Review by Andrew VIP

"You are The Weakest Link, Goodbye"


The Weakest Link isn't one of the best game I have ever played and it never will be. The GFX and Sound is off and the players are quite old ones but here we go. BBC yet try another hit T.V. show into a game. It just dosen't work :(
T.V. was meant to stick to the T.V.

Game Play -- 5.2/10

Not the best you can basically answer the Qs and listen to people talking but the Q's can but too easy, Its a quick game and it has the easy way of using the arrow buttons to make an answer.

When you think about it and get into the game and start to know what to do its a ok game but after you have played all the rounds been all the players and had a two player by asking your friend to come round its done and you have nothing to do on it then.

There is quite a few players to choose from and a sound profile for then all in there voice like in the T.V. Show.

Anyways over all the gameplay isn't too bad, But its not too good so you can't blame me for saying its a ok game.

GFX -- 2/10

The GFX are bad in this game and have the max fuzzy look you get on the PS1 and you can see O's where its been made.

The GFX for the players and Ann(host) are not to good also. Basically when I said above. But when picking the players there is a little bit of a better pic/GFX of them.

The lights and smoke in the background is very good and really you could say cool. Its blue and red shades like in the show you will love them.

Sound -- 7/10

I give the sound a high rating because its the real sounds for the show and it really sounds like it too! You can see and feel the studio because of the lights and music.

Rent or Buy -- RENT

I think you should rent this game and then buy it. This is because you never know what to think of this game so rent it then if you like it buy it.


Well this is the end of another review of another game. You should try this game if you like the show buy by try I mean rent it.

Like I said before
''so you can't blame me for saying its a ok game.''

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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