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    FAQ by De-thSh-dow

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    Digimon Battle Card Game FAQ
    By: De@thSh@dow
    v.1.2-more corrections...
    v.1.3-finally, completed the game! More corrections, and credits...
          and there were a tad too many exclamation marks, so i removed most of them.
          Also removed the tasteless remarks :)
    v.1.4-added Ronald Pascal's info.
    v.1.5-added more info...
    No one can make profit from my work.
    It's supposed to be free.
    Ripping off this for any reason is against the law.
    If you want to use this for your own site, go ahead,
    no need to ask me - but take note - this faq is
    Gamefaqs supportive and refers to gamefaqs often.
    I have borrowed a lot of info from other people.
    Please see the Credits section and if you are not properly given credit,
    pls mail me asap so i can give you credit. Pls dont sue me! :)
    Hello there! It seems this game hasn't
    been having too many faqs made for it. There will probably
    be a lot of questions about the game, and you can email
    them to:
    Please remember that this is not a walkthrough -
    I am very forgetful and probably cannot tell you where you should go next.
    *I have my own questions myself in section VII.
    if anyone knows the answers please email them to me. ty!
    I.    Intro to DBC(Digimon Battle Card)
    II.   FAQs
    III.  The Sevens Cards, Download Digivolve, Rosemon's Lure
    IV.   Misc. Facts.
    V.    Nice Strategies
    VI.   Cheat Decks
    VII.  My own questions
    VIII. Updated Section
    IX.   Credits
    I. DBC Intro
    Digimon Battle is, well, the digimon version of
    pokemon/monster rancher battle cards. Don't be in doubt, though.
    The game is NOT a waste of money, folks. In my opinion it is quite
    fun to play. It is also fun to challenge your friends and create
    decks against each other right after losing :) Also it is great to
    trade with friends. The graphics and gameplay are rather good,
    for an aging/aged playstation. Basically it is a straightforward
    game of fighting, collecting cards and such...anyway, on with the faq!
    II. FAQs
    1) Where do i get the Omegamon card?
    -First of all there is no omegamon card, it is omnimon 1 and 2.
     You can get both from wizardmon's spells, winning battles or by fusing.
     To know exactly how just see the gamefaqs codes section.
    2) How do you get Ultimate Cards?
    -defeat an arena you haven't beaten yet, or just use
     the rare card appearance digi-part(s) and fight the more advanced enemies.
    3)How do you get the ruby, sardynx, etc.?
    -If you already have Izzy's fusion data,
     keep fusing and cancelling cards until it
     indicates that a mutation will happen. From there on just hope
     that what comes out is the jewel you want. Maybe you may want to save
     beforehand. I think you have a higher rate of getting
     jewels if what you use are rare cards.
    -They are easier to get if you try to get the jewels before you
     defeat izzy. Before you get the fusion data he gives, mutations will not
     be indicated and you know exactly what mutation card you will get.
    4)What exactly is the rare card appearance digi-part/s?
    -they are s-effect digi-parts, number 126 and 127.
     They increase the rate of a rare card appearing after battle.
     To get them, just keep leveling up your partner and you get it eventually.
    5)How do you get (whatever card)?
    -aside from the jewel cards, the sevens cards, download digivolve,
     rosemon's lure, partner cards data and Apokarimon card, all the other cards can
     be gotten simply by winning. By fighting Betamon's pick-up deck,
     BKWargreymon or Apokarimon while equipping the rare card appearance
     digi-part, you can get all the rare cards eventually. If you're
     too lazy you can get some of them through wizardmon's wand,
     but only one of each. You can also try the card duplication
     trick, fuse cards or trade.
    5a)How do you get Apokarimon card, then?
    -Only Apokarimon gives Apokarimon cards, by beating him in Battle Cafes.
     He is the only one you can get an Apokarimon card from.
     You get an Apokarimon card the same way you get a sevens card.
    6)Can you help me with fusion?
    -aside from the fusion guide from the message boards, here is some info from Ronald Pascal:
    -You can get a card you want by fusing cards at fusion shop. It only works
     on digimon cards not option cards. When you fuse cards, the card that would
     appear depends on the number of the cards (I mean the position of the cards)
     The higher position of a card of its type the better the card you get.
    When you fuse Biyomon (30th position of its fire type) and
    Ikakkumon (14th position of its ice type),
    it will have a result of Kuwagamon (22th position of its nature type)
    So the result is the average position of the 1st and 2nd cards (Rounded down).
    Of course there is an exception for mutation or special fusion though.
    When you fuse Imperialdramon (1st position of its fire type) and Vikemon
    (1st position of its ice type), it would result a HerculesKabuterimon
    (6th position of its Nature type). Why is that? Because there is a limit of
    position you can get from cards fusion. You can’t get the card beyond this position.
    The only way to get these cards are Special fusion or get it from
    defeating your opponent. Here is the limit of normal fusion.
    Fire   : 3rd  position (WarGreymon)
    Ice    : 3rd  position (MetalGarurumon)
    Nature : 6th  position (HerculesKabuterimon)
    Dark   : 5th  position (Piedmon)
    Rare   : 4th  position (Shakkoumon)
    7)Who are the people who give you the partner card data?
    -i do not know them all, but here's some of them I found:
    -Davis lends you Veemon-related decks.
    -Keely lends you Hakmon-related decks.
    -Kari  lends you Gatomon-related-decks.
    -T.K.  lends you Patamon-related decks.
    -Cody  lends you Armadillomon-related decks.
    -Ken(?)lends you Wormmon-related decks.
    -also, they only lend you the decks in a set order:
     In my case for example, I had to borrow Kari's deck first
     before I could borrow Davis' and then Keely's could only be borrowed last.
    8)Is nanimon important in the game?
    -Nanimon can be found from city to city randomly.
     Fighting him repeatedly randomly gets you the grand sevens card.
    -He also gives the Speed Sevens, but only if you don't have it yet.
    9)Card Duplication?
    -My friend told me this. I do not know exactly who to
     give credit for it, so the inventor pls. email me so i
     can give you proper credit. Anyway, you make a copy
     of a different file on a separate memory card.
     You get all the cards from the duplicate and delete the duplicate.
     There, you got the cards from thin air.
     It would be good to duplicate the file of someone with many cards.
    10)Help me with trading!
    -Here are some of the major "trading etiquette" that i know of:
    -you cannot trade with your own file, even if the duplicate
     is at a different status from the original.
    -When you trade with a friend, when you have traded 6 of a
     certain card already, you cannot trade that kind of card with the same friend again.
    -While trading, the cards you have received/given will not
     be counted as long as you do not exit the trade session
     and save the "battle with friend".
    -You cannot trade a card that is being used in a deck.
     But for example, if 4 are being used in a deck and 2
     are left, you can trade the remaining two.
    -Sevens, rosemon's lure and partner cards cannot be
     traded. You can trade jewels,  though.
    -When you receive more than six of any card, the
     excess will vanish into thin air, so be careful.
    11)How can your support effect cancel the opponent's?
    -For example, the opponent uses an attack chip and
     you use the high speed disk. It is the opponent's turn,
     so attack chip happens first, but after that the high
     speed disk takes effect. As a result the opponent has
     no attack power; thus you have canceled his support effect.
    12)Does equipping both rare card appearance
       digiparts increase the rate even more?
    -according to personal experience, no. I
     think it even makes rare cards appear less often.
    13)Can there be 2 Download Digivolve Cards?
    -Of all i know, no. But if you use a gameshark,
     it is possible, but i don't know the code(s).
    14)What is the strongest card?
    -Based on stats, it is Apokarimon, NOT the nonexistent Omegamon.
     If based on effectiveness, it is opinion-based and
     my opinion would be the holy sevens card.
    15)If you keep beating Wormmon's Arena more than once,
       do you still keep getting Ultimates?
    -Based on personal experience, no.
    -that's all for now. if many questions are received,
     i will post them.
    III. The Sevens Cards, Download Digivolve, Rosemon's Lure
    -these were gotten from the gamefaqs message board.
     I give MACHINEDRAMON2021, OmniNakago, blabbermon and Ultimate Apocalypse
     full credit for the following data:
                Grand  - Beat Nanimon        (Random)
                Dark   - Beat Piedmon        (Infinity Tower)
                Holy   - Beat Seraphimon     (Pyramid City)
                Wild   - Beat ImperialDramon (Flame City)
                Mystic - Beat Kari           (Sky City)
                Reverse- Beat BlkWarGreymon  (Beginner City) (After 300Wins)
                Speed  - Beat Pixymon        (Steep Road)
    From: OmniNakago
                Correction: You get Reverse Sevens from Black Metal
                Garurumon, not Black Wargreymon, in Igloo City.
    From: Ultimate Apocalypse
                Just beat rosemon 11 times in a row without leaving battle
                cafe and without losing, some people get lucky and get the
                download digivolve on their sixth win.
    The following was implied from blabbermon's data:
    -Before you get the Download Digivolve you will receive a
     Rosemon's lure card and an s-option-pack while beating Rosemon.
    *Try beating them 3-5 times in a row to get the Sevens cards
     (except for Download Digivolve which takes 11 times)
    IV. Misc. Facts
    Glitches, corrections,
    these are the stuff i noticed while playing the game.
    -The Sylphymon card has a very confusing support effect!
     Here's what it should look like: If opponent's specialty
     is not Nature, attack first.
    -The Special digivolve Card has a glitch!
     According to Simon Audisho <homer8moe@hotmail.com>, you can digivolve
     not for free, but for 20DP less, so it should read:
     Can digivolve 1 level regardless of specialty for 20DP less than usual.
    -If both players use first attack, the one whose turn it is will attack first.
    -If you can adjust your partner digimon such that it's
     rookie form has exactly 1110HP, when you use it at a
     battle and don't armor digivolve it you will get HP Fever bonus immediately.
    -If you boost the attack power of a counterattack and the
     counterattack fails, it attacks with the power you boosted it with instead.
    -You can use the CPU decks without erasing your 3 own,
     but only if you have the sufficient cards that make their
     deck. To use them, fight someone, then while selecting a
     deck, press square to view, and view the lower decks in
     blue colored letters. You can use these decks.
    -I can't believe i forgot how to do this! You can turn
     off/on the polygon battle by pressing start during a battle.
     You can also give up, toggle sound etc. I can't believe i've
     been baring with the monotonous polygon battles for such a
     long time! This is a reminder only for stupid people like me.
    -You can stop the credits (after beating A) by
     pressing start before the credits begin.
    -How come the game asks you to select a character model,
     then suddenly says that there is only one available?
     Could it be that there were alternate costumes available but
     were cut out later on or something?
     Are alternate costumes something you can unlock if you get the highest rank?
     Have to check more on this...
    -Do not use the crash attack as a counterattack!
     (example: You use crash but use a golden banana as support)
     Your life will be reduced to 10 but you will only do damage
     equal to the attack power of the opponent (thus a waste of HP).
    Here's some glitches from Ronald Pascal:
    There are more cards that confuse me:
    -Dolphmon support effect doesn’t work on my decks.
     It says: If own attack is not circle, recover own HP by +300.
     I tried ALL of my attack (circe, triangle, cross) but it still didn’t work.
    -Aquilamon support effect also doesn’t work on my decks. It says: If own
     attack is triangle, attack first. I tried ALL of my attack
     (circle,triangle,cross) but it still didn’t work.
    *It seems a lot of the cards have support effects that don't work.
     Actually a lot of the support effects, especially that of Nature digimon type
     are very glitchy and sometimes doesn't work completely. It usually has something to do
     with some consequence. For example, "If own specialty is Nature, (insert effect here)".
     Usually the effect doesn't happen at all. And even more annoying than that is when
     you see the computer use it it works well enough! I have to check on this.
    V. Nice Strategies
    -Ronald Pascal has the more accurate Support Card Prioritizing info, and it is as follows:
    -Support Effect works depending on the the number of the cards and the
     position of the cards . If your card’s number & position is higher than
     your enemy’s, your card will work first. If your card’s number or position
     is same as your opponent’s , then the player who has the turn will use the
     card first. When gamble, the game automatically calculates this number &
     position . There is an exception for Cherrymon’s mist and Misty sevens too.
    Example :
    -When you use small recovery(number 266) and your opponent uses Super
     recovery(number 221), you will use your small recovery before your opponent.
    -When the opponent uses Holy Sevens and you use Psychemon, you will use
     your psychemon after your opponent uses Holy Sevens (Digimon cards support
     effect always happen after Option Cards because all of the Digimon cards’
     number are higher than Option Cards).
    -When both you and your opponent use attack Chip or other option cards, and
     It is your turn now, you will use support effect first.
    -When you use Stingmon (Number 117) and your opponent use Zassomon (Number 131)
     you will use Stingmon first then opponent uses Zassomon. Why doesn’t the
     number apply to these support effect ? Because Zassomon is the 29th position
     of its type (dark type) and Stingmon is the 15th position of its type (dark type).
     What I mean is 15th rank has higher position than 29th rank.
    It is important to note this because your support effect
    can cancel the effect of the other, as explained in the FAQs section.
    -The Crash attack cannot be reduced to zero,
    neither counter attacks;   thus the ff. cheat combos work:
    -Beam Gun then Crash
    -Shogun's order then Crash
    -Beam Gun then Counterattack
    More Cheat Combos:
    -1st Attack then use Devil Chip/Mega Attack Chip
    -Circle to Zero/Circle Counter then use Garurumon/Sandyanmamon
    -X counter/X to zero then use Saberdramon
    -Triangle Counter then use Drimogemon
    VI. Cheat Decks
    1) Deck Crusher
    4 betamon
    4 garurumon
    4 sandyanmamon
    4 penguinmon
    3 another dimension
    3 heap of junk
      rosemon lure
      grand sevens
    3 partners
    3 digimon grave
    -the objective of this deck is to annoy your enemy with
     your high hp while you eat-up their deck. Once their deck
     is empty, you have a big advantage. Why? Because once
     you beat the enemy's digimon you win by default - he
     won't have any more digimon to fight with! So you
     usually need to win only one round to win the match.
     Fire users will definitely hate this deck.
    -circle counter then use Garurumon/Sandyanmamon
    -If Hp is below 200, keep using betamon as support.
    -If opponent has marginally less online cards than you, feel free to use
     another dimension cards.
    -If opponent has more online cards than you, use digimon grave.
    -Use heap of junk if you think you should.
     Certain cards to watch out for: Cherrymon's mist,recovery cards,attack changers.
    -If opponent is fire, use strongest attack and use penguinmon as support.
    -If you are sure opponent will not kill you this turn, use X attack and
     use discarder options.
    -Prevent strongest attacks by using circle to zero and circle counter.
    -Desperation Attack- digivolve to Garurumon and use grand sevens.
    -If opponent is increasing attack power, use circle counter + garurumon/sandyanmamon.
    -Do not use sandyanmamon for battle! If no ice digimon in hand to use as battle digimon
     don't be afraid to discard your hand.
    -If opponent digivolves, keep cool and keep pounding away at the online
     deck and keep circle attacks at bay.
    A weakness of a deck crusher is probably another deck crusher.
    A well-balanced deck.
    Copy And Crash Deck
    3 hacking
    3 gold banana
    4 L. recovery
    4 Hagurumon
    4 Solarmon
    2 BomberNanimon
    4 Psychemon
    3 partners
      Speed Sevens
      Misty Sevens
      Holy  Sevens
    Cheat Combos:
    -If its your turn, use Psychemon, and Crash.
     It doesn't matter if the enemy uses recovery option cards, psychemon copies that, too.
     Watch out for Digimon Support recovery, though.
    -Use Holy Sevens, and Crash. It usually won't even matter whose turn it is.
    -Use Super Recovery and Crash. Only if you are only a bit
     lower on hp than the opponent and you attack first.
    -Digivolve and then Crash. Digivolve only if necessary.
    You will be caught often in times wherein you only have 10 Hp
    and the enemy is attacking first. Here are the things you can do:
    1)Use your gold bananas, since 10 hp can't be halved anymore anyway,
      and it wastes the enemy's turn.
    2)If the enemy is crazy enough to digivolve, use hacking and
      then try not to use crash! - just finish off the remaining 10
      life and reserve the Hp for later.
    3)Use Misty Sevens to waste their turn.
    4)Use your strongest non-crash attack and use
      Speed sevens - hopefully you'll still live.
    5)Use super recovery/holy sevens or psychemon - hopefully you'll still be
      alive to copy and crash later. Super recovery has 99.9chance of
      working because 10hp is usually less than the opponent's.
    6)Use the all or nothing Gamble! There is a 90percent
      chance you'll get a good card.
    -as soon as the enemy digivolves, use hacking immediately.
    -do not use crash if it is not necessary.
    -do not underestimate first attack decks.
    -applying copy and crash on the last opponent guarantees a just enough attack win!
    -keep putting cards in the dp slot! Hagurumon's support effect can be useful at times.
    -don't underestimate the all or nothing gamble!
    First attack decks
    Deck Discarder
    Jamming Deck
    Another Copy and Crash Deck
    X Counterattack Deck
    Deadly anti-copy and crash cards to look out for:
    -Cherrymon's Mist
    -golden banana
    -x counters
    -x hitters
    -devil chip (if you are not first attack)
    -HP half cards (ex.sharmamon support, gigadramon support)
    Effective Against:
    Almost everything else the enemy can throw at you.
    (this cheat deck won 546+ of the 887wins i got)
    Here are some of Ronald Pascal's decks you can try:
    1st :
    4 Toy Agumon
    4 Psychemon
    2 L-Toy Agumon
    3 Partner Cards
    3 Rockmon
    1 Suka Curse
    2 Digimon Grave
    3 Heap of Junk
    2 Hacking
    2 Partner Finder
    1 Digimon Analyzer
    1 Rosemon’s Lure/ Suka Curse
    1 Data Copy
    1 Reverse Sevens/ Digimon Anaylzer
    I use this for :
    Opponent who always recovers his digimon
    Opponent who uses SEVENS Cards
    Opponent who likes to digivolve
    I don’t use this for
    Opponent who uses first attack moves
    Opponent who doesn’t like to digivolve
    (uses Rookie digimon and some attack power booster)
    2nd :
    1 Gomamon
    2 Gabumon
    2 Otamamon
    2 SnowAgumon
    3 Partner Cards
    1 Omnimon II
    1 MetalSeadramon
    1 MarineAngemon
    3 Zudomon
    1 MegaSeadramon
    1 Brachiomon
    3 Sup.Rec.Floppy
    2 Ice Crystal
    2 Blue Digivice
    1 ArmorCrush Digivolve
    3 Warp Digivolve
    1 De-Armor Digivolve
    I use this for :
    Almost all opponent
    I don’t use this for :
    Opponent who uses SEVENS Cards
    -If you have an excellent deck please don't be
     shy to send them in, so I can include them!
    VII. My own questions
    -How do you get 100percent?
     All i got is (insert number)percent . Where are the remaining percents?
    -Try collecting sevens cards and getting other partner card data.
     Also get all the digi-parts you get as prizes.
    -The complete status shows a nickname for you at the end.
     Mine says "Scarlet Magician". Does this change?
    -After you defeat BKWargreymon, it doesn't change anymore.
    -What does it mean when the card has a star? Is it
     because you got it from fusion or trading?
    -My guess is, it means you got one copy of that card in a way
     other than the 3 cards you get after battle.
     (ex. trading, fusing, bonus prize)
    -Does the quantity change the percent value? Ex. Does
     6omnimons give more percentage than 2omnimons?
    -How do you get digi-parts 99 and 128?
     All my partners are already at lv.99 and i didn't get them.
    -Digimon part 128 is nonexistent -
     I forgot that including number 00 already makes 128 digi-parts.
     Number 99 was told to me by SupremeBangirasu.
     Beat Grankuwagamon many times in a row. I got it on my fifth win.
    -Do you need to follow Apokarimon around and
     defeat him to get the remaining percents?
    -No, but you get Apokarimon cards from him from time to time, though.
     He is the only one you can get an Apokarimon card from.
     You get an apokarimon card the same way you get a sevens card.
    -who are the people who lend you digiparts after you beat them many times?
    -try beating these people many times in a row:
     (it might be better to try it after you beat BKWargreymon)
    -Cody         (#?)
    -Davis        (#?)
    -Keely        (#?)
    -Ken          (#144)
    -Also it hasn't worked with me but there is a rumor that you get a
     digipart by fusing your partners with their evolved forms.
     (ex. fuse armadillomon with ankylomon, shakkoumon, vikemon)
    VIII. Updated Section
    -finally completed the whole game, 100percent!
     Finally have digi-part 99! Thanks again SupremeBangirasu.
     After getting digi-part 99,the digipart collection went to 100percent
     and the game completion also went to 100percent.
    -Game completion:  100percent
    -Card collection:  100percent
    -Digi-parts stock: 100percent
    -COM battles:      887wins 0losses
    -VS Player:        6wins 0losses, battlebeginner <--any1 wanna battle :)
    And if you want a spoiler, read on. Even at 100percent,
    nothing special has happened, no nothing, ever since
    BlackWargreymon! Here's something you can try out:
    If you haven't beaten BKWargreymon yet, get every
    other percent in the game other than fighting him
    and see what you get as a "nickname".
    After fighting BKWargreymon, that nickname doesn't change anymore.
    IX. Credits
    -The gamefaqs message boards for helping me get the sevens cards.
    -I give MACHINEDRAMON2021, OmniNakago, blabbermon and
     Ultimate Apocalypse full credit for everything in part III.
    -Me - for answering some of my own questions and for making this thing.
    -Simon Audisho (homer8moe@hotmail.com) for the correction on Special Digivolve.
    -SupremeBangirasu (SupremeBangirasu@aol.com) for the info on digipart 99 and 114.
    -Ronald Pascal (jack_van_burace@hotmail.com) for a lot of additional info and corrections.
    -Cipto Adiguno (power_of_mars@yahoo.com) for some corrections.
    -the reset button, for my 887-win streak :)
    -Again mail me if I don't give you credit. It would be
     understandable if you were pissed off or something,
     I know how it feels to work without pay :)
    Copyright 2001
    by: De@thSh@dow

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