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"Should have been a good effort, but no."

Should have been a good effort, but no.

I’d like to get one thing settled first – I never really liked Capcom vs. Snk. I was very disappointed with this crossover attempt by Capcom. Street Fighter characters didn’t get a facelift (except Ryu, Ken, Bison and Gouki), SNK characters were severely weakened, the grooves were very imbalanced, plus replay was short. But that wouldn’t affect this review (if it would, the score I’ll be giving probably would’ve been lower).

For a good number of people still hanging on to their Playstations after all this years, this would probably be Capcom’s last effort at the old console (though I’m still crossing my fingers for CvS2, though it’s unlikely). After the excellent SFA3 a good couple of years back, one would expect that this conversion would still be a good one right? Wrong. Instead, what we get (specially for you who have imported this game already) is a very lackluster effort with pretty disappointing results.

For starters, there was slowdown galore. Yes this is the Playstation, and Playstations can’t handle 2D games well, but Capcom should have been more selective in trimming the character animations to compensate for the amount of on-screen fireworks that certain characters require. Gone are the spectacular looking pre-match animations (I loved the eye of the dragon intro), even worse, the FMV ending doesn’t seem to like to cooperate with my Playstation. And, oh, each character practically only has one ending pose. The loading time is significantly shorter (unlike game with the same premise like King of Fighters, it loads only the new character’s set of animations, and reloads the old one), but it would get to your nerves having to wait for 4 ratio1 characters to load. Thankfully, there is a shortcut mode, where you can bypass the cheesily made quotes and go straight to the next match.

The sounds are quite decent. The good thing about Capcom fighting games on the PS is that it sounds great every time. The fight words are clearly audible and the background music actually in tune with the stage, so major props for that.

Controls are one of the most disappointing aspects of the conversion. Again, fighting games (specially by Capcom) have been near-perfect on the Playstation, but for some reason, the controls on this game are quite stiff, and at a good number of times unresponsive. Oddly, ChunLi keeps on doing Senretsu Kyaku instead of Hazan Tenshokyaku though I swear I’m doing it right.

Replay also bites. There wasn’t enough secrets nor twists to make me keep on playing the game. After purchasing everybody in the Price Mode, that’s about it. Either you’d just beat up a character on Practice Mode, or invite a friend over, either way, after a good 15 minutes, you’d probably be playing something else instead.

Overall, the game was a big disappointment, and I would always wonder why Capcom would release something as dreary as this. Maybe a front for CvS2 on the PS soon?

Score: 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/26/02, Updated 06/26/02

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