Review by Ryuji Otogi

"A fighting game that will please anybody who liked the Dreamcast version"

When I first found out this was going to be for the Playstation instead of the Dreamcast I was tad bit shocked. But this game proved to be all right I especially enjoyed being able to enjoy a crossover with the classic controls.

Graphics 8/10- The Graphics look good for a 2-D PSX game, but those pictures when it's loading time are horrible especially Zangief the dude looks like he's a study nerd. But other than that the supers, and projectiles look detailed enough and thats good enough for me since I just mainly care about the game's controls, and value rather then it's graphics.

Controls 8/10- Classic Street Fighter controls but the SNK Groove is something new to those who haven't played KOF. While these controls may be hard for someone who is used to crossovers like MVC it doesn't take that long to learn.

Sound 7/10- The Music is ok but doesn't get any great ratings from me. It's better than the gay songs on the Marvel and Capcom crossovers (I still can't get I wanna Take You For a Ride out of my head and I've had the game for 2 years!).

Value 7/10- It has all the modes I expected Arcade, VS, etc. But the Ratio is annoying I think they shouldn't have added that in, in the Pro Version. But I would really like The World Mode in here (World Mode was in SSA3) it was fun going all over and kicking the CPU's butt.

Tilt 6/10- While the whole idea off Geese Howard starting a tournament is lame what did you expect people there's always going to be a lame story. But the idea of being able to play popular SNK characters like Iori, and Terry in a crossover game seems to draw in customers for Capcom. But the dubbed names of Iori's infamous Rage move is a piece of grade A crud Maiden Masher?????? What The Hell??????? And One-For-The-Road Blast! Somebody spare me the agony for god sakes man this is a fighting game no DBZ!

Conclusion- This game is ok but it could have done a lot better if it was released on DC if only the DC didn't get terminated *sighs* oh well this game still has what it takes to be a fun, and exciting 2-D fighting game for fighting fans all over the world. This game has smooth graphics, and controls but the other areas must be fixed I just hope that fans won't be too disappointed that this game wasn't released on the Sega Dreamcast.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/29/02, Updated 11/29/02

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