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"Bandai - 1, Nintendo - zippo!!"

Boy, should the people at Wizards of the Coast and Nintendo be a little peeved about not jumping on the Bandai band-wagon after DW:DCB was released. I mean, come on, who would play Pokemon:TCG on a 5x5 screen, when the good people at Bandai decided ''Hey, let's get a bigger crowd by putting our game on, ummm, let's say, a MORE POPULAR console.'' In the past, Bandai release such bombs as ''Mighty Morphing Power Rangers'' and MMPR: The movie'', but Bandai redeemed themselves with their 3rd edition to a already underrated game.

Graphics 9/10: DCB brings to you a multitude of digimon, each with their own entry, move, loss, and winning pose. Their is a hint that leads me to suspect the animators got a little lazy when some looked to be primitive and repetitive. The main factor is that the graphs are excellent and the polygraphic battle adds perfection to style. The graphics are a bit Street Fighter-ish, but not every game is going to be up to ''Metal Gear Solid'' standards. The graphs are all right with me!

Sound 8/10: Hmm, why did i give it an 8 on sound. Mainly because the music is catchy, veeerrry catchy. If you're drawn out into a long battle, arena switching, or even fixing your deck, the music will easily get on your nerves, to the point to where you will mute the TV. Doing that will result in missing all the excellent SFX of the digimon's attacks. That's not a good thing, so suffer through the music and you'll be on your way.

Gameplay 10/10: You won't find this in no cocka-mamy Pokemon:TCG. This story line is a bit far-fetched, but gives you enemy after rival after villain. Their is no end to the challenges until you realize how drawn out the game really is, even throws you for a loop once or twice. That's what makes this game so unpredictable. Truthfully, a strategic-man's dream.

Challenge : 9/10 (You will run across some parts where the game becomes simple, but soon get sucked back into the challenge)

What's need : Basic arithmetic and patience (and bring lots of it too. you're gonna need it.)

Ages: 10 and up

Is it worth buying : Is Pokemon a waste of time after you beat it 3 or 4 times? Yes!

Bottom Line : Played diligently, this game will take about as long to beat as 2 Zelda games, but this games whirlwind of obstacles and many tasks will grip you to your TV screen until your grandchildren's graduation (who are we kidding? you stay glued to your set for that long, and you won't have any kids to have kids. Get a life please!). This is definitly worth buying, playing, and handing to your kids... that is if Bandai doesn't decide to upgrade.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/29/01, Updated 12/29/01

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