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"A well thought out, unusually grown up game"


Without doubt, Digimon: Digital Card Battle is one of the best, and most original games I own. While a little tricky to get into, it comes into its own quite quickly with a difficult curve that is spot on..


As with all Digimon games (indeed most games these days) is to save the world. Hardly an original premise but one which stands up to the ethics of the TV shows. Defeat the baddie, save the world. Still it's nice to see old favourites in new settings and indeed new characters adding to the rich Digimon universe. In fact the game links somewhat from the original Digimon World game.


This games graphics can be summed up in one word: cute. Admittedly this is not a bad thing in what is meant to be a child's game; the colours too are spot on being bright and cheerful. You'd expect that this game, being a card game, would hardly have visually stunning graphics, but you'd be wrong. During the battles the cards turn into 3-d representations of their respective digimon and attack. These appear to have been taken from Digimon World and some of them suffer from being too blocky, but for what it is they're a very good representation and breathe life into the old 32 bit system.


This is a niggle for me. I was half hoping that when the Digimon attack they would shout out their signature move. How nice it would have been nice to hear Angemon's ''Hand of Fate'' bellowed out over the TV screen, but instead you get a sadly pathetic ''gwah!'' The music is very good is mind-numbingly repetitive after a while. Another reviewer made this point but I'll make it again: after a while you'll get bored and turn the sound off completely. One saving grace about this game is the opening titles: The Digimon TV Theme tune! I have to admit when I watched it for the first (and millionth) time I did find myself singing along!


Sheer brilliance! Playing other people at cards is just one of the many things in this game. Card Fusion is a great way of ensuring that new and more powerful cards can be made to create the ultimate deck! Also the trading function allows you to swap cards with friends (and without the violence of ACTUAL trading card wars!) There are also various ''seasons'' of the game: If you finish one story and defeat the main villain, another oe comes along to take his or her place. Brilliant!


A great game marred only by slightly older graphics and repetitive sounds, but still a stunning example that the PSone is still capable of belting out brilliant games despite being now six years old A must buy. It'll keep you engrossed for hours!

9/10 genius

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/06/02, Updated 10/06/02

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