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    Boss FAQ by gamermstr

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    				Tales of Destiny 2
    			      Bosses Strategy Guide
    				  by: gamermstr
    	-1st Disc Bosses
    	-2nd Disc Bosses
    	-3rd Disc Bosses
    	-Optional Bosses
    		*Optional Craymels
    		*Optional Bosses
    		*Nereid's Labyrinth Bosses
    	-Secret Skills
    		*Finishing Strike
    		*Secret Skills
    		*Team Skills
    		*Maxwell Extensions
    This document and all of its contents are meant to be posted on GameFAQs only. 
    If you want to post it to another website, contact me at the given e-mail
    address above. If you happen to post this guide without my knowledge, you're
    looking for trouble. I mean it.
    As I mentioned above, this guide will discussed about the bosses in this game,
    especially the tough ones. What I mean a boss is an enemy which you won't meet
    twice in the game. what I mean tough, is an enemy tough enough to become a boss.
    If you happen to have hard time defeating the bosses, fell free to look at this
    guide. I hope it helps. If you have any questions and critics, just contact me
    at the e-mail address above.
    	10/15/2005 Ver. 1.0 ~ The first Version
    	10/28/2005 Ver. 1.1 ~ Added Nereid's Labyrinth Bosses section
    			      Fixed some errors on spellings and grammars
    			      Added Destiny to the Secret Skills section
    			      Added the description on Serpent Knuckle skill
    			      Fixed some errors at Maxwell Extensions section
    			      Fixed some errors on the strategies
    	11/02/2005 Ver. 1.2 ~ Updated Strategies
    			      Updated the Nereid's Labyrinth's Section
    I won't discussed about the storyline and what will happen next. So, let's get
    down to bussiness.
    Before reading this guide, you should know how to read it. Here's the layout:
    BOSS' NAME			HP: Normal/Hard(core) difficulty
    	Skills (Skills that only available in Hard(core) difficulty)
    and for the elements:
    W : Water	L : Light
    Wd: Wind	S : Dark
    F : Fire	El: Elemental
    E : Earth	Ti: Time
    I : Ice
    V : Lightning
    Got it? OK, now it's time for the real bussiness.
    	      1ST DISC BOSSES
    1st boss
    ???? (well, I don't want to spoil, find out for youself)	HP:1,000/1,500
    			     -    |    +
    			          | V 25%
    ATTACK : 165
    DEFENSE : 20
    EXPERIENCE : 300
    GALD : 800
    ITEMS : 100% Orange Gel
    	100% Life Bottle
    	Lightning, Spark Wave, Thunder Blade (Earth Shaker, Summon Demon)
    General notes:
    Without hi or sorry, this ugly guy bust in to Elder's house, leaving a big hole
    on the wall. He also attacks the helpless girl you just met. Are you just gonna
    sit and watch? Go kick his ass!
    Normal Strategy:
    No special strategy here. In this difficulty you will find him so easy to beat.
    Just be careful with his Spark Wave.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    Now here comes the real he. He can cast Lightning, Thunder Blade and Earth
    Shaker three times in a row, which can instantly kill one (or both) of your
    character. One note: attack him with all your might. Be sure Reid has already
    mastered Sonic Blade, better with Demon Hammer (not Lightning Blade, it won't
    work well against him). Don't let him cast any spell. Don't worry, there's no
    Game Over at this point. If you fail, you just have to start all over with him.
    2nd boss
    UNDINE (Water Greater Craymel)	HP: 6,800/10,200
    			     -    |    +
    			          | W 100%
    			   Wd 20% |
    			   F  20% |
    			   E  20% |
    			   I  20% |
    ATTACK : 150
    DEFENSE : 268
    EXPERIENCE : 1360
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Talisman
    	100% Mental Bracelet
    	Subterranean Divide, Spear of Baptism, Aqua Edge, Spread (Maelstrom)
    General Notes:
    Oh yeah, aside from her beauty, she's also mighty. Being the first primary 
    craymel of Inferia, she will introduce you the power of Greater Craymel. Oh, if
    you happen to find Hydra Dagger in the dungeon, by all mean DON'T use it. You'll
    see what happen if you don't listen to me.
    Normal Strategy:
    Her Spear of Baptism can attack all your party. However, you can defend it with
    Reid's shield, so it won't damage all of the party. Reid should at least have
    mastered Swarm and Demon Lightning Hammer (Water opposites to Lightning).
    If you find this battle is hard and you get a Game Over, well it is. I got Game
    Over twice in this difficulty. Subterranean Drive is also powerful, it can throw
    your character to another side of battlefield. Poison Charm adds Water Elemental
    defense, so it's a good thing if you equip it.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    Not much different with Normal, but she will extend her Spread with Maelstrom,
    which has a wide range of attack and deals pretty high damage. Be careful.
    Oh, I don't consider Jungler as a boss. It's just too easy, and there are 5 of
    them. Is that what you call a tough boss?
    3rd boss
    SYLPH (Wind Greater Craymel)	HP: 6,600/9,900
    Flunkies: ARMS (2)		HP: 4,500/6,750
    EL. ATT: Wd			EL. DEF:
    			    -    |    +
    			         | W  20%
    				 | Wd 90%
    				 | F  20%
    			  E 100% |
    				 | I  10%
    				 | V  10%
    ATTACK : 255
    DEFENSE : 200
    EXPERIENCE : 1929
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Protect Ring
            100% Life Bottle
    	Sylphid Arrow, Wind Arrow, Sagittarius Arrow, Wind Blade, Air Thrust
    General Notes:
    The first time I saw him, I thought he was a butterfly. A powerful and annoying
    one. Where did he get those Arms? How come they helped him?
    Normal Strategy:
    Make sure you make a good use of your new friend, Ras. Set his attack strategy
    to Max (5: Maximum offense) and Battle TP to 5 also. Just get rid of those Arms
    first if you don't want any trouble. Be careful though, Air Thrust is quite
    dangerous if it's concentrated on one person. Sylph very likes to teleporting
    from one place to another, so keep on his trail. If you pummel him to the ground
    let Meredy cast Grave on him. It deals pretty high damage on him.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    See the twister alert? If so, run for your life. You'll not gonna survive if
    you're stuck on his Cyclone. His buddies will also gone madder and madder in
    this difficulty. Just make sure you found Storm Shield and equip it on Reid to
    reduce the damage. Set the strategy to "Prevent Enemy Attack" to prevent Sylph
    from casting any spells. With patience, you'll actually win this battle.
    4th boss
    EFREET (Fire Greater Craymel)	HP: 24,000/36,000
    EL. ATT: F			EL. DEF:
    			    -    |    +
    			   W 50% |
    			         | Wd 10%
    				 | F  100%
    				 | E  10%
    				 | I  10%
    				 | V  10%
    ATTACK : 300
    DEFENSE : 360
    EXPERIENCE : 2723
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Black Onyx
            100% Life Bottle
    	Burning Beast, Flame Wave, Explode, Eruption, Fear Flare (Explosion
    General Notes:
    You have been warned by Sylph earlier. You will face an immature Greater
    Craymel. With his oversized body and power, there's no way you'll beat him
    without proper strategy.
    Normal Strategy:
    He will only use Burning Beast, Explode, Eruption, Flame Wave, and Fear Flare.
    Burning Beast is similar to Undine's Subterranean Drive, only it's in Fire
    Elemental. Equip Fire Defense equipment like Flare Cape or Inferi Cape (if you
    have it already) to reduce the damage. Reid's brand new Square Shield plays an
    important role in this battle. You can't get past him easily because has some 
    sort of rising fire beneath his body, which can damage you if you try to get 
    past him. Now here's when Hydra Dagger should be used to full potential; he has
    a weakness on water.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    Things are getting ridiculous. After he cast Explode (which may put your party
    unconcious), he will cast one of the Maxwell Extensions, the Explosion Nova (I'm
    sure all of your party will annihilated if he cast it). In order to survive this
    misery, make sure you have a healthy supply of Reverse Doll (you can get this in
    Forest of Temptation, dropped by Grim Reaper, or transform Sephira using Rune
    Bottle). Equip Flare Cape and Inferi Cape (or just two Flare Capes) and Square
    Shield on Reid to have an absolute defense against fire. Every attack on Reid
    will inflict just 1 damage (including the Explosion Nova). If you can extend 
    Spread into Maelstrom, that's a good thing.
    Just in case, have one of your party member master omelette, set auto-cook on
    him/her, so if you have a character or two KO'ed after this battle, omelette
    will revive them (abnormal status includes KO).
    5th boss
    RASSIUS				HP: 4,408/6,612
    				EL. DEF:
    			    -    |    +
    			         | W  70%
    				 | Wd 70%
    				 | F  70%
    				 | E  70%
    ATTACK : 213
    DEFENSE : 700
    EXPERIENCE : 1000
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Heal Bracelet
            100% Leather Cape
    	Super Lightning Blade, Neo Swarm, Dragon Swarm, Dragon Flash
    General Notes:
    From friend becomes foe... I think there's nobody in this world you can trust...
    Just give him a lesson for tricking you all.
    Do I have a strategy here? Just attack him anyway you want. Any attack will do.
    	      2ND DISC BOSSES
    6th boss
    GNOME (Earth Greater Craymel)	HP: 16,160/24,240
    EL. ATT: E			EL. DEF:
    			    -    |    +
    				 | W 70%
    			  Wd 10% |
    			         | F 70%
    				 | E 100%
    				 | I 70%
    				 | V 70%
    ATTACK : 225
    DEFENSE : 350
    EXPERIENCE : 3000
    GALD : 2
    ITEMS : 100% Moon Crystal
            100% Rune Bottle
    	Summon Friends, Stalagmite, Snort Flare, King Tackle, Ultra Grave, Grave
    	(Earth Shaker)
    General Notes:
    At first I thought he was a friendly creature. In fact, he's stubborn as a mule
    (well, he's a mule...I think). And he likes to sleep. So he thinks you want to
    disturb his sleep. C'mon, wake this guy up from his dream.
    Normal Strategy:
    Hey, no fair! Those little spectators are throwing rocks toward your party! But
    you can just ignore them. Just pretend it was a riot in the stadium (oh yeah).
    Now, Gnome is more likely attacks you with Snort Flare, which is similar to
    Reid's Neo Swarm, and cause 16 hits combo. He will also Summon his friends. To
    dodge this attack, simply tap L1 + Up (the word "jump" shall appear) to let your
    party jump at the same time. If you see he's turning big (no...HUGE is more
    appropriate...), stay away from him. You can't attack him while he's using King
    Tackle. Let Reid equip Wind Elemental weapon like Arc Wind to deal a little bit
    higher damage to him. Make a good use of Wind Blade and Air Thrust.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    He will use Earth Shaker if you battle him in this difficulty (I really hate
    this). That's the only difference.
    7th boss
    GUARDIAN			HP: 30,000/45,000
    EL. ATT: V			EL. DEF:
    			    -    |    +
    			   W 100%|
    			   F  25%|
    			   I  30%|
    				 | V 100%
    ATTACK : 300
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : 3000
    GALD : 210
    ITEMS : 100% Rune Bottle
            100% Pine Gel
    	(nothing in particular)
    General Notes:
    All of a sudden, he comes down from the roof, guarding the exit gate. As the
    last enemy you have to face in the annoying dungeon, give all you've got.
    Nothing, just be careful if you attack him. His counter attack can inflict stun,
    so make sure you have plenty Panacea Bottle (much better if you have any Stun
    Charm or Thunder Cape). Make good use of Spread (extend it to Maelstrom), Aqua
    Edge, and anything that can damage him severely. Reid's Trident works well here.
    Farah's Rising Dragon Strike also good, it's Water elemental.
    8th boss
    CELCIUS (Ice Greater Craymel)	HP: 33,333/49,999
    EL. ATT: I			EL. DEF:
    			    -    |    +
    			         | W  30%
    				 | Wd 30%
    			   F 20% |
    				 | E  30%
    				 | I  90%
    				 | V  30%
    ATTACK : 396
    DEFENSE : 300
    EXPERIENCE : 4000
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Resist Ring
            100% Freeze Charm
    	Swallow Dance, Mirage, Chi, Icicle Raid, Frost Shear, Ice Needle,
    	Icicle Fall, Freeze Lancer, Blizzard, Absolute (Maximum Burst)
    General Notes:
    Tsk, being an Ice Craymel, I thought it will be an easy fight. I just stick to
    Efreet! But no, you will find this battle is ridiculously D-V-Cult. Mess with
    her, she will make you into ice cream with strawberry topping^-^. No, I mean it.
    Normal Strategy:
    Even if the difficulty is Normal, nothing is normal here. I got Game Over many
    times even with Normal.
    It turns out that she is a Martial Artist. Even Farah is no match for her (oh,
    did Farah in your game already mastered Chi? If not, then I'm right). Her 
    favourite combo are: Mirage linked with Chi, which damage about 2,000. Also, if
    she's casting something, Icicle Fall will put your character unconcious, if it 
    hits. She also likes to move like Mirage, dodging your attacks, causing her
    become hard to hit with physical attacks.
    Make good use of Eruption, and cast Efreet whenever possible. Use Flamberge as
    Reid's main arsenal, and buy a bunch of Freeze Charm in Peruti. Her attacks are
    most likely cause freeze. If you can't afford one, Syrup Bottle is essential.
    If your characters levels are high, Reid is probably has mastered Rising Phoenix
    so use it (altough it's almost impossible there's any gamers has it).
    For defense against Ice: Aqua Cape, Freeze Charm, and Celesti Cape works well.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    This battle is more ridiculous. She will extend her Chi to become Maximum Burst,
    which I'm sure no one in this level is able to endure it. To make things worse,
    she's invincible while doing that! She also cast magics like crazy. Sonic Chaos,
    Neo Swarm, Megasonic Thrust and Spiral Attack works very well if Reid uses
    Flamberge (unfortunately you can't obtain Flame Sword in this level). But, just
    like Adidas commercial sez: "Impossible is Nothing". You can defeat her if
    you've trained enough.
    9th boss
    HYADES				HP: 45,000/67,500
    				EL. DEF:
    			    -    |    +
    			         | W  20%
    				 | Wd 20%
    				 | F  20%
    				 | E  20%
    				 | I  20%
    				 | V  30%
    			   L 50% |
    ATTACK : 750
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : ????
    GALD : ????
    ITEMS : 100% Mental Bracelet
            100% Egg
    	Cursed Roller, Death Finger, Ground Shake, Freeze Lancer, Eruption
    General Notes:
    Yes, he's the same guy that attacks Rasheans. Now he attacks Imen, go on a
    rampage, and kills everyone there. What a pain in the neck.
    He will use Cursed Roller so often, Ground Shake to stun you for a moment,
    near his death, he will extend his Cursed Roller to Death Finger, and his set of
    magics. It's so unfortunate that you can obtain Excalibur after you catch Volt.
    Just beat the heck outta him and he'll run away, once again.
    10th boss
    VOLT (Lightning Greater Craymel) HP: 54,321/81,481
    EL. ATT: V			 EL. DEF.
    			      -   |   +
    			   W 100% |
    			 	  | Wd 70%
    				  | F  70%
    				  | E  70%
    				  | I  70%
    				  | V 100%
    				  | L  70%
    				  | S  70%
    ATTACK : 327
    DEFENSE : 508
    EXPERIENCE : 3600
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Holy Symbol
            100% Rune Bottle
    	Family Reunion, Spark Wave, Lightning, Thunder Blade (Indignation)
    General Notes:
    Have you ever meet the oddest Craymel? If you think it's Gnome, meet Volt. His
    body is just a ball and a pair of eyes covered with electrical field, similar to
    Efreet. If you touch him, you'll be damaged. he also sounds like a robot.
    Normal Strategy:
    What a disadvantage. If Max is in your party in this battle, he'll start with
    1 HP! I told him not to mess with Volt...
    Anyway, Equip Trident on Reid, it'll do good damage to Volt. In the dungeon, 
    you'll find a Stun Charm, equip it. Most of Volt's attack causes stun.
    He's most likely attacks you with some kind of ligthning, in horizontal way.
    Maybe you'll think, "To beat him easy and fast, I'll just pummel him over and
    over," right? No, you can't do that easily. If you do more than 10 combo, he'll
    "break up" into smaller Volts, which is called Family Reunion (I consider this a
    joke, I laughed like crazy the first time I saw it ^-^) and damage you 80-90 DMG
    per hit. Look at his stats. The only element that can damage him severely is
    Water. So, use Spread (and then Maelstrom) as your main arsenal. Max's Burning
    Force is actually good, but eventually miss, because Volt is floating. Punch
    Volt to ground when Max use this (grr..why can't I get Aqua Spiral before this
    battle?), or you can control him yourself and when you use Burning Force, press
    X to control where it blasts. If you have good timimng it should hit Volt. It'll
    damage him 1000-2000 DMG, Quite good, I think.
    None other, use Reid's best skill such as (Double) Spiral Attack, Tempest Strike
    works well, Demon Twist linked with Megasonic Thrust, and so on. And he will
    eventually "shut down".
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    "Hi everybody, welcome to my party! Let me welcome you with the most shocking
    and devastating spell!". That's probably what Volt will say. In this diff, Volt
    is most likely "greet" your party with a powerful spell, Indignation. Unluckily,
    if you add Max to the party, Meredy will try to cast a healing spell (if any
    but Farah has Healer). Now here's the problem. Sluggish Max and two healer (I
    mean Meredy has Heal and Farah with her Healer) is charging their spell, but
    Volt already cast Indy. No way you can escape this. Three down, have Reid revive
    Farah, wait for her to revive someone with Life, and then use Life Bottle on the
    other one, then beat him using the Normal strategy above. Just be wary. In this
    diff, there's a probability Volt will cast Indy again.
    Oh yeah. If Volt doesn't greet you with Indy, means he's in a good mood, or you
    are in devil's luck.
    No, I don't consider Spiral as a boss, even the BGM is a boss battle.
    Neither does Shizel. I won't spill info for a battle you must lost.
    And I consider Shadow as an optional boss. See the Optional Craymels Section.
    	      3RD DISC BOSSES
    11th boss
    HYADES (again...)		HP: 128,000/192,000
    EL. ATT: S			EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  30%
    				 | Wd 60%
    				 | F  30%
    				 | E  30%
    				 | I  60%
    				 | V  30%
    				 | L  30%
    				 | S  30%
    				 | El 20%
    				 | Ti 20%
    ATTACK : 570
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : 30000
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : ????
    	Charge Laser, Ground Shake, Earth Shaker, Thunder Blade, Bloody Howl
    General Notes:
    Yeah, the final showdown against the troublemaker. He looks scary with his new
    image, but he's nothing than an annoyance. Get rid of him with all you've got.
    And go help that damsel in distress.
    Oh yeah, give all you've got, cause it's your final battle against him. Note
    that Earth Shaker can damage you severely, so be wary. Altough his attacks based
    on Dark element, Excalibur just doesn't fit. Equip something else on Reid. Do
    the old trick: Pummel, pummel, and keep on pummeling. Don't let him cast any
    Max's secretary held hostage? Then use Max, and just let him settle the score.
    Aqua Spiral and Rage Laser are life saver: Multiple hits and high damage also.
    Use them oftenly, Hyades is history.
    My advice: pay attention on his attack pattern. I just Ignored them once, and I
    Game Overed.
    12th boss
    REM (Inferian Greatest Greater  HP: 100,000/150,000
        Craymel, Light Arte)
    EL. ATT: L			EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  20%
    				 | Wd 20%
    				 | F  20%
    				 | E  20%
    				 | I  20%
    				 | V  20%
    				 | L 100%
    			   S 20% |
    ATTACK : 750
    DEFENSE : 700
    EXPERIENCE : 40960
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Reflect Ring
            100% Rune Bottle
    	Shining Flare, Prism Sword, Ray, Holy Lance
    General Notes:
    Whoops, don't forget, she's the Greatest Greater Craymel of Inferia. Don't
    expect for an easy fight; it will be bloody long and irritating. Remember, she's
    a flying creature like Volt, so don't blame me if you find a hard way targeting
    her. Oh, look out. She's got a company. A grey ball. So annoying. If you touch
    it, damage you will recieve.
    I recommend you to beat Shadow first before battling her. It pays off, trust me.
    She's weak with Dark, so equip either Dragon Vein or Soul Eater on Reid, and
    Ghost Shell or Bone Knuckle on Farah (if you use her). Here, I'll give you three
    different strategies, with both Meredy and Keele in your party:
    Farah in your party:
    No sweat. Use her as a combatant and a healer if possible. If you manage to hit
    Rem with Super Sonic Fist, it will cause a good damage upon her. Otherwise, let
    her do what she wants.
    Max in your party:
    A sluggish powerhouse. Again, Aqua Spiral and Rage Laser rules if you can hit
    Rem with it. How shame that Dark Laser can only be obtained after this battle.
    But I strongly recommend him, because he packs a lot of damage.
    Chat in your party:
    She (or he?) only rocks if s/he's already mastered Eternal Hammer. If so, do
    this: Cast Eternal Hammer, and then let other character supply her/his TP. This
    way, Rem cannot cast any spell except laser attacks. Eternal Hammer knocks on
    Rem's head pretty hard, though.
    That's why Shadow's Dark Force rocks. It throws her off, letting Max cast his 
    powerful ammos upon her.
    That grey ball is going there and here, just disturbing your party, limits your
    movements. That's why I say this battle will be irritating. Damn that ball!
    At the half of her HP, she will casy Holy Lance, which may put your character KO
    (but I'm sure Max will survive; he has a high HP, you know).
    Oh, feel free to use Aurora Artes if possible.
    13th bosses
    Why do I write them as bosses? Because there are 6 of them, and you must face 
    them all. So why do I discussed about them? Because they can be soooooooo hard
    to beat without any proper strategy!
    ELEMENTLER			HP: 80,000/120,000
    Flunkies: Grave Keeper (3)	HP: 9,000/13,500
    EL. ATT and DEF: Depends on the Pillars
    ATTACK : 765   
    DEFENSE : 240
    EXPERIENCE : 23456
    GALD : 12345
    ITEMS : 100% Pine Gel
            100% Elixir
            100% Miracle Gel (steal)
    	W : Force Laser, Spread, Maelstrom, Dark Force
    	Wd: Force Laser, Shining Flare, Cyclone, Dark Force
    	F : Force Laser, Shining Flare, Explode, Dark Force
    	E : Force Laser, Dark Force, Earth Shaker, Shining Flare
    	I : Force Laser, Absolute
    	V : Force Laser, Indignation, Dark Force
    General Notes:
    What are these monsters? So strange. So strong. So damn awful to beat. Believe
    me, I got Game Over many times battling these horrors.
    Normal Strategy:
    Eliminate the flunkies first, because, as long as his flunkies alive, he will
    cast his magics like crazy. In this diff, he will only use what I call "Normal
    Combo", because he's only using it at this diff: chop + kick + Force Laser. This
    can be deadly, so be careful with it.
    Also pay attention on it's element. Use the magics and skill wisely.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    Oh well, not much different with normal, but here he will use what I called
    "Super Combo": Triple-Quadra Chop (I mean 12 consecutive chop, with a pause
    every 4 chop). If you see him running, that's the cue. By all means avoid this.
    And I'm sure, once a character stuck with it, such is his/her fate ^-^.
    | Now I will spill out anything about Shizel. |
    14th boss
    SHIZEL				HP: 120,000/180,000
    EL. ATT: S			EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  10%
    				 | Wd 10%
    				 | F  10%
    				 | E  10%
    				 | I  10%
    				 | V  10%
    ATTACK : 450
    DEFENSE : 0
    EXPERIENCE : 50000
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Elixir
            100% All-divide
    	Summon Demon, Spark Wave, Prism Sword, Fireball, Grave, Ice Needle,
    	Wind Blade, Indignation, Delay, Eternal Finality
    Geberal Notes:
    Payback time for what happened at Balir Castle. The first time you meet her it
    was like battling a tractor with bare hands, right? This time you'll get even.
    Do you remember the big sword falling from the sky, draining your HP to 1? Now
    you can defend against it. Behold, Reid's Aurora Wave, Eternal Infinity. When
    it used, it replenish your HP and revive every single KO'ed character. Nice, eh?
    To use it, hold your defend, attack, and skill buttons simultanously while the
    Dark Aurora is being cast.
    Prism Sword? It misses your party so often. No need to worry about it.
    Spark Wave? It's just a distractor. Small damage.
    Summon Demon? By all mean AVOID this. You'll get hurt if you're trapped to it.
    Indignation can hurt your party bad, so be careful.
    Burning Phoenix works pretty well, so if you can use it, fell free to use it.
    Maximum Burst also a wonder in hell. And... aww, just use every character's best
    move, and you'll defeat her in no time.
    Just remember, she is invincible while she is chanting a magic, and the barrier
    she creates can damages you.
    Final boss
    NEREID SHIZEL			HP: 300,000/450,000
    EL. ATT: El			EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  40%
    				 | Wd 40%
    				 | F  40%
    				 | E  40%
    				 | I  40%
    				 | V  40%
    				 | L  40%
    				 | S  40%
    				 | El 30%
    				 | Ti 50%
    ATTACK : 510
    DEFENSE : 300
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : N/A
    	 Soul Shot, Grave, Ice Needles, Fireball, Wind Blade, Aqua Edge, 
    	 Lightning, Fear Flare, Nihilistic Night, Thunder Blade, Dark Force,
    	 Bloody Howl, Absolute, Holy Lance, Summon Pluto, Eternal Finality,
    	 ~Darkness from Outer Limit~ = Finality DeadEnd
    	 (Shooting Star, Eternity Swarm, Shining Gate)
    General Notes:
    Nasty. The God of Destruction, Nereid, packs a deadly combination with Shizel.
    As the final battle, there's no harm using all your might you have trained until
    this time. Face the baptism of the Aurora!!!
    There's nothing more nasty than facing Nereid. Even you punch him so hard, he
    still manages to attack you with Soul Shot. He also can cast magic almost
    instantly, without chanting. Be prepared for the longest battle ever.
    At the beginning of the battle, he is most likely cast Eternal Finality. You
    know how to avoid this, right?
    If he still have much HP, he will only cast low-level magic, such as Grave, Ice
    Needle, Fireball, Dark Force, and so on. But if his HP droops to below half, he
    will cast more powerful spells, like Holy Lance, Nihilistic Night, Fear Flare,
    and Bloody Howl (Shooting Star is only on Hard(core) diff). Worse, if you play
    on Hard(core) diff, he will cast Maxwell's Extension also, which often means it
    is the end for you, because it's so damn strong that no one can endure them (he
    likes to link it one after another!). And in the very end of his life, he will
    cast the worst Dark Aurora. It is like Maxwell Extension but hundred times more
    powerful. You don't have a chance to iive if you struct by it.
    Game over?
    No way!
    Don't be frightened by my explanation above. You are sure can win this battle,
    The key is Reverse Dolls. If you are a beginner, make sure you have 15 of 'em.
    But if you think you're pro, it's up to you (I save it for the Inferia
    Tournament). Most of his attack can instantly kills you.
    Also, if his HP is below half, he will do this combo: Aqua Edge + Fireball +
    Wind Blade + Grave + Ice Needle + Lightning = what a combo!
    He will also use Eternal Finality more frequently. It's simple. But what about
    his final attack, Finality DeadEnd? It kills all your party!
    Don't worry. Just do the same thing you have to do with Eternal Finality. If you
    are successful, Reid will unleash his final attack also: ~Undulation of Whirling
    Light~ = Infinity Reviver, which ressurects your party, and sends Nereid back to
    Vatenkeist ^-^.
    Q: Why do you write about the optional bosses? They won't affect the storyline,
    A: Right, but if you think you are a gamer, you should complete the entire game,
       including the optional Bosses. And they're so damn tough, that they're too
       valuable to be missed for.
    SHADOW (Celestian Greatest	HP: 100,324/150,486
           Greater Craymel, Dark Arte)
    Flunkies: EMPTY DOLL (2)	HP: 60,000/90,000
    Location: Shadow Cave (Celesea, Northwest from Balir Castle)
    EL. ATT: S			EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  10%
    				 | Wd 10%
    				 | F  10%
    				 | E  10%
    				 | I  10%
    				 | V  10%
    			   L 50% |
    				 | S  90%
    ATTACK : 690
    DEFENSE : 400
    EXPERIENCE : ????
    GALD : ????
    ITEMS : 100% Force Ring
            100% Rune Bottle
    	Dash Counter, Shadow Thrust, Summon Demon, Dark Force
    General Notes:
    Speaking of darkness...to meet him you must defeat all 4 monsters that emit
    light until the word 'Absolute Darkness' appear. Well, he's the Greatest Greater
    Craymel of Darkness, dude.
    Hey, turn on the light! hehehe....no, I'm just kidding.
    One thing, ignore his flunkies carrying axe. You cannot kill them, because they 
    will generate their HP gradually as the battle commences. You just hit 500-3000
    DMG to them, they'll recover 4000 of their HP. So, I could say they're just 
    walking distractions.
    If you're not fast enough, avoid running toward Shadow. If he sees you running,
    he will counter you with Dash Counter, and sends you back to where you started
    However, Shadow took a long time casting his magics, so if you sees him chanting
    that's your opening. Reid's Excalibur works best here.
    This battle is moderate, not easy, not even hard. You'll find him pretty easy to
    In terms of Equipment for Reid, here's the list:
    	Weapon: Excalibur
    	Shield: Star Shield
    	Armor:  Mumbane (if any)
    	Head:   Your best helmet
    	Acc.1:  Drain Charm
    	Acc.2:  Celesti Cape
    With these, Shadow is no more than a pinch for Reid. Use Spiral Attack skills,
    somehow they are Light Elemental.
    For the others; Bloody Robe provides Dark defense, Omni Weapon (if you have
    defeated Maxwell before) is Light based. Max's Aqua Spiral once again rocks
    MAXWELL	(Inferian Supreme	HP: 34,000/51,000
    	Craymel, Elemental Arte)
    Location: Seyfert Shrine, under Farlos Sanctuary. After you obtain Seyfert Key
    	  from Ras, go "talk" to the Seyfert statue at Farlos Sanctuary behind
    	  the Priest, the passage will open automatically.
    EL. ATT: El			EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | El 20%
    ATTACK : 600
    DEFENSE : 2100
    EXPERIENCE : 34002
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Faerie Ring
            100% Omni Weapon
            100% Elixir (steal)
    	Tractor Beam, Cyclone, Stalagmite, Explode, Indignation, Meteor Swarm 
    	(Dual the Sol, Eternity Swarm, Prismic Stars, Shining Gate, Explosion
    	Nova, Maxwell Minimus)
    General Notes:
    Not bad for an old-timer. Look at his defense. If you don't have decent weapons,
    you can't even scratch him. Don't underestimate him. He may be old (and dumb,
    sometimes...you'll see what I mean after you beat him.) but he still can hurt
    you so bad.
    Normal Strategy:
    Look out with that circular field going back and forth the battlefield. It can
    unleash Tractor Beam, which throws you to the air, and put you unconcious for
    several seconds. While you were sleeping, he will spell his most devastating
    magic to you. If this happens, bye-bye.
    To avoid Tractor Beam from hitting all your party, don't keep them one one place
    together. At Formation menu, separate one after another.
    Only magics can damage him severely and keep him on the ground. Oh yeah, he's 
    like Sylph, teleporting from one place to another, causing your magics to miss
    For Reid, to inflict reasonable amount of damage, equip his best weapon, such as
    Last Fencer, Ninja Sword, Hero Cane (you can buy this in Jini), or the best,
    Eternal Sword; and make sure that one of your caster has Sharpness to increase
    his attack power. Do these method to other attacking character like Farah, Max,
    and Chat. Without these way, don't be shocked that they can only inflict 30-50
    There'a an easy way to beat him: Reid's Demon Twist. It's pretty fast, quadra-
    hit, and cause pretty decent damage. If you do as I say above, Reid should do
    200-500 damage to Maxwell. Just keep on pounding him, let other character supply
    his TP, and let the caster cast deadly magics upon him. Don't give him a chance
    to cast any magic. If he manages to dodge you and teleport to another place,
    keep on his trail. Equip Elven Boots or Jet Boots to increase your movement
    speed. By this way, somehow you will win this battle.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    Uh oh.
    Things are getting worse. Beside casting spells like crazy, he's also likes to
    extend himself (what I mean is... Maxwell Exrensions. You know what I mean).
    His favourite: Maxwell Minimus. I'm sure, your party will be annihilated if he
    ever cast 'em, or just leave the last man standing with minimized HP (hehe).
    So, make sure you supplied a healthy amount of Reverse Doll. You'll really need
    it. You can get 'em from Super Stars in Aifread's Tomb or Sunken Ship, or from
    Grim Reaper in Forest of Temptation.
    Oh, I forgot one thing from the Normal Strategy. Don't let him cast Indignation,
    Cyclone, or Meteor Swarm. They're hard hitting and so damn hard to dodge. Never
    let him extends himself also. They can send your party straight to hell.
    There's only one key to victory: Distortion magic. So make sure you have
    Sekundes already in your Cage. See, altough it is very sluggish, it has fixed
    damage, and should damage him 5,000 DMG per hit. To cover its sucks speed, equip
    Mystic Symbol to the one who has Distortion. This is the only magic that can 
    hurt him so bad. Also, the animation takes some time, so you can heal any
    wounded ally and supply TP with gels. After he bumps out because of the spell,
    hit him with Omega Demon Chaos. After that, let the caster cast Distortion
    again, then the ODC. Just repeat the same way over and over. After 8-9 times
    of the slayer, he should lay down at your mercy.
    Alternative Strategies: if you still can't beat him with the strategies above,
    here's your Ace Card.
    First, let Chat master Eternal Hammer. After that, put him in your party, so it
    will be Reid, Chat, and two Casters (or just one with Farah or Max). In the 
    Skills menu, put Distortion to the shortcut, and the Eternal Hammer in the skill
    button. As the battle commences, greet Maxwell with Eternal Hammer, and let Reid
    or the others supply his TP. Don't let go of Maxwell, keep cornering him to the
    side of battlefield. With these, only Tractor Beam can stop this massacre.
    While Chat is working with his hammers, press the shortcut button refers to
    Distortion (and make sure that the caster isn't doing anything). In case Chat
    get hit by Tractor Beam, Distortion will take place (magics can't be casted
    while Eternal Hammer still works). So, the magic's animation will take enough
    time to wait until Chat wakes up and continue the massacre.
    If you have spare times, use Rover Tool to steal Elixir from Maxwell (and
    complete your Monster Collection).
    I'm pretty sure that this strategy will work most of the time.
    This maybe a pain in the neck, but if you want to use his Extensions, you have
    to do this, dude. But if you're not confident enough, you should try another
    SEKUNDES (Celestian Supreme	HP: 200,000/300,000
    	 Craymel, Time Arte)
    Location: Time Space, inside Shizel Castle
    				EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  10%
    				 | Wd 20%
    				 | F  40%
    				 | E  10%
    				 | I  10%
    			    V 1% | 
    			         | L  20%
    				 | S  30%
    				 | El 20%
    				 | Ti 20%
    ATTACK : 930
    DEFENSE : 900
    EXPERIENCE : 60000
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : N/A
    	(you'll recieve Derris Emblem from him as a proof that you have defeated
    	Twin Assault, Tetra Assault, Million Assault, Sekundes Corridor,
    	Sekundes Laser, Wind Blade, Holy Lance, Dual the Sol, Eternity Swarm,
    	Prismic Stars, Shining Gate, Explosion Nova
    General Notes:
    Now here comes the mightiest Martial Arts in the game. Not even Bruce Lee can
    match him. If you just carried away for any seconds, he'll show you no mercy.
    I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, but I don't have the strategy to beat this bastard.
    Maybe at the next update. I'm sorry.
    SIREN				HP: 52,000/78,000
    Flunkies: SPIRIT (5)		HP: 7,000/10,500
    Location: Insea, Sunken Ship, South to Barole
    				EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  90%
    				 | Wd 10%
    			   F 25% | 
    				 | E  10%
    				 | I  10%
    			   V 25% | 
    ATTACK : 420
    DEFENSE : 800
    EXPERIENCE : 8998
    GALD : 3000
    ITEMS : 100% Trident
            100% Sephira
            100% Watercloud (steal)
    	Trance Symphony, Holiday Symphony, Deep Phantom, Eating, Yuck, Freeze
    	Lancer, Blizzard, Spread
    General Notes:
    If you have played Final Fantasy VIII before, you'll recognize her. She is a
    mermaid that lurks under the sea, luring anyone to join her...underwater. In
    this game, rumor has it that Siren has caused many ships sank, because they've
    been lured by her sweet voice...
    I know that this is a serious matter, but I can't stop myself smiling...
    Look at the face-shaped rock! It's so cute... and a bit funny, I say.
    Anyway, this battle will be a piece of cake if you can do the Burning Phoenix,
    because Siren is a bit weak to fire. It's important that you get rid of those
    Spirits ASAP because they're so annoying. A Burning Phoenix or two will slay
    them out.
    Now, face2face with Siren.
    Don't get too near with her, or she will eat you (well, not her, but the rock...
    that's why I can't stop smiling:-P ) and then it will throws you out (and that's
    why the skill name is Yuck...hahaha...). These attacks will add Poison and Weak
    status. Heal the wounded with Panacea Bottle, Detoxify, or Recover magic.
    Just equip Watercloud and Aqua Cape, and her attacks will mean nothing to you.
    Use Flame Sword or Voltic Sword to exploits her weakness.
    If you use Chat, just throw your Eternal Hammer to her, and she will be knocked
    out in no time. For Max; Burning Force, Rage Laser and Elemental Master rocks,
    especially with Canceler. For Farah, equip Flare Arms to add Fire element to her
    attacks, sometimes that weapon cast Fireball.
    In terms of magic, Cyclone packs a lot of hits because Siren stucks on the
    ground (she sits on a rock, remember?). Eruption, Explode, Thunder Blade, or
    anything that are opposite to her speciality, use them.
    Now you can bring the drowned souls back to peace....
    VALKYRIE			HP: 32,000/48,000
    Location: Glimmer Spire (need Airbird to reach it)
    				EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  30%
    				 | Wd 30%
    				 | F  60%
    				 | E  30%
    				 | I  30%
    				 | V  30%
    				 | L  30%
    				 | S  60%
    				 | El 90%
    				 | Ti 30%
    ATTACK : 375
    DEFENSE : 1000
    EXPERIENCE : 32768
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : N/A
    	Guard Impact, Sonic Blade, Valkria Strike, Valkyrie Protector, Fireball,
    	Grave, Lightning (Ray)
    General Notes:
    Chooser of the slain, the Battle-Maiden Valkyrie, face to face with Reid; a mere
    hunter and the Eternia Savior-will-be. Who's gonna be the winner?
    In this battle, aviod close-contact attack, because she can counter them with
    guard impact, which can stuns you for a moment. She also has some unique and
    deadly combo that will most likely used at the first half of the battle: 
    thrust + rising fire + Fireball, double slash + Lightning, and Valkria Strike
    (a 7 hits slashes) + Grave. If you're cornered and being struct by these combos,
    you're out of luck; you're most likely dead or put to critical. She also has the
    long-ranged Sonic Blade.
    To deal with her, I have some strategy for you:
    1. Use Sonic Chaos. If you see the range between you and her is correct, you
       should inflict 1,000-2,000 damage. She may defend against the first one,
       but the followings are cannot be defended. If you see her running towards you
       then you have to do it harder.
    2. Defend against her slash (not the Valkria Strike) and then use Megasonic
       Thrust. If both thrusts hit, you will inflict about 2,000-3,000 damage and
       provides you space to run away from her to other side of the battlefield.
    3. Watch her movements. If she's walking towards you and pauses, she's about to
       unleash her Valkria Strike. Before she does that, run pass her, and if you
       fast enough (you may equip Elven or Jet Boots) she will only slash the air.
       This is a good opportunity.
       If she does so, attack her with your hard-hitting combo like Neo Tempest
       Swarm, Omega Demon Chaos, Demon Spiral Hammer, or Burning Phoenix, and she
       doesn't have a chance to use her Guard Impact. This way you will inflict MUCH
    4. She can be a little dumb, though. She may execute Valkria Strike from
       distance. This maybe your best cue for a counterattack. You can either shot
       her with Sonic Chaos from afar, jump to her back and attack her, or just wait
       for her to complete her slashing-air attack, and when she pauses (after the
       rising fire) pound her hard.
    Make sure you have enough Reverse Dolls just in case she cornered you with her
    With my strategy above, you should hurt her so bad until she reaches half of her
    life. Starting this point, she will use her another crazy skill: Valkyrie
    Protector (she links it with Ray in Hard(core) diff), and if you stuck by that
    nightmare, she will leave you with very low HP, if you survive.
    What does this skill look like?
    Well, it is very similar to Valkria Strike, only she will throw energy balls
    along the way. This skill can inflict up to 30-50 hits combo.
    But, if she uses this skill, you should be happy. Why? Because you have
    successfully deplete her HP to below half. Check out her HP using Spectacles.
    If her HP is below 20,000, quickly finish her off with Quasi Seal (if you don't
    know how to do it, see the Finishing Strike Section).
    Location: Inferia Battle Arena
    CRESS				HP: 9,999/14,998
    				EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  90%
    				 | Wd 90%
    				 | F  90%
    				 | E  90%
    				 | I  90%
    				 | V  90%
    				 | L  90%
    				 | S  90%
    				 | El 90%
    				 | Ti 90%
    ATTACK : 726
    DEFENSE : 1000
    EXPERIENCE : 10000
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS :  100% Cress Bandana
    	Sonic Blade, Demon Hammer, Neo Swarm, Spiral Destruction, Rising Phoenix
    	Dimensional Strike, Eternal Blade, Albain Finality, Final Justice
    	(Burning Phoenix)
    Flunky: ARCHE			HP: 9,000 
    (only available in Hard(core) difficulty)
    				EL. DEF:
    			     -   |   +
    			         | W  80%
    				 | Wd 80%
    				 | F  80%
    				 | E  80%
    				 | I  80%
    				 | V  80%
    				 | L  80%
    				 | S  80%
    				 | El 80%
    				 | Ti 80%
    ATTACK : 450
    DEFENSE : 1000
    EXPERIENCE : 10000
    GALD : 0
    ITEMS : 100% Arche Ribbon
    	Fireball, Eruption, Thunder Blade, Spark Wave, Indignation, Freeze 
    	Lancer, Ray
    General Notes:
    Just like I said, optional bosses are too valuable to be missed (you sure you
    don't want Eternal Sword?), including this one. I consider him as one of the
    toughest bosses. He's so hard to be touched!
    Normal Strategy:
    In this diff, Cress is all alone, and he won't extend his Rising Phoenix into
    Burning Phoenix. Remember that unlike when battling Valkyrie, you cannot use any
    items in this battle, so you can just rely on equipment change.
    Remembering the time I battle him in Hardcore, in this diff he is nothing than
    Here's the list of his attack:
    - Rising Phoenix
    - Attack 2x + Neo Swarm/Demon Hammer/Spiral Destruction
    - Sonic Blade if he corners you
    There's some strategy in order to survive from his attack:
    1. If he uses Rising Phoenix, defend it, and when he lands, quickly attack him
       with 2x attack + Neo Tempest Swarm, Rising + Burning Phoenix, or anything
       that hits hard, and then run away. Just repeat this.
    2. If you see him running, run pass him, and when he's slashing air, do the same
       thing above.
    3. Recovery Stategy:
       If your HP and TP runs low equip Heal and Mental Bracelet, and let him corner
       you with his repeated Sonic Blade. Just avoid them with jump and shield. Do
       this until your HP and TP maxed!
    At the half of his HP, he's starting to use Dimensional Strike, which damage you
    900 DMG (can be decreased with Protect Ring, Force Ring, or Persha Boots). It
    has a wide range of attack, but if you quick enough you can dodge this easily.
    And finally, at the very end of his HP, he will use Albain Finality + Final
    Justice to reduce your HP to 1. This is a good opportunity to use your Aurora
    Arte. Use Aurora Wall along with Aurora Sword (Aurora Wall alone is pathetic,
    each hit will only cause 1 damage!). If you manage to do these, you'll see the
    most stunning animation ever, the scene where the boss dead by Aurora Sword.
    Soooooo cooool!
    Just don't forget with your HP. When it runs low, equip Reverse Doll just in
    case. And yes, you can use Omega Shield to replace Heal Bracelet. Equip Faerie
    Ring to save your TP.
    Hard(core) Strategy:
    What a foe. He battles with his right-hand woman, a sorceress, Arche. Expect the
    long battle from them.
    As the battle commences, Cress usually greets you with Rising Phoenix, and if it
    hits you, he will extends it to Burning Phoenix, which can hurt you so bad. Not
    only that, Arche will spill her powerful spells, specially for you.
    To defend against the Phoenixes, if you see you're being hit by it, immediately
    change your equipment to the ones that resist fire (Square Shield, Golden Armor,
    Inferi Cape, Persha Boots and Flare Cape). If you equip them all, all the
    Phoenixes damage will inflict only 1 damage to you.
    Now, the first one that you must obliterate first is the one with the broomstick
    (I mean Arche). You'll have a tough time winning this batlle if you let her
    alive. As the battle commences, run toward her and strike her with Rising +
    Burning Phoenix, and then Omega Demon Chaos, or anything that can hit her hard.
    You must concentrate your attacks to her until she gives up.
    If your HP runs low, equip Reverse Doll ASAP.
    After she is KO, now it's time to crush Cress. Do the strategy I told you in the
    Normal Strategy, especially the Recovery Strategy. Your TP must be low after the
    slayer of Arche.
    Just don't forget to defend against his Rising Phoenix if you don't want him to
    extends it to Burning Phoenix.
    Well, if you're good enough, you'll win this battle somehow.
    This dreaded place is only available if you have completed the game once, then
    play the game once more. It is located on the Orbus Barrier, near the Relay
    Point. You can't miss it.
    Maybe you'll ask, why do I put this into my guide?
    Because this place is optional, you can ignore it, also you can conquer it. And
    the enemies in this place are so damn nasty.
    There are six floors in this place, and you can only use one character per floor
    on the first five. At the final floor, you are together again.
    To add some difficulties, the paths in this place seem inconsitent. You can't go
    back to the same place easily. You'll see what I mean after you enter this 
    There're bosses in every floors. After you beat them, you will be given a choice
    to continue forward or leave this dreaded dungeon instead. Note that you really
    can't use any items (except in battles) and save the game in this place, and to
    make things worse, if you're dead, you can't retry.
    ...frightened? Yes, me too.
    If you think this place is too dangerous in Hard(core) diff, you still can play
    in Normal diff.
    Here I'm giving you the list of bosses, along with my recommendations about the
    character used in that floor.
    Well, being the first is always easy, isn't it? The first floor is easy, unless
    you're careless.
    My Recommendation: Max
    Why? Beacuse you really have to save Reid for the final floor. And Max is really
    powerful and he has plenty HP, you know. Besides, I recommend to use the
    slowpokes first, so they won't make any trouble in the future. You may equip Jet
    Boots to cover this sluggish's speed (being sluggish is his handicap, pity).
    In this floor, I always avoid battles against Mirage Knights, because they're
    so annoying, they won't give you any chance to charge your skills (damn those
    Fireballs). To escape easily, make sure you equip Magic Mist (increase getaway 
    speed by 50%).
    ELEMENTLER (Wind)		HP: 90,000/120,000
    Flunky: HARPY			HP: 650/975
    EL. ATT: Wd			EL. DEF:
    			    -   |   +
    				| Wd 100%
    			 E 100% |
    ATTACK : 765
    DEFENSE : 240
    EXPERIENCE : 23456
    GALD : 12345
    ITEMS : 100% Pine Gel
            100% Elixir
            100% Miracle Gel (steal)
    	Force Laser, Shining Flare, Dark Force, Cyclone
    General Notes:
    You already know this odd creature right? This time, he'll be accompanied by
    a Harpy.
    Because we're using Max, give that Harpy a smash of gun. You must do this
    because as long as his flunky(ies) alive, he will cast magic like crazy. After
    his flunky has decimated, he will prefer using physical attacks (remember that
    "Normal" and "Super Combo"?) rather than magics.
    Now, it's so easy to dodge this creature's magics. Cyclone? just run out of the
    wind before it's cast (but if you didn't equip Jet Boots, this can be quite hard
    so make sure you did it). After that equip Canceler. Now wait for him to gets
    near you, and cast the Canceler combo. After 3-4 times of combo, he should be
    *I got wiped out at the next floor.... so maybe I'll provide you more next
    	       SECRET SKILLS
    There are some secret skills that will ease you from dealing with the bosses.
    Extension from: Omega Demon Chaos
    TP Usage: 10 TP
    Condition of Usage:
    	There must be one enemy left, no spells are in effect, Reid has 
    	performed Omega Demon Chaos 90 times, all Omega Demon Chaos attacks hit
    	the enemy, and the enemy must not be able to endure the attack.
    How to do it:
    First of all, don't set the skill on the shorcut button (neither L1 nor R1), so
    you must set the skill on the skill button (O, Up + O, Right/Left + O, or Down
    + O).
    Now perform Omega Demon Chaos to the enemy. Note that all of the slashes must
    hit the enemy. As Reid lands from the eighth slash (and he said "Take this!"), 
    press the button again. If done successfully, Reid should perform Dragon Demon
    Extension from: Omega Seal
    TP Usage: 24 TP
    Condition of Usage:
    	There must be one enemy left, no spells are in effect, Reid has
    	preformed Omega Seal 80 times, the enemy can be levitated by the Omega
    	Seal, and the enemy must not be able to endure the attack.
    How to do it:
    Many thinks what is Omega Seal for, it doesn't inflict any damage. Well, this
    is it.
    Just like Omega Demon Chaos, put the skill on the skill button. Then, perform
    Omega Seal. As the enemy is levitating and just before Reid slashes, press the
    button once more. If done successfully, Reid should preform Quasi Seal.
    Both skill can only be performed if the enemy's HP has been lowered to a
    certain level.
    Extension from: Rising Phoenix
    TP Usage: 50 TP
    Condition of Usage:
    	No spells are in effect, Reid has performed Rising Phoenix 150 times,
    	and the enemy must be thrown to the air by the skill.
    How to do it:
    Just like the others, put the skill...(oh well, you're already know right?)
    Now, perform Rising Phoenix, and as the enemy (or enemies) is thrown to the air,
    press the button again when Reid lands. If done successfully, Reid should
    perform Burning Phoenix.
    Extension from: Chi
    TP Usage: 50 TP
    Condition of Usage:
    	Farah has performed Chi 300 times and Fatal Fury 30 Times and the enemy
    	must not endure the first hit of Chi.
    How to do it:
    You know what should you do first. Now, use the Chi, and the first hit of the
    Chi (looks like the Palm Strike) must hit the enemy. As Farah turns to charge
    her chi, press the button again. If done successfully, Farah should perform
    Maximum Burst.
    Condition of usage:
    	All the required skills successfully hit the enemy
    How to do it:
    In order to perform it, Farah must have mastered Deadly Force. To master it,
    let Farah lead your party through 300 battles. Now, perform the Deadly Force.
    After that, the backgroud should turn dark and the BGM stops. While in this
    condition, do a double punch followed by a rising skill (Swallow Dance, Rising
    Dragon Strike or Super Swallow Dance) and a diving skill (Eagle Dive, Death
    Blossom or Eagle Rage). If done successfully, after the diving skill, Farah
    should do the Flame Dance. This skill is fire based.
    TP Usage: 200 TP
    How to obtain:
    In the Aifread's Underwater Hideout 1 in Celestia, you saw a sword stabbed to
    the ground right? At first, you couldn't pull it out, beacuse it was sealed by
    some sort of magic. To break the seal, you must defeat Valkyrie and she will
    give you the "key" to break the seal. This is a really cool summon, and only
    Meredy can summon them (yes, there're more than one, each with their own
    element). I think this summon is inspired by the Tales of Destiny 1 game
    These skills maybe the hardest skills to perform. The team skill is a
    combination of skill and magic. In order to perform team skill successfully,
    the right magic should cast along with the right skill at the same time.
    That's why they're so difficult to perform.
    Here I'm listing the possible team skills to do:
    1. Flaming Sword: Keele's Fireball + Reid's Demon Hammer
       What's it look like?
       The Demon Hammer should be covered in fire, causing fire damage to the enemy.
    2. Serpent Knuckle: Heal + Farah's Rising Dragon Strike
       What's it look like?
       Farah should do a punch from below the enemy with water, causing water damage
       to the enemy.
    3. Lightning Strike: Thunder Blade + Farah's Twin Palm Strike
       What's it look like?
       Farah should do a "kamehame" strike, causing Lightning damage to de enemy.
    4. Earth Divide: Cyclone + Reid's Spiral Attack
       What's it look like?
       Reid should be engulfed by the wind, sucking the enemy inside, and slash 'em
       to the air, causing Wind damage.
    If you successfully done the skill, you should hear a whistling sound.
    I mentioned about Maxwell Extensions so many times. What are those? What does it
    look like?
    They are the skills performed after summoning Maxwell. If you done all the
    extensions successfully, I'm sure there are no enemies can endure it.
    Here's how to do them:
    1. First, Summon Maxwell. Consumes 100 TP.
    2. While Maxwell is dropping his meteors, hold LEFT + SQUARE button until DUAL
       THE SOL performed. Consumes 100 TP
    3. While Dual the Sol is being performed, hold O button until ETERNITY SWARM
       performed. Consumes 100 TP
    4. While Eternity Swarm is being performed, hold X button until PRISMIC STARS
       performed. Cunsumes 100 TP
    5. While Prismic Stars is being performed, hold TRIANGLE button until SHINING
       GATE performed. Consumes 100 TP
    6. While Shining Gate is being performed, hold SQUARE button until EXPLOSION
       NOVA performed. Consumes 100 TP
    7. While Explosion Nova is being performed, hold TRIANGLE + O button until
       MAXWELL MINIMUS performed. Consumes 100 TP
    8. While Maxwell Minimus is being performed, hold SQUARE + X + O button until
       DIMENSIONAL MATERIAL performed. Consumes 100 TP
    9. If the caster equips Derris Emblem, while Dimensional Material is being 
       performed, hold SQUARE + X + O + TRIANGLE button until BLUE EARTH performed.
       Consumes 250 TP.
    So, the total of TP requirements to perform all of Maxwell's Extensions are 1050
    while the max TP is 999. To reduce it, equip Faerie Ring to cut the requirements
    to half or Mental Bracelet to recover TP as the extensions pummel the enemy.
    By the way, to be able to execute all of the extensions, you must have won at
    least one battle in Hardcore mode
    Well, how's my guide? I hope it helps you much. It took me a long time to finish
    this. Oh, and I need some help regarding to my guide, maybe you can provide me
    with some info. Before that, thanks.
    - Me for typing this guide
    - GameFAQs for reviewing and posting my guide
    - Everybody that provides me for useful infos
    - Namco for such a great game!

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