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    Secrets FAQ by Slateman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/30/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Details:           Secrets FAQ
    Game:              Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
    Developer:         Neversoft
    Publisher:         Activision
    Platform:          PSOne
    Revision Date:     30th December, 2001
    Revision #:        1.0
    Author:            Slateman (slateman@planettonyhawk.com)
    From:              Planet Tony Hawk
       This is a listing of all unlockable items in THPS3 (PS1).  
       Beat the Game indicates that you must get 3 gold medals and all 
       the level objectives for a skater.  The 1st time you do this you 
       will receive Officer Dick, no matter who you are skating as, 2nd 
       time Skip to Restart.  
       As listed at the bottom, if you beat the game w/ one of the secret
       skaters you will receive a different bonus.
    Career Mode Secrets
    Code                   Description                           Beat the Game
    ----                   -----------                           -------------
    Downhill Level         Hidden Level                          Get 3 Golds
    Unlock Wolverine       Hidden Skater                         Get All Gaps
    Unlock Officer Dick    Hidden Skater                         1st Time
    Skip to Restart        Different Star points                 2nd Time
    Kid Mode               Tiny Skaters                          3rd Time
    Perfect Balance        Grind forever                         4th Time
    Always Special         Infinite spcial bar                   5th Time
    Stud Mode              Stats 10                              6th Time
    Weight                 Created Skaters (45-405 pounds)       7th Time
    Wireframe Mode         Removes textures                      8th Time
    Slow-Nic               Slow-mo in the air                    9th Time
    Big Head               Large Cranium                         10th Time
    Sim Mode               Faster spins, shorter ollies          11th Time
    Smooth Shading         Smooth textures                       12th Time
    Super Revert           Don't slow down on reverts            13th Time
    Moon Physics           Less gravity                          14th Time
    Disco Mode             Trippy colors                         Beat w/ Officer Dick
    Level Flip             Reverse the level                     Beat w/ Wolverine
       In order to unlock Wolverine, you will need to get all the gaps on the regular 
       levels. You do not need to get all the gaps on the Downhill level. 
    Legal Stuff--
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2001, Trevor Proudfoot (slateman@planettonyhawk.com)
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is copyright (c) 2001, Neversoft, Activision
    You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the contents
    herein without the permission of the author.
    You May however post this FAQ elsewhere, as long as credit is given and *very
    important*, you always post the newest version of the FAQ.  I really don't want
    email from people asking questions that are answered on later versions of the
    FAQ.  Please email me with info as to where you'd like to post it, and I'll get
    back saying yes.  
    This FAQ and much more can be found at Planet Tony Hawk:
    Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.
    Good luck and have fun!

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