Review by Emerald Lucifer

"One of the better Digimon games."

Story: 8
Basically, your are a kid in the Digimon card game world. Your main task is to become the greatest card tamer in the world, or so to speak. As you progress in your journey you task turns into a wonderful journey to save the world. In order to accomplish this feat you must travel to different lands and battle in the Battle Arenas to prove your strength and at the same time, become the Legendary Card Master and also save the world.

Music: 8
The music in this game, though not spectacular, is some of the best that i have heard on a Digimon game. Though the walk-to-city music may, and I say may, get on your nerves after a while, the music really shine in the battle mode. When the Digmion begin to battle and it turns into the polygon arena that is where some of the best music can be heard. The sounds for each situation in the game gives it a nice feeling.

Much like the music, the graphics in the game were not spectacular. I found them quite nice though. The battle graphics were nice, and so were the attacks, and I was quite impressed that they were able to put such detail in the card pictures. For this type of game I believe that the graphics are acceptable, I mean, all you really do is walk to a town and battle, how good do the graphics really need to be?

Game Play:10
When I first got into a Digimon card battle I was impressed. The game makes the card battles simple and easy yet fun at the same time. Simply: make a powerful deck, get into a battle, choose cards and beat opponent. Move onto next city. Whilst beating opponents, train your partner card to make it more powerful as well. What could be more simpler?

This game has HEAPS of replay value. After you beat the game you can play the game again with different partner Digimon, and make new decks. Also, before you beat the game you will have a nice LONG time trying to collect all the cards.

Rent or Buy?:
I would definately buy this game if you are into digimon. If you like card game with a twist, go for it as well. If you want to try something new, go for it. For those that are not too sure of what they want, try this game via rent, then buy it.

Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/31/02, Updated 12/31/02

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