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"The most intresting TCC yet"

GAMEPLAY:The gameplay is alright seeing that it is a card game and all.You do not get to walk around but you can go from diffrent cities to cities.The battles are not all that great but it is for Playstation.It is not the best digimon game but I like it all the same.In this game there is nothing like the other digimon games however.

Graphics:It is not all that great because it is for the Playstation and the polygon battles kinda stink cause they dont move when they dodge and do not fly very far if they get hurt. If they ''FAINT'' they do not disapper they just lay there like they are having a seizre.''SHAKE,SHAKE''.The only expection to the graphics is the opening FMV.(Full motion video).But I still admit they are ok for the old playstation machine.This is not the best feature of this Digimon game.

Sound:The sound was not all good because it is a card game and card's do not speak to people only if you are a cooky looney.It is the worst feature on the game besides the Graphics.But i do think they make noise or any kind of sound in english or even in another language or something like that.

Story:The story is ok but it could be a little but more better then they made it. Bandai should really step up there staff and get better story lines then they have now for some of there games like DIGIMON RUMBLE ARENA.You can get diffrent digimon partner's more cards, mix you'r cards and make you'r digimon partner stonger with higher cards.It even has some cards from digimon season two witch i did like to see more of them.I think it is a pretty good story line for a Bandai game.It could be a little better tho.

Re playability:If you wanna experience the full gameplay of this game restart it with all three diffrent decks.If you do like I did after beat it with one deck turn of the POLYGON Please!!!Also try to get every card possible in the game and make diffrent decks to suit you'r strength's and you'r weaknesses so you can beat tho's worse people.And try to get you'r friends to make a game so you can cream them in no time at all witch gives you some hope to this game.

RENT or BUY:If you like it after you rent it if you cant get enough of it go out and spent of you'r loose change and pick up a Bandai don't.Only if you are a crazy person!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 08/25/02

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