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"Pokemon gets pushed aside as Digimon takes it's place as Card King!"

So you are wondering through the pre-owned section GAME and you see Pokemon Card game and Digimon Card Battle next to each other for a really low price but you can only afford one, which one do you choose? A tough question but i would most definitely choose Digimon and here is the reason why...

Story - You play a boy, whose name you can choose, who wants t become the worlds greatest Card Tamer but as the story progresses you find that an evil known as ''A'' has some nasty plans to take over the digital world! Ooooh scary! The story isn't bad, You get to travel across the digital land defeating everyone in each arena watching the elements of the plot unfold as you so. I'd have given it 8/10 but its not the most original of stories so i had to deduct a point. - 7/10

Gameplay - This is the aspect of the game that got me going. I love Card games, this one has to be my favourite! You basically have 3 attacks for each Digimon which you select by pressing the button that co-ordinates with it, then you get to choose a 'support' card to aid you in battle. An example of this would be like choosing Omnimon, You can choose his trancendant sword by pressing circle and then choose a support card that boosts the power of circle by about 200 you then get to see you and your opponents digimon fight it out in a 3D enviroment! - 9/10

Graphics - Yet again i really like the graphics in this game as mentioned above you get to see the digimon fight in a 3D arena where you get to see the most memorable attacks from the series like, say, Agumon's Pepper breath or Frigimon's SubZero Ice Punch! The graphics outside the card battles are a bit of a let down though, i think it would have been a whole lot better if the whole game had been in 3D. But this isn't a major dissapointment and the gameplay makes up for all of those mistakes... - 8/10

Music - Wow, Bandai sure do know how to make good music for these games. They seem really up-lifting and motivational to me and you can't seem not hum along to the overworld tunes or the Boss music. Sometimes i suddenly start humming them when i'm not even playing the game! I've read some of the other reviews and they say the music can get a little boring after a bit, but take my word for it, they're brilliant! - 10/10

Sound - This has to be the hardest part of the game i have had to review! It's a card game! Cards don't make noises! The 3D battles have some sound effects where the digimon roar and the loud booms as the attacks hit your opponent or vice-versa, but other than that there isn't anything remotely possible that i can review, trust me i've tried and failed! - N/A

Replayablility - This all depends on how good you are at this game, if like me when you first lost a battle and didn't want to play it anymore then you are gonna get loads of replay out of this! :) Joking aside, when and if you complete the game you get an option where you can fight all the digidestined kids and their evolved digimon in their own arenas and of course you still have to collect all the digiparts and digicards to get 100% so i would say that this game is more than enough for anyone! - 9/10

Rent/Buy? - Yes, rent! Dont even look at this game twice if you dont like card games, if you do but dont like Digimon give a it try! If you like both factors of this game then you shouldn't be reading this review, you should be upstairs playing this game!

Recap -
+ Great story
+ Great music
+ Loads of replay value

- Gets repetitive

The +'s outweigh the -'s so that should be enough for one day!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/29/03

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