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Reviewed: 08/07/02 | Updated: 08/07/02

One of the best games I played

Gameplay - The first time I played this game I was shocked.It was in Japanese the first time and it was really different.The whole battle system was different than the trading card game. I stayed away from that Japanese card game for some time. Then the English version came and I started to try it out. I borrowed it off my friend and I quickly learned how to play. It was a lot different than the Trading Card Game. Everything was important to learn. The important thing was it was easy to learn. I got so many different card games I know how to play. The controls were also easy. I now know how to play the Japanese game!It also has a lot of Digimon like Imperialdramon! At the beginning you get to choose 3 decks, Veemon, Armadillomon, and Hawkmon. I think beginners should use Veemon deck. (He also has 3 Digi-Eggs!!) I give this game's Gameplay a 10

Story - The story is pretty straight forward with a weird surprise at the end. I'm not going to spoil it for you though. You will meet many Season 2 characters in the game and they are actual leaders of the arena! The story could be better though. For some unknown reason the Japanese story is different. You start in the DigiWorld just like in Digimon World 1. I remember there was Jijimon and that Koromon at the Green Gym. Then a Betamon came and I battled him. Pretty weird if you think about it. Don't expect to finish the game fast though. Its pretty hard and long. I give this an 8 could have been better.

Audio/Video - The sound and video in this is great! After every turn you get to see the Digimon attack each other. The sound is perfect for their situation. I give the sound and video a 10

Re playability - Well, once you beat this game you can try to beat it again with another deck. I think after you beat the last boss you would stick with your normal cards though.
I beat the game 3 time with all three decks!!! If you are going to play again turn off Polygon mode as it gets boring.
Re playability 7

To buy or to rent? - I would buy this game even if I had to cash in my Final Fantasy 3 for SNES. (I'll think about it first) But if you want to make sure you can always rent it. (There goes $5 down he drain)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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