being flooded upon you. When it
    seems it's all over, you're saved, thanks to the action of Chancellor Zosimos
    of the royal observatory! Beautiful timing!
    You must go to the guest room of the castle. After regaining control, go
    forward into the garden. Head to its end and go down the staircase. Go through
    the only door you will see(big and golden) to find the guest room. After the
    rest time, you'll have to go to listen to the announcement the King is about
    to make. Go out of your room and run down the staircase to the left. Below,
    you will see two possible paths: one that goes south, and a door that leads to
    the kitchen. Take the southern possibility and approach the big portal outside
    to see a little bit of chit-chat between the General and the Princess.
    Heads through the portal. Another lengthy cutscene... after it, you'll have to
    leave Inferia and head north, toward the port of Inferia!
    --WORLD MAP--
    Simply head north. The port is next to the sea.
    Talk with the guard by the entrance and you will be let inside. Afterward,
    march forth until you see a big ship on the distance. That one, however, it's
    not the one we need to board. Head to the right to find another ship, this one
    going to Barole, our real destination. Talk with the man by the ladder and
    tell him you want to go. When you board the ship, Keele tells the party about
    his newfound job. Bah. What a traitor. He's left us.
    There Is nothing interesting here, so leave, please.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Walk along the path until you find a little town, Barole.
    Head to the left until you see what seems like a restaurant(due to the tables
    sticking out outside) and go inside. Then, run up the stairs and talk with the
    lone man there, to find the wonder chef, who'll teach you the secrets of the
    STEAK recipe. Yumm! Go out the restaurant and go left. In this fountain area,
    go right. You should see a man standing by an archway. Talk with him and
    you'll be able to take part in his arithmetic contest. You have to pick stones
    off piles. The first one to remove them all wins. This seems easy, but it's
    horribly tough.
    Go down the stairs to the left of this man. In the next screen, a cutscene
    will start. The man that you saved your ass, is Ras, and is here to kick
    some... ass? Huh, yeah. Anyway, he shows a pot that was found on the Sylp
    Cavern... SYLPH CAVERN! Ras will guide you there if you pay him 50,000 Gald.
    Agree to do so and he simply says he'll do it for free. Now, before heading to
    the inn, head toward where the guy who's running the arithmetic contest is.
    Next to him, there is a store(the one with a rocky roof outside it). Head
    inside and go through the almost-hidden door on the left wall, by the counter.
    Outside, take the item off the chest and talk with the girl there for an
    Head toward where Farah got her jiggly ass on trouble. There is a path next to
    the store where the action took place; such path leads to the inn area, where
    a cutscene shall take place. Now, if you've been wounded, you might want to
    heal at the inn. Nevertheless, go outside.
    --WORLD MAP--
    It is now a good time to fight around and learn some new skills, if possible.
    Demon Lighting Hammer is a skill that should be learned NOW. Anyway, fight
    around for a bit. You could fight around this forests for EXP, too. Try to get
    20+ hits combo per battle, and you'll be earning around 400+ EXP per battle,
    which is not too bad. Ras' skills and Farah's Swallow Dance add a lot of hits,
    as well as Reid's Swarm. I got to level 20 here. After you feel ready, head
    southwest, toward the Sylph Cavern.
    As usual, there is a save point by the entrance. Now, you're able to take only
    one path from here, the one that leads north, so take it up. Continue this way
    until you reach an area with two soldiers by a hut. Approach such
    personalities and Ras will talk with them. After a short while, you're able to
    go into the cave... in fact, once you take control again, you'll be inside the
    cave! The chest that you see to Reid's left cannot be taken that easily, so
    move along the rocky pathway until you find a little... hole on the ground.
    You're told you cannot ascend without the wind... WHAT!? Just wait for wind to
    come out of it and you'll be pushed upwards.
    In the next screen, you will see some tornados; do not touch them. Head to the
    left along the path until you find a lone chest with a Storm Shield within it.
    Equip it; it'll come in handy in this place. Now, head toward where the
    tornados area and go inbetween them. Approach the hole there and jump down it.
    Below, head to the left and you'll be pushed back due to the wind's current.
    Now, Ras, being the intelligent, crafty bastard he is, will make an artificial
    bridge out of two little posts and a rope. Nifty, eh? Now, should you let the
    wind current hit you, you'll be taken back to the beginning of the cavern!
    This happened to me ;) Approach the rope and press X to effectively use it.
    On the other side, make good use of the air hole. In the next area, get the
    Melange Gel off the bag and jump down the hole. Next, go left into the next
    screen. Here, go down the rockful steps. You'll reach a camp area; after the
    rest time, you should make good use of the save point nearby and then continue
    onward into the next screen. Here, go down and you'll find two rocky
    stairways. Take the left one and proceed to the next screen by using the air
    hole there. Now, go up until you bump into a bunch of cylinder-looking rocks.
    Head right from them, and then down, to find a chest with a Melange Gel. Then,
    run all the way upwards. At the end, there will be a hole.
    Descend and then go right until you find another hole. Ascend. Next, go right.
    Approach the chest through the middle path and you'll... fall. However, you're
    able to get an always-useful Mental Ring this way. I'd recommend getting it,
    due to how fast TP depletes(normally). The biggest drawback of this is that
    you'd have to go back to the beginning of the cave, as the current makes it
    impossible to go anywhere else... it's your choice, anyway. If you wish to get
    the chest without falling, approach to from the other side, by taking the
    northern path here. It contains an Assault Dagger. Before jumping down the
    hole that's at the eastern end of the area, snag the 1800 Gald off the bag
    nearby. Then, jump down.
    Here, ascend the steps nearby and take the Orangel Gel off the raised area.
    Continue right. You will find steps that descend. Over these steps there is a
    path that hugs along the wall; take it and claim the Lemon Gel that's at the
    end. Then, go down the steps and run toward the hole to the right, up some
    more steps, and have it take you up. The wind here takes a while to spurt out,
    and is a very brief shot, so be sure you're paying attention. In the level
    above, head left and go down when possible. The path is linear and leads to
    another hole; jump down it. Head to the left; as you go, you will see some
    steps going down. Ignore them and continue left, to find a chest with Needle
    Gloves on it. Go back to the steps and go down them this time around. Go down
    a bit until you can go right; do so and go up the hole. Get the Arc Wind and
    go back down. Head left and run down the stairs into the lowered cave's
    entrance. Dash through the opening. In the next room, get the Life Bottle off
    the bag and follow the only available path until you reach the Craymel's
    resting area, identified by the presence of a save point. Use it and approach
    the circular altar to trigger a cutscene, as well as the necessary battle.
    NOTE: Outfit your characters with their best equipment(there is this sword,
    Nimble Rapier, gotten from the skeleton enemies here, which is very powerful;
    try your best to get it) and set Lighting and Dragon Swarm to the L2/R2
    shortcuts. Fully heal yourself in every department before assaulting Sylph.
    This battle can be quite frustrating. First off, there will be two "Arms" on
    each side of the screen. These are spectral monsters you should dispose of as
    soon as possible. Run up to them with Reid and blast through their defenses
    with Demon Lighting Hammer, while frantically pushing R2 and L2, concentrating
    Meredy's and Ras' attacks on the Arm. After it is done for, look for the
    second one and continue with the same. Once both are gone, constantly push the
    button Lighting is set to, while performing upward slashes and Techs with
    Reid. Ras' Dragon Swarm is also helpful here. Push the buttons very fast and
    move around, dodging Sylph's attack, and trying to prevent him from performing
    any spells(hit it once you see it glowinbg). Sylph's attack patterns are
    mainly composed of Air Thrust(which hits everybody for around 150 PTS of DMG,
    and not only once!) and using its "physical" attack(sending a plethora of air
    boomerangs which are quite damaging an annoying) and Sylphid Arrow, which is
    not very strong, really, but can hit more than one character.
    After the battle, heal up at the newly powered up save point. Now, you will
    have to exit this area. Before doing so, put both of your Craymels in
    different cages and fringe them to learn the Heal spell. Yeah, it's a pretty
    long path, but anyway. Once outside, you will see a cutscene. Ras will be told
    somebody is bound to purchase his products, so he must leave. You'll get his
    equipment(He's not a thief, after all ;)) and then, Keele will join back.
    You'll also get the Aerialboard, which you can use to travel around the world!
    Head out of this screen to trigger the next part of the cutscene, where you're
    told how to fringe. Then, leave.
    --WORLD MAP--
    I'd suggest going back to Barole to re-stock on healing gels and whatnot
    before moving on. Once you've done so, you will have to go to Chambard. Our
    next destination is Chambard. Just check your Inferia Map to learn where is
    it. Also, you might want to visit the areas around Farlos. The enemies there
    give some nice experience for your efforts. Also, if you explore the forests
    around, you might bump into a soldier without a name, who'll teach you the
    Back Attack command. Now, the enemies around give out pretty decent
    experience, and you can combo 'em quite easily. Power Plants, who appear here,
    are so big that they rack up a lot of damage. Set Demon Lighting hammer and
    Sonic Fist as your R2/L2 skills, and run up to the monsters. Jam on the
    buttons constantly and you might get 30+ Hits. Keep in mind that the killers
    bees around are very strong, too.
    The party comments about how hot the place is. It truly is! Anyway, look for
    the inn and explore the bedroom. Inside, check the vase to find a nice 1000
    Gald. Now, head out of the inn and proceed west to find the beach, where there
    is a chest hidden  on the eastern corner; this chest holds the Elven Boots.
    Also, somewhere in this town, you will find Irene from ToD(the first
    installment). She died in that game, but she's back, it seems so. Anyway,
    depending on how much lenses do you have, you might get a price or two.
    Lastly, you should visit the Bistro in the northern part of this place.
    Inside, you can find the Wonder Chef hidden as a bottle of wine(to the left of
    the entrance). Talk with him so you're taught how to make seafood pasta. You
    can also take part in the Cooking Arena, where you have to make the food
    that's told to you. It takes 10 000 Gald to enter.
    In the beach, you will find a person who will let you play Chamballoon. This
    is a very... strange game. You have to fight against some balloons...
    literally. They won't move; they will stay there, waiting for you to run up to
    them and blast them with your sword. The objective is to do this before the
    time runs out. Time will change as you go through the multiple levels of this
    exciting(yeah right) game. Winning all of the levels earns you the Balloon
    Master title!
    --WORLD MAP--
    Our next destination, the Efreet Gorge, is to the southeast from Chambard. Use
    your compass and/or your map to get there quite easily. As you reach the area
    marked on your map, you will see raised volcanoes, filled with lava. The
    entrance to the cave is in between those. Before getting inside, set up some
    Water spells to the L2/R2 shortcuts and give Reid the Elven Boots.
    At first, it seems the intense fire won't let us through, but Undine fixes
    that immediately by freezing the lava. Run northward, past the save point. In
    the next screen, go up and right once you can. Turn south and follow the road
    to the next screen. Next, pick the Sage that's on the little nook to the
    right. Afterward, proceed upward into the next room. Here, go left, all the
    way, until you find a chest; open it for a Lemon Gel. You should notice those
    fire thingies blocking the path. Backtrack to the area's entrance and then run
    up from there and take the Flare Cape off the chest. Afterward, go across the
    fire nearby and head to the far left, where you'll see a doorway leading into
    the next screen; it is protected by fire, too, so you'll have to blitz across
    it. In the next room, save up after the scene and continue to the next screen.
    As you enter, you will see a door, but it can't be opened; weird. There are
    other two similar doors in this room. Simply ignore them and follow the one-
    way road into the next screen. Here, take the only fire-less path(the one to
    the left) and follow it along, heading north. As you go, you will probably
    notice that there is another fire-less path that goes eastward; ignore it for
    now. At the end of the northern road, you will find a chest containing a
    Lavender. Go back, and this time, take the eastern fire-less road. Maneuver
    through the only fire-less paths you will find, until you bump into this
    area's exit. You can further explore this room to find some other chests, but
    you would have to pierce through those fire barriers, compromising Undine's
    health(in case you didn't know, you're being protected by her! And yes, her
    health does matter here). Should you do so, you will find: an Square Shield,
    Life Bottle, and Cross Helm.
    In this new room, you will have to cross a fiery path so you can go to the
    next screen. There are various islands, all connected by bridges, that must be
    crossed to accomplish such task. On these islands, fire sprouts from the
    floor, trying to fry anybody who dares to touch these cursed grounds. You have
    to have good reflexes and overall quickness here, in order to cross this
    cursed land. How? Wait for the fire storm to stop spurting from the hole, then
    cross. As you go, you can take two prizes for you: a Blue Ribbon and a
    Bracelet. I'd like to point out that, even if you wait for the fire to
    extinguish, you will probably just be hurt. You will need some great timing to
    get across this crap without a wound.
    At the last room of the dungeon, save. Heal up your characters
    COMPLETELY(what's coming is real tough) and be sure you have Spread set up as
    one of your R2/L2 skills, as well as Air Thrust(you heard right). Be sure you
    equip any fire-protecting stuff you might have.
    This battle is not that tough, but it can be quite challenging. Efreet's got
    some fire below it that damages you for very little(like, 1 PTS of DMG per
    touch), so it's not something to worry about... not much, anyway. Now, you
    should start by jamming on the L2/R2 buttons. Constantly. Spread will do
    plenty of damage, while Air Thrust will rack up some fast, easy hits(like, 10
    per use), each doing healthy amounts of damage. Using these will keep the
    monster at bay. Meanwhile, have Farah concentrate on healing, and have Reid
    run up to the monster and use any technique you want; it does not really
    matter. As long as you have full-TP with both Keele and Meredy, you should be
    able to keep your spells onslaught for long, obliterating the fiery monster in
    no time. If you get the chance to use Undine, be sure to make good use of it,
    as it will heal you completely, something that's a big plus, right? After not
    too long, Efreet will go down. As long as you keep attacking and don't let the
    monster move. Otherwise...
    I only got to see two of Efreet's attacks, both equally lame(perhaps because I
    had some nice, protective armor? Nah. I didn't have that much). In one of
    them, he summons a firestorm. This attack racks up hits very fast, but each
    hit does so little damage it's nothing to worry about. On the other hand, he's
    got this attack where he rushes toward you, grabs you and sends you back. This
    can be quite damaging, and, if used constantly, will corner your party. It's
    almost unavoidable, sadly.
    After the fight, you will see the usual bunch of cutscenes. Also, you will get
    the Sorcerer's Ring, a little nice item that's imported from Tales of Destiny
    I. It lets you shoot out laser beams by pressing R1. As you exit, you'll be
    told how to Fringe(again). Read the whole thing, anyways. As you read, you
    will Fringe, forming a new Craymel Arte, Eruption. Now, it's time to do some
    major backtracking. Remember that place with the three locked doors? Go back
    there. Break every door with your Ring and, inside each room, blast the
    switch, with the ring, too. You will have to fight a set of two Deaths after
    doing so, though. After each fight, you will also get an item. By pressing all
    three switches, you will get A Rune Bottle, a Fire Shard, and a Lens. After
    this, continue your backtracking toward the area's entrance. You might have to
    bear a cutscene as you, but nothing too bad.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Our next destination, Farlos! Before heading there, fly to Chambard with your
    Aerialboard and stock up on items/heal up. Then, you're free to leave to
    Farlos(simply check your Inferian Map for that area's location). Before
    heading there, you should try to fight around for a bit, in order to learn new
    skills for Reid.
    Enter the sanctuary nearby and, inside, go through the northwestern door to
    find a rest room. A cutscene when you decide to rest. The other door, on the
    opposite side of the rest room, holds this person who, after a whallop of
    questions, will tell you which one is your Craymel. It's fun. I'd recommend
    taking the test. Then, make your way outside... as you go, you're stopped by
    the priest, who'll teach Farah a new spell, Life. Then, you can go back
    outside. Once you do so, take the other available path. Follow it up into the
    Mount itself.
    Save up by using the save icon nearby and continue on into the next area.
    Here, ride up and take the Crystal Robe hidden on a little nook on the left,
    by some trees. Run up a little more to find another chest hidden in an
    offshoot by a rocky wall, containing a Duel Helm. Head to the right of the
    chest. You can go up some steps or continue further to the right into another
    screen, where a chest with an Omega Shield waits; I'd recommend getting it.
    Then, go back to the previous area and go up the steps. Then, head right and
    into the next zone. Next, walk off northward into another area.
    Continue along the only path until you find an adjacent road that goes down;
    take it and snag the Flare Bottle at the end. Then, resume your way upwards.
    As you go, a rockslide happens, blocking your path. A cutscene happens, and
    after it, you'll be back on a previous area. Head down from where you area,
    turning right once you see that floor is a little darker toward that
    direction. You will find a bridge; cross it to the next screen, where you
    should continue up heading eastward, dodging the debris, until you find a
    bifurcation, where you see you can go down or right. Take the bottom road and
    you will be led to a small bag holding an always-useful Apple Gel. Select the
    other way to be taken into the next screen.
    It seems this road will take us to the eastern end of this mount! Walk off to
    the right. Bear the cutscene and proceed to the next screen, that's nothing
    more than a short, little way that connects to the next screen, that's very
    similar to what we've seen so far. Run to the right, as usual, take the
    Emerald Ring, and continue on. Do so for various screens until you see a
    cutscene with Farah and Ras, and then, resume the same boring thing, for
    several screens, until you reach an area full of fog and falling rocks. Now,
    you can walk off to the left here, or take the upper path. Head to the left
    first to find a Warrior Symbol and then take the other road to continue your
    ascending up the mount.
    You should see a chest to your left; take it by going up and taking the
    adjacent path that goes south. It contains an Orange Gel. Then, simply head up
    into the next screen. This is also a fog filled screen. Simply ascend as there
    is no item to take. In the next steep-road, take the Lemon Gel off the bag and
    ascend to another fog filled room. Take the Trident from the chest to the
    left, and go up, into another fog room. There is a chest that you can take by
    going east from the entrance, which hides within it 2600 Gald. After snagging
    it up, run up. In the next fog filled area, there is no chest, so continue on.
    You will reach a camp point, accompanied by a nice, good save point. Phew.
    In the next screen, all you will have to do is to... head to the next screen.
    You will see another one of those insightful cutscenes of Ras/Farah. Next, you
    will be in a dungeonic area of sorts, with ropes and raised areas. You, as you
    might have expected, have to get through it, but with Quickie! You have to say
    things to him. Say Right! Go! Now! Now! Now! Go! Now! There! Go! There! There!
    There! Right! Go! Now! Now! There! After all of this, you'll be back in
    control. Climb the rope right across the area's entrance and go up the little
    ramp in front of it. Climb up the rope there, and then up the next one. Go up
    the only rope you are able to go up, and then down the one to the right. Go
    down again and go up the rope Quickie is standing above on. Follow him into
    the next screen.
    Take the Life Bottle off the bag and continue. Head upward until you're told
    you've reached the summit. Then, proceed onward. You'll reunite with your pal,
    Farah, and have to bear a cutscene. Save/heal after it and approach the
    apparently locked door. Shoot it with your Ring and head into the sanctuary.
    Inside, the usual jazz: cutscene and boss time, after some fool reveals his
    true face!(hint: Ras).
    This guy can be pretty tough; he's got a pretty high defense, meaning that if
    you lack a good offense, you'll be doing 1 PT of DMG per turn! If you're a bit
    low-leveled, like around 25, like I was, outfit your characters with some
    nice, bulky weapons that boost up their strength, and set Air Thrust and
    Spread to your shortcuts. Run up to Rassius and jam on him with Reid and
    Farah. You won't be doing much damage, but your spells will make up for that.
    Eventually, summon your Craymels, and keep your onslaught of spells. I
    equipped the Great Sword on Reid and he was doing 50+ PTS of DMG per turn; not
    too bad, considering the Nimble Rapier did around 1! He's not too tough
    anyways, because his attacks do barely any damage. It could be a long battle,
    END OF DISC 1, FOOL! Pop the second disc into your console and keep on
    playing, a'ight matey!?
    Head into the little building here and get the Melange Gel off the chest. Go
    back outside and exit the area.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You should notice two little dots on the eastern wing of your map. Head toward
    the nearest one and get into it. The area surrounding such city contain some
    nifty enemies to fight with, for EXP, so you may want to spend a few minutes
    there after healing at...
    Meredy is very happy to be home, of course! After the introductory cutscene,
    you will be left outside Meredy's house. Explore the city, especially its
    various stores, purchasing any worthy piece of equipment you find(and you can
    afford, of course!) There are also various Landmarks that are worth a
    visiting; each one of them has its own cutscene, in which Meredy explains you
    the landmark's purpose and how it works. There is a guy by Meredy's house who
    sells food; next to him there is a vase with a Melange Gel hidden within it.
    In the next screen, to the left, you'll find the weapons store where you're
    explained how Craymel Guns work. After visiting him(and purchasing new weapons
    and such) go back to Meredy's house and call it a day... at least Reid will do
    so. Keele is more interesting on a Library mentioned by Meredy.
    The next day, leave your room and head into Farah's(the one up the stairs).
    After the chit-chat, examine the vase on next to the rightmost bed for a
    Stripped Ribbon. Go into the house's lobby and check the robot by the entrance
    door to get a new recipe from Wonder Chef. Get outta the house to rejoin
    Farah. From there, go up and take a left once you can. Next, go down the path,
    hugging along the left side of the road, until you find the almost-hidden
    entrance to the library(halfway through the road). Inside, you will near that
    Keele has absorbed quite a bit of information off those books. After the
    cutscene, get inside Meredy's house again for another cutscene. After the
    cutscene, head out of Imen.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Proceed eastward, toward the second dot on your map, which signals the Imen
    You're told you need fuel. Go back to Imen, the weapons shop specifically.
    Examine the big, cannon-like thing; it's train fuel. Purchase it(2,000 Gald)
    and ride back to the station. Talk with the operator and you'll finally get to
    board the train. Do so. Now, this is actually a minigame. Basically, you have
    to use the express to deliver mail. Leave the brakes alone(do not increase
    them) and only increase them(push up on the d-pad) once you're near of a
    station, as brakes don't last forever in this minigame. The stations are
    marked on the meter on the top of your screen as little red bars. Now, this
    thing is pretty entertaining, but not as easy as you'd believe ;) The trick is
    to accelerate completely until you're right next to the stopping point; fully
    apply the brakes then and you should stop right next to the stopping point.
    After that nice little ride, you arrive at Luishka station. Simply leave it
    after the cutscene(you might want to check the stores at the station, though).
    --WORLD MAP--
    Luishka is to the east. Head there.
    The whole place has been destroyed by some kind of explosion, as told by
    Keele. Simply head north, toward the biggest mansion in town, where Galenos,
    the guy we're looking for, rests. A cutscene will ensue once you hit such
    place. After it, head to the right and follow the path through such direction
    for several screens until you find the man himself, Galenos. Now, you will
    have to endure a long-ass cutscene. Once it finishes, follow Galenos into the
    room you first found him for the next part of the cutscene. After the whole
    thing, you'll have to go back to the Luishka station and talk with the
    operator. Tell him you're going to the abandoned mine.
    As you go, enemies will approach your train. You can fend off against them by
    throwing them bombs. To throw a bomb, first, press x to start the countdown.
    Once it reaches zero, it'll go kaboom; you have to throw it before it explodes
    on your hands! To throw the bomb, simply tap X. If you want to hold it in your
    hands, hold X! It's quite easy to understand. Or, you could let the enemies
    get near the train and fight them. They can be pretty tough and only give
    around 500 EXP, though. I'd recommend avoiding them.
    Snag the item off the chest to the right(Gold Bracelet) and then enter the
    cavern properly(be sure you have some wind spells on your shortcuts). In the
    next room, head to the right and through the first door you come across.
    Inside the little rest room, you can... rest! Check the closet on the top-left
    side of the room. You're told you can pick up one of the items there. Get the
    dynamite first. Exit the room and head onward to the right. In the next
    screen, you should spot a boulder that blocks a road that goes south. Examine
    it and choose to blast it away. Now, go back to the rest room and get the
    shovel off the closet. Go back to the boulder room.
    Go through the path you just blew. In the next screen, push down the lever by
    the panel and get the Hourglass that appears on a chest. Take the bottom exit
    out of this room. In the next screen, you'll come into a three-way branch: you
    can go east, west, and further to the south(and of course, go back to the
    previous room). Head east and you'll bump into two other paths. Go up for a
    Miracle Gel, go down for a Bellebane. Back at the branch... head west and
    you'll find a Rune bottle at the end of the corridor. And, go south, to
    proceed into the next screen.
    You come into a semi-open room, with three available paths: east, west, south.
    Go east and you'll find two more paths, one going up, one going down. Go up to
    find an Elixir; forget about the other path for now. Go back to the branch,
    and go south. Follow the snake-shaped road. At the very end of it, you'll find
    some gravel. Check it out and decide to remove it. After you do so, you'll be
    back at full health. Go up until you bump into another branch. You can go
    northward or southward. Go up first and turn right when you near the exit of
    the area. Examine the hole on the wall and shove it up to find a Colain's Pot,
    in which you'll find Colain's fart(!?!?!?!?!). Colain was a hero, you see, and
    it seems they liked the way he farted.
    Take the Pine Gel off the chest nearby, and go down once again, taking the
    southward road(not the one that leads back to where the grave was). In the
    next screen, get the Lemon Gel off the chest. You should notice that there is
    a boulder here. Go back to where the grave was and take the path. Backtrack to
    the rest room and get the dynamite. Go back to where you saw that last boulder
    and blow it up. Once again, go back to where the rest room is, and this time
    around, get the key. Go back to the blown-off boulder and approach the
    machinery. Step on the lift and you're told it isn't working. Reid uses the
    key on the panel nearby and activates the lift. Step on it.
    The party will take a rest, and you'll be able to play a card game here with
    your buds. Basically, you put down cards with X, pass with O, end the game
    with Triangle. Now, what else...? Oh yes, you can only play cards of the same
    element your rival plays. The point here is to use up all of your cards. You
    can use an Attack Card to make your rival grab two more cards, which is good
    for you(even though he can also do it to you), as, with more than 15 cards,
    you lose. Put down cards and, when you lose them all, you win. Also, you can
    fend off against fire with Double and Ice Cards, against water with Prism and
    Volt and against Wind with Change and Earth.
    After you decide to quit, you'll get the WHIS. Nice ;) Save up and go through
    the little door nearby(the one on the bottom, dark wall). Take the Gnome Pick
    and go outside. Take the path that goes east. As you go, you'll see a little
    cave on the right side of the road. Take note of it and continue through the
    path you're on, taking a Bear Claw you'll find right next to the exit to the
    next screen, where you must go up. Take the Ogre Lance that's sitting on the
    little offshoot, and run across the path that goes down. You'll find a bunch
    of grave. Ignore it and head to the left of it, to find a Mythril Circlet.
    Backtrack to where you saw that little cave I told you to take note about.
    Enter it.
    Walk forward a bit and you'll come into one of those dreaded branches. There
    are two paths, the one on the top, the one on the bottom. Take the bottom
    path, and you'll find two additional roads: one that goes south, one that goes
    east. First off, take the top path and pull down the lever there to get some
    dynamite. Now, take the bottom path, and then, take the eastern road. You'll
    bump into a boulder at the end of it; blow that thing off. Head to the right
    of it and take the Rabbit's Foot off the chest. Then, take the bottom exit out
    of this room. In the next screen, you're greeted by some gnomes. Follow them
    into their city.
    Save, heal and purchase items at the various places here(talk with the
    gnomes). Also, set up some wind spells to your shortcuts. Also, there is a
    Lens on the bottom left corner of the room, by a building. Once you've gotten
    all of this(and once you're healed/have saved) take the easternmost exit out
    IT'LL COME IN HANDY). You'll find the Greater Earth Craymel... yes, that funny
    looking thing is a Craymel. And you have to fight it.
    This battle is pretty easy. The Gnome has plenty of attacks; firstly, it uses
    its "Snout Flare" VERY often. It is a dangerous attack, hitting anything
    that's in front of him around fifteen times. This attack is quite damaging,
    and is often performed twice in a row. Furthermore, it has his Summon Friends
    attack, which does around 700 PTS of DMG to all. Its others attack include
    Grave spells, and one attack where he becomes giant and, if touched, will
    damage you.
    It has a very good defense, meaning that normal attacks will do around 20 PTS
    of DMG. Therefore, make Farah your healer. As for Reid, equip him with the
    Assault Dagger, and his attacks will start doing around 400 PTS of DMG --
    making him your lead attacker, of course! Set to your shortcuts skills that
    rack up hits fast, for maximum effectiveness. One the other hand, we have our
    spell casters, who must blast the bastard away with any spell they have,
    mainly Air Thrust -- be sure you set such spells to your shortcut
    buttons8(L2/R2) Jam those buttons to keep the onslaught going on, while Farah
    heals. If possible, summon your Craymels, specially Sylph and Undine, for
    extra damage(and, in Undine's case, to heal you up!).
    Go back and heal/save and exit the village. A cutscene will ensue. Go through
    the hole and you'll be outside. Watch the rest of the cutscene. Then, go
    --WORLD MAP--
    Approach the only landmark nearby to find the Hut of Doom.
    Run up into the hut after the introductory cutscene; once you do, you'll have
    to bear another cutscene. You're told nobody's home. Try to exit the area and
    the hut's entrance opens. Inside, head down the staircase and head through the
    only available door. Inside the comfy room you access, you're put to sleep
    when sleeping gas is released. Once you wake up, you're taken outside the room
    you're on -- just to find you've taken into another area of this hut of doom!
    Go up the staircase nearby to find a save point. Next to it there is a
    waterway with a switch on it(this is pointed out to you as soon as you enter
    the room), but it's unreachable now, even by Quickie.
    There are three doors here -- one up the stairs, and two on both sides of the
    save point. Go through then one right of the save point. You'll hit a corridor
    with two doors. Go through the one at the end of the corridor to reach a room
    with a Pine Gel as well as some other interesting stuff. For instance, examine
    the little doll in the table that's on the middle of the room. It's a toy duck
    and you'll decide to take it with you. Now, go back to the room with the save
    point and go through the door left of it. Run across the hall and open the
    door at the end(hidden in the darkness that surrounds the area). Examine the
    panel in there. It says:
    "When all are lit with color, the roulette wheel will turn. The arrow will
    point to the open door".
    Interesting. Head back to the previous room. As you might of noticed, there is
    a gray door here, with two normal door son each side of it. You can't go
    through either right now. Go back to the hall with the door that leads to
    where the toy duck was, and go through the other door. Follow the one-way path
    into a room with a bunch of totems; five, to be honest. Ignore the door with
    the arrow pointing toward it, as it will do no good going through it. Instead,
    trigger every totem by pressing X in front of them. Doing so will turn them
    red. Go through the door that unlocks(the one that's now with the red arrow)
    and get the spring in the next room. Go through the only available door.
    Backtrack to the room holding the save point and check out the waterway. With
    the spring and the duck, you're able to press the switch at the end of it,
    unlocking the door upstairs. Head up the steps here to reach Basement Level 7.
    The save point room has an identical structure to that of basement level 8.
    Run across the door right of the save point and head through the door at the
    end of the hall. Get the soul eater off the chest. Go back to the save point
    room(SPR from now on) and through the western door. In here, there are three
    doors on the top wall. Run through the one nearest to you and snag the item
    off the chest here(Ghost Shell) and go through the door nearest to it.
    This is a four way room -- the door you came from, and three more doors,
    located on each cardinal direction. Go through the north door and follow the
    one way path. At the end of it, you'll hit the corridor that leads to the room
    with the soul eater -- however, once you get in here, you'll take down one of
    those strange armors, which will spit the spring. Now, for the toy duck we go!
    Head into the SPR and go through the westernmost door, again. Head through the
    door in the middle and in the four way room, take the western one. In what
    seems to be a torture room, there is only one possible way to go out. Once you
    do so, the armor blocking the door spits the beans -- the toy duck. Go to the
    SPR and trigger the waterway switch. Ascend into Basement Level 6.
    In the SPR there are only two doors: the one upstairs, and one on the western
    corner of the downstairs portion. Head through this one. You'll reach a
    hallway with two doors. Go through the on nearest to you to find a workshops
    of sorts. Examine the cylindrical object by the door and you'll activate it,
    making air to blow out of it. Having done so, you may exit the room and go
    through the other door at the end of the hallway. In this room, you should
    notice that there are some "things" moving in the air, by the walls; it's
    actually the wallpaper, which is fluttering. The door here is not a door, bud.
    It's simply wallpaper. Now, the other portion of wallpaper that's fluttering
    on the upper wall can be burnt by using the Sorcerer's Ring(press R1). Do so
    to unlock the real door; go through it. Get the duck as well as the Bloody
    Robe off the chest.
    Head to the SPR and you will notice that there is fluttering wallpaper on the
    easternmost wall(the one that has a red portion). Burn it off and run through
    the door. In the next hall, there are only two doors. The one at the end is
    fake, so take the one nearest to you. In the next room, you'll stumble upon
    three doors. The one nearest to you is fake; however, the wall next to it,
    that has fluttering wallpaper, hides the real door, which leads to the spring.
    Take it and backtrack to the SPR. Activate the waterway switch and advance
    into Basement Level 5.
    Three doors, as usual, in Basement Level 5. Head through the western one. In
    the next screen, you'll stumble upon four doors: three on the upmost wall, one
    at the end of the hall. Go through the one nearest to the entrance. You'll
    find a riddle room. Here, if you go down the steps and step on the "?" sign,
    you'll be asked a question. You have a certain amount of time to answer it;
    waste your time or don't answer the question correctly and you'll have to
    fight a monster. Anyway, the answer for this riddle is "joke". Take the spring
    that appears and go through the western door. You'll find another riddle room;
    the answer is "Fog"(you get a Melange Gel). Now, there are three more doors
    here. Go through the northern one and follow the one-way path into a hallway.
    At the end of this hallway there is a door; go through it to find another
    riddle room. The answer for this one is "Map". Get the Lemon Gel and go back
    to the previous screen. Take the door you came from a while ago and go back to
    the riddle room where you got a Melange Gel.
    This time around, head through the eastern door. In this riddle room, the
    answer is mop and the prize a Pine Gel. Go through the door here(not the you
    came from) and, in the next screen, go south. In this riddle room, answer
    "Sweater" and you'll get the toy duck. Go back to the SPR and unlock the door
    that leads into Basement Level 4.
    In the SPR, go through the eastern door. In the next area, go through the door
    at the end of the hallway. Immediately turn left once you enter this bedroom
    and check out the strangely-shaped closet, thus unlocking a secret room, where
    the spring is. Head out of the closet(heh) and go back to the hallway. Go
    through the door nearest to the exit(the exit being the door that takes you
    back to the SPR). Run along the road until you hit a square shaped room; head
    out of it by using the door at the bottom of it. You'll be on a hall. Head
    through the door to your left(not the one directly besides the door you cam
    from; the door at the end of the hall). In this kitchen, go toward the
    refrigerator and turn left. Go past the strange machinery there and through
    the metal door next to it. Get the duck and go back to the SPR. You know what
    to do.
    In Basement Level 3, go through the eastern door. In this next room, there are
    three doors, and a statue. The door at the end of the hall is blocked off by
    moving floor. Go through the door by the statue and get the items. Then, head
    through the door on the right and get the spring. Head through the door to the
    left and push the statue there into the floor switch besides it. This can be
    unusually tough, as Reid seems to be unable to grab the damn thing. Press X in
    front of the thing and use the d-pad to move it around. Once you finally put
    it on the switch, leave the room through the bottom. Now, use the statue
    here(grab it) to cross the moving floor. How? In don't know. Simply grab it up
    and walk toward the moving floor. After a bit of jamming, you'll be able to
    cross it. Strange, uh? Anyway, take the toy duck and head to the SPR, yadda
    We're getting near. So, go through the door to the right and run to the end of
    the hall. Get the toy duck here and check out the painting. You can move it,
    but nothing will happen. Go back to the SPR and go through the door to the
    left this time around; take the door at the end of the hall and snag the
    spring. Go back to the SPR and trigger the switch. However, it's not all over
    yet. You can't go up the stairs. Trust me, you can. Go back to where you found
    the duck and check out the painting again; examine it until it is in a
    horizontal position(with the yellow side looking to the left). Now, go out of
    such room and head toward the door that leads back to the SPR; but take the
    door near to it instead. Go along the path -- as you go, you'll bump into
    another moveable painting. Have it look down -- ya know, with the green side
    of it looking down -- and then proceed to the end of this road, where you'll
    find an emerald ring. Lastly, go back to where you found the spring and check
    out the painting there, too. Put it horizontally(with the hair side--black--
    looking to the right). Now, go back to the SPR, save, and go up the stairs --
    no prob this time around. Head into the last level of this dungeon.
    Head through the western door and then, run up to the very bottom of the hall.
    In the library you will find, pick up the books off the floor and examine the
    bookcases. Examine them constantly until you fill up all of the gaps on
    it(simply keep on examining; it's not something that needs explaining) to
    unlock the way into the spring. Go back to the previous screen(previous to the
    library) and go through the door nearest to the one that leads into the
    library. Take the 4000 Gald off the bag and then through the other available
    door. In the next screen, go north and follow the path into another hall; take
    the door at the end of it. Puzzle time, baby! The duck is hidden in the
    northwest corner of the room, but it is blocked off by a bunch of barrels and
    a gigantic aquarium. It is shaped like this:
           |DUCK 1 RRRRRRRR RRR  RRRRR |
           |RRRR                 RRRRR |
           |RRRR   AAAAAAAA      RRRRR |
           |      6AAAAAAAA 2 RRR      |
           |*                 4        |
           |RRRRRRRRRRRR        5      |
           |RRRRRRRRRRRR               |
    ...more or less, anyway. At any rate, let me explain some things: the AAA'S
    represent the aquarium, and the numbers, the barrels. The DUCK is the duck, of
    course, and the RRR's represent some rubbish you don't care about. Start off
    by pushing 2 backwardly, and then to the left, toward where the asterisk is.
    Then, get 3 out of the way by pushing it backwardly and head toward to 1,
    where the duck is. Firstly, try to get the barrel out of the corner it is on,
    and then simply get out of the way. Snag the duck and that's it! It's
    awesomely easy. Now, it's just a matter of going back to the SPR and
    triggering the switch. Once you do, a monster falls off, blocking your way
    into freedom. Save and engage the bastard!
    This thing is very resistant to lighting, so avoid using that. Have your spell
    casters cast Spread and other water spells, as the Guardian is very weak
    against those. However, this doesn't mean the Guardian is a pushover. It is a
    damn tough monster. Firstly, physical attacks don't do much damage to it, so
    Reid is basically useless here. Skills such as Demon Twist and Neosonic Swarm
    are actually quite helpful, while stuff like Tempest Strike and Twin Sonic
    Blade is completely useless. Farah must spend her life healing, healing, and
    healing. Reid should lend a hand when needed, by using a Life Bottle or a Gel
    to cure your buds. The Guardian is overly fast and is constantly running
    around the field, swinging his sword, which is very big, so it hits everybody.
    Each attack is worth a hundred points of damage, plus the Guardian never
    stops. The barrage of attacks is almost never-ending, and it's almost
    impossible to "stun" him with your spells, meaning you'll have to soak up the
    damage. Keep the onslaught of spells, mainly Spread, and keep on healing. If
    you ever get a chance to use Undine, USE HER, dammit; she won't do much
    damage(strangely) but will heal you up. It's imperative that you maintain
    yourself healthy and alive, with gels and life bottles, otherwise, you won't
    stand a chance.
    Meet Chat, the pirate. After a bit of nonsense, you should follow Chat into
    the reception room.  Talk with her there and agree to become her deck hands.
    The following scenes are quite funny and after them, you'll be inside the van
    Eltia. Follow Chat into the machinery room and then, into the control bridge.
    Talk with her there and choose to depart. Afterward, you'll be taken to
    The whole place is frozen! Anyway, head left into the next screen. Here, go up
    the steps into the following area. In here, go up; the first house you come
    across is the weapon's shop; the next one is a warm place, so one you approach
    it, the party decides to get inside. Talk with the people there and you'll be
    told about the Ice Craymel. Also, that you need to buy proper equipment before
    even thinking about visiting her. Heal up(this is an inn, too) and buy some
    items if possible. Head outside and go northwest. In the next screen, you'll
    meet this guy who'll point you out the Mountain Gear store. Head inside and
    talk with the guy after the scene to get Reid's clothes. Talk with Keele then
    and he'll go to the dressing room. Then, check out what Keele was checking and
    pick up Heavy Cloak. Head toward where he is and hand it over to him. Next,
    talk to Meredy. Once she's inside the dressing room, examine what she was
    checking and choose the Cape for her. Lastly, talk with Farah, and examine the
    area left of the entrance, next to the guy's counter. Get the Poncho off it
    and hand it over to Farah. You're done!
    Now, go out to the world map and make your way to Mount Celsius.
    --MT CELSIUS--
    This place, being Ice Based, holds... ice enemies! Therefore, it'd be advisable
    that you equip the Flamberge on Reid, as well as set up your shortcuts(with
    fire spells, no less). So, go up at the entrance(the room with the save point)
    In the next screen, take the path besides the icy staircase and claim the
    chests there, which hold an Elixir as well as an Aqua Cape. Now, go up the
    staircase, and follow the road to a Rune Bottle. Go back to the area where the
    Elixir/Aqua Cape where and go through the little cave below the stairs. In the
    next screen, where you should simply go along the road into the next area.
    Head north here.
    In the next screen, you'll stumble upon an igloo! Head inside it for a Syrup
    Bottle, a save point, as well as a camping point. Outside it, head toward the
    next area. Before, go down the steps to your right. Get the Freeze Charm off
    the chest and resume your way onward, into the following area. This one is
    like a big, open, threeway road. There is a path that goes north, one that
    goes west, one that goes east. On the western side there is a Syrup Bottle;
    don't go further into it(the next screen). On the eastern side, your path will
    be blocked off by a piece of ice; melt it out with your sorcerer's ring(R1);
    you'll have to fight a monster once you do so.
    You have plenty of available paths to take; for instance, if you head to the
    left, you'll reach an area with a Silver Cloak by the entrance. If you head
    north through the middle path, you'll bump into an uncrossable road. On the
    other hand, if you head north taking the far-right road, you'll be denied by a
    steep road that sends you down, sliding. So, it's time to head back to that
    three-way road we talked about and head west(you know, where the Syrup Bottle
    was). Move along the road to this room that looks like it can`t be crossed, as
    the path to the next screen is blocked off by a huge chunk of ice. However,
    next to it, there is a little chunkie of ice that can be melted by using your
    S. Ring; do so, of course! Then, proceed and take the item off the chest(btw,
    if you try to take this chest by any other method, snow will fall off next to
    it and you won't be able to get it).
    Go to the upper right portion of this area and melt the iceberg there(grab the
    Silver Cloak there if you haven't done so yet). After melting the iceberg, go
    through the path it was blocking off. In the next room, melt all of the
    icebergs blocking off chests and get your prizes: a Sage, a Battle Pick and a
    Miracle Gel. Now, you have two paths to take, both of which are on the upper
    portion of this area. Both veer eastward.  One of them(the thinnest and that's
    under the other one) leads to a Syrup Bottle, while the other ones let us
    continue with our adventure. When you take this path, be careful; do not
    huggle along the leftmost side of it, or you will fall off in front of the
    chest with the Syrup Bottle. Once you've gotten past such trap, check out the
    little wooden box to get the Toto Oil. Then, walk on and try to go up the
    ramp; you can't.
    Damn. You need to go back to where you found the Silver Cloak and head to the
    upper left side of such area. In the next screen, examine the red thing and
    you'll burn it with the Toto Oil. Cross the bridge it forms, and melt the
    iceberg up north. In the fork(you can go left or right) go right first and get
    the All-Divide. Then, go left to reach the Craymel Shrine. Fully heal yourself
    and save. Be sure you have the Flamberge equipped, as well as your shortcuts
    set up.  It'd be advisable that you give Efreet to Meredy, so she can use
    Eruption, while Keele can use Fireball.
    I don't know how I managed to get through this. This battle will be damn long,
    and you'll depend on the amount of Gels you have, mainly. Firstly, I highly
    suggest you to use the All-Divide you got earlier at the start of the fight.
    It'll make you make less damage, but the same thing will happen to Celsius.
    Afterward, it's important that you never stop ramming the L2/R2 buttons, to
    which you hopefully put Air Thrust and Eruption. Remember, an onslaught of
    spells is always a great offensive in this game, as it keeps our foe at bay,
    while doing great damage. Meanwhile, let Farah do whatever she has to do. She
    won't contribute much to the battle, other than healing. Reid... well, he's
    also a bit useless here. Celsius loves to dodge most of the skills Reid uses.
    Why? She's so small and swift that hitting her can be hard. At any rate, I'd
    recommend using up your skills, even if you don't score most of the time, in
    conjunction with furious X-Button tapping. This contributes to keeping Celsius
    at bay.
    It all seems too easy, though. The problem here is that Celsius uses up
    attacks that do astronomical amount of damage(more on that later) and that
    usually hit all party members. After one of her attacks, you may go from 2000+
    to 800+, which is simply not good, because Celsius always seems to get an
    opening to attack you, always delivering around 500+ points of damage. It's
    very important that you NEVER stop blasting your shortcut buttons, as spells
    as your safest bet to preventing the girl from attacking. On the other hand,
    you must keep yourself healthy. I cannot stress how important this is in this
    battle. If your party falls to below 1000+ HPs, and you don't heal, it's like
    if you bought a one-way ticket to your tomb -- Celsius won't forgive your
    stupidity and kick you in the ass -- she can take off 1000 PTS of DMG in two
    attacks, after all. You won't be seeing much of these attacks if you keep on
    blasting your attack buttons(that includes Reid), but if one character falls
    off below 1000+, heal up with Gels. Screw spells, they take too long. It's
    better to have more active characters that can contribute with the healing and
    It's also important that you fix one of the nastiest statuses she will cast
    upon you: freeze. As the names suggests, you're frozen up and cannot move and,
    if hit, will take much more damage than if you were hit in normal status. This
    problem can be fixed by using a trusty Panacea Bottle; whenever somebody
    with healing, un-freezing your characters is damn important for you to survive
    in this slugfest. Never have any character frozen for too long; always heal
    them up. And, if somebody dies, immediately revive him and use a Lemon Gel
    upon him to get him back on his tracks.
    You should always look for the appropriate openings to use your healing stuff.
    As you'll always be using spells, Celsius will get stunned for brief spaces of
    times, giving you enough of it to use the gel/bottle you need to use. For this
    battle, Eruption and Air Thrust are probably the best spells to use, as they
    provide you with the most stun-time and thus, provide you with more chances to
    heal yourself up. NEVER stop your attacks, never, and when TP starts to wear
    thin, have Reid and Farah use the TP-restoring stuff. Be sure you use such
    items when Keele's and Meredy's TP are around the 70s, not when they're on 0,
    so you can keep the onslaught of spells to give time to your other two
    characters to use the items.
    Celsius doesn't seem to have tons of attacks, as she repeats most of them
    throughout the whole battle. For instance, her Freeze Lancer attack will be
    used by her SEVERAL times during the showdown. In this attack, she sends a
    wave of ice lances in a straight line, hitting anything along its path,
    several times in a row, often doing up to 600+ PTS of DMG. Her Blizzard attack
    is pretty similar, as it hits hard(around the same damage) but hits
    everybody(unlike Freeze Lancer, which can be dodged by a few of your party
    members if they're properly located. Lastly, I got to see this Chi attack that
    sends you flying back and stuns you for a bit, plus does considerable amount
    of damage. By keeping a steady rate of attacks, you won't see much of these
    attacks, but when you do, you'll go "ouch".
    Godspeed man.
    After the scene, open up the three chests and go back outside. The save point
    you used right before engaging Celsius is now a healing spot. Just thought
    you'd like to know that ;)
    Oh, and you also have a new item with you. It's the Freeze Ring. By pressing
    L1, you can shoot ice shards. Isn't that wonderful?!
    Wow, what a remake this city got! Watch the cutscene in which you're rewarded
    as the great heroes you are! After it, head back to the world map.
    --WORLD MAP--
    You now have to go back to Imen. Before heading there, you might want to stay
    behind and level up a bit and amass a healthy amount of money(the enemies here
    give tons of it). It'd be good to purchase some healing stuff, as you probably
    used up tons of them in the fight against Celsius. Once you're ready, board
    the Van Eltia at Peruti and drive it on to Imen.
    By the way, if you don't know how to land(I DIDN'T KNOW, SO WHAT!?), you just
    need to put the ship in front of the place you want to land on(not sideways;
    with the nose pointing toward it) and press Square.
    The city's been destroyed completely. Death's breath can be felt on the air,
    people's souls gone away. It's a complete disaster. Now, you need to go to the
    library(it is on the area where the big pump is; look for the road leading to
    it on the left of such pump), where you'll find Sagura fending himself off
    against Hyades, whom you'll have to fight.
    This battle will be tough. First off, I highly suggest you that you set up
    Nurse as one of your shortcut spells, while the other one should be occupied
    by Freeze Lancer. Hyades uses tons of attack that are multi-hit and that
    normally wear down up to 600+ Hit points. He's very fast, too, and very
    resistant to all kind of stuff, meaning this will be a long battle(he has
    around 40 000 HP, after all). Remember to which button you set Nurse, and have
    your finger on it. Everytime you hit the 1200s HPs, press the Nurse button.
    While the spell is being cast(it eats up quite a bit of time), play
    defensively, trying not to be hit by Hyades(avoid physical attacks), but keep
    him at bay with spells(Freeze Lancer).
    Furiously tap Freeze Lancer's button throughout the entire battle. Reid's
    Demon Twist should be set so when you press circle, you use. Having done so,
    tap Freeze Lancer's shortcut button, as well as Demon's Twist, while keeping
    an eye on your health, as well as a finger on Nurse's shortcut button.
    Meanwhile, have Farah use Sonic Fist constantly. This, along with Demon Twist,
    will rack up some easy hits. Whenever you need to, cast Nurse, and, as told,
    make time until you're healed. Whoever has Nurse here should only occupy
    himself/herself about healing, so be sure he/she behaves like you want by
    modifying some stuff in the strategy menu. Freeze Lancer and your physical
    attacks will be enough to maintain Hyades at bay for long enough for you to
    kill him. Just be sure to heal. Oh, and, never stop the barrage of attacks.
    That means, you will have to use some TP-restoring items, preferably Orange
    Gels, along the way. Just be sure you don't use them when you're completely
    empty. Plan ahead and use them when you're around the 60s of your TP bar.
    As told, Hyades does tons of damage with the three attacks he's got. Most of
    them hit fast and furiously, many times and going great damage. Some of these
    attacks may deplete up to 800+ PTS of DMG, plus he can normally combo 'em,
    incrementing the total damage drastically. As with other battles, revive any
    dead members. I wouldn't recommend using Gels to heal HP, but it's imperative
    that you use them for your TP-healing needs.
    There will be a cutscene after the battle, as usual. Afterward, head out of
    the library and then go up and into Sagura's shop, where you'll find the
    blacksmith mourning his bud's deaths. After the, uh... "sad" cutscene(I
    personally don't care about what happens to anybody in this game; the
    characters are offbeat, but anyway...) you'll be back on the world map. You'll
    be told that Tinnsia, our next destination, is on a continent to the west.
    Board yer ships, Matey! we're heading west!
    Tinssia is by the coast(it has a port) on the eastern part of the continent.
    Woah, so much technology! Now, just be the entrance, there is a nice minigame
    we can play. Go up the little staircase into the upper platform and then take
    the other staircase there(which is longer and more steep). Above, head right
    and enter the first house you come across. This is the carrousel sushi. You
    need 2,000 Gald to play. Basically, you have to eat up more than your rival.
    It's quite a fun minigame, but a bit too expensive. Once you feel like you're
    done, go outside the carrousel and head further to the right, into the next
    screen. Here, there is a shop. Most of the stuff there is incredibly
    expensive, so ignore it for now. However, take note of most of the stuff,
    especially Stun Charms, which we'll need to buy before heading to the next
    dungeon. You can amass plenty of money by fighting outside, in the
    forests(2500+ Gald per battle). When you're over with this city, I'd suggest
    you to do that. Get enough money to buy some equipment, as well as four(!!!!)
    Stun Charms.
    The statue here holds a Lens. Get it and go down the staircase by it. Go down
    the little steps nearby and run up to the right, past the inn. Try to get into
    the ship at the end of the path and a custscene will ensue. After it, you'll
    be let inside. In here(Shileska's Hideout), go down the stairs as told. When
    you do, you'll have to fight 8 Shileska Guards. These are pretty easy, but
    because there are so many of 'em, it could be a bit complicated. Freeze Lancer
    works wonders here, as well as Sonic Fist. Reid's physical attacks(not skills)
    do just fine. If needed, heal. Don't feel like this is a battle you'll breeze
    through. You could be killed if you're not careful. But anyway, once it is
    over, you'll meet this girl who'll salute you with that "Miacis to our hearts"
    stuff. Then, follow her(Ayla) down the stairs. After you're told about the
    whereabouts of Balir as well as the problems surrounding him, you must follow
    Ayla down the stairs. Again.
    You're shown the Craymel Cannon and its utilities. Then, you must continue
    down the stairs. Enter the boss' room after the chitchat Ayla has with him.
    After the cutscene, Max will join you, and you'll be explained some stuff
    about his attacks. I won't simply put it here again, so better read it off
    well, Bobby! After this crap, you'll have to go back to the Van Eltia. Before
    doing so, I highly suggest you that you amass some nice money and purchase
    those four Stun Charms. Be sure you buy them first, above anything else, as
    they're very important for a fight that's about to come. If you want to spend
    some more money, then buy the other pieces of equipment available there,
    although that's not completely necessary.
    Fight until you're completely weak, and try to avoid using the Inn often, as
    it costs 3800 Gald a goddamn night. Try to fight in the open fields; in the
    forest, enemies normally net a grand total of 2900 Gald per battle, while on
    the fields, enemies usually give 4500 Gald. However, there are some of them
    that only give 1800. It's not a problem anyway. I began fighting in the
    forests and then moved to the fields. In 55 minutes, I had 120,000 Gald, which
    I used not only on the Charms, but on Gels and a nice Glove for Farah.
    Now, you could be a little more money-saving and purchase only 3 Stun Charms.
    There is one of those in the Ruins, too, so that would be the fourth. That
    way, you'd have some extra money for that piece of equipment you've been
    longing to get, or for the Lemon Gels you're needing.
    But anyways...
    The Ruins of Volt, where the next Craymel resides, are southwest of here. Now,
    I spend some quality time looking for the damn thing. It's in the southwest
    corner of the world, on the bottom of the continent where Peruti is. It's a
    red dot on your map, and looks like a temple, in the middle of the forest.
    At the entrance, there is the usual save point, as well as a very interesting
    "When ancient tree in west is touched by dawn, stand by eye of dragon and sing
    emerald song".
    I put this here just because this may come in handy sooner or later ;) Anyway,
    head to the right and through the door to enter the temple properly. Cross the
    electric path by waiting for the electricity to disappear. At the other side,
    you're shown three ways to go. Let's call this point a. Head east and check
    the reading("Grasp the three stars. As one color they shine and open the door
    to which they shine") to get a Lens and then go through the north door. Head
    through the big door there.
    In the next screen, you have more doors you can go through, as well as a
    mysterious floor. This is called point b. Now, each of these doors have a
    number on them. The red door up north has 15 on it, the blue door to the right
    has 14 and the white door to the left has 17. Now, look at the floor. Notice
    those little stone circles on the floor. On you step on each of them, you get
    a "+6, +4, +2" etc. You have to press the buttons properly and accumulate the
    correct amount to open the door you want to. However, it's not that simple.
    You can only use three buttons, otherwise the door won't open. It's not hard,
    yeah, but not as simple as you might believe.
    Open the 14 door and go through it. In the next room, run up the hallway. At
    the end of it, there is a chest(with a Stun Charm, no less ;)) as well as a
    door. Pick your fourth Charm and go through the door. Continue to the next
    screen, which shall be referred as point c, as there are many doors. There is
    a door directly to your left, and if you go right, you'll find a door. At the
    end of the hall, there is a Pine Gel. This is also where the path branches to
    the right, leading to another door. Go through this one. The door will lock up
    behind you once you do. In here, step on the stone switch and go through the
    door directly next to you. Head to the next screen. Run up the hall, get the
    Big Bag off the chest and then go left down the hall and through the door at
    the end. In the next screen, run to the bottom of it and trigger the switch
    there and run across the door you didn't come from.
    You'll be taken back to point c. Go through the door to your left(at the end
    of the corridor) and get the All Divide. Get the fuse off the little
    altar(it's the shiny thing). Now, go back to where you triggered the first
    switch(exit the fuse room, go up and turn right at the end of the corridor)
    and, there, go through the door on the bottom left side of the screen. Pick
    the Pirate's Hat. Go back to the switch room and repeat the process to get
    back to point c. Then, go back to point b(the room with the numbered doors)
    and open the white door. Take it then and continue to the next screen, where
    you'll bump into another branching path, where you can go left or right. Go
    right first(Reid's right) and follow the path to a electricity barrier. Use
    your Freeze Ring on the fire to trigger down the thunder and go into the
    following room.
    Put the fuse on the hole there and use the platforms here to get to the door
    at the northern end(it's not too tough). In the next screen, you'll reach a
    camping point. Save after the scene and go through the northernmost door. Run
    up to the hallway and into the next screen, where there are two doors, one of
    them pretty big, as well as two chests, both by the big door. One of them
    holds a Pine Gel, the other a Panacea Bottle. Get them both and then take the
    big, black door. You'll reach a room with very interesting machinery. Examine
    the... thing in the middle and you'll be told that you need something to insert
    in the slot. Go back to the previous screen and head through the door on the
    bottom right corner of it.
    Move on until you reach a room with three very interesting buttons on the
    floor, each colored. The ones on the sides open up doors. Open the left door
    by pressing the left button, but be sure to press the red button too, and head
    through the leftmost door. Here, pick the Voltic Sword and go right, toward
    the end of the hall and through the door there. In the next room, take the
    door nearest to you. Run up and through the door in the very corner. Take the
    Holy Staff off the chest as well as the little shiny ball there. Now,
    backtrack to the strange device we saw a while ago(the one that needed
    something to be put on it) and put the sphere you found on it. Having done
    that, go back to the camping point(take the door across from the device room),
    camp/SAVE(this is the last chance you'll get before Volt) and go through the
    door to the right.
    Move on until you reach a room with strange floor as well as some electric
    fields on it. These fields do nothing though. However, they plant an important
    role in what you must do in this room. Firstly, let me tell you how it works.
    Notice those little circles? Step on one of them. Good.  When you do so,
    you'll move the circle, and create a new path for the electricity to flow
    through. It's kinda complicated, because you must create a path that let's you
    cross but that let's you open the door at the same time! The room is shaped
    like this:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    each number being a circle. I didn't put the electric paths. Firstly, step on
    8. Then, step on 6. Then, on 2, and lastly, on 3. Having done that, step back
    on 8. This way, you'll be able to go back to the starting point. Now, simply
    go along the leftmost wall and to the other side. You can now leave. In the
    following screens, move on, but be sure to heal before reaching the final, big
    black door. Why? Because once you cross it, you'll be forced to fight Volt
    without any kind of rest.
    NOTE: Heal Max once the fight starts, as he'll be with 1 HP for being so
    reckless. Also, equip the Trident on Reid and, if you haven't done so yet,
    outfit everybody with Stun Charms.
    I was very surprised when I entered and had to fight the bastard immediately.
    Firstly, be sure to have Nurse and Spread on your shortcuts. Yeah, two spells
    of Meredy. Have your finger ready on Nurse's button, and jam on Spread's.
    Also, equip the Trident on Reid. Have Farah use stuff like Rising Dragon
    Strike; remember, Volt is a flying ball, therefore, ground-level attacks are
    worthless. This means Reid's best weapon is Demon Twist(Not Demon LIGHTING
    Hammer, for hopefully obvious reasons) Also, be sure to equip your Stun
    Charms, otherwise Volt will stun the hell out of you and then, ha ha, kick
    your sorry ass.
    At first, it would seem like Volt is a sorry, little ball, because you can
    attack it without major problems, constantly, with Spread, Demon Twist.
    However, after a bit of harm, Volt will get REALLY serious, and that's when
    things get damn tough. At first, you could keep him at bay easily, but then,
    he'll attack no matter how much punishment he's receiving. These attacks are
    Thunder Blade(1500), Spark Wave(around 900) and Family Reunion, attack where
    Volt divides itself into little bolts that bounce around the field. Each of
    their touches is worth 89 PTS of DMG. You can, however, survive this without
    any kind of trouble, like I did.
    Firstly, it's very important that you Nurse yourself whenever you hit the
    1200-1500 area. Have Meredy cast Spread constantly(with any luck, it'll extend
    into Maelstrom), but have her cast Nurse whenever you're with the amount of Hp
    I've told you. Meredy and Reid will be the main attackers her. As told, equip
    the Trident and set Demon Twist so it used once you press circle(the first of
    Reid's skill slots) and jam on circle throughout the entire battle, as well as
    Spread's shortcut button. This works wonders: attack after attack. Volt won't
    even get a chance to move. Have Max -- who's useless in this battle -- apply
    the Pine Gels on those who needed(Reid and Meredy) whenever the situation
    arises. Try to keep Bolt on one end of the screen, while your party on the
    other: don't let him become "part" of your party. If he's getting dangerously
    near, have Reid run off to the other side of the screen, and press L1 + Down
    to call for your buds. This is also great when you want to heal without
    risking yourself to be hit. Run off to one corner and heal. Volt won't catch
    up, because he's very slow.
    It's not a tough fight, in all honesty(no, I was not in level 250. Level 35 to
    be exact). You just need to keep attacking with both of the attacks I
    mentioned, heal whenever your HP hits 1500, and it'll be over in no time.
    Volt is suffering great pain, and asks you to press the "white switch" to stop
    it. This white switch is on the top-right corner of screen. From where Volt
    is, you can see it shining. Talk to Meredy to get a sequence(something in
    Melnics). Go toward the switch and press it. Then, approach each statue and
    watch closely the green screens they have. It'll show various symbols. Match
    them with what Meredy gave you(press X) and then you'll free Volt! He'll join
    without trouble.
    After this, Rem and Shadow appear(two Craymels), who give you the Excalibur.
    Afterward, backtrack to entrance(WHY CAN'T THEY SEND YOU BACK THERE
    AUTOMATICALLY!? Damn Namco...) and then, back to Tinnsia.
    Go back to the Shileska Hideout(you may want to enter the Ship Conversion
    store that's across and down the stairs from the Item store and examine the
    statue there to find wonder chef) and go downstairs. After the brief cutscene,
    Max will leave and you'll get all of his equipment. After this, continue
    downstairs until you find the Craymel Cannon. After the cutscene, you'll
    receive a nice little coupon for the hotel(yeah!) so you can rest there for
    the night. Head there and you'll be told your room is the hotel's suite. Woah!
    Isn't that good? Watch the cutscene once you get there.
    Reid will wake up during the night and you'll get the chance to control him.
    Head into the girl's room and you'll notice Meredy is missing. Board the
    elevator and go to the rooftop, where you'll find poor little Meredy. Watch
    the dialogue that ensues there. Next day, go into the Hideout and you'll be
    told everybody is ready. Talk with Ayla again(she's the one who tells you
    about everybody being ready) and head to the dock(go into the ship conversion
    shop across and down the stairs from the item shop, and where the wonder chef
    is, and go down the ladder there) to find your vessel. Watch the cutscene.
    MINIGAME TIME! You have to beat the enemy fleet. Controls: press X to charge,
    press again to fire. While charging, press O to accelerate. The objective here
    is to kill everybody, or to survive until the countdown reaches zero. Triangle
    is to switch view, Square to call for support fire. Now, you can only fire the
    cannon when the power gauge has been charged(X) to its max(press X again). You
    have an energy bar, too, and if it depletes, you're toast. Oh, and remember,
    you also count with a handy radar. This game is very easy. Just aim, and
    shoot. Your enemies won't stand a chance. After the slugfest, watch the
    Balir's Castle barrier shootage cutscene.
    Head to the next screen after the chitchat with Max. Here, you'll find a bunch
    of people who'll sell you items, equipment, as well as a bed to rest on. All
    of what can be bought here is expensive, keep that in mind. Then, head through
    the big door nearby to hit the castle itself.
    Save and head to the left(you may want to earn some money here, or level up)
    and through the door there. In the next screen, which is full is frozen
    fiends, head to the top left part of the frozen fiend area and get the pretty
    ribbon off the chest. You can then liberate the fiends by using the console
    nearby, but I wouldn't recommend it. Instead, head through the doorway next to
    the one you came from. In the next room, go down and through the door to the
    right. Follow the path toward a chest in front of a chasm and get the Dragon
    Vein. Go back to the previous screen and head down the steps to the left. Make
    your way to the next room.
    Here, take the exit on the bottom right side and run across the hallway you
    stumble in. It's pretty long. Now, in the next screen, you'll be met with two
    available paths. You can go up, or right, in both options taking some steps.
    Go up first and you're shown two doors. Take the upper one and claim the Rare
    Shield off the chest. The one to the left leads to a fake; this things have
    tons of defense, so you won't do much damage, plus do this attack called
    Distortion that deals 5000 Pts of Dmg. Oh, and fake are chests. When you open
    a fake, you have to fight the damn thing!
    So, now, take the path that goes right. Halfway through, you'll spot a blue
    door on the upper wall. It's locked, naturally, so resume your way. On the
    other side, you will see light coming off from the leftmost wall; this is a
    door. However, you can go up, too. Go up, first, and you'll find two doors.
    Take the upper one and snag the Dragger Lance off the chest. The one to the
    right leads to a Scale Robe. After taking both, take the door with the light,
    to hit another ultra long hallway. Run to its end and through the door to
    reach an always useful camping point. Camp and save, and take the other door
    here, and head toward the pipe like structure here. Hit it with your S.
    Ring(R1) right in the eye to unlock a hidden path. Follow it(it's a bit long).
    As you go, open a chest for a Lens. At the end, there'll be a control device.
    You can do squat to it.
    Head back to the camping point and take the door next to the obelisk. Below,
    snag the Lapis Bracelet off the chest and hit the obelisk nearby with your Ice
    Shoot(L1). This will make a robot move and unblock the path to the far right.
    Take it. Then, head immediately to the left to find another panel. Hit it with
    L1, too, and you'll be able to take the little piece of paper on the table
    there. Then, exit through the bottom exit. Another ultra long hall. Follow it
    to its end, where a door awaits. In the next room, which looks like a balcony,
    there are two exits, both to the left. Take the one nearest to you(the door on
    the top wall) You'll find two more doors. Take the northern one and get the
    Silver Cloak. Then, take the one to the left. In the next room, go down and
    engage the monster by the staircase.
    This battle is not that tough. Start off by using spells like Thunder Blade
    and Freeze Lancer to get rid of the Escargots. While these spells are being
    cast, run up to the bastard(s) and perform Super Sonic Fist as well as Demon
    Twist and super lighting blade. After the Escargots are gone, keep on doing
    this, and it should be down soon. Yeah, it's easy. However, when you see
    "Vertical Spin" on the screen, immediately back up and call your buds(L1 +
    Down) so you're as far as possible from this guy when he does this attack.
    Otherwise, prepare to soup-up up to 15 hits, for around 1500(or more!) points
    of damage.
    After the fight, head to the left and you'll find two doors. Go through the
    bottom one and claim the Silver Plate from the chest. There are two doors
    here, too, but one leads to a fake while the other leads to a Fake. So,
    instead, go down the stairs Spiral was protecting. You'll reach a big
    reception chamber of sorts. The bottom portion holds nothing, in case you were
    wondering, so that leaves us with two paths to take: the to the left, the one
    to the right, both by the staircase that took you here. Take the left one
    first and get the Black Onyx off the chest. Go back to the reception chamber
    and take the other path.
    Cross the long hallway and in the next room, examine the terminal to the
    right. You'll be told that the "left tower and right tower are ready for
    input". Hm. On the top left corner of this room there is another terminal.
    Examine it and you'll be taken to the camp point. Then, take the hidden path
    toward the terminal and activate it. Now, go back to the camp point and head
    through the leftmost door. Head all the way to the left, through two long
    hallways and whatnot, toward a room with another obelisk with a red eye, on
    the top portion of it(the room). Activate it with your S. Ring and take the
    hidden path toward the next terminal, taking any items you find(Mythril Arms).
    After you've done this, backtrack to the camp. As you go, you'll spot a blue
    door... remember it? The one I told you that was locked?. Go through it. Save.
    Go up. Engage the bastard... oh, wait. Something's wrong! Watch the cutscene.
    So, you must... oh, crap, I've been killed! Oh, no biggie. You're supposed to
    lose this fight.
    As Max would say: "Yeah".
    CUTSCENE TIME! w000000t! After them, board the Van Eltia and head to Luishka.
    There, you will have a chitchat with Galenos. Afterward, you'll have to go to
    Tinnsia, and take Galenos to the Hideout. Take your time to stock up on items
    before heading there, though.
    When you're ready, go back to Tinnsia and into the hideout.
    At the hideout, Galenos will talk for a bit. After the cutscene, talk with Max
    to have him join your party. Afterward, go to the Craymel Cannon laboratory
    and pay 20,000 Gald to the technician to have him start developing a new
    weapon for Max. Then, board he Van Eltia. The Seyfert Key guides you to
    At the port, there will be a pink Miacis on a barrel. Check it out to learn a
    new skill for Max. Head into the next screen and talk with Captain Mach, a
    seaman, on the pier and play "Around Celestia" with him(a minigame). It's
    basically a race on the Van Eltia that starts and ends in Peruti. You have to
    go through a series of checkpoints, and that's what makes it a bit tough,
    because knowing where the next checkpoint is... well, hard. That's why you
    must sprint along match and try to pass him near the end. When you see that
    the next checkpoint is a snowflake(on the "NEXT" screen), try to be ahead of
    him, but always seeing where he is. The snowflake checkpoint is the last one,
    and the first one to go through it wins the race.
    The point of this race is to locate where the Seyfert Shrine is. It's due
    south of Peruti, so better head there.
    --WORLD MAP--
    Go southward. The shrine is in the same continent as Peruti, and on the
    southern portion of it. Once you're there, move around the edges on the
    continent, frequently calling for the Seyfert Key for further advice. Keep in
    mind that after you play Around Celestia, the Shrine will be marked as a red
    dot on your map. This, along with the Seyfert Key, should provide you enough
    help for finding the shrine. Once you do, go out of your ship and run toward
    the building.
    Approach the entrance door. After the short cutscene, you'll be inside, where
    another cutscene takes place. Reid is the only one who's able to cross the
    magical path into the place of testing. Go up the steps and into the central
    platform, where you meet a messenger of Seyfert. After the chitchat, you're
    given the chance to save. Once you've done so, put yourself in the middle of
    the platform to start the trial.
    You're an egg bear. Head into the next screen and go down the path into the
    room where you find your family, slaughtered. Try to exit the room through the
    western path, and two men appear. Fend off against them. After you kill the
    Egg Trader, try to follow the other one. When you hit the next screen, exit it
    through the south. When you do so, you're forced to fight against your former
    allies(you're an egg bear, after all). Just let them kill you and watch the
    You have passed the trial! Thus, you will get your first Aurora Arte, the
    Aurora Wall. Use it by pressing O, X and Square simultaneously when Reid's HP
    flashes. This skill nullifies all actions of everyone, and eats up your HP. Go
    back outside now that you've passed the test and head into the Van Eltia. You
    will call for the Seyfert Key and it will point upward -- it is pointing to
    Inferia, of course! The party discuss about what to do, and you're suggested
    to go to Chat's hut.
    --CHAT'S HUT--
    Look for the hut around the southern portion of the continent Luishka is on.
    The hut is southwest of that country, too. In there, you're shown a Aifread
    Monument and get some coordinates, and after that, the GPS. The coordinates
    are 204 and 98. Go back to the Van Eltia and sail around the world until you
    find the appropriate coordinates. You may also use the Seyfert Key, but let me
    tell you, I don't know if it works, as I've never tried. I can provide you
    with some help: put yourself in front of Tinssia and ride south. Check your
    map and look for an island shaped as a C, that spurts out a thin line of mini-
    islands. Head into the "stomach" of the C-shaped island and it'll open up.
    Anyway, head inside.
    Pick up the Flame Sword nearby and head through the cave up north. Here, just
    go up into the next screen. You'll be on a funky platform that signals the
    start of this even funkier minigame. Basically, you have to spin the wheel at
    each platform to have it move across a set number of platforms, from one to
    six. Each platform holds some kind of trap, while others don't. You're
    affected by the trap the last platform you step in holds. You can also use the
    wheel to check out what kind of traps the following platforms hold. I'd like
    to point out that not all platforms are that bad, as some will heal you and
    others have item shops. Nice, eh?
    In total, there are 40 platforms you must traverse through to reach the end of
    the cave. There is no effective strategy here, lad. However, I can point out
    some annoying traps here. Firstly, there is the trap that sends you back to
    the beginning. Deadly and annoying. Also, we have a trap that awards you with
    a gift from Aifread. I'd suggest ignoring those chests, as most of 'em are
    Fakes, which are deadly enemies, as evidenced in Balir's Castle. There are
    also the standard set of fire(damages you) and poison traps, but other ones
    are a bit more original. For instance, one traps throws a time bomb at you and
    you must flee from it(it follows you) before it explodes. Other traps, for
    example, force you to get 2 or less platforms to move; otherwise, you're
    stuck. Other than that, there are restore points, item shops, and monster
    At the final room(the one after the final platform), you'll find a locked door
    as well as statue. Examine it for a cutscene. After it, the locked door opens
    up. Head through it to get Aifread's Legacy. His legacy turns your ship into a
    bigger, badder monster, plus it gives you the Aifish, which lets you explore
    the sea floor. Fantabulous! First things first, board the ship and watch the
    nice, little cutscene. Explore around until you find Chat in the Aifish room
    and check out the Aifread statue there. Read through the Aifish tutorials and
    watch the next batch of cutscenes.
    You're told you should look around the seafloor for the Bridge of Expedition.
    Start by submerging.
    Our first destination is Jini. Head toward the 37, 15 coordinates. Explore
    around such area, mainly around the bottom of the sea, until you find a
    tunnel. It leads into Jini.
    First things first, the Jini currency is not the same as Celestia's or
    Inferia's. Meaning, they don't accept Gald, but Jini coins. By the entrance,
    you'll find 10 of these coins. Nice. Your first destination should be the inn.
    Rest up(it's only 5 Jini, and you have 10). At night, Jini will have woken up
    and everything will be nice and happy! It's very obvious that Jini is a boring
    place during the day, eh?
    Anyway, it's time to look for the Jini casino. In there, you're able to change
    your Gald into Jini coins. However, you can't turn back such coins into your
    precious Gald, so be sure you exchange only the necessary amount. Keep in mind
    that the item Shops and other places DO sell you things even if you don't have
    the local coin.
    Another important place to visit is the Item Shop. Talk with the man by the
    counter(the one who's not moving) and purchase the Celesea map off him(10,000
    Gald). With this, you'll be able to move around the depths of the ocean with
    much ease. With this item at hand, go back to your ships. It's time to look
    for another Craymel to add to our collection.
    Head to 4, 12. Look around the zone to find a cave that's just below the
    surface. Head into it. It's Shadow's Cave.
    It might be a good idea to equip the Excalibur on Reid. Afterward, go back to
    the entrance room and save. Then, head into the cave again.
    Proceed down the path and take the 765 Gald to the left. Head to the right and
    fight the monster. After he's been beaten, continue on to the next screen.
    This one is riddled up with those monsters, and full of ladders and whatnot.
    There is one treasure chest with a drain charm, but  I would ignore it. Head
    down the ladder nearest to you and then go down the one to the left of it. At
    the bottom, take the ladder next to the one you came from and claim your Drain
    Charm. Go back to the first ladder you took and head right of it and down the
    little ramp. Fight the monster if needed and then go down the ladder. Continue
    going down ladders and into the next screen.
    Take the short ladder in front of you. The two monsters there will approach
    you, but if you're fast you'll be able to avoid them. Go right of them and
    pick the Saint Halberd of the chest at the dead end that's protected by a
    monster. Then, go down from the chest and take the exit on the southern
    portion of the room. In the next screen, pick the Holy Circlet to the right,
    past the monster. Now, there is another fiend in here, right in the middle of
    an intersection. Take the eastern path first and take the Flare Arms. Go back
    and take the western path to proceed with your journey.
    Go down the ladder here(you will have to fight the monster there) and go into
    the next screen. Here, go down the little ladder in front of you. Now, if
    you're fast, you can go down the next ladder without fighting the monster.
    However, you can also get a Scale Robe here. At any rate, exit the room
    through the southern exit. In the next room, head all the way to the right,
    past the monsters, and down the ladder at the end. Save at the icon there and
    continue down the ladder. Right next to it there is a hole. You could miss it
    due to all of the darkness surrounding the area, but it shouldn't be too tough
    to spot. Head through it.
    In this new screen, there are two exits, both on the eastern side of the room.
    Both leads to a monster which you must beat. These battles could be quite
    tough. I'd recommend you not to agglomerate your party on one place --
    instead, spread them around the battlefield, and use attacks such as Thunder
    Blade, Blizzard, Explode, Eruption, and others, constantly, to keep your foes
    at bay. Use strong spells such as those to finish the battles quickly.
    Go back to the save point, SAVE, HEAL, and head to the right to find another
    ladder going down. Below, go through the hole in the wall. In here, there are
    two exits on the western side of the room, and both leads to a monster you
    must beat. Having defeated both(remember, the key to winning is to keep the
    monsters at bay. It's also highly recommended that you dispose of the
    Metallicore first), go back to the save point, SAVE & HEAL, and go down the
    leftmost ladder. Then, approach the hole in the middle. Make some
    preparations: set your computer-controlled character's strategy to "Attack
    Strong Enemy" and give Reid the Excalibur(if you haven't done so already).
    Also, be sure you spread your party around the field, but be sure you spread
    them into two groups. I'd suggest Blizzard on your shortcuts, along with
    With that done, head through the hole. Enter Shadow. The governing Craymel of
    This battle will be tough. Firstly, ignore those two things that accompany
    shadow around the battlefield. Concentrate all of your strength on the dark
    craymel. The axe-wielding bumps are nothing but a goddamn distraction here.
    It's important that you keep the monsters at bay, as usual, and there is
    nothing better than Blizzard for this. Jam on the Blizzard shortcut,
    constantly, to nullify both the Craymel's and his minions attacks. However,
    given the fact that Blizzard takes time to be cast, it's important that you
    attack the monster frontally, with Reid. With his Excalibur, simple attacks
    such as demon twist will do thousands of damage -- and that's the key! At
    first, when you try to approach Shadow, he'll swing his sword furiously,
    sending you flying backwards with tons of bruises to recover from. Start off
    by casting Blizzard and while the deity is stunned, run up to him and unleash
    your favorite attack on him. Keep on casting Blizzard and on using the attack
    -- Shadow will have little to no room to move. However, he'll eventually get
    rid of you. When he does, simply run back to him and keep on.
    I must say that letting Shadow start his spell chant(when he glows) is not
    amongst our plans. Shadow's attacks are completely devastating and will kick
    your ass so hard you will kiss the moons, and stuff like Summon Demon is
    nothing to joke about. It's imperative that you maintain yourself healthy
    throughout the battle, so whenever you hit, I don't know, 1500 Hit Points,
    call for aid(Nurse) and have Farah ALWAYS use the gels to cover your wounds,
    mainly the TP ones, and, if on a critical situation, the HP ones, given the
    fact Nurse takes a lot of time to work(time that the enemy will surely spend
    blasting you away). You should move around a lot, a lot, and whenever you see
    an ally's HP is starting to decrease frantically, call for them(L1 + DOWN),
    because it's very possible he or she is getting his ass pounded by some
    bastard. These guys can kill you in two hits if they want to.
    Shadow's attacks are a bit annoying. Firstly, he has this attack that he uses
    when you approach him. He will swing his sword in front of you and send you
    back. It's almost impossible to him with him doing that, so you better stun
    him with some spell before you start your frontal attack. He also has a dash
    attack. He runs across the battlefield, hitting everybody on the way,
    inflicting some preoccupant injuries on your pals. Not good. The other attacks
    are pretty standard, nothing to write home about.
    Ka-ching! You have Shadow as your ally now. Put on a Holy Bottle and exit the
    cave(be sure to save/heal at the save point just outside Shadow's throne
    You might want to go back to surface and re-stock on items(I highly suggest
    you to do so). Then, go back down. Our objective now is to look for five
    hideouts holding Silver Cages, which you must use to activate the bridge of
    expedition. Here are the locations, on coordinates:
    56, 112
    153, 164
    167, 112
    228, 42
    3, 150.
    The hideouts are on the ocean floor, and have long and rectangular entrances,
    like discolored patches on the floor(dark). In the first hideout, you'll have
    to endure a series of cutscenes before you're able to retrieve the Cage off
    its resting place. After getting all five, go to 98, 92, which is Aifread's
    Platform(it's on the very bottom of the sea).
    Examine the machine in the middle for a Lens. Then, examine the sockets next
    to the machine to insert your Cages into them. After all five have been put
    on, you'll activate the platform. Head back to your submarines and surface.
    When you do, there will be a circular pattern next to you, on the ocean, and
    it'll be glowing. Drive into it and press Square. Select "enter to relay
    point". Watch the long cutscenes.
    Just as you arrive, the Seyfert Key will point towards the open sea. Follow
    that direction(northeast) and continuously use the Seyfert Key until you hit
    the 169, 18 coordinates(the Key makes it a lot easier than traveling around
    aimlessly, looking for the coordinates, but if you want it the hard way, be my
    guest). Submerge and look around for the Seyfert Garden(at the bottom, as
    Go up the stairs in front of you and through the doors at the top. In the next
    screen, watch the cutscene and cross the little bridge to the right. Trot up
    the stairs and advance to the next area. Here, just run down the stairs and
    follow the path into the following zone. Next, go along the only available
    road until you hit the door only Reid can cross. Follow the path to the start
    of the trial.
    After the brief cutscene, you'll be at Keele's house, when he was a kid. Exit
    your room by going down the stairs and watch the little dialogue. Afterward,
    you'll be outside. Follow Reid into the next screen and trot down the road to
    the exit of the town. There you'll be find Reid. After the short scene, you'll
    be at the Knoll. Head into the Knoll itself. In the first screen, you will see
    a stone staircase. Ignore it and go through the little path between it and the
    walls, advancing north(ESCAPE ALL BATTLES). Move on for a couple of screens
    until you reach a wooden bridge over a river. Cross it and you'll bump into a
    bifurcation. Pick the leftmost road and follow it to a camping point.
    After the brief cutscene, you'll have to available paths to take, both on the
    leftmost side of the screen. Take the bottom one and go left in the next
    screen. Go up the staircase you find and move onward until you find a
    staircase leading underground. Head down and go along the one-way road towards
    the area where Reid is. Once you meet him, you'll get to see another
    interesting cutscene. After it, you'll receive the Aurora Sword. It can be
    used by jamming the X button while Aurora Wall is on effect. HP will decrease
    as you use the sacred-Arte sword, though.
    Go outside the trial room to meet up with Farah. Afterward, make your way back
    toward the beginning of the area. On the way, you'll meet up with your other
    friends, and you will have to bear some more cutscenes. After them, go back to
    your ship and watch some more cutscenes.
    After you're out of jail, go up the staircase to the right into a storeroom of
    sorts. Go up and exit this room through the southern door. In the next screen,
    look for the castle's exit to the south. You will have to see a brief cutscene
    in the next screen, you'll be at the town of Inferia. Exit it and go towards
    the port up north. Look for your ship. When you find it, you'll have to fight
    some soldiers. After the easy battle, board the Van Eltia. The party will call
    for the Seyfert Key -- it'll point upwards, but not into Celestia, but the
    Orbus Barrier. Head to the Bridge of Expedition and select Enter Relay Point.
    When given the chance, pick Inverse Dome. There, do a 180 degree turn and head
    toward the Celestian port. From there, go to the Barrier Surface.
    Look for the Seyfert Observatory, which is to the left of where you start. Go
    After the talking, head to the next screen and open up the big door. Go into
    the room at the end of the hall and examine the machinery there. Go to the
    observation room first, and then to the trial gate. Save and go through the
    door only Reid can cross. Start the trial.
    After the cutscene, you will be in control of Shizel. Exit the room and go
    down the stairs in the next screen. At the lobby, exit through the green
    ornamented door. You will have to fight some soldiers along with Meredy.
    Attack them with Shizel's staff or her magic(use it with the circle button)
    and try your best to protect Meredy -- she has 2 Reverse Doll, but it'd be
    wise not to let her die. Eventually, you'll beat them and come back to the
    previous room. Shizel suggests you to look for an alternate way out. Go back
    to the room you started in and check the window. Outside, head to the right
    and examine the chimney like thing there. In the next screen, fight the
    soldiers(if Meredy dies, you'll be back at her room. Just exit through the
    window again and come back here; everytime she dies she'll have her two
    reverse dolls back) and approach the blue door. A little bit of dialogue
    Exit through the blue door and move on -- more soldiers to be fought. Beat
    them and then enter the big container here. Examine the trap door on the
    floor. Go out of the container and examine the machinery next to it to open
    the trap door. Then, jump down it. At the next area, head left and approach
    the ladder there -- more enemies. Fight them(magic is recommended) and climb
    up the ladder. In the next area, go down the rocky steps by you and go south.
    You'll meet Hyades, who will betray you. Cold blooded bastard. Watch the rest
    of the cutscenes.
    After the trial, you will receive the Aurora Wave as your prize. It can't be
    used under normal circumstances, but is the only skill that can neutralize the
    dark Aurora. It is performed by pressing X, O and Square when Dark Aurora is
    unleashed. Now that you've learned these things, go back to the previous
    screen and watch how Farah and Reid start to make love... eh, no. Just go back
    to the goddamn observatory. After the little chitchat, approach the socket
    that appears and watch the scene throughout which a branch is made on the
    Seyfert Ring, giving you the chance to access the Dark Matter Shizel is on.
    After this, go back to the Van Eltia and depart.
    Look for the Seyfert Ring and go through one of the branches on it. Watch the
    Save your game. Pop on the third disk.
    After you take control, go up and head to the right at the top of the screen.
    Next, talk with Keele's family there and resume your way along the only
    available path, talking with the people you come across, till you're by the
    town's entrance. Look for Farah on the left side of the entrance path and talk
    to her.
    You're awoken by good old Farah Fawcett. After the cutscenes, exit your room
    and go down the stairs. You'll meet back with Keele and Galenos. After the
    short chitchat, proceed down and meet up with Max. At his room, he'll be with
    Meredy and his Miacis. The thanking scene is interrupted when a Shileskan
    soldier enters and tells the party that the Craymel Cannon at Balir's Castle
    has been overrun by the Inferian Army. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo-stick. After
    doing so, exit the hideout. On your way out, talk with the guy at the Craymel
    Cannon developing room and donate another 20, 000 Gald. Then, talk with him
    again and get the Plasma Cannon(only if you donated earlier). Here is a short
    table on what you can get from him by donating:
    Plasma Cannon; 40,000 Gald(20,000 given when he asks for a donation, 20,000
    when he asks for it again); can be gotten after clearing Balir's Castle.
    Grand Magnum; 80,000 Gald; after you clear Aifread's Hideout.
    Impulse Cannon; 160,000 Gald must be paid; can be gotten after clearing
    Regulus Knoll.
    Elemental Master; 640,000 Gald to 1,280,000 Gald; only 640,000 Gald needed if
    donation is done after the Shizel Castle(the first one):
    And with that in mind, leave the hideout and board yer ship. Sail to Balir's
    Castle. Be sure you save at the world map before going inside, capisce? Oh,
    and I'd recommend a party of Max, Reid, Keele and Meredy.
    Move on toward where the Shileskan Camp was when you raided the castle. You
    will find a hole on the northern wall. Go through it and climb up the ladder
    nearby. Head to the left toward the platform where the Inferian Troops are.
    Hyades is wrecking havoc there. Time to engage.
    As you start, make some preparations. Equip the Plasma Cannon on Max and
    outfit Reid with a strong, non elemental weapon like the Saint Halberd. Set
    Burning Force to your shortcuts, as well as Nurse. Go to Strategy and make Max
    a walking death machine by setting up his Attack and Battle TP parameters to
    5. If you have Farah, do the same with her, and put one of her attacks on one
    of your shortcuts, instead of Burning Force. Afterward, put Keele's battle TP
    to max, while decreasing Meredy's to 3, and pumping up her Recover TP. Having
    done all of this, it's time to engage Hyades!
    This battle is hideously hard. Hyades is ultra powerful and has so many
    attacks is not even funny. Firstly, Hyades has this attack where he makes a
    hand appear somewhere on the field and it hits a party member for colossal
    amounts of damage. What makes this attack so goddamn annoying is that it can
    be cast whenever Hyades wishes to do so -- you may be pummeling at him,
    relentlessly, but somewhere else, a party member is killed because Hyades cast
    that hand.  Trust me when I say it's a VERY powerful attack that can decimate
    you, and there is almost no way to prevent it, not even by attacking him
    without mercy. His other attack is Earth Shaker, which is devastating. The
    earth starts to tremble and unleashes all of its fury upon you, doing
    TREMENDOUS(and I mean tremendous) amounts of damage -- enough to kill you in
    one hit, if you're not at full health(around the 1800s).
    Hyades also has so much HP is not even funny. This battle, apart from being
    tough, will be F'ING long! Hyades takes VERY little damage from your
    attack(no, not 1 or 2 PTS of DMG, but rather 400 or 700. But, given the fact
    he has over 100,000 Hit points, it's not very good damage, eh?). That's the
    problem of this battle -- it drags out for so much, Hyades will get plenty of
    chances to obliterate your party if you're not careful.
    The key here is to heal a lot. If you set Meredy's strategy so she would heal
    constantly, and put Nurse on your shortcuts, it should be no problem. Aside
    from that, you will need to attack Hyades with all of your strength. Earth
    Shaker takes time to be cast, but not much, so even if you're attacking him,
    the spell is bound to fall upon you. But, by keeping up the onslaught, you
    will be seeing the spell a lot less. I'd recommend using the traditional
    skills: Demon Twist, Super Lighting Blade, Sonic Chaos, etc. Max and/or Farah
    should be occupied casting their best skills, such as Burning Force and Super
    Sonic Fist. You probably have a lot more skills than I do, so if you do, use
    the best ones =)
    Keele's job is to be the annoying little bugger. I really did not pay a lot of
    attention to him, and you shouldn't, either -- focus on Reid's attacks,
    Farah's/Max's skill-casting(they should be set to your shortcuts) and Meredy's
    healing. If you want Keele to contribute to attack, do as I told you and set
    his strategy so he uses up most of his TP on Attacking Artes. Meredy should
    not attack. Like I said, make her spend her TP on healing(On the Strategy
    menu) and constantly cast Nurse, specially after Earth Shaker on when
    someone's been hit by Hyades hand attack.
    The key here is to finish the battle fast. By attacking insistently, you will
    prevent stuff such as Earth Shaker, but the bastard's hand attack is still
    bloody enough to decimate you. I highly suggest you that you revive all fallen
    comrades IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY FALL, and be sure you cure the TP-reducing-
    Weak status with Panacea Bottles -- or equip Poison Charms ;) It's your
    choice. But maintain yourself healthy and alive. And be sure you always have
    plenty of TP to deal with.
    CUTSCENE TIME!!!!!! Afterward, talk to Farah, who's chatting with Galenos.
    Have Max join you.
    Now, you need to look for Ribavius Ore. This thing is at the Regulus Knoll.
    Before even thinking about heading into the world map and traveling toward
    Rasheans, replenish your healing items stock. I'd recommend learning some new
    skills around the map. When you feel like you're ready, move on to Inferia,
    and then head west, towards Rasheans.
    The town is atop some kind of high cliff the Van Eltia cannot beat. Head to the
    southeastern end of the continent the town is on and then start going toward
    Rasheans, along the western edge of the continent, until you find a river that
    ends in a waterfall. Dock alongside the river and board the Aerialboard. Next to
    the river there is a path you can fly through to find Rasheans. When you find
    it, head west of it and look for a ruin-like area. It's Regulus Knoll.
    After the cutscene, I'd recommend saving. Then, follow the linear path(as you
    did in the Trial sequence) toward the entrance of Regulus Tomb. Move on until
    you reach the area Reid and Keele were rock-hunting in the past. Pick the items
    you find along the way(Mythril Plate). At that room(where Keele and Reid were)
    you'll have to bear a cutscene. Then, pick the Elixir and move further into the
    Undine warns you about the effects of Ribavius Ore. It will amplify or decrease
    the Artes' powers, so you must be careful! Furthermore, if the Ore's glow around
    you is red, then your TP will be decreased as time goes on. However, if it is a
    blue glow, you'll TP will be healed as time goes on. This only occurs when
    you're in motion, though.
    Start by taking the southern exit on this room(at the bottom of the screen -- is
    easy to miss). In this room, there are a total of four items for you to take.
    There is a Mythril Mesh to the left of where you enter, on a nook, and further
    to the right there are some more items. Pick a Shadow and Volt Crystal as well
    as a Mystic Symbol. Having taken all of these items, go back to the room where
    Undine warned you about Ribavius Ore's effects and exit through the eastern side
    of the room. Run along the path until you reach a two-cave intersection. Go
    through the one to the right.
    Pick the Mythril Bracelet off the chest and then, push the boulder across the
    chest into the fissure there. Then, go north, across the sinuous path until you
    reach another boulder that needs a push. Having done this, backtrack toward the
    two-cave intersection and this time around, take the left exit. Cross the
    boulder bridge you made and head into the next screen. Here, go down and, in the
    next screen, take the cavern to your left. Go up and into the next area. Here,
    go across the boulder bridge and take the Diamond Fist on the corner to the
    right. Then, head left, across the chest with the Diamong Fist. Go south then
    and follow the road toward a save point. Save and HEAL(especially your TP) and
    equip the Dragon Vein on Reid and the Ghost Shell on Farah(I recommend her
    alongside Max). Also, be sure you set Nurse to your shortcuts, as well as some
    attack that can hit a flying enemy(Farah's) or Max's Air Blade -- preferably Air
    Blade(NOT Burning Force). Also, equip the Mystic Symbol on Meredy and be sure
    Reid has Megasonic Thrust/Neo Swarm/Swarm(either of the three) on his shortcuts,
    as well as Demon Twist and(optional) Spiral Attack. Put Meredy's "Recover TP" to
    4 and put Farah's Kick, Punch and Attack all to 5. Yep.. Once you feel like
    you're ready, approach the doorway.
    This battle can be quite tough. There are a couple of things about this fight
    that will make you rip your hair off. Firstly, Rem is accompanied by a name-
    less, un-damageable and ultra powerful light ball. This thing will serve as a
    shield for Rem, although he/she will sometimes send it flying towards differents
    areas of the field. When you touch that light ball, you are damaged. One touch
    can do up to 600 PTS of DMG(because you're actually hit multiple times) and will
    send you flying back. This ball is always flying around the field, wrecking
    havoc on your party. You cannot damage, you cannot kill it. It's ultra annoying
    and will make the battle considerably longer, shielding Rem from many attacks
    until you manage to get through it. To do so, you should first notice that the
    ball floats up and down. Wait for it to float up and go underneath it. Or, you
    could wait for it to be sent somewhere else.
    Rem, being a flying dude, is extremely swift. He can simply fly up and dodge
    your attack, or fly from one end of the feel to another at top speeds. This is
    also what makes the battle so tough. Not only that, but Rem's array of attacks.
    His "physical" attack consists on shooting thin lasers towards you. These lasers
    do a lot of damage, though, and will stop your party on its tracks and send you
    flying back. This attack, combined with Rem's light ball, is enough to keep you
    at a safe distance from the Craymel. Thus, you won't be having too many attack
    chances. Not only that, but Rem is also very, very "cheatous". When he's
    chanting an spell, you CANNOT dispel it, because the aura that forms around him
    will DAMAGE you. Unbelievable! Actually, you can dispel it, but with attacks
    such as Megasonic Thrust and Air Blade. Megasonic's long thrusts will hit Rem
    even if you're far away from him. So will Air Blade. But if you ever decide to
    get near, prepare to be pummeled.
    His/Her other attacks are Ray, Shining Flare and Prism Sword. In Ray, Rem sends
    a ball of energy and out of it sprout numerous beams of light that circle around
    a selected area and damage anything around it. If you're party is all mushed-up,
    this attack is bound to him 'em all, and will do TREMENDOUS damage. So, try to
    keep your party spread. Shining Flare is quite powerful, but easy to dodge.
    Basically, a circle of fire is cast and anything trapped within it is damaged
    for a couple of seconds. You can easily escape this attack by moving away from
    Rem when the words "Shining Flare" appear on-screen, obviously calling for your
    mates(L1 + DOWN) so they too dodge the spell. Lastly, we have Prism Sword. As
    evidenced when you played as Shizel, this attack is bound to miss its target.
    Why? It casts a series of sword that rain down upon you, but are very separated,
    leaving blank spaces in between them. Wide blank spaces. If you're properly
    located(this is just a matter of luck), you are bound to miss it. Otherwise,
    prepare to sustain around 1,000 PTS of DMG.
    Rem has a lot of HP for you to deal with. That, and the fact is so damn hard to
    get near him/her, will make this battle very, very long. Commence your attack
    with Max's Air Blade. This will hit Rem from very far away, so you should put
    the "Yeah" guy on the back row. As Reid, wait for the light ball to give you the
    chance to approach the Craymel, and when you're given such chance, make good use
    of it! Run up to Rem and start off with a couple of physical attacks. These can
    do around 200-1000 PTS of DMG! Most of the time, they'll do around 600-700,
    though(they seem to do more damage if Rem is flying). Afterward, you may like to
    use Demon Twist on the Craymel. I've used this skill throughout the whole game,
    and it always seems to work. And here is no exception. Given the fact Reid is
    propelled upwards when the skill is cast, this skill will be very useful against
    flying-happy Rem. It does A LOT of damage on the monster(remember: you have the
    Dragon Vein on) and it's a skill that can be cast multiple times, due to its
    fastness. Meanwhile, Farah will be attacking and healing, too(she has Heal). If
    you set her Attack, Kick and Punch parameters to five, she'll be an attacking
    Nurse should be cast constantly. Rem's laser shots and light ball will pummel
    you into submission when you are not expecting it, so you better heal yourself
    before that happens. Be sure you spread your attack so you're not cornered by
    the light ball AND Rem at the same time. I highly suggest you to tap constantly
    Nurse's shortcut, because you will be absorbing tons of damage. Revive every
    fallen character whenever you get the chance, and, even if there are three dead
    characters and the last one has 200 HPs left, do not give up! Revive! Whenever
    you get an opening to attack Rem with Reid, jam on the attack buttons like
    madman to rack up damage before you're sent flying back. It will be a long and
    tough battle, but not impossible.
    Afterwards, enter the seal room and watch the cutscene. After it, you'll be at
    It's good to be back, eh? Anyway, enjoy the rest of the cutscene. Afterward,
    you're told you need to go back to Balir's Castle courtyard. So, head to
    Celestia(you'll have to Aerialboard your way towards the Van Eltia -_-) and then
    to the world Meredy was born on. Afterward, make haste to Balir's(purchase some
    healing items on the way).
    Head toward where you fought Hyades and watch the cutscene. Afterward, talk with
    Zosimos. He tells you that the Ore could be transformed into a very powerful
    sword. Your job is to go to the Seyfert Observatory, but you should take this
    optional adventure.
    If you don't want to, skip the row of asterisks and move on to the Observatory.
    However, I highly suggest you to get the Rage Laser skill for Max, even if you
    don't take the Zosimos/Ribavius Ore optional adventure. This skill's pink miacis
    is at the area you landed at when you first came to Celestia(the one next to
    Imen). Is a very good skill.
    After talking with Zosimos, board the Van Eltia and sail to Imen. Head into the
    town and to the weapons shop. You'll find Zosimos there. After the short
    cutscene, exit the shop(you might want to talk with Bonz nearby) and exit and
    enter Imen five times. Afterward, head back to Sagura' weapon shop and the Last
    Fencer will be ready. It's the strongest, non-elemental weapon on the game.
    Just a bunch of cutscenes. Then, head into the dark matter.
    Go up the stairs and watch the cutscene. Afterward, take the door to the right
    and run across the path until you reach an area with a chest containing a Mystic
    Sword. There is also an elevator here; use it to go up. In the next screen, run
    westwards. You'll reach a circular area with four treasure chests. Open 'em all
    for a Mythril Mesh, a Luck Bag, a Demon Seal and a Mumbane. Afterward, go north
    and follow the path to a raised area where a chest with the "Dark Sphere" rests.
    Take it and go back to the elevator. Descend to where you got the Mystic Sword,
    and then go down again into the bottom floor of the area.
    Go to the left and move on into the next screen. Go along the sinuous, but one-
    wayed path, until you reach an elevator. Use it to go down. In the next screen,
    ignore the chest next to you(FAKE!!!) and use the elevator to go down again. In
    the VERY bottom of this castle, head to the left of the elevator's landing point
    and grab the Eternia Melody off the chest on the raised area. Afterward, go down
    the staircase here. I warn you, it's a kind of long trot down. At the bottom you
    will find a cave, covered in moss and with a pale tree by it. Head into it and
    approach the altar of sorts there. Press X and watch the cutscene. You now have
    Sekundes! Congrats! With him in hand, backtrack upstairs(to the area where you
    got the Eternia Melody) and go up with the elevator, to the level with the fake.
    This time around, take the path to the right.
    Follow it to a bifurcation, where you can go north or south. Go south and you'll
    be back at the beginning of the castle. With Sekundes and the Dark Sphere,
    you're done with this castle for now. Head out of it and board the Van Eltia.
    Go to the Relay Point and then, head into the Conversion Dome. There will be an
    Aifread Statue there. Examine it and you'll get two interesting coordinates: 88-
    64. Write them down and do your thing at the Relay Point so you end up in
    Set sail to the coordinates you found written on Aif's statue. They lead to
    Aifread's Tomb, which is on a crescent-moon shaped island. When you're near the
    coordinates proportioned to you, you'll surely identify the shape of the island.
    The place itself is like a giant cross. Land on the island and head inside.
    Go down the path and use the save point there to save. Then, head left into the
    next screen. The first thing the party notices is the big, naked bust in the
    middle of the room. Keele also thinks the area is poorly decorated. Ah,
    whatever. As you might have noticed, there are three available paths to take:
    one to the north, covered in ice, and two on the west and east. On both of these
    cardinal directions you'll find an extra, thin, black-backgrounded door(they'd
    be on the northeast and northwest portions of the room, respectively). Approach
    them and you're pushed back... dang. You only have three ways to go, then!
    Take the northern door first. In the next screen, run up, crossing the seemingly
    interminable bridges until you reach a big, metallic door. Cross it and in the
    next room, move forward. The floor beneath you disappears and you fall into a
    level below. In this area, as you can see, needles are pumping off the floor.
    It's EXTREMELY hard to dodge them. I mean, just look at 'em. They come in and
    out faster than a goddamn thunder! Anyway, first, go up, until you reach a
    bifurcation. You can go further north, or take the adjacent path to the left; it
    leads to a chest with a Mythril Bracelet. The other path leads to another
    bifurcation. This one gives you the chance to go left or right. Go right, past
    the needles, and snag an All-divide. Then, go left and into the next screen.
    The room is basically a lava pit, with stepping stones for you to use to cross
    the area. These stepping stones start sinking when you step on them.
    Furthermore, there are various enemies here, floating around, and that will rush
    towards you whenever you area dangerously near their shapes. They key here is to
    run along the stepping-stones path, heading west, as fast as possible. You will
    still have to fight an enemy on the western end of the room, but if you move
    fast, that's the only one you'll have to face. However, as you go, be sure you
    take the little bifurcations that veer downward and lead into offshoots with two
    nice items: an Elixir, and 13, 579 Gald. w00t! Then, head to the next screen.
    Here, simply go along the path and into the next room. You can talk to the
    statues on the way, but, they just sell items and let you rest for INSANELY high
    prices. So, just ignore them and head into the next room. Here, you will find a
    huge bowl that's boiling hot. Approach the fire underneath it and start blasting
    the Fire Ring button. Push against the fire, always pushing the Fire Ring
    button, and it'll disappear. Don't try to shoot from afar; it won't work. You
    need to be VERY near the fire, and my strategy is very effective. Once the
    fire's been extinguished, take the unblocked path on the eastern wall. At the
    next area, go up the steps next to you and remove the "Aifread Hat" off the
    statue. Then, head further to the right and make your way back to the room with
    the Aifread Bust.
    Take the eastern door. The next hallway looks like it could belong to an old-
    fashioned mansion. At the end of it there is a door; go through it. In the next
    room, you'll reach a hallway with hazardous guillotines that pound the floor
    fiercely. You need to cross this hallway. Time your moves and cross each
    guillotine, CAREFULLY, until you reach the other side. Approach the railing that
    covers the staircase that goes down, and it retracts. From here, just follow the
    road and staircases into the next screen. In here, there is another staircase
    that goes down. Before descending, head to the leftmost corner of this portion
    of the room, west of the staircase you used to come from the guillotine's room,
    and take the Moon Robe. Then, descend.
    Here, there is an eccentric guy that does not like you to be on his turf. If he
    touches you, you'll be sent back to the beginning of THIS ROOM. In order to
    prevent this from happening, shoot him with your Freeze Ring and run up to the
    end of the area, where a face of sorts with metal teeth looks at you. Examine it
    and you're told it lusts for woman blood(not THAT kind of blood, perv ;)). Male
    your party leader either Farah or Meredy(go to Formation, pick Switch, and
    switch leaders) and examine the door again. It opens. In the next screen, you're
    bound to see some blue balloons jumping down the staircase. They're bombs being
    thrown by a nasty skeleton up there. Go up the first flight of steps and snag
    the Red Bellebane off the chest in front of the jail. Go up the next flight of
    steps, carefully avoiding the skele-bombs, and make your way to the top of the
    room. Take the only available path here, to the far left.
    Get Aifread's Dress of the coffin and open the chest here to get Losagna's
    Dress. Then, exit the room through the southern door. You'll be back at the area
    where Aif's bust resides. Take the western path this time around. You'll reach a
    hallway that reminds me of Japan and Geishas and Samurais and all of that nice
    stuff. It's a linear one, so just head into the next screen. Here, you'll have
    two paths to take. Pick the easternmost one and head through it.  In the next
    screen, cross the wooden bridge in front of you. As you go on, you'll have to
    engage some Bullfrogs and Medusas. Beat the crap outta them and move on to the
    other side of this bridge. Trot along this path and into the next screen.
    Here, move forward. There is seemingly only one door here, that goes north.
    However, next to it is another door, wooden, hidden in the background, that goes
    east. This one is locked, though. So, take the unlocked door, for now at least.
    In the next screen, you'll reach a shrine with a river flowing besides it. There
    is a geisha statue resting nearby, too. By the little river flowing nearby there
    is a small, wooden panel. Push the geisha up there. It's a bit hard to pull off.
    Once you do so, the geisha should push its head forward and activate a switch of
    sorts. If you put the statue on the panel and nothing happens, keep on moving
    the mannequin until the desired action happens. Once it does, go back to the
    previous screen and take the eastern door, the one I told you was locked(you
    just unlocked it).
    Move on until you reach a room with a chest, as well as a wooden box, that looks
    like a shrine. Examine such box to get Aifread's Beard. Get the Captain's Hat
    off the chest and exit through the east to go back to the bust room. Approach
    the bust again and examine it to put all of the clothes you've found so far on
    it. A new passageway opens. Go through it and make your way towards a chest,
    holding the "Light Sphere". You know have both spheres(you got the Dark One on
    Shizel's place, remember?). Now, simply go back to your ship(exit the dungeon)
    and board it. Go back to the Orbus Barrier.
    Head into the conversion dome and examine the little slots on both sides of the
    Aifread Statue. After this, you'll get the Aibird. You can now fly! Our next
    destination is given by Keele. Talk to him inside the Aibird cabin at the Van
    Eltia, and he'll talk about an island south of Morle, on a high mountaintop,
    that should be now accessible due to the new feature the Van Eltia has. However,
    you may want to do a few side stuff and get new items. Here they are(skip past
    the row of asterisks if you want to go to the island south of Morle, the Glimmer
    Spire, immediately).
    1)I highly recommend you to get two new skills for Max. Firstly, head toward the
    area you landed on when first coming to Celestia -- the one near to Imen. In
    there, you will find that surly pink Miacis. Talk to it and learn Rage Laser.
    This should be done now if you didn't do it earlier.
    2)Get another skill for Max. This one is gotten at Luishka. Enter the town and
    head into the screen following the entrance. Examine the debris here and Max
    should pop out in no time(make sure you have him in your party). He'll talk some
    gibberish and the pink miacis will appear. You will then learn Dark Laser.
    3)Make some donations at the Craymel Cannon Development room at Shileska's
    hideout to get the Grand Magnum AND the Impulse Cannon for Max.
    4)Go to Inferia(our next destination is there, anyway) and then to Chambard. Run
    into the inn and check out the guest room. Examine the top-right bed until
    wonder chef pops up. He'll teach you Carbonara pasta and give you the
    ingredients. This pasta heals 60% of HP and 40% of TP when used and it's HIGHLY
    useful! I'm well aware wonder chef gives you the ingredients, but I'm not sure
    if he gives 15 of each. If he doesn't, buy a bunch of the Carbonara ingredients
    so you're able to cook anytime.
    5)Head to the Farlos Sanctuary at the bottom of Mount Farlos. In there, head
    into the church and examine the Seyfert Statue behind the altar. It opens up.
    Below, you'll find the Seyfert Shrine, where Maxwell rests. Do not move further
    into the shrine to fight Maxwell. Not now. Instead, fight around and level up to
    level 54-55, at least. The one that should level up is Reid. The other ones
    don't matter. Afterward, leave.
    It's now time. Fly to Morle and from there, go south. The island you're looking
    for looks like a... star and has a red dot on it. It should be impossible to
    miss it, because it's the only noteworthy island south of Morle. In there,
    you'll find a huge tower. Head into it.
    After the short introductory cutscene, head inside the tower. Inside the first
    floor, you'll spot a pentagonal pattern on the floor. Stepping on each of the
    circles on such pattern will cause on circle to light up, and also, one circle
    to light out. The floor is shaped like this:
    2     3
    4	5
    Step on the "5" circle, then on the "1" circle. Afterward, on the "3" circle,
    then on the "5" circle again. Go toward the "1" circle and step on it again.
    Then the "2", then the "1", and "2" again. Afterward, "4", then "5" and lastly,
    5 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 4 - 5 - 2. Step on such circles in such order
    and a circular panel on the upper part of the room will light up. Step on it and
    you'll be transported into the next floor. Approach the doorway here and enter
    the puzzle room that follows.
    Move on to the middle of the room. When you step on the little pattern there,
    you're told that the one who spins the locus will gain access to the next
    level... or something like that. Afterward, the differently colored "pearls"
    here will start lighting up. After they finish, you'll need to activate them in
    the order shown to you. This is totally random, so I'd suggest you to grab a pen
    and a piece of paper, and write down the colors of the pearls that light up. It
    should be easy. Head into the next floor and then, go into the puzzle room.
    In here, you should notice that the teleporter is floating out of your range.
    Also, you should notice that on each side of the teleporter there is a slight
    breeze coming out of a weird structure stuck to the wall. There are, as well,
    two candelabras right next to the teleporter. Should you try to light up the
    candelabras with your S. Ring(that's what first comes to mind, eh?), then the
    breeze coming from the structures stuck on the wall will dissipate the fire.
    What you need to do here is to freeze up the breezing things with your F.
    Ring(L1). After you've frozen 'em both, light up the candelabras with you
    sorcerer's ring. A small floor panel will appear in front of the teleporter.
    Step on this panel and wait for a staircase to pop up. Then, ascend it and go
    into the next floor. Dive into the following puzzle room.
    This puzzle room is probably the toughest and the one that makes less sense(at
    first). Notice all of those flying things? Shoot at one, or two, or whatever,
    with the Sorcerer's Ring(R1) and it'll change its position, pointing upwards.
    That's the point of this puzzle: to make them all point upwards. However, when
    you shoot a pearl, it may not move. As a matter of fact, there may be a time
    when no pearl will move. I've deduced that when this happens, you need to shoot
    a pearl to "charge" it and then shoot another one to make them move. Get it?
    It's like they're connected. I really didn't understand the puzzle. I only know
    that the premise is to make them point upwards. With that in mind, you'll have a
    better time with this puzzle. Shoot at the pearls until they're all pointing
    upwards. It took me a lot of time to guess this one out(at first, I didn't know
    the premise) and it's hard to put it down on paper. But trust me, once you know
    what is needed to do, it should be easier.
    In the next puzzle room, you'll be shown a vast abysm with three colored orbs
    floating above it. There is a platform here as well, and, on the leftmost corner
    of the abysm, a phantasmagoric copy of such platform. Step on the platform
    nearest to you and push forward on your d-pad to move forward. Right to move to
    the right, left to the left, and so on. Simple. However, it should be noted that
    when you move, the spectral platform mimics you, somewhat. Move forward and
    it'll move backwards. Move leftwards and it'll move rightwards. The premise here
    is to make the phantom platform grab the three glowing orbs. There are many
    paths to take, but, I'd suggest taking this one(the one I took, anyways). Step
    on the platform and guide it:
    left, left, left, left, up, up, up, up, up, right, right, down, left, down,
    right, right, right, right, down, down, down, left, left, up, left, up, up,
    right, left, left, right, right, down, left, up, left, left, left, down, down,
    down, right, right, right, right, right(note: I'm not too sure about how many
    rights; just be sure you're one right-move from bumping into the rightmost
    wall), up, up, left, up, left, down, up, left, up, left, right, right, left,
    down, left, up, up, down, down, down, down, down, right.
    Phew! You're done! Sorry for making this so long. That's the only path I had
    videotaped(it was damn tough to get this puzzle done by looking at the tape.
    DAMN TOUGH!). After this, you just need to head into the next floor, where the
    next puzzle awaits.
    In this room, there are three totems of sorts, located on each corner of the
    room. In the middle of this room, there is a tiled floor that looks like this:
                  BLUE        GREEN
                   SF          SF
                   16  15  14  13
                   12  11  10  9
                   8   7   6   5
          ORANGE SF4   3   2   1
    The ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN represent the totems I've talked about. The SF's are
    safe tiles(read on). The numbers represent multi-colored tiles you need to step
    through. When you step on a tile, another tile disappears. Understand? the safe
    tiles are yellow tiles that, when stepped on, make the whole grid to appear.
    These tiles are in front of each totem.
    The path to be taken is this one: 1, 5, 9, 10, 11, 7, 3, 4, SF and activate
    Orange Totem. From there, step on SF, 4, then 8, 12, 16, SF and activate Blue
    Totem. From there, SF, 16, 12, 8, 7, 6, 5, 9, 10, 14, 13, SF and activate Green
    Afterward, you'll need to make it back to the blue totem and step on the
    teleporter. You could use the blue totem to green totem path backwards or simply
    exit the room and enter it back. Now, the tiles won't disappear! So, just head
    directly into the teleporter and head into the next puzzle room.
    In this puzzle room, you'll find the teleporter waiting for you. Teleport up and
    you'll find another tiled grid, smaller of course, and that has different
    properties. There is a set path for you to cross here. Should you step on
    different tiles than the ones permitted, you'll be teleported down. Here is how
    the tiled grid looks:
    13  14  15  16
    9   10  11  12
    5   6   7   8
    1   2   3   4
    The path for you to take: 1, 5, 6, 7, 11, 15. Teleport up. You'll be next to a
    save point. Make good use of it. I now hope you followed my advice and leveled
    Reid up to level 53-55. What's coming on is going to be tough. Outfit him with
    the Mystic Sword, a Black Onyx for a HP boost, and a Force Ring to lessen
    physical damage. Set Sonic Chaos, Spiral Attack, Megasonic Thrust and Tempest
    Strike to your attacking shortcuts. Heal Reid up, save again, and move up. Enter
    Valkyrie. It's time to fight.
    A formidable warrior such as this Odin subordinate calls for a frustrating
    fight. Indeed, this battle will be hideously hard. At first, at least. After
    leveling up a ton and preparing myself well for this battle, I had not a lot of
    trouble to beat this girl.
    This is a one-on-one fight. You're Reid. Valkirye is a very powerful warrior.
    She has a vast array of attacks, most of which hit you around 10-20 Times. Each
    hit is actually quite weak, but given the fact you're hit so much, be prepared
    to absorb some nice damage. Valkirye is also awfully fast, running from one end
    of the field to another in no time. She will catch you even if you don't want
    to. Plus, she is ALWAYS attacking. Should you approach her, she'll either
    release an attack or activate her nasty shield. This battle will frustrate you.
    Valkyrie will use, at first, some weak stuff such as Sonic Blade and Fireball.
    However, she'll also use here tough-hitting combos. One of them, Valkyrie
    strike, is an attack where you're hit by an onslaught of slashes(around 10 or
    so) and pushed back in the process. Each hit is worth 100 PTS of DMG(or 80, if
    you equipped the Force Ring). This attack will negate any attack you were doing,
    and you'll be at the warrior's mercy will it is being cast -- you cannot move.
    She will use this CONSTANTLY, always trying to corner you and doing
    insurmountable amounts of damage(given the fact it is used so many times in a
    She has a combo attack, nameless, which I refer to as the "Fireball's combo". In
    this attack, Valkyrie jabs the hell out of you, STUNS you, and then casts
    Fireball and hits you with it. This attack is usually combo'ed with Valkyrie
    Strike, making it even more damaging. Lastly, Valkyrie has her Guard Impact.
    With this attack, she will guard against any attack you make towards her and
    DAMAGE you at the same time. This will also send you flying back. That's why it
    becomes astonishingly hard to hit her sometimes. But, with patience and strong
    combos, you should win.
    Start off by letting go a barrage of Sonic Chaos, immediately after the battle
    starts.  Sonic Chaos only works at a prudent distance. Otherwise, it may not
    fully damage its target, or not damage it at all. So, anyways, let go an
    onslaught of Sonic Chaos, by mashing its shortcut combination CONSTANTLY.
    Valkyrie starts at "just the right distance" for Sonic Chaos to be effective.
    The first hit will do around 100 PTS of DMG, but the rest of the hits won't do
    less than 450 PTS of DMG. You will get the chance to use around 5 Sonic Chaos's
    before Valkyrie gets annoyed of them and runs up to you. When she does, the real
    battle starts.
    Valkyrie will start using her jabs and thrusts on you, trying to push you back.
    You shouldn't just run up to her and attack, but always, always, be sure you're
    attacking. Either by pushing X, or O, or anything, but be sure you're always
    hitting her. You're bound to be hit by her Guard Impact, but that extra damage
    will give you the edge later. Besides, you may end up finding an opening for
    attack while doing this. However, you should not rely on luck. Attack her and
    absorb her hits, but after she finishes one of her attack, try to slash her. Do
    two normal slashes and, while doing so, cast Spiral Attack. This way, when you
    finish the two slashes, Spiral Attack will be cast. While it is being done on
    Valkyrie, input Megasonic Thrust's shortcut combination. That way, when Spiral
    Attack ends, you'll do MT. What a nice combo! This nice combo should be done
    whenever you get the chance to. Or, you could just use Spiral Attack, because
    you need a lot of timing for this combo, and should you fail, Valkyrie will
    punish you relentlessly.
    You should have notice that you're always being pushed back when attacked by
    Valkyrie. That's the problem here. If she manages to corner you, she will
    slaughter you with her non-stopping combos. When you're fully cornered, it's
    almost impossible to escape. There are two ways to deal with this:
    The best way is not to let her corner you, duh! Basically, when you see you're
    getting too near to the battlefield's corner, cast Tempest Strike and try to fly
    to the other side. I say try because as you fly, you're bound to hit Valkyrie,
    and if you're bound to hit her, she will not hesitate in casting Guard Impact.
    Basically, what I'm saying is that it is very hard to fly above her head.
    However, it's not impossible, and it's certainly better than waiting for her to
    corner you. Besides, should you manage to fly over her, you'll have the chance
    to attack her from her back, providing you with a great chance to use a combo or
    her. Not only that, but, when you fly over her, you should try to get as far as
    you can from her, and then cast Sonic Chaos to get some cheap shots on her. I
    highly suggest you that you use Sonic Chaos when given such an incredible
    If you have been completely cornered, though, you will have an horrible time
    trying to escape. In this case, I suggest you to let Valkyrie have a feast on
    you. Yeah, let her damage you. Once you hit the 500s, however, it'll be time to
    punish her. Cast Aurora Wall!(press and hold O, X and Square, all at the same
    time!). If you manage to cast it(it can be hard), then, tap X as it is being
    done, to add up Aurora Slash to the combo. After the attack finishes, you'll be
    so far away from the corner it's not even funny. However, be sure to heal after
    the attack.
    This brings up my next point: you should heal often. Not only your HP(with Lemon
    Gels, no less), but your TP, too! I'd suggest healing you TP with Orange Gels,
    and not Pine Gels, though. Pine Gels are more expensive, and Orange Gels are
    just are effective. Also, if you plan on casting Aurora Wall and Aurora Slash,
    be sure you have 150 TP, at least, as that combo eats up that much TP.
    After a lot of damage has been done on her, she will start using her Valkyrie
    protector attack. With this attack, she's invulnerable to damage. Plus, the
    protective shield around her is damaging and, if you're hit by it, you have no
    chance in hell to escape. Believe me when I say you're doomed to absorb all of
    the hits when you're caught by the shield. When she starts casting this,
    strengthen your attack and always look for more openings. Do not try to use a
    combo if its not possible. If you ever get a window of chance, use whatever
    you're able to and damage her. Do not waste your opportunity by trying to use a
    high-end, hard-hitting combo.
    "Good Luck"
    You'll get an invisible key which you can use on the Hideout 1(56, 112) at
    Celesea(seas of Celestia). Take all of the items here, too:
    Beam Shield, Bellebane, Crystal Rod, Earth Shard, Elixir, Fire Shard, 17595
    Gald, 19125 Gald, Golden Armor, Jet Boots, Lavender, Rune Bottle, Sage, Savory,
    Snow Shard, Tuna Gel, Volt Shard, Water Shard and Wind Shard. Quite nice, eh?
    Now, before doing the next thing you need to do, I'd suggest going to that
    Hideout and getting the Summon Destiny weapon. Then, head to Farlos Sanctuary.
    Examine the Seyfert Statue inside the church and it'll open up(you probably did
    this before if you had decided to level up). Go down.
    Save and head into the next screen. From here, just go to the left and into a
    bridge that's above a foyer. Cross it and go through the door at the other side.
    In the next room, go through the only other door there. Next, you'll be at a
    room with two doors and a staircase going down. Go through both doors and snag
    the items inside(some Gald and a Golden Helm) and then go down the staircase.
    Below, there'll be two more doors, as well as an exit on the southern wall.
    Enter both rooms here to get a Spirit Robe as well as a Red Lavender. Then, exit
    the room through the south.
    In the next screen, head right and through the only door there. Afterwards,
    you'll be in front of a save point. Save and set your party like this: Keele,
    Meredy, Farah and Reid. Be sure you're able to cast Restore and set it to your
    shortcuts. Equip Reid with the warrior Symbol. Also, be sure to have the
    Distortion spell on your shortcuts. Set everybody's strategy's to "Prevent
    Magical Attack". Meredy should have her Recover TP set to 4, and her attack TP
    set to three(if she has both restorative and attacking spells; otherwise, no).
    Keele should be the opposite(check the above warning). Meanwhile, set all of
    Farah's parameters to 5.  Also, make sure you have skills such as Spiral Attack,
    Omega Tempest Strike and Demon Twist set to your shortcuts. Mainly Demon Twist.
    Also, equip a Warrior Symbol on Reid, as well as the Mystic Sword. Then, Save
    and head further into this room.
    Enter Maxwell.
    THIS BATTLE IS INCREDIBLY EASY! I could not believe it until after I beat this
    bastard. It's so easy! The key to winning will be Demon Twist and Distortion.
    And constant healing with Restore.
    Basically, Maxwell floats about the field, along with its Tractor Beam
    ally(basically a floating circle that will cast such spell from time to time).
    He has tons of damaging attacks, but you will probably never see them. Now, what
    you need to do here is to constantly tap Demon Twist's shortcut combination,
    while pushing the stick toward where Maxwell is. This way, you'll pursue him
    with this attack, and you won't let him call a spell! Not even one! By doing
    this throughout the whole fight, Maxwell won't be able to do much. Demon Twist
    is fast and, with a level 54 Reid and a Mystic Sword + Warrior's Symbol, it
    should do 220 PTS of DMG per hit(it should be noted that Maxwell has incredibly
    high defense). Always pursue him with Demon Twist, and never stop casting it.
    Follow Maxwell like a little dog and hit him when you catch him. Twice, thrice,
    it doesn't matter. And then, when he teleports, move on to where he went and
    keep on doing this. Meanwhile, cast Distortion. It does 5000 PTS of DMG a hit.
    This, along with the Demon Twist onslaught, will make Maxwell's unable to escape
    from you and will be the Supreme Craymel's doom. As long as you heal ALWAYS with
    Restore, you will breeze through this fight in no time.
    Maxwell casts Indignation and Tractor Beam. Indignation hits hard and will kill
    a party that's not been healed properly. In that case, simply revive and heal.
    It shouldn't be too hard.
    Exit the cavern. Now you have one last stop before heading to the battle against
    Shizel: the battle you owe to Sekundes. After that, you may head further into
    Shizel's castle and fight her. Or do some sidequests(check the sidequests
    section). But now, it's time to fight Sekundes.
    However, I'd suggest getting Max's Canceler(and Elemental Master) first. I
    HIGHLY recommend you to get it.
    Start off by getting Aqua Spiral. To get this skill, go to the Gnome statue on
    the city(next to the weapon's shop; go left one screen from the hotel, up an
    escalator. To the right there'll be another escalator. Go up it) and find the
    pink Miacis there. With this skill, and the other four, you'll have a total of
    five skills. Drop Max at his room in the Shileska Hideout(so he's outta your
    party) and start off this quest:
    1-Head to Peruti, where the Pink Miacis is, and you'll find Lesitia. Talk with
    her and leave.
    2-Go to where you found Aqua Spiral and you'll find Lesitia, too. Talk with her
    and leave.
    3-Go to the Cape Fortress(where you started your Celestia adventure) and talk
    with Lesitia, who's in front of the sea. Then, leave.
    4-Go to Luishka and talk with Lesitia once again. She's right in front of
    Galenos' place(go to where you found the pink miacis and take the path to the
    right). Leave once you're done.
    5-It's time to go town, pal. Head to Jini(65, 151. It's not necessary to go
    underwater now that you have the Aibird. Simply head for those coordinates and
    look for a small town surrounded in mountains and with a pond in front of it)
    and wait for nighttime.
    Enter(it could be a little troublesome to land here, but it's possible) and head
    to the Jini auction. You'll find Lesitia outside of it. She'll hand over the
    With this, you're able to combo various of Max attacks. This will come in handy.
    Go back to where Max is and have him rejoin. Take him back to Jini and move on
    to the auction place(it must be nighttime). As you go, the Miacis appear, and
    you'll learn Elemental Master. Wazza!!
    Now that you have the Canceler and Elemental Master, I'd suggest leveling up at
    Seyfert Sanctuary(where you found Maxwell) and get some money in the process.
    Get used to Max's combo'ing with the Canceler by making him your controllable
    character in the battle party. Also, outfit him with the Jet Boots. Meanwhile,
    Level up Sekundes to level 26 and get Shooting Star by Fringing him with
    Maxwell. If you don't have the patience to do so, then don't, I understand(and
    the battle with Sekundes will be harder, but you can win) Finally, make some
    donations at Shileska's to get Max's final weapon, Mega Launcher, although
    Photon Ray is okay, too.
    (The best combo for Max would be: Burning Force, Rage Laser and Elemental
    Master. Or variations. To cast a combo, cast the first attack(Burning Force of
    Air Blade) and, when the text appears above your screen, tap the next
    attack's(Rage Laser, Dark Laser or Aqua Spiral) combination. As the text pops
    up, tap Elemental's master button combination. Nice combo, eh?)
    Head into Shizel's, save at the entrance, and head toward Sekundes' resting
    place. Heal before heading inside, and prepare yourself like this:
    Max(being controlled by you), Meredy, Keele and Reid, all around level 57-58.
    Have Max have three combo-able skills(see above) on his shortcuts.
    Spread your Craymels like this: Undine, Celsius, Volt, Shadow and Maxwell on one
    side; Sylph, Efreet, Gnome, Rem and Sekundes on the other. This will mean the
    one who has Restore will also have Shooting Star AND Indignation; meaning that,
    in your strategy menu, you must set that person's Battle TP/Recover TP to 4, at
    least. The other one should have Battle TP se to 4. On your shortcuts, put
    Shooting Star(you need to attack a lot more often here) or Meteor Swarm and
    Distortion/Ray(if you have Holy Lance, even better; Distortion is too slow and
    Ray a bit weak) or Ground Dasher/Cyclone. Max should have his strongest weapon,
    the Canceler and the Jet Boots. Reid his strongest stuff. The others, very well-
    Outfit both Meredy and Keele with a Mystic Symbol(you can get them by using a
    Rune Bottle on the Faerie Ring) and give them that reduces the TP cost, such as
    the Faerie Ring(you should have at least 2) and the Emerald Ring. Be sure Reid
    has a Black Onyx on, as well as a Warrior Symbol.
    Now, head over to where Sekundes is.
    Let me first say something: you won't beat him on your first try(unless you're
    at level 100 or something). He's hideously hard and will take many tries before
    you're skillfull/lucky(more likely lucky) to beat him. This battle is
    unbelievably frustrating. But don't push yourself. You CAN beat him.
    Sekundes is unstoppable. When he's attacking, there is no way to stun him, no
    way to prevent him from casting an attack, no nothing. For instance, while I did
    a Burning Force/Rage Laser/Elemental Master combo, he killed my whole party. He
    can and will attack while being attacked; he won't flinch, not even if he's
    being hit by meteors or by thunders, or by anything. This is what makes him so
    hard, in part. He's also very fast. He can catch you in a matter of seconds and
    pummel you into submission. That, combined with his tremendous combos and
    attacking power, make this bastard one tough MF.
    Sekundes uses his "Assault" attacks quite often. He has Tetra Assault, Million
    Assault, all of them hitting you a different amount of times and doing
    tremendous damage. These are usually combo'ed with Sekundes Laser and Sekundes
    Corridor. One of these combos is enough to kill Meredy or Keele. A Sekundes
    Corridor attack is enough to slaughter either of the two, too. And Sekundes
    Laser stuns you and hits everybody in a straight line. Words cannot begin to
    describe how much you'll be damaged throughout the entire fight by these attacks
    I hope you have 15 Pine Gels, 15 Lemon Gels, 15 Life Bottles and 15 Orange/Apple
    Gels. You will need everyone of them. You see, you could use stuff like Restore
    and Resurrection to heal your wounds, but Sekundes moves WAY TOO FAST! It's very
    hard to cast a spell in this fight, because chances are Sekundes will beat you
    to a pulp and make you unable to end the spell you've been casting. So, you'll
    have to rely more on Gels and Bottles to revive and heal. However, whenever
    given the chance, revive/heal with a spell, as they're very useful(Resurrection
    fully heals you, and Restore heals a ton and not only one, but various persons).
    However, try not to cast a spell when you're being cornered by Sekundes(this'll
    happen often, sadly) because it's useless. In that case, heal with gels and use
    the spells when possible.
    The key here is to attack Sekundes constantly and to spread the attack. Have
    Reid and Max round around one side of the screen and let the others on the
    other. It's a bit hard to pull this off, but not impossible. Just make sure that
    you're four characters AREN'T in the same side of the battle screen, all bulked
    up, because Sekundes will punish you mercilessly if that's the case. If you're
    spread, Sekundes will move back and forth between both groups -- kicking ass,
    yes, but kicking LESS ass. When he ends with one group and moves to the other
    one, you'll have the chance to cast a spell or to heal/revive your party with an
    enchantment. Try always to heal whenever you hit the 800s(Sekundes can send you
    there in one swift combo) and revive everybody that falls.
    It's imperative that you revive everybody. Should you wait for three of your
    allies to be dead, you'll have a hard time reviving them. However, I'm not
    suggesting you to give up if your three allies are dead; no. Sekundes can kill
    them all in a combo, so IT IS GOING to happen. In that case, revive, and make
    the revived one revive another and so forth. When I beat Sekundes, I had my
    three allies dead at least TWICE. And I didn't give up. And you shouldn't,
    At the beginning of the battle, have Max start chanting Burning Force, and
    Meredy and Keele use Shooting Star/Meteor Swarm and Ground Dasher/whatever.
    Sekundes will close in after both spells are cast, but, if you're lucky, after
    you've cast Burning Force. If that's the case, combo it up(If Sekundes is near,
    even better, because then Rage Laser/Dark Laser are bound to hit him). By now,
    Sekundes will be upon you. The Slaughter begins! Escape from there with at least
    two of your characters(one of them being Max) and run to the other side of the
    field. Star chanting Burning Force and make your spell caster heal some wounds
    with Restore. Try to keep the team separated as often as possible. If you're
    cornered, soak up the damage until Sekundes sends you flying behind him. That's
    the chance you've been looking for.
    Healing is first priority against spell casting, so unless you're completely
    healthy and can absorb some hits, don't cast a spell. Always revive first.
    Because you're Max, you should look for empty corners and stand there, preparing
    your combos. Meanwhile, have the others cast their spell. If you need items,
    make Reid dispense them(he's not too useful in this battle, but a world better
    than Farah). Patience, my little man, is what you need here. You need to battle
    very conservatively. I cannot stress it enough. Max's attack will be the most
    damaging, so try to keep him healthy. You cannot count too much on magic,
    because spell casters fall easy and need time to cast their spell; time Sekundes
    will not grant them(heh). But always try to cast a spell with Keele(unless he's
    your healer). He has a better chance of finishing his thing than Meredy.
    After you've done 100,000 PTS of DMG to Sekundes(he's got 200,000 HPs), he'll
    start getting nasty, using Maxwell extensions(!!!!). He won't use them right
    away; rather, he'll be combo'ing and when you think you're safe, he'll unleash
    Maxwell Minimus or some other powerful crap upon you and send you to Valhalla.
    However, this is also when you will win the battle. You shouldn't bother to
    count how much damage you've done to him as you battle; just attack him for some
    time(a lot of time) until you think you've done around 100,000. Then, look for a
    space to cast Indignation. The calling time should be longer but, if Sekundes is
    down to 1/2 of his HP, the spell will have a different animation. The background
    will be all dark, and Meredy will say some cool things before letting her
    Indignation be cast upon Sekundes, effectively killing him. Yep, when he's down
    to half of his HP, he'll die in one Indignation. If he doesn't, you still need
    to damage him.
    Heal, attack with Max and his combos, heal some more, and wait for the time for
    your Indignation to be shown. It should take some tries but in the end, you will
    beat him.
    Don't even doubt it.
    You'll get the Derris Emblem and Bragging Rights( :-) ). I'd suggest going out
    and purchasing some items/doing sidequests, but it's up to you.
    Now that you have beaten him, head out of his cave and go up the staircases. At
    the top, ascend with the elevator and, in the next screen, head to the right.
    You'll bump into a bifurcation. You can go south to save and heal/buy items at
    the outside world. However, should you go up, you'll reach a camping point,
    along with a bunch of pillars. This is where the Shizel's castle real deal
    So, what about the name!? Uh, you think it's funny!? WELL, IF YOU DON'T HAVE
    There are a bunch of pillars here. The middle area is a resting point. Each
    pillar teleports you to a different zone. Start off with first column(left to
    Walk down the path into an area with a starly background and flying tiles. The
    catch here is to use such tiles to move on to the other side. Right in front of
    you there is one of such tiles; a bit to the left, another tile. Board that one
    and go a bit to the south. Board the tile there twice(away and back) to be able
    to cross to the other side. Use the tile there and when you arrive at the other
    side, take the tile to the left to a platform with a switch. Activate the switch
    and go back using the same tile. Then, go back again with the tile to the right
    and go up and across the tile there. Board the tile you boarded first so it is
    taken back to its original position. Hop on the tile directly across the
    entrance and jump into the platform next to it(not the one in front of it). Run
    up and up the tile at the top. Once you stop, take the tile that was in front of
    the entrance door back to its original position and then board it again. Hop on
    the platform next to it and into the tile that has appeared in front of such
    platform. It'll stop next to another tile. Use it as a bridge to the door there.
    Open it.
    There'll be a monster there. Have Meteor Swarm and Distortion on your shortcuts.
    Be sure that anybody who has Restore has a Recover TP rating of 4. If that
    person also has some powerful attacking spells, set his/her Attack TP to 5. Do
    the same with the other one, except for the Recover Tp thing. Then, engage the
    (Grave Keeper x3)
    This battle is easy. Have Max cast Elemental Master while Reid uses Omega Demon
    Chaos on the Grave Keeper. Once they're dead, move on to the Elementler. Use
    Omega Demon Chaos on it, constantly, along with Meteor Swarm, Elemental Master
    and Distortion. Never stop the onslaught of attacks. That way, the monster won't
    be able to cast a single spell and you'll win easily).
    Move on to the next screen. There, approach the altar of sorts at the end to
    infuse it with wind craymel energy. You're taken back to the pillar room. Take
    the second pillar(from left to right).
    Move on into the next screen, where the puzzle room is. There is a crystal next
    to you. Along the way, there are multiple blast walls that open up when you
    approach them. When you examine the crystal here, it glows for a few seconds
    before releasing a ball of energy heading the way a blast wall is. Should the
    ball hit the wall, it'll dissipate. The trick here is to open the wall by
    approaching it right before the ball passes through it(the walls only stay open
    for a few seconds) so it makes it. The ball will then attach itself to another
    sphere, glow, and part into the next sphere. Pay close attention to the ball and
    open the walls when necessary so you're successful.
    I should point out that the fifth and sixth spheres are not in the correct
    position to transport the ball. When the ball attaches itself to the fourth
    sphere and is about to shoot, approach the fifth sphere to make it align itself
    with the fourth sphere and receive the ball. However, it'll only align for a
    limited amount of time, so be sure you time your movements well(make the sphere
    align itself right after the ball is shot. Otherwise, you'll fail). Do the same
    with the sixth sphere. After that, is just about the blast walls. However, the
    eighth one is also one of those moveable spheres. This one is a lot trickier,
    though. Aside from having to time your movements well enough for it to receive
    the wall, you need to time them enough for the sphere to receive the ball AND
    shoot it before retracting! What you need to do here is to let the sphere alone
    until it grabs the ball. Once it does, wait a few seconds and make it align
    itself with the last sphere. It should activate it. Otherwise, keep trying.
    When the last sphere glows, the path into the Elementler room opens. Beat the
    monster the same way you did before and head into the screen with the fire
    altar. Imbue it with Efreet's energies. You'll be back at the pillar room. Now,
    take the third one.
    Head to the puzzle room. There are three moveable tiles here. One is on the
    leftmost side of the room, one across the entrance(on the bottom) and one on the
    right side of the room. Go to the rightmost side of the room, to the first tile.
    Move it left, down, left, down, left, down, right, up, left, up and into the
    socket(it is obligatory to move this tile first, otherwise it'll be impossible
    to get through this). Go to the bottom side of the room and move the tile there
    up, left, down, left, down, right, up, left, up. Then, move the last tile up and
    then right and into the socket. Tah-dah! Head into the next screen, kill the
    Elementler and then head into the water altar. Infuse Undine's energy there.
    Back at the pillar room, take the fourth pillar(you might want to cook some
    Carbonara, to heal, you know). Head into the puzzle room. Here, you'll be at a
    giant grid. You'll be at the starting point. There are five different paths to
    be taken. Once you choose a path, you'll have to go through a predetermined road
    so you reach the other side. This means that the path is linear, yes. On each
    grid you step on, there'll be multiple roads, but only one of them works. So,
    basically, they take you by the hand. However, there are items scattered around.
    You'll have to take all paths to get them all. These items are: Red Bellebane,
    Red Lavender, Red Sage, Elixir, Red Savory. Beat this "puzzle" and head through
    the other at the other side. Kill the Elementler and imbue the altar with
    Gnome's essence. Afterward, go through the fifth pillar.
    As usual, simply head into the puzzle room. Here, there are four pink stones as
    well as three blue stones. In each of the room's corners, there is a gravel. At
    the top of the room, there is a circular pattern. When you shoot it with your S.
    Ring, the gravel dissipates and a pit opens. Out of this pit, blue or pink
    flames sprout. You must shove each colored rock into the appropriate pit,
    according to its color. The gates will close after a bit. If they do, you won't
    be able to open them again. So, how do you work this out? Simple. Put the stones
    next to their gates before opening up them. Two pink should be on the bottom and
    top left corners, while two blue should be on the  top right corner, while one
    blue stone on the bottom right side. Then, shoot the circle and have the pits
    engulf the stones. Should a stone not fall, shove it down by yourself. It
    shouldn't be hard. Then, head into the next screen, fight the Elementler, and
    imbue the ice altar with Celsius' powers.
    Head through the last pillar and into the puzzle room. Move on and you'll find a
    set of four, still crystals and four, flying crystals. This is easy. Each flying
    crystal has its correspondent counterpart on the floor. Basically, the bottom
    half of each crystal is still, on the floor, while the top part is flying
    around. What you need to do here is to freeze the top part once it is atop the
    bottom part(use the Freeze Ring) so they join. This is very easy. Just go up
    the steps here(on the left) and freeze the crystals so they join with their
    still counterparts. It should be easy. Head through the door, battle the
    Elementler, and imbue the altar with Volt's power.
    You'll be back at the pillar room. A magical path into Shizel's room will form.
    I suggest exiting the castle, buying a lot of healing items and healing yourself
    up, then saving, coming back to the pillar room and heading up into Shizel's.
    Before heading up, be sure you're fully prepared.
    Have Max, Meredy, Keele and Reid form your party. Set Meteor Swarm/Shooting Star
    and Holy Lance to your shortcuts. Be sure Reid has Omega Demon Chaos, Neo
    Tempest Swarm, Demon Spiral Hammer and other hard-hitting combos on his
    shortcuts. Outfit Max with the best he's got. Set your healer Recover TP to 4 if
    he/she and his/her Attack TP to 5, no matter what spells he's got. The other
    one, the non-healer, should have his Attack TP to 5, too. Make sure both spell
    caster have something that reduces the time it takes for a spell to be cast, as
    well as an item that reduces the TP consumption. That should be enough. Head
    into Shizel's now. Move forward through the stairs.
    Watch the cutscene.
    With the appropriate spells and levels(60-65) this battle should be a piece of
    Most of Shizel's attacks are really weak. Prism Sword misses a lot and her other
    spells are rather weak. She has Eternal Finality, which reduces all of your
    party's HP to 1. This can be countered with Aurora Wall(T + S + X) but it can be
    quite tough to pull off such maneuver. It's very easy to prevent Shizel from
    casting this by attacking her relentlessly. A mistake and she may cast it. But
    with the appropriate strategy, she won't.
    And what's that strategy? Simple. Move both Max and Reid to the front lines.
    Have Max cast Aqua Spiral and Burning Force constantly. Meanwhile, have Reid use
    Omega Demon Chaos almost non-stop. ODC hits Shizel for around 1,000 PTS of DMG a
    hit -- and it hits eight times! This attack is tremendous for this battle. You
    can keep Shizel at bay for the whole battle while doing insane damage.
    Meanwhile, Max's Burning Force will do around 3000+ PTS of DMG a hit(screw
    Elemental Force). Holy Lance and Meteor Swarm should be cast constantly. With
    the appropriate equipment, they won't take too long to be cast. Both do a lot of
    damage(especially Holy Lance) and will come in handy.
    Should Shizel use Eternal Finality, have Reid heal himself and Max with Lemon
    Gels. The spell casters, who should be very near to each other, should heal
    themselves with Restore. Reid and Max will probably be far away from Restore's
    curative circle, so that's why I suggest using Gels. Should somebody die, revive
    him/her immediately. You can't afford to lose a character.
    So, yeah, that's about it. Hammer Shizel with Omega Demon Chaos and Holy
    Lance/Meteor Swarm until she dies.
    It's not over yet(pssst, you're playing a PSX RPG, bud)
    This battle will be LONG!!!!!! Not tough, but bloody long. It seemed to drag on
    Nereid has a ton of spells at his disposal. Most of them are the highest-level
    elemental spells(thunder, water, etc, not Meteor Swarm or anything like that)
    which don't do a lot of damage. He also has some of his own personal spells,
    like Summon Pluto and Nihilist(sp?) Night. Nihilist Night is weak, but Summon
    Pluto is very, very powerful. However, not powerful enough to kill Meredy or
    Keele(level 60-65, remember that!). You will have to heal, yes, but not as often
    as you could be led to believe. And even then, you can waste your Elixirs, Gels
    and all of that, now that you're at the game's final battle.
    Reid should hammer Nereid with Omega Demon Chaos while Holy Lance and Meteor
    Swarm are cast constantly. I suggest putting Omega Demon Chaos to Reid's circle
    shortcut so you just have to blast that button and let the spell be cast. Same
    for R2/L2(Meteor Swarm/Holy Lance). Max will have a tough time casting his
    attacks, because even though Nereid can be quite easy, he still attacks VERY
    often, meaning you won't have too much time to spend on Max's skills, which take
    a lot of time to be cast. However, the spell onslaught along with ODC's constant
    use will turn Nereid into dust in no time.
    After you kill him, Nereid will use an attack. It's something about the Outer
    Limits(it's an awesome name). When he casts such attack, you will take enormous
    damage and start dying. Once you see the attack being cast(everything turns
    yellow, white and explosive on the background while you jump around being hit)
    press and hold X, S, T at the same time. If done correctly, Reid will cast
    Infinity Revive and save you. Otherwise, everything will have gone caput.
    Yeah, it sounds like a lame strategy. But trust me, this thing is so easy, it's
    not even funny. Just be sure you have a lot of time to spend. And be sure you
    save yourself when Outer Limits(or whatever) is cast.
    ????(1,000 HP, 300 EXP, 800 G)
    Items: Life Bottle(100%), Orange Gel(100%)
    AC Roper(7,940 HP, 904 EXP, 1,254 G)
    Items: Lemon Gel(35%), Pine Gel8(8%)
    Air Slicer(4,100 HP, 87 EXP, 563 G)
    Items: Red Satay(18%), Lemon Gel(15%)
    Anchor Lizard(8,500 HP, 212 EXP, 1,150 G)
    Items: Melange Gel(12%), Beet(35%)
    Antler(10,500 HP, 957 EXP, 2,100 G)
    Item: Savory(1%), Melange Gel(8%)
    Aquaspin(3,500 HP, 68 EXP, 180 G)
    Item: Tuna(50%)
    Arachnid(6,850 HP, 158 EXP, 600 G)
    Item: Resist Ring(20%), Panacea Bottle(10%)
    Arche(6,000 HP, 10,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Arche Ribbon(100%)
    Archer(600 HP, 14 EXP, 72 G)
    Item: Bread(35%), Spectacles(50%)
    Arms(4,500 HP, 70 EXP, 150 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(8%), Panacea Bottle(8%)
    Arrow Tail(420 HP, 12 EXP, 30 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Axe Break(8,000 HP, 184 EXP, 710 G)
    Item: Egg(20%), Sage(1%)
    Baldie(3,800 HP, 94 EXP, 260 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(5%), Orange Gel(3%)
    Bandersnatch(12,000 HP, 722 EXP, 2,120 G)
    Item: Tomato(20%), Miracle Gel(13%)
    Bandit(900 HP, 10 EXP, 36 G)
    Item: Cheese(30%), Thief's Cape(12%)
    Beast Bear(750 HP, 16 EXP, 40 G)
    Item: Bear Meat(50%), Tuna(15%)
    Beast Ogre(12,000 HP, 625 EXP, 1,600 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(15%), Star Mace(10%)
    Beet Beast(6,000 hp, 105 exp, 615 g)
    Item: Beet(25%), Orange Gel(5%)
    Bigfoot(9,999 hp, 196 exp, 1,200 G)
    Item: Sage(7%), Pine Gel(8%)
    Birial Guard(5,000 HP, 0 exp, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Blood Bitter(3,500 HP, 50 EXP, 128 G)
    Item: Carrot(35%), Orange Gel(15%)
    Blood Slime(7,000  G, 858 EXP, 1,900 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(35%), Elixir(1%)
    Blood Sucker(3,000 HP, 82 EXP, 418 G)
    Item: Panaceas Bottle(10%)
    Blue Roper(5,540 HP, 82 EXP, 256 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10&), Syrup Bottle(15%)
    Bone Knight(2,950 HP, 50 EXP, 158 G)
    Item: Potato(18%), Nimble Rapier(10%)
    Brown Pot(800 HP, 12 EXP, 72 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(15%), Syrup Bottle(3%)
    Buffalo(9,900 HP, 625 EXP, 1800 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(25%)
    Bullfrog(8,400 HP, 158 EXP, 760 G)
    Item: Cucumber(25%), Pine Gel(8%)
    Carvadole(5,800 HP, 196 EXP, 850 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(20%), Red Satay(10%)
    Caveman(12,400 HP, 695 EXP, 1,700 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(20%), Life Bottle(20%)
    Celsius(33,333 HP, 4,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Resist Ring(100%), Freeze Charm(100%)
    Chamballoon(1 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Cheese(1%), Lettuce(1%)
    Chimaera(4,880 HP, 82 EXP, 300 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Pine Gel(3%)
    Clay Golem(12,000 HP, 293 EXP, 1,900 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(12%), Miracle Gel(6%)
    Cress(9,999 HP, 10,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Cress's Bandana(100%)
    Criminal(4,500 HP, 50 EXP, 150 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(25%), Orange Gel(20%)
    Crusher(1,800 HP, 36 EXP, 160 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(10%), Buckler(2%)
    Culprit(5,500 HP, 75 EXP, 450 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(20%), Demon Javelin(8%)
    Cuttlebone(8,500 HP, 386 EXP, 1,111 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(105), Pine Gel(8%)
    Dark Disaster(7,500 HP, 264 EXP, 950 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Dark Bottle(3%)
    Dark Servant(2,200 HP, 105 EXP, 510 F)
    Item: Dark Bottle(8%), Apple Gel(12%)
    Deadly Insect(12,000 HP, 825 EXP, 2,200 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(10%), Miracle Gel(6%)
    Death(6,000 HP, 196 EXP, 1,422 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(15%), Pine Gel(8%)
    Dinosaur(18,000 HP, 722 EXP, 2,100 G)
    Item: Life Bottle(15%), Elixir(1%)
    Direwolf(3,000 HP, 50 EXP, 120 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(18%), Potato(30%)
    Dodo(3,500 HP, 58 EXP, 250 G)
    Item: Egg(25%)
    Dragon Tooth(10,000 HP, 322 EXP, 1, 240 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Protect Ring(10%)
    Drake(4,500 HP, 85 EXP, 330 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(13%), Lemon Gel(5%)
    Druid(3,000 HP, 85 EXP, 288 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Life Bottle(3%)
    Duelist(12,000 HP, 566 EXP, 2,500 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Lavender(1%)
    Efreet(24,000 HP, 2723 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: : Black Onyx(100%), Life Bottle(100%)
    Egg Bear(3,200 HP, 32 EXP, 90 G)
    Item: Bear Meat(40%)
    Egg Trader(500 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Elementler(80,000 HP, 23,456 EXP, 12, 345 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(100%), Elixir(100%), Miracle Gel(100%)
    Empty Doll(60,000 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Escargot(5,140 HP, 153 EXP, 643 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(13%), Pine Gel(7%)
    Evil Needle(410 HP, 10 EXP, 36 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(3%)
    Evil Ripper(10,000 HP, 2,100 EXP, 1,050 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(35%), Resist Ring(5%)
    Evil Star(5, 345 HP, 94 EXP, 347 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(10%), Lemon Gel(3%)
    Fake(10,000 HP, 2,100 EXP, 1,050 G)
    Item: Life Bottle(100%), Pine Gel(50%)
    Falsea Horn(5,200 HP, 102 EXP, 220 G)
    Item: Goat Horn(35%), Orange Gel(10%)
    Feather Magic(2,650 HP, 82 EXP, 520 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Gret Sword(13%)
    Firebird(1,800 HP, 58 EXP, 128 G)
    Item: Tomato(20%), Flamberge(12%)
    Firebug(7,800 HP, 825 EXP, 860 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(20%), Flare Bottle(5%)
    Fire Cloud(4,800 HP, 657 EXP, 1,200 G)
    Item: Beet(20%), Flare Cape(2%)
    Fire Flyer(5,500 HP, 264 EXP, 850 G)
    Item: Flare Bottle(10%)
    Fire Warrior(13,400 HP, 722 EXP, 2,600 G)
    Item: Chaos Shield(12%), Red Satay(15%)
    Float Dragon(9,600 HP, 510 EXP, 1,440 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(10%), miracle Gel(5%)
    Flying Pulp(6,900 HP, 458 EXP, 1,307 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(10%), Miracle Gel(3%)
    Flying Soul(3,800 HP, 115 EXP, 520 G)
    Item: Melange Gel(5%), Lemon Gel(8%)
    Forest Hawk(1,200 HP, 32 EXP, 112 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(10%), Orange Gel(5%)
    Fungus(6,660 HP, 58 EXP, 222 G)
    Item: Life Bottle(10%)
    Fungusnail(7,650 HP, 82 EXP, 256 G)
    Item: Banana(18%), Pine Gel(10%)
    Gallow(3,600 HP, 54 EXP, 180 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(10%), Lemon Gel(5%)
    Gallows Bird(3,400 HP, 105 EXP, 412 G)
    Item: Spectacles(25%),  Lemon Gel(6%)
    Gas Cloud(1,600 HP, 50 EXP, 150 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(20%), Lemon Gel(5%)
    Gentallman(7,600 HP, 145 EXP, 765 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(8%), Savory(1%)
    Ghoul(3,100 HP, 40 EXP, 100 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(12%), Potato(30%)
    Giant Spider(1,850 HP, 36 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(8%), Poison Thorn(10%)
    Gnome(16,610 HP, 3,000 EXP, 2 G)
    Item: Moon Crystal(100%), Rune Bottle(100%)
    Grappler(4,800 HP, 94 EXP, 350 G)
    Item: Spectacles(18%), Elven Boots(2%)
    Grasshopper(6,500 HP, 105 EXP, 540 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Banana(25%)
    Grave Keeper(9,000 HP, 410 EXP, 1,299 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Miracle Gel(3%)
    Green Roper(940 HP, 16 EXP, 60 G)
    Item: Lettuce(35%), Life Bottle(3%)
    Grim Reaper(1,800 HP, 36 EXP, 140 G)
    Item: Dark Bottle(20%), Reverse Doll(10%)
    Grizzly(4,500 HP, 50 EXP, 130 G)
    Item: Bear Meat(38%), Orange Gel(5%)
    Guardian(30,000 HP, 3,000 EXP, 210 G)
    Item: Rune Bottle(100%), Pine Gel(100%)
    Guitaricle(6,8000 HP, 229 EXP, 1,723 G)
    Item: Purple Satay(12%), Elixir(1%)
    Gunner(10,000 HP, 1,066 EXP, 2,500 G)
    Item: Wonder Bag(4%), Miracle Gel(15%)
    Hard Horn(6,200 HP, 115 EXP, 436 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(5%), Earth Blade84%)
    Harpy(650 HP, 14 EXP, 66 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Spectacles(10%)
    Heavy Lifter(2,800 HP, 50 EXP, 111 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(12%), Pasta(35%)
    Heavy Snake(5,500 HP, 115 EXP, 400 G)
    Item: Tusk Meat(20%), Bone Knuckle(10%)
    Hell Hound(3,900 HP, 74 EXP, 430 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Hellkite(11,200 HP, 722 EXP, 3,333 G)
    Item: Sage(10%), Red Sage(8%)
    Hershel(840 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Hominicle(15,000 HP, 229 EXP, 890 G)
    Item: Panyan(15%), Lavender(1%)
    Hornet(900 HP, 42 EXP, 120 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(12%)
    Horse Knight(12,500 HP, 510 EXP, 1,550 G)
    Item: Rune Bottle(15%), Order Shield(8%)
    Hunchback(3,900 HP, 115 EXP, 740 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Pine Gel(3%)
    Hunger Blood(8,200 HP, 386 EXP, 1,110 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Tusk Meat(25%)
    Hunter(3,000 HP, 76 EXP, 224 G)
    Item: Spectacles(10%), Lemon Gel(5%)
    Hyades(Armored)(128,000 HP, 30,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Hyades(Human)(45,000 HP, 4,000 EXP, 30 G)
    Item: Mental Bracelet(100%), Egg(100%)
    Ice Tiger(5,500 HP, 105 EXP, 600 G)
    Item: White Satay(15%), Orange Gel(10%)
    Ice Warrior(5,200 HP, 115 EXP, 780 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(12%), Ice Coffin(4%)
    Imp Bell(5,500 HP, 181 EXP, 950 G)
    Item: Squid(20%), Orange Gel(12%)
    Impulse(6,000 HP, 386 EXP, 1,870 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Rune Bottle85%)
    Inferian Guard(5,000 HP, 200 EXP, 300 G)
    Item: Steel Sword(100%)
    Insect Plant(8,800 HP, 115 EXP, 500 G)
    Item: Kirima(25%), Lemon Gel(10%)
    Iron Golem(3,400 HP, 94 EXP, 1,000 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(7%), Square Shield(8&)
    Jin(11,000 HP, 625 EXP, 1,950 G)
    Item: Flare Bottle(22%)
    Jungler(5,400 HP, 200 EXP, 100 G)
    Item:  Orange Gel(20%), Life Bottle(20%)
    Kick Frog(1,500 HP, 24 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Killer Bee(1,600 HP, 94 EXP, 282 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Lemon Gel(5%)
    King Frog(3,400 HP, 32 EXP, 120 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Kraaken(11,200 HP, 566 EXP, 1,111 G)
    Item: Poison Charm(8%), Squid(20%)
    Kubitoom(5,000 HP, 212 EXP, 1,150 G)
    Item: Konia(25%), Lemon Gel(13%)
    Ladybug(4,400 HP, 566 EXP, 1,360 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(15%), Tomato(20%)
    Lakamar(16,000 HP, 791 EXP, 2,222 G)
    Item: Miracle Gel(15%), Kaiser Fist(20%)
    Lamia(10,000 HP, 410 EXP, 1,412 G)
    Item:  Life Bottle(12%), Bellebane(1%)
    Leech(4,500 HP, 166 EXP, 620 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(13%), Miracle Gel(4%)
    Living Armor(200,000 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Living Dead(4,000 HP, 68 EXP, 185 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(10%), Lemon Gel(3%)
    Living Sword(4,500 EXP, 105 EXP, 555 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(3%), White Satay(12%)
    Lost Soul(4,500 HP, 82 EXP, 480 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(12%), Pine Gel(6%)
    Mad Eel(4,500 HP, 54 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(12%), Kirima(25%)
    Mad Needle(2,800 HP, 58 EXP, 112 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(25%)
    Madman(7,500 HP, 166 EXP, 928 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Potato(25%)
    Mage(850 HP, 22 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(35%), Apple Gel(15%)
    Mahogany(850 HP, 16 EXP, 36 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(8%), Tomato(40%)
    Man Eater(7,500 HP, 94 EXP, 211 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(8%), Kirima(15%)
    Maxwell(34,000 HP, 34,002 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Faerie Ring(100%), Omni Weapon(100%), Elixir(100%)
    Mechscorpion(9,600 HP, 596 EXP, 1,840 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(13%)
    Medusa(9,5000 HP, 657 EXP, 2,320 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(18%), Reviverser(1%)
    Mega Death(9,600 HP, 458 EXP, 1,450 G)
    Item: Purple Satay(4%), Bellebane(3%)
    Melting Pot(3,500 HP, 50 EXP, 120 G)
    Item: Life Bottle(10%)
    Metallicore(4,600 HP, 537 EXP, 1,911 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(12%), Pine Gel(6%)
    Minicoid(600 HP, 21 EXP, 50 G)
    Item: Tofu(5%)
    Mirage Knight(12,000 HP, 1,225 EXP, 1,364 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(18%), Wakeup Charm(1%)
    Mist(3,600 HP, 181 EXP, 876 G)
    Item: Syrup Bottle(13%), Spectacles(25%)
    Mocking Plant(1,500 HP, 21 EXP, 82 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(5%), Lettuce(30%)
    Monk(500%, 8 EXP, 12 G)
    Item: ---
    Mounticore(2,200 HP, 32 EXP, 100 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(10%)
    Mountworm(8,350 HP, 184 EXP, 810 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Miracle Gel(6%)
    Murder(7,200 HP, 115 EXP, 550 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(13%), Pine Gel(10%)
    Mythril Golem(11,100 HP, 858 EXP, 6,000 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(15%), Miracle Gel(8%)
    Nereid(Demon)(300,000 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Nereid(Horror # 1)(300,000 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Nereid(Horror # 2)(160,000 HP, 60,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Nereid(Human)(160,000 HP, 63,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Hourglass870%), Reverse Doll(70%), Rune Bottle(20%)
    Neuroid(5,000 HP, 212 EXP, 755 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(15%), Strike Axe(12%)
    Night Flyer(3,333 HP, 82 EXP, 312 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(20%), Milk(12%)
    Night Raid(450 HP, 12 EXP, 28 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(12%), Panacea Bottle(5%)
    Nightwing(7,750 HP, 596 EXP, 1,425 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(20%), Orange Gel(15%)
    Nocturnal Fly(8,000 HP, 566 EXP, 1,666 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(15%), Pine Gel(8%)
    Octoslime(4,888 HP, 68 EXP, 188 G)
    Item: Squid(50%)
    Ogre(6,000 HP, 85 EXP, 125 G)
    Item: Rice(2%%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Old Mage(6,500 HP, 458 EXP, 1,350 G)
    Item: Rune Bottle(18%)
    Orc Jelly(1,200 HP, 21 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(22%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Orcrot(6,000 HP, 85 EXP, 334 G)
    Item: Cabbage(35%), Kirima(25%)
    Owlfish(8,500 HP, 510 EXP, 1,875 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(8%), Tuna(25%)
    Phantom(3,200 HP, 54 EXP, 140 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(5%), Orange Gel(3%)
    Phoenix(11,800 HP, 566 EXP, 1,111 G)
    Item: Melange Gel(10%), Flare Bottle(15%)
    Pink Hopper(6,500 HP, 229 EXP, 1,320 G)
    Item: Carrot(25%), Pine Gel(5%)
    Pirate(3,500 HP, 82 EXP, 380 G)
    Item: Tuna(20%), Squid(20%)
    Poison Toad(4,320 HP, 94 EXP, 260 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(8%), Pine Gel(5%)
    Poltergeist(2,500 HP, 76 EXP, 190 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Powerplant(12,000 HP, 145 EXP, 450 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(8%), Banana(20%)
    Prairie Hawk(3,000 HP, 76 EXP, 160 G)
    Item: Egg(40%), Apple Gel(35%)
    Purse Beetle(3,400 HP, 92 EXP, 615 G)
    Item: Mélange Gel(8%), Panacea Bottle(8%)
    Ranger(8,500 HP, 595 EXP, 1,555 G)
    Item: Spectacles(35%), Pine Gel(13%)
    Rapid Rabbit(4,950 HP, 92 EXP, 555 G)
    Item: Carrot(40%), Rabbit's Foot(3%)
    Rassius(4,408 HP, 1,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Heal Bracelet(100%), Leather Cape(100%)
    Red Dragoon(24,000 HP, 1,643 EXP, 4,317 G)
    Item: Lavender(5%)
    Red Pudding(3,800 HP, 566 EXP, 1550 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(20%), Pine Gel(15%)
    Red Roper(1,600 HOP, 27 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(10%), Lemon Gel(5%)
    Red Sizzer(500 HP, 10 EXP, 36 G)
    Item: Shrimp(50%), Spectacles(8%)
    Rem(100,000 HP, 40,960 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Reflect Ring(100%), Rune Bottle(100%)
    Reptile(2,900 HP, 82 EXP, 450 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Pine Gel(3%)
    Revenant(11,500 HP, 510 EXP, 1,650 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(10%), Miracle Gel(3%)
    River Sickle(2,950 HP, 82 EXP, 450 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Black Satay(15%)
    Rock Golem(2,500 HP, 18 EXP, 60 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(30%), Tofu(13%)
    Rocky Hawk(580 HP, 14 EXP, 36 G)
    Item: Egg(30%)
    Rogue(3,600 HP, 58 EXP, 260 G)
    Item: Spectacles(18%), Pine Gel(5%)
    Roller Snail(3,200 HP, 92 EXP, 380 G)
    Item: life Bottle(15%), Holy Bottle822%)
    Rooter(9,000 HP, 537 EXP, 1,080 G)
    Item: Spectacles(20%), Pine Gel(13%)
    Sage(6,000 HP,  484 EXP, 1,820 G)
    Item: Life Bottle(10%), Melange Gel(3%)
    Savage Beast(7,400 HP, 196 EXP, 920 G)
    Item: Carrot(20%), Orange Gel818%)
    Scorpion(1,800 HP, 32 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(8%)
    Sea Horse(4,00 HP, 94 EXP, 580 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Life Bottle(5%)
    Sea Slug(850 HP, 21 EXP, 30 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(10%), Cucumber(28%)
    Seaspin(7,500 HP, 433 EXP, 1,220 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Tuna(25%)
    Sekundes(200,000 HP, 60,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Derris Emblem(100% -- during a scene after the battle)
    Shadow(100,324 HP, 32, 768 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Force Ring(100%), Rune Bottle(100%)
    Shaman(3,000 HP, 82 EXP, 530 G)
    Item: Spectacles(15%), Rune Bottle(5%)
    Shileska Guard(8,000 HP, 100 EXP, 100 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(30%), Panyan/40%), White Satay(100%)
    Shizel(120,000 HP, 50,000 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Elixir(100%), All-divide(100%), Watercloud(100%)
    Siren(52,000 HP, 8,998 EXP, 3,000 G)
    Item: Trident(100%), Sephira(100%)
    Skeleton(2,100 HP, 36 EXP, 90 G)
    Item: Carrot(18%), Bastard Sword(3%)
    Skull Warrior(8,000 HP, 196 EXP, 822 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(15%), Melange Gel(10%)
    Sky Keeper(8,000 HP, 537 EXP, 2,500 G)
    Item: Miracle Gel(10%)
    Slime(255 HP, 10 EXP, 32 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Konia(15%)
    Silver(4,500 HP, 92 EXP, 510 G)
    Item: Orange Gel(18%), Amango(10%)
    Slugger(4,400 HP, 76 EXP, 215 G)
    Item:  Spectacle(85%), Orange Gel(3%)
    Snow Lobster(4,800 HP, 115 EXP, 740 g)
    Item: Shrimp(5%), Pine Gel(8%)
    Sorcerer(1,200 HP, 32 EXP, 100 G)
    Item: Strawberry(40%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Sorceress(2,100 HP, 54 EXP, 300 G)
    Item: Milk(50%), Charm Bottle(15%)
    Specter(1,900 HP, 36 EXP, 90 G)
    Item: Life Bottle(8%), Spectacles(8%)
    Spiral(45,000 HP, 1,000 EXP, 3,000 G)
    Item: Faerie Ring(100%), Orange Gel(100%)
    Spirillum(12,000 HP, 484 EXP, 1,430 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Pine Gel(3%)
    Spirit(7,200 HP, 220 EXP, 865 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(8%), Miracle Gel(5%)
    Sprite(580 HP, 16 EXP, 40 g)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Starfish(1,940 EXP, 27 EXP, 60 g)
    Item: Apple Gel(10%)
    Squire(10,000 HP, 510 EXP, 1,155 g)
    Item: Spectacles(20%), Kirima(13%)
    Stinger(12,000 HP, 625 EXP, 1,600 g)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(8%), Lemon Gel(15%)
    Storm Claw(7,800 HP, 233 EXP, 940 G)
    Item: Egg(35%), Lemon Gel(10%)
    Striker(1,200 HP, 27 EXP, 72 G)
    Item: Bread(35%), Apple Gel(15%)
    Stronghorn(7,600 HP, 196 EXP, 1,020 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(12%), Lovely Mitten(7%)
    Super Star(12,000 HP, 484 EXP, 1,232 g)
    Item: Pine Gel(10%), Reverse Doll(10%)
    Swampthing(11,200 HP, 695 EXP, 2,440 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Pine Gel(3%)
    Sword Soldier(780 HP, 14 EXP, 63 G)
    Item: Bread(40%), Long Sword(2%)
    Sylph(6,600 HP, 1,929 EXP, 0 g)
    Item: Protect Ring(100%), Life Bottle(100%)
    Tallman(8,000 HP, 181 EXP, 666 G)
    Item: Miracle Gel(12%), Panacea Bottle(13%)
    Tarantula(3,800 HP, 68 EXP, 160 g)
    Item: Lemon Gel(10%), Panacea Bottle(13%)
    Tentacle Plant(7,000 HP, 127 EXP, 812 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(8%), Amango(25%)
    Tentacles(11,600 HP, 1,250 EXP, 1,360 G)
    Item: Kiwi(15%), Mental Bracelet(5%)
    Termigun(13,400 HP, 756 EXP, 2,500 g)
    Item: Lemon Gel(20%), Pine Gel(13%)
    Terror(5,000 HP, 140 EXP, 500 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(10%)
    Tetratusk(3,500 HP, 92 EXP, 420 G)
    Item: Tusk Meat(50%), Protect Ring(8%)
    Thug(1,000 HP, 21 EXP, 80 G)
    Item: Spectacles(25%), Apple Gel(12%)
    Thunder Sword(11,000 HP, 158 EXP, 740 G)
    Item: Black Satay(15%), Dao Blade(1%)
    Toriton(8,500 HP, 322 EXP, 1,020 G)
    Item: Pine Gel(10%), Miracle Gel(5%)
    Trent(11,000 HP, 158 EXP, 748 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(12%), Kirima(35%)
    Trigon(12,000 HP, 1,800 EXP, 2,810 G)
    Item: Lavender(10%), Bellebane(11%)
    Troll(2,400 HP, 36 EXP, 200 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Savory(1%)
    Tropics Worm(4,200 HP, 58 EXP, 155 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Turnturtle(14,000 HP, 510 EXP, 1,360 G)
    Item: Lemon Gel(12%), Bellebane(1%)
    Tzin(8,630 HP, 484 EXP, 1,200 g)
    Item: Shrimp(35%), Apple Gel(15%)
    Undine(6,800 HP, 1,360 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Talisman(100%), Mental Bracelet(100%)
    Valkyrie(32,000 HP, 32,768 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Venom(4,100 HP, 166 EXP, 1,130 G)
    Item: Panacea Bottle(10%), Tomato(20%)
    Violent Viper(4,530 HP, 82 EXP, 440 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Melange Gel(10%)
    Volt(54,321 HP, 3,600 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: Holy Symbol(100%), Rune Bottle(100%)
    Voltic(1,800 HP, 85 EXP, 181 G)
    Item: Flare Bottle(12%)
    Warbear(3,200 HP, 32 EXP, 100 G)
    Item: Bear Meat(20%), Apple Gel(90%)
    Warcroid(2,200 HP, 36 EXP, 90 G)
    Item: Tofu(20%), Ranseur(8%)
    Warrior(3,400 HP, 53 EXP, 200 g)
    Item: Spectacles(35%), Bread(35%)
    Whyte(9,500 HP, 212 EXP, 1,100 g)
    Item: Pasta(15%), Pine Gel(5%)
    Will O' Wisp(1,800 HP, 54 EXP, 260 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(10%), Lemon Gel(5%)
    Witch(450 HP, 14 EXP, 72 G)
    Item: Spectacles(25%), Pasta(45%)
    Wizard(9,800 HP, 620 EXP, 1,000 G)
    Item: Rune Bottle(25%), Savory(3%)
    Woods Worm(1,700 HP, 24 EXP, 100 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Orange Gel(8%)
    Wyvern(3,500 HP, 82 EXP, 650 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(15%), Lemon Gel(15%)
    Zeibel(540 HP, 0 EXP, 0 G)
    Item: ---
    Zombie(1,300 HP, 14 EXP, 60 G)
    Item: Apple Gel(20%), Orange Gel(5%)
    Apple Gel      100 G        50 G            Heals 30% of ally HP
    Bellebane      N/A          800 G           Permanently adds +1 to Evade
    Elixir         N/A          10,000 G        Completely restores TP and HP
    Lavender       N/A          1,000 G         Permanently adds +1 to Strength
    Lemon Gel      2,500 G      1,250 G         Restores 60% of ally HP
    Mélange Gel    1,000 G      500 G           Restores 30% of ally TP and HP
    Miracle Gel    6,000 G      3,000 G         Restores 60% of ally TP and HP
    Orange Gel     200 G        1,000 G         Restores 30% of ally TP
    Pine Gel       3,000 G      1,500 G         Restores 60% of ally TP
    Red Bellebane  N/A          1,450 G         Permanently adds +2 to Evade
    Red Lavender   N/A          1,800 G         Permanently adds +2 to Strength
    Red Sage       N/A          1,000 G         Permanently increases HP by 10%
    Red Savory     N/A          1,400 G         Permanently increases TP by 10%
    Sage           N/A          600 G           Permanently increases HP by 50%
    Savory         N/A          800 G           Permanently increases TP by 5%
    Tuna Gel       150 G        75 G            Periodically regenerates HP
    Banrea         N/A          1,000 G         Revives, fully heals TP/HP, cures
                                                Poison, Stun, Freeze and Weak
    Colain's Pot   N/A          300 G           Random Effects
    Dried Peels    N/A          400 G           Completely restores TP and HP
    Firewood Bug   N/A          100 G           Cures Poison, Stun and Weak
    Goat Horn      N/A          180 G           Revives a dead ally
    Snow Tomatoes  N/A          100 G           Restores 10% of ally TP
    Charm Bottle   N/A          1,250 G         30% discount at shops
    Dark Bottle    200 G        100 G           Increases encounter rate
    Flare Bottle   600 G        300 G           Increases Attack by 30%, while
                                                reducing Defense by 20%.
    Holy Bottle    200 G        100 G           Reduces encounter rate
    Life Bottle    400 G        200 G           Revives a dead ally
    Miracle Charm  N/A          3,000 G         50% discount at stores
    Panacea Bottle 160 G        80 G            Cures status aliments(physical)
    Rune Bottle    N/A          2,400 G         Transforms one item into another
    Syrup Bottle   1,200 G      600 G           Protects against freeze, poison,
                                                stun, but reduces attack by 20%
    All Divide     N/A          1,000 G         Halves all damage(yours and the
    Bush Baby      N/A          1,2000 G        Sellable at Jini Auction
    Button         N/A          80 G            Sellable at Jini Auction
    Crib Sheet     10,000 G     100 G           Sellable at Jini Auction
    Donies Potpurri N/A         800 G           Sellable at Jini Auction
    Drama Script   N/A          1,500 G         Sellable at Jini Auction
    Earth Crystal  N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Earth Craymel +2
    Earth Shard    N/A          500 G           Vitality of Earth Craymel +1
    Face Powder    N/A          200 G           Sellable at Jini Auction
    Fire Crystal   N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Fire Craymel +2
    Fire Shard     N/A          500 G           Vitality of Fire Craymel +1
    Golden Choker  N/A          1,200 G         Sellable at Jini Auction
    Hourglass      100,000 G    3,000 G         Freezes all enemies
    Light Crystal  N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Light Craymel +2
    Light Shard    N/A          500 G           Vitality of Light Craymel +1
    Losagna's DressN/A          800 G           Sellable at Jini Auction
    Shadow Crystal N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Shadow Craymel +2
    Shadow Shard   N/A          500 G           Vitality of Shadow Craymel +1
    Silver Cage    N/A          N/A             Story-item
    Snow Crystal   N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Ice Craymel +2
    Snow Shard     N/A          500 G           Vitality of Ice Craymel +1
    Spectacles     50 G         25 G            Scans an enemy's HP and others.
    Uchiwa         N/A          100 G           Sellable at Jini Auction
    Volt Crystal   N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Volt Craymel +2
    Volt Shard     N/A          500 G           Vitality of Volt Craymel +1
    Water Crystal  N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Water Craymel +2
    Water Shard    N/A          500 G           Vitality of Water Craymel +1
    Wind Bell      N/A          400 G           Sellable at Jini Auction
    Wind Crystal   N/A          3,000 G         Vitality of Wind Craymel +2
    Wind Shard     N/A          500 G           Vitality of Wind Craymel +1
    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// WEAPONS
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Bastard Sword        180 Slash; 175 Thrust
    Dao Blade            295 Slash; 285 Thrust
    Destroyer            440 Slash; 440 Thrust      Increases chance of critical h.
    Earth Blade          410 Slash; 405 Thrust      Earth element.
    Eternal Sword        890 Slash; 850 Thrust      Time element; occasionally
                                                    causes spell to hit twice an
    Excalibur            615 Slash; 590 Thrust      Occasionally regenerates 4%
                         5 Luck                     of HP when the enemy is hit.
    Flamberge            320 Slash; 320 Thrust      Fire element; occasionally
                                                    shoots fireballs.
    Flame Sword          610 Slash; 605 Thrust      Fire element.
                         5 Accuracy
    Ice Coffin           475 Slash; 460 Thrust      Ice element.
                         15 Accuracy.
    Knight Saber         150 Slash; 120 Thrust
    Last Fencer          765 Slash; 758 Thrust      Occasionally regenerates 4%
                         10 Accuracy.               of HP when enemy is hit.
    Long Sword           70 Slash; 70 Thrust
    Nimble Rapier        200 Slash; 320 Thrust
                         10 Accuracy
    Ninja Sword          740 Slash; 720 Thrust
                         10 Accuracy
    Ogre Sword           500 Slash; 470 Thrust
    Rapier               80 Slash; 140 Thrust
                         10 Accuracy.
    Saber                105 Slash; 85 Thrust.
    Shamsel              260 Slash; 200 Thrust
    Saw Saber            355 Slash; 350 Thrust
                         5 Accuracy
    Voltic Sword         550 Slash; 565 Thrust      Volt element.
                         10 Accuracy
    Vorpal Sword         735 Slash; 710 Thrust      Water element.
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Dragon Vein          670 Slash; 650 Thrust      Shadow element.
                         -30 Accuracy
    Great Sword          390 Slash; 370 Thrust
                         -20 Accuracy; -3 Evade
    Hero Cane            790 Slash; 740 Thrust
                         -20 Accuracy; 5 Luck
    Mystic Sword         865 Slash; 840 Thrust      Water Element.
                         -10 Accuracy
    Soul Eater           490 Slash; 430 Thrust      Shadow element; sometimes
                         -30 Accuracy               causes instant death.
    Steel Sword          330 Slash; 240 Thrust
                         -20 Accuracy; -2 Luck
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Arc Wind             170 Slash; 320 Thrust      Wind element; occasionally
                         5 Accuracy                 reduces the enemy's defense.
    Demon Javelin        320 Slash; 520 Thrust      Shadow element
    Dragger Lance        400 Slash; 680 Thrust      Rumored to slay dragons.
    Flame Spear          500 Slash; 780 Thrust      Fire element; occasionally
                                                    shoots fireballs.
    Gungnille            600 Slash; 999 Thrust      Occasionally reduces enemy's
    Long Spear           66 Slash; 130 Thrust
    Ogre Lance           300 Slash; 450 Thrust      Earth element
                         5 Accuracy.
    Partisan             155 Slash; 260 Thrust
                         10 Accuracy.
    Ranseur              Slash 80; 230 Thrust
    Short Lance          100 Slash; 220 Thrust
    Short Spear          50 Slash; 85 Thrust
    Trident              240 Slash; 400 Thrust      Water Element.
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Bardis               410 Slash; 300 Thrust
    Battle Axe           190 Slash; 60 Thrust
                         5 Accuracy
    Battle Pick          480 Slash; 200 Thrust
    Crescent Axe         300 Slash; 140 Thrust      Occasionally hurls the enemy
    Francesca            110 Slash; 70 Thrust
    Gaia Cleaver         999 Slash; 500 Thrust      Earth element; sometimes reduces
                         -5 Accuracy                the defense of the enemy.
    Hand Axe             75 Slash; 60 Thrust
    Strike Axe           680 Slash; 320 Thrust      Volt element; occasionally stuns
                         -5 Accuracy                the enemy.
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Deck Brush           200 Slash; 200 Thrust      Wind element.
                         30 Accuracy
    Halberd              300 Slash; 300 Thrust
                         -5 Accuracy
    Heavy Grave          220 Slash; 220 Thrust
                         -10 Accuracy
    Merenol              510 Slash; 515 Thrust      Volt element; occasionally casts
                         -10 Accuracy               lighting.
    Pole Axe             120 Slash; 120 Thrust
                         -15 Accuracy
    St. Halberd          630 Slash; 630 Thrust      Occasionally freezes the enemy
                         -15 Accuracy; 8 Luck
    War Hammer           370 Slash; 370 Thrust
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Mace                 110 Attack
    Star Mace            650 Attack; 5 Intelligence Elemental(Maxwell's) element.
                         5 Luck
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Crystal Rod          740 Attack                 Occasionally regenerates 1% HP
                                                    when enemy is hit.
    Gem Trod             200 Attack
    Holy Staff           480 Attack; 8 Luck         Light element; Occasionally
                                                    regenerates 4% HP when enemy
                                                    is hit.
    Rod                  40 Attack
    Ruby Wand            260 Attack
    Skull Staff          380 Attack; 5 Intelligence Occasionally reduces luck of
                         -10 Luck                   enemy hit.
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Assault Dagger       250 Slash; 260 Thrust      Wind element; occasionally
                         30 Accuracy                casts Wind Cutter.
    Crystal Dagger       650 Slash; 650 Thrust      Occasionally regenerates 1% TP
                         30 Accuracy
    Gladius              320 Slash; 310 Thrust
                         20 Accuracy
    Gnome Pick           390 Slash; 360 Thrust      Earth element; occasionally
                         30 Accuracy                casts Grave.
    Hydra Dagger         160 Slash; 170 Thrust      Water element
                         30 Accuracy
    Katar                450 Slash; 450 Thrust
                         20 Accuracy; 2 Luck
    Short Sword          50 Slash; 40 Thrust
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Bear Claw            325 Slash; 320 Thrust
                         8 Accuracy
    Bone Knuckles        300 Slash; 295 Thrust      Shadow element; occasionally
                         2 Accuracy; -6 Luck        reduces luck of enemy hit.
    Chain Arms           90 Slash; 92 Thrust
                         5 Accuracy
    Crystal Shell        400 Slash; 420 Thrust
                         5 Accuracy
    Diamond Fist         660 Slash; 635 Thrust
                         7 Accuracy
    Dragon Fang          470 Slash; 440 Thrust
                         7 Accuracy
    Flare Arms           580 Slash; 620 Thrust      Fire element; occasionally
                         7 Accuracy                 shoots fireballs.
    Ghost Shell          365 Slash; 360 Thrust      Shadow; occasionally casts
                         -10 Evade                  instant death
    Iron Arms            180 Slash; 165 Thrust
                         2 Defense
    Kaiser Knuckles      760 Slash; 725 Thrust
                         10 Defense
    Leather Arms         60 Slash; 68 Thrust
                         2 Defense
    Mythril Arms         515 Slash; 530 Thrust
                         5 Defense
    Needle Glove         210 Slash; 180 Thrust
                         5 Defense
    Omni Weapon          800 Slash; 805 Thrust      Light; Occasionally regenerates
                         7 Defense; 10 Evade        4% HP when enemy is hit.
    Poison Thorn         118 Slash; 125 Thrust      7 Accuracy; occasionally poisons
                                                    the enemy
    Power Arms           67 Slash; 75 Thrust
                         3 Defense
    Silver Knuckles      275 Slash; 255 Thrust
                         10 Defense
    Venom                240 Slash; 215 Thrust      Occasionally stuns the enemy
                         3 Defense.
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Bird Whistle         160 Attack
    Chirp Whistle        100 Attack
                         -5 Accuracy
    Eternia Melody       750 Attack                 Time element.
    Memory Whistle       300 Attack
    Pretty Whistle       200 Attack; 8 Luck
    Trumpet              460 Attack                 Occasionally causes KO
    Twinkle Flute        580 Attack; 8 Luck
    Whistle              35 Attack; -3 Accuracy
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Assault Shot         485 Attack                 User must be in front line of
    Grand Magnum         610 Attack
    Impulse Cannon       700 Attack                 Occasionally hurls the enemy
    Mega Launcher        955 Attack                 Occasionally causes KO
    Photon Ray           840 Attack                 Occasionally reduces defense of
                                                    enemy hit.
    Plasma Cannon        525 Attack                 Volt element.
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Big Bag              480 Attack
    Chat Bag             315 Attack
    Luck Bag             720 Attack; 30 Luck
    Tote Bag             400 Attack
    Wonder Bag           780 Attack; 8 Luck         Occasionally regenerates 1% TP
                                                    when enemy is hit.
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Battle Suit          22 Defense; -3 Evade
    Chain Mail           10 Defense
    Golden Armor         49 Defense                 Water, Wind, Fire, Light attri-
    Hard Leather         4 Defense
    Mumbane              42 Defense                 Earth, Ice, Volt, Shadow
    Mythril Plate        37 Defense; -3 Evade
    Plate Mail           18 Defense; -3 Evade
    Protector            7 Defense
    Rare Plate           30 Defense; -5 Evade
    Reflect              45 Defense; -3 Evade       Time element.
    Ring Mail            13 Defense
    Silver Plate         28 Defense; -5 Evade
    Soft Leather         2 Defense
    Splint Mail          15 Defense
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Amber Cloak          10 Defense; 10 Evade
    Cloak                5 Defense
    Holy Cloak           25 Defense; 5 Luck         Restores 5% HP every 8 seconds
                                                    of battle.
    Mythril Mesh         2 Intelligence
                         35 Defense; 4 Evade
    Silk Cloak           1 Intelligence
                         10 Defense; 2 Luck
    Silver Cloak         16 Defense; 7 Evade
    Star Cloak           3 Intelligence             Elemental element(Maxwell's)
                         40 Defense
    White Cloak          8 Defense; 5 Evade
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Bloody Robe          14 Defense; 5 Evade        Shadow element
    Crystal Robe         12 Defense; 2 Evade
    Feather Robe         9 Defense; 3 Evade; 2 Luck
    Misty Robe           14 Defense
    Moon Robe            Intelligence 3             Reduces TP Loss by 1/3
                         28 Defense
    Robe                 12 Defense; 1 Evade
    Scale Robe           22 Defense                 Protects against Poison and Weak
    Spirit Robe          34 Defense; 5 Evade        Resists all
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Apple Shield         10 Evade; 5 Luck
    Beam Shield          32 Defense; 12 Evade
    Blue Shield          12 Defense; 32 Evade
    Buckler              4 Defense; 2 Evade
    Chaos Shield         40 Defense; 12 Evade
                         -5 Luck
    Fine Shield          18 Defense; 8 Evade
    Kite Shield          13 Defense; 5 Evade
    Lid Shield           2 Defense                  Fire element
    Omega Shield         10 Defense; 4 Evade        Restores 5% HP every 8 secs.
                                                    in battle.
    Order Shield         26 Defense; 10 Evade
    Rare Shield          10 Defense; 28 Evade; 5 Luck
    Red Shield           28 Defense; 4 Luck
    Round Shield         9 Defense; 3 Evade
    Square Shield        6 Defense; 8 Evade         Fire Element
    Star Shield          30 Defense; 10 Evade       Shadow Element
    Storm Shield         6 Defense; 3 Evade         Wind Element.
    Wood Shield          3 Defense; 1 Evade
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Angel Bracelet       18 Defense; 8 Luck
    Bracelet             5 Defense
    Diamond Armlet       14 Defense
    Gold Bracelet        8 Defense
    Iron Wrist           3 Defense
    Lapis Bracelet       11 Defense; 2 Luck
    Mythril Bracelet     22 Defense
    Star Bracelet        26 Defense
    Wristband            1 Defense
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Cute Mitten          15 Defense; 5 Accuracy     Restores 5% HP every 8 secs. of
                         5 Evade; 5 Luck            battle.
    Kitchen Mitten       5 Defense; 5 Evade         Fire element
    Lovely Mitten        12 Defense; 5 Evade        Light, Shadow element.
                         3 Luck
    Pretty Mitten        9 Defense; 2 Evade
                         10 Luck
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Ahmet Helm           5 Defense
    Cross Helm           10 Defense
    Duel Helm            14 Defense
    Golden Helm          24 Defense
    Iron Helm            3 Defense
    Leather Helm         1 Defense
    Mythril Helm         18 Defense
    Rare Helm            20 Defense                 Protects against stun
    Star Helm            28 Defense; 3 Evade; 2 Luck
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Aifread's Hat        12 Defense
    Captain's Hat        24 Defense; 12 Evade
    Pirate's Hat         18 Defense; 6 Evade
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Arche Ribbon         50 Luck                    Water, Wind, Fire, Erth elemts.
    Blue Ribbon          5 Defense
    Magic Ribbon         26 Defense; 3 Evade
    Pretty Ribbon        20 Defense; 5 Evade; 5 Luck
    Ribbon               2 Defense
    Stripped Ribbon      9 Defense; 5 Evade
    Tartan Ribbon        16 Defense; 10 Evade
    NAME                 STATS                      SPECIAL NOTES
    Circlet              4 Intelligence; 1 Defense
    Cress's Bandana      10 Accuracy; 20 Evade      Time element.
    Gold Circlet         8 Intelligence; 2 Defense  Raises level of concentration
    Holy Circlet         18 Intelligence; 4 Defense
                         5 Luck
    Mythril Circlet      12 Intelligence; 3 Defense
    Star Circlet         24 Intelligence; 5 Defense
    NAME            EFFECT
    Blue Talisman   Defense + 10 %
    Canceler        Makes Max able to combine three of his skills
    Combo Command   Allows you to execute special techs by inputting commands
    Drain Charm     Prevents declines in Accuracy, Defense and Spell casting time
    Freeze Charm    Prevents Freeze
    Heal Bracelet   Restores 8% HP when you defeat an enemy
    Mental Bracelet Recovers 3% TP when you defeat an enemy
    Pico Revenge    Allows a Pow Hammer to randomly appear when damaged
    Poison Charm    Protects against TP/HP reducing Poison.
    Stun Charm      Protects against stun
    Talisman        Defense + 5%
    Technical Ring  Allows Meredy to use Quickie in battle
    WakeUP Charm    Halves the duration of unconsciousness.
    NAME            EFFECT
    Elven Boots     Increases movement during battle by 20%
    Jet Boots       Increases overall speed by 50%(battle and field). Increases
                    Evade(+8) and Defense(+()
    Persha Boots    Reduces all damage by 30%
    Watercloud      Reduces water damage by 50%
    NAME            EFFECT
    Aqua Cape       Reduces Water and Ice damage by 30%
    Cape            Adds +1 to defense
    Celesti Cape    Protects against Earth, Ice, Volt, but makes you more vulnerable
                    to Water, Wind, Fire.
    Elven Cape      Increases Defense( + 12), Evade(+ 10), Luck(+ 20)
    Flare Cape      Reduces Fire damage by 30%; Makes you more resistance to Earth.
    Inferi Cape     Protects against Water, Wind, Fire, but makes you more
                    vulnerable to Earth, Ice, Volt.
    Leather Cape    Increases Defense + 3
    Smash Cape      Increases charm and allows you to receive extra bonuses for
                    Technical Smashes.
    Thief's Cape    Increases Defense + 5, Evade + 5
    Thunder Cape    Reduces Lightning damage by 30%, protects against Wind.
    NAME            EFFECT
    Emerald Ring    Reduces TP consumption by 1/3
    Faerie Ring     Reduces TP consumption by half.
    Force Ring      Reduces physical damage by 20%
    Mental Ring     Periodically regenerates TP by 1% of maximum.
    Protect Ring    Reduces physical damage by 1%
    Reflect ring    Reduces elemental attack damage by 20%
    Resist Ring     Reduces elemental attack damage by 10%
    Resume Ring     Periodically increases 1% of total TP. When HP reaches zero,
                    recovers 79% of HP(sometimes).
    Reviveser       Allows you to reduce damage by pressing S before an enemy
    Step Ring       Enables you to step back by pressing S + DOWN at the same time.
    NAME            EFFECT
    Reverse Doll    Automatically resurrects you after dying.
    Sephira         Doubles the amount of Gald earned.
    NAME            EFFECT
    Black Onyx      Increases max HP by 30%
    Magic Mist      Increases getaway speed by 30%
    Moon Crystal    Increases max TP by 30%
    NAME            EFFECT
    Demon's SEAL    Doubles amount of EXP., but also afflicts user with various
                    status aliments.
    Derris Emblem   Allows your noncombo attacks to connect with 100% accuracy/
                    allows you to use Maxwell's extensions.
    Extreme         Increases attack +300, Accuracy+30, decreases defense -200,
                    Evade -20.
    Holy Symbol     Recovers 5% of max HP every 8 secs. of battle.
    Krona Symbol    Protects against all status aliments.
    Mystic Symbol   Reduces spell casting time.
    Rabbit's Foot   Increases Luck+30
    Warrior Symbol  Increases strength by 10%
    Ingredients: Bread, Bear Meat, Lettuce
    Effects: Restores 15% of all ally HP
    Wonder Chef found at: Mintche University's cafeteria; disguised as a plant.
    Ingredients: Bread, Cheese, Lettuce
    Effects: Restores 30% of ally HP.
    Wonder chef: Rasheans, neighbor's house, disguised as a pig doll.
    Ingredients: Pasta, Shrimp, Squid, Tomato
    Effects: Restores 60% of ally HP
    Wonder chef: At Chambard Bistro, disguised as a wine bottle.
    Ingredients: Kirima, Lemon, Strawberry
    Effects: Restores 10% of ally TP.
    Wonder chef: At Mazet's House in Morle, disguised as a treasure box.
    Ingredients: Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato
    Effects: Restores 20% of ally TP.
    Wonder chef: At Morle's Grocery, disguised as a Pumpkin.
    Ingredients: Egg, Milk, Kirima, Strawberry
    Effects: Restores 60& of ally HP.
    Wonder chef: At Inferia's Royal Playhouse's; near the reception desk, disguised
    as a plant.
    Ingredients: Squid, Cabbage, Lemon
    Effects: Restores 15% of ally HP, cures effects of Poison.
    Wonder chef: At Barole port's "crate house", south of the main docks, disguised
    as a crate.
    Ingredients: Bear Meat, Potato, Carrot.
    Effects: Restores 15% of ally HP, cures stun.
    Wonder chef: At Barole port's bar second floor, disguised as a drunkard.
    Ingredients: Bear Meat, Carrot, Cabbage.
    Effects: Restores 15% of ally, temporally increases Attack.
    Wonder chef: At Regulus Dojo's inn, second floor, disguised as a pot.
    Ingredients: Squid, Tuna, Cabbage, Radish
    Effects: Restores 15% of ally HP, temporally increases defense.
    Wonder chef:  Inferia's Ship Chandler, disguised as an anchor.
    Ingredients: Rice, Egg, Onion
    Effects: Cures all abnormal status
    Wonder chef: At Rashean's traveler's shop, disguised as an armor.
    Ingredients: Pasta, Milk, Shrimp, Cheese
    Effects: Restores 15% of ally HP, temporally increases accuracy.
    Wonder chef: At Barole's inn guest room, disguised as a mirror/bed.
    Ingredients: Pasta, Egg, Cheese, Milk, Bear Meat
    Effects: Restores 60% of ally HP, 40% of ally TP.
    Wonder chef: Chambard inn's guest room, "hidden" at the top-right bed.
    Ingredients: Bear Meat, Carrot, Potato, Onion.
    Effects: Restores large amount of HP, cures all abnormalities.
    Wonder chef: Inferia City's hotel; second floor, disguised as a pot.
    Ingredients: Panyan, Cabbage, White Satay
    Effects: Restores 15% of ally HP
    Wonder chef: Chat's hut's reception room, disguised as a grandfather clock.
    Ingredients: Rice, Tusk Meat, Onion, Black Satay
    Effects: Restores 30% of ally HP
    Wonder chef: Tinnsia's Ship Chandler(ship shop), disguised as a Miacis statue.
    Ingredients: Panyan, Egg, Tusk Meat, Cucumber, Red Satay
    Effects: Restores 60% of ally HP
    Wonder chef: Peruti, after the snow melts; disguised as a statue.
    Ingredients: Milk, Amango, Banana, White Satay
    Effects: Restores 10% of ally TO
    Wonder chef: Imen Library, disguised as a big book.
    Ingredients: Shrimp, Tomato, Red Satay
    Effects: Restores 20% of ally TP
    Wonder chef: Peruti's fish store, disguised as a barrel.
    Ingredients: Milk, Banana, Amango, Kiwi, White Satay
    Effects: Restores 40% of ally TP
    Wonder chef: Tinnsia hotel's fist floor lobby, disguised as a stuffed bird.
    Ingredients: Beet, Cabbage, Potato, Red Satay
    Effects: Restores 30% of ally HP, cures infirmity.
    Wonder chef: Luishka town, after meeting Galenos, disguised as a wooden box.
    Ingredients: Tofu, Tusk Meat, Red Satay, Black Satay
    Effects: Restores 10% of ally TP, temporarily increases defense.
    Wonder chef: At Luishka. In Balir Mansion, at the second floor sleeping
    quarters, after meeting Galenos, disguised as a trash can.
    Ingredients: Egg, Radish, Konia, Red Satay
    Effects: Restores 10% of ally TP, temporarily increases Attack.
    Wonder chef: Jini Casino, disguised as a slot machine.
    Ingredients: Potato, Onion, Carrot, Red Satay
    Effects: Restores 10% of tp, temporarily increases defense.
    Wonder chef: Jini's auction hall, disguised as a frame.
    Ingredients: Rice, Tuna, Shrimp, Black Satay
    Effects: Restores 10% of ally TP, temporarily increases accuracy.
    Wonder chef: Peruti's inn, at the women room. Disguised as a snowman.
    Ingredients: Tusk Meat, Carrot, Potato, Rice, Red Satay.
    Effects: Restores 60% of ally HP and 40% of ally TP.
    Wonder chef: Jini's bookstore, disguised as a frog.
    Ingredients: Tusk Meat, Tomato, Onion, Rice, White Satay
    Effects: Restores 60% of ally HP, cures all abnormalities.
    Wonder chef: Imen, Meredy's house living room, after Farah wakes up in the
    morning. It is disguised as a robot.
    Ingredients: Bread, Strawberry, Kiwi, Milk, Purple Satay
    Effects: Completely restores ally HP/TP
    Required: Learned after you master Sandwich, Soft Cake and Fruit Cocktail.
    Ingredients: Tusk Meat, Tomato, Lemon, Beet, Purple Satay
    Effects: Completely restores ally TP, cures Poison.
    Required: Learned after you master Steak, Fruit Juice and Garden Salad.
    Ingredients: Panyan, Rice, Bear Meat, Onion, Purple Satay.
    Effects: Completely restores all HP, cures infirmity.
    Required: Learned after you master hamburger, Honey Ramen and Broiled Sandwich.
    Ingredients: Tusk Meat, Tuna, Squid, Kirima, Radish, Purple Satay.
    Effects: Completely restores ally HP/TP, removes all status abnormalities.
    required: Learned after you master beef stew, Fish Stew and Hot Pot.
    Ingredients: Potato, Bear Meat, Rice, Milk, Cheese, Purple Satay.
    Effects: Increases all Max HP + 1
    Required: Learned after you master Chili Potato, Omelette and Pot Pie.
    Ingredients: Rice, Tusk Meat, Tomato, Kirima, Tofu, Purple Satay.
    Effects: Increases max TP + 1.
    Required: Learned after you master Sweet Rice, Bitter Tofu, Hot Curry and Sweet
    Ingredients: Pasta, Carrot, Onion, Bear Meat, Purple Satay.
    Effects: Restores 30% of ally HP. Temporarily increases Attack.
    Required: Learned after you master Hot Borsch, Cold Noodles and Seafood Pasta.
    Ingredients: Rice, Shrimp, Squid, Tuna, Purple Satay.
    Effects: Restores 30% of ally HP, temporarily increases Attack and Defense.
    Required: Learned after you master Calamari, Spicy Shrimp and Sushi.
    Ingredients: Random.
    Effects: Random.
    Required: You know this recipe right from the beginning.
                                    SPELLS & ABILITIES
    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////CHARACTER SKILLS
    Probably the game's best character. He's got a ton of skills, all of them great,
    hard-hitting and powerful. No contest.
    Reid learns skills depending on his slash/thrust level(check his stats screen),
    and when he uses a skill a certain amount of times. Here is how it works(Aurora
    skills not listed):
    Sonic Blade, Lighting Blade, Swarm, Demon Hammer, Tempest Strike, Spiral Attack,
    Omega Seal: a certain level of slash/thrust must be attained.
    Super Lightning blade: Lightning Blade must be used 50 times.
    Neosonic Swarm: Sonic Blade(24 times) + Swarm(24 times)
    Demon Lightning Hammer: Lightning Blade(16 times) + Demon Hammer(16 times)
    Megasonic Thrust: Lightning Blade(70 times) + Swarm(70 times)
    Omega Tempest Strike: Tempest Strike(250 times)
    Double Spiral Attack: Spiral attack(250 times)
    Rising Phoenix: Super Lightning Blade(200 Times) + Megasonic Thrust(150 times)
    Twin Sonic Blade: Sonic Blade(48 Times)
    Sonic Chaos: Sonic Blade(60 times) + Twin Sonic Blade(50 times)
    Neo Swarm: Swarm(130 times)
    Neo Tempest Swarm: Neo Swarm(120 Times) + Tempest Strike(80 times)
    Twin Spiral Hammer: Spiral Attack(80 times) + Demon Hammer(120 times)
    Omega Demon Chaos: ????
    SKILL           DESCRIPTION               COMMENTS
    Sonic Blade     Sonic blasts hit the      A very weak skill through the whole
                    enemy                     game
                                              (4 TP)
    Lightning Blade The enemy is struck down  Useful through the beginning.
                    with thunder              (4 TP)
    Swarm           The enemy is hit with     A bunch of weak hits... not too good.
                    multiple thrusts          (7 TP)
    Demon Hammer    The enemy is slashed from One of the best skills you get near
                    top to bottom             the beginning. Quite useful.
                                              (6 TP)
    Demon Lightning See above, but with volt- Another tremendous skill. It'll be
    Hammer          -imbued strikes.          useful for most of the game's first
                                              (10 TP)
    Neosonic Swarm  Combo of sonic blade and  This skill racks up damage and hits
                    Swarm                     very fast; it's good.
                                              (10 TP)
    Tempest Strike  The enemy is struck with  Hmmm... it's very easy to miss your
                    spinning blades           enemies with this, plus it ain't too
                                              (9 TP)
    Neo Swarm       The enemy is showered w/  Another hard-hitting skill. Nice.
                    multiple thrusts          (12 TP)
    Spiral Attack   After a powerful uppercut One of my favorite skills. If you're
                    you somersault your enemy near enough of your enemy, you can hit
                    down in a hard-hitting    him/it/her around 7 times, and each
                    combo.                    hit does around 500 PTS of DMG. One of
                                              the best skills in the game.
                                              (10 TP)
    Twin Sonic      Sonic blade x 2           ---
    Blade                                     (8 TP)
    Super Lightning Lightning + wind          ---
    Blade                                     (8 TP)
    Demon Twist     Your sword swings up      The best skill Reid has if you don't
                    and down, hitting         bother with the rest of 'em. Why?
                    anything on its path      Because it's so easy to get, so
                                              powerful, so fast, so goddamn useful.
                                              You can kill Maxwell with just this,
                                              for Christ's sake!
                                              (10 TP)
    Megasonic       The enemy is repeatedly   It's very easy to miss with this, so
    Thrust          hit                       I wouldn't call it good.
                                              (15 TP)
    Demon Spiral    Demmon Hammer + Spiral    Woah! This skill is INCREDIBLE. Demon
    Hammer          Attack                    Hammer Is one of the best skills near
                                              the beginning, Spiral Attack is overly
                                              powerful, and the combination of them
                                              both is devastating.  DPH is one of
                                              Reid's finest skills.
                                              (20 TP)
    Double Spiral   Spiral attack x 2         Surprisingly bad
    Attack                                    (14 TP)
    Omega Tempest   Tempest strike on         Bah. Too easy to miss your target. It
    Strike          steroids                  Is a good way to escape if you're
                                              cornered, though.
                                              (14 TP)
    Sonic Chaos     Energy blast are sent     A great skill to use from afar. It
                    from afar                 does enough damage to be of great use.
                                              (15 TP)
    Neo Tempest     Tempest Strike + Neo      Very good, hard-hitting skill. Nice
    Swarm           Swarm                     damage, plus tons of hits.
                                              (24 TP)
    Rising Phoenix  Fire-shrouded sword       ---
                    thrusts                   (40 TP)
    Omega Demon     Eight strikes maim the    A GREAT skill. Eight, consecutive,
    Chaos           enemy                     powerful strikes. It can also hit all
                                              enemies. I'd say this is Reid's best
                                              skill -- even though there are some
                                              others that are as good.
                                              (40 TP)
    Omega Seal      The enemy is levitated    ---
                                              (40 TP)
    Aurora Wall     Press X+O+S when HP       ---
                    flashes.                  (50 TP)
    Aurora Sword    Tap X when casting Aurora ---
                    Wall                      (100 TP)
    Aurora Wave     Press X+O+S when enemy    ---
                    uses Dark Aurora          (50 TP)
    I HATE HER!!!!! Bah. She also needs to learn certain skills before learning
    others, or to master a certain amount of Punch/Kick levels. Here is the list:
    Palm Strike: Certain level of Punch/Kick
    Triple Blossom: Certain level of Punch/Kick
    Sonic Fist: Certain level of Punch/Kick
    Swallow Dance: Certain level of punch/kick
    Deadly Dance: Certain level of Punch/Kick
    Mirage: Certain level of punch/Kick
    Super Sonic Fist: Sonic Fist(150 times)
    Rising Dragon Strike: Palm Strike(10 times) + Sonic Fist(30)
    Eagle Dive: Swallow Dance(40 times)
    Super Swallow Dance: Swallow Dance(150 times)
    Twin Palm Strike: Palm Strike(60 times) + Rising Dragon Strike(30 times)
    Death Blossom: Triple blossom(80 times) + Eagle Dive(30 times)
    Chi: Super Sonic Fist(160 times) + Twin Palm Strike(100 times)
    Eagle Rage: Death Blossom(160 times) + Super Swallow Dance(100 times)
    Fatal Fury: Chi(120 times) + Eagle Rage(120 times)
    Deadly Force: can only be learned after Farah leads in battle for 300 fights
    SKILL           DESCRIPTION               COMMENTS
    Palm Strike     Chi gathers on Farah's    ---
                    palms and is then emitted (4 TP)
    Triple Blossom  Three consecutive kicks   ---
                                              (6 TP)
    Eagle Dive      Dive into the enemy from  ---
                    above                     (8 TP)
    Rising Dragon   The enemy is sent flying  ---
    Strike          upwards with a blast      (12 TP)
    Sonic Fist      Sonic-powered fist        This is a great skill. Its problem is
                                              that it is far too weak. Should be
                                              useful for a short while
                    hits                      (8 TP)
    Swallow Dance   Rise into the air and     ---
                    pummel down with a kick   (7 TP)
    Healer          Restores minimal amount   Nice, near the start
                    of HP                     (12 TP)
    Detoxify        Cures poison and weak     ---
                                              (4 TP)
    Death Blossom   Combo of a dive kick and  ---
                    triple blossom            (12 TP)
    Twin Palm       Chi gathers on the fist   ---
    Strike          and is thrust onward      (12 TP)
    Mirage          Mirage evades the enemy   ---
                    attack                    (10 TP)
    Super Sonic     Warp-speeded sonic        An excellent skill that should be good
    Fist            fist                      through most of the game. It's fast,
                                              powerful, hard-hitting, and can
                                              usually snag a few enemies per hit.
                                              (18 TP)
    Life            Resurrects a dead ally    An useful skill to know. It revives
                                              you with a nice amount of HP, and is
                                              easily cast. A nice alternative to
                                              (50 TP)
    Super Swallow   Swallow dance +           ---
    Dance           additional blow           (13 TP)
    Eagle Rage      Rise from above and       ---
                    plummet down              (20 TP)
    Chi             A chi blast...            ---
                                              (20 TP)
    Fatal Fury      Combination attack        ---
                    performed at sonic speed  (60 TP)
    Deadly Force    Stuns the enemy with a    ---
                    potent energy blast       (80 TP)
    Meredy is a good character. She's got nice spell-casting capabilities, but she's
    got almost no HP to boast!(Keele has more) However, if outfitted with a Black
    Onyx, she's as good as anybody. She only has a few skills of her own(the rest
    are "borrowed" from the craymels):
    Ice Needles: This ToD I skill is back(I can't forget Rutee's "ICE NEEDOLH!!!;
    impossible). It's weak, overly weak, but hits a decent amount of time. 6 TP.
    Grave: Another ToD I skill. Small stones rise up from above and hit the enemy.
    Weak, too. 7 TP.
    Lightning: The enemy is showered with lightning. This one is better than the
    other too, and should be good for a short while. 7 TP.
    Keele is probably the best of the two spell casters, because he's far more
    resistant and has more HP(and if you bundle him with a Black Onyx, he's got even
    more hit points than Farah!). I really like him, battle-wise, because
    personality-wise he's an annoying nerd who gets "better" near the end. Again, he
    only has three default skills:
    Aqua Edge: A nice skill. Does moderate damage. 7 TP.
    Wind Blade: A blast of wind engulfs the enemy. 7 TP.
    Fireball: Yawn. You know the drill. 7 TP.
    I never really used this little bastard. In order for her to learn some of her
    skills, she needs to do certain things.  Here is the breakdown:
    Ice Hammer: Go to Insea, at this coordinates: (120, 122), and examine the
    Aifread Monument.
    Toss Hammer: Go to Celestia, at this coordinates: (184, 139), and check out the
    Aifread monument there.
    Para ball: Craymel Hot Springs(208, 108). Pay 600 Gald at the front desk and
    move through the cutscenes. Eventually, you'll attain this skill.
    Eternal Hammer:  Go to Chat's place and down the stairs. Check out the Aifread
    Monument there to get some coordinates: (204, 98). Go there(Aifread's Cave) and
    clear the Math Challenge at the dice room.
    SKILL           DESCRIPTION               COMMENTS
    Ice Hammer      Sometimes causes freeze.  ---
                                              (20 TP)
    Pow Hammer      Sometimes causes KO       ---
                                              (12 TP)
    Toss Hammer     Sometimes causes poison   ---
                                              (16 TP)
    Para Ball       Sometimes causes Stun     ---
                                              (16 TP)
    Rover Tool      A must have tool of       ---
                    pirates                   (15 TP)
    Eternal Hammer  The ultimate hammer skill ---
                                              (60 TP)
    My favorite character of the game, personality wise(yeah, I know he's dry,
    cliché, almost a goddamn cardboard, but his character model and sheer amount of
    "Yeah"'s drive me nuts O_O He rocks); too bad he does correspond to that,
    battle-wise. He's very sluggish, slow, plus his skills take FOREVER to be cast.
    It's very hard to do a skill of his, because he's bound to be stopped on his
    chant. But, if he isn't, he'll sure deliver some pain-age. Max has three levels
    of skills, and they can be chained if you have the Canceler. To chain them, cast
    a level 1 skill, and when the skill's name appears on the top of the screen,
    immediately input the level 2 skill command, and do the same to cast the level 3
    skill(Elemental Master). One of these combos is so damaging, it's not even
    He also needs to do some things to learn his skills(meet a Miacis). Here are the
    places you should go to(Max must be in your party):
    Air Blade: After the Seyfert Shrine, visit the Peruti Port and look around for
    the Miacis.(level 1)
    Rage Laser: After visiting the Seyfert Observatory for the first time, head to
    Cape Fortress(the place you start in Celestia) to find this Miacis(level 1)
    Dark Laser: After the Regulus Tomb, go to Luishka ruins and go one screen up
    from the entrance. Check out the debris to the left until the Miacis pops
    up.(level 2)
    Aqua Spiral: At Tinnsia, head toward the item shop and take the escalator next
    to it, so you go up. You'll appear near the weapon's shop, by a gnome statue.
    Head toward such statue and meet the Miacis(level 2).
    Elemental Master: Firstly, visit all of the previous locations(WITHOUT having
    Max in your party) to meet a painter named Lesitia. Once you've met her in all
    of those locations, go to Jini and wait for nighttime. Then, go to the Jini
    Auction to find Lesitia again. She'll hand over the Canceler(let's you combo the
    skills). Afterward, come back here, but with Max in your party, and you'll find
    the Miacis, who'll hand over the skill.
    SKILL           DESCRIPTION               COMMENTS
    Burning Force   A burning blast of plasma A very powerful skill. Its casting
                    shreds all enemies in     time is not too long, so you can
                    a straight line           rely on it quite a bit. Like I said,
                                              it's very powerful, so you can use
                                              it almost everytime. Awesome.
                                              (20 TP)
    Aqua Spiral     Water blades form and     This is a tremendous skill. It has
                    pierce through the enemy  a great range(Burning Force is
                                              a bit limited), plus it does a ton
                                              of damage. I love it.
                                              (28 TP)
    Air Blade       Blades of air are created Yeah, that's an exaggerated
                    and they whistle forward, description. This is a weakened
                    cutting and beheading.    version of Aqua Spiral, but still
                                              (24 TP)
    Rage Laser      A laser of raging energy  This skill does a ton of damage, but
                    protrudes from Max's gun  it has a limited range. The enemy
                    and maims the enemy       cannot be too far away from you, or
                                              you're sure to miss.
                                              (34 TP)
    Dark Laser      A dark-energy imbued      This skill sucks. You have to be RIGHT
                    laser is shot             NEXT to your enemy, otherwise it'll
                                              miss. You'll probably be hit before
                                              you can even fire.
                                              (40 TP)
    Elemental       All of the elements       A tremendous, overly powerful, hard-
    Master          fuse and blast the enemy  -hitting skill. This baby can kill
                    away                      a group of enemies in just one
                                              blast and, if combo'ed(you know, with
                                              the Canceler), the overall result is
                                              far too incredible. Awesome.
                                              (72 TP)
    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////SECRET SKILLS
    Shooting Star(altered version): when you cast it, Arche(Tales of Phantasia, a
    game I've been longing to play) will appear and you'll be able to control her
    for a short while. Use O, X and O+X to use her attacks. You need to have Maxwell
    at level 30 and his vitality at Maximum. Obviously, you also need to perform
    shooting star.
    Maelstrom: After Spread is cast, it may extend into this. The requirements?
    Undine is at level 15 or higher, and has a high vitality(not necessarily max)
    Dragon Demon Chaos: Perform Omega Demon chaos, and when the eighth hit strikes,
    perform it again. Instead of performing ODC, you'll do DDC. Nice. However, you
    need to have used ODC over [(5-(*Total # of attacks)) x 30 + 1] times. The # of
    attacks is the skills Reid chains together. Also, the enemy must have less than
    [2000-(total # of times Omega Demon Chaos was used)]
    Burning Phoenix: Execute rising phoenix, and when you're landing from the combo,
    execute it again. You need to have performed Rising phoenix over [(5-(Total # of
    attacks) x 50 + 50]
    Quasi Seal: Perform Omega Seal and let the enemy levitate. Before slashing him,
    input the command for Omega Seal again. You need to have performed Omega seal at
    least 50 times, only one enemy is left in battle, and such enemy has less than
    20,000 HP. This attack will finish him off.
    Maximum Burst: Perform Chi, and when the second strike hits the enemy, perform
    Chi again. You need to have performed Final Fury at ñeast 30 times, and Chi a
    whole bunch of times(heh, sorry O_O)
    Flame Dance: Perform deadly force, and while the screen is black, perform this
    combo to activate Flame Dance: punch, punch, ground to air skill, air skill(you
    must hit the enemy with every skill).
    Flaming Sword: Set Fireball to the shortcut key. Perform it, and when the
    character who's about to do it flashes, perform Demon Lightning Hammer
    IMMEDIATELY. This should happen.
    Earth Divide: Do the same as above, except this time around is Spiral Attack +
    Serpent Knuckle: Rising Dragon Strike + Heal.
    Lightning Strike: Thunder Blade + Twin Palm Strike
    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////CRAYMEL ARTES
    Craymel: Undine
    Comments on craymel: Undine's attack is WEAK, WEAK, WEAK! USELESS! However, when
    it is cast, it fully heals the whole party. So, it should be cast if possible,
    but not for the damage, more for the healing properties of it.
    Spread(9 TP, Attack spell, Narrow Range)(Whirling water shreds the enemy)
    Combination: Water + N/A
    Comments: A nice spell near the beginning of the game. It gets old fast, tho'.
    Heal(16 TP, Restoration Spell, One ally)(Restores an ally's HP)
    Combination: Water + Wind
    Comments: Heals very little HP, and just one ally. Not very good(but you're
    stuck with it for quite a bit)
    Acid Rain(10 TP, Support spell, All enemies)(Reduces an enemy's defense=
    Combination: Water + Earth
    Comments: Lowers an enemy's defense. I don't like it.
    Nurse(42 TP, Restoration spell, All allies)(Heals all allies)
    Combination: Water + Ice
    Comments: This spell is priceless when you first get it, as it heals everybody.
    However, soon enough, you'll realize how bad it is. Why? Because it takes so
    long to cast, and even when it is done, it takes a few seconds for the animation
    to go by, and only after the animation you're healed. So, basically, while you
    wait for the nurses to heal you, you could be killed. Bah.
    Restore(60 TP, Restoration spell, Middle range)(Heals allies that are within
                                                    the spell's range)
    Combination: Water + Light
    Comments: A great spell; it heals a lot, is cast very fast. However, it does not
    affect everybody, which can be a downside. When you cast it, be sure you're near
    whomever the spell is going to be cast on, because the spell will create a
    healing circle around him/her, and only inside it you'll be healed.
    Cure(32 TP, Restoration spell, One ally)(Restores an ally's HP)
    Combination: Water + Elemental.
    Comments: ---
    Resurrection(96 TP, Restoration spell, One ally)(Revives and fully-heals an
    Combination: Water + Time
    Comments: A very useful spell, especially in those battles where everybody seems
    to die. However, like Nurse, it's very slow, and when it is cast, you need to
    bear through a long animation before the character you aimed the spell at is
    Craymel: Sylph
    Comments on Craymel: Another overly weak attack. Plus he doesn't heal. He justs
    reduces an enemy's accuracy. Bah.
    Air Thrust(12 TP, Attack spell, Narrow range)(Hits enemies multiple times)
    Combination: Wind + N/A
    Comments: This spell can hit an enemy a lot of times, which is good. It has nice
    power, too. Overall, it's a good spell, but the game's strongest enemies won't
    even flinch against it.
    Concentrate(6 TP, Support spell, One ally)(Increases the ally's accuracy)
    Combination: Wind + Fire
    Comments: ---
    Medical Plus(0 TP, Power up spell, all allies)(Restores an additional 5+ of HP
                                                   during battles --if healed with
                                                   a spell)
    Combination: Wind + Light
    Comments: ---
    Cyclone(44 TP, Attack spell, Middle Range)(Hits enemies within a set area)
    Combination: Wind + Shadow
    Comments: This is a very good spell. It is very powerful and can hit a lot of
    enemies multiple times. However, it has its downsides: its range is not very
    big, so some enemies(especially fast ones) are bound to escape the spell's
    grasp. But, it's a good spell, overall).
    Item Plus(0 TP, Power up spell, all allies)(Awards a bonus after a Tech. Smash)
    Combination: Wind + Elemental
    Comments: ---
    Craymel: Efreet
    Comments on craymel: More powerful than Undine and Sylph, but still, weak!!!
    Sharpness(6 TP, Support spell, One ally)(Increases an ally's attack)
    Combination: Fire + Water
    Comments: ---
    Eruption(18 TP, Attack spell, Middle range)(Hits quite a bunch of enemies)
    Combination: Fire + N/A
    Comments: This spell is very powerful and useful when first get it. However, it
    gets weak and useless too fast.
    Flame Wall(12 TP, Attack spell, Narrow Range)(Hits some enemies with a flame
                                                  wall; weak)
    Combination: Fire + Earth
    Comments: ---
    Explode(36 TP, Attack spell, Middle Range)(A massive explosion hits
                                                 your foes)
    Combination: Fire + Lighting.
    Comments: This can hit everybody, and even if it doesn't, it's still a good
    spell. Not only it hits its targets multiple times, but each hit does
    considerable damage. I don't use this spell a lot, but I can't say it ain't
    Craymel: Gnome.
    Comments: ---
    Mental Charge(0 TP, Power up spell, All allies)(Restores +1% of ally TP at the
                                                    end of a battle)
    Combination: Earth + Wind
    Comments: ---
    Stalagmite(18 TP, Attack spell, Middle range)(Massive boulders protrude from the
                                                  ground and engulf their foes)
    Combination: Earth + N/A
    Comments: This is a tremendous spell. Its capability to hit an enemy a lot of
    times, plus the fact it is so damaging, make it a spell that will be useful for
    (nearly) the whole game. You may forget about it once you get things like Meteor
    Swarm and whatnot, but it's still a great spell.
    Life Rescue(0 TP, Power up spell, All allies)(Restores HP as it decreases)
    Combination: Earth + Light
    Comments: ---
    Ground Dasher(48 TP, Attack spell, Screen range)(The earth's wrath is cast upon
                                                     your foes)
    Combination: Earth + Shadow
    Comments: This is one of my favorite spells. It hits everybody on-screen(you
    know, the ones you're _seeing_ on the screens; anybody else who's not in your
    range of view will be missed, I think) and does tremendous damage, plus it's got
    a great animation. After Gnome(the craymel) is trained well enough, this spell
    will transform into Earth Shaker, which has an even cooler animation and is
    astonishingly powerful.
    Mental Supply(0 TP, Power up spell, All allies)(Restores TP according to the
                                                    DMG received)
    Combination: Earth + Elemental
    Comments: ---
    Craymel: Celsius.
    Comments on craymel: This attack is infinitely more powerful than Sylph's and
    Undine's. It's still a bit too weak, but very good, nonetheless.
    Blizzard(20 TP, Attack spell, All enemies)(A fierce snowstorm is cast)
    Combination: Ice + Wind
    Comments: ---
    Freeze Guard(80 TP, Power up spell, all allies)(Protects against freeze)
    Combination: Ice + Fire
    Comments: ---
    Resist(6 TP, Support spell, one ally)(Increases an ally's Defense)
    Combination: ice + Earth
    Comments: ---
    Freeze Lance(21 TP, Attack spell, straight line range)(Ice lances are shot
    Combination: Ice + N/A
    Comments: This is a great attack, and it takes a while before it gets old. It
    can only hit enemies in a straight line, but it hits them for a lot of hits and
    does moderate damage. It's a fast, powerful spell that'll be useful for quite a
    Absolute(30 TP, Attack spell, Narrow range)(A cold blast hits the enemy)
    Combination: Ice + Lightning
    Comments: ---
    Craymel: Volt
    Comments on craymel: ---
    Stun Guard(0 TP, Power up spell, All allies)(Protects against stun)
    Combination: Lightning + Water
    Comments: ---
    Charge(100 TP, Support spell, One ally)(Share TP with an ally. After battle,
                                            TP is restored)
    Combination: Lightning + Wind
    Comments: ---
    Recover(10 TP, Restoration spell, One ally)(Cures all status aliments)
    Combination: Lightning + Earth
    Comments: This is an excellent spell, especially if you're ever lacking panacea
    bottles. Its fast and ideal for battle.
    Thunder blade(24 TP, Attack spell, whomever-is-front-of-you range)(A blade of
                                                        voltic power swings down
                                                        into your foes)
    Combination: Lightning + N/A
    Comments: This is a very powerful spell. The downside is that it can only hit
    whomever is in front of you, making it very limited. However, should a bunch of
    enemies be near you, you're sure to hit them all and do a ton of damage.
    Indignation(52 TP, Attack spell, Middle range)(The heaven's indignation is cast
                                                   forth upon yer foes)
    Combination: Lightning + Light
    Comments: This is an AWFULLY slow spell, but it's also overly powerful and even
    though it takes too long to be cast, it's still good, due to its power. Also, it
    is needed to kill Sekundes(in the coolest way possible)
    Craymel: Shadow
    Comments on Craymel: ---
    Deep Mist(6 TP, Support spell, One enemy)(Reduces an enemy's accuracy)
    Combination: Shadow + Water
    Comments: ---
    Barrier(6 TP, Support spell, One ally)(Increases an ally's defense)
    Combination: Shadow + Lightning
    Comments: ---
    Dark Force(32 TP, Attack spell, Middle range)(Dark beams shroud an enemy)
    Combination: Shadow + N/A
    Comments: This spell is too weak to be of any use, even though it hits a bunch
    of times.
    Bloody Howl(72 TP, Attack spell, Radius)(A screaming anathema shreds an enemy)
    Combination: Shadow + Time
    Description: Again, it's a bit too weak compared to what you have when you get
    this. It has a nice animation, but, it is not very reliable.
    Craymel: Rem
    Comments on Craymel: He heals you completely and revives your dead allies AND
    heals them. Need to hear more?
    Holy Bliss(8 TP, Support spell, One ally)(Heals the last damage received)
    Combination: Light + Fire
    Comments: ---
    Ray(30 TP, Attack spell, Radius)(A ball of light shoots energized lasers
                                     at your foes, while it flies through the field)
    Combination: Light + N/A
    Comments: This is a very good spell. I like the fact it can hit a bunch of
    enemies(it flies through the whole field) and does very nice damage. Like I
    said, it's very good, especially when you need to hit not one, but a bunch of
    Health(0 TP, Power up spell, all allies)(Defeat an enemy to restore HP)
    Combination: Light + Shadow
    Comments: ---
    Holy Lance(52 TP, Attack spell, One enemy)(Millions of light spears pierce
                                               through your enemy)
    Combination: Light + Elemental
    Comments: This spell is simply too good, too powerful; it's the best, I says.
    Too bad it's so darned hard to get(you'll probably get it near the end), but
    when you do, you'll be glad you did. It hits various times; the first hits do
    around 100 PTS of DMG, but the last hit does, inexorably, 6,000 PTS of DMG. Now,
    isn't that nice?! It's MUCH better than Distortion, too, because it's also MUCH
    faster, so you can bet your underpants on the fact you'll be casting this quite
    often(especially against that bloody Shizel).
    Craymel: Maxwell
    Comments on Craymel: Like his attack spells, Maxwell's craymel spell is simply
    Life Up(0 TP, Power up spell, All allies)(Adds +2 HP bonus at level up)
    Combination: Elemental + Ice
    Comments: ---
    Poison Guard(0 TP, Powe up spell, All allies)(Protects against poison)
    Combination: Elemental + Shadow
    Comments: ---
    Meteor Swarm(60 TP, Attack spell, All enemies)(A meteor swarm falls on your
    Combination: Elemental + N/A
    Comments: One of the best spells in the game. It doesn't do as much damage as
    Holy Lance does, but it hits everybody, and even then, it still does a lot of
    damage. Each hit is worth 1,000+ PTS of DMG, and the spell hits a moderate
    amount of times. It's tremendously useful. You should use it often.
    Shooting Star(80 TP, Attack spell, All enemies)(Shooting stars jet down upon
                                                    your enemies)
    Combination: Elemental + Time
    Comments: This spell is an ass to get(Sekundes must be level 26), but they say
    it's the best in the game. I wouldn't know, really.
    Craymel: Sekundes.
    Comments on Craymel: ---
    Mental Up(0 TP, Power up spells, all allies)(Add ups +1 TP at level up)
    Combination: Time + Fire
    Comments: ---
    Delay(60 TP, Support spell, Middle range)(Delay's the enemy's chant)
    Combination: Time + Earth
    Comments: ---
    Stagnation(16 TP, Support skill, Middle range)(Delay's the enemy's recovery time
    Combination: Time + Ice
    Comments: ---
    Drain Guard(0 TP, Power up skill, All allies)(Protects against Weak)
    Combination: Time + Light
    Comments: ---
    Distortion(64 TP, Attack spell, One enemy)(Time is distorted around the enemy)
    Combination: Time + N/A
    Comments: This spell is OVERLY powerful: it does 5,000 PTS of DMG to everything,
    unalterably. However, it is also VERY slow. VERY slow, I tells ya. But, with
    something that reduces the casting time on your equipment, this spell is simply
    too good to pass.
    The Van Eltia is a completely upgradeable ship. There are two "mandatory"
    upgrades to be done on the Van Eltia.
    Upgrade # 1 is done in the Aifread Cave, after going through the gridded
    Aifread's Roulette. Such upgrade gives you the "Aifish" submarines as well as
    two empty cabins, which you can upgrade(more on that in a bit).
    The second upgrade is a lot tougher to get. In the Relay Point, there is a
    conversion dock. Inside such dock, there is a bust of Aifread, with two empty
    slots next to it. You need to insert the "Dark Sphere" and the "Light Sphere"
    into these slots. The Dark Sphere is gotten at Shizel's Castle and the Light
    Sphere at Aifread's Tomb. Check the walkthrough for more information on this.
    Once you've gotten both, insert them into the sockets at the conversion dock.
    With this upgrade, you're given the Aibird, which you can use to fly around the
    world with ease. You get two extra empty cabins to be upgraded.
    So, how do we upgrade these cabins? In Tinnsia and at the Inferian Port, there
    are stores that give you the chance to add new, useful rooms to your ship.
    You have the Shop(300,000 Gald). Here, you can buy Gels, Bottles, food and
    equipment for your characters. It's an excellent upgrade, especially because you
    always seem to run out of Gels and Bottles in this game. You also have the
    vending machines, that sellitems in matched sets. Here they are:
    Apple Gels/Lemon Gels
    Orange Gels/Pine Gels
    Melange Gels/Miracle Gels
    Holy Bottles/Rune Bottles
    Panacea Bottles/Life Bottles
    Hourglasses(1,000,000 Gald apiece)
    You have two possibilities to get the inn. You can get it at Tinnsia(800,000
    Gald) or at the Inferian Port(300,000 Gald). You are able to rest here for free
    and fully replenish your TP and HP. It's a nice purchase.
    The Game Room is, as the name suggests, for entertainment businesses. For a
    hefty price of 800,000 Gald(Inferia Port only) you'll be able to install this
    room, where you can play Van Eltia's combat simulator. This simulator reproduces
    the ship battle you had to bear through outside Balir's Castle.
    The Infirmary is probably the worst upgrade you can get for your ship. For
    1,000,000 Gald, you get a place where you can cure your status
    abnormalities(poison, sleep, etc). Panacea Bottles and Recover spells are so
    much better, it's not even funny.
    Lastly, we have the Transfer Room. Using the teleporter there, you can go to any
    city at Inferia or Celestia in a matter of seconds. It's an excellent purchase.
    That'd be about it. I hope you enjoy upgrading your ship! ;)
    Go to Inferia and dive in. Head to 34, 2 and look around the sea floor for a
    wrecked ship. Go inside.
    You start at a room with a save point. Go down the stairs and go right and
    through the door there. In the next screen, go down the hallway, going through
    the various doors you'll find and picking up the items inside(Cute Mitten,
    Fake(don't open this one) and Bulkhead Key). This hallway is a dead end, so
    after picking up everything, go back to the previous room(where you appeared
    after going down the stairs) and go to the left. Take the middle door and, in
    the next screen, examine the panel next to you to open the blast door. Go
    through it and into the next screen. Here, pick up the Pump Room Key and admire
    the water that's flooded into the ship. Go back two screens and take the door on
    the far left.
    There are two doors right next to you. Further into the hallway, there is
    another door and at the end of it, yet another door. Take the door nearest to
    you and snag the Twinkle Flute off the chest. Then, go out and take the
    following door. There is a WakeUp charm in there. Take it and then go back to
    the hallway. Move on to the door at the end of the hallway and head into the
    next screen. Examine the machinery there to activate it. Having done so, go back
    to where you got the Pump Room Key(where the water has flooded in) and go down
    the stairs(it's been cleaned out of water). At the bottom, go down the staircase
    at the top-left portion of the area.
    Go along the sinuous and up the ladder at the end. Next, head forward and
    through the door at the end of the hall. Pick the Rune Bottle here before going
    up the ladder. There, get the Insea Map(Inferian under-waters) and a Rare Plate.
    Go back down the ladder and down another ladder in this storage room. Such
    ladder is well-hidden in the rightmost corner of the room. Head down and open
    the chest there for a Vorpal Sword. Heal and go through the metal gate nearby.
    Save and continue through this hallway and into the next screen. There'll be a
    siren there. Have some Thunder-Based spells on your shortcuts. I'd recommend
    Indignation and Ground Dasher. Engage the Siren.
    (x5 Spirits)
    This battle is easy... well, it depends on when you decide to battle. I did this
    after bestening Sekundes, Maxwell... right before Shizel. So, basically, all I
    did was to cast Indignation and Ground Dasher over and over. Two of such casts
    and the Spirits were done for. Then, I had Reid run over Siren and use Omega
    Demon Chaos and Demon Spiral Hammer along with Elemental Master on the monster,
    while the two mentioned spells were being cast. This should be easy(I hated this
    What a lame dungeon/boss this was! Pick your prizes off the bags there and exit
    the dungeon.
    Go to Rasheans and talk with the Elder to learn that he's hurt his back and that
    only a legendary medicine, referred to as Banrea, can cure his pain. He asks you
    to find it for him. Should you accept, you're directed to talk to the townsfolk.
    Talk to them to learn more about Banrea's ingredients as well as their
    locations. Here they are:
    --Firewood bugs: investigate Nostos Cave's campsite's(the only one) woodpiles to
    find these bugs.
    --Goat Horns: Beat Falsea Horns at Mt. Farlos until a Goat Horn is dropped.
    --Dried Peels: Soak 15 Kirima Fruits at the Craymel Hot Springs(208, 108; use
    the Aibird) to slip off the skin.
    With all of the ingredients, speak to the old man by the stables(around Reid's
    place) to start the preparation of the medicine.
                                     HIDDEN AREAS
    Throughout Inferia and Celestia, there are many hidden areas where treasures can
    be found. Here, I provide you with a list that shows you each hidden area
    coordinate, prize and location in Eternia. It should be fun!
    LOCATION                             PRIZE                           COORDINATES
    Inferia                              Rune Bottle                     50, 150
    Inferia                              Concentrate Attack command      114, 144
    Inferia                              Range Attack command            ????
    Inferia                              Small dialogue                  150, 100
    Inferia                              Poison Charm                    150, 114
    Inferia                              Flare Cape                      182, 90
    Inferia                              Water Shard, W. Crystal         182, 140
    Inferia                              Strawberry merchant             52, 24
    Inferia                              Wind Shard, Wind Crystal        40, 36
    Inferia                              Lens                            14, 74
    Inferia                              Savory, Lavender                18, 12
    Inferia                              Tomato                          186, 34
    Inferia                              Lens, Front Attack command      162, 45
    Inferia                              Hyper Gel, Lemon Gel            212, 32
    Inferia                              Back attack command             100, 100
    Inferia                              Rune Bottle                     226, 90
    Inferia                              Kirima                          120, 54
    Celestia                             Amango                          72, 48
    Celestia                             Rush Attack command             81, 38
    Celestia                             Quick Attack command            130, 118
    Celestia                             Pico Revenge                    120, 128
    Celestia                             Lens                            60, 126
    Celestia                             Snow Cristal, Snow Shard        52, 154
    Celestia                             Rune Bottle                     228, 162
    Celestia                             Toss Hammer skill               184, 130
    Celestia                             Miracle Charm                   228, 120
    Celestia                             Volt Shard, Volt Crystal        204, 76
    Celestia                             Red Bellebane, Red Lavender     216, 70
    Celestia                             Thunder Cape                    187, 15
    Celestia                             4,000 Gald                      177, 31
    Inferia                              Lens                            169, 131
    There are also some underwater places to be visited. Here are the locations(I
    won't list the ones at Celesea, because they're listed at the walkthrough. You
    will only find Insea's hidden caches here):
    76, 122      12,240 Gald, Savory, Water Shard, Diamond Armlet, Volt Shard, Holy
    120, 122     8,145 Gald, Fire Shard, Rune Bottles(2), Hourglass, Sage, Aifread's
    142, 0       10,710 Gald, Ninja Sword, Earth Shard, Rune Bottles(2), Lavender.
    226, 130     9,945 Gald, Rune bottle, Elixir, Snow Shard, Bellebane, Wind Shard.
    Phew! I'm glad you've read through this FAQ, found it useful, liked it,
    masturbated to it... and had an overall good time. It's now time to leave. See
    you next FAQ...
      _______   _     _   ________   ________   ________   ________   _       _
     |_______| |_|   |_| |________| |________| |________| |________| |_|     |_|
      _         _______   _          _      _   _      _   _      _   _  __   _
     | |  ___  |  ___  | | |___     | |    | | | |    | | | |    | | | | \ \ | |
     | | |_  | | |   | | |     |    | |    | | | |    | | | |    | | | |  \ \| |
     | |___| | | |   | | | |¯¯¯     | |____/ / | |____/ / | |____| | | |   \ \ |
     |_______| |_|   |_| |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯| |_______/  |_______/  |________| |_|    |__|
                            _          _        _
                           |_|        |_|      |_|
                            _          _  __    _
                           | |        | | \ \  | |
                           | |        | |  \ \ | |
                           | |    _   | |   \ \| |
                           | |___| |  | |    \ \ |
                           |_______|  |_|     |__|
    End of document.

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