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"Avoid this at all costs...maybe"

Well, what can I say about this game. Well, whatever is contained in this review, quite obviously. Here we go...

When I first played this with my friends, it was quite a good laugh voting for them and getting them pissed off at me. But after a while, we realized that we had been playing The Weakest Link and were listening to Anne Robinson dish out the same insults to us no matter how well we did. If there was a game that had no rewards for your gaming skills, this is it. Still, we played on and laughed at each other when we were off. I played it on my own later on that evening, and it was truly atrocious! This game is useless without gaining the self satisfaction of pulling one over on your mates. This is where you realize how tremendously stupid the computer characters are and how repetitive the questions get.
Single player: 2/10
Multi player: 7/10

The graphics in this game are horrendous! The characters have square heads and the edges are as fuzzy as a drunken bumble bee on painkillers. I dare not go into too much detail as I am scared of them. Well, there are some quite nice movie clips from the show, but nothing too spectacular.

This is where the game excels over any other aspect of the game. The music from the show is here in all it's craptacular glory, along with Anne's voice, and voices of people that have no jobs and needed the money so badly that they subdued themselves for insults from their friends for many years for letting the BBC put their voices to this shambles of a game. It sounds quite nice though.

Replay value
The only way this game can be played again is if you play with friends. Playing the single player after one game is a sure sign of insanity.
Single player: 1/10
Multi player: 5/10

Save system
I don't know why I have added this section as there is no save system. Well, there is, but it's kinda crappy. You see, it is like stepping back 5 years. When you progress in the championship mode, there is no option to save. That's right my friend, you are given a little pissy password. It is terrible! After all the high quality television that us Brits have received from the BBC, you'd think that they would add a save feature to their games. And the passwords are difficult to remember, so if you don't have a pen and paper, or if you have any kind of life, stay away from the championship mode.

Overall, this piece of twoddle is not worth your hard-earned cash, and should be seen in bargain bins everywhere within 2 weeks.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/15/01, Updated 10/15/01

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