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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kain

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/23/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tales of Eternia FAQ/Walkthrough
    for the Sony Playstation
    by Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
    Version 1.2
    Okay, sorry people, this is only a small update...I've found that I have less
    time to work on this that I thought. However, the good news is that one of my
    friends has bought the ToE Official Guidebook, which should be an invaluable
    resource. Please bear with me as I add more information, lists and strategies -
    I WILL complete this guide, it'll just take more time that I thought.
    As regards translations, it's the same as all my other FAQs - I will only be
    doing summaries for the most part, and I will only translate what I deem to be
    well, worth translating. (Which is basically everything except townsperson
    dialogue, actually.)
    Notes :
    1) All Face Chats are basically the characters telling you what to do next -
    useless since you have my guide. ^_^
    2) When I say "same stuff" in Item Shops, I mean the basic list of things you
    can buy in the first town. If anything new shows up, I will record it.
    3) Explanations, lists and stuff are AFTER the walkthrough - check the
    Some ramblings before I begin...feel free to skip this if you want, it's just
    me talking. ^_^
    (Apparently, I was wrong - Tri-Ace didn't make the game. Now I feel like a
    fool. ^_^ However, I'm loathe to erase my own writings, so the rant stays.
    It'll at least give the Square fans something to talk about.)
    First off, let me start by saying this - I love Tri-Ace. Not love as in "I'm
    going to marry you" sort of way (though that should be immediately obvious) but
    love in a "this company produces kick-ass games, they rock" kinda way. And they
    do. To use a rather picturesque analogy, when my loyalty to Square faltered due
    to their harsh betrayal, in the long years without good RPGs - they appeared,
    like a shining light in the darkness.
    Because yes, I'm actually going to say it (even though I know I will get
    flamed) - I don't like Square. Once, they were good. Once, their games were
    everything a gamer desired - graphics, story, music, gameplay and even
    considerable replay value. Once, they created art where people saw only bits
    and pixels. They were the heroes, fighting valiantly on in a land where lousy
    games abounded. Then, Square was pure. Square was holy.
    How the mighty have fallen.
    Now, they have sold their artistic talent for money. They hire Tetsuo Nomuras
    instead of Yoshitaka Amanos (yes, I know Amano still does work for them, but he
    doesn't have as active a creative hand in the process as before) They produce
    games with flashy graphics, hoping that they will save them from the dismal
    lack of story. Their gameplay suffers, becoming ridiculously easy and utilizing
    weird systems. Even the king of aural bliss, Nobuo Uematsu, no longer evokes
    the same power as before.
    (Before you start going ballistic on me, let me say a few things...the piece
    above is written in that way mainly to keep the flow of the words going. I'll
    be the first to admit that Square HAS produced quality games in the past few
    years...but sadly few (Vagrant Story and FFT come to mind) So while you can
    take what I say with a pinch of salt, remember that I actually believe most of
    So there I was, bereft of good games to play. Der Langrisser had been
    satisfying - had been excellent, actually, giving me a look into a good solid,
    tradtional game. Xenogear's story appeased me for some time. There were some
    other games which had promise. But I needed more. A great game is like a fine
    wine...it must be savored, enjoyed. And like any connisseour, I was searching
    for that rare beverage - that elusive elixer.
    Then I found it.
    It was an old game. In fact, it was a remake of a Super Famicom game, but it
    was considered a classic even then. Standard but pretty graphics, a catchy
    score, cool gameplay...it was with the realization of it's innovative combat
    system that it dawned upon me. This was a good game. Then I played somemore. I
    heard the voice acting, and the funny scenes, and more of the story. No, this
    was a great game.
    Well, it was Tales of Phantasia, and it was the game which introduced me to
    Tri-Ace. It wasn't a revolutionary game...heck, it didn't really that that many
    new aspects in it. It didn't have super-crisp movies, or a classical
    soundtrack, or anything really that cool. What it was was an old-school RPG
    made especially well, and it quickly became one of my favorite games. So began
    my search for Tri-Ace games.
    I quickly discovered, along with my newfound respect, things to dislike about
    them as well. As you play more games, you eventually grow more precise and in
    some ways finicky...their plot wasn't always good. They sometimes did really
    weird things with the games. They occasionally needed some graphics and music
    work. But their characterization was excellent, their voice casting was superb,
    and most importantly - they were fun. I accepted their faults, and moved on.
    Then came Valkyrie Profile, and I was converted. I consider that game the
    single best PSX game in all of creation. I literally cannot find anything bad
    to say about that game. With VP, Tri-Ace had broken new ground and created a
    solid, great RPG all in one, deserving of respect and accolades. I had finally
    found another company to follow.
    So that's basically the reason for this FAQ. I didn't really like Tales of
    Destiny (Yume de Aru You ni is NICE, though) but Eternia promises to be
    good...and so, in homage to this great company, I'm going to write this FAQ. Of
    course, it's primarily for all you gamers out there who need help, but my love
    for Tri-Ace is also a factor. And now, I have talked long enough and will
    begin. Thank you for reading. ^_^
    Opening Prologue
    (I couldn't get everything because the words were scrolling a bit fast...excuse
    any errors.)
    When you start, you hear a conversation between a girl and an old man in some
    strange language with a strange ship in the background, and the old man tells
    her to be careful on her journey. She reassures him cheerfully, but as she
    leaves, he remarks sadly that whatever happens after this is out of his
    Then, we switch to a boy walking down the path, then meeting his friend at the
    top of a tower. Farah (the girl) tells Rid (your hero) that the sky looks
    strange and that something might fall from Celestia. Rid brushes it away
    carelessly and they chat awhile before there is a flash of bright light and
    when the screen clears, the tower is smashed and Farah runs off to check out
    whatever fell from the sky despite Rid saying that it isn't safe.
    Go down two screens and pick up a pair of spectacles and a wood shield, then
    head left two screens to get an apple gummy. Go right to continue the story and
    follow the blue animal to a broken down thing. Rid wonders who (they don't
    understand the girl's speech) and what is everything until the 'spaceship'
    starts to glow and blows up soon after. The girl still cannot be understood,
    but she hugs Rid and Farah makes a couple of comments about the fact that she
    seems to like him. A flustered Rid then brings her to the villages elder, who
    tells them to leave her be...and not let her stay in the village as she will
    bring disater.
    His prophecy comes true, as a guy soon blows up the wall in order to get to the
    girl but you fight him and fend him off. The elder says that the girl will make
    a tradegy of the past come about again, and that she must go away. Farah says
    that she will accede to his wishes, as long as she is alowed to go along with
    the girl. The elser tells her to do as she wishes, and Rid, pissed with
    everybody, follows Farah.
    At Farah's house, Farah wants to take to girl to Keel (not the head of SEELE in
    EVA ^_^) because she believes that he will know her language and be able to
    talk to her. The girl, however, calls Rid "fuiburiru" (it's the only word she
    can say) and hugs him again, communicating her desire to be with him, and he
    complains that his name is NOT "fuiburiru." Farah then says that having a cute
    girl like him is a good thing that many would want, but he declines this
    'honour.' Then, they set out.
    In the first house on the left, search the pink pig and you will meet "the
    mysterious cook, Wonder Chef!" who will teach you how to make Sandwiches - you
    need bread, lettuce and cheese. Search Rid's basement to find a Lens, and the
    bookshelf at the second floor of the elder's house for the Collector's Book.
    Finally, the armor in the item shop will yield the Wonder Chef, who will teach
    you Omelette Rice. Talk to the townpeople and you will find out that the place
    you ewant to go to is to the west. Before that, search the door of the house
    that you can't enter (at the entrance of the village) to find another Lens.
    When crossing the bridge, introductions are made despite the obvious language
    barrier. The girls name turns out to be "Meredy" and her pet is "Kyuki." Farah
    then says foolishly, "Maybe we don't have to see Keel anymore.. we quite
    understand each other!" But this optimistic view is stumped when Meredy starts
    talking in long sentences of gibberish again.
    A bit further down the road is Regles Dojo, which you can enter to buy weapons
    and armor, but Farah won't let Rid join it (according to him, he doesn't want
    to join anyway). However, searching the second floor of the inn lets you find
    the Wonder Chef again, who will this time teach you Meat Stew. Next to that is
    Regles Hill, which the gate to is locked. Head down a bit more and you'll find
    the Lashuan River Bridge, which in unfortunately covered by rocks further down,
    making travel to Mintz impossible, to Farah's dismay. Rid thinks you should
    stay for a night whereas Farah thinks they should find another way across.
    Their discussion is interrupted by a movie of a large eye materializing in the
    sky and projecting some sort of energy around itself. The people there tell you
    it's another manifestation of the Plane of Olbas, and advise you to head back
    to the Dojo to ask the master there for help on getting to Mintz. Farah thanks
    them happily and they leave, but not before the l!
    ast ki
    d there (Paolo) expresses some interest in her...
    Before you leave the bridge, you'll have another discussion where they wonder
    where Meredy is from (and she gets the "Travelling Artist?" Appellation) They
    discuss somemore, and Rid wonders what is "fuiburiru," which appears to be the
    only word she knows. The moment you get inside the dojo, eight martial artists
    attack you and you must fight them off alone. The dojo master thinks that Rid
    is here to learn from him, but Farah clears up the misnderstanding. (The dojo
    master knows Farah.) She explains everything, including their desire to reach
    Mintz to help Meredy. The Dojo master gives you a healing technique to help you
    get to Mintz, and Paolo offers to accompany you there. (As his blush probably
    means, he likes Farah.) In the next room, a guy will ask you if you want to
    fight against him, and choose the first option to fight. The next few rooms
    teach you advanced fighting techniques, and you will get the book of Manual.
    Search the third room for a Lens, too.
    The last room is Paolo's room. Enter, and he proceeds to explain some stuff to
    you about Craymel Gauges - basically, if you have one like him, you are a
    Spirit Crystal Wielder. (A mage, in normal terms.) Before you leave, check the
    box in his room for a Lens.
    Head to the Lashuan River Bridge and the bridge there to find Paolo. He will
    use his power to calm the waters and incidentally chants in the same language
    that Meredy speaks. You'll also find out that Paolo is Farah's senior in the
    dojo. And now it's time to play a mini-game!
    The controls for this one are simple enough - steer the raft with the
    directional buttons and increase speed with the Circle one. Note that you will
    be unable to steer much when increasing speed, though.
    Finally, you reach Mintz. Rid comments that it will be hard to find Keel in
    this mass of people, but Farah retorts that since he's a childhood friend,
    it'll be easy to spot him...maybe. ^_^ The flower in the university cafeteria
    hides the Wonder Chef, who will teach you how to make Hamburgers this time.
    Head left to the main part of the university and from there to the right. Farah
    will meet an old friend of hers (I missed most of this part because I wasn't
    concentrating, sorry) and then, you can head up to play Craymel Ball!
    Here are the rules :
    To actually play, you pick the first option, then the second, then the first.
    You can select either Rid (topmost choice), Farah (middle choice), or Meredy
    (bottommost choice). There is no noticable difference in their playing styles.
    The aim of the game here is to get your opponent run over by the big ball. You
    need three hits to win one round, and vice versa.
    At the start of the game, several coloured (pink or blue) triangles will appear
    at different places. Pick one up and your cokour will be that color, and if
    your opponent picks up the same colour as you your colour will change to the
    opposite colour. (Example :- if you picked up a pink crystal, and you're pink,
    and your opponent picks up a pink crystal too, you'll change to blue.)
    The ball will eventually turn to pink or blue, and then we can truly start! If
    the ball is the same colour as you, pressing on the circle button will shoot it
    away from you, if t is a different colour, pressing the button will draw it to
    you. Note that after you press the button, you will have no colour and must
    collect a coloured crystal again. Also, the ball might change colour suddenly
    and bash you when you want it to go away.
    There are two strategies to this game - one where, you change to the same
    colour and blast the ball away and into your opponent, the other where you are
    of a different colour, go near to your enemy, and draw the ball to you before
    running away so that it hits your emeny and not you (tthis is a harder
    >From there, go back and head left to eventually get to Mintz University. They
    try to find Keel...the clerk asks some questions, to which Rid gives normal
    replies which get them nowhere until Farah takes charge of things and says that
    they are family of Keel's and have to bring him back because of a family
    accident. ^_^ Meredy suddenly jumps on the desk, causing a scene and making Rid
    and Farah beat a hasty retreat.
    If you continue up to the second-top floor, and enter the left door, you can
    reach a staple of the Tales series games...the quiz game! Here, they will ask
    you questions from Tales of Destiny, Phantasia, and Eternia. I'll be working on
    correct answers and will hopefully have a full list for you after I'm done with
    it. Entering all the other rooms gets you some funny scenes, which
    unfortunately I am too busy to translate.
    Back down on the bottom floor, enter the left room. Farah will head in to ask
    about Keel and tell them to wait...however, Meredy runs into the room and
    somehow causes all the machines there to go haywire. The school head comes in
    and tells them all to get out, along with the person Farah was talking to,
    Keel's friend named Sanc. After some discussion, you find out a few things :
    1. Keel is on study leave in the mountains somewhere because his theory on the
    collapse of the world met with stern opposition from the principal and most of
    the faculty.
    2. Spirit Crystal Wielders speak the same language (Melnicus) that Meredy does,
    but they only speak a high variant of it used for spells, and cannot use it to
    communicate normally.
    3. Based on Meredy's speech, clothing and etc, Sanc thinks that she might be an
    Imperial Spirit Crystal Wielder...but why would one of them be here?
    You then leave to find Keel and get to the bottom of the mystery. Meredy also
    gets the "High-Level Spirit Mage?" Appellation.
    Go south of Mintz to find the Mintz Crags. In the first screen, if you move the
    boulders to where the flashing ones are (you can push and pull with the Circle
    button) you'll stop the monsters coming out. Do the same thing in the next
    screen, and don't forget the chests and bags. Once through, you'll be at Keel's
    mountain cabin.
    Upon entering, no one will be in...suddenly, Keel appears and gives a terribly
    technical explanation about his theory and what he is doing, until he realises
    that you're not from Mintz at all. Farah then greets him joyfully, and Rid less
    so...anyway, later on, he is able to understand a little bit of Meredy's
    speech, but not enough to know what is going on. However, you do get the world
    explained to you - the sphere of Eternia is divided into Celestia above, and
    Inferia below and is divided by the Plane of Olbas. Meredy coming from Celestia
    (they understand that much) causes some confusion, because according to the old
    records, everyone from Celestia is violent, inhumane and consumes human flesh.
    Meredy also manages to communicate to them about a massive explosion which will
    come about if something is not done.
    After your story is told, Keel lets you look into his telescope and points out
    a black object in the sky, coming ever closer to Inferia...he says that this is
    why Meredy came to warn them - the destruction of the world is imminent. Keel
    then agrees to come along to bring you to someone who is an expert in Meredy's
    language, despite the fact that it is obvious that he and Rid do not get along.
    On the path down later when he gets tired, you learn more about his motivations
    - he wants to reinstate himself in the school by proving that his theory of
    world collapse (supported by Meredy, living evidence) is valid. Rid doesn't
    think much of that as he views it as a selfish goal, but Keel insists that he's
    just searching for the truth. Before you leave the cabin, search around (I
    forgot where) to find another Lens somewhere.
    Head to the end of the peninsula and you'll come across the Cave of Lost Hope.
    A merchant will appear and warn you about the Eggbears in there, which killed
    his companion. Buy supplies from him and then head on inside. Halfway through,
    you'll fight your first "boss" - a single Eggbear, which Rid and Keel have to
    fight with alone. It should be simple, especially if Rid has gotten Raijinken
    and Kogahazan; just use them repeatedly and it will die in no time.
    You then get a flashback from the past...an Eggbear is chasing the three of
    them, and Keel falls down, crying. Farah is about to fight it when Rid fires an
    arrow and draws it away, leaving Farah and Keel crying. (Well, I guess the
    stress got to her too.) Later on, while Rid wants to skin the Eggbear for food,
    Keel disagrees with him, giving another technical explanation about why it's
    flesh cannot be stored for too long. Farah manages to break up the argument,
    but not before Rid and Keel's dislike for each other has been made quite clear.
    Make your way to the Tree Village of Morl and all the way up. You will meet
    Keel's teacher, who hands them a set of earrings which will apparently let them
    understand Meredy's speech. It doesn't seem to work, though, and Meredy runs
    off. Chase her (take the vine leading downwards) and you'll eventually meet
    your first boss. Now this guy is slightly tough. It's two worst attacks are
    producing a swarm of bees and rushing towards you...there's nothing much you
    can do about the latter, but if you use a few well-placed Kogahazans you should
    be able to deal with the former without too much difficulty. If you're really
    having trouble, gain a few levels first (increase your Slash and Thrust until
    Rid is able to use more skills) then come back.
    After the fight, you amazingly can understand Meredy now, even if it takes some
    time for Rid to cotton on. ^_^ Keel takes the opportunity to question her
    (rather roughly, though) about various things, including the stone that she
    wears...he goes a bit too far and gets pushed back by her. They then settle
    down a bit and Farah asks Meredy if there is any way to prevent the catatrosphe
    - what Meredy calls the "Grand Fall" - that will destroy the world. According
    to her, there is - using her Celestian Craymel Gauge, she will get a Great
    Crystal Spirit to enter it, thereby stopping the Fall. Keel is initially
    distrustful, saying that Great Spirits will not enter just any Gauge, but the
    fact that hers has different materials than his own finally convinces him, and
    he tells the rest to head back to his teacher since he knows where the Spirits
    can be found. Meredy is excited that Keel is actually helping her, but the
    latter gets angry and says that he's only coming along because  he!
     is searching for the truth.
    Back at Keel's teacher's house, he examines her Craymel Gauge and says that
    what they propose can be done...but they need a Great Spirit first. To aid
    their quest, he teaches Farah the Antidote skill, gives you a World Map AND
    tells you where to find a Great Spirit - in the River of Great Spirits. (Quite
    a helpful old geezer, hmm?) He also has some parting words for Keel - he tells
    him that in order to become a great scholar, he must study that which cannot be
    learnt...most of this goes over the latter's head, though. The fireplace in his
    house hides another Lens, and the safe in the second floor will become the
    Wonder Chef, who teaches you Fruit Juice. Search the food shop to find him
    again and get him to teach you Sour Salad.
    Head upwards and walk through the forest to get to the river. (You will be
    walking on its banks for quite a long time, but the river itself is surrounded
    by a cluster of stones and noticably small.) Don't miss the Feather Robe in the
    first screen, it leads you to a chest. In the next screen go past the log and
    get the chest at the bottom. Then head around the edge of the lake and get the
    blue chest containing an Iron Wrist. Then continue until you enter a cave,
    where a voice will comment that it is good that you have come so far. It is
    Undine, and Keel asks if the Grand Fall will really occur, but Undine says that
    she will have nothing to do with humans and gives no concrete answers. Rid and
    party try and persuade her to enter the Craymel Gauge, but she tells them that
    she must see their worth and invites them to fight the spirits deeper inside
    the cave. Continue right to enter.
    The enemies in this area are pretty difficult, so level up a bit before you
    enter. You will also be fighting Undine soon, so be sure to stock up on healing
    supplies. Explore fully the next few screens to get all the chests - despite
    what it looks like, all of them can be gotten if you search for hidden paths
    and passageways all around. Finally, near the Load Point, you'll have your
    first 100%, true-blue (the plant doesn't count) boss battle against Undine.
    Boy is she tough for a first boss. ^_^ In addition to having lots of HP, the
    main problem with her is that both her beam attack and spear thrusts grant her
    periods of invincibility in which you can't do anything. I suggest you get Keel
    and Meredy to stay far away from her, casting spells to aid you, while Rid and
    Farah do most of the work. Set Farah's expenditure of TP on healing spells to 5
    to ensure that she keeps you healthy. When either the beam or thrust is
    released, you can usually see it coming (watch for the glow around her) so get
    Rid to jump - Farah will be hit, but you can't help that. Try for short combo
    strings in between her attacks.
    If you fail, go out and level up again before coming back...I was Level 22 when
    I finally beat her.
    Once beaten, Undine will enter the Craymel Gauge and you'll be able to use and
    summon her in combat. (Read the Craymel Gauge section for more information
    about this.) The party talks about what to do next - Keel suggests that since
    getting all the Great Spirits will not be an easy task, they should report the
    matter of the Great Fall to the king himself. Head down from the river to the
    forest below, which you couldn't enter before even if you tried.
    (Now this is the part where my friend was playing the game and neglected to
    write down what was happening, the result of which is that I forgot most of it.
    I will write what I remember, though.)
    In the first screen in the forest, head left (there is a passage) to get a pair
    of Iron Arms for Farah. There isn't much else of note here, so it doesn't
    matter if you miss a few chests. The puzzle here can be solved by getting the
    statues (Light and Darkness, Order and Chaos) to face each other. Once that's
    done, you have to go around killing all the zombie enemies. You should be out
    of there and on your way soon.
    Upon entering the capital Inferia, Rid and Farah remark on how big it is. Keel
    tells Meredy not to act out of place as she is from Celestia and the Celestians
    are thought to have brought a great disaster upon the world a long time ago.
    Meredy disagrees, but Rid and Farah convince her to stay quiet. In one of the
    houses, a girl tries to flirt with Keel, commenting on how good he looks, but
    the boy is too embarrassed to make any moves in return. (This scene is not a
    plot device, it is just very funny... And BOTH Meredy and Farah get angry when
    she goes out the door saying "I'll be going for now, my prince.")
    When, you get to the castle, Keel tries to gain entry by saying that a matter
    that endangers the whole world has arisen but the guards laugh at him and push
    him away. You leave, and Meredy asks some questions and it turns out that
    though they are not barbaric, Celestians have no king. They then enter the
    observatory to get some proof about the Great Fall. You enter the observatory,
    but a guy stops you and Keel says that he must use the telescope at all costs.
    Even though proof is given, the guy throws it away and says hat there have
    bewen no changes in the stars since. After they are chased away, the curator of
    the observatory comes out and remarks upon how noisy it is has been, while
    looking at the papers Keel brought...Keel himself, once outside, thinks that
    they should go to the chruch on the east side of town to tell their story.
    At the chruch, Keel repeats this message, and they try and convinvce the
    priest, who appears to believe them at first but then says that they should be
    taken for qurestioning and the guards capturn then. The captain of the guards
    (a man named Roein) says that they must be killed for spreading such lies about
    the destruction of the world. After some hurried discussion, the part decides
    to follow Keel's advice and let themselves be captured because at least they
    will get an audience with the king before that.
    However, the audience turns out to be in an underground cell in front of the
    king. Keel tries again to explain the situation, and since the king cannot
    decide, both the princess and queen argue, with the latter winning and ordering
    Roien to flood you all. It looks like a bad situation...Keel makes the most of
    it by telling them to make peace with themselves and die happily (^_^) but
    Farah manages to find a plug, which Rid pulls...it turns out that he doesn't
    really need to, since the curator Zoshimos from the observatory read Keel's
    papers and wanted to talk to him about his theories. They both agree that the
    two worlds are closer to each other than before, and leave to investigate it -
    the rest of the party, meanwhile, are free to roam about the castle for a
    If you enter the princess's room (first door on the left) Roien will throw you
    out, so there's nothing to be done there. Continue down until you get to your
    rooms, which turn out to be more spacious then you thought...Meredy likes the
    beds, she thinks they're soft and comfy. ^_^ Roien is still on his high horse,
    however, and warns you to behave yourself in the castle or he will really give
    you the death sentence. Anyway, Rid slumps on the bed and thinks that it's all
    over...with the king convinced by Keel and Zoshimos that the Grand Fall is a
    reality, something will be done to stop it and their work will end. (Little
    does he know the game has barely started. ^_^) Somewhere in the castle's second
    floor (I forgot again) there is another Lens.
    We switch to Keel and Zoshimos working on the telescope for a while, then back
    to Rid and Co. Farah doesn't agree with Rid's assessment of the situation,
    because they have one more thing to do - get Meredy back home. Rid wants to
    sleep and though Meredy wants them all to sleep together (^_^) Farah gets
    flustered, emphatically says no and drags her to the next room. We then see
    Keel getting to look in the telescope...Zoshimos asks him how he managed to
    come up with the theory. He's about to tell him about Meredy when he catches
    himself and says that it was a sudden revelation.
    Allendy, the princess, pays you all a surprise visit - Roien is as rude as
    ever, but Meredy appears to get off to a good start by saying that she's
    prettier than the church's stained glass. You receive a summons to see the
    king, so head back up. The princess says that she wants to talk to you, but
    Roien says that he'll protect her no matter what (his words have a slight
    romantic connotation) and will not let you see her. Everyone wonders what the
    princess wanted to see you about, and then you leave to see the king.
    The king announces that there is going to be a national disaster, but instead
    you are told that it is a plot by the Celestians to ruin their world. The king
    readies the armies for war, and Keel asks what is the meaning of this but
    Zoshimos says that to be a good researcher he must overcome some boundaries
    (i.e., play dirty) and explains that the Brigde of Light discovered yb a man
    named Baril 30 years ago is going to be used as a pass between this world and
    Celestia. You leave the castle and Roien gives a you ship's pass, and wants
    Keel to stay for a minute. Farah says that in order to prevent war, they should
    do what they wanted to do (get all the  Great Spirits to enter Meredy's gauge).
    Go out of the captital and walk west to reach the harbour (it might be a little
    north too....) and you'll be let in and you walk upwards to get to the boat.
    You board, but it turns out that Keel isn't going with you because Zoshimos
    wants him to work wth him and that has always been his dream. Farah, despite
    saying that he is helping with the war effort, lets him go since she doesn't
    want to get in his way. The squid in the food shop here reveals once again, the
    Wonder Chef, who will teach you Fish Stew.
    Onboard the ship, they talk about Keel and Meredy is sad that Keel is now sorta
    like her enemy, but Farah comforts her by telling her that Keel just wants to
    know a lot of new things and is not fighting her. Rid acts pretty weird but
    Farah and Meredy can't get any answers out of him either.
    There's not much to do at Barol Harbor - if you want the chests, you're going
    to have to pay the guy. Get the Kite Shield for 4000, but forget about the
    helmet. A box on the ship has a Lens and the bottommost box hides - you guessed
    it - the Wonder Chef, who teaches you a dish which name I cannot translate yet.
    ^_^ (Well, it contains squid.)
    When you get to the town, you see a man beating up a boy and Farah rushes to
    help him and tells the man off. After the man has been beaten up, he says that
    the boy was actually a thief and Farah is very flustered. The man starts
    threatening her but a merchant-looking guy named Reis threatens him with all
    sorts of legal punishments. Farah then gets the Appellation "Hotheaded"
    You treat Reis to lunch at the tarvern, and learn that he is a travelling
    merchant, which is why his knowledge of the law is so good. He also asks if
    Farah has always been so short-tempered. Rid says yes, and proceeds to recount
    a whole lot of past experiences, until Farah is pissed with him. Reis then
    brings out a valuable pot and reveals that he's been to the Wind Spirit cave
    and asks you for 50,000 gold to lead you there. Select the second option and
    he'll let you go with him for free. At the top of the bar is another Wonder
    Chef who tells you how to make Steak.
    The accessory shop has another Lens somewhere, and a bed in the inn nets you
    Wonder Chef again, who teaches you Grantan.
    When you meet Reis at the inn later, Meredy hugs Reis and that same light that
    Rid had appears and Meredy says that he has a "fuiburiru" too. Head down to the
    In the cave, you have to step on the holes when air is coming out of them, if
    not nothing will happen. Check the poles in the first part of the cave to get
    Reis to string a rope between them. The rest of it should be pretty easy,
    except the section with two chests...be sure to take the top route, because the
    other two will cause you to fall back down. Be sure to get all the chests in
    the cave.
    Right at the end, you'll meet your next Great Spirit, Sylph. In true RPG
    fashion, he too wants to test your mettle, and you'll end up fighting him.
    While not as cheap as Undine because of his lack of invincibility frames, he's
    nevertheless still quite a challenge. You'll have to continue to stick to short
    combos since after about the fourth hit, he will teleport back into the air and
    you'll have to hit him down again. Use jumping attacks and moves like
    Kogarenzan (if you have it) to make things easier. Besides that, always stay to
    his back - his Air Thrust will still hit you, but not his arrow attack, which
    is more damaging. After beating him, he will join you like Undine.
    Desert Town Shambal
    Armor and Weapon Shops (Heat Up and Hot Shot)
    Dao Blade 		4400
    Crescent Axe	2200
    Halberd		3800
    Pretty Horagai	3160
    Gem Rod		3200
    Ring Mail 		3500
    Cross Helm 		3600
    Gold Crest		3560
    Kite Shield 	4000
    Item Shop (Running Water)
    Same stuff
    240 Gold
    While camping, Reis talks to Farah about various things...he later on makes a
    comment about her "running away" from something, to which Farah heatedly
    disagrees, saying she's not scared about anything, except perhaps dead slugs.
    ^_^ They continue to talk for a bit until Reis apologises for his comment and
    they both go to sleep.
    You'll have another camping scene later in the cave, in which Keel is forced to
    rest because he's too tired. He makes comments about how pathetic he is, but
    both Farah and Meredy disagree, saying that he's made something of himself with
    his research. Keel then says that Farah has always been very kind, helping
    other people out...but makes a last remark which almost gets him in trouble.
    Against Salamander, keep in mind that the only area affected by your blows is
    his chest, not the flames below, so go for attacks like Hiensoukyaku and
    Kogarenzan in order to hit him effectively - if not, your attacks will miss
    completely. Despite having a powerful rushing attack which momentarily stuns,
    this guy is pretty easy because he can't avoid your attacks the way Sylph and
    Undine could. Once he kicks the bucket, Undine will appear and restrain him so
    he can be placed in a Craymel Gauge, since he won't listen to you. First option
    is Keel, second Meredy.
    Suddenly, all the spirits will combine and the Spirit of Light, Rem, will
    appear. He's the most powerful of the three, but he will not help you because
    he says that humans have to solve by themselves the problems they
    created...Keel asks how can the Grand Fall have been created by humans, but Rem
    does not answer and instead gives you the Sorcerer Ring, telling you to use it
    to pass the Bridge of Light. Despite Keel's pleas to stay to explain, he then
    disappears, and the rest of the Spirits return to their respective Gauges. Go
    back to the doors you couldn't open and use the Ring to open all of them -
    you'll have to fight some monsters, but you'll get treasures, among them
    another Lens.
    Back on your way out of the cave, Keel will ask Meredy forcefully about whether
    she knew about the Grand Fall being the work of humans or not. It turns out it
    was the work of a man named Baril, who is the like the equivalent of the king
    in Celestia. Keel gets angry and asks Meredy why she kept quiet about this
    information until now, but Meredy replies pleadingly that she didn't know how
    to explain it properly and was afraid - but they should believe her, because
    it's the truth. There is some more discussion until Rid, in a rare moment of
    insight, asks Meredy if all Celestians share the same physical charisteristics
    (skin color etc) as she does...yes, she replies, all but Baril. Rid then asks
    the group to remember the name of the person who found the Bridge of Light.
    Guess who? ^_^ Keel can't believe that an Inferian would do such a
    thing...Farah also reassures Meredy that she believes her. Rid says to an
    ecstatic Meredy that he'll accompany her until they find the Bridge of !
     but there's no special meaning in his doing so. As to where the Bridge is,
    Keel, our resident scholar, tells them that he saw the Bridge at Farose Church
    using the Imperial Observatory, earning a rare bit of respect from Rid. He also
    says that he's only doing to determine the cause of the Grand Fall with his own
    eyes. (However, he's sweating when he's saying this...^_^) Meredy says that she
    really likes all of them (obviously a heartfelt gesture of thanks) and you
    continue on.
    Farose Church
    Item Shop (Traveler's Supplier)
    Same stuff
    Farose Church is located in the center of Inferia, the highest mountains there.
    (Check the map, it's the last town you haven't explored.) In the church, go
    left into the room and find a Lens in the closet there. The right room has a
    fortune-teller, but I haven't discovered what she does yet. Answering all the
    priest's questions correctly also doesn't have any effect as far as I know.
    Head back into the left room and you'll go to bed.
    Another talking scene. Farah will ask Meredy about Celestia, and she tells her
    it's much different from Inferia - the wind doesn't blow, and it's dark and
    full of machines. Keel cannot believe that their technology can be better
    (despite the evidence of Meredy's flying machine) - Rid, on the other hand,
    can't believe that really want to go to Celestia, but the others are quite set
    on it; he finally goes to sleep in frustration. ^_^ Outside again, the priest
    will teach Farah another healing skill.
    Go on up the mountain. Halfway through, a rockslide will occur, separating the
    party. You'll now lose Farah temporarily, which is Not a Good Thing. Be sure to
    head back to the church and stock up on Gummies - you'll need them, as the
    climb is very long and you'll meet plenty of enemies. Later on, you'll discover
    that Farah has met up with Reis again (whom she sees in a flashback, strangely)
    and you agree to meet at the top. On the way, Reis will ask Farah why she
    bothers to do all this - travel the world, try to assemble all the Spirits,
    even risk her life going against the king. Farah thinks that maybe she might be
    a strange person...Reis says that she might be, but he has an interest in her
    anyway. (No, this is not a romantic line.)
    Camping scene! Keel and Meredy remark about how silent Rid has become since
    Farah is not with them, and Keel talks about Reis a bit. Then he starts
    wondering about whether Farah needs a more adult-thinking person and how it's
    late for her to have a romantic relationship with someone, leading Rid to get
    quite angry. ^_^
    Another scene with Farah and Reis walking together. This time he asks her
    whether her meeting with Meredy was simply chance, and why she believed her so
    easily. Farah says that she had a good reason, but Reis goes on to talk about
    the nature of belief and trust. Farah then asks him who HE believes in, and
    Reis says his mother, who passed on when he was young...Farah asks about her,
    but Reis thinks he's talking about worthless things and the two continue on.
    Now you'll have to get Kyuki to let down all the ropes for you. The first
    option makes him look around for ropes and travel left and right. Second,
    travel forwards. Third, look for other routes. (This is just a rough summation,
    I might be a bit off.) At the top, you will finally meet up with Farah and Reis
    again. Keel thanks him for taking care of her, and then says they should travel
    on without him, since he's not involved in their affairs. Meredy and Farah
    disagree, but Reis thinks he should go off...but not before he tells Farah he
    thinks they will meet again. Fire the Sorcerer Ring at the door and you will be
    able to enter.
    When you enter, you summon the Spirit of Light, Rem, and he makes the bridge of
    Light appear. Before you can go to Celestia, Reis emerges from behind a pillar
    and reveals that he is actually  a high-ranking night from Inferia, and he must
    stop you. He also reveals that actually Keel has been working for the
    observatory and is spying on you, but Rid and Farah are more inclined to want
    to fight Reis and not Keel.
    Reis is not a terribly tough opponent. Sure, he has some good skills, but has
    no way of avoiding a sustained barrage of attacks. Simply surround him and let
    loose with whatever you have. The team will quickly rush into the Bridge of
    Light afterwards and you'll be in Celestia. (And incidentally, the second
    Once you reach Celestia, Keel will be escastic and say that Meredy is REALLY a
    Celestian. Meredy is pissed off and asks if he just realised it, but Keel
    explains that he'd had no real proof (he didn't see the spaceship, remember?)
    He also talks about how the sky, wind and entire world are different from his
    own. Meredy suggests you all go to the place that she was born, and assures Rid
    and Co. that no one will mind them being Inferians. As they leave, Farah is
    strangely quiet and Rid asks her if she is okay, to which she replies with her
    usual cheerful comments.
    Weapon and Armor Shop (Paps Aimen)
    Sor Saber 		8000
    War Hammer		9000
    Bardische		8400
    Gradius		8400
    Silver Knuckle	7600
    Ruby Wand		7200
    Splint Mail 	8000
    Anbark Cloak	7800
    Crystal Robe	4200
    Duel Helm		5000
    Striped Ribbon	5200
    Fain Shield		6000
    Food Shop (Fudou Aimen)
    Bread			60
    Rice			100
    Cheese		60
    Milk			50
    Tusk Meat	      150
    Lettuce		60
    Cabbage		60
    Cucumber		50
    Tomato		80
    Banana		50
    Kiwi			80
    Amango		80
    White Sodei		60
    Item Shop (Els Aimen)
    Same stuff and
    Lemon Gummy		2500
    Liquer Bottle	1200
    Walk upwards to reach Aimen, and Meredy says that she'll introduce you to
    everyone. She then goes off for awhile and they talk about how the earrings
    allow them to understand each other. The three people all are weapon designers
    and make Craymel weapons that cannot be found in Inferia. Keel talks about the
    technology and how advanced it is, and it's revealed that that technology has
    been around for 30 years, so they don't think of it as anything special.
    Meredy then drags Keel and everybody else into her house, and explains that
    Celestians live by themselves after the age of ten. They then chat a little
    about Meredy's lifestyle, and Celestia's advanced technology. When you go out,
    Keel will comment that many Celestians use spirit powers to run a whole lot of
    stuff. Meredy then introduces you to everybody and they are all interested
    because you are Inferians and ask a whole bunch of silly questions. The
    Celestians are certainly much friendlier than Inferians, they willingly chat
    with Rid and Keel. (It is also revealed that 12 year-old Celestian children can
    already use guns and are permitted to buy them.)
    Meredy takes Keel to the library, and Rid goes in to sleep. Then, as he turns
    on the light, he realises that farah has been sitting in a chair. When asked,
    she says she is thinking - about what Reis said, and why she does everything
    without thinking, just relying on instincts. Rid says that he thinks Reis is
    lost, he's come as far as he did and yet he's lost...and then says "The day
    Farah starts thinking is the day the wind stops blowing," and Farah gets pissed
    off and he goes to sleep.
    You ca get a Sprinty Ribbon on the shelf in Farah's room, and the funny robot
    thing near her door holds a Wonder Chef who will teach you Zarame Rice. The
    library is hard to find, it's directly opposite the two kids and a big machine,
    through a small path that's pretty difficult to see, and you go upstairs and
    find Keel and Meredy pouring over lots of huge books, and Keel looks very happy
    and talks about how he's found out a lot. Just then, Meredy falls asleep on the
    floor and it turns out that Keel kept her up all night translating.
    When Farah comes out of the library, Keel asks is Meredy's okay, then blushes,
    and mentions that he was thinking about what his teacher said about learning
    the things that cannot be learnt from books in order to be a great scholar. Rid
    and Farah both look puzzled, and then we begin the next day after Meredy makes
    a call (via the Elara Phone) to someone named Galenos and decides that you will
    all meet him at Rushica, a town to the east.
    You're about to leave when a guy runs up and tells Meredy to be careful (while
    blushing), and Rid and Farah pull Keel away (now why is that? ^_^) and you set
    off to catch your train. However, when you reach the train, the guy says that
    the train will take them to Rushica but there is no fuel so you have to fo back
    to Aimen to get it.
    Back at Imen, Keel asks what sort of person Galenos is, and Meredy says that
    he's a great researcher and she's his apprentice. Keel can't believe that (as
    she's so young), and asks her why she was sent to Inferia, to which she replies
    that  didn't allow her to help him on this big invention that he was making.
    She gains the Appellation "Spirit Engineer."
    Go back to the guy at the forge, and Keel and he will agree to work on weapons
    together sand they are both very happy. (^_^) The open book in the left side of
    the library contains a Wonder Chef. Get the fuel for the train at the weapons
    shop (push button at the cylindrical object) abd head back to the station.
    On the train, Keel starts the engine with his Craymel Gauge but gets shocked by
    the high speed of it, so he sits down to take a rest. The engineer there also
    gives letters to take to the various stations along the path...which of course
    means another mini-game. ^_^
    In this one, press up to put on the brakes and down to release them. Take note
    that the train only comes to a complete stop after you are travelling a high
    speed - i.e, you cannot stop from a slow speed very well. Because of this, I
    recommend you travel at full throttle, then slam on the brakes when you reach a
    station. (About a second or so after Meredy says "I see it!" would be good.) I
    didn't manage to get all the stations, so I don't know what kind of reward you
    get for doing so. Keel is a bit unsteady on his feet after the ride. ^_^
    Rushica Station
    Weapon Shop (Es Rushica)
    Great Sword		6600
    Silver Knuckle	7600
    Memory W 		8000
    Splint Mail 	8000
    Anbark Cloak 	7800
    Crystal Robe 	4200
    Duel Helm		5000
    Striped Ribbon	5200
    Item Shop (Tein Rushica)
    Same as Aimen shop, but has
    Pine Gummy		3000
    Upon entering Rushica, everyone wonders why it's totally ruined. Meredy says
    it's because of the Ultimate Light Sorcery, and Keel accuses her of keeping
    quiet again, but she can't explain it properly and wants you all to see
    When you get to see Galenos, he explains tnhe Great Fall and all your other
    questions in great detail, including what a 'furiburiru' is. It apparently is
    like a certain 'power' that everyone has, including the gods. The Ultimate
    Light Socery that destroyed the world is apparently the god's 'furiburiru.' And
    REid, having a furiburiru of the god of destruction, is supposed to be
    espically powerful but they have to experiment further to see.
    When you get back to the room, Rid has to take off his clothes and lie on the
    bed. Everyone goes off to sleep to spare his embarrassment. As Farah and Meredy
    get into bed, Farah asks Meredy if she has parents, to which Meredy answers
    "no." Farah says that though her parents are dead, she has lots of happy
    memories - the way her mother smelled, the work her father did. She asks if
    Meredy has memories too, and Meredy gets a flashback that apparently scares
    her. She replies "Memories.... don't have them." and then adds that since Farah
    and Keel and Rid are there for her, she's absolutely fine. Farah remarks that
    Meredy is strong, and then they fall asleep.
    It turns out that when some conditions are met, the power of the Furiburiru
    within Rid will awaken and Rid has a very strong Furuburiru sleeping within
    him. No one knows what the conditions to be met are, and Rid says that he has
    to go because it concerns his body directly, and even Keel looks interested (to
    which Meredy says "even Keel is interested, Meredy's so happy!" an he blushes
    again.^_^) so you set off to
    Take the train again, and play another mini-game. Unlike the first one, you
    have to bomb other trains to blow them up so that you do't get attacked by
    enemies. Just load your bombs, and drop! (each bomb has a counter of 5
    seconds.) If you don't bomb in time and they pass you, you'll fight a bunch of
    enemies on the train. Basically, just drop the moment the trains appears and
    you'll be fine, only a couple of battles.
    When you each the statin, Keel will comment that the Earth Spirit's magic is
    holding it, andt hey can meet the Earth Spirit. Be sure to get the chest beside
    the tracks.
    Go into the cave and the first option is scope, the second dynamite, and the
    third key. \
    Well, now we start our mini-game, Ryst. You bascially have 4 elements - fire,
    water, earth and wind. Some cards are two colours - lightning is wind and
    water, rock is fire and earth. You have to put card in the same element, and a
    two-colour card counts as both its elements. A card with two cards upon it is
    an attack card - it gives your opponent (then one just after your turn) two
    cards. Your opponent can counter this by placing another attack card and
    inflicting another two cards (i.e., if you place one, your opponent places
    another, the third guy gets 4 cards). There are also two other cards - light
    and darkness. Since every element has a bit of these two, they can be used to
    change elements.
    Once you pass the lift, you encounter a boulder, and have to go to the conveyer
    belt to get it.
    He haS  a very powerful drilling attack, it does loads of damage but leaves him
    The clock has a Wonder Chef.
    Red Sode
    Black Sode
    On every floor, you have to find a rubby ducky and a wind-up spring. On the
    first floor, simply use the roulette (make all five poles light up) The second,
    search. The third, use the machine in the left room to make the wind blow, then
    use the Sorcerer Ring to reveal the doors where the slip of paint is showing.
    The fourth, the answers from left to right are the third, first, second and in
    the final room (the furthest one to the left) third. On the fifth, search the
    bedroom and the kitchen for the items and the kitchen's bottom-left for a Lens.
    The sixth, move the statue into the middle of the conveyor belt. On the
    seventh, turn all the pictures to the positions they are in on the rooms to the
    left. (I.e, Stan (yellow hair) to the left, Ruthie (black hair) to the right
    and Philia (green hair) upside-down.) On the last (or first, depending on your
    counting) floor, move the barrels around to get the ducky and place all the
    books back for the spring. Then get ready, because a b!
    oss is just around the corner.
    Boss - Gardiant
    Hp : 30000
    Element : Electric
    Weak Against : Ice, Fire, Water
    No real strategy for this guy, just pound away. He has some damaging rushing
    and slashing attacks, but as long as you don't get caught in a corner you
    should be just fine. Once out, you meet a young boy named Chat, who
    congratulates you on making it out of the house and claims that he is the
    descendant of the great pirate Aifreed...Keel and Rid are quite dismissive of
    him, but perk up when he mentions that he has a boat. According to Meredy,
    because he's a descendant of Aifreed, he might also have one of the Seven
    Treasures of Celestia. Chat agrees to take you on his boat only if you become
    his crewmen...this also entails calling him Captain and answering with "aye aye
    sir", which pisses Rid and Keel off. ^_^ Once you've agree with him, he brings
    you to his boat, the Paneltia and says that he's a noble pirate, not one that
    robs ships. There is a Lens behind the Craymel Engine in the ship.
    After the nice movie, Rid asks where the legacy of Aifreed is (the Treasure)
    but Chat (or rather, the Captain ^_^) replies that he hasn't seen whether they
    are true pirates and cannot reveal it's location. He also asks about Kyuki and
    acts rather like a child when he realizes that it's alive...he apparently
    doesn't like animals. ^_^ Steer the ship to Peiruty and get off.
    Harbor Town Peiruty
    Weapon and Armor Shop (Es Peiruty)
    Destroyer		12000
    Demon Javelin	12000
    Trident		6400
    Crystal Shell	12000
    Skull Staff		11200
    Tote Bag		11800
    Plate Mail		12000
    Bloody Robe		8800
    Checkered Ribbon	10000
    Golden Bracelet	9600
    Ankh Shield 	5200
    Keel gets frozen by the intense cold, and you head into Peiruty's inn to heat
    up. The snowman in the second floor is actually the Wonder Chef, who teaches
    you Shibuzushi this time.
    left side - first option
    right side - second option
    bottom, near counter - second option
    For Rid, talk to the store clerk and he'll give you what you need.
    Ice Tiger
    5500 HP
    Weak against fire
    Element water
    You can use the Sorcerer Ring to melt down the path of snow. Melt down all the
    ice crystals to allow the stone pillar blocking your path to fall.
    Snow Lobster
    Hp : 4800
    Elements : Ice, water
    Weak to : Fire
    Gallow's brid
    Element : Water, Electricity
    Weak to : Fire
    Ice Warrior
    Element : Water
    Weak to : Fire
    Hunch Baxk
    e water
    w fire
    HP : 33333
    Element : Ice
    Weak to : Fire
    Once on top of the mountain, you'll meet the Ice Spirit, Selshius, who for some
    reason isn't listening to you...Efreet appears and tries to talk to her, but
    you end up getting into a battle instead. (insert strategy here)
    After you've beaten her, she comes to her senses and realises she's been
    harming the townsfolk - she also agrees to join you.
    Back in town, you'll once again meet with Gaston, the guy who bought the winter
    gear for you. It turns out he wants you to join his anti-Baril organisation,
    Shileshica, led by this guy called Fog...good news for everyone concerned since
    you too want to beat him. Rid, on the other hand, only cares about the food
    he's been promised. ^_^
    In the night, Meredy receives a distress call from Aimen through the Elara and
    is about to go back alone when Farah stops her and tells her that they'll all
    come. Gaston is persuaded to wait for them at Teinshia and gives them both a
    map of Celestia and an item of proof to give Fog.
    Back at Aimen, you discover that the entire town has been destroyed. Save your
    game and head to Meredy's house, then to the library. You'll then fight the
    same guy you beat at the start of the game. (insert strategy here)
    Once defeated, Meredy says that he was once her childhood playmate and she
    doesn't know why he's become like this or why he serves Baril now...the two
    remaining survivors of the town are greatly saddened by their losses, but
    resolve to pick up the pieces and urge you to head to Teinshia to finally stop
    all this madness.
    Machine Town Teinshia
    Food Shop (Fudou Teinshia)
    Tusk Meat
    White Sodei
    Black Sodei
    Weapon and Armor Shop (Es Teinshia)
    Onibouchou		20000
    Battle Pick		12400
    Qatar			17600
    Dragon Fang		18800
    Charge Rapper	17600
    Battle Suit		16800
    Pretty Mitten	14800
    Paralyze Check	24000
    Item Shop (Tein Teinshia)
    Apple Gummy
    Orange Gummy
    Mixed Gummy
    Lemon Gummy
    Pine Gummy
    Miracle Gummy
    Banashia Bottle
    Life Bottle
    Flare Bottle
    Liquor Bottle
    Holy Bottle
    Dark Bottle
    3800 Gold
    There's another mini-game in this town, where you'll meet Kongman (remember him
    from Tales of Destiny?) The entrance fee is 2000 Gold, and you play by pressing
    the Circle button to eat and the Cross button to drink tea. Basically, eat
    until your meter is more than half red, then drink some tea to bring it back
    down. Try to get all the yellow plates, since those are worth a whole lot more
    than the usual white variety. If you win, Rid will get the Appellation "Fast
    There is a Lens at the statue in town, a Rune Bottle in the Item Shop, and a
    Wonder Chef (O-nige Sandwich) at the cat statue in the shipping goods shop as
    well as another one (Sweet Puff) at the other cat statue in the hotel. Irene is
    also in this town - bring your Lens to her to exchange for items. (I'll have a
    list of them later.) Go east and to the ship; your characters, having their
    badge recognized, will be brought to the Shileshica base, whereupon they are
    suddenly attacked by enemies. Defeat them, and a woman named Aira will
    apologize for having to test you despite Gaston's assurance, and bring you down
    to the meeting room to discuss how to defeat Baril.
    Owing to the fact that his castle is surrounded by water on the sea, they need
    an alternate method of attack, one that can defeat the Ultimate Light Sorcery.
    Shileshica has a trick or two up it's sleeve, though - in this case, it's the
    Spirit Cannon, a large cannon powered by Spirit energy. However, the problem is
    that it's so big that it can't fit on a ship.
    Aira finally takes you to see Fog, who seems to answer everything with "Ou!"
    ("Yes!") ^_^ Farah agrees to help them defeat Baril, and Keel comes up with an
    idea to solve their attack problems - using the Parasol developed by Galenos
    and the Great Spirits, he can devise a small-scale Spirit Cannon that fits on a
    ship and still has the same amount of power. However, they need the Spirit of
    Lightning to produce the cannon, and Keel also has to stay behind to supervise
    it's construction. Fog then decides to come along instead - apparently, he has
    the power of a hundred men. ^_^ Keel actually rather embarrasedly tells Meredy
    to take care. Before you leave, be sure to take the Lens in the chest in Fog's
    The ruins where the Lightning Spirit resides are actually quite hard to
    find...use the Celestian Map, and look at the lower left-hand corner, where
    there are patches of green. That's where you want to go. Once there, Farah asks
    Meredy to decipher the ancient script telling them how to get in...she does,
    but it turns out that Fog has already forced a way in through brute force. ^_^
    He gets the Appellation "Goukai-san" here.
    Enemies in this Area :
    Air Slicer
    HP : 4100
    Elements : Earth, Darkness
    Weak to : Wind, Light
    Savage Beast
    HP : 7400
    Element : Lightning
    Weak to : Water
    HP : 4100
    Element : Fire
    Weak to : Water
    HP : 5000
    Element : Lightning
    Weak to : Water, Earth
    Check the first stone tablet you see for a Lens. From there, head north to the
    number room...to enter each door, you have to make the numbers on the ground
    add up to the one on the door. The combinations are as follows :
    Green door (14) = 5 + 6 + 3
    Red door (17) = 11 + 2 + 4
    White door (15) = 6 + 5 + 4
    When you encounter walls of electricity and fires, use the Ice Ring (L1 button)
    to extinguish them. Now you've got to look for the fuses. Go through the green
    door first and then up and left to get a fuse. Get whatever chests you want,
    then go back to the white door and continue along until you find a place you
    can use the fuse. You'll get across the floating floor section and onto a
    This time, Rid and Farah talk about how Meredy is working hard to stop the
    Grand Fall...Rid thinks it's weird that a normal girl is doing something like
    this, but Farah says it's to save the world, which is a good reason. Then she
    says that they all care about Meredy, and Rid thinks about a certain
    someone...of course, Farah doesn't get it at all, and cracks a joke at Rid's
    expense. ^_^
    Travel up to get to a strange machine, which Rid and Farah investigate but
    can't make head or tail of. Now head left and press the red and blue buttons,
    but leave the green alone. Head left until you see a funny purple spark -
    search it, then head back to the machine to activate it. There are also a lot
    of good treasures here (including a Red Sage and Rune Bottle) to you might want
    to hang around and explore a bit. Head right from the campsite now, and when
    you reach the electricity room, direct the current to the small opening in the
    wall, then head through the door.
    Boss (Volt)
    HP : 54321
    Element : Electricity
    Weak to : Water
    (insert boss strategy here)
    Once you've defeated Volt, Selshius appears and informs you that he/it has a
    problem - you have to go start the electricity at the sides, then arrange the
    symbols in the order (from left to right) that Meredy tells you to. This thing
    is a pain and a half...because the symbols take some time to register your
    input, I recommend pressing the button just as the second-last symbol to
    whatever symbol you're waiting for shows. (You'll need to look at the symbols
    for some time to get your timing down pat.) I.e, if the order is winged thingy,
    head then line, press the button just as the winged thingy is disappearing.
    Thankfully, once you've gotten a symbol correct, you don't need to redo it. (Or
    I'd probably throw the PSX at the wall. ^_^) Rem and Shadow (the manifestation
    of all the Spirits of Celestia) will appear and grant you the Excalibur for
    getting all the Spirits together.
    Go back to Teinshia after this. Back at the Shileshica hideout, you'll get back
    Keel (he actually thanks Aira and Rid for their hard work! ^_^) and receive a
    hotel pass. At the hotel, Meredy will go to sleep early because she says she's
    a bit sleepy - Rid will wonder what's wrong, and Farah will reply that everyone
    is worried about tomorrow's battle. Keel makes a statement about how weak he is
    that he's still afraid, and Rid tells him that he too can't stop shaking.
    During the night, Rid will have a dream about how his village was attacked by a
    black monster and his father sacrificed his life to save him; he thinks it's
    his fault his father died. He wakes up in the night and can't sleep - head to
    the rooftop to meet Meredy, who appearently has the same problem.
    She asks Rid whether he has any parents - it turns out his mother died when he
    was 2, so like Farah and Meredy, he doesn't have any anymore. They then talk
    about the nature of memories, and Meredy thinks her memories are the same as
    Rid's in nature. The next morning, head to the shipping goods shop to set sail.
    Wouldn't you know it, here comes another mini-game. ^_^ This one is
    considerably tougher than it's predecessor in Tales of Destiny - hold the
    Circle button to charge, and press it again when you're ready to fire. Keep in
    mind that turning becomes a lot harder with a fully-charged cannon. Like in
    ToD, you can press the Sqaure button to call in reinforcements and end the game
    prematurely - it also ends when you run out of energy (life), the time runs out
    or if you defeat all enemies. Once the game is over, you reach Baril Castle,
    where Fog goes on ahead of you.
    Enemies in this Area :
    Skull Warrior
    HP : 8000
    Element : Water
    Weak to : Lightning
    Strong Horn
    HP : 7600
    Element : Earth
    Weak to : Water
    Clay Golem
    HP : 12000
    Elements : Earth, Darkness
    Weak to : Water
    HP : 5800
    Weak to : Water
    When you get to the blue crystals in Baril's castle, use your Ice Ring to
    deactivate them. Do the same thing to the red crystals with the Sorcerer Ring.
    Weakness nothing
    Element nothing
    Once back on board your ship, Keel will question Meredy as to what relation she
    has with Shizel...it turns out that she is actually her mother, and Baril her
    father! Keel blows his top and demands to know why she kept quiet and didn't
    trust them - Farah comes to her defense and Meredy says that she didn't know
    what to do. They then talk about why her parents, once so kind, became
    evil...Rid suggests that it might have something to do with the Ultimate Light
    Sorcery and you head back to Rushica and Galenos to check.
    Back at Rushica, Galenos says that Reis was too late, and Rid wants to know the
    whole story...according to Galenos, it all began with the guidance of the key -
    the Seifat Key, which is supposed to contain the will of the Creator, Seifat.
    According to Galenos, there are two kinds of Ultimate Light power - the dark
    one of Nereid (the god of darkness) and the true one of Seifat. However, only
    people possessing a Fibril can use them. Reis lost to Shizel because his
    training was not complete...and now Rid wants to undergo the same training,
    while Galenos heads to Teinshia to assist the Shileshicans.
    We now see Farah thinking by herself, and Galenos asks her what she's thinks
    about - she wants to know why Reis saved them. They talk for a while, Farah
    saying that all Reis ever did was save her...finally, she realizes that Reis
    died for the sake of the world, and she swears not to let his death be in vain.
    Use the Seifat Key and it should guide you to your next destination. I'm not
    sure whether the location remains static from game to game, but in my game it
    was south of Paelty. Once again, the party meets an impassable wall and
    discusses the various legends of Seifat, which differ in both worlds. They all
    try to go through with the same results except Meredy - who gets thrown back
    violently - and Rid, who manages to get inside. There are also small scenes of
    Keel showing signs of worry for both Rid and Meredy. ^_^
    After undertaking yhe training, Rid goes back and uses the Seifat Key and it
    tells him to go back to Imnferia, but Rid doesn't know how to. Chatt tells them
    that he'll look in the ruins of Ifreed to find something that acts like the
    Bridge of Light to send them back to Inferia. But first, you have to go to
    Chat's house, so start from Paelty, go all the way right until you see a little
    inlet. That's Chat's house.
    When you reach his 'mansion,' Chat works the gears for you and everyone is
    surprised. Then Chat'll give a GPS and you have to go to a place with the
    coordinates 204,98. South of Tenishia is a chain of islands, directly in the
    middle of it is the place you're looking for. Even if you're a little off -
    204,99 or 204,97 - the event will trigger.
    When you reach there, spin the roulette by selecting the first option and just
    go on. I know, it'll be a little boring/annoying but you'll get there. ^_^ When
    you're there, Ifreed will renovate chat's ship and you now have a chance to get
    to Inferia. There is a Lens in the barrel in the viewing room (the room you
    start in).
    Basic Hints :
    Cheap tactic to use in battle - if a character falls and you need him/her up
    quick, get the person to use an item. The item-using animation will override
    the time needed for the character to recover.
    There is a potentially very dangerous glitch in the game...when you get your
    ship in Celestia and you wish to disembark, MAKE SURE you are as CLOSE to land
    as possible. It is possible to disembark when your ship is still a bit far from
    the land - this is where the glitch comes in. If you do so, you will NOT be
    able to get back on your ship, and will be possibly stranded. I'm not sure
    whether this remains the same after you save/load or enter a town, but it's
    best to know about it in any case.
    Comboing Techniques :
    Fighting System :
    The fighting system in Tales of Eternia is very similar to that in the two
    earlier games in the series - Tales of Destiny and Tales of Phantasia. So if
    you've played either or both of them, you'll be able to jump right in. If not,
    I'll provide a short explanation.
    Fighting takes place on a 2-D plane (yes, it's 2-D, despite the detailed
    backgrounds) and is in some ways reminiscent of 2-D fighting games like Street
    Fighter due to the presence of combos, special moves and the general way the
    battles proceed. You move one character (in this case, the hero, Rid) around in
    either Semi-Auto or Manual format (I'm not sure whether you can control more
    later) Semi-Auto lets you have limited control over your character, while
    Manual gives you free rein.
    Skills and Techniques :
    These are learnt in three ways : having the requisite level, having the
    requisite amount of Slash and Thrust (or Foot and Hand etc) power acquired, and
    practicing the previous skills before. Unlike the previous games, Ougi
    (combinations of two skills) no longer have to be learnt from a book and can
    now be gotten normally.
    Every skill (much like in Star Ocean : The Second Story and Tales of Phantasia)
    has a Count which indicates the amount of time the character has used that
    particular skill. A high Count will be better for you, because the damage and
    hit rate of the skill increases with more usage.
    Rid's Skills :
    Majinken - (Demon God Sword)
    How to learn : Will be gotten early on.
    Description : Rid shouts "Majinken!" and swings his weapon, creating a wave of
    blue energy which shoots forwards.
    Evaluation : Standard move which has been with us since the days of SFC Tales
    of Phantasia. It's a basic long-range move and can keep enemies back/attack
    from afar, but in most cases you're better off simply attacking.
    Raijinken - (Thunder God Sword)
    How to learn : Will be gotten early on.
    Description : Rid shouts "Raijinken!" and thrusts his weapon forwards, creating
    an explosion of energy. A lightning bolt then comes down from the sky to deal
    additional damage.
    Evaluation : Pretty decent move early on in the game. Because it hits twice, it
    does stun the enemy, but Rid has some lag after the thrust.
    Kogahazan (Tiger Fang Breaking Blade)
    How to learn : Increase your Slash level a bit.
    Description : Rid does a uppercut with his weapon, then brings it down in a
    slashing motion.
    Evaluation : Not bad. It has the added advantage of occasionally knocking down
    flying enemies. Besides that, it comes out pretty fast and moves you
    forwards...be careful not to get stuck in the middle of the enemy when using
    it, though, because the move can take you too far forward and there is some lag
    Chirisazame - (
    How to learn : Increase your Thrust level a bit.
    Description : Rid does a series of several quick thrusts, ending with a longer
    Evaluation : One of the better skills for dealing damage early in the game. It
    combos very well off your normal moves; the only thing you have to watch out
    for is the slight lag after it finishes, which can be taken care of by
    cancelling it into another move. Although it is effective, try not to overuse
    it since it keeps you in one place for a while, unable to do much.
    Kogarenzan - (Tiger Fang Consecutive Slash)
    How to learn : Increase Slash and use Kogahazan a lot.
    Description : Rid does a Kogahazan, but the first two hits knock the enemy up
    into the air, whereupon he slashes them two more times.
    Evaluation : A very good middling move. The advantage of this is not only can
    it combo easily, it's upwards motion also makes it ideal for taking out flying
    enemies - furthermore, it keeps the enemy in the air for some time so they
    can't do anything. It does have some lag, though.
    Akisazame - (Autumn Falling Rain)
    How to learn : Increase Thrust more, use Chirisazame a lot.
    Description : Rid thrusts furiously with his weapon multiple times in front of
    him, then finishes with an uppercut.
    Evaluation : It's basically a better Chirisazame, with some differences.
    Because it deals more hits and deals then faster, it's generally a better bet
    than the former, and excellent for combos. The problem is the uppercut at the
    end - it doesn't do much more damage, and it's irritating it that it takes a
    long time and leaves Rid wide open to enemy attack. Take this into considering
    when using the move.
    How to learn : Increase Slash and Thrust, use Raijinken a lot.
    Description : Rid rushes forwards, swinging his weapon as an explosive of wind
    occurs around him. A second later, lightning blasts down from the sky a la
    Evaluation : Not too hot in the damage and combo departments, but this move
    does push enemies a good distance away when used, so it has it's uses. I
    personally would stick with something else myself, though.
    Majinken - Souga (Demon Blade - Twin Fang)
    How to learn : Increase Slash and Thrust, use Mashinken a lot.
    Description : Rid does a Majinken, then sends out another larger wave of
    energy, which doesn't have the same distance as his first.
    Evaluation : You need to have the correct distance to use this move effectively
    - the second wave, which is by far the more damaging one, only hits at a
    certain distance and does nothing if it's in front of or behind the enemy - it
    has to hit dead on. So if you're going to be using this, be sure to gauge your
    distance carefully. Besides this restriction, it actually does good damage and
    can be an effective keepaway/support move if for some reason you don't want Rid
    to actively participate in combat.
    Majinsenretsuha (Demon Blade Thousand Ripping Wave)
    How to learn : Use Majinken and Chirisazame a lot.
    Description : Rid does a Mashinken, and then immediately after that, a
    Evaluation : Treat as a better Chirisazame. Because his execution is so fast,
    it's basically tacking on an extra hit to a Chirisazame.
    Majinrengazan (Demon Blade Consecutive Fang Slash)
    How to learn : Increase Slash more, use both previous Majinkens a lot.
    Description : Rid does a Majinken, then with afterimages trailing after him,
    sends out a whole slew of Majinkens that converge in front of him.
    Evaluation : Treat as a more damaging Majinken - Souga. It's basically the same
    thing, although this version does more damage and combos better. All the same
    rules and restrictions apply here.
    The Craymel Gauge system :
    During the course of the game, various Spirits will enter your Craymel Gauge,
    allowing your mages access to different spells and summons. However,
    understanding the system takes some explanation, which is of course why I'm
    here. ^_^
    As a Spirit travelles with you, it gains two things - Vitality (the yellow bar)
    and Experience. The first, when maxed out, allows you to summon the Spirit in
    battle (When the word "Vitality Max!" and the Spirit's sigil appear.) However,
    after you've summoned it, it's Vitality goes back to zero. Also, every time you
    shfit the Spirit around, it's Vitality decreases, so be careful.
    Experience increases the power of the Spirit. Every time it gains a level, it's
    spells effectiveness increases (much like your characters) and more
    importantly, it can now get you more spells! This is where Fringing comes in.
    Fringing is the third command on the Craymel Gauge screen (I'll deal with the
    second, Items, later) When certain Spirits reach the required levels, you can
    select this command to learn new spells. Some are easy - for example, Air
    Thrust and Eruption can be learned the moment to get the correct Spirits. Some
    are harder, like Heal, because they require specific levels. In both cases, the
    mage in question needs the required Spirits inside his/her Craymel Gauge in
    order to use them - for example, Keel wouldn't be able to use Spread if Undine
    wasn't in his Gauge, and he wouldn't be able to use Heal if BOTH Sylph and
    Undine weren't inside.
    Now we move on to Items. Items basically can increase both the Vitality and
    Experience of your chosen Spirits, depending on type. Most items fall into the
    "Fragment" category. More on this later as I continue my research...
    Lens List :
    Camping Scenes :
    Since there appears to be no method of archiving or re-viewing these, my
    translations are going to have some room for error, and I'm going to have to
    say - live with it. ^_^ Sorry, but I can't be 100% accurate under these
    Rid : "A girl from a strange place...weird clothes...intelligible language.
    Meredy : "%*983(&*#&($&$?"
    Farah : "Have you thought of anything?"
    Rid : "No, nothing at all." (The way he says this is kinda funny, though the
    joke doesn't come out in translation.)
    Farah : "We have to get to Keel as soon as possible!"
    Farah : "Hey, hey, Rid, we're finally adventuring in the world together!"
    Rid : "What do you mean "adventuring?" We're just travelling to Keel and
    delivering the girl, right?"
    (forgot this part)
    Farah : "No, you have to take responsibility right to the end!"
    Rid : "What a "kind" and "nice" person...(Farah's face bashes him) gaaah!"
    Farah : "Do you remember, Rid? When the three of us were small, we promised to
    go on an adventure to explore the world. The three of us, together...Rid, are
    you listening? Ah, he's gone to sleep. At that time, I thought that there would
    be a place in the world where I could do something...and I still think it even
    Farah: "Ha! Huh! Ha!"
    Rid: "Did you learn that stuff at the dojo?"
    Farah: "Yes, this is just the warming up exercises. After this, there's
    Rid: "Stop! Just hearing about it makes me tired!"
    Rid : I wonder why Celestians are like this...
    Keel : (forgot)
    Meredy : We're good! We don't do anything bad...just good things!
    Rid : Well, if someone like you is the king...
    Keel : I need evidence that the Grand Fall is not the work of Celestians...if I
    have that, my suspicions will be gone. So all we can do is venture forwards.
    Rid : Yeah, I guess so.
    Credits :
    1) Tales of Eternian (http://www.talesofeternia.com/) a Japanese site (hell,
    the BEST site, bar none, that I've found) for Tales of Eternia information.
    They have everything - Lens lists, semi-walkthroughs, skill help...a lot of
    information here comes from them, so hats off, everyone! (Not that I didn't do
    my own work, you know. ^_^)

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