Review by Vtec Raver

Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 12/28/01

Pokemon Trading Card ripoff? Dont think so

When I first saw this game, I said to myself ''Another Pokemon Trading Card Ripoff'', but I decided to buy it anyway. But I was wrong, this game was an excellent and very fun.


The gameplay in DCG is very fun and unique. Although a bit confusing at first, you will soon realize and adapt to DCG's uniqueness. There are very unique eleemtnts in DCG. When attacking, you do not need to power up or anything, just pick an attack and go at it. When you digivolve, all you need are ''DP'' which are points if you store cards in the DP slot. More cards in there, more DP. Also, unlike pokemon, Digimon can evolve as long as they are the same ''type''. There are 6 types in Digimon, Ice, Nature, Fire, Rare, and Dark. An Ice digimon can digivolve to another Ice, as long as they have enough DP. Also, there are many ways to get new cards. First you can destroy your opponents and earn cards, or you can do Card Fusion, where you mix 2 cards to make a new card.

Well, you should be able to guess the story. Its the same ''You are the last hope, must save world from some evil'' used in almost ALL adventure games and RPGs. In DCG you are an ordianry kid, want to become Card master.............then must kill the evil villian.


The Music is very good, although a bit kiddish. It does get repetitive after a while though. The sound effects are O.K, although there isnt many. There are just some sounds when you hit someone, and card flipping over, and stuff like that. Nothing


The graphics aren't too eye appealing, because all you see are cards. The cards do look cool though. They are nice and sharp, and the Digimon look nice.


Whoah, this game is pretty hard. Especilay in the 3rd or 4th city. As being an experienced gamer, I had much trouble beating this area. It was insanely diffucult, it took me at least 15 tries. And thats just the 4th area! But after that area, it got pretty easy.


I cant really talk about replay yet, because I didnt beat it yet. But I know there will be a replay value. In the beggining, there are three decks to choose from, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. So Ill probably beat it with the other two.


I recommend Buy. This game is pretty long, and you won't be able to beat it. Or you could always try the ''other'' option. Rent it for five bucks and burn it, and return it, you evil person you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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