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Reviewed: 07/15/02 | Updated: 07/15/02

Not all the eye-candy of the DC version, but an excellent fighter anyway.

If you've reached this review (my first one by the way), you probably noticed the three negative reviews above.
But in a world where Guilty Gear Advanced receives ratings like 8 or 10, tell me how much can a review be trusted? Anyway, I'll give you my vision of Capcom VS SNK Pro, a much more positive one.

But, as in any review, let's describe the game. I know most of you already the principle of this game, and want to know if the port is a complete screw-up or not, so let's do it fast: Capcom's best fighters (and Dan) meet SNK's in this 2D fighting game.
Nothing new here, except that you battle as team (like in KOF), but the characters have different ratios, so you can't have 4 Akumas in your team. But you can have 4 Dan's (This character is not as bad as he seems, but what were Capcom's programmers smoking when they thought of that one?).
There are 4 slots, and character ratios range from 1 to 4, so you have to balance your team. It's too bad stylish fighters like Iori, Kim, Terry, Ryu or Ken have a ratio of 2. Well, it encourages you to play minors characters a little more...For those who don't like it, there is a pair match mode where any two characters compete against other pairs of fighters, computer controled or not.
Finally, you can chose your groove, which is basically the way your fury bar fills up: like in SF alpha, every time you attack, or like in KOF, you charge it up yourself, and can use furies anytime you want when your life meter is low.Nothing knew in this one, but if you want other grooves, check CVS2 on Dreamcast or PS2.

Okay now let's see how Capcom fared on this port:

The main flaw according to the other reviewers, but not in my opinion: okay, the special effects such as flames and electricity are simply ugly: basically, it's just a bunch of pixels flashing. Why did Capcom bother to try an effect the console could not handle? And they took away the level intros (showing old SNK or Capcom games), a few frames in the characters animations here and there, and a few victory poses.
Is that enough to give this game a 6? NO! The backgrounds are superb, the character ara well-drawn, colorful, and their animation is still smooth, especially if you play with a consequent level of speed. All in all, if you except the pixilated SFX, this game is one of the most beautiful 2D fighters on the PS One.Period.
Also, you can check the artworks (Capcom and SNK) for each character, which is always a nice treat

Well, nothing much to say in that domain. Voices are the same voices we have heard in SF or KOF for years, nothing to complain about.The music is not bad and you can choose the ''original'' mode, which switches to the old SF and KOF tunes; It's nice to hear SF2 themes again.Ah, nostalgia...

One of my fellow reviewers categorized the controls as ''cranky''. He must be a little too used to the crappy Dreamcast pad, because except for the dragon punch which is sometimes not easy to pull out, the game plays extremely smoothly. The game might lack a little challenge, as you can unlock all the secret characters (through a system of points you earn) after only a few hours of play. And the IA is good in high levels of difficulty, but it's nothing an experimented street fighter cannot handle:)

Overall:This games is way underrated because of the comparison to Dreamcast version.But truth be told, if you can bear with longer loading tomes (yet optimized, not like in the KOF ports) and the weak special effects, this game is truly a good conclusion to the history of the PS One's 2D fighters.
Easily in the 2D top four with Marvel VS Capcom, Guilty Gear and SFAlpha3.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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