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"Get ready for the next Tale"

Namco's Tales series is a top notch treat for all RPG/Action fans. Mixing traditional RPG elements with an addictingly fun 2D sidescrolling hackfest battle system, they have created an original and fun new RPG system. Now, with the release of Tales of Destiny II, Namco has created a game so good, that many RPG fans will cherish and worship as a classic forever. Tales of Destiny II is the best RPG of the year so far (not counting FF chronicles). The game can be played and enjoyed by RPG beginners and veterans and will also be a classic 10 years from now, along with it's predecessor. This game is well worth your hard earned cash and will keep you playing for many hours to come. Spanning 3 huge discs, It grabs you, and pulls you in deeper as the game progresses along.

The game opens up with a lush, vivid anime sequence (in Japanese with subtitles!) that shows a girl saying to a man that she's ''ready to go on a journey''. She then enters a ship that launches. The game then shifts to the two main protagonists of the game, Reid and Farah. They hear a large crash near them, and they then scurry to find out what it is. Upon arrival to the scene, they discover a crashed ship, with a strange girl inside. The girl speaks a language they don't understand, and is soon attacked by a man who speaks it too. After Reid and Farah drive him away, they begin the journey to uncover who the girl is and why she is here.

The story of the game isn't overly complicated, and it's well written and enjoyable. The characters are developed well, giving the player a reasonable sense of their character. The voice acting is horrid, but I’ve heard worse. However, the Japanese cutscenes are great.

The gameplay is rich, fun and rewarding. The game has all your normal RPG elements, such as a level up system, tons of exploration, and a battle system. However, the battle system is real time action, similar to Star Ocean 2's. However, this battle system is on a sidescrolling engine, similar to the old Street Fighter games. You control Reid, or whoever in your party you choose to, the rest are controlled by the computer. You can set them on Semi-Auto (Will do anything under the computer's control) or Manual (Will copy all the moves you do). Both work fine and are responsive. However, the only problem is the damage, if your characters your not controlling are damaged, they can easily be surrounded and killed and there isn't too much you can do about it. However, this happens very little, and it isn't too much to worry about. Just have fun and hack away.

The Graphics are ok, improved from the last Tale. The music is pretty good too, similar once again to Star Ocean 2's.

I can't stress how much fun any RPG fan will have when they play this game. I recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs. You will be pleased.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/08/01, Updated 10/08/01

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