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"A TV Tie-in Worth Getting?!?!?"

Here is possibly a first for modern day computer games…a TV licence that actually delivers!!! When I first picked up The Weakest Link I was expecting it to be a complete cash cow affair, but was very surprised to realise that it actually is a good game!
Everything remains faithful to the TV show. You can choose from a range of characters to play as, which all have funny accents and strange lines to perform. You can choose between Junior (pick one of two possible answers), Easy (one of four) or Normal (given the first letter of four possible answers).
Then its straight into the game, with skip-able FMV clips of what normally happens at the start of each show.
The controls are simple, up and down to select an answer and X to choose it. O is to bank the money earned. There are a total of 100,000 questions to be asked, which is an awful lot, and ensures that you won’t get repeats for a long time of play. Throughout the characters make little comments like “I don’t know that one” and such like, all adding to the atmosphere.
Then comes the voting, for which you can vote for whoever you want, but prepare for them to try and get you off next round! Then Anne Robinson gives some nasty comments, and the player voted off has a mini speech. It’s all good fun, but the speeches can’t be skipped which is a shame if you’re right into the thick of the action.
Games like this are in their prime when more than one is playing, and The Weakest Link supports up to 7 players, with fantastic effect. Its always great watching the face of someone getting voted off! Also, you can do tactical voting to get rid of the brainy one! Whatever you do, it’s done in the rudest sense possible thanks to Anne’s comments.
What is a well-rounded game does a have a few little niggles. The graphics are a little shabby, and watching Anne spinning round asking the questions is hilarious. Also, when playing solo, the computer characters will 9 times out of 10 vote you off if your joint weakest link with another computer controlled player! Despite this unfair bias, it has that great hook needed to get you back for just one more go…then another…then…
While usually I’d say steer clear of licensed games, The Weakest Link is possibly the best TV related game on the PlayStation, and can vote off Millionaire quite easily!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/03, Updated 06/30/03

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