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"Digimon Comes Alive Again! - In cards"

Digital Battle Card - Digimon Comes Alive - in cards

In Digital Battle Card, take the role of a young kid set off in an amazing adventure to save the world. Along his journey, he must battle tough opponents using his very own card deck that you can choose at the start of the game. Like many other card games, there are different tactics to note of, and many creatures to choose as your frontline attackers. What's more, Digital Battle Card introduces a whole new way of playing cards, and many new rules to take note of.

Gameplay: 8
Digital Battle Card is exceptionally fun! As I said before, you take the role of a young kid training to become a Digital Card Master. Of course, you start off with a starter deck based on the three animated monsters. Along the way, you'll be able to get more buddies of these kinds, and these special partners can level up like many RPG characters. As they level up, they get these things, which will increase their stats. Some of them have added in Support Ability as well. However, one bad thing is the card you can collect. Each time you win a duel, you get only 3 cards. But if you beat a boss, you get a booster pack. The pack doesn't help much; it's only the Ultimate card we are looking for. So, keep building a deck until you get the ultimate one and save the world.

Graphics: 9
The graphics of Digital Card Battle is simply amazing. Right from the starting introduction, to the ending cameo, nothing beats watching these awesome FMVs over and over again. In the game itself, there are 2-D characters to see. However, these characters are neatly drawn, and really nice to look at. During duels, the cards are drawn really cool. And there's also a Polygon Battle to watch if you did activate this command. In Polygon Battle, you get to see your Digimon battle out head-to-head in 3-D.

Audio: 7
In Digimon Digital Card Battle, there isn't much sound to note besides the Polygon Battling. And that's the key point in the game already. However, besides that, there's nothing at all. I mean, what else is there beside cards? And cards don't yell, squirm or scream right? In the Polygon Battle though, there are blasts and booms. But that's about it.

Story: 8
Okay, not the most original story in the world but combining it with the splendid gameplay, you get a rather above average story. You get to meet really cool characters and some of them have really well though up purposes. One example would be the Android gang and they can combine and make new cards for you. You can also turn those cards into EXP and feed your partner. In the end of the entire game, there's also a really special ending. Well, what are you waiting for? Get the game!

Replayability: 7
If you really love this game and want to experience all the choices available to you, you may restart the game and try out all the three different decks. If not, I would advise you to stop right there 'cause there's absolutely no point.

Buy or Rent?: Buy.
If you are a Digimon lover and you really despise Pokemon, get this for a change. It would provide you with hours and hours of fun. If you aren't, you could give this a shot, as the really well done graphics are totally cool. Also, a new card game won't hurt you a bit at all. If you really hate card games, and really love Pikachu, skip this. Though I can tell you that you are making a serious mistake.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/26/02, Updated 03/01/03

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