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Reviewed: 07/07/01 | Updated: 07/07/01

I was quite suprised at how different the Digital Card Battle game was from the Digimon TCG. Was the change good? Absolutely.

Gameplay-Wow. This game is nothing like the TCG I expected it to be. In my opinion, the change is wonderful. At the begininng you can choose one of three partners(Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon). They each include their own deck. Veemon's deck includes fire and darkness Digimon(strong in offense), Hawkmon's deck includes nature and rare digimon(a well-balanced deck), and Armadillomon's deck includes water and rare Digimon(high defense). The Battle System, attacks, and Digimon are all altered. There is also HP and no Mega Level Digimon. Just as always, there is a feature which allows you to battle a friend. In the Title Screen, click the ''Battle with a friend'' option. You can battle, Trade(after you proceed in the storyline a bit, you will enable the trade option), edit decks, or edit partners. Also, partners can raise Rank(Level). As they increase rank, they will become stronger and earn new digi-parts. You can even fuse your cards. In the fuse option, you can either fuse two cards for a new one, or feed your partner cards to make it receive experinece. The game has new cards, including Omnimon and Imperialdramon. It includes a free TCG card (I got Imperialdramon).

Story-There's not really much to the storyline except a few encounters with digi-destined and Ken and Wormmon. There are more suprises in the game, but I wouldn't want to spoil the Digital Card Battle game for you, now would I? Of course, it's not totally mundane. There are times where the storyline comes alive. Although, your opinion might be slight different then mine because I play RPG's with intense, LONG storylines all the time. Overall, the storyline could be better.

Graphics/Sound-Not too shabby. The graphics are exceptional, especially the opening CMV, and the audio is great. If you selected Polygon On at the beginning of the game, after every attack you will watch it being invoked by the Digimon. The polygon graphics are pretty good. Blocky, but not too blocky. The audio of the game has a few original Digimon pieces, and a few new ones. Actually, the game had me singing along to the ''Opening Theme'' of Digimon in the opening CMV.

Replayability-I would play it over three times(One for each partner). Try to see if you can master the card game with each Digimon. Every time you start a New Game you end up with different cards in your starter deck.

Buy/Rent?-Definitely buy if you're a big Digimon fan. This game has ultimately entrapped me into it. Hey, buy it even if you don't like Digimon. It's great fun!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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