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"Interesting game, but not one for everyone."

I found this game used for cheap at a local game store and picked it up on a whim, surprisingly I got a lot more enjoyment out of this game than I thought I would, and figured I would write up my thoughts on it.

You are a new card player in the Digital World with a natural knack for the game, you go around beating others and attempting to improve your deck, eventually having to play a card game to save the world, simple, predictable, and childish, but it does fit the mood of the game, so I gave it a decent score. It is not like you would buy this game expecting an award winning novel.

At first it seems simple, but it turns out to be a pretty complex game. There are 5 specialties, Fire - Made for attacking, Ice, High HP, low attack, Nature - Low attack, easy digivolving, Rare - Weak, but great for support, and Dark - Hard to digivolve and bad at assist, but incredibly powerful, and you have to make decks that emphasize your color(s) strength and make up for its weaknesses, which is harder than it sounds.
You draw 4 cards face up and your opponent does the same, you then pick a Digimon to fight with, then you pick from 3 different attacks Circle, Square, or X depending on the situation, while adding option cards to power them up. Your goal is to knock out 3 of your opponents Digimon before they knock out 3 of yours. This may seem simple but trust me, it is too complex to explain all the counters that can be done in battle and all the different type of decks that can be made. Also you can see each others cards, while this usually makes 1 player battles easier, but 2 player battles can become heavy psyche out matches.
One thing that can really detract from the score is this game is long and gets repetitive at times, especially when you must fight the same guys 3 to 4 times with only a slight variation each time, especially when they give you no clues where to go next and you go everywhere to find the next objective.

It is a mixed bag in this case, on one hand, the computer gets very predictable, and despite the fact you usually have to run gauntlets of 3 - 6 guys in a row, you can usually tell what they will do next, especially since you can see their cards. But at times the game will throw a deck at you that is incredibly annoying, force you to work with an alternate deck that is nowhere near as good as your own or poor for fighting that particular opponent, change its tactics out of nowhere, or in the case of the main boss, the computer will outright cheat! Also this game has glitches, and you will find yourself becoming very frustrated at times watching the computer get away with practical murder.

SOUND: 5/10
I did not have high expectations for it, but it gets way too repetitive in both music and sound effects. Nothing to make you beg for earplugs, but nothing that makes you want to continue listening after the 2nd or 3rd time. The opening theme is good, but even that wears off.

The graphics are not half bad, I especially like the pictures of your opponents that show before you face them, and the opening Animation, both are very well done. The graphics for the battle scene are kind of blocky, but you can easily tell who is who and what they are doing, and you have the option to turn battle scenes off if you don't like them, a very nice option. The graphics have a very childish tone to them that fit the game well, but there could be more detail in the backgrounds.

Even after you finish up the game, there are still a lot of things to do, collect all the cards, improve your ranking, get all the digiparts, try and beat the game again with new partners, make different theme decks, quite a lot to do and the game is much larger than it seems at first.

END RESULT: A fun and addicting game, but one that you should rent or borrow first, as it is not for everyone, the simplicity and length might not be your thing, but for a fan of Digimon or collectable card games, I recommend it highly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/12/02, Updated 04/12/02

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