Review by Legenddramon

Reviewed: 06/08/04

A nice and decent digimon TCG

Its about a digimon TCG tamer who goes into an on-line digimon TCG server.
You meet other digimon characters and an interesting plot unfolds as you win more battle. However after a while, the story kinda gets a little lame. This game also have some storyline connection with first digimon world game.
Basically, you go to town to town winning opponents and defeating their leader until you reach the final town. After defeating it, you start again from square one(same city) but with another opponent.

You don't really notice it, but its not that bad until you turn it mute. The music fits its background, but its just isn't that perfect like some other better games. The battle soundtrack will begin to get lame after hours of battling so will the world map soundtracks. At least its city music have some differences.

This is what this game has to offer , although there is no real changes from the first few digimon series. Digimon digital card battle game has a few hundred digimon card and each of them has at least 3 digimon animation. This really show us in detail of every attack made, from a basic claw counterattack to the mystifying attacks. Every attack is different which means you won't be bored seeing those animations unless you use the same cards over and over again.
To tell you the truth, every attack is worth seeing especially ultimates attack.
For those that are in a rush you can turn off the animation. Unfortunately, that the only quality graphics they have. Anything else, are just extremely low quality.

Game Play:10
A perfect 10!! This card battle system is no joke, unlike other TCG's this one relies on skill and strategy more than sheer luck. Every deck has a weakness and its your job to find it. It is true that with an average strong deck you can win many NPC decks. Making a strong deck is easy in this game as you often get cards and probably almost complete the entire card collection. Like I said before this, there are a few hundred cards, imagine how many deck combination you could make. Among the other PS digimon games, this has the best 2 player features. You can trade card or battle, this system also forbid you to trade card with your own save copy. There is also the partner digimon card which just gets stronger as you progress your game, getting armor and experience points.There are many main types of deck too, like fire, ice, grass, darkness and rare. Each has their own special abilities and weaknesses. Exploit them out so that you know how to face those decks.

After finishing the game which takes only about 20++ hours, you will spend your time leveling up your partner and creating new decks and strategies to battle your friend or........ opponent. There is a lot of decks which are strong but there is none that is omnipotent(unless you cheat) so thats why you will always figure things out to counter your opponent deck. Of course, this only happens if you have a friend who actually play this game.

Overall score: 8/10
As a ps game, this game rocks. Although it has some flaws. it it definitely the game you're looking for especially when you are looking for a nice PS game.

Rent or buy?:
Buy if, you are a great fan of digimon,or you are a TCG fan. Also if your friend plays this. Rent if you are not sure how good this game is.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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